We are born from war. Such a mantel was forced upon us, and we have come from the fires of damnation to finally gain a foothold in politics across the gigaquadrant. With our power, shall come order, and through order, shall come peace.

- Gridlock

The Zarbania Powers are powerful empire native to the Mirus, but with Colonies in the Milky way, Phradox, and Quadrantic galaxies. Ever-aggressive and ever-expansive, the Zarbanian people have down much to ensure their presence is felt in the First Gigaquadrant at large. While a totalitarian state by any means, the Zarbanians regularly engage in rather dark politicking, be it using military force against the slightest resistance to their ends, or manipulating smaller, resistant states into following their goals and coming into their orbit.

Despite not being very old, the Zarbanians have quickly advanced themselves in the hierarchy of galactic powers, having a hand in the creation of another galactic power, the United Bygorian Ascendancy, and playing a major rule in galactic politics, such as being a founding member of the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition, and standing opposed to such powers as the Draconid Imperium. The Zarbanians where held down by conflicts with the likes of their ancient foes, the Mendel Pact, Mirusian Theocratic Congregation, Waptoria Alliance of Species and Sacred Vanara Empire. Recent events have changed that. Now, they stand with their former foes against the Xonexi, who they see as the greater threat to their ways of life, and their very existence.

Zarbania is famous for it's military and industrial capabilities. It is these abilities which allowed them to stand against the Mendel Pact, who where much stronger and fiercer warriors, the Congregation, with it's fearlesness and high discipline, the Waptoria whose guerilla tactics made them slip away when caught in the open, the Vanara, with their oftentimes strange technology, and even the Zarbanian's former allies, the Imperium of War, who deployed much more advanced fire arms. Byy all right, the Zarbania Powers should have been wiped clean, but their tenacity and loyalty to their emperor keeps them going, no matter how dark the road ahead is.


By war our races where born, By War our races where Sculpted, and by War our races shall dominate the stars!

- Gridlock on the races of the Powers.

These species are part of the Powers, but they have many protectorates, all being military minded nations, who either agreed to become protectorates, or where defeated and given non-voting seats in High Command. The Space Pirates are the highest ranking members, with other sharing varying degrees of power. The Pirates do show respect to their comrades, however.



The 3 High Lords planning the Rise of the Powers

With great threats to our powers comes a great ansewer. As one of your three new guardian High Lords, I declare the formation of the Zarbania Powers! For Order, Democracy, and Power! Unlimited power, for all of us!

- Gridlock

The Zarbanian Powers arose from the conquest of the world by Ridanax, an alien beast taken as a slave, and originally a gladiator. He and his peers lead a revolution, disposing of the most affluent families and city-states, and creating a new order across the world that would make things far more fair for the oppressed and down-trodden. After taking to the stars, the Zarbania cluster found itself threatened by other alien powers seeking their domination. Believing the best way to maintain the safety of his subjects, Ridanax launched a military comapign across the cluster, taking over many great alien races, and bringing many under his banner, including Grux, Scimat'akar, and countless others, now united under his command. At around this time, he discovered the Bygorian named Kradik, and offered him a position within his empire.

He abolished many of the land owners and reorganized them along Zarbanian lines, abolished all slavery, and liquidated any landlords within the new territories. Then, he issued an order to divide his new empire into separate territories, each semi-indepdent, but aligned by a single Emperor-figure who would maintain unity among the various soon-to-be voted on Elector Counts and various worldly senators. As he took to organizing his new state, Ridanax was contacted by another new empire named the Confederacy of Cordac. Though he offered them a place with his people, they refused, their cultures too different, though friendship and alliance would be strong between the two.

At around this time, the Zarbanians would encounter the predecessors to the Mendel Pact, who had seen the conquest of the worlds by Zarbania, and had read the accounts of the Zarbanians' ancestors and their clash with the Multus Esse. The Mendel, terrified that they sought to return to ruling the galaxy by fear and terror, launched numerous attacks on the other power. These horrific attacks would embitter Zarbania towards the rest of the galaxy for ages after, and they would, after the withdrawl of the Mendel thanks to growing disapproval for the war, begin a large military build-up to face the threat of the Mendel, and not be at their mercy again.

Enlightenment War[]

We must maintain some working relation with the Collective, if only to subdue our foes, the Ugandalorians.

- Galorian

During the Enlightenment War, the Powers would enter into an inter-galactic all-out war, with their old rivals of the Federation, the Waptoria, the Cyber Collective, and the Dead Watch and their allies, and the various Spode-worshipping factions.

A group of Kag'tar betray their empire.

When the Cyber Collective, the Dead Watch, and the Unitech Citadel launched an all-out assault on Ugandalore, in order to bring it's people under Lorka's leadership, the Powers joined in, for unknown reasons, and an all-out battle ensued.

After the Dead Watch activated a signal, it awakened the long gone, Enlightened Ones, the Mirus' precursor race, who reacted hostilely to the Dead Watch, their former Ugandalorian creations that attacked them, and where serving their enemies, the Collective. As such the Powers and Brotherhood of Darklings, where in a pitched battle against a much more advanced foe. Things became worse when Trodaka, a Lambda Grox Underseer, betrayed the Collective, and their cease-fire pact was thrown out.

The Changelings under their queen join the Powers.

During the fighting, Gridlock's father, The Dark One was imprisoned in crystal by use of Six Element users, and the Powers where forced to retreat.

A few years after the Enlightenment War, Changelings moved en masse to the Zarbania Powers, after being disgusted with the Grox's betrayal of their ally, Trodaka. Several Kag'tar from the newly-formed Greater Mirusian Church of Spode joined as well, fearing that they would be forbidden plunder and pillage, with indeed happened. The Powers absorbed both, and has it's mind set on uniting the Kag'tar under their fist.

Return of THEM[]

My father wants us to aid Ada and his armies. His word is our command. Also, this war will be a great opportunity to pinally release our Warrior-Beasts onto the battlefield.

