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This is the final war of the dystopian Ottzello galaxy. A war of pain, a war of suffering, in a galaxy of poverty and crime. A war of genocide, in a galaxy of fury. A war of hatred, in a galaxy without love. This is the Third Ottzello Galactic war.

You have just entered a time of pain suffering.

The war isn't collaborative, and was written purely by Technobliterator, besides on involvement by Irskaad.

Summary of the plot - The basic information of what happened

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Set straight after Second Ottzello Galactic War. If you want to read these prologues, you will get a greater idea of the story.

Story so farEdit

In the Second Ottzello Galactic War, the Kralgon Invasion Force was formed when the last Kralgon in the universe, the Kralgon Emperor woke up from hibernation. He cloned himself to form soldiers, and used the robots remaining to construct his navy. He swore to destroy the Ottzello's inhabitants, in vengeance for them killing his race. The Emperor went on his genocide, while a small group, the OIA, led by an individual named Sai, tried to hunt him down and find out what he was after.

Meanwhile, the Zaarkhun Consortium were building power. Their leader, Falrik Zaarkhun worked undercover. Falrik Zaarkuhn worked with Genrai Nal and Sollow to claim territory for the Consortium. Falrik discovered, while Sai didn't, that the Emperor was after 7 Chronoscopic crystals.

The Kralgon Emperor conquered the dwarf galaxy and stole the crystals, captured both Sai's team and Zaarkhun's, but suddenly Zaarkhun took control. Zaarkhun was to use the crystals to make him omnipotent, while the Emperor wanted to use them to bring the Kralgon species back, thus rebuilding the Empire of the Kralgon. Zaarkhun was on his way to do so, then was betrayed by Sollow. The Emperor, thus, controlled Ottzello, renaming it Kralzello. He rebuilt the Kralgon nation, making the New Kralgon Empire.

Update 1Edit

This update was the first update on the galaxy's occurances, post-Second Ottzello war

The New Kralgon Empire of the Kralgon are now dominant empire of Kralzello. They are currently my main in universe empire, as well as my only one- the Loron are controlled by them (what happens next will mostly be decided in the Vartekian War) and UNO are in hiding so no chance of anyhthing happening to UNO. Furthermore, Zaarkhun is dead, so the Zaarkhun Consortium don't look like they will return (although I'll let you guess how they could).


"Hello, and welcome to Universal News, presented by yours truly, Zarnevus. Yes, this Taharian presenter is news for you all. Our top stories tonight...

"And finally, the stolen copy of the Darkspore program has been located by SSA spies. It is now located in the Ottzell... no, Kralzelloan galaxy. Due to not having a rite of passage on Kralgon territory, we haven't found it yet. Today, I'm lucky enough to interview the Emperor of the Kralgons. So, Emperor, what do yo have to say about this?"


"Nothing at all?"


"This could hugely damage your reputation if a darkspore threat-"

"I think I'm capable of obliterating a Darkspore threat. With our weaponry, this'll be a cheap walk. As for who did it? Probably some crook. But now Zaarkhun is dead, there's no crook that can cause any damage."

"Ok... fair enough. How's Kralzello been getting on?"

"None of your business."

"Well... that's all for tonight folks!"

Update 3Edit

"So, Rhtorhtat. First time in Ottzello?"

"Nah, I'm from an Iteok colony here; Otzerh. We took it from the Kralgon"

"Iteok fought the Kralgon and WON? Lucky guys."

The two criminals, an Iteok and a Galot, were discussing matters in Ottzelo. Rhtorhtat the Iteok, new to the crie, wanted a piece of the action.

"As you'll learn, Rhtorhtat, Ottzello crime is the best in the universe, and most fun."

They were on the planet Zeharon, which had been built for crime ever since Zaarkhun arrived.

"I mean you can tellfrom this pub we'v got it all. Guns, gadgets, girls, drugs, all of it. I love the slve trade round here."

