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The Iteok. Some say they are crazy. Some say they are Omnicidal. Some say they are just plain evil. The Iteok don't like anyone but their allies. They love to kill. Killing is a pasttime for these Insectoid freaks. They need to see you are valuable in order for you to ally them. But who would want to ally these bugs? They think the others are pawns compared to their "Mighty Khereg", even though their empire is only Tier 4. This is a story about how the Iteok found a strange but peaceful Galaxy and attacked it, foolishly believing they could conquer it.


Prologue[edit | edit source]

2 Female Iteok Scouts were exploring the wonders of the 2nd Gigaquadrant. While travelling, they found a strange Galaxy, known only as "the Wental Galaxy". The Scouts noticed the colors of this Giant Galaxy. They wished to possess it.

Tarhitrhya - "Nice Galaxy... looks great to be Iteok Territory."
Zerhtavya - "It's too big that nobody could challenge us if we invaded it! It's probably full of Tier 5s."
Tarhitrhya - "Indeed. Though, should we take it?"

At this point, a Transmission arrived from the Wental Galaxy.

Hello, Traveler! This is an automatic message from the Wental Galaxy, translated in English for your understanding!

Zerhtavya - "What's it saying?"
Tarhitrhya - "Shh! I understand the transmission! It's in "Plazithian"." (Itekol: Plazrhatol, English: Language of the Milky Way (English))

Now, before you colonize here, you must follow these rules:

  • You will not attack or harm a less-then space civilization.

Tarhitrhya - "Wait, WHAT?"

  • You will not Colonize more then 500000 planets.
  • You will never harm a child or anyone caring for a child.
  • You will not break galactic code.
  • Any Empire that wishes to use Nanotech in any form must first get a permit. They must also be ready at all times for an inspection, which could come at any time, anywhere. These are for the safety of the entire galaxy.

Now, enjoy your stay in-

The Transmitter was punched by the angry Iteok woman.

Tarhitrhya - "These guys, their rules are absurd! Galactic Code??? No attacks on Tier 6s? What kind of a Galaxy is this? The Plazith Rim doesn't have these rules!"
Zerhtavya - "Let's Warn the males that food has arrived..."

And so, they rush to Ikrhas. The journey took 12 hours, but they arrive, ready to tell Toragh 9 about this "absurd" Galaxy...

Week 1 - 26/04/402 KRE - 02/05/402 KRE[edit | edit source]

The Iteok Attack[edit | edit source]

Tarhitrhya - "...and they are against Nanotech! This is absurd!!! These guys must be punished!"
Tarhtarhaa - "We will destroy them only for the territory, but breaking their rules will be amusing..."
Tarhitrhya - "Yes, that will get their heads straight that we are the superpowers in this Universe!"
Tarhtarhaa - "Very well. We will prepare for tommorow."

Instructions were given. Fleets were trained, and Iteok were prepared for this amusing invasion. On 26/04/402 KRE, the lines were drawn for a battle that would shock the Wental Galaxy. They decided to send only 1300 Ships, 650 for each planet in their targeting systems.

An Iteok group cloaked and targeted a Tier 6 Planet, and another group targeted a planet of a Tier 5 Empire. The first Group launched a Planet Buster at the Planet, destroying everything. It was the end for whoever was in that planet. Quite sad, but Iteok didn't care.

The Other Group approached the planet. They dropped their cloaking systems and began capturing Citizens everywhere. The Citizens were scared, and tried defending themselves using Turrets, but the Iteok ships were powered with Entropic Energy, thanks to a recent alliance with Shu'ulathoi, a nightmare demon, so they withstood the fire. Only 67 ships fell and they had captured 1200 Citizens. They stopped capturing citizens. Amongst the citizens, 360 children were captured.

The Wental People screamed in Terror. There were a few in each ship, encaged. They begged for mercy. In every ship, Wental people were screaming.

Wental Adult - "HELP! GET US OUT!"
Wental Child - "Mommy!!!"

Suddenly, an Iteok appears upon them in one ship.

Wental Adult - "You freaking bastard! DIE, YOU SCUM OF THE UNIVERSE!!!"
Iteok - "Oh, don't you realize we're stronger than you? I have a big surprise for everyone. Especially the Children..."

The Wental Children screamed in Terror. The Iteok in every ship activated the sleeping Gas, causing every Wental Person to go unconscious. Then, the 2 Iteok Groups re-united, and launched nano-machines at another planet in another empire, causing everyone in that planet to get confused and to flee from the Nano-machines.

The Iteok then took the planet they captured citizens from, after 2 days, forcing all Wental Adults to work for them, building Iteok buildings. Whoever didn't work was killed.

Iteok - "Work, Toil! Your normal life has ended, you belong to the Khereg now!"

The Iteok had the ego to even broadcast the Iteok cooking Wental Children and eating them, saying they are delicious. Tarhtarhaa was pleased at the fact they broke 4 out of the 5 rules the Wental Galaxy had. Now, all they needed to do was expand further, causing destruction wherever they go...

A Determined Start[edit | edit source]

As the news of the Iteok attack spread across Wental, along with the broadcast of the Iteok cooking and eating children, the billions of creatures living within the Galaxy started sending panicked messages to an fro throughout the Galaxy. Pandemonium broke out, people sold "Anti-Iteok Spray", defensive bunkers were constructed by the wealthy, and armies started to mobilize. But, since many of the Wental Alliance Species were peaceful, those armies were few and far between. There were many planets to defend, and few people to defend them.

Then the Senate of Stars held a meeting to decide if they would declare Alliance Wide War on the Iteok, or if it would be an member-by-member choice. That was mostly a formality, as even the Meta were preparing for War, and they were by far the most peaceful of the Wental Species. In the mighty Star Stellarium, which housed the Senate of Stars, even the Iron Giants had sent representatives to help decide the fate of their galaxy.

As everyone arrived, a somber mood could literally be felt, and even the Meta seemed subdued, their lights weren't as flashy. Everyone sat down, nervous and openly twitchy, the Yama kept extending their claws and the Iron Giants had weapons activated, thats how tense things were. Then the video started, and everyone turned a little green.

The video starts in 3-D. A group of Iteok were working around a kitchen, with Wental children in cages and other being neatly dropped into pots of boiling water or being killed and butchered for food.

At this point, several of the Senators threw up, and 3 passed out. The Iteok seemed to be enjoying the fear of the children, and their terrified wails made up the background sounds, along with fires crackling and knives slicing through flesh and bone. The Iteok were talking in the Language of the Milky Way, almost as if that was their native language. The camera pans out to a table, following one of the Iteok waiters. 'So, how would you like yours, sir?' one of the chefs asked. A rather fat looking Iteok grinned right at the camera and said 'I'll take mine live. Make sure its conscious, I want to hear it scream as I eat.' The Chef looked overjoyed to grant the fat Iteok his wish, and swiftly a live Wental Child was brought up to the table, strapped up and unable to move, but conscious and screaming it's head off. 'Ah, music to my ears!' The fat one said snidely. The Veli senator hissed, and several other senators growled or otherwise made threatening noises and gestures. The fat one went about taking his time with the poor Wental child, and the video ended with him saying 'That was the best thing I've tasted in a long while, may I have another?'

In the Senate of Stars, all hell broke lose. There was not one representative in the Senate that wasn't furious, and all of them were normally nice people to be around. But right now, all sorts of strange gestures and behaviors could be seen. The Groy senator spat a wad of poison right at the fat Iteok, and she wasn't alone, there were dozens of poison spits and needles and even a few lasers and projectile weapons shot at the image. A moment later, the image went back to the slowly rotating Wental Galaxy hologram. But the Senators were not yet content.

Those monsters, how dare they? We will teach them to obey the laws!

- Groy Senator

They will pay for this atrocity! I vote for War!

- Gagla Senator

We haven't even started the vote yet...

- Yama Senator

I second the vote for War!

- Dranjio Senator

Well, since even I'm sickened by what I just witnessed, I will also vote for War.

- Yama Senator

After about ten minutes of getting "To War!" votes from the senate, the Iron Giant Senator steps in.
How about this, anyone against War say "Nay".

- Iron Giant Senator

A few moments go by. Someone coughs in the background.
I think that answers the question if we go to War on not. We will start preparing our fleets immediately.

- Yama Senator

The Yama senator flips open a personal transmitter and sends a coded message even before anyone can say otherwise.
Why is it that you always have fleets ready?

- Warpola Senator

We're Warmongers, it's what we do best.

- Yama Senator

So then, it is decided. We go to War. Now, lets just go over the details of the plan, then we can start fighting.

- Iron Giant Senator

The Plan[edit | edit source]

The Wental Alliance decides on a multi-front plan.

  • Send fleets out toWard the Iteok attack front.
  • Protect and arm all currently unarmed planets, increase defenses on armed planets.
  • Raise money by raising taxes and (maybe) placing taxes on non-native empires of Wental.
  • Find and uplift as many tier 6 or less species as possible.
  • Increase the size of the military of the Alliance.
  • Start setting up evacuation routs for citizens on planet surfaces.
  • Build up planetside defenses.
  • Find the location of the Iteok home galaxy. Destroy everything within it.
  • Wipe the Iteok out of the fabric of the universe.

We are just having fun[edit | edit source]

The Iteok laughed at the video, and it became a meme in 33 Iteok Channels, including the Iteok Khartel itself. But now, it was time for phase 2 of the plan - Conquer. They already had 1 planet in posession in the Wental Galaxy, but they wanted more. And so, the ships began invading empires and destroying buildings.

As their ships were powered by entropic energy, the Iteok could keep attacking Tier 5 empires and lose few ships. The Iteok took down city by city in the planets they invaded, using nuclear missiles. By the end of 28/04/402 KRE, they took 5 planets from the Wental Galaxy, and appointed the first planet they captured as a meeting point, for discussion of future invasions.

Tarhtarhaa was pleased at this positive development, and broadcasted a message to the Wental Galaxy:

Oh, you don't like what we're doing to you? Well, maybe you'll reincarnate into one of us! Oh wait, you can't! Reincarnation is impossible! Haha! Fear the mighty Khereg!

- Commander Tarhtarhaa

And so, they prepared for the next day.

Finally, some Real Defense[edit | edit source]

Oh, you don't like what we're doing to you? Well, maybe you'll reincarnate into one of us! Oh wait, you can't! Reincarnation is impossible! Haha! Fear the mighty Khereg!

- Commander Tarhtarhaa

Talk about rubbing salt in the wound...

- Yama Captain

Yea, I know. It'll be even more fun to crush these squirts

- Yama Captain

Shut up you two, we've got a battle to win!