- Gridlock

Later on, the Zarbanians became involved in the War of Xizothano's return. They helped their Brotherhood masters and Xizothano's forces, until Gridlock ordered them to retreat near the end of the final battle. While the battle was somewhat costly, the Powers did gain some new technology from the battle, and this helped advance them further.

During this war, the Warrior-Beast Project was finished, having started after the Power's first conflict with the Vanara, and the beasts were finally put into action. The Kigen also made their first notable appearances duringn this war, having stayed out of view in the past, with only the Powers knowing of their existence. Furthermore, the Powers brought the Tridiken Empire under their wing, with aid of their allies, the Imperium of War.

The Great Deceiver[]

Our goal is only this; Help the Imperium, and gain some nice tech during all this chaos.

- Gridlock

Coming soon!

Attero Dominatus[]

The Dominatus corpse shall be a great body to scavenge off of. With it's death, we will advance to unprecedented levels!

- Kradik

During Attero Dominatus, The Powers, of course, had heard of their allies, the Imperium of War's, struggle to save their own ally, the Drakodominatus Tyranny. While not loving the Tyranny, the Powers' High Command held an important meeting to dicide their course of action. After a long debate, and with many High Commanders scorned against each other, they dicided that the war could alleviate the Powers into a new position of power, at the cost of the Tyranny's reources, the Powers would reap whatever resources they wanted from their enemy in a grab for more power. Then, with their position secrued, they would be respected for the true nation that they where.

Leading the forces on behalf of High Command would be, as voted, Lords Gridlock and Kradik, along with Headmaster Bisarko, Lord Admiral Makatus, Admiral Heterra, and Sombra Corpus Captain Teridaxias.

Their goals; to steal as much Tyranny tech as possible, and find the source of the Overseers, and assist the Imperium and only the Imperium in any struggles they may faced.

Recovery and Expansion[]

The Quadrant galaxies will be a fine place to expand our domain. With it in turmoil, infiltrating just one of the 4 should be easy.

- Ztac

A notable achievement of the Powers dating around this time is that they officialy banned slavery from their territories, having witnessed the danger of slave revolts at first hand during the fall of the Tyranny, and wanting to avoid a simmilar fate. They faced some stiff internal resistance from the Scimat'akar, but not before High Command struck it down, Bisarko leading the bill that guartened equal rights for all beings within the Powers' borders.

Ztac helps establish the Capital of the Quadrant colonies

A few months later, after many years of waiting, the Powers also colonized a large section of the Quadrant 21 Galaxy, without the knowledge of the native Rambo or any of the other inhabitants, such as UNO. With this, they established several new population centers there, and began to look into native artifacts. What their plans are for the rest of the galaxy is unknown.

Coming of Eternal War[]

So, it appears that the Imperium finally got over the loss of it's closest ally, the Tyranny, and now is at war again? No surprise. What's far more surprising is that's it against a fellow ally of the late Tyranny. Well, I guess I'll just have to bail out those stupid idiots. Again.

- Kradik

Kradik and Caligustus meet to discuss the business of war.

Almost a year after the destruction of the Tyranny, Gridlock found out his ally, the Imperium of War, was threatened by the Troodontid Empire, who wanted to destroy them before they became a threat. While they had had an uneasy peace since both were allied by the Tyranny, the Tyranny's fall caused the 2 empires to pick up their old vendettas again. They, with the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, where going to attack the Imperium while they where weakened. Not wanting to lose another ally and brother in war, Gridlock and Kradik oversaw a campaign to save the Imperium, and help them out. With this, High Command tasked Headmistress Gorash and Treval in bringing their fleets to war. Teridaxias and the other Zabanian Centurions would lead most ground offensives, performing deep, defensive strikes behind the enemy lines. Bisarko and his other offsprings, Makatus and Heterra, would stay behind, defending the Power's colonies in Mirus should the Troodontids attack them.

It was during this time they found the Pirhiaquus and their small empire, and persuaded them to join, through force when necessary. Also, around this time, the Powers made an alliance with a fellow warrior race, the Xylon Empire, and began trading plans with them for a new Centurion design.

Gigaquadrant Wars[]

We must ensure our dominion is felt by the other empires of the galaxy. They shall know who is the newest, most powerful empire in this gigaquadrant. We might not be able to defeat them all, but we will do as much damage as possible, and let them feel why we are called the Powers! Their day has passed, ours is beginning. To arms, my men!

- Headmaster Czarinrak

Sensing a series of catastrophic wars occurring within and outside their territory, the Powers began a bid to increase their military and political influence, and gain dominion in other galaxies. Many of the various High Lords and others had different plans, all using the Powers to expand their influence and name. For Kradik, he saw the turmoil as a chance to finally return to his home-galaxy, and unite his people, and if possible, conquer the galaxy. For Gridlock, he was looking into using the turmoil to gather technology in order to clone his race back. All wanted something, and where going to fight for it.

Zaukoffi's Assassination.

It all began at the location of Station Halcyon, where, in a mountumental decision, the Powers sent the beloved Ambassador Zaukoffi to oversee Zarbanian interests. As crowned prince of a famous Kluncker family, Zaukoffi was charismatic and respected by his people and foes alike. While they where at first neutral to the other races, such as the Draconid Imperium and the Civilization, the Powers sent Zaukoffi with Envig of the Imperium of War to help stir the situation for their favor and turn the sides against each other. While Zaukoffi was at first successful at playing each side against each other, an explosion ripped the conference room where they had meet at apart, killing Zaukoffi and several other ambassadors.

The Zarbanian fleet that was assigned to protect Zaukoffi was present when it seemed the Empire of Cyrannus had committed the terrorist attack, with one Captain under suspension the most. However, tensions increased further when it was revealed a member of civilization, more accurately it's AI netspace that was hostile, had committed the deed. The groups where divided between those who felt the Empire was overly aggressive, those who blamed the civilization, and civilization-members who blamed each other. The Powers, under Kradik's command, decided to quietly leave the situation before the Empire starting shooting, and made the Official Resolution, that stated they suspected the Empire above all others. However, this was merely a means to an end. Kradik merely wanted Cyrannus under his command, and High Command was happy to carry out his will.