"Do you get paid a lot?" Rhtorhtat askd, interested.

"Yup. Well. Depends on your employer. A rich guy, you'll get a lot. Ever since we bad guys got too bi to take care of guys like UNO and the Kralgon hired us, sometimes to cause riot or gang war or whatever. But yeah, it's a high pay."

"So what's been going on here lately?"

"Loads. You heard of allthe spice shipments here? When the Emperor paid me I smuggled some spice for him. he's also been doing other things lately... he's actin so... overconfident, let's say."

"So who are you working for now?"

"Some criminal group. Zaarkhun, I think they're called."

"Tell me about them."

"Well, they've stolen lots of things lately. Trying to build something big. Huh. Mind you, a lot crazy has been going on, such as Darkspore stolen, the Tyranodes disappeared... Anyway. My job is basically to smuggle spice around, get their income up. They need to buy a lot. They've been crazy ever since their old leader died."

"who is their leader?"

"Not sure. Some guy who calls himself 'Sollow'. Anyway, Imma go flirt with the girls round there. need anything, gimme a call."

Update 4Edit

A Galot walked ahead. He took one last look at the universe, and sighed. Pressing onwards, he knew he may never return hom.

Suddenly, 4 creatures arrived. They hovered around, until suddenly stopping. They pointed their arms at him. Suddenly green energy surrounded him.

He saw something. It was his old homeworld. Some strange looking monsters attacked it. They flashed once, and were gone. Flashed twice.

"They will come!" A voice said, presumably from the four aliens.

The creature flashed right in front of him, then vanished.

The Galot awoke, and felt strange. He pressed onwards.

Final UpdateEdit

The Iteok managed to use Chronoscopic essence, from the planets they'd conquered in the Second Ottzello Galactic War. They were selling the injection throughout the naion.But more importantly, something else was occurring...

They arrived. In a huge swarm, they arrived. They destroyed nearly all in their path, consuming everything on the side. They were the HXTs, and they meant business. Even the Kralgon couldn't stop this threat. But what was to become of the omniverse? We may never know...

Main plotEdit

Stage 1Edit

Battle of Leriksazhar

A powerful Kralgon colony. Famous for mining, spice shipments and much more, one of the Kralgon's most powerful colonies. Contained a huge amount of fertile land. Until the HXT Swarm arrived.

They struck in huge numbers, waves that even the Kralgon couldn't defend against. All the Kralgon's weapons were dealing with the flying HXTs, while the rest of the swarm landed in Broodpods. The huge numbers overwhelmed the Kralgon, who all became lunch. All life on the planet was consumed, replaced by HXTs. It became a huge hive world, pumping out more children aided from the Kralgon's reproductive cells.

And this was only the beginning.

Return of UNO

From the refuge universe, the Unitied Nations of Ottzello returned. They had new allies, in particular the Inalton, who boosted their military greatly. While they were expanding their return, their planet Strolik was hit by a HXT invasion. The HXTs swarmed the planet in huge numbers, and the United Nations needed a new strategy.

Later, the United Nations' Ganibus Nebula was attacked by some HXT Spaceflyers. The Spaceflyers launched breeder HXTs at the space station. The HXTs that came out of the breeders ate away at the space station, beginning to penetrate it. UNO's reinforcements, luckily, cut through the spaceflyers. The Nation had a lucky survival.

The Emperor's intervention

The Emperor, watching several planets fall, started to notice the amount of planets being lost. He watched from his thrown, irritated at the evacuees needing to leave due to poor defences. "This is starting to become annoying..." he said. He turned his head. "Deal with it." A shadowy figure walked away. He knew his orders, and was to accomplish them.

Stage 2Edit


"How is the project going?"

"Excellent... their destruction is gaining attention."

"Good... I won't be stopped this time. There is no chance whatsoever..."

Fight against the HXTs

"Computer, it's time we took more drastic measures in our defences."

