Thel 'Vicliquam is a dangerous and cunning Cognatus, responsible for the Cognatus assualt at Rambo Nation during the Intergalactic War. Afterwards he vanished and allied a dangerous Rambo Nation individual and later on re-emerged as once again the captain of the Shadow of Liberty, though now in service of the Cognatus Remnant.

After the Cognatus were split in two due to the forming of the Cognatus Empire The'Vicliquam began acting as a double agent, aiding both sides if they were in his own best interessts.


Early HistoryEdit

Not much is known about Thel'Vicliquam his early history, though it is known he was born around 228 BQF at the Cognatus homeworld. There he soon learned the ways and teachings of the Atlantica and the Thirteenth Tribe. Further more he joined the Cognatus militairy and was trained in the ways of how to defeat heretics and those who dared to defile the remains of the Atlantica and the Tribe.

Intergalactic WarEdit

Thel'Vicliquam wrote history during the Intergalactic War when he was appointed as captain of the Cognatus Assault Carrier the "Shadow of Liberty". His second in command became Ultra Rtas'Shagili and he soon began a campaign in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Battle at the wormhole 02

Battle of the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole

At the start of the Intergalactic war Thel'Vicliquam plagued Rambo Nation for quite a while. He showed himself for the first time at the Battle at the Cyrannus-Quadrantia Wormhole. During the battle he faced the famous Rambo Captain Ramcard, commander of the USS Dallas. When a taskforce approached his prizes ship the massive firepower of the Shadow of Liberty proved to much for two URC Hunter star destroyers. Breaking through the Rambo and URC lines Ramcard was unable to stop him and the Cognatus ship entered hyperspace and vanished from radar.
Encounter at Javan

Battle at Javan

For weeks Thel'Vicliquam and his crew began mapping Quadrant 82 for the Cognatus Alliance. This eventually led him to return to Javan, which is located close the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole. When Rambo Command assumed the Shadow of Liberty left Quadrant 82 it came to a surprise for the Rambo when Thel'Vicliquam ordered his crew to engage the fleet at Javan. With the fleet at Javan opening fire at the assault carrier it immediatly opened fire and managed to heavily damage the USS Majestic. Within mere minutes the Rambo fleet was defeated and Thel'Vicliquam left again.

Convoy Attack

Convoy attack

After the battle Thel'Vicliquam and his crew began monitoring Rambo Nation movements and searching for more Atlantica and Tribe artifacts and they remained in hiding for over a month. Later on in the war he attacked the Normandy Class USS Déluge and her convoy. Travelling onboard was Senator Creckbo who had just ill luck to ran into the Shadow of Liberty. While the escort ships put themselves into the line of fire it was in vain as all ships were easily destroyed by the Shadow of Liberty her far more supreme cannons. However the Senator managed to escape and Thel'Vicliquam was forced to withdraw because he feared the more Rambo ships would arrive.

Near the ending stages of the war Thel'Vicliquam attacked Ramahri Nova. Without hesitation he deployed his ground forces to find the Heretic Girl, a girl which would be able to open ancient Atlantica artifacts. Happily he went Ramahri Nova there and upon exiting his slip stream he immediatly attacked the taken by surprise Rambo Fleet.
Battle of Ramahri Nova

Battle of Ramahri Nova

Without warning a large blue beam shot from one of the Shadow of Liberty weapons and incernated a Quetzaqoatl Class and later a Miranda Class. However, as dropships headed for the colony Captain Ramzhenko of the USS Celcius arrived and hit the Shadow of Liberty engines with a fully charged phaser.

Surprised he wondered why a Deep Space Colony was so heavily guarded and he himself headed to the surface and left command to his 2nd (it later turned out the Xiaans, Hutter and Rambo had a small meeting about a possible alliance with the URC, the Cyrandia Alliance). Upon arriving, the Defilers whom already had landed had taken the Heritic Girl, who was known to the Ramboidae as Panaeluthia, an outcast and odd Pantorilisae. However, his forces where met with resistance from both soldiers and civilians and the Lord Ambassador Ram'Arathon whom faced Thel'Vicliquam himself. The Cognatus Captains sharp eye noticed that he was a former Rambo Swordsman and the two began talking, as the Shadow of Liberty entered orbit and attacked the city and burned several buildings. The Cognatus Captain began a conversation with the Lord Ambassador of Ramahri Nova. Both came to an agreement, the Cognatus would halt there attack and would take the Heritic Girl with him and could leave in peace, the Lord Ambassador agreed, he didn't want to let Ramahri Nova to became a battle field and so the Cognatus left with the girl, and soon the Shadow of Liberty fled the battle.

