Thellima VI, son of Thelliam V is the monarch of planet Thelliria and its people, the Thellirian. Native to the Tigris Galaxy, was killed in the conclusion of the Tigris War in 04 BQF, an event that was changed by the Typhon-Class that relocated the Rambo Nation Tigris Colonial Sector and their surroundings in 07 AQF. The change meant that Thelliam now is the ruler over his kin, split in holding faith in their traditional ways and those that wish change.


Thelliam and his guards at his throne

Born in 35 BQF at the Thellirian home world of Thelliria in the Tigris Galaxy. He lived at the palace in Thelliria City, enjoying a life of plenty and wealth, never hesitating to show his prestige or have the need to fear for his life. This all changed when the Tigris War broke out in 21 BQF as the dreaded Congregation threatened the galaxy and all in existence. Though kept out of the war, he learned strategies and warfare, though all turned in vain when Thelliria was destroyed in 04 BQF during the conclusion of the war when the Xhodocto destroyed Tigris while part of their kin and his father managed to escape the onslaught with the Civatron, Thelliam and many more of his kin were killed when Thelliria was rid of all life left barren.

During the eight month of 07 AQF, a Rambo Nation time ship, the Typhon-Class caused a temporal anomaly that relocated their Tigris Colonial Sector and their surroundings, including Thelliria moment before their destruction to 07 AQF, now located within the Unclaimed Territories of the Quadrant Galaxies.

Thelliria surrenders

Ever since, Thelliam VI was named the King of Thelliria, but faced challenges as some of his kin wished for change and modernize to prevent another cataclysm event, Thelliam was a traditionalist and refused, banishing those who wanted change to live in poverty at the many isles at Thelliria, causing friction between the otherwise friendly Thellirian. A while later, at the second of january in 08 AQF, Thelliam looked in vain as he saw his planet conquered by the Hutter Kingdom. The commander of the invasion, Lord Anjulius Gaitonius met with the King in person, accepting their surrender and warned the King to keep his people in line if they wished to be kept out of harm. Though he surrendered to keep his people from harm, Thelliam wondered where the protectors of the Quadrant Galaxies were and if they would come to the aid of Thelliria.

Personality and Traits[]

A proud, joyful and laid back person, Thelliam was horrified by the Tigris War and the death and pain following the conflict. Keeping in mind the best interests of his people, Thelliam keeps an open and friendly policy to other alien cultures, though keeps faith to the traditional Thellirian ways of life, enjoying and preserving nature and celebrating it with parties.

A heavy decision fell upon him when he banished the “heretics”, those that wished change to the isles and fears for conflict among his kin. He wears a fancy and decorated suite specially made for him with a crown upon his head.



Blue face.pngWelcome to Thellria, wanna join our parties eh?

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Orange face.pngWatch the volcanoes at the isles!


Your rule is at an end, moron!

- Thellma


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