In a realm where enemies preside in all directions, it will always be the responsibility of the strong to determine the fate of the weak. The superior being builds an impression that the inferior ones must follow if they hope to survive; strive for strength or die. Blood must be shed to ultimately end bloodshed. Not only will the Third Sovereign Domain seek to preserve the survivors of the Great Undoing, but it will guide our kind into a new age - an age where the Zazane dominate at the very top of the food chain once again.

- Khatanos Breek I, the first Emperor of the Third Sovereign Domain

The Third Sovereign Domain, otherwise known as the Zazane Empire, was a political entity that resided within the Ottzello Galaxy and housed the Zazane race prior to the foundation of the Brood of War, the official successor of the Third Sovereign Domain. Founded in the aftermath of the Great Undoing - a societal collapse on a galactic scale - the Third Sovereign Domain sought to preserve the Zazane from outright extinction from outside causes via gathering the remnants of the race and relocating elsewhere in hopes of future prosperance. Supporting intensive selective breeding regimes and programs designed to intentionally terminate the weakest members within its society, the Third Sovereign Domain had engaged in significant operations in order to promote strength, loyalty, and morale within itself; the Zazane, already pertaining to cultural beliefs and ideals revolving around eugenics and Darwinian evolution, desired to remain powerful and maintained a noticeable presence within the Ottzello Galaxy during the lifespan of the Zazane Empire, as it came to be known by outsiders.

The Third Sovereign Domain was both founded and ended by members of the Breek dynasty - descendants of the archaic warrior and public figure Zagdala Breek. Following a short period of political chaos and civil conflict, which came to be known as the War of Claim, the Third Sovereign Domain was reformed into the Brood of War by the hand of the last Emperor of the Zazane Empire and the first Zazane to have underwent the process of Descension in millennia - Tyraz.


First and Second Sovereign Domains[]

The First Sovereign Domain was founded in ancient history upon a primitive world that would come to be known as the homeworld of the Zazane race; once a dystopic and chaotic world governed by many rival states that sought reasons to fight one another in order to promote economic growth, advance territory, and develop more advanced technologies designed for the purpose of killing and destruction, the world of Vollix was unified under the banner of a particular warlord who had emerged from the ashes of an archaic, fallen nation - the warlord identified himself as Zagdala Breek, a name that would demand respect, recognition, and fear in the future. After an era of unification, the residents of Vollix extended their arm and expanded into their native solar system, before soon becoming recognized as an intersolar empire - the First Sovereign Domain thrived for centuries under the seemingly immortal claws of Zagdala, who had spawned a great many progeny into the populace of his empire and realm.

However, the First Sovereign Domain would not stand forever; the sudden and catastrophic plague that was Descension ravaged entire systems as Zazane fell to feral and destructive tendencies, succumbing to powers that appeared almost daemonic in nature. These worlds were rendered destroyed and inhospitable by Zagdala's order in order to ensure that the public would not be aware of the cause for the sudden outburst in these demonic infestations - a majority of Zagdala's descendants were subject to Descension and caused other Zazane to surrender to their inner Sin alongside. Soon, the activity of the First Sovereign Domain attracted attention in the form of an advanced, alien society that identified themselves as the Gruggysul; these aliens had offered the Zazane membership within their civilization, thus allowed access to advanced and complex technologies, at the cost of sacrificing their independence and allowing their worlds public access to other members of the Gruggysul.

Zagdala had refused the Gruggysul and had their messenger fleet exterminated, for he felt their intentions to be insulting and threatening in nature. In return, the Gruggysul's fleet met with Zagdala's own over Vollix, the Zazane homeworld, and succeeded in disposing of the demigod through methods unknown - Zagdala had disappeared from existence and Vollix, alongside many other Zazane colonies, were subject to occupation under the Gruggysul, causing the swift downfall of the First Sovereign Domain as the Zazane species found itself decimated over and over. Farmed and harvested as potent soldiers for wars fought elsewhere, the Zazane still retained their drive for bloodshed and conflict, with their overwhelmingly violent tendencies appealing to the political leaders of the Gruggysul.