"What would you be planning, your highness?" This was how the computer now addressed the Emperor of Kralzello. To it's inhabitants- those who hadn't evacuated- the Kralgons were saviours; they'd removed the dystopian state completely.

"Dark Chronoscopic," he said, with a smug grin. "We use it anyway, don't we? Why can't we use it to cause... natural disaster defences? Using comets and volcanoes... I'm a genious. No one will be able to stop us."

Meanwhile, with the United Nations, one of their leaders, Dakster, formed a new team of OIA, known as Team NH. This was the United Nations' new, or last, hope of surviving.

Deep in a HXT swarm world, several brood queens were hiding and nesting. They gave birth to many more HXTs, who would soon spread the scum around the universe. They were converting the huge world, formally a desert, into a TyraHive. it would create larger broods, to make larger nests, to make Spaceflyers, to lead interplanetary invasion forces... to satisfy their hunger. Their only real purpose was that... to grow greater and expand.

Near-Death and sacrifice

A small UNO scout force was going about its business, when suddenly it came across and old foe. The first contact to arrive on screen was none other than the Kralgon Emperor.

Kralgon Emperor - "Who is this?"
UNO Scout - "United Nations of Ottzello."
Kralgon Emperor - "Oh. You. Why even bother? You realise I'll crush you once I've crushed the HXTs?"
UNO Scout - "The Tyranties are causing more problems than ever before. You'll have us to deal with in the aftermath!"
Kralgon Emperor - "Brave response for a nation with less chance of survival than us. How do you expect to cuase any damage, when WE defeated you? Fools. You were born here... I suppose it's fitting you die here too." In one Dark Chronoscopic hit, the entire force was downed.

In the Nebulae, UNO was horrified. They were all panicing, when they were suddenly contacted;

Kralgon Emperor - "So then. You've seen what I'm now capable. Now, I hve contacted you. You know how? Dark Chronoscopic. It hides, so it knows how to see what's hidden. I found you. Now, I've activated this ultra cannon. It can either create a wormhole to your universe, or obliterate you. That's A LOT, of power; I'm draining a star dry of it's Dark Chronoscopic. why? It's about to die anyway. So, you chose; die, or survive and don't bother me."

They looked at each other. Then, the Ottzel emperor stepped forward.

Dakster - "Go ahead and kill us. Just watch as you get a poor reputation... and everyone one of you bcomes #1 on the universe' hitlist!"
Kralgon Emperor - "You realize I'm not joking, don't you?"


Kralgon Emperor - "Fine... Charge up cannon. All stations activate."

He left, and went to activate.

Valzo - "Do you realise what just happened? We're about to die... All of us. There's no way we can suvive! It's genocide!"
Dakster - "No, the Seven Starr Alliance will avenge us. Huge genocidal acts don't lead to being ignored. Them, or Onuris Alliance."

All this time, the Emperor was getting more and more excited as he charged up his cannon. He made a chuckle as he prepared to fire...

Kralgon Emperor - "Well then, Ottzelloans... how does it feel to die?" he said to himself. "This is exactly what you did to my species... but you won't survive. I finally have a TRUE revenge. I wonder how many escape to their own universe? Not many, as I closed off the portals long ago! Hahahaha!" He made a huge evil laugh as he fired. "It's working... It's working... IT'S WORKING!!! MUHAHAHAHA! UNO, when you're dead, TYRANITES WILL BE CRUSHED NEXT! So at least you served a purpose. No... all will be crus-whaaaat?" something blipped on the screen. DARK Chronoscopic FLOW FAILING, INTURDER ALERT. Both at the same time. "What is this... an intruder is stopping us?"

Kralgon Emperor - "Well guys... this is it. It's about to fire...."

They all shut their eyes. One opened his eyes. The ship on the screen was under attck... by DCP ships. But that didn't explain why the charging up cannon suddenly stopped. "What's going on?"

