Thellma is a former bounty hunter of The Syndicate, a criminal organization until its destruction at hands of Rambo Nation and his subsequent capture and imprisonment. When his home world reappeared in the Unclaimed Territories in Quadrant 82 due to an anomaly caused by the Typhon-Class time weapon of Rambo Nation, Thellma settled down at Volcano Isle, where he soon became the master over the small but poor island and hopes to cause a rebellion at his home world against the monarchy.


Bounty Hunter[]


Born in 52 BQF at the Thellirian home world Thelliria at one of the many isles, he was born in poverty and had a youth of survival and hunger. Though most of his race are peaceful and gentle, Thellma grew tired of fishing and eating fruits and hoped to one day live in within the walls of the rich Thelliria City, the capital city.

Unable to advance in the Thellirian society, Thellma went rogue, stole a cruiser and wandered the Tigris Galaxy as a free-lance bounty hunter until he was employed by The Syndicate, a powerful, large and influential criminal organization hailing from the mythical Quadrant Galaxies after encountering Emtor who introduced him to the organization. He was shaken to his core when he learned his home galaxy was destroyed by the Xhodocto, fueling his anger and unpredictable nature. Upon the outbreak of the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, Thellma he once encountered captain Rambam during a mission at the Rambo Capital but was defeated by the Rambo. Returning to his bounty hunting days, he was captured in 05 AQF after Rambo Nation took possession over the Syndicate headquarters and was send to prison after trailed.

Lord of Volcano Isle[]

Volcano Isle

After serving his term of two years for crimes committed against Rambo Nation, he was released in the eight month of 07 AQF and Thellma was left without purpose. Upon the trails of the Typhon-Class he learned that his home world had returned and was relocated to the Quadrant Galaxies by an anomaly. Pleased he settled down and managed to rise to the position of Lord of Volcano Isle, a poor island where people lived in slum houses and survived only by fishing and searching for fruit. Seeing his chances, Thellma began plotting to overthrow or annoy the official government, while at the same time was setting up a supply line for his new found profession as weapons smuggler after making contacts with other criminal figures within the Quadrant Galaxies.

During the 10th month of 07 AQF, Thellma aligned himself with the re-formed Syndicate and became one of its weapons smugglers.

Personality and Traits[]

Thellma is a dangerous and cunning individual, with great wishes and hopes, with an attitude to dispose of anyone that gets in his way, a stark contrast to the rest of his mostly peaceful and gentle race. As a bounty hunter, he was known to be an expert at explosives and hacking computer terminals. But is also known as very annoying at times, taking more bounty and treasure than necessary and utterly ruthless and unpredictable. As a bounty hunter he was proud to be one in service of the The Syndicate and loved to blow up his enemies with a lot of force and violence.

As the Lord of Volcano Isle, Thellma dresses himself in a fancy and expensive suite, smoking Thelliria Sigars and wears an eyepatch, as he last his eye and replaced it with a scanner. However as Lord of his own isle, he also began experiencing the burden of ruling, as even Thellma grew concerned over his fellow island inhabitants, concerning himself for their wellbeing, health and safety, something Thellma never had to do so before.



Blue face.pngWell, I can make some profit out of you

  • Emtora great bounty hunter


Orange face.pngMay the hot dry sun claim thee!



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