All of the Powers where extremely upset when the charismatic leader was pronounced dead, and it helped add to the thirst for blood within their empire. The rogue, 219 Nostroma, started to use the growing hatred for the Netspace as a means to get control of it, as High Command twisted the facts to support their story of the netspace's "unprovoked assault on an innocent group of diplomats".

War-Imperial Suspicion

On the home front, the Imperium of War started to keep a closer watch on the Powers when word reached them that Gridlock planned to clone his race back. While planning this to their advantage, the Imperium did also send some extra fleets to the Powers immediately, not just to aid them in their military actions as they told Gridlock, but to keep a close watch on them. After all, it were the Imperium's leading race, the Dragowar, that defeated the Zarban Dracs during their war with the Multus, and although not the Multus-controlled, unintelligent beasts they were back then, they would still do it again. However, with their plans of eternal war seemingly suceeding, and being allied with the Powers, they descided the resurected race's fate ultimately to themselves. Should the Dracs be willing to put aside their fueds with the eveolved Dragowar, then the Imperium would aid them, however, should they make an hostile move towards the Imperium, they the Imperium would destroy them, and Gridlock, with all their might, even if they would surely give the latter an honorable death and kill him with an quite heavy heart.

The Imperium could not let their plans be disrupted, thus they could only hope for the best, that was, that Gridlock's race had changed to be less grudging, just like Gridlock himself had long forgived the Dragowar for what they had done to his race when they were Multus-controlled beasts, knowing that the Dragowar probably would've sided with the Zarban Dracs if they were as intelligent as they are today.

Mirus Front[]

“''I once had a brother
You will find no braver.
Our lord called to war,
He walked at my side,
In the same pace and step.
A blaster round came flying,
Is it my turn or yours?
He was swept away,
He lies at my feet,
As if it was a part of me.
He still reaches out his hand to me,
While I am about to reload.
I cannot hold onto your hand, I must avenge,
Rest you in eternal peace,
My good comrade, my brother.''

- A Zarbanian poem composed by a soldier at the end of the conflict over the lose of his childhood friend

The Zarbania Powers began their campaign by ordering High Commander of Lust, one of their Changeling agents, to infiltrate a new member of the Waptoria Alliance of Species. Their plan was to help the Imperium of War create distrust and apathy among it's enemies member states in order to split them apart and shatter their enemies.

However, they would only really become involved after a group of extragalactics invaded Mirus, claiming all Mirusian territories of the late Drakodominatus Tyranny for themselves. This resulted in the Waptoria and the Power's ally, the Imperium of War, to lose claimed space within said territories. Angered that extragalactic slime invaded the glorious mother galaxy without warning, they arranged a meeting between themselves, the Waptoria, the rest of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, and the Imperium of War amongst various lesser known Mirus-native empires.

This meeting eventually resulted in the formation of the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition, a loose coalition to expel the Xonexi invaders and claim back what was rightfully theirs as Mirusians. Headed by Bisarko, discutions were held on how to invade the space the Xonexi had claimed without damaging the priceless Dominats factories located within. Eventually, this resulted in a true plan of action that was broken up into various stages and various fronts, effectively encircling the Xonexi allies rather than smashing into them at once.

In a joint operation, the Power's former rivals, the Mendel Pact, the Federation and the Scythe of Glory into reclaiming the space of the French Mirus Colonies, while the French Expedition Fleet was away to aid the Draconid Imperium and TIAF to deal with the rest of the Mirusian Coalition, compromised of the Powers, the Xylon, the Mirusian Church, and the Pseudopath. The plan was to quickly reduce the French Colonies to the original size that France had listed before breaking the accords. This attack in the rear would cause the French Expedition Fleet to return to combat the Powers, depriving the Draconid and TIAF of their aid. They would then obliterate the French Fleet in a battle over the ruins of the Tyranny planet Terminus, before joining up with the rest of the Mirusian's fleets to suuround the claimed space of the Delpha Coalition of Planets and either work something out or expel them as well.

In the end, not only did the Zarbania Powers gain some Tyranny Factories from their clash against the Xonexi, the nations of the Alliance also started to warm up to them for the first time in ages.

However, another growing trend, was a growing dislike for the Imperium of War by the Zarbanians, as their citizens had grown tired of being sucked into war with empires they normally wouldn't, and having to help defend the Imperium with resources that could be used to build their nation. As such, High Command, secretly, began drawing up plans to eventual gain control of the Imperium of War, and help calm them down somewhat. This was not out of malice, but merely out of respect and to prevent a war between allies from brewing. After all, such a fearsome group of warriors deserved better then to be constantly wasting it's man power on pointless attacks.

War of Mirusian Coalition

Brothers! Today the Emperor of us all, Ridanax, calls us forth, and we shall serve with our all! Spare none in your fury, and remember, you fight for the Mother galaxy! Into the fray, for Zarbania!

The Zarbanians, where ultimately the central player in the Coalition, and, as such, with the Mendel, helped lead the charge into Xonexi territory in Mirus to reclaim the factories of the Tyranny, and secure Mirus for the Mirusians, not extra-galactic invaders. Despite the many hard fought battles, they managed to secure the factories, and push back the Xonexi, forcing them to an emergency negotiation.

Despite this, the French and Eldarisians where left out, knowing they would not agree to the pace. Indeed, they didn't. Marching off to war immediately, the Zarbanians and the rest of the coalition made moves to counter the aggression of the remaining Xonexi. With the two sides squared off, most thought it would be the Zarbanians that started things off. Instead, everyone was surprised to see the Imperium of War turn on everyone and attack all sides. The Coalition and Xonexi expected the Zarbanians to return to their allies' side, but, in a surprising move, the Zarbanians remained at the Coalition's side, and even managed to bring a new empire, the Draekar Dominion, in the folds of the Coalition. With Draekar Dominion and the Vanara Houses at their sides, the Powers, launched attacks into the War-Imperial fortifications and fleets.

