The Angel Shaman says she comes from a valley beyond the stars, that we can see in our dreams. She says she has a tribe, yet she is their strongest hunter; she hunts predators that live in the dark, that prey on the weak. The Angel Shaman guides us away from the dark beasts, lets us walk on a path where, one day, we may have the chance to hunt them too. ... The Angel Shaman is not a storyteller, but she is a teacher.

- Macin Xermilin

Alaromáryvaklarah, most known as Thea'Nhirara (Vida'Rra language: Destiny Bringer) is leader of the Thoi'olerthae and the right hand entity of Sonhadromerith, the god essential of the Realm of Dreams. The greatest and most powerful of her kind, she is tasked with the training and success of the so deemed "Destined Ones", a number of mortals scattered across reality who Sonhadromerith has decided to grant the power of the Dream Energy to in order to fulfill great acts of heroism.

Thea'Nhirara is a noble and regal entity akin to an archangel who wishes the best for mortalkind, being willing to use all of her power in order to protect it from what she considers wrongdoings. With an eternal air of mystery around her, Thea'Nhirara takes joy in training new vanguards for the Realm of Dreams, coming to see them as her own children and with many cases such feelings being mutual between their students and her.


Early History[]

Thea'Nhirara is a long-time servant of Sonhadromerith. As the Realm of Dreams exists outside of time, she does not have a determinate age, though she was around during the War of Black Fog and has fought against the Corruptus inside the Realm since Shu'rimrodir was imprisoned. She led several battles against the Shu'olerthae hordes, helping her Thoi'olerthae sisters in delaying the expansion of Shu'rimrodir's nightmares inside the Realm. During the universe' history, she would come to train hundreds of individuals across the ages to serve as new destined vanguards of Sonhadromerith, including the likes of Cairaovén and Macin Xermilin.

Second War of Black Fog[]

Nine billion years after the War of Black Fog, Thea'Nhirara would take part of the Second War of Black Fog. After Laminoula'Fuerq was murdered by Shu'wokerama, Sonhadromerith sent her and Mimi to the Onuris Universe to recover his shattered body from the hands of the Dark Five. During this mission, Thea'Nhirara was defeated and taken hostage by Shu'suvreca, and was only freed after the Dracogonarious Empire managed to defeat the monster with the help of Mimi.

After the death of Kolossus and the recovery of all of Laminoula'Fuerq's pieces, Thea'Nhirara and Mimi used their powers to bring him back to life and led the combined Thoi Armies of the Thoi'olerthae to combat the Marinoxidiz. In the final battle against Errr, Thea'Nhirara and her Thoi'olerthae kin were destroyed by the scientist after Shu'rimrodir turned him into a demon. Following Errr's death, Thea'Nhirara and her kin were revived by Laminoula'Fuerq, who sacrificed his own essence to recreate theirs. Thea'Nhirara was also present in the final battle against Shu'rimrodir, helping the mortal group defeat Shu'wokerama and later the demon lord himself. When the war was over, Sonhadromerith ordered Thea'Nhirara to stay on the Onuris Universe to await for the rise of her newest student, later discovered to be Hachiman.

Borealis and Xhodocto Wars[]

Thea'Nhirara sends Hachiman to Borealis

During the Second Borealis Galactic War, Thea'Nhirara instructed Hachiman to go to the Borealis Galaxy to fight off the Devourer's Chosen, who were growing in power and numbers in the galaxy. Thea'Nhirara remained in the Milky Way, giving mental support for her student in his fight but never directly aiding him. After Hachiman beheaded the Chosen by destroying Emperor Marigrax, Thea'Nhirara handed Hachiman's care to the ascended Draconis Sarec. Thea'Nhirara remained in the war after the Corruptus were defeated, however, when she joined forces with the Polar Crystal Alliance in their final push against the Borealis Grox Empire. Thea'Nhirara joined forces with Kithworto to fight off and defeat the Nexus Grox forces in the way of the fleet. Thea'Nhirara's last participation after this was sending Hachiman to rescue the Floridarixis from Tyraz and Genrai Nal.

Thea'Nhirara would later join forces with Kithworto's team during the Third Xhodocto War, where she was briefly reunited with Hachiman. Going through multiple planes of Chaos and facing all kinds of demonic threats, Thea'Nhirara's team eventually succeeded in their mission and she returned to the Realm of Dreams, keeping an eye at her student as he grew more powerful.



Thea'Nhirara, like all Thoi'olerthae, has a true form which is amorphous and able of shapeshifting to whatever she pleases. Her natural state appears as that of a tall, slender entity of vaguely humanoid build with large tendrils coming from her forehead which extend to her back. A long tail is visible coming out of her posterior, and her body appears luminescent and always engulfed in an aura of light. She has been seen taking many forms through history, such as that of a large avian entity and that of a female.


Thea'Nhirara is described as serene and with a strong sense of order, being difficult to anger but with little patience for jokes. Regarding her students, she shows a very deep motherly bound with all of them, truly seeing them as their sons and daughters and always wishing the best for them and in their training, though many former students of Thea'Nhirara have reported her being rather bossy and authoritarian regarding her training sessions. She is altruistic and is quick to come to the aid of the innocent, especially if they are threatened by the forces of darkness she was created to combat.


As the greatest of the Thoi'olerthae, Thea'Nhirara displays immense Dream Energy powers which allow her to bend reality to her will to some extent, being able to do feats such as shapeshifting, ascending other individuals with her unique Destined Strain and unleashing immense barrages of essence which are able to, if she so pleases, to destroy even worlds. In the event she is destroyed, Thea'Nhirara will be reborn at the Realm of Dreams, which grants her practical immortality unless her whole soul of rebirth is destroyed with her.



Green face.pngDestiny weaves.


Blue face.pngDestiny benefits.


Yellow face.pngDestiny proceeds.

  • Errr - Do not waste your second chance.


Red face.pngDestiny denies.


I owe a lot to her, if not everything. My life, my training, and my powers would be nothing without her involvement. It has been a long time since that day, but she has loved me like a mother every day afterwards. ... Guess what I'm trying to say is, thank you, and I love you, Teach.

- Hachiman

Almost consistently, there are forces at play throughout the universe - forces that influence the many that would find such entities difficult to comprehend or understand. A rare occurence, it has been, to encounter a figure of such alien boundaries, from a frontier we have only come to access in our psyche, that retains those same values and ethics that make makes us... sapient.

- Tyraz




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