Set in the decade from 2750 to 2760, The War of Eneki recounts the events leading up to the unification of Ku-Rokti and the formation of the Aeoneonatrix Empire.



  • The Republic of Ornico


  • The Union of Eneki


  • The Holy Empire of Meethos


The Brewing StormEdit

In the year 2750, Ku-Rokti is divided into three nations. The Republic of Ornico, where liberty thrives at the price of corruption, The Holy Empire of Meethos, whose citizens are zealously devoted to the Cleanser, even more so than other Aeoneonatrix, and the Union of Eneki, a communist powerhouse responsible for numerous conquests and atrocities. Eneki will stop at nothing to conquer the other nations and launch into the stars, and the other nations cannot afford to stop at anything to prevent this.

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