- Yama Admiral

The Yama fleet, which was the quickest to react and mobilize, sped toWard one of the planets that were predicted to be a target of the Iteok. Upon arriving, they found that the Iteok had yet to attack this one, and started evacuating the civilian populations and replacing them with "civilians" who were really Yama soldiers, prepared for an attack. As the fleet finished up switching out the population with Warriors, they moved on, leaving only a small skeleton fleet to complete the image of a weakly defended planet. The fleet headed off to the next planet in the list, and did the same thing there. This filled out 3 parts of their plan: Evacuate civilian populations, send fleets out to fight the Iteok, and defend Wental planets. The soldiers expected this to be a swift War, considering that they had never actually lost a battle with the Iteok yet.

A Swift Battle[edit | edit source]

Date: 29/04/402 KRE, Location: An evacuated Wental Planet

Tarhtarhaa - "See that planet? It's good for conquering."
Grhaata - "Hang on - There is a fleet in that planet - They think they can stop us?"
Tarhtarhaa - "600 ships in our fleet, entropic powers, we can handle this."

The Iteok approached the planet, and the Yama empire noticed them. It was time for a battle. The 900 Yama ships closed in on the Iteok army, preparing to strike them. The Iteok fired the first missiles, but the Yama dodged them and started battling the Iteok. The Iteok used heat rays on the Yama, the Yama used Mega Lasers on the Iteok. The Yama, however, had the strength of the Kraw Empire, and managed to fire a near deadly shot at the Iteok Commander.

Tarhtarhaa - "****! Get out, everyone!"

The Iteok retreated, but they called for 30000 reinforcements, and a new Commander, Commander Rhtarhiatrhos, and they had a plan...

Karhos-Katrhorhta: The Plan[edit | edit source]

Commander Rhtarhiatrhos sat on his chair in the meeting room of his ship, the Karhos-Katrhorhta, designed to be nearly flawless. He organized everything for this meeting, and Commander Tarhtarhaa was there.

Rhtarhiatrhos - "Hello, mighty Rhonen and Rhonenos Commanders. Zavrhos could not be present because he was fighting stupid enemies of our allies, so it's just me, and all 15 of you. Now, let's begin. Tarhtarhaa, HOW COULD YOU LET YOURSELF BE FLANKED LIKE THAT???"
Tarhtarhaa - "Sir, they are persistent. That's why I failed."
Rhtarhiatrhos - "Then we will have to be persistent too. Here's the plan... We have 30000 Garhonik, Uhterhaat and Jarhaa ships here in this War, right? So we split them up in 15 teams, of... ... what was 30000 split between 15 again?"
Tarhtarhaa - "2000, sir. How could you not know that?"
Rhtarhiatrhos - "Bah, I hate math, so I forgot it. We split these ships into these 15 teams, which will mess up 1 planet each at a time. So they will have 15 forces to defend themselves against!"
Barhta - "Genius! Well, your math isn't, but your plan is!"

And so, Rhtarhiatrhos put his plan into action. The 30000 reinforcements split into 15 groups, who are to cause havoc all over... The Iteok hoped to posess 15 more worlds, totalling 20 worlds by tomorrow, 30/04/402 KRE.

Holy my gods![edit | edit source]

The planet of Leik was one of the many planets that the Yama fleet had visited and switched out the population for soldiers. The 900 ship fleet was in orbit, and it looked like I would be a normal day on Leik, with the smallest Yama Warriors pretending to be children and the older ones scolding them like parents. needless to say, a great deal of jokes were being made about that, but the plan seemed to be working. The planet had been attacked once, but the fleet had been able to defend it. The Yama was sure they could win this, and easily.

Then, of course, the Iteok's larger fleet arrived. "What's that blip on the radar?" The radar commander looked up and saw the blip. Then another. And another. "We have a code orange alert, I repeat, a CODE ORANGE ALERT! Get your rears up there and defend this planet!" The fleet admiral got the news a moment later, and mobilized her fleet. They were outnumbered and outgunned, but even so they did some damage to the enemy ships. From the ground it looked like a fireworks show, except with big chunks of burning ship raining from the sky whenever one of the fireworks went off. The soldiers were already preparing, getting weapons and putting on battle claws to fight with. When the Iteok soldiers arrived on the planets surface, they would find a well armed army there waiting for them.

The Iteok ships didn't land at first. First they bombed the crap out of the Yama structures, killing thousands of Yama Warriors. The survivors reorganized and when the Iteok ships landed they found a well armed, if a little dazed, army waiting for them. The battles would be fast, furious, and bloody. As the Iteok attacked with their fangs and claws and lasers, the Yama attacked with their metal-covered claws, laser-turrets, and projectile weapons. The Wars only lasted for a few hours, and when it ended the Yama had been all but wiped out, with a few thousand slaves taken. There was one place that was still holding out, a well defended and supplied fortress that refused to fall.

In the fortress, the Yama Commanders, Captains, and Admirals debated their next move. "I think we should hunker down and let them waste their energies on us until they give up. We can survive this!" A young hotshot commander said confidently. One of the older, more experienced commanders replied "And when we run out of food? They have no reason to leave us be, and you can't win a defensive War. I propose we send out best captains out to Warn the rest of Wental about the Iteoks newest plan." Several of the other commanders seconded the option, until an Admiral noted that they only had 13 ships left. "13, that's an unlucky number isn't it?" "Yep..." "Well, we won't know if we can make it out until we try, and if we fail then we're just in the same situation as we are now."

The 13 ships launched into the air simultaneously, and in the dead of night, for all the good that would do them. They hurled out of the planets atmosphere at far faster speeds then they were built to withstand, and 3 burned up and died before they even escaped the planet, another 2 were shot down before they left as well. 8 left. In space, 4 more were destroyed by the orbiting Iteok fleet before they left orbit-level, and 4 more were destroyed as they fled the system. 1 survived, and that was all that was needed. Back on the planet's surface, an overwhelming Iteok military attack sWarmed the fortress and killed off the rest of the resisting Yama Warriors. The single fleeing ship was all that remained of Liek's once massive military defense.

You're going to need some insecticide here...[edit | edit source]

The Iteok noticed the Fortress in the planet they were about to conquer. Every Iteok returned to their ships and one fired a nuclear Warhead at the fortress.

In the meanwhile, the other 14 Iteok groups were attacking other planets. In some planets, the Iteok managed to destroy the enemy fleets and take the planets. In others, the fleets failed to capture planets, and in others, the Iteok had a long struggle to take the planets. Overall, 9 planets were taken by the ever expanding Khereg, and 30000 Wental People were captured, and they were put in stews and dishes for the Iteok to eat. The Fat TV chef, Krhaat, was pleased.

Tarhtarhaa - "Yes, 9 Planets, sir. The other 6 were well defended by some "Yaama" beings."
Rhtarhiatrhos - "After we take more planets, we'll be paying them a visit..."

Rhtarhiatrhos - "Also, YOU FORGOT MY ORDER!!!"
Tarhtarhaa - "Yes, sir!"

The Iteok now had 14 planets in Posession. Out of the initial 30000 ships they sent to Wental, 8938 Survived.

The Hidden Empire[edit | edit source]

Deep in a portion of the Wental Galaxy that had always been guarded by strange ships which fired on all who entered, a meeting was being held.

Master, we have detected weapons fire from beyond the borderlands. It's open space combat and planetary battle.

- 15 ring stack.

That is interesting... could they be another faction of Cylone, one we haven't crushed yet? Or maybe the rebels?

- Master Stack

No, we have not seen any tech that would point toWard the rebels, or to another Cylone faction. In fact, we haven't seen anything that shows these creatures are even fully sentient. We did, however, intercept a video from them. We beleive it to be some form of entertainment.

- 15 ring stack

Well. Lets see it!

- Master Stack

Yes, Master. Do you think you could give me a hand?

- 15 ring stack


- Master Stack

Well... I am rather short... and lack an arm ring...

- 15 ring stack

Oh, yes, of course.

- Master Stack

After a few minutes of fumbling around, the two manage to get the video up on a screen. It shows a large number of strange creatures eating a large number of equally strange creatures, some of whom appear to be children. They are all speaking in strange languages that neither the Master Stack nor the 15 ring stack have ever heard before. After about 20 minutes of video, the Master Stack grows bored.

This is entertainment? Their just eating their young, whats so funny about that?

- Master Stack

Well, we think it to be some kind of drama or War-movie.

- 15 ring stack

I see. Well, that's pretty pathetic, I think. Then again, those creatures looked like they would make good slaves.

- Master Stack

Our thoughts exactly, Master.

- 15 ring stack

Well then, let us get to it! Gather up a fleet or two, we'll see what these dumb creatures have to offer us.

- Master Stack

Maybe we will gain an advantage over the rebels as well, if we expand quickly.

- 15 ring stack

Yes... I do think that would be a nice addition to this already pleasant day.

- Master Stack

I'll get right to telling Commander Klo to see you, Master, unless you would rather I tell them what to do?

- 15 ring stack

No, no, I shall do it. You just go get him.

- Master Stack

Yes, Master...

- 15 ring stack

A few minutes later, Commander Klo arrives. The Master Stack tells Klo of these strange creatures, and commands him to gather up a fleet at least 2 thousand strong. "I don't care how you do it, just make this profitable, and don't lose!" The Master Stack calls out to Klo as they leave. Klo starts to gather his fleet...

Battle of Kings[edit | edit source]

The Wental Alliance, having gotten a good judge of the military might of the Iteok, decided to send in another 60 thousand ships in to be safe. As their ships neared the Iteok-Wental War Zone, they encountered a group of Iteok ships. 300 Iteok ships, to be exact. The two fleets looked at each other for a few moments, then the Iteok popped a U-Turn and fled back toWard their territories in Wental. The Wental Alliance ships followed eagerly, and the Iteok ships led them right to a larger fleet of 30 thousand or so ships. Now the two larger fleets confronted each other.

The Iteok began attacking the Wentals with Heat lasers, Ion cannons, and Trajectory missiles. Commander Tarhtarhaa was leading this army, and he was confident on victory. He had also ordered more reinforcements, which will arrive from a Fordan Void gate to the scene of the battle within 30 minutes. But Tarhtarhaa decided to lay his eyes on the Wental Commander...