Later on in the war Thel'Vicliquam attack the Rambo Capital together with various other Cognatus ships.
Battle of the Rambo Capitol (Intergalactic War)

Battle of the Rambo Capital

The sudden attack at their Capital took the Rambo by surprise, exactly as Thel'Vicliquam expected. As the Rambo fleet crippled and burned, the tide turned when Ramaxar joined the battle USS Relativity. It turned out the large defense fleet of Rambo Nation proved hard for the small fleet of the Cognatus. Soon the first Cognatus ship was crippled and exploded soon after. Suprised and troubled, Thel'Vicliquam ordered his right hand and second in command of his personal forces, Ultra Rtas'Shagili, clad in white/silver armor to go with him to the city of Pantorilis, the home city of the Pantorilisea on the Rambo Capital, since the markings of the Heretic Girl told the Cognatus Captain to go there.

Upon arriving Thel'Vicliquam and a handfull of Defilers destroyed a guarding party near a crystal mine and talked to the Craftwoman there, to her surprise he let her live and he advanced towards Pantorilis. Upon arriving there he became angry at Rtas'Shagili who had used a plasma grenade to destroy the docking port. Arriving in the city he killed various guards and opened the Gate Room where his second in command placed the Heritic Girl on somesort of altar. However, a bold Rambo Captain named Ramzhenko had arrived and pledged him to stop, Thel'Vicliquam, angered by his arrival brutally killed the unarmed Rambo Captain.

Upon activating the machines the young girl yelled in pain and Rtas'Shagili began doubting his captains plans, as he grew fond of the Heretic Girl. She then vanished in a bright light and the Captain too. Rtas'Shagili was surprised and called for reinforcements to back up his escape from this place.
Thel'Vicliquam & Artmyris

Thél'Vicliquam meets Artmyris

Meanwhile Thel'Vecliquam walked to the portal gate, his plan succeeded but he was greeted by an unknown entity who dismissed him. Surprised he learned that the entitry, which had great spirital power which made him hard to breath, was the Rambo God Artmyris. He claimed that the Clash of the Gods was to begin. Meanwhile above, Rtas'Shagili his forced had to retreat since the Rambo defence fleet proved to be too strong and Thel'Vicliquam vanished.


2 years later he reappeared at New Ramirith. There in secret he tried to contact his superiors. He managed to take a transport to Anummiae where he met with Crime Lord Morglûkia. There he was given the time to study about the new events of Rambo Nation and investigate rumors of the current status of the Cognatus Alliance. He decided to remain at Rambo Nation, trying to find a new way of living, as returning to his people would surely result in his death.

Meeting at Alethena Metru

Thel'Vicliquam, Rambo and Ramaxar talk about Alethena Metru

Cognatus Remnant/Cognatus EmpireEdit

After learning that the Cognatus Alliance had vanished during the opening of the portal in the Intergalactic War he decided to join the remains of the Cognatus.

Returning as captain of the Shadow of Liberty he now pledges his loyalty to the Remnant and even travelled at their behald to Alethena Metru, to ensure that the Rambo allow Cognatus scientists to study the former Atlantica city. There he met with captain Rambo and Admrial Ramaxar. hough Empress Ramashe warned the Cognatus captain, that if Rambo authorities could get a hold at him within Quadrant 82 he will be put to trail for his crimes during the Intergalactic War and his campaign and attacks against the Rambo.
Quadrantia Disorder 52

Battle of Muunivelle

The threat made to Thel'Vicliquam was serious, and he knew it. He did not want to spend his life remaining in a Rambo cell, he was well aware of the rumors of the dreaded Ramghatulkiaga. As such he aided the Rambo in name of the Remnant during the Battle of Muunivelle in the Western Sector of Rambo Nation. Acting as one of the commanders of Vice-Admiral Ramcard he managed to disable Confederate ships, even a Dreadnought was destroyed by the Shadow of Liberty her cannons. However his lost a Remnant ship too, which he didn't mind actually. After the battle was won Thel'Vicliquam remained at Muunivelle where the Muunilar and the other citizens haild him as a hero of the Cyrandia Alliance.