Dakster walked up.

Dakster - "I think I know."

Everyone stared. First the charged weapon failure, then a ghost? Something to do with time anomalies?

Dakster - "Titanozor. Remember the Warlord? He's come to save us... but why?"
Valzo - "Quick, go help him! Get in the ship!"
Dakster - "On my way."

He rushed to his fighter. there were questions as to how Dakster was alive, still; at the time everyone was too scared to ask.

Titanozor - "I must stop it... I must...but how do I remove the Dark Chronoscopic?"

He'd manage to prevent wiring, but not get rid of the huge amount of Dark Chronoscopic now building up, and waiting to be released. Titanozor trid to think of a solution. But he had no other choice. In a brave act, he activated his Chronoscopic shields on full, and put his hand to absorb the Dark Chronoscopic.

Titanozor couldn't help but scream. A huge energy was running through his body, trying to control it. But Titanozor's powers and the Chronoscopic were fighting it. They were putting up a great fight, and had already killed a large amount of Dark Chronoscopic. Wasit enough? Would he survive? Would it take over and kill him?

"Titanozor? Titanozor do you copy?"

Dakster kept calling the same thing on the radio in desperation. Thanks to the DCP's troopers he'd managed to sneak down to this area. It was no longer dangerous or unstable, now that the Dark Chronoscopic was drained, but the ship was coming down. The Emperor had already left in anger.

He looked around, calling the name, and saw a large Grimbolsaurain figure. Bu he was purple in colour, and several energies were still zapping each other around his body. Dark Chronoscopic was taking over. Like a man who'd suffered an electric shock, he struggled. He twitched, screamed a little, and reached for another button. He eventually lay back, and passed out.

Titanozor was rushed to a hosptial. He was breathing, but barely alive. He was rushed in the room. The ship had an onboard hospital, and he was taken to UNO's best hospital ship. His body was unstable and not functioning well, the Dark Chronoscopic was beginning to take over. He was injected with Chronoscopic, in the hope he'd be saved. It was beginning to work, but all the more his body was failing. The monitors were no longer picking up sings from his body.

Titanozor was dead.

But his sacrifice changed UNO. It gave them a reason to fight.

The following weeks

The United Nations defended a planet from major HXT invasion at Yotra, thanks to the Inalton. Using good placement of turrets, and good placement of traps, within the path that the HXTs followed, they managed to stop a HXT invasion. Tactics from this battle improved the United Nations' defense forces everwhere.

UNO, however, were becoming less successful afterwards. The Kralgon were becoming too strong to defend against, and the United Nation could not destroy Tyra-Hives.

Meanwhile, Dakster's team followed the trail that Elite Ops had left, Sai's old team. They left in their spaceship, and searched for any of Elite Ops' findings. Lucky for them, they discovered Sai's journal, which he had left on planet Jyron. After analysing it, they found several notable entries.

Log entry 69

I've been instructed to log in my journal all that happens each day.

Dakster - "Good, so we won't miss a single event. Hm... by the looks of things there's nothing in that article worth noting... nothing here, here, here- WAIT. Here's what we don't know;"

Log entry 319

Been without family for some time. I'm starting to worry what will happen. It's been days since we've had any word, and most colonies seem abandoned. Well, Lotacon's discovered something. It seems that some other character, known as Falrik Zaarkhun, a crimelord and leader of the Zaarkhun Consortium, has been involved. I'm not sure how... but anyway that's all. Lotacon's noted some more details; he notes a hell of a lot.

Dakster - "So, we need to find this Lotacon guy's jounal. It has co-ordinates to their next location. We'll go"
Folron - "Wait, let me analyse this some more. See if I've spotted anything else".