The Iteok made the first move, as expected, so the Wental Fleet was ready for it. With their shields up, they started firing on the Iteok ships, doing about half the damage they were dealt. Damnit, we need better weapons if we're gonna win this thought Commander Welkson as he watched his ships being destroyed by the Iteok fleet. Even as he thought that, a group of Meta Treeships and Iron Giants dropped out of some hyperspace or another and started to aid them as best they could. The Meta, being peaceful, found it difficult to harm even creatures as evil as the Iteok, and shot to disable not kill. The Iron Giants had no such qualms, and with their advance ion weaponry were able to take out decent portions of the Iteok fleet with swift, well aimed blasts of energy. The Battle seemed to be turning in the favor of Wental now.

As the Iteok and Wental Alliance were fighting suddenly, something unexpected happened, several Missiles struck the Iteok Fleet from behind, wiping out a few of their ships. The Iteok spun, expecting an enemy they knew. But the ships attacking looked like nothing they had seen before, all curves and soft angles. They were firing openly at the Iteok ships, but not doing a ton of damage.

Tarhtarhaa - "What are those? Oh well, let's go atomic. That will blast them apart."

Just as he spoke, the Iteok reinforcements appeared behind the strange fleet, and then, the Iteok started to fire their atomic missiles at the unknown ships. Meanwhile this was happening, the original Iteok fleet also fired their atomic missiles at the Wental and the strange, wiping some ships out of both sides.

Tarhtarhaa - "Let's go!!!"

Tarhtarhaa was willing to fire his MGMs at the Xarik-Radux for betraying them, and so he did. 5 were fired at the newcomers, causing wormholes that surrounded part of the strange fleet.

Some ships were destroyed by the MGMs, but others managed to "fold space" and teleport to safety, and attack again, with Ion Cannons of their own, like "Mini-Planet Glassers", they hit the Iteok Ships, and take out a portion of them, while Plasma Autocannons where rapidly firing, weakening shields and softening armor, and then there were the "Ornithopters", firing Antimatter Missiles, they were weakening the Iteok Fleet, and then, more Pseudomatter Missiles were fired, this time, hitting the weapons of the Iteok Ships. Then, to their surprise, the new fleet started firing out long chains with harpoons on the end, and reeling in harpooned ships up to what were obviously airlocks of some sort or another.

Tarhtarhaa - "We're taking heavy fire! Everyone, FTL Jump out of here!"

And so they did. They jumped back near a portal to the Iteok Khereg, and it closed down upon the damaged fleet leaving the Wental Galaxy. They will be back, with greater numbers...

The Wental Alliance fleet was in shock. They hadn't known they had any allies, but someone had come to help them against the Iteok. Then, to everyone's surprise, the Meta ships moved in between the main fleet and this new, strange fleet. Mere moments later, the strange fleet opened fire on the Meta ships and Worldtrees, shocking everyone. "Get your arses outta here, those aren't friendlies! Move, move, move!" The Wental Alliance, Meta, and Iron Giant ships fled, but a decent number of them were captured and reeled in by long, harpoon-ended chains, which pulled them up to the edges of the ships. The Wental Alliance and allies fled the scene, leaving behind about a dozen ships to these strange new foes...

Mobilizing armies[edit | edit source]

Date: 01/05/402 KRE, Location: Rhoterhtarhaa, Iteok Khereg, Wental Galaxy

Tarhtarhaa - "Fleet #13 has arrived! Another 2500 ships have arrived!"

That was the 13th out of 20 fleets that were on the way to the wental Galaxy. Tarhtarhaa hoped to be able to take more planets by the next day. But as the 14th fleet was arriving, he received a transmission.

Toragh 9 - "Listen. I want 100 planets taken by next Kraw Week! Not next Iteok week, next Kraw Week! Not 9 days, 7 days!"
Tarhtarhaa - "Yes sir!"
Toragh 9 - "Be sure to use the Splitters..."
Tarhtarhaa - "Yes sir!"

It was going to be a hard day tomorrow...

The Yama, being Warmongers, knew that Warmongers don't give up, ever. They had prepared their fleets for an attack they knew would come. 14 fleets of 14 hundred ships were being gathered, a lucky number twice, according to them. They didn't want to leave anything to chance, at all. As the 14th fleet arrived at it's destination, the Senate of Stars was debating the subject.

The Iteok have not yet been defeated! I can assure you of this!

- Yama Senator

Oh phooey, you Yama are just trying to get an excuse for building up your fleet bigger! We won, the Iteok haven't sent any messages since they were pushed out.

- Papulos Senator

No we're not! We're Warmongers, we understand how their minds work, and we need to build up our fleets bigger. I would also like to note that we didn't win, that strange new fleet forced everyone out.

- Yama Senator

Yes, but the Iteok don't know that, so they will be to scared to come back. You saw them flee, they won't be back for a while.

- Warpola Senator

I agree with the Yama, the Iteok won't just leave. They'll come back with a bigger fleet, a better fleet, allies, and superweapons too. We need to put funding itno our military or else we will be wiped out, I garentee it.

- Tra Senator

See, the Tra understand, if we don't make ourselves stronger we won't last. And then there's that strange new fleet, whoever they are...

- Yama Senator

Ba, if you want to build up a fleet, you can do so, but keep it out of my space, got it?

- Warpola Senator

Fine, when they come back I'll be able to shove it in your face!

- Yama

Well then, I will also add that you aren't allowed in our territories either. And that goes for the Tra as well.

- Papulos Senator

What, but we haven't attacked you or anything.

- Tra Senator

They just don't like Warrior empires, thats all.

- Yama Senator

Maybe we could try diplomacy...?

- Veli Senator

These are Warmongering monsters, we cannot try diplomacy! That would be unthinkable!

- Yama

Yes, from their point of view our offering peace would be seen as A) weakness, B) insult, and C) stupidity. It would be all of those things to offer such peace to them, they started it and they have done great crimes. We will refuse to ratify such an offer.

- Tra

I wouldn't ratify that either, they broke 4 of the 5 rules of Wental in a single day. They don't deserve peace. But neither do I think they will return, having been beaten so soundly.

- Warpola

Every hear of the old saying "Don't bet on your enemies not attacking, but rather, make your position un-assaliable"? This is a good example of that. We will make sure our planets are safe, and if that means dipping into the royal treasury a little, so be it.

- Yama

Well, since it's coming out of your pockets, you can do what you please. But remember the rules of Wental, and the agreement we have. No attacking us!

- Groy Senator

We won't don't you worry.

- Yama Senator

Very well, those who wish to defend themselves can do so, those who are smarter will continue to be smarter. Now, on to the subject of trade...

- Harliquin Senator

Your going to regret being so nice, I garentee it...

- Yama Senator

The Yama continue to build up their fleets, and the Tra help them, as do a number of other species and empires who believe as the Yama do. But all of them know, in their heart of hearts, that if the Iteok want to take the galaxy they will be unable to stop them. So they go about searching for allies among the enemies of the Iteok...

All 20 fleets have arrived to the Wental Galaxy, and the show was about to begin. The 20 fleets went to 20 diffrent Planets. Some Yama planets, some Harliquin Planets, and some Tra Planets. They attacked them, capturing their citizens and firing nanomachines on them as well...

Rhtarhiatrhos, in the meanwhile, was making another transmission to a friend, in hopes that they will help them in this conflict.

Voret, you wouldn't happen to be busy, wouldn't you?

- Rhtarhiatrhos

No sir. You want us to fight the wentals? Sure. We have to make up for us not helping against the Dracogonarious...

- Voret


- Rhtarhiatrhos

Rings and Rage[edit | edit source]

"You only got 36 new slaves?! How'd you screw that up? Their had to be hundreds of them out there, and you only got 36! Your slipping up!" Klo was trying to explain to the Master Stack that the battle had been a success, despite the few slaves gathered from it. "They were Warriors, they knew what they were doing. We haven't encountered such an enemy since the last of the old empires fell. You cannot expect us to take the thousands of slaves we did back then, for that we would need to take a planet or two." The Master Stack regarded Klo for a few minutes, obviously struggling to make his next move. "Very well." Klo jumped, surprised that the Master Stack would use that method of language. "You will attack them as we attacked the old empires, you will crush them utterly. Take their planets, take their fleets, and take their people. They are strong, and many of them are capable of working far better then the worthless slaves we have right now. The more we get, the more we can produce, and the stronger we become. But remember" at this point, the Master Stack sent a jolt of pain through Klo "you cannot lose. If you do, I'll have your rings scattered and you put into the brightest, driest, and emptiest place I can think of, GOT IT?" The 'got it' was accompanied by an exceptionally powerful jolt of pain. "Got it, Master. I will not fail you." "Of course you won't, you know what will happen if you do. Failure is not an option, and don't you EVER forget it." Klo left, aching and filled with rage. This isn't over, oh mighty master. I will get your spot, someday. But for now, it's time to make me famous...

Yames, the Yama Capitol[edit | edit source]

Yames, the capitol of the Yama Empire, was an industrial planet. Raw materials went in one end and ships, products, and War machines came out the other. And right now, it was at full industrial processing, with 27 entire fleets being constructed. The Empress, Satomi, was looking out over her currently unfinished fleet of ships, being constructed on the planet to ensure they were plant-safe as well as space-safe. "Empress, the one you asked for is here." "Thank you. Send him in." A rather small and confused looking Yaman male walks in, tail twitching slightly. It's rare that the Empress herself asks people to meet her. "Welcome, Masuri. You are the one who survived from Leik, correct?" "Um, yes, Empress." "Very well. I have seen your qualifications, and they stand for you. I am now naming you the Grand Captain Commander of the Yama Military Forces. You have done well, I hope for you to continue to do so." Masuri looks at her, jaw hitting the floor and tail standing strait up from surprise. "Th-thank you, Empress. I shall not fail you!" The Empress looks at him. "See to it that you don't."

The Iteok's carnage[edit | edit source]

In the 20 planets they attacked, many citizens were being captured, and Cities were being bombarded. The Terridor Federation had just arrived to the Iteok's Wental Territories, but the Kraw and the Tahars decided to pay them a visit...

Kies - "Terridorians???"
Votet - <<Dammit!>> "No, this is the... Socialist Tyvo Union."
Kies - "They are not intergalactic, Terridor Federation. Consider your alliance finished."
Voret - "Who cares? I'd much rather be allies of the Khereg! Hail Shu'ulathoi!"
Kies - "You don't know how deluded you two are..."

After this small conversation, The Terridorians followed the Kraw and the Tahars to a Yama planet, where the Iteok were invading.

Eko - "Cease this immediately, Corruptus nerds!"
Voret - "No, you cease!"
Eko - "Oh, it's the Iteok's Zealots! Haha! Do you want to be destroyed, Voret?"
Voret - "Just go away!"