Although they fought hard, drawing serious losses from the Xonexi and Imperium of War, the Zarbanians and their Coalition allies ultimately lost, most of their conquered territories taken by the Imperium of War. Forced to the diplomatic table with the Xonexi Allies to survive the Berserker Onslaught, the Zarbanians and their allies where forced to give up all the territory they had conquered in the first war in advance, and then re-conquer it from the Imperium with the Xonexi with no gains for themselves. They where also forced to join a new "united" government, the Covenant of Mirus. While the Waptorians supported it, seeing that the Xonexi now had to accept the natives as equals, and preferring the status-quo for the sake of focussing on the Imperium, the other members barely accepted it. The Zarbanians felt angered that all their hard work had been undone. Despite the politicking of their diplomats, they could not retain one factory world they had gained in their recent war against the Xonexi Allies, only maintaining a strip of space at the very end of Tyranny space, tactically valuable but cut off from the rest of the galaxy.

Ironically, this would lead to closer relations with their traditional enemies, the Mendel and the Persan, the leaders of all three meeting in private to agree to working together in the future, only supporting the Covenant now in order to concentrate on other matters, namely the Imperium of War, whom the Zarbanians, despite some heavy damage, would be striking back against with their all.

Milky Way Front[]

Ah, but there is no need to trouble yourselves. You see, with these out-of-control hedonists the my daugther rallied under her command, we will deal with the Waptoria, and any mad machines or boasting upstarts that threaten our colonies and people. And when we return, we will have penty of recourses to invest in our advancement. I promise you, glory will come to the Powers...

- Empress Auriela

During the Plazithian Seismomachy, the Powers would finally come out of their secluded region of space, and move towards the rest of the galaxy, planning on cutting apart their rivals in the galaxy, and taking their new territories. Their main hope is to indoctrinate new species into the Creed that they follow, and gain new resources to push the rest of their war effort forward.

After their campaign to expell the Xonexi from Mirus,tThe Powers would include a new batch of technology to add to their own. They would also send their Changlings to fully infiltrate the Waptoria, hoping to turn them to their cause. Hitlariz would make an infamous name for himself for invading the Byzan Sector, seizing control of the Nazaycrum Sovereign State. He would use them in a try to commit genocide on the Waptorian splinter group known as the Waptorian Byzan Web and their allies, the Algolurn Polular Republic, plotting to satiate his hatred for their communistic ways in a bloody campaign of slaughter wich would eventually resulting in their planned eredication. This plan failed as he was finally incapitated by his rival, the Waptorian captain Rom'st, and his small invasion force was repelled from the sector. This resulted in Hitlariz swearing an even bloodier revenge.

However, before he could do that, he was brought back to the Home galaxy, and replaced with the more compassionate Vorgash, so General Staff and High Command could question his actions during the war.

Cyrannus Front/Imperial War[]

Bygorian manipulation.png

My people lay in the shadows of a galaxy of order, griped in a bloody civil war that destroys everything Cyrannus stands for. The Primals seek genocidal crusade with insane zealots and the Imperium seeks to crush all resistance, quite the opposite of their democratic ways. I must fix this problem at the source. The Bygorians must unify, and then the galaxy will belong to us.

- Lord Kradik to his personal aid, Kul'talis.

Kradik's past is a mystery. Few know of it, other then Kul'Talis, and few want to know. However, in his home galaxy, they call him the "Broken Warrior", and seem to hold him with apathy. What he did is unknown, but it resulted in his exile from the Clans of Bygore Major. However, Kradik never forgot his people. Hungering for the day he could return, Kradik made his move in the New Cyrandia Wars, planning on using the chaos to unite his divided empire, bring it under the fold of the Powers, then work with any native empire willing to help him take down the Mighty Galactic Empire.

However, the Bygorians where not the only species to suffer division. The Cyrannian Colonies of the mighty allies of the Powers, the Imperium of War, had become divided between their protectors, the Galactic Empire, and the Cyrannian Imperial State. Kradik saw potential in bringing them into his own new order, and planned to cut out the middle man...

In the first year of bloodshed, Kradik would make his move.

The result would be setting about several supply and manufacturing centers in Cyrannus for the purpose of manipulating the divided factions of Bygorians from afar, and getting them to unite. Kradik would soon have his Changeling infiltrators spread the Bygorian Imperial fleet far off, so that the rebels could move onto the capital. Kradik moved his fleets there, and revealed himself, revealing he could enter and leave his titanic form when he chose so.

Declaring he was the last member of the royal family, due to being the last king's illegitimate son, Kradik claimed the crown, and dethroned Ancreest, the Bygorian who had stolen the throne. Kradik would then squash any rebellions against him, and go about radically restricting the Bygorian's economy and military, for the purpose of going against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. However, he and Gridlock agreed that to do so, he would "cut off ties" with Zarbania. Later, they agreed, later they would re-establish an alliance and work together once more.

After the War[]

As the war drew to a close, Zarbania was left completely exhausted. Soldier and civilian alike wished for an end to the war. War machines where left in ruins, soldiers exhausted to the point of collapse, and ammo dumps used up in Zarbania's desperate attempts to fight off the Xonexi. Thankfully, their Holy Emperor declared a time of rebuilding and reorganizing so they could regain their foothold. While not as bad off as the likes the Federation or the Mirusian Congregation, Zarbania still needed time to rebuild. As this happened, Emperor Ridanax contemplated seeking out the Mendel for help. Zarbania despised the Covenant as thinly veiled imperialism, and felt the Waptoria were merely where trying to keep their necks safe. However, Ridanax knew the Mendel well. They would nash their teeth at this Covenant. And so, with the advise of Bisarko, Gridlock contacted Barda Clett, and asked for an audience to discuss the idea of "military exercises". When the High King arrived, Ridanax instead asked him point-blank about resisting the Covenant in it's infancy. The High King, at first not trusting, asked him his ulterior motives.

