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The Willosaurs were a very advanced race native to Tamaran.

History Edit

It is unknown when the Willosaurs first achieved intelligence (presumably it was circa 6,000,000,000 BCE), but it is known that they did long before any other sentient beings emerged.

At around 6,000,000,680 BCE, the Willosaurs launched their first manned spacecraft, dubbed the 'UFO', into space, where it traveled to the nearby planet of Frore. There, they tested the survivability of the planet by beaming down a Splodey onto the planet. The Splodey exploded due to either low air pressure or simply death.

At around 6,000,000,703 BCE, the Willosaurs built a domed colony on Frore. In about 65 years, they developed technology to increase the Terrascore of the planet in order to make it easier to live on.


The Willosaurs were tripedal reptilians with a cupped clawed hand at the end of their tail. They were carnivorous, and were known to eat Tamaranian Hoppers.

Quotes Edit

They were...a truly great empire. A shame they have long been extinct, the universe would certainly be better off with some more wisdom.

- An Arminocta historian

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