Stage 3Edit

Ottzelloan Grox

The United Nations of Ottzello met the Ottzelloan Grox, which had been cut off from the Grox Empire. After hard diplomatic work, they managed to establish a working relationship, and the Grox' planet busters could destroy HXT hive worlds. The United Nations' fleet was improved dramatically by the Grox, too.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the United Nations and Grox Empire managed to take over HXT and Kralgon planets that stood between the Grox Empire and United Nations' territory, establishing a link between them. The Grox managed to help out with UNO's defences, as many lives were still being lost to both forces.

Yogtam's Loss

UNO arrived at a planet. It was deserted, with the exception of a Kralgon city. It was devastated by war, and apparently so.

Following the map from Folron's advice, they went into a cave. It was large and mostly artificial, as wel as difficult to notice. Sai's team had been here before. When the group went in, something suddenly hit Yogtam.

Note; if you can, at this point listen to this soundtrack, as it'll help you to listen to it (no rapping or anything unlistenable for some). You'll understand what it means eventually. When it ends, play it back from 3:00

The team went onward. There were lights around the area. "Sai's team must have created this cave;" Dakster said. Yogtam muttered something under his breath. They all knew something was up with him. He was the last person they'd expect to be trailing behind them, with a sad expression. When he was asked if he was alright, he just said "I'm fine," but everyone knew he didn't mean it.

Dakster - "Ahah!"

Dakster called, after finding the Lotacon's journal. It was much more advanced computer work than Sai's.

Dakster - "Let's have a rest here. Yogtam, seriously, are you ok? You can tell me."
Yogtam - "Nothing wrong..."
Folron - "According to these scans, it's something to do with sexual feelings."
Dakster - "Damn... I tried my hardest to cut emotions like them down, including making it an all male team, and we can't remove them from an Inalton."
Yogtam - "Do you want the short story or the long story?"

They simply nodded, signalling to go ahead anyway.

Yogtam - "Well, it was a long time ago. Before UNO even joined. See that hole there?"

He poined to a gap in the wall.

Yogtam - "That's mine. Yes, all this equipment is Inalton, not Sai's. I don't know what Sai was doing here, but I can guess. That Dark reactor..."

He was close to tears.

Yogtam - "So, in the last days of the Inalton, this system was our last stand. It used to be a snow planet, would you believe? So we carved a cave into this mountain, bigger than the first. It was high up, and unnoticeable, so we shoved all that we'd added along the outside to inside. Only Inalton technology could have done what we did; we made the mountain a Dark Chronoscopic reactor, to create the worm hole out of here.

"So, from within the cave, no one could find us. The Loron attacked in their huge numbers. They were defeated at some places, but eventually we got them all to climb the mountain. But here's the thing... my fiancee was part of the group. I gave her clear instructions; stay inside the base and keep yourself safe, no matter what. The machine was meant to suck all the energy for the Loron, who'd all climb the mountain. That way there'd be enough energy without having to create as much using the reactor. So, it worked... until we discovered that we needed more energy. The machine had just the one usage. There were 15 seconds left before it was turned off and the whole thing failed. One of us had to go out there and sacrifice. So..."

Dakster - "Your fiancee did?"

Yogtam - "...yes. After being told NO MATTER WHAT she'd stay in. I was just too depressed afterwards, why didn't I go? So I froze myself, then you guys picked me up, took me to OIA, and here I am. I'd gotten over the heartbreak, it seems the freezing of my brain made me forget."

Folron - "Well, maybe you can do her proud? Serve OIA well, and save the galaxy like she did. You've got a chance to do that."

Night came, and the group slept. They'd check out the reactor and read the journal the following day.

Dark days

The HXT Swarm were evolving every day. They were becoming too powerful and adaptable for UNO or the Kralgon to deal with. After fighting against Kralgon dark Chronoscopic weaponry, it made them strong, and they became beings of the energy themselves. While UNO were growing much stronger, so were the HXTs. Even with all their damage the Kralgon were still too powerful. But they were focusing on the HXT Swarm, and ignoring UNO for the time being.