The Emperor talked for many hours about the need of Mirus to stand on it's own, and for Zarbanians and Mendel to, despite their differences and grudges with one another, to stand together. The High King agreed, and thus began a long series of discussions, leading to Barda asking if they could also include High Exarch Zuki of the Persan in their discussions. Surprised, and not completely trusting the Persan, Ridanax almost did not agree, but chose to accept the idea. After her arrival, discussions began, the three setting aside their differences to make a stand against the Xonexi.

Their combined efforts stalled the Covenant, not wishing to move until France stepped out of the leadership role. With Waptoria put in as leader of the Covenant for now, the Mirusians begrudgingly began working with the Xonexi to craft the Covenant, but plans where still in place to dismantle it, and remake it in the Mirusians' image. The Xonexi should never have the right to have equal say in Mirusian affairs, went the thinking of Zarbania and it's comrades in the Triumvirate. Mirus should have first say, first and always.

During this time, Zarbania made several attempts to close the gap between itself and other Mirusians, sending diplomatic missions to all Enlightenment Alliance members, declaring itself a staunch ally to the Alliance, and making every attempt to improve relations with both the Mendel and Persan. While difficult, due to the long-standing war that had chilled into a rivalry, Zarbanian and Mendel relations finally moved in a more positive direction. When the Persan warned of the coming Scelus Perfection hordes, Zarbania spoke in favor of an attack, but where angered that such a threat was largely ignored by the rest of the Covenant, though promised the Persan any support that would be needed to end the threat.

Many Zarbanians where weary of the extragalactic powers, mostly because the actions undertaken by the Eldarisian and Hegemony disturbed them to no end, and they felt where too barbaric. As such, they felt the influence of extra-galactics should be limited, with the possible exception of the Persan, who the Zarbanians felt where honorable enough. The Zarbanians also did not like the Enlightenment Alliance's trust of the New Cyrannian Republic, noting they had trusted the Hegemony before, and looked what had become of that. The creation of an alliance between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Kicath Remnant caused a further stir. While this new Avalôtur Covenant was obstencibly created as a counter to the Covenant of Mirus, neither the Mender nor the Zarbanians wanted anything to do with it. Though not to the extent of the Mendel, the Zarbanians still wished to see both kicked out of their thinly veiled imperialism, using the idea of order to justify their aggression and expansionism. Zarbania, as such, would entertain no relations with either power, but advised the Mendel to calm down their very vitriolic rhetoric.

Rise of Talven Empire[]

At the same time, the recently emergent, and highly ambitious Talven Empire arose, which sparked the Zarbanians' interest. They saw within the Talven great potential, and sought to mold them into a position of power in the Gigaquadrant. While they would not lord over the Talven, the young power had the ability to rise to great lengths, and with them on Zarbania's side, it would prove highly beneficial. Their rivalry with the Draconid Imperium also caused the Powers to view them in a positive light.

As the Mendel Pact began expanding their navy, the Zarbanians began the same process, modifying, updating and silently working on their fleets. While not as outspoken of the situation as the Mendel, they too loathed what they saw as Xonexi and Avalôtur imperialism, and wished to see it brought to an end, where Mirus could finally govern itself, and command respect from the universe at large, and not allow themselves to be dogged again. While they updated the weapons and armor of some of their ships, they also began taking on the idea of building their own Super-Carriers, sending designs to their colonies in Argusburg and Wilhuss, in order to begin secret production on their own, and, unlike the Mendel, who had expended much to their budget on smaller vessels and expanding the number of ships, Zarbania had enough resources to begin production, though events later would cause them to put them on ice until they where ready, and things more stable.

Hand of Retribution[]

The New Age[]

Although Zarbania did not personally partake, Ridanax did send four of his Personal guards, the Imperial Knights, to Guard Kirta Clett and help her in the war effort. Ridanax would, after accepting the Bygorian People's request, accept their joining the Empire has full citizens, before abdicating the throne. He declared in a public statement, though he had been doubtlessly a better ruler then Tyrómairon of Cyrannus, his position was no different. With that, he declared he was leaving the throne. The Zarbanian people must now all choose their future for themselves, not guided by some distant immortal, and left. The Imperial Knights hide where he left for, and there is no sign of where Ridanax hide himself. The governmental processes he had set up came into motion, and Zarbania held it's first elections among the candidates, and Markin Lindorf was elected the New Emperor of Zarbania, and with that, the state began it's organization into the Zarbanian Empire.



Most cultures are lucky to have a military. Zarbania is fortunate to have a culture for it's military.

- A Mirusian philosopher.

Zarbania, as a whole, despite the outsider image projected by propaganda and other sources, is largely not at all united on a level expected for it's size and power. They are a confederation of various Provinces and leaders who seem to be close to civil war and in-fighting for power were it not for their Emperor keeping them together and enemies form without. These provinces have all their own character, thanks to differences in space, planetary conditions and cultures, but all are regarded as similar thanks to the prevalence of the Zarbanian species, most share common characteristics with them, being down to earth, intelligent and stoic, though easily stereotyped as militant, grumpy and humorless.

Despite being infamously militant, Zarbanians do not answer to everything with war, and prefer diplomacy, and realpolitik to dealing with their issues. War is one of their greatest skills, legions of State Troops from every province having the skill and propensity to hold their own in Mirus, a galaxy infamous for war and bloodshed. Orders of eager warrior-knights, furious State-Troopers and competent officers make Zarbania a powerful foe in battle. This is considered a sign of pride and glory to families that partake.

Zarbania desires to be a great power, but most of them are seen as too rustic and backwards for that. Even their high-ranking Klunker land-owners are often hard-working, managing and personally gathering their crops and bounties themselves, and just about every member prefers beer, ale and simpler foods and living space to the wine, fine food and palaces of other great empires. Though they project a, largely one-sided, rivalry with the Draconid Imperium, they are too different and lack the sophistication to truly compare to them. Zarbania's strengths are their own, as the Draconis' have their own, and neither can be really compared.