After a millennium or so after their forced integration, the Zazane began to conspire behind the backs of the Gruggysul, planning to overthrow their masters in revenge for having caused the disappearance of the demigod Zagdala and the subsequent destruction of Vollix, alongside their own enslavement. As the Zazane had attained a status as being the most reliable and dependant of the armies serving the Gruggysul, their enslavers were unaware of what was to come next; entire systems were isolated from contact with the Gruggysul as the Zazane began to once again revert to using their properties of Descension, a plan enacted by the founders of the Second Sovereign Domain, which came into power once the Zazane had assimilated the technologies used by the Gruggysul and made use of the knowledge available to them.

On par with the Gruggysul in technological marvel and quickly growing to become a feared, significant influence within their galaxy, the Second Sovereign Domain saw a significant increase in the rate of Descension throughout its earlier years, using these "demon soldiers" to subjugate and oppress Gruggysul worlds alongside their own colossal militia and fleets. Eventually, the Second Sovereign Domain prevailed over the Gruggysul after having transitioned through several dynasties of forgotten rulers, and the Zazane took their place as the galaxy's most dominant civilization and society - within the middle era of the Second Sovereign Domain, Descended Zazane were on a rapid decline as the leaders of the Sovereign Domain no longer saw their worth, instead considering them a bane from a leftover time. By the latter years, the Second Sovereign Domain had stretched to all arms of its native galaxy, spreading tyranny and reign across the stars, while the Zazane that fell to Descension became rendered as mere legend and mythology, yet nonetheless feared as the "spawn of a demigod".

The Great Undoing[]

With the Second Sovereign Domain having risen above all other civilizations within its resident galaxy, the Zazane imposed a many millennia-long reign over the lesser societies and cultures, proclaiming them as members of their colossal empire through methods of sheer force. With a society extending across an entire galaxy, the Zazane soon became part of galactic mythology and legend, which in itself was engineered by them, to become seen as akin to gods - the technology and capability they posed ensured that their position, for aeons, would remain secure. However, as their race became indulged in power and recognition, the Zazane began to open their own vulnerabilities towards others to observe; they had become consumed by hubris, underestimating the potency of their lesser companion races as generations of Zazane were born believing they were the children of gods of war.

The Second Sovereign Domain had began practicing with advanced quantum method and astronomical experimentation during the era of its golden age, with many Zazane fleets having used particular, now long-forgotten techniques to cross entire reaches of space within moments, with some fleets having been used to explore realms beyond the universe that the Zazane had grown within, resulting in the appearance and establishment of species such as the Borealis Zazane, Horder and the Cyrodnei within the primary universe. However, while the Second Sovereign Domain appeared to have reached its technological apex and cultural pinnacle, reigning over the stars with absolute domination and inciting fear into the hearts of many alien cultures and races, much to their own pride and pleasure, the Zazane would soon face its own cause for fear in the form of a colossal, catastrophic, and outright enigmatic event that would come to be known as the Great Undoing - the event that would topple the Second Sovereign Domain and severe its ties to the exploration fleets beyond their native universe, causing a mass cultural and societal collapse.

Many Zazane historians that are capable of recalling even mention of the Great Undoing have proposed theories and hypotheses as to what had happened to topple the barely-remembered and acknowledged Second Sovereign Domain; the most commonly-agreed idea regarding the cause of the Great Undoing was the intervention of the Junction, whom had overpowered and overwhelmed the Second Sovereign Domain and shattered their fortifications and morale. The Zazane had felt genuine, collective fear for the alien civilization that now opposed and oppressed them - with the reduction of the Second Sovereign Domain's territory, alien cultures and societies that had once been captiavted by the Zazane now opposed them alongside the extra-universal threat, with the belief of godhood concerning the Zazane having been shattered with the Junction's efforts, although many lesser races found that the Junction cared little for their well-being, breaking the illusion that they were galactic liberators for they were little more than universal destroyers.