UNO gathered all their forces together. Their ships were now hugely improved, as were their defences, thanks to the Grox and economic improvements. UNO was starting to become a nation... Their huge fleet pushed ahead. It was going to suffer some losses, but what it gained afterwads would be priceless. UNO would gain a new ally... and an incredibly strong one.


"Everything going as planned?"

"Yes. The galaxy is dying..."

"Good... Soon, it'll all fall. All of this will turn from dying... to barely breathing... to dead. It's currently barely breathing. Not for much longer."

Stage 4Edit


"I am, a little... disappointed."


"It's just... waiting sucks."

"Patience, my friend..."

"Yes, my friend... you're the only one who can refer to me by that. I don't need any other real friends anyway."

"Your look on the world is much more grim than I remember..."

"The look of ME is much more grim than ever. He'll pay... They'll pay... They'll ALL pay. I've got something in store for them..."

UNO's push

The United Nations of Ottzello met together. After discussing the way to expand their defences and grow in power, ways to survive, they concluded that they needed a new member race. After narrowing down all options, they all decided one thing; they needed the Telzoc back. The Telzoc were selected for their survivability and ability to hold their own; they nearly died at the end of the Second Ottzello War, but survived and joined Dei'Ar, which was now destroyed. UNO got the Telzoc, and Zelfron, back.

Later, UNO was massacred by a large HXT fleet. They lost several worlds, but finally managed to stop the HXTs from breaching too far and causing too much damage. Had it not been for UNO's new members, the Telzoc and Grox, UNO wouldn't have survived. They decided in the atftermath of this attack that they needed new members.


Zelfron told stories he'd heard of a race with incredible powers, that lived on a jungle planet in primitive conditions. They were masters of Essence, which seemed to be the only way to survive; UNO lackd the funds for any major scientific projects. The Ioketa were told to be Gurus, who could read minds, lift entire forests off the ground and put them back safely, and read ancient texts they'd never come across before.

If even half the stories were true, the United Nations had to meet them.

The United Nations went to the Ioketa planet, and they came to a working deal; the Ioekta had sensed the HXT's destruction, and agreed to help fight them. UNO saved the Ioketa from destruction, when the planets' Dark Mask, containing all the dark powers on the world, was destroyed by the HXTs, releasing dark powers. UNO protected the world from destruction, meaning the Ioketa ultimately agreed to join.


The United Nations now only had a few more roles to fill. One was filled by old Ottzelloans, the Gykar. When the United Nations managed to reach out to the United Veatrex Federation, of which the Gykar were now members, they managed to take half of the Gykar back. This helped largely, however, the United Nations had another position to fill.

The Grox Emperor gathered the United Nations to discuss the last member needed for UNO to survive. he narrowed it down to someone who the entire Nation rejected. It seemed stupid and impossible to work with them... but did UNO have any choice? The Emperor was convinced it would work and help them survive. They put their plan in action... for the Loron to join UNO.

Da Boyz

UNO gathered all their forces together. Their ships were now hugely improved, as were their defences, thanks to the Grox and economic improvements. UNO was starting to become a nation with their new members.

Their huge fleet pushed ahead. It was going to suffer some losses, but what it gained afterwads would be priceless. UNO would gain a new ally... and an incredibly strong one.

UNO decided that they needed a member who were stronger than the Inalton. The Inalton were excellent military advisors and commanders and had excellent new tactics, but while their soldiers were tough, they'd need even tougher to fight the HXTs. There was only one species who could help. The Inalton's former enemies- the Loron.

It was slammed as soon as it was suggested, due to the Loron's incredible stupidity and barbaric nature. However, UNO had decided to send a fleet to destroy the Kralgon slave control centre, so that they could claim the Loron, and if not, at least the Kralgon and HXT would have a new threat to deal with.

"Ok... now... OPEN FIRE!"