After the Great Cyrannus War the Cognatus Remnant was split into the Cognatus Empire. Though Thel'Vicliquam had his doubts about the new ways of the Cogsangui and their Cognati allies Thel'Vicliquam decided to remain loyal to the new Empire- though if Voro Acetenus would ever return he would probably pledge his loyalty to him again.

In the fifht month of 02 NE Thel'Vicliquam learned from spies and underground channels that their was a young female was searching for an Atlantica artifact. Thel'Vicliquam decided to monitor this news until perhaps to the point where such an artifact was found and he could siege it. Months later, after a fruitless search for Atlantican artifact he intercepted an emergency transmission from Claire. She asked for aid as the station was stranded at Aecor- remembering the name from ancient legends and stories about his gods, Thel'Vicliquam took his new ship, the Shadow of Liberty II towards the hailing position of the transmission.


Shadow of Liberty II vs the USS Enterprise-A

Arriving at Aecor at the same time as captain James Rambo from Rambo Nation- by either sheer luck or ill fate he engaged the Rambo captain without warning. None was to be allowed to enter his gods planets or structures, heretics after all could be killed at sight in his own opinion. The first direct hit at the USS Enterprise-A, though with shield raised destroyed over 55% of the shields strenght. Evading another shot the Rambo ship headed towards the settlements and managed to evade skyscrapers as well as in trying to loose the Shadow of Liberty II. With another direct hit disabling the shields of the Enterprise, they managed to evade a third impact wich instead destroyed one of the skyscrapers.


Thel'Vicliquam slashes Claire from behind

Cursing Rambo's name for evading and the resulting destruction of a gods creation, the defensive phaser portals were instantly activated and fire upon the Shadow of Liberty II. The massive energy crippled the cognatus vessel, forcing Thel'Vicliquam to evacaute the ship as it leaked atmosphere. His evacuation pod landed in one of the ring's settlements, and Thel'Vicliquam began exploring the structure, to find clues from the Gods as well as to remove the heretics presence already indicated at the ring.


The Cognatus surround the team.

He used his cloack to follow Claire Rambo who led him direclty towards the location of the Zevian Skull. Before Claire could touch the Skull he moved a bit. In response one of his officers warned Claire who, as expected turned her back to Thel'Vicliquam. He slashed Claire from behind, critically injuring her. At the same time another annoyance arrived in the form of James Rambo- the father of Claire. Thel'Vicliquam summoned his forces and was about to kill all humanoids present in the tombe of the Skull when Rtas'Shagili interrupted him. His former first in command informed him that Rambo Nation and the Cognatus Empire came to an agreement to study and protect Aecor together. In good faith they would also release their prisoner.

Surprised he halted his assault and left the tombe and the skull alone though expressed his confusion. Rtas'Shagili simply replied that at the time the Cognatus would benefit with an ally on their side, with both the Neraida and the Empire at their borders. Afterwards he left Aecor and returned to Cognatus space. As grattitude for his actions and discovery of Aecor, Thel'Vicliquam wasn't punished for the loss of his ship but was instead given a new Angelós class to command, proud of his new weapon of terror Thel'Vicliquam became hunger for battle against the Cognatus enemies, now that his blade tasted the blood of Claire Rambo he wanted more.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Thel 'Vicliquam

Captain Thel'Vicliquam

Thel'Vicliquam is cunning, smart and very bold and doesn't hesitate to sacrifice those below him, like the Defilers. A long time Captain in the Cognatus Navy he faced many a battle and soon became a decent known Captain. He still commands his first ship given to him, the Shadow of Liberty.

He carries a double bladed electric sword and a small pistol, his purple armor indicates his long time service and he wears a small cape. His helmet he made himself as well as his purple armor indicates that he has a level of independace and follows his own ambitions. He also seems to be a past friend of The Warrior of the Hieroarchs. His second in command is Rtas'Shagili, who he seems to despite because of his kinder moral to their enemies.

During the Intergalactic War and beyond Thel'Vicliquam gained a notorious reputation due to his ruthlessness and incapability to show remorse or compassion to his enemies.


Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Blue faceYou are worthy of my friendship.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceNot sure about them at all!

  • Rtas'Shagili - My former second in command, prove yourself worthy!
  • Vos Adamae - A great Cogsangui, yet a bit unpredictable.
  • Claire Rambo -There is something mysteriously about you little girl

Enemies Edit

Red faceDie vermin!!

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Quotes from othersEdit

A powerful Cognati Warrior, whose great power is known across the galaxy

- Apollo


- Khuenaten

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