Eko's fleet and Voret's fleet were setting in to fight each other. The Kraw were now engaging the Iteok, and who knows what the Yama will do...

What the Yama plan to do...[edit | edit source]

Ok, so, they have fleets here, here, and here. As well as some here, here, here, and here. We have 13 fleets, they have 20. So, what we're gonna do is go at it in the old fashioned way: fight and run, show no honor, and have fun shooting people. But remember, this is not an "all of nothing" battle. I want you to survive, not to just get yourselves killed. Attack them from every direction possible, but by the time they can react, be gone. I want no ships lost, got it!?

- Supreme Captain Commander Masuri

The Yaman fleets scattered, breaking apart into small hit-and-run groups of 14 ships each. Since they couldn't out-gun the Iteok, maybe they could out race them. The plan: force the Iteok to make sure every single ship and supply fleet was well defended, which would slow them down greatly. Also, if you find prisoners of the Iteok, regardless of species, tkae them off the Iteok vessels if possible, destroy them if not. Better dead then eaten.

The Kraw began attacking the Iteok fleet. The Kraw were at a medium disadvantage toWards the Iteok, because of the Iteok's Entropic ships. The Kraw were getting destroyed, and Kies and his fleet started using their Major Weapons. The Kraw blasted some Iteok Ships, but the Iteok were still in an advantage.

Meanwhile, Eko and Voret's fleet were engaged. The Tahars had higher technology, but the Terridorian ships were very thin, thus hard to hit. The battle was at a stalemate for a good hour, until Eko resorted to the Gyronic Powers. With these powers, Eko could blast apart some Terridorian ships, which were all in slow motion, thus he was now going for Voret.

Even as Eko and Voret's fleets were destroying each other, a group of 14 Yama ships came out of hyperspace, and started attacking the Iteok ships from the side, then right when the Iteok ships started firing back, they jumped back into hyperspace, without a single loss. A few moments later, another group, or the same group come back, attacked the Iteok from behind, then, just like before, vanished before they could take any damage. It didn't do a lot of damage to the Iteok, but it confused the hell out of them.

Tarhtarhaa - "What is all this???"

That's what he thought at the sudden Wental attacks. But they were still managing to beat the Kraw Empire. Kies ordered a retreat, and the Kraw Left. The Terridorians were still attacking the Tahars, but now they had some help. The Iteok saved Voret from being destroyed by Eko by damaging Eko's ship. Eko retreated, but his fleet didn't, who were now in control of Hazeus. They kept attacking the United Fleet.

And still, the Yama fleets kept popping out of no where, attacking, and retreating. Guerrilla Warfare was was effectively minimizing losses for the Yama Empire, and everyone was happy about that. Well, everyone on the Yama and Wental Alliance side. The fact that the Kraw ships had lost was concerning, but the Yama didn't worry themselves about that. They were too busy convincing other empires from the Wental Alliance to join in with the little raid. They have an old saying, Ten Thousand Blurts(ant like/sized insect) can kill an Ort(elephant sized reptile), and it seemed to be working here.

Tarhtarhaa and Voret didn't know where the shots were coming from. Eko's fleet had a slightly higher advantage now, and they began using their MGMs to cause wormholes to suck Iteok and Terridorian ships in. Tarhtarhaa ordered 10% of his fleet to face to the opposite direction of the battle, in hopes of finding who was shooting them.

Hehehe, I guess its time to cause a little more mayhem...

Commandant - Greetings there, and its Us, the Xarik-Radux again by the way, anyways, we shall be supporting in this battle somehow, maybe We could cover Your attacks, hehehe...

And the Xarik-Radux continue on battling, and a few more fleets of House Xarikuz ships have also arrived, and proceed to continue their devastation of Iteok and Terridorian Fleets.

Voret - "Fire the nano-machines."

Voret fired a sWarm of nano-machines at the Xarik-Radux, which then resorted to eat away the Xarik-Radux Ships. Eko was dumbfounded however at the fact that the Xarik-Radux were helping them and not destroying everyone.

Eko - ""Kuzarik-Radukuz", why are you helping us?"

The Xarik-Radux Ships affected by nano-machines fired its pseudomatter missiles, which went back and hit them, hitting the nano-machines, which were devastated by the Majoron Replicators, while this did damage to the hulls of the ships, they pulled back from the fight and proceeded to activate self-repairs, while the rest of the House Xarikuz Ships continued the fight, the Commandant, angrily spoke...

Commandant - We're just doing BUSINESS AND RETRIBUTION! The Iteok betrayed us for siding with the Marinoxidiz, We shall betray them in RETURN! AND NO! I'M NOT ANGRY AT YOU! I'M ANGRY AT SOMEONE ELSE!

And He commanded the Ornithopters to launch hit and run attacks upon the Terridorian Ships, and used Pseudomatter and Antimatter Missiles to devastate them.

Commandant - DIE! DIE! DIE!

And then the Reinforcements then also came finally to the fight and began to flank the Terridorian and Iteok Fleets.

Voret - "Let's FTL Jump out of here!"

And so everyone did. Many by many, they jumped back to Iteok Wental Territories. Voret and Tarhtarhaa had to find a way to defeat the Xarik-Radux before it was too late...

However, the Iteok succeeded in capturing 14 worlds. 6 fleets failed to capture planets. The Iteok now had 28 planets in Posession. Out of the 50000 ships they had, 28904 Survived. The Iteok were now discussing the next Invasion...

Week 2 - 03/05/402 KRE - 09/05/402 KRE[edit | edit source]

Valxarx is not happy.[edit | edit source]

Voret was dining in an Iteok Wental Colony, which was in construction, but he got a Transmission, a very serious one.

Senator Ganxard - "Commander Voret, to Valxarx's palace. He is not happy at all."

Voret arrived with a scared face, as he knew when Valxarx was not happy, he usually fired people from the Army. But Valxarx was about to speak.

Valxarx - "Voret... The Terridor Federation is a Diplomatic Empire. Meaning we like to ally people. Do you understand?"
Voret - "Yes, Emperor."
Valxarx - "What you just did with the Kraw and the Tahars is not acceptable. Now we will never reach the Major 4 of the Kraw Galaxy and it's all your fault."
Voret - "Sir, the Iteok-"
Valxarx - "Shut up! Now, as you have a large fanbase amongst Terridans, I will not fire you."
Voret - "Thank you."
Valxarx - "However, you will now be transferred to Cyrannus, and all Military action in Wental shall now cease!"
Voret - "Say what? If we don't do something, the Iteok are going to be crushed by the "Kuzarik-Radukuz"!"
Valxarx - "If Entropics gave other things to Iteok besides strength, then they would be fine, but still, if you really want to help the Iteok, go ask the Marinoxidiz."
Voret - "They will yell at them!"
Valxarx - "Either you do this or not help them at all."
Voret - "Understood..."

Voret packed and went to Cyrannus, to the Great Cyrannus War. Valxarx now had to gain Kraw Trust again before the elections in 25/07/402 KRE...

Yama decide to take matters into their own hands[edit | edit source]

"We need to take matters into our own hands. TIAF has insulted our alliance, disregarded our suffering, and told us to obey THEIR rules! It's time we showed them who's boss in this galaxy."

Masuri looks over the elite troopers, knowing that each and every one of them will be more then happy to attack the TIAF. The troopers are nodding. They get into the small, fleet that the Yama have set up for this.

"There's a TIAF supply fleet headed for one of their colonies here, and we're gonna take it out. We need to supplies and we need them to realize that they can't make the rules in our space. The supply fleet is here"

Masuri highlights a section of the maps that everyone is looking at.

"And we're gonna come in from here, here, and here, box them in, and take them out. Anyone you find who isn't fighting is a prisoner of War and a hostage, keep them alive and well, we're gonna need them."

The troopers nod, accepting that without question. The battle fleet lifts off.

"Good Luck everyone, it's time to start a War!"

And then the rest goes to Murder on the Wental Express

Another Expansion of Territory[edit | edit source]

Another 20 fleets have arrived from the Khereg, 2500 ships each. They set forWard to 20 more planets to expand the Territory. Voret said one last word to the Iteok before leaving to the Great Cyrannus War.

"Helping you was fun, but now, I've been relocated and Valxarx told me to stop helping you. But well, elections will come in 25/07/402 KRE, and Valxarx will leave his throne, and since everyone in elections is... well, like me, if the War still goes by then, we will help you then. But not sooner, nor later. By the way, I've tried calling the Marinoxidiz for you, they said they can't help you, and that your ships can't do nothing else with Entropy. Very sad indeed. However, I wish you good luck in this War, and I hope you get further help. Something tells me we are going to get it. Perhaps maybe you will, perhaps not, but remember, we are always on your side, *cries* Mighty Khereg..."

- Voret

Some Iteok cried at the message. But Tarhtarhaa believed that they could still win this War without the Terridorians...

War![edit | edit source]

"We did not approve of this! What the Hell were you thinking?!"

The Yama representative were getting grilled for their species actions, as were the Tra, who had helped.

"You didn't say we couldn't either..."
"You dumb fools! Do you know what you've done? You've just made us enemies of one of the strongest nations in Wental, besides the Meta and ourselves! We can't stop both of them! We're gonna get crushed!"

The Yama and Tra looked at each other.

"Well... there is one other option. We can ask someone for help in this, and we can declare 'martial law' to enforce order a-"

The Senate was even angrier now.

"No! You have screwed us over now! We won't take your advice anymore, your attack was against our policy and n-"

The Yama senator interrupts

"The policy was wrong. Every Warrior and knight empire could see that. Many of the non-agressive empires could see that. We live in a big universe, we cannot remain neutral in all things. TIAF refused to help us, therefore they were a threat, and could have allied the Iteok. All we did was take the preemptive strike, to show they that the Alliance is powerful. We even got hostages to use against them."

The Senators look horrified.

"You WHAT! No wonder they want our guts to be scattered from here to hell! What were you thinking!"

The Yama senator sighs.

"We started this War. Now we're going to finish it. With, or without you. Your choice. You have 2 hours to decide if War is the option you take, or if the Yama will withdraw from the Alliance."

The entire Hall of Stars is dead silent. There's a quiet sound, someone fainting.

"But- but there hasn't been War in Wental since the Great War. We all know how that ended, you would bring such War back?"

The Yama leader looks at them

"The Yama didn't start this War, the Iteok did. TIAF refused to help us, and because of that we lost colonies, because of their selfishness Wental Born children were killed and eaten by those monsterous Iteok. Because of TIAF, the Alliance lost many a good soldier in defending itself. They could have stepped in and helped us, but they refused. Those who stand by and watch while others die are worse then scum, they are coWardly scum. We will have no peace with them until they admit they were wrong, and if they don't... well, Wental is our galaxy, we gave them the territories, we can take them back."