The Frigates and Destroyers let out all they had on the space station, which did as the predicted; crashed into the planet itself, and the transmitter failed. The transmitter for the System being used on the Loron. "We have little time, quickly, download the information!"

UNO's ships just about returned. They had destroyed one of the two transmitters, the other they would hijack. They had no time to do so, so they rushed ahead.

The Heeyorian troops sneaked into the space station with the transmitter, while what was left of UNO's attack fleet created a distraction. The fleet was dead meat but the Heeyorian force wasn't. Using their brightest minds, they managed to hijack the planet's AI, and turn its defences on the Kralgon ships, buying more time. This meant that the UNO Fleet was saved furthermore.


Zr'Ahgloth had been fighting with his alternate, Hagto'Zhl (in the Second War of Black Fog).

Zr'Ahgloth - "soz bruv I'll be bak ok?"

Zr'Ahgloth contacted UNO.

Zr'Ahgloth - "so I hear yooz lookin fer an alliance"
Valzo - "Indeed, we need your raw strength on our side. Did I mention you're free of the Kralgon now? That'll weaken them."
Valzo - "Of course you can!"

With the System, they had the ability to control Loron thoughts. However the System was wearing off; they needed to make some permanent thoughts that the Loron knew who not to kill and who to ally. It took some persuading, but the Inalton managed to insert thoughts as well. The Loron had joined UNO, whether UNO liked it or not. Which few did.

How long the Loron were going to be in UNO was unknown. Soon, Zr'Ahgloth was pulled back by Mac and thrown into fighting once again. The Propa Big Loron Empire was at war with the Kralgon, and would possibly be absorbed completely into UNO.

Fall of the Kralgon

Across several Kralgon worlds, the Loron rampaged from the inside, destroying the Kralgon Empire's technology, habitats and military. There were too many Loron for the Kralgon to handle, and the Kralgon, without the system, didn't have their main strenght to fight them. Meanwhile, UNO fleets attacked the Kralgon's. The Kralgon Empire were coming to an end.

"Sir! I'm receiving a message... patching it through... it''s them! It's Team NH. They have a message..."

Stage 5Edit

Team NH had discovered one thing; the HXTs are the result of a mad scientist experiment, and they were about to discover whose. Dakster sneaked through the base, until he tripped off an alarm, all on camera.

"Well well well," a voice sad, "look what the cat dragged in." The camera turned to the individual. The Emperor recognised him a little... but his face was cybernetic, covered in metal. The figure smashed the camera, only to appear as a hologram later.

"Well well well, I have your team New Hope... pathetic."

"Who are you?" Valzo asked on hologram.

"Don't you recognise me? I'm the guy that the Emperor killed. I am Falrik Zaarkhun, leader of the Zaarkhun Consortium! If you don't remember me from the 2nd Ottzello War..

"On that ship, about to self destruct, I entered the escape pod. It was the last thing functional, but not fully; Sollow had made it slightly misfunctional. And I left Team EO to die, what where they to me? Sollow however, was coming with me." Zaarkhun swung the camera to show Sollow, attached to a machine, in apparent pain and suffering. "See that? That's the HXT producer. He gives birth to HXTs, would you believe? That's his pay back for doing THIS to me. If it weren't for Genria Nal, I'd be dead. But I was rebuilt, and SO LUCKY to have survived. I'll return to get my consortium back... once you're all dead."

"I don't understand. Why create the HXT Swarm?"

"Is that a serious question? ...Fool. The Emperor prevented my plan from completion... what the hell did you expect em to do? Smile and wave? You fool! The HXT Swarm are created for one reason; to ensure you're seen to as painfully as possible. Now you die...

"And I have something else to reveal. I can't believe you haven't noticed it. Zaarkhun... what does that sound like to you?"

"Zargoth..." Valzo said.

