There is no limit as to what technology can achieve. With the right tools, imagination fuels progress and curiosity, with new tools come new questions and new puzzles to solve. One day not even reality itself will be beyond our understanding

- Theian Scholar

The Theian Tecohnocracy (also United Technocracy of Thei'ar, Thei'Ar technocracy or simply the Theians, originally Theian Dominion) is what remains of a galactic empire that evacuated to the present day from the distant future. It is unknown why they came here and they are known to keep to themselves.


The origin of the Theians is unknown to anyone other than them, what is known is that a calamity in the distant future (where they originated) forced them to run, through sheer luck or coinicdence one of their evacuation arks - the Alvaleth - discovered the current timeline, emerging in the intergactic rift between the Bunsen and Andromeda Galaxies. A distress signal was sent across the gigaquadrant, eventually reaching the attention of the Apalos. With the aid of one of their Temple Ships, the severely damaged ark recovered and the A.I. thanked the ship before it began a journey into darkspace.

They arrived in the Bunsen Galaxy's Beta sector and established an arcology on the equatoral coast of a dense jungle planet that was dubbed by the colonists as Nova Theia in memory of their lost homeworld. Expanding outward into local systems they allied with the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation two weeks after planetfall after one of their vessels emerged near Nova Theia.


What marks the technocracy's government apart from sevral other forms of governance within the First Gigaqudrant is the lack of a clear vertical hierarchy and a compataably small civil service. The interconnected nature of the population allows for the widespread sharing of views, experiences and understandings shared by the "speed of thought"; a term for the manifestation of thought processess without the need for external physical output. Because ideas and opinions are shared by the realtime uploading and downloading packages that contain such sensory outlets, communication is much faster as the limitations of verbal, written sign-based communication are lifted.

To organise the masses of input, the technocracy relies on network administators in the form of AIs and dedicated moderators. These sorters in turn extrapolate the best move forward for a specific part of the technocracy or for the whole entity by combining the mass data of thousands of inputs. Addiedinto the equation are collective-consiousness AIs; dedicated machines that use a similar logic-based form of consensus to filter out the proposals that are either infiesable, impractical or otherwise nonsensical.

Whatever government the techocracy has is represented by Magistrates, who are figures of keen social standing that act as both designated administrators and the "face" of technocracy government. Most magistrates are themselves volunteer moderators chosen based on meritocratic criteria, primarily the sorting-algorithm AIs that manage the technocracy on a daily basis. Magistrates are known t ovisit foreign empires to foster good relations and are also recognised expedition administrators. It is believed there are some thre thousand magistrates both in and working for the technocracy. Another distinguishing (and less public) feature of magistrates is that they are each paired with a CC AI t owhich they will eventually be fully uploaded to upon death. THis link means that magistrates will rarely use words such as "I" on a formal basis, typically to subtly indicate they are pooling consensus with their AI pairing.

At the top of the chain is the High Magistrate, who acts as the voice for a master CC AI known as Tebvanu'baldra. Unlike other AIs, Tebvanu'baldra pairs itself with only one individual, the high magistrate is an unofficial head of state and like other pairings will become a permenant part of the AI's consciousness upon their death. THe present high magistrate is Develani Thranga, who was chosen as the first when the Theian people first emerged in the present timeline.


Unlike other Gigaqudrant powers, the technocracy does not like to designate sizeable tracts of space as "theirs". While the technocracy does lay claim to certain planets it is more-than-happy to allow other civilizations to settle on its surface so long as the new inhabitants to not seriously disrupt the planet's natural systems or impede their research. Theians prefer to construct settlements more than a kilometre underground with teleportation links to the surface large enough to materialise battleships and station modules. Deep-mantle extration and quantum replication provide materials while geothermal and zero-point energy power the subterranian colonies. As a result, many theians find little need to colonise the surface of a planet as their self-sufficient cities provide them with everything they require.