The Senate is still horrified, but several senators are nodding. The Yama senator leaves.

Later, in a private transmission to her Empress, the Yama senator says:

"The seeds have been planted. Now they will take root."

The Empress looks at the senator.

"But what kind of tree will grow from them, I wonder. You will do well to tell me, Isabelle."

The Yama senator nods.

"I will tell you what tree grows, sister. You just make sure that we are ready for whatever TIAF has to throw at us."

Vengeance[edit | edit source]

As the Senate of Stars bickered amongst itself, the TIAF fleets were gathering in the Wental Territory. 500,000 ships from the Cyrannus, Sana, and Forma Galaxies had joined the 250,000 already stationed in Wental. Based on known facts of the Wental Alliance, the 750,000 ship fleet would easily overpower the WA ships.

Captain Lorrelas, thirsty for revenge, laid out the battle plans.

"Okay, the Cyrannus fleet, you will strike at Point A," Lorrelas said, circling a region of Yama colonies and marking it A.

"Sana-Forma fleet, you will attack Point B," he said, circling a section of the Tra colonies and labeling it B.

"Wental fleet, you will attack at Point C," he said, dotting a single area on the map of the Galaxy and naming it C.

"What we know is that in the last reported Wental-Iteok battle, each side had approximately 6,000 ships or more," Lt. Samenor explained. "The Kraw and Tahar arrived with maybe 6,000 ships. We are unsure of the Kraw and Tahar numbers."

"What we can confirm is that the Kraw and Tahar will not fight us, for we are on friendly terms," said Admiral Tanyan. "If they manage to beat us back, do not retreat to the Wental Territory, our stronghold must remain secret."

"Alright! Group A, follow me!" Lorrelas said. "Group B, you'll follow Lt. Samenor, and Group C will be led by Admiral Khoffman and Tanyan."

The ships took off from the Wental Territory provincial capital Tordeep, heading in their assigned directions. Target A was a major Yama industrial center. Target B was a Tra military base. Target C was the Wental capital.

"Time for some revenge," Captain Lorrelas said as Group A came within sight of Target Zone A.

MMMMM Whatcha' say?[edit | edit source]

This is Group A's story.

Group A (codenamed "Alpha Squadron") was the first to strike, and they struck hard. The Yama had obviously expected the attack, but hadn't correctly apportioned the magnitude of it.

Nevertheless, the Yama were still fighting well. Albeit, the Yama's results had not been as favorable as the Tra's, but the Yama would not break easily.

As artillery fire was exchanged, more powerful Yama ships arrived to reinforce the ailing Yama defense. The battle reached a stalemate. Lorrelas watched from above, becoming frustrated with the outcome so far.

"Screw this," Lorrelas said, boosting into the planet's atmosphere. "I'll break these bastards if its the last thing I do!"

Fall of the Tra[edit | edit source]

This is Group B's story.

The Gala military base was in sight now. "Destroy the military bases and factories. Their military will not recover from this!" Lt. Samenor ordered. "Keep the civilians safe and we'll decide what to do with them later."

Fighters descended into Gala's atmosphere, where they were welcomed by Tra battleships. Anti-aircraft fire fell on the small strike fleet. To top it off, soldiers on the ground were shooting at the incoming squadron.

"Verdin to USS Oregon!" Lt. General Verdin said, the leader of the squadron. "They've come prepared! We'll need some cover fire down here!"

"Alright, fleet, move, move, move!" Samenor ordered. "Beam down our ground battalions to take out the anti-aircraft weapons!" Another large portion of the fleet headed into battle to try to intimidate the Tra into submission, while the rest waited in orbit for necessary intervention.

The Tra were more powerful than expected. Their battleships performed much better than previous reports had claimed. Of course, Samenor had never expected this battle to be an easy one (as it was taking place at a major Tra military center, after all), but the battle for the TIAF progressed slower than initial predictions.

The TIAF continued their push into the Tra lines, although the Tra had managed to greatly slow the TIAF advance. Weapons that the TIAF had never seen battered the fleet.

"This is the USS Columbia to the USS Oregon!" said Lt. General Deider. "They're using weapons that we were never told of in the briefing! We'll need some help!"

"Ah, so you've got some tricks up your sleeve, eh, Tra?" Lt. Samenor said to himself, smirking. "Well, let's show you some of ours." Lt. Samenor ordered 25 TIAF Bladewing-class fighters and 5 Rigel-class Destroyers to enter the battle. Though these ships are already very powerful, the TIAF reinforcements in the sky are even more powerful than those that were just sent in.

Capital Punishment[edit | edit source]

This is Group C's story.

"Sir, the Wental capital is in our sights," a TIAF pilot on the USS Argent announced. "Are we ready for battle?"

"Arm the ship weapons. Tell the fighter pilots to go on ahead," Admiral Khoffman instructed. "The Senate of Stars will be a pile of rocks by tomorrow, you hear?"

"Yes, sir!"

As the fighters flew into the atmosphere of the Wental capital, the battleships followed closely to bombard the planet from the skies. Meanwhile, the huge destroyers waited outside, ready to blast any reinforcements out of the sky.

"The Wental learned too late not to mess with us," Khoffman said, smiling. "Now they will be punished for their ignorance."

The Wental capital was surprisingly weak in defense, being owned by the peaceful Harliquin. Of course, Admiral Khoffman was not known for his mercy. He ruthlessly destroyed the Harliquin "defenses" and took care to introduce as much destruction as possible to the cities.

Once a major city was burned and many families were taken prisoner, Wental forces began to make a comeback. However, the TIAF already has the upper hand in this battle...

The Iteok keep invading[edit | edit source]

Date: 03/05/402 KRE

The Iteok attack the 20 planets they were assigned to. 12 Yama Planets, 8 Tra Planets. The Iteok could stand and fight against the defenders's forces, because of their entropy. Though they missed Voret and the Terridorians.

Meanwhile that, Rhtarhiatrhos got a transmission from planet Shurha, in the Milky way, Iteok Khereg.

??? - "How's Wental? You realize we could use you here?"
Rhtarhiatrhos - "We want more territory, this is where we farm it. Also, I'm eating a wental Child right now."
Zavrhos - "I am Zavrhos."
Rhtarhiatrhos - "Woah!"
Zavrhos - "Those dracogodummies could use some destruction on your hands."
Rhtarhiatrhos - "Ask the Marinoxidiz."
Zavrhos - "... Fine, stay there. If we lose... I am going to eat YOU!"
Rhtarhiatrhos - "We never lose."

Another transmission popped out of nowhere, with the location garbled.

??? - "Mercena------- hire, just ----- a lot. We ------- do your bidding..."
Rhtarhiatrhos - "Who are these beings?"

Sometime later[edit | edit source]

10 hours later, the Iteok took 12 more planets, 7 from the Yama, 5 from the Tra. Rhtarhiatrhos was happy for this development, and heard the TIAF was fighting the Wentals. He called for yet another meeting. Only 13 Commanders could be present.

Rhtarhiatrhos - "Why are there only 13 of you?"
Tarhtarhaa - "2 died in battle."
Rhtarhiatrhos - "AGAINST THOSE WIMPS????"

After 1 hour of angry shouting, he continued.

Rhtarhiatrhos - "As you know, we are expanding at a fast rate. We will reach Toragh 9's goal soon enhough."
Tarhtarhaa - "Indeed."
Rhtarhiatrhos - "How many did we take again?"
Tarhtarhaa - "40, Sir. It's not that hard to do math."
Rhtarhiatrhos - "GAH! Stop! As for you Temporary commanders, the ones that join the now 13 we have, keep fighting!"
Karhtarhos - *On a Screen* "Yes sir."

Getting Help[edit | edit source]

The Wental Alliance was in need of assistance. They were now at War with both the Iteok and the TIAF forces. So they went to the only people they knew of, the Meta. With their strange energies, surely they could aid the Wental Alliance, right? So the WA sent a small representative fleet off to get help.

Wentals - "Hail, Meta species, we come from the Wental Alliance."

The fleet had arrived at Teron safe and sound, no problems except for a hold up as a larger Yama fleet headed off to the War zone.

Metamind - "Ah, hello little alliance, what brings you to our forest homes? Don't you have a War to win?"

The Wental Representatives look at each other. They know this isn't going to go over with the Meta all that well.

Wentals - "That's why we're here. The Iteok are winning, and we managed to get ourselves in a War with the TIAF as well. Stupid Yama. We... we need your aid if we are to win this War and push the Iteok out of Wental."

The Metamind looked at them for a minute or two. Then he sighed.

Metamind - "We came to Wental fleeing War and the devastation it brings, why would we want to get involved in another War?"

This was about what the WA representatives had expected, so they played their trump card. The Meta cared for children even more then they did, so they knew showing them videos of the refugees, survivors, and the ones who didn't make it would pretty much force them into the War.

After about 20 minutes of videos, the Metamind seemed to be in a state of... panic, or shock. Then he said

Metamind - "See? This is what War brings. Nothing good will ever come of the meaningless slaughter of species and planets. We will aid you, but we will not like it, you understand? You already owe us more then you will repay in the next hundred years, this will add greatly to your debt."

The Wental Representatives were overjoyed to know that they would be getting help from the Meta, truly overjoyed.

Wentals - "Thank you, great Metamind, we will never be able to thank you enough!"

The Metamind looked at them sadly.

Metamind - "Save your thanks until after the War, when you will really know if this was worth a thank you."

Now, that scared the Wental Reps a little, but they were still happy about the new aid they would be getting, and went back to the alliance territories to plan their next move. Even as they left Teron, they could see the forest was agitated, trees were swaying from side to side, with no wind to blow them, and the great Treeships in orbit were gathering together, almost as if they were talking about the events...

A Forest of War[edit | edit source]

The Worldforest hadn't been to War in millennia, they had always kept to themselves. They had reason to fear War, the last time they waged War they lost. Badly. But the Meta were determined to save all those innocent Wental children, many of whom they had uplifted in past generations. They felt responsible for them. So the Meta and the Worldforest would be fighting for the first time in over 2 thousand years...