"YES! I am Zargoth... EMPEROR ZARGOTH!!! And I intend to bring pain to you all for what you've done to me... I haven't donned this form in 2,000 years... but now Zaarkhun will turn into the true Zargoth." Zargoth transformed into his Traffphyd self. "So look at Sollow. His ancestor was the Traffphyd leader... so of course he's powerful as hell in Dark Chronoscopic!! I'l get you back for the DCP/Loron War, the 2nd Ottzello War through the 3rd. I wish I could have caused the 1st... but oh well. You're be dead soon... ALL OF YOU!!!!!"

Transmission terminated. The HXT Swarm sent a huge swarm to attack, and would give it all they had. UNO retreated... trying to evaluate what to do now.



"So then, Team NH. What do you want me to do with you? Let Genrai kill you, or murder you myself?"

A frozen body was being defrosted, but no one knew how. Possibly by Team NH, the body of Titanozor was defrosting. Not just that, but the muscles were moving.

"You see, I told you I'd claim my revenge. I've waited many years for this. And now the time has come..."

"For you to die!" A figure behind called. UNO couldn't believe it. It was Titanozor, wit Dark Chronoscopic essence filling hisbody. "You think I'd just be killed by Dark Chronoscopic? Well you thought wrong." Titanozor fired blasts of Dark Chronoscopic at Zargoth, before charging up for battle. Titanozor's old attacks were much more powerful than before, even though the Zargoth could absorb Dark Chronoscopic, he couldn't absorb Titanozor's immense strength now improved. "You'll regret stealing my frozen body now," Titanozor said, as he dealt the greatest blow to Zargoth's head. Zargoth would take hours to recover. Titanozor freed Team NH and set the station to self destruct. To make sure, he blew up the HXT transmitter.

All across UNO several Tyra-Minds suddenly died. Without them, the HXTs also died. The Ioketa used their energies to return to the Tyra-Hives to their natural state. Once again, wildlife ran free, the Planets were healed of the HXT plague, and the Ottzelloans- not Kralzelloans- had no more conflict to worry about. Peace was restored.

The Kralgon Emperor boarded UNOL's space station. He had a score to settle, and brought his gun. After all, he hadn't forgotten what UNO had done. Just as he arrived and pointed his gun, 3 beings appeared before him. They were Taldar.

"Congratulations, Ottzelloans!" the Taldar said. "You've proven yourselves worthy... We will be giving you the technology we've created for you shortly."

"Whoa whoa whoa," Valzo said, who now seemed to be the leader, "what?"

"Well, let's explain it to you. Zargoth unfroze the Kralgon Emperor and put in false information to the computers, to make the Kralgon emperor begind the 2nd Ottzello War. Zargoth works for us, remember?"

"So... the Ottzelloans didn't tear apart my species with no cultural respect?" the Emperor asked.

"No, Zargoth did that, and made you believe Ottzelloans did. Under our instructions. You probably have a lot of questions. Well, look at yourselves now. You're so much stronger than before, with no help whatsoever. This proves you worth of your future task. Not just that, of your present one. You're going to be a powerful nation of this Universe... with 3D technology we created. If we just gave it to you, how well would you do? Not well, you'd be dependant on us helping you.

"So then, with the technology I send you. That also includes your current members and what they have. You'll turn our designs into your own, and become a powerful Nation. What shall you call yourselves? Unified Nation of Ottzello? That sounds nice."

And the Taldar were gone. UNO couldn't say anything, except go ahead and form this new nation.

He cut them both free, and turned off the self destruct. While the HXTs had been killed, his master and friend would find some way to come back. And his master, Zargoth, new one thing; It was time to break the rules.



The quickest summary of the plot:

A new force, the Hostile Xenoform Threat attacked the Kralgon, along with the United Nations of Ottzello returning. The Kralgon ultimately lost, and Unified Nation of Ottzello gained a new member; the Kralgon joined UNO and together defeated the HXTs. It was revealed that Falrik Zaarkhun was behind the HXTs, and that he was in fact Emperor Zargoth.

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