Soon the Second Sovereign Domain was toppled entirely; crushed and burned, a majority of the remaining Zazane were reduced to bands of starfaring barbarians and pirates, although the remnants of the Second Sovereign Domain had remained valiant and standing, fortifying and reinforcing the clusters that gathered around the galactic nucleas in an attempt to preserve themselves from the Junction and the myriad of renegade civilizations that had not yet been assimilated or destroyed by them. Extensive research and study had been placed into igniting the reemergence of Descension in efforts to counter the Junction and other threats to their prosperity, although little success was attained - soon all efforts had gone into the creation of an extra-universal "tear" that would allow entry into another scape of existence, time, and space in an effort to escape their impending demise.

Rise of the Third Sovereign Domain[]

While the galaxy found itself torn apart in the aftermath of the demise of the Second Sovereign Domain, with the Junction having systematically destroyed or assimilated a majority of the resistance that remained, the remnants of the Zazane had gathered around the galactic core, attempting to unleash a "tear" that would allow them passage to a space elsewhere, where they could potentially find safety from the genocide initiated by the Junction. The Great Undoing had lasted for several millennia by this point, only possibly ending with the destruction or assimilation of all life within the galaxy and subsequent universe - the Zazane had managed to fortify their territories from Junction presence and assault however, barring any alien civilization that sought refuge within their borders, defending the galactic nucleas with what remained of their ancient, advanced and complicated technologies.

Prior to the Junction reaching the stronghold of Zazane civilization, a Zazane figure had arisen to great public renown and recognition for his efforts in installing morale and hope into the remnants of the Second Sovereign Domain; Khatanos Breek, an identified direct descendant of the late Zagdala, had made his presence known and garnered attention. Due to his proficiency in combat, both personal and tactical, Khatanos was allowed by whatever government there was to undertake missions and assignments beyond the stronghold's borders, objectives he knew would be critically inhospitable due to Junction presence and the reputation the Zazane had carved for themselves amongst the remains of the galactic community - Khatanos aimed to absorb the many bands of Zazane barbarians and pirates back into the primary sphere of Zazane influence, just as Zagdala had done upon Vollix within the archaic eons past. Despite the overwhelming odds, Khatanos had managed to reunify hundreds of wandering, lost Zazane kingdoms and groups back into the remnant of the Second Sovereign Domain over the course of several decades, although at a cost of devastating casualties. Nonetheless, Khatanos was regarded with success and aspiration, becoming a symbol for the Zazane people. Khatanos, for his efforts, was allowed a seat in the remnant's government and soon the Zazane had declared that, with the reunification of the Zazane, the Third Sovereign Domain was to be founded.

For decades after the foundation of the Third Sovereign Domain, the Zazane managed to meet the Junction at their border, using the archaic technologies manufactured during the era of the Second Sovereign Domain to repel their opposition. Khatanos met with the Junction directly several times, guiding fleets and assault forces against Junction invasion groups as well as quelling any uprisings or rebellions that occured amongst the Zazane with swift efficiency. Maintaining the knowledge that they were the quite probably the last active civilization native to their galaxy within the universe would have been devastating if it had not been dictated by Khatanos that it was a reason for pride and honour - the Zazane, despite all the strife that they had suffered and afflicted upon others, had survived the longest of all other native societies and cultures. At some point during his reign, Khatanos had been granted with a set of sons; the eldest Moxix Breek and the youngest Khatanos II, with the bastard Tyraz being born during the intermission between Moxix and Khatanos' births and subsequently abandoned.