Since the defeat of the Galactic Empire, Zarbania has largely left these attitudes behind, simply retaining their state, and remaining largely unconcerned with large empires or massive fleets, seeking only to live in peace with their neighbors.


In Zarbania, the territory is divided into numerous Provinces and lands ruled by a Count, and each represents their people on the Great Council of Zarbania. Below is the Senate, made up of every planet's representatives, regardless of province, and each of these levels votes on laws, legislation and regulations for the Empire, while each province handles it's own affairs, such as trade, military training and policy. The Empire as a whole maintains the right to overrule certain laws if they violate those set forward, such as civil rights and trade laws. No Province, for example, may declare the Mendel religion outlawed, due to the Laws of the Entire Empire guaranteeing freedom of religion to all.

The Emperor is the highest authority, but his power is checked by the Counts of all the Provinces, who seek to assist their provinces to the best of their ability. Second to the Emperor is the Iron Chancellor, who handles the day-to-day running of the Empire, meets with foreign dignitaries, and pushes policy forward. The various Elector Counts act as the Heads of their provinces, and all are elected by the province in question.

After the Emperor left his throne, Count Markin Lindorf, who would take the throne, and begin the heavy process of leading the Empire after a clearly superior leader before him.


There are 10 Electorate from each of the galaxies under Zarbania control, including Phradox, Mirus itself, Quadrantia, and the Plazith Rim, and the species that make it up. Each of these 15 help manage the day to day running of each of the territories and appoint new governors for each planet and sector to act in the Holy Emperor and High Lord's names. Each one's authority is balanced by the others, and, ultimately, all of them answer to the Iron Chancellor, who could be seen as a High Lord himself in terms of power and position, though is often subservient to them.

In the case the Holy Emperor dies or cannot carry out his duties, it is the job of the Electorate to select a new Emperor to act in his place.

When colonizing new galaxies, it is the job of the Electorate to work with High Command in selecting new members of the Electorate to oversee the new galactic colonies. The Electorate themselves oversee certain sectors of Zarbanian space.

The State is commonly named after the world that acts as it's capital.

The Electoral Provinces[]

The divided territories of Zarbania.

Province of Riekinburg - The heart of the Empire, Reikinburg contains the legendary capital of Zarbanian and it's cities, and it is the center of agriculture, farming and mining within the empire. Though seen as snooty, pompous and arrogant, Reikinburg's inhabitants are progressive and serious minded, and are loyal soldiers in the army, unflinching in any battle, and eager to prove themselves. Their Elector Count is Karwin Frazrite.
Province of Mitteleland - The second province, Mitteleland is home to most of the bravest and most passionate troops of the Empire. Home to the Scimt'akar homeworld, as well as the Temple to the God of War, Ulvin, the people of this province are prone to war and battle, and bitter arguments over any little thing. Their Elector Count is Ztac.
Province of Nordveria - Mitteleland's closest ally and neighbor politically and geographically, Nordveria's woodlands produce fierce scouts and hunters, who dislike working with other Provinces even in times when the Emperor calls upon all to unite. Their people are the producers of the Fleets of Zarbania, and take great pride in both these traits, though hate water, , easiely getting sea-sick in seconds. They are lead by the Count Brocow von Zoblin.
Province of Stierland - The third province, and closest to Darkling territory belonging to the Skallin, Stierland is full of stubborn, grumpy sorts who are said to not only be unwilling to change course, but frugal to a fault. It is said they will eat anything so long as it doesn't cost them too much, even rocks. Their province provides farming and food production, as well as troops for the army. Their Count is Gorbin Falscherkopf.
Province of Eisenburg - The great industrial province, Eisenburg is home to the greatest engineering colleges in the empire, producing the greatest minds in all Zarbania, and the territory constructs everything from farming equipment, building material, to military devices. Dour, serious and blunt in speech, Eisenburgers have little time to talk for long. Their count is Fran Broslier.
Province of Sturmarx - A later province, Sturmarx is made up of a series of world considered dreary, fog-filled and rain-drenched. Stubborn and old-fashioned in their dressing style and customs, Sturmarx never the less produces efficient troops and proud workers. Even after the destruction of their capital, the State has managed to not be picked off by other Provinces seeking more territory. Their Count is Egiegal Hroth.
Province of Schweinland - A province of farmers, cattle-herders, and the like, Schweinland is considered home to bumkins and superstitious types, who dislike anything different, and annoy even Mitteleland with their attitude. They are often fatalistic and slow to act, often repeating questions often before answering. Their count is Vrmil von Rauniv.
Province of Offnenburg - Offnenburg, is a Province famous for it's many Cattle ranchs and beef production plants, using their many wide open fields and tracks of land to operate these ranches. Open, straight to the point, and often marry in attitude, Offnenburgers are liked by the Mendel, though many admit they are a bit off in the head. They lead by the Count Markin Lindorf.
Province of Kaseland - Kaseland is home to a simple folk, who enjoy fishing, hunting and outdoor tasks, making them the best trackers, scouts and explorers in all of the Empire. They are tolerant, open and friendly by nature, though it is said like their hunting rifles a bit too much, with many saying they prefer their rifle to a wife or husband. Kaseland is lead by the Count Brogen Jeagermeister.
Province of Fryaburg - Another land of farmers, Fryaburg is the sprawling territory to the East of Zarbania's holdings, a large province of woodsmen and farmers, known for their loyalty and self-effacing attitude in regards to deed and doctrine. Fryburgers will, even their knights, seek to downplay personalized iconography and weapons, often seeking to look like their peers, and believe their glory is not that of themselves, but merely added glory to the greater whole of their province, and the Empire as a whole. Their Count is Helmuth Feirburger.
Province of Schweliestein-Holstag - Established after the Xonexi Wars, Schweliestein-Holstag is part of the former Drakodominatus territory that Zarbania claimed for itself, though was drastically reduced in size after the loss of the war. Zealously guarded and protected, Mirusians find a welcoming people, eager to trade and work them, with even Cyrannian and other species finding a place amongst them. To counter, Xonexi species are treated with distrust and guarded hostility. Their Count is Dmac.