The Worldforest called out to it's many ships and vessels and forested worlds, calling to them, telling them of their new need. Entire planet forests started to focus their energies into a few hundred massive trees, the mightiest the galaxy would ever see. As the first of the great Wartrees pulled their roots free of the planets they had called home, the Worldforest mind consigned itself to War. The Wartrees would be accompanied by thousands of Meta ships, Clouds, lesser Treeships, and Worldships. The Iteok had bitten the forest itself, and now, as the Worldforests rage simmered, only barely contained after having been suppressed for so very long, the Worldforest began to look forWard to the true carnage they would unleash against the sapling-killers, the Iteok...

True Carnage[edit | edit source]

Date: 05/05/402 KRE - Location: Marinrhaaxida, Iteok Khereg, Wental Galaxy

Part 1: Trees and Ships[edit | edit source]

The Worldforest Mind moves to War for the first time in 2 thousand years, accompanied by millions of Meta ships and lesser Treeships. Their great, 1-3 thousand foot long Wartrees ripped free of their planetary moorings, and the rage of the forest was close to overwhelming it. The stage is set, the Iteok fleets prepare for the coming onslaught. This is War, total War, and no one will remain unscarred from the impact of these two great forces...

Tahrtarhaa - "What the, Trees? Prepare your fire lasers. We'll burn those useless cylinders out of sky!"
Soldier Farhtaktaa - "Indeed. We managed to wipe out all these things from Ikrhas and 34 other planets, so let's do it here."

And so, they loaded their weapons, the army defending their territories is made of 12000 Ships. The Iteok were ready.

"The Meta have already attacked the Iteok! We need to get there ASAP!"

The Wental Alliance swiftly gathered its fleets, intending to take full advantage of the Meta's help while it lasted. When they arrived, they found the Meta and their forests already attacking and under attack. Trees were burning, but even as they burned several of them, bare of leaves, shot out bolts of lightning at the Iteok ships. Several Iteok ships suddenly burst into greenery, and as the greenery grew it tore and ripped the ships apart. In other locations, the massive trees were strangling Iteok ships with their roots and branches, breaking through their metal shells and releasing the atmosphere held within...

Tarhtarhaa - "What kind of wacky cylinders are these??? Hurry, regroup and strike those things!!!"

And so they did. The 7800 Remaining ships formed into 1 Group and started burning Wartrees. Tahrtarhaa was confused, as he was used to the fact that Trees could not move.

But these trees could move, could become angry and fast. And so they did. As the Iteok ships burned dozens of Wartrees, dozens more attacked them, accompanied by the Wental Alliance and Meta Fleets. As the mighty trees crushed dozens of ships in their iron grip, the Iteok started to fall back a little. But they were still fighting, more fiercely then before. The battle was far from over, and as one Iteok ship fell, the rest grew more aggressive and daring and just plain destructive. This was turning out to be a pretty even battle.

Tarhtarhaa - "Keep going men!!! KEEP BURNING THEM! LEAVE NONE ALIVE!!!"

That was the enraged voice of Tarhtarhaa, which commanded the Remaining 5805 Iteok Ships to keep burning these "Odd Cylinders" that kept attacking them. Tarhtarhaa though, sent a transmission to Rhtarhiatrhos, and gave him a map of the locations where the Wartrees came from...

"Ha! You ready for this, tree-huggers?"

As that line was said, a TIAF Hellfire-class Battleship lowered its Shadow Drive and unloaded a Hellfire Missile on to one of the Wartrees. The tree erupted in a brilliant ball of fire and antimatter. After that, 5 TIAF Bladewing-class fighters uncloaked as well and joined the Hellfire-class.

"Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, Wental!" a Bladewing pilot exclaimed as the fighters entered the battle.

Tarhtarhaa - "Someone's helping us! I'll contact them."

He then contacts the TIAF, with a friendly message.

Tarhtarhaa - "Hello. Thanks for helping us in conquering the Galaxy. You are awesome people. Keep it up!"

Meanwhile, 125 Ships arrive at one of the Meta's planets, and activated the Heat rays and the Fireball Generators. Soon, after 20 minutes, the whole land could be seen covered in fire.

Part 2: Rage Unleashed[edit | edit source]

The Worldforest Mind was in pain. They had only been helping their allies fight to defend themselves. Why were these, these TIAF and Iteok attacking them in their ancient strongholds? Why was fire... FIRE, the old enemy. Fire, which must be tamed and controlled, for the safety of all. The Worldforest was awakening, the threat of fire was bringing back it's old rage. It fought this, it hated the rage, the fiery rage that burned without burning. But this time there was something new... something that was reflecting the rage, magnifying it, resonating with it... the Meta! They were like a hollow branch, resonating and increasing the sound of a drumbeat. They were becoming enraged themselves, as creatures like them were want to do. But their rage was not their own, it was the Forests... the Forests rage was growing, uncontrolled and unstopped. The Forest fought... the Forest lost...

The Worldforest Mind was enraged. The Forest was in pain, fire and death was being rained upon it's branches. Fire... the old enemy of the forest... all fire must be tamed. The massive Wartrees turned to face these new enemies, while more of them were hit with this strange fire that burned without air. The Wartree that turned first was hit dead on with a blast of fire. This enraged it, enraged them all. And as the rage grew, the trees started to turn from red to black, the leaves turned sickly and tainted, as though dying of disease. The Wartree gathered up the fire in it's now blackened branches, and hurled it back at the enemy, firing off bolts of lightning and blasts of supercooled water that froze on contact. More and more Wartrees were turning black with rage and hate, becoming tainted by their old fires. And their rage was overflowing, overflowing into the Meta, being mirrored by the Meta, resonating within them, awakening their old evils. The two species started to become overwhelmed by the rage that neither could stop. As the Wartrees burned and were destroyed, the survivors became more enraged, more powerful. They were evolving, as their buried fury rebounded off the fury of the Meta. The Worldforest was losing it's hold on itself, a hold that had held in in check for 3 millennium. On the planets of the Forest, fires burned in the innermost souls of every tree, of every Meta. Fires that were reflecting and feeding each other as had never been seen before...

The Wental Alliance was terrified! First, the Meta attacked the Iteok, which was something unheard of, they never attacked, only defended. Then, TIAF came out and started helping the Iteok against them! And now this... strangeness from the Meta. Their trees were turning black, and their ships were going beserk, as though they had lost all sense of fear and were nothing more then Warriors. As though their entire species had gone insane. The Wental Fleet withdrew to a safe distance, panicking and trying to hold their less... aggressive troops together. The strange new violence in the Meta and their ally was... frightening.

Tahrtarhaa - "Oh we angered them! This is happiness! We angered those stupid trees!"

He said this as they were still fighting the Meta. The Iteok in the Meta Planet were being attacked by the Worldtrees, but the FTL Jumped back into the fight with the Meta. Tarhtarhaa thanked the TIAF again for their help, and they kept battling the Meta.

"What the hell are those!?" -Commander Klo

"They look like... trees." -Captain Kio

"Those are like no trees I've ever seen... No matter, they look distracted to me. Lets hit that small fleet hiding up a little ways behind them, they look like easy targets."-Commander Klo

"Yes Commander, getting to it." -Captain Kio

The Salchum Fleet dropped their cloaking devices, and sped off toWards the smaller, seemingly defenseless fleet hiding behind the massive tree-things. Flashes of light from fire and lighting (how did trees shoot lightning?) flickered behind their ships as they moved into position, and opened fire on the enemy fleet. The Salchum ships had some of the best weapons known to their species, and they did grace damage to the enemy ships, taking out engines and weapons ports, stranding them in empty space. The Salchum ships then proceeded to fire off their harpoons, snagging ships of all sizes and shapes, and pulling them up to the boarding air-locks, where armies of well-armed and well trained Cylone Soldier Stacks were waiting, with equipment and machinery to force open even the most resistant hulls. As the ships were invaded, it turned out that some of them were filled with water of all things. The Cylone Stacks didn't do to well in water, and disintegrated, fleeing into the shadows and all sentience left them. Ah well, acceptable losses. We'll just find the-

Then the ships were suddenly hit from behind by some enemy or another. About 7 ships were destroyed in that single first blast. "Who the hell is that?!" Klo exclaimed as he spun in place to see this new attacker. It was one of the trees, having spotted them and turned to help the small fleet. "Dump those ships, open em up to the vacuum! We've got bigger fish to fry! Or should I say trees?" The Salchum fleet turned to face this new enemy, shooting harpoons into the tree and yanking on it from all different directions. This worked better then the other guys fire was working, until the tree decided to yank back. Harpoon guns were ripped out of their ports, and ships were pulled into the sWarm of angry swaying branches, where they met their fate as they were crushed into oblivion.

"Withdraw, withdraw, this damn tree's gonna get it! Shoot of a few anti-matter bombs at it, that should make an impact." It worked, once the white light of the explosion faded about half the tree was missing entirely. "Shoot off a few more, then head back to those ships we took out earlier. We have unfinished business there!" The rest of the tree was annihilated in an explosion of white light, and the Salchum ships headed back to their original target, this time making sure to watch out for trees. Well, this is turning out to be an interesting day. I will have plenty to tell the Master when I get home, yes, plenty. But for now, I need as many slaves as possible. "Oi! Hurry up there, I'm not getting any younger!"

Part 3: Hidden Weapon[edit | edit source]

The Bladewings continued to slice through tree branches like a knife through hot butter, and the Hellfire's barrage did not stop. The Hellfire's commander received the Iteok commander's thanks. The commander replied:

"It seems as though we share common enemies. However, we aren't here to help you." The Hellfire captain fired a friendly Warning shot at a small Iteok ship. "Just watch yourselves."

Nobody else but the TIAF knew that a larger fleet was floating in space, cloaked, nearby, waiting for the time to strike. Meanwhile, as the Meta grew in rage, the hidden fleet took notice.

"Sir, the Meta seem to be acting much more aggressively than usual," a TIAF officer told the captain of the USS Kaldiega.

"I've read about this," the captain said. "They lose their tempers like this when they're losing. They'll try to combat their weaknesses."

"What are you saying, sir?"

"I'm saying it's time to test some new weapons. I suppose we can spare some of our new Elemental-class Battleships."

Three TIAF Elemental-class Battleships uncloaked and approached the battleground...

Burn them, break them, crush them, kill them... The Worldforest had lost much of it's self control, and the Meta could tell. They were now trying with every bit of their being to stop the Worldforest before things got to far out of hand. They were at a stalemate, but it looked as if they were going to win. That is, until the TIAF unveiled 3 massive ships, each of them as large as a Wartree, headed toWards them. They were able to keep control, to dampen the Forests fires, but then those new ships unleashed powerful blasts of fire and supercooled water that froze on contact with the trees, burning them with cold as well as heat. Fire and Ice, old enemies, burn them, break then, crush them, kill them... The Meta were immediately consumed by the fresh rage that the Worldforest unleashed. They once again descended into rage...