A series of microwormholes connect the technocracy up allowing almost lag-free communication across vast distances of space. This method also reduces the risk of isolation in the event an opponent attempts a communciations blackout as interstellar communication via transmission through hyperspace has all but phased out.

The Technocracy posesses colonies scattered throghout the Bunsen Galaxy's Beta sector as well as numerous outposts and frontier settlements in the Milky Way Galaxy, most of which are placed for scientific purposes. Their scattered nature also highlights the teachnocracy's indifference to laying claim to certai nregions of space. Despite this indifference, they still feel a need to protect their assets and certain high-value systems have been known to be considered off-limits to outsiders.


Due to their small population the technocracy relies on legions of robots to protect itself. The droids are given sophisitcated anti-hack and firewall software to prvent remote takeover. There is an organicside t othe military: Command droids (which act as remote relays) are controlled remotely using Theian psi-tech, giving theian commanders direct control during battle as though they were actually there. The only organic frontline soldiers are either other species or the technocracy's Psi-Corps.

The Theian fleet consists of ships piloted by a collective consciousness. In essence the ships are sentinet, as encountered by Apalos these ships refer to themselves as 'we' and the ship itself as the 'self' suggesting that the collective consciousness of the pilots extends across the ship. Most weapons are either plasma, energy or hypermatter-based.


Much of the technology that the Theians have came from what was stored in the Alvaleth including quantum replication, wormhole drives and pseudo-living nanomaterial. The core of their technology involves extending their psychic potential to manipulate the physical universe and many have neural implants to better control their abilities.

Direct neural interfaces and wetware are of common use to them and the availability of quantum replicators allowed them to develop a post-scarcity society.


Theian psi-tech extends the power of the user to other objects and has a variety of uses. Users often use nanotech to further tap into their potential. In civillian circles psi-tech is involved in construction, communication and even in education. The primary use of psi-tech is in the military; commanders stay behind in command bunkers while controlling specially-designed 'commander drones' which - due to the link - move and react as the user does. These drones also serve as relays for surrounding combat drones since the user controls the droid (and presumably sends messages) via thought.

The Psi-Corps are cybernetically-enhanced Theians who possess formidable psychic power, hand-picked and trained to foster their abilities they are given neural implants to boost their cognative power and as a result even a single psi-corps warrior is a threat to be considered.

Neural Interfacing[]

Theians learned long ago that thought is faster than speech and langauge barriers to not exist. Personal communicators are often directly linked to the brain and exist as an implant in the brain along with either a peripheral jutting from the skin or linked to a peripheral device with wi-fi. This implant allows for direct interfacing with any and all manner of computer systems and all Theian computers have an uplink node to take this into account. Neural communicators make a group mind possible and all politicians would have this to communicate with each other in accordance to the way the technocracy is governed.

More powerful interfaces (such as those that allow thought-related control of the ship) require more than a wire. In this case the user is made immobile to dedicate more cognative power and is induced into a deamstate which merges their perceptions with the sensors provided, pilots of starships are nicknamed 'sleepers' or 'dreamers' for this reason. Such interfacing combined with sophisticated brain scans makes digital immortality possible in the Technocracy, a dying wish of those who have the conections to access such technology is to have their minds uploaded into a virtual archive.

Digital Immortality is responsible for creating Tebvanu and the afterworld engine. The former is a collective intelligence that holds the digitalised minds of previous Grand Magistrates and the latter is an enormous computer network considered by many to the Theians' answer to an afterlife


Green face.pngWe are united, and we honour them

Blue face.pngYou are a curiosity, we are intrigued

Red face.pngStay out of our path or be annihilated.

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Strong social parallels drawn between Technocracy and Federation. Recommend attempt at favourable first contact. Place in Universal Machine determined beneficial to Federation. Protect.

- Magos-Paladin Dmitri of the Iron Systems Federation

Hmmm... powerful beings they seem to be. We should attempt to ally at first contact. This will be very beneficial for the TQ.

- Aaryan Tartus of the Technocracy of Quark


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