The Territory of Schweliestein-Holstag, bordering France and Consulte of Praxis to the North, and the TIAF and Draconid Imperium to the South.

Extragalactic Provinces

Province of Ure - The Provincial colonies established in the Quadrant Galaxies, the Province of Ure is noted for it's fleet building capabilities and mastery of space travel, astro-communications, hacking, spying and transportation networking and pathfinding. The people here are eager and energetic, regarded as the best and brightest of Zarbania's extragalactic colonies, and ready and able for anything from war, to expansion to peace and trade. Their Count is, like most galactic Colonies, a Viceroy, named Herml van Morrisan.
Province of Sodinberg - The colonies established after conquest in the Milky Way, Sodinberg was created after the Zarbanians colonized a number of worlds, and were attacked by rapacious Skallin and expansionistic Mendel. Sending countless Knights, Troopers and ships to win back the territories, the once small three worlds expanded from conquest and the crusade into a full province named Sodinberg. It's Viceroy and Count Damic Van Halin.
Province of Bygore - Made up of the territories of the Bygorians in Cyrannus, the Bygorians abandoned all notions of Imperialism and conquest after the Empire sacked their worlds and conquered them. The Zarbanians invited them to join the Powers, and the Bygorians accepted, partially because of their large population from the Powers, and partially because of lingering distrust for Orbspiran politics. Their Elector-Count is Ku'Talis.


Zarbania is noted for the pressence of a polytheistic faith within it's borders, but allows for any missionary to work their rhetoric where they please and spread their religion. So long as they do not rouse the people for war against each other and promote disunity. Mendel propaganda made the Zarbanians out to worship one Goddess, who would demand kills and murder, but this was a mistranslation and mistaken identity on their part. The pantheon is lead by a goddess, but not one of murder and blood, but farming, fertility and prosperity. However, a growing number of Zarbanians in the Provinces worship Ridanax himself as an Immortal God-Ruler.

The various Gods and deities each have their own Cult, temples and religious figures, that make up a special College within the government meant to diffuse religious conflict among the various religions, and see to the maintaining of order. As part of their place, they may not cast votes or publicly support a candidate for Elector Count or another position.

Every Cult within the Zarbanian Powers is protected and assisted by their own Order of Knights, who dedicate themselves to their Gods and the Cults' pontiffs and religious leaders.

Darkling worship is strickly outlawed within Zarbanian borders, any worshippers found are put to death.



  • Name - Ridanax
  • Species - Son of Shadow
  • Position - Supreme Leader of All Zarbania.

Lords of the Domain[]



The Powers are advanced, on par with the Federation of Glory. They have access to an Unstable Radiation, called Phazirite, which mutates victims into radioactive beasts. They used this to create a new breed of Pirate Shock Troopers.

The Powers yield many weapons they stole from their neighbors, and are surprisingly advanced. In a few years, they may become a Super Power in their cluster.

Their ships are strong, using Black market tech and Phazrite, they are stronger then before, and very few want to tangle with the Powers' navies. Their favored weapons are Proton Canons, Infamous Oreicon Torpedos, and Phazirite Canons, able to burn holes into even Plasma Shielding. They also have a weapons made for enemies with Biological Ships and tech. Called an Eradicator, the Energy weapon can cripple Biological based technology briefly, before the Zarbanians move in.

Their ships are sheathed in an invisible shielding that prevents most damage.


Fist of Zarbania[]

Victory is movement. Never wait. The enemy is larger and more powerful. Movement is life, and life is victory.

- Zarbanian military edict.

The Fist of Zarbania is the main military organization responsible for conquering planets and garrison duties within the territory of the Powers, as well as attacking enemy forces. Commonly deploying with the navy, The Fist acts as the main line of attack and defense against enemies of the state. Military service within the Fist is seen as more desirable, leading to higher numbers of volunteers within the Fist and ground assault legions then in the navy, however, both remain 2 of the best military organizations in their region of the galaxy. Assault Legions are further assisted by a number of Knightly Order who provide their soldiers to the Fist to help them in battle.

The Zarbanians, seeing that they are quite small in the state of galactic affairs, Zarbanians have taken to "Wars of Movement", or Vewrungiskrieg. As such, when deploying against forces with larger numbers, Zarbanians will move quickly to strike the foe down, using lightning strikes, first by bombarding enemy positions with airstrikes and fleet craft, then using artillery and armored columns, followed by rapid troop deployment. Infantry will move quickly, striking the enemy before they have a chance to recover or fight back. The side effect of this however, is that Zarbanians have trouble with siege warfare and breaking enemies defenses, instead needing the flank and surround their enemies in total, and leave no way out.

Due to this, the Fist is highly dependent on it's intelligence, counter-intelligence, and logistics plans. While the War of Movement strategy works for winning a battle in a few seconds, if the attack is shrugged off, the Fist must pull back and analyze the situation in order to successfully pull off an attack. Often, Zarbanians will resort to striking at major cities with minor bombing runs to force out their garrisons and weaken defensive systems.

If somehow defeated in battle, the Imperial Fist takes a very ordered retreat, setting traps and returning fire as they go. Due to their believe in the righteousness of their cause, and their loyalty to the Holy Emperor and Council, Zarbanian troops suffer few infractions when it comes to morale issues, though Commissar Officers are deployed alongside their troops to boost their spirits and keep their troops in line. When they have to retreat however, Zarbanians will keep things very ordered. A Common saying among their foes is that you will never see a Zarbanians' back until he's dead.

Battle fleet[]

The first step to any successful campaign is to gain control of hostile space above a planet. After devastating the other sides' navy, several times over, we then perform some bombing runs and orbital bombardments, devastating their cities, and weakening their armies. Then it's a matter of killing and capturing for the boys on foot.