These strange new ships that had come out of no where, managing to kill a Worldtree, were now taking over all the ships in the Wental Fleet! The ships that had yet to be taken were sending out panicked distress signals, which only served to make the battle even more confusing. There was a garbled message, something about towers of donuts, and then static from one of the ships. Beyond that, it seemed as though these new attackers were thoroughly and completely taking control of most of the Wental fleet. Masuri was baffled. First the Meta go insane, which was holding off the Iteok, then TIAF shows up with strange new ships that equal the Meta's trees, and now this unknown new enemy, who refused to communicate and was silencing ship after ship of his fleet! What was wrong with the universe, that such chaos could be unleashed?

These strange "Wentalians" as they seemed to call themselves, were truly pathetic. These were their soldiers, their fighters, and they couldn't fight worth a half-ring! What kind of losers had creatures like these as their military forces? Not that Klo was complaining, each new ship that was taken equaled favor with the Master, and that meant that Klo wanted as many as possible. As these strange creatures surrendered is greater numbers, he noticed a small fleet of them, the lucy ones, fleeing to a safe distance. These pathetic creatures weren't even going to attempt to save their own! That was even funnier then them not having Warriors in their military. Klo then noticed that some other faction, with these 3 massive ships, were successfully destroying several of those large and dangerous trees. He gave them a salute, shuffling his rings from to top to the bottom, and then turned to his 15 ring stack. "We hit those big ones next. Remember, we just want to steal some tech, not take the entire ship. And if you see smaller ships from the same faction, well, the more the merrier, got it?"

The Iteok kept going. They launched missiles at the Wartrees, burning them. Tarhtarhaa was happy and joyful of all the carnage he was causing, though a bit angry at the TIAF for not being on the Khereg's side.

The TIAF fleet captain, Admiral Routhis, laughed heartily as he watched Wartree after Wartree burn or freeze. This battle would go easily for the TIAF.

"Meta fools," Routhis muttered, mockingly. "Everyone knows Fire and Ice are super effective on Grass."

Meanwhile, in the chaos...

The Hellfire's pilot, Lt. General Robert Jay, was spinning and barrel-rolling through the tangled branches of the Wartrees, dropping Hellfire Missiles in just about every place possible. He received a transmission from one of the Elemental-class crew members about another person named "Klo", who was keeping the Wental fleet at bay. Jay silently thanked the strange, new leader and continued his endless assault on the Wartrees.

The Meta and their Worldforest had lost all vestiges of control. The last time they had been in a situation like this, the Meta were driven out of their galaxy and very nearly wiped out. The Worldforest had been reduced to a single small colony on a single planet (Teron). Naturally, both species were at once terrified by how weak they were turning out to be, and furious that they were losing again. That pissed them off quite a bit, that did. As more and more of their massive Wartrees were destroyed, as more and more of the planets they inhabited were attacked and purged by the TIAF forces, their fury grew. The Meta were becoming unstable, and using insane amounts of Heartfire in their attacks. Then the news came up. A shatterling had just formed, created when it watched as her entire crew was wiped out by an enemy freeze ray that missed the tree it was aimed at. This Shatterling then proceeded to use even more Heartfire then a normal Meta can use, and wiped out not only her ship and herself, but a large number of surrounding ships, including the ships that had shot the freeze-ray thing at her. The Battle was completely one sided, yes, but the Meta were being pushed beyond their limits, of body, tech, mind, and spirit. It was only a matter of time before more Shatterlings would be born, and more devastation would be spread across the battling ships.

The surviving Wental ships were rocked by a blast of energy from the Meta area, and a brilliant and blinding explosion of light and energy ripped through the battleground. It appeared that something had wiped out a small portion of the fleets, including one of those new TIAF ships that had been doing so well against the Meta. The Battle was being lost though, badly, and they needed some new ally to help them, otherwise they would be completely lost, it was turning into a rout not a battle. But no new fleets were coming, the Meta fleets were still to far, and the Wental fleets were busy defending their own worlds more so then fighting an offensive War. So the Wental got desperate. They sent out a message to their allies, the Iron Giants in the hopes that some, at least, would come o help them, but not expecting anything. "Retreat, we can't win this!" The Wental Fleet started to withdraw, but found themselves boxed in by the strange enemies that kept capturing their ships.

Ha, these losers, they didn't even know how to flee in panic right. Well, that wouldn't matter now. So thought Klo as he and his fleet boxed in the last of the Wental ships. As they went about capturing them, however, 3 ships blasted off toWards a different part of the galaxy. Well, no one's perfect, though I'm pretty damn close thought Klo, watching the ships speed away in panic. This was turning out to be a very fun battle indeed. "Oi! You, 15stack, how are the ships headed for that big TIAF ship doing?" The 15stack looked over at a screen "They should be arriving any moment now, and then we'll see how we do against them. Let us hope we are the stronger!" Klo looked at the 15stack in disgust "We are stronger, they will not win. They cannot win." The 15stack realized it's mistake and swiftly said "Of course, Master Klo. Of Course." The cloaked ships decloaked right behind the larger TIAF vessel, and started shooting at it, aiming for weapons ports and escape pods. None would be escaping this, the Master Rings of the Salchum would come out victorious or not at all.

"Holy-" Lt. General Jay exclaimed as the Shatterling exploded, engulfing one of the TIAF Elemental-class Battleships. "Damnit, Colonel, what was that?"

"Heartfire, sir," answered Colonel David Toomes, who was on board the Hellfire-class Battleship. "Special Meta ability. That one just killed itself using it."

"Well, then damnit, Colonel, find a way to combat it!"

"Yes, sir!"

Suddenly, a panicked transmission was received from one of the two remaining Elemental-classes. It was a distress signal.

"General, we are under attack by this 'Klo', they have targeted our weapons systems and escape systems," said Colonel Bob Harley, the communicator aboard the Elemental-class. "We'll need help to fight them off!"

Lt. Gen. Jay relayed the message to the USS Idaho, the flagship of the TIAF fleet, where Admiral Routhis monitored the battle.

"Damnit, Klo, you just had to get in our way too, didn't you?" Routhis said as the message ended. "Send in 25 Rigel-classes, 25 Battalion-classes, and 25 Devastator-classes. Make sure this guy doesn't leave the battle alive..."

Klo watched as his attacking fleet finished taking out the weapons ports on the back right side of the TIAF ship. This was going well, to well. Ginga had always managed to pull something out of no where when he was losing, and this seemed to be the same thing. "Keep up your guard, I'm sending in another 25 ships to watch your back, but still. This is to easy, after how they took out those trees this should be harder." He didn't speak a moment to soon, because mere moments later about 100 TIAF ships dropped their cloaks and started firing on his fleet. "Belay that! Sending in half the fleet, that's about 75 ships or so! Just hold on until we arrive!" Klo knew his fleet couldn't lose in a fair fight, but he didn't intend to fight a fair fight. "Aim for the engines, fuel, and weapons! If we can get them to blow up it'll do more damage that way." Klo watched as his fleet pulled a complete 180 and started to go for the enemy. "My ship stays here, with the other half of the fleet." Klo knew that the best commanders always stayed behind friendly lines, and he didn't have any reason to martyr himself in this battle. As half his fleet went off to help the 30 or so ships that were still fighting beside the larger TIAF ship, the other half worked on the Wental Ships, taking everything that wasn't nailed down and loading it on transports with the new slaves...

"BOOM!" said Lt. Gen. Jay as he dropped another Hellfire Missile on a Salchum ship. The support was here, and now the battle could go better for the TIAF. Meanwhile, the Salchum brought in 75 more ships to combat the TIAF. As the gigantic destroyers bombarded the small Salchum fleets, Jay noticed something. The Salchum were not destroying the ships, merely crippling them for something else...

"Protect the Elemental-classes at all costs!" Jay ordered. "Make sure that the onboard defenses are as solid as rock!" Soldiers aboard the TIAF destroyers beamed into the heavily-damaged battleships, protecting the insides from a boarding party...

Part 4: New Faces and New Fleets[edit | edit source]

As several Salchum ships pulled themselves against the TIAF battle-ship, they disgorged dozens of large 25stacks(25 rings tall, about 4-5ft) into the ships through holes bored clean into the side of said ship. The stacks were heavily armed and well trained, more the capable of killing or crippling their enemies. Since each ring could aim and shoot and fight independently of each other, they became effective whirlwinds of weapons fire and energy swords and fists and feet. They on their central axis like a top, making it very hard to kill them off, but also making it harder to aim weapons. The long-rang guys came next, with long, thin rifles that shot projectiles at enemies, as well as ion blasts. These were well trained, battle hardened Warriors, raised for the sole purpose of destroying their enemies utterly.

The TIAF ships were now distracted by the Salchum, but the Wartrees were far from beaten. They just needed some encouragement. Such encouragement was given when a Meta ship was destroyed by stray cannon fire while retreating. The Wartrees that were still intact started to move again, and the ones that had been destroyed started growing new branches and leaves out of the shards. Another Shatterling formed, but this one sent all of it's energies into the surrounding trees, killing itself and energizing the forest. As the newer trees started to rumble into attack once more, it turned out that dozens of small trees were more dangerous then a few giant ones. The Worldforest Mind started to cause it's trees to break apart into dozens of smaller trees, the massive, 800ft tall Wartrees breaking apart into 20ft long saplings, each of which propelled itself toWard the nearest TIAF ships.

The Wental Alliance was stunned. Where had all these new enemies come from? And since when did the Meta get angry?! No matter, they had allies to help and enemies to destroy. The Yama specifically had been hard hit by the War so far, they now wanted something to shoot. When the three ships arrived at a nearby planet, they sent word of the complete and utter failure in the battle, and asked for a much larger fleet to arrive. At least 400 ships in size, they asked. Collectively, only 143 ships could be found, not even half of what they wanted. But Masuri had to make do with the hand he had been dealt. He would just bluff his way through until a larger fleet could be gathered.

Tarhtarhaa - "What's going on???"

Tarhtarhaa could not understand where was this War going, if anything, they believed everyone would destroy themselves, so Tarhtarhaa ordered a retreat, but the fleet will still be orbiting the Iteok planets to defend them in case they come.