The Emperor Khatanos met his end at the hands of Silver Death while defending an important region of the Third Sovereign Domain's territory after almost 50 years of ruling on the throne and guiding the Zazane peoples, with the Emperor's demise having been witnessed by his son Moxix Breek - the sole survivor of the defensive operation, which had in itself failed, losing the Zazane significant territory and allowing the Junction access to the core, including the supermassive black hole at the galaxy's nucleas. Ashamed by his failure in protecting the region and his own father, Moxix took to raising the younger Khatanos II after having earned significant distrust from the people he had sought to defend, being viewed as weak and dishonourable.

The Last Migration and the Cyrodnei Subjugation[]

Nonetheless, Moxix took to the throne, ascending to the position of Emperor for reclaiming the pride and dignity he lost during the battle that cost him his father, the prior Emperor, and Zazane fortification - while allowing the Junction access into the core, he took advantage of the situation and manipulated the systematic methods of the machine threat via opening a path to the center of the Third Sovereign Domain's operations. Even with Silver Death present to take and destroy the capital of the Zazane, Moxix had moulded the situation in his hands with careful strategy and months of tactical experiments with a variety of scenarios; the capital of the Third Sovereign Domain found itself open yet heavily defended, with the largest fleet that the Domain could amass being present to defend the world while Junction forces clashed with them. It was by pure chance that the Junction did not foresee Moxix making use of the opportunity to flank them while they assaulted the defensive fleet, sandwiching the Junction militia between a wall lined with guns and innumerable ground forces and a rock that was quickly smashing through their rear guard.

Eventually, Moxix had successfully eradicated a majority of the Junction forces that he had allowed into the galactic core, regaining the trust and recognition of the people his father had led, although there was still the matter of the broken seal that would allow further Junction forces to invade, and the Emperor Moxix fully acknowledged that the Junction would be prepared for the next encounter and that his astounding near-sacrifice of the Zazane capital would not work upon a second attempt. Instead, before the Junction could invade once again, he placed all efforts onto the completion and activation of the trans-universal transportation facility that would allow the Zazane to escape into another scape of existence, leaving their dying universe behind for the Junction to revel within. After a decade of defending the broken seal from Junction fleets, the Last Migration was undergone - the last of the great inter-universal gateways was completed and activated, with Moxix leading the Zazane to a new plane where they would prosper without the threat of the Junction.

However; after the Zazane had passed through the gateway, which subsequently destroyed itself after the Zazane had successfully migrated in order to attempt trapping the Junction within the Zazane universe, the Third Sovereign Domain had been significantly weakened and many Zazane ships had been destroyed in the process due to the unreliability of the gateway. The matters escalated when the Zazane discovered the natives of the galaxy they had arrived within - the Ottzello Galaxy - and grew distaste for the galactic superpowers that were the Loron and the UNO, all the while possessing an absolute zero amount of colonies to extract resources from. Weakened and wary from the war with the Junction, the Zazane set their eyes upon the Cyrodnei populace that just so happened to have been residing within Ottzello, prior to a war between the two for claim over resources, with the Zazane attempting to regain morale via conquering new species, having forgotten that the Cyrodnei themselves originate from their own original universal scape. This war became known as the Driaazan Crusades, named after the capital world of the Cyrodnei, which resulted in the Cyrodnei race becoming divided, with half of its colonies subjugated by the Zazane, along with the conquering and subsequent assimilation of the insectoid Hetii and the assassination of Emperor Moxix by its end at the hands of a Cyrodnei loyalist.

The assassination of Moxix would result in much political turmoil throughout the Third Sovereign Domain for the right to claim leadership, as well as a significant disconnection from the Cyrodnei that had been allowed to remain separate from the Zazane, almost sparking yet another bout of war between the two were it not for the reemergence of the bastard Tyraz, who had remained in hiding under a separate guise until the assassination of Moxix. Prior to attaining his position as Emperor, he had undergone the first process of Descension in millennia from confidential events.

War of Claim and Second War of Black Fog[]

Reformation into the Brood of War[]




Terrain Divisions[]

Void Fleets[]