The Fleets of Zarbania are the fleet forces of Zarbania, organized to defend planets and patrol their space. Early in it's history, Zarbania largely neglected it's fleet forces, being a more land centered military power. Even after the Bombings of Zarbania by Mendel forces, the Fleet has rarely seen expansion, though remained honored among the population for their defense of Zarbania and the Crown Worlds against the Mendel savages. Things have changed much since the unification of the Zarbanian states, however.

The fleet has expanded much, though the Empire is still very much focused on it's land military. However, Zarbania has quickly realized that it needs it's military large enough to contend with other powers that may threaten it's expansion and domain. However, due to the fact that most of it's citizenship volunteer for service in the Ground Assault Legions, the Fleet commonly uses cloned personnel or androids to fill the niche.

Much like it's ground-based counterparts, The BattleFleet focuses on fast, lightning strikes to finish foes in quick succession, surprising larger foes with their speed and ruthlessness in battle. Sometimes, fleets will not even hail an enemy ship or navy, either ignoring them or attacking out right. As such, the fleet is largely seen as ruthless, dogmatic, and extremist.

Zarbanian Imperial Knights[]


Project:Warrior-Beast is an attempt by the Zarbanians to produce massive, living war-machines, monsters that can be used to devastate resistant populations and planets, and engage armies alongside the Fist. They, depending on their species, range from cunning and intelligent, to brutish and powerful. Either way, this monsters are used with great efficiency by their Zarbanian masters, and few can withstand these beasts once they are sent in.

While destructive, their abilities are limited thanks to how long it takes to produce them, train them, and cull them if needed. These monsters are slow, but very powerful, and have a wide range of powers.

The Warrior-Beasts were disbanded after peace with the other Mirusian powers.

The most powerful Warrior-Beast is a creature codenamed Slagan.


The Zarbanians are difficult to ally with, but are very protective of their allies, seeing themselves as the big brother of the galaxy, that must look after like-minded empires. They take a dim view to empires that lack a good military standing or have a bad military record. However, most of their respect, not matter how advanced a military is, goes towards whether or not the empire has a democratically elected government.

While originally enemies of the UAE, locked in a cold war-type situation with the Mendel Pact, and other members, the Zarbanians of today are making several attempts to make amends and leave a more positive impact upon the Mirus Galaxy.

Part of[]

We'll do our job, your do yours.


Green face.png We are united by blood.


Blue face.png We'll find some Small use for you.


Blue face.png Do you need the mighty Zarbania Powers for something?


Yellow face.png Make yourself useful to us!


Orange face.png Death will come, if you do not sumbit or stop in your idiocy.

At War[]

Red face.png The Boots of Zarbania's Legions will fall upon your lands.


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Before forming the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition[]

Within them I see a race that is to be feared, loathed, but, above all, respected. Our peoples paths have not always been...peaceful, yet I still hold hope, that with their assistance, we can bring order to this galaxy, and find peace between ourselves once more. If only they could let go of their hatred...

- Ugandalore the Great of the Federation of Glory

The powers know the only true way of life, that of war. Thus, may our alliance be everlasting!

- Imperator Caligustus of the Imperium of War

Little more then barbarians that prey on the weak. Nonetheless, the Empire should avoid a war with this scum, they'll burn themselves out.

- Fleet Captain Cesterity of the Drodo Empire

You peepz suck. Yer nothin more than weirdos, an yer religion sucks, an what's da point of conquerin da ooniverse anyway Plus, you got da most hideus faces in da galaxy.

- Khan'Zralaka

Despite what my slaver think thinks, I rather like this empire. If I choses the one empire to conquer the universe, it would probably be them. At least they understand the cause of profit.

- Zarveltyr

It's rather sad how the Powers got on the wrong side of things. I can understand them, our first contact with the Ughandalorians was not too...friendly either. The Greater Good and the Creed are similar, and as such they should free themselves from their Darkling masters, and their draconic dictator. However, their belief that order is the right way to go is...far more unnerving. From order can only come tyranny. Though chaos one can be truly free.

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

After forming the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition[]

After all the bloodshed, war, and suffering we have seen in each other and together during these conflicts, it is good to know a peace could come about. Even if it is an unsteady one.I am happy to have fixed the errors of my father.

- Barda Clett

Though we were once bitter enemies the Zarbanians have always been honorable foes. Nowv that the hatred has washed away it's time to walk forward into a future where we will fight together as honorable allies.

- Empress Auvia of the Sacred Vanara Empire

Die for us? Oh, please. We often held the line for you, so you could make an ordered reatreat, and left us to die. For all your talk, you still used us to your own advantage. Fine, fight your own battles. You have thought low of us, always underestimated us, and that shall cost you dearly.

- Imperator Caligustus of the Imperium of War

Peace? Between the Powers and the UAE? If they can find peace, then why can't we? How hard could it really be?

- Glacier

They have made peace with the UAE, as have we. I hope it is a lasting peace, for I would much like to work with the Powers.

- Vertigo of the Pseudopath Empire

So...the Powers are our indirect allies now. Well, they kick ass, I'll give them that. So more power to them.

- Dread of the Scythe of Glory


  • Despite the fact that only one race is named "Zarbanian" all races refer to themselves by it at some point, just as Americans call themselves...Americans, despite the fact many of ancestry elsewhere.
  • The Zarbanians are based off the Space Pirate Confederacy from Metroid, the Old Prussian/Holy Roman Empire German nations, and various other German-themed groups, including the Death Korps of Krieg and others.
  • This, and ultimately the Federation, was made to square away and shrink Zilla's fiction down.
  • The Zarbanians where also reworked in order to create a more morally grey area in ZF's fiction, making neither the Zarbania Powers or the Mendel Pact totally evil, or totally good.
  • Species creds
    • Keelaw belongs to Bio21.
    • Pirhiaquus Belongs to Ecoraptor.
  • The Poem in the Mirusian section is based upon the popular German military lament, Ich hatt'einen Kameraden.

Musicial Themes[]