With the Iteok leaving the battle, and the Wental presence pretty much destroyed, it was now more of a death struggle between the Salchum, TIAF, and Meta/Worldforest. The trees were starting to run low on energy, however, so it looked like this would be a battle between the Salchum and TIAF fleets. Meta and Worldtrees started to withdraw from the battle, only to be surprised by an obnoxiously large fleet dropping out of hyperspace practically on top of them. They had no hope against such a fleet, and prepared for destruction. After a few seconds of not being destroyed, they saw the fleet was headed for the Salchum ships with a vengeance. A transmission goes off across all bandwidths.

Oi! Salchum it's time to meet your makers! Ha ha, we're gonna win this one! To everyone else listening, I'm Commander Ginga of the Calonu Empire, and we're here to kick some major Salchum arse!

- Commander Ginga

As the much larger 'Calonu' fleet aproached the considerably smaller Salchum fleet, which literally seemed to make a double-take when it saww the massive attacking fleet. They swiftly withdrew, leaving behind anyone and anything that couldn't defend itself or run away with them. The Meta, TIAF, and few Wental Alliance ships still in the area stared at the larger fleet as it moved in and rounded up the straggling Salchum ships. The larger fleet then made it clear that they expected the other fleets to disperse, as this was now part of "Calonu" territory, and should be respected as such. Considering the size of the new fleet, they didn't have much of a choice but to listen, and wonder who these strangers were, and what they held against the Salchum. But the battle was over, and everyone went home to lick their wounds and prepare for the next one...

Week 3 - 10/05/402 KRE - 16/05/402 KRE[edit | edit source]

Strike the Planet bound civilization[edit | edit source]

After the True Carnage War, the Iteok wanted to inflict more pain on the Wental Alliance and the Meta, so they began by capturing some citizens from a Wental Civ Stage Planet, and after that, blowing up the planet into tiny pieces. Then, they put the captured citizens into the Meta Planet, and burned the trees around them, making the planet a charred wasteland, as it did with the citizens.

This caught the attention of the Wental Alliance and the Meta, who need to remove the Iteok out of their Galaxy, before it was too late...

Gathering Storm[edit | edit source]

So, the Meta, who were by this point calmed down from their rather upsetting rage earlier, started to gather their forces once again. They also sent aid to the Wental Alliance, requesting a fleet in return. They even sent out a few ships to find those "Calonu" who had helped them earlier, but those ships had yet to return. The Iron Giants had sent 12 ships out to help the Alliance, and the Wental ALliance itself had sent out 600 ships, but were building and sending more. They wanted those damn Iteok out of their galaxy, and it didn't matter how they would do this. They sent out machine-controlled ships by the dozen, using the factory planets of the Yriga Empire to mass-produce starships for the War. They would ammass a fleet so vast that it would darken an entire starsystem, though that was a major exzageration. At the least, it would scare the Iteok away, or maybe TIAF. Grand Captain Commander Masuri watched from the Senate of Stars as the fleets gathered around Yames, capitol of the Yama Empire, and he grinned. Those Iteok would regret ever stepping foot into Wental now!

The TIAF's Plan[edit | edit source]

The attack fleet that had pulled away from the True Carnage battle was preparing to strike again. On the TIAF Wental planet Nividia-2, Admiral Routhis (who had been given command of the Wental offensive after the other three commanders departed for other conflicts) laid out his plan to the fleet.

"We will burn a hole so deep into their memories, they won't come within 10 parsecs of us," Routhis said. "We will strike their capital planets. We already know the Wental capital was weak on our first reconnaissance mission there. We scared them the first time, now we will devastate them!"

Routhis began moving miniaturized TIAF craft across a digital map of the Wental Galaxy.

"Our strike force on the Wental capital does not need to be very large. They may have reinforced the capital after we gave them that scare, but we were able to crush the Yama at Sentreyaa, what makes them think we can be stopped now?"

Routhis moved a larger amount of TIAF craft to an area deep in Meta space.

"That is Teron. If we can take that down, no way the Meta will fight back..."

The Shellious[edit | edit source]

The Shellious were a small empire when they started exploring the Wental Galaxy. A small fleet of research vessels protected by fighters was charting their new territory. They were on their daily run for new types of life when they recieved a transmision from a unknown empire.

You have entered our territory. Now you shall be destroyed!

- Unknown source

The Shellious vessels soon found themselves surrounded by a large military fleet. The first fighter fired his weapons followed by the destruction of 2 of their 6 reasearch ships and 4 of their 6 fighters. The 4 remaining vessels sent a distess signal to Shellis.

Fighter sending call for renforcements, We are under att-----------

- Shellious Fighterdroid

The fighter was destroyed. None of the ships survived. The mystery empire sent a Warning to the Shelliious. Later that day, Edoshai heard of what happened and sent Stealth fleets to explore the enemy's territory and find out which empire it was. They were even willing to ask for help from their allies. Edoshai discussed the threat at the Shellious senate.

A map of Wental and its satelites apears as a hologram in the center of the room.

Edoshai - Members of the Shellious Imperium, we are called to this meeting to discuss the unknown threat in the wental area. We have come to believe that a vile race from a separate galaxy has invaded the Wental galaxy and will try to conquer it at all costs. We...

Shellious Senator - Why do we not just destroy them now?

Edoshai - We need to know more before we jump to conclusions.

War Droid - I agree to Destroying them.

Edoshai - No, we must find out more before...''

- Edoshai and the Senate's discussion

Chaos broke out in the halls before the Emperor took refuge into his quarters to send a transmision to their allies, the Meta. The Meta told them of the War in the Wental Galaxy against the Iteok. The next day the Shellious sent a fleet to Iteok territory. The fleet moved in to the battlefield as the Iteok fired their weapons. The transport realeased War droids onto the planet, and they battled the Iteok's soldiers and Warriors.

The fight raged for a day as the robots and Iteok became tired and fell back to the Armageddon ship outside the atmosphere. The Iteok destoyed nearly all of the Shellious fleet and won the battle but gained a new enemy that doesn't play games.

Masuri's Promise[edit | edit source]

Supreme Captain Commander Masuri, we have detected a TIAF fleet headed for the Meta capitol of Teron. The Meta, lacking the tech to detect said fleet, do not yet know about the TIAF fleet. We, the Senate of Stars, have agreed to send a fleet of 3 thousand manned ships and 8 thousand computer controlled ships (CCS's) to Teron to Warn them of the approaching fleet and to help them defend their capitol. We are now commanding you, Masuri, hero of the Wental Alliance, to go with the fleet and give whatever aid and commanding skill you have to offer to the Meta. We cannot afford to lose this battle, if we do the Meta will be crushed, almost half their energies come from Teron alone. Without it... well, imagine ripping the roots of a tree out, how long will the rest of the tree survive? It will fall in the next storm, leaving only saplings to grow in it's place. If Teron is destroyed, and the Metamind dies, the Meta will collapse into chaos as they try to reorganize. We cannot afford to lose their support. That is an absolute fact, if we lose them we lose this War. We cannot afford to lose this War, either. We cannot even afford to fight this War, but TIAF and the Iteok have given us no choice. We are sending your underling, Captain Commander Hiruka, to battle the Iteok at Generali, a planet they recently attacked and all but wiped out. We are stretched far to thin over this galaxy of ours, and we will need to win every battle we fight if we are to survive. Do not fail us, Masuri, or the results will destroy the entire Alliance.

- Senate of Stars

I'm on my way, Senate. I shall not fail you. That's a promise.

- Supreme Captain Commander Masuri

Masuri suddenly had a flashback to his home, now nothing more then a dead planet taken by the Iteok. He had joined the military to fight the Iteok, promising to defend his sisters. He had failed there. He would not do so again. At least, he hoped so. Masuri turned and walked out of the Senate room, the beautiful Wental Galaxy spinning slowly at his back, while the Senators went on with their endless and pointless debating. They take to long to decide. The Alliance needs someone who can make choices on a moments notice, not a bickering bunch of morons like those. They are the reason my home was destroyed. I will fight for them, but only until we win. Then they will fall, and the Empress will rise in their place. That, I promise.

Teron Awaits[edit | edit source]

Masuri was waiting. Always waiting. At least this time it was for a valid reason, not just the simple and foolish senators debating again. He was waiting for a final update before liftoff to aid Teron. And it was taking forever for the message to get here...

After about ten minutes of wait, the message popped up on the screen with a little "ping". Masuri jumped, and then opened the file. "Teron still oblivious... Iron Giants sending help, that'll be a plus... meet them on the way, sure, fine... head off when ready, finally, the waitings over!" Masuri turned on the fleet wide radio system. "Okay everyone, it's time to start! The Meta need our help, and the Iron Giants have offered their personal aid in this, so we won't be entirely outgunned here, just mostly." scattered chuckles and nervous laughter sprinkle the coms. "We have permission to leave when ready, so we take a quick role call, and then we go! Got it? So, Commandship 'Empress' is ready to go!" The fleet started to count off to their captains, who then told their commanders, who then told Masuri. "Squadron 1, ready to go!" "Squadron 2, ready to go!" "Squadron 3, ready to go!" "Squadron 4, ready to go!" "Squadron 5, ready to go!" "Squadron 6, ready to go!" There was an overly long pause. "Squadron 7, are you ready to go?" "Squadron 7 is ready to go! Sorry about the wait, there was a minor-" "I don't care unless it will lower your performance, lets move out!" Masuri and his fleet were finally leaving, after 3 days of preparation and boring meetings on strategy. Teron was waiting, and they were on their way!

They're enraged...[edit | edit source]

Listen up, I want a FLAWLESS VICTORY in Teron. If we take teron, nothing will stop us from taking the Galaxy! 73 Planets have been taken in our god Toragh 9's name, and we shall take a 74th one in his name. The Meta will try to defend their precious "Brown cylinder mind" from us, but we shall blow it out of the sky and take what's righteously ours! When Rhtarhiatrhos is done and I wake up I want to see a colony ship on that planet and I want to see a barren wasteland on that planet. Now, for our people, for our Emperor, THE BATTLE BEGINS!!!

- Commander Tarhtarhaa

These were Tarhtarhaa's words as they approached Teron. Tarhtarhaa went on his bed, like he said, and Rhtarhiatrhos was in charge of taking Teron. They will have difficulties and it may not be a "Flawless victory", but the Iteok were in high morale today, and they were ready.

Iron Giant[edit | edit source]

Masuri watched through the viewport as the massive Iron Giant pulled up alongside his ship. He had been briefed that they rarely came out of their IG robots, so the fact that this... Jarica was going to meet him in person was a great surprise to him. Then again, he had also been told the Iron Giants would only send a few IG's to help, but here he was looking at a fleet of almost 60 Iron Giants, all different in shape and design, but obviously made by the same species using the same basic design. Masuri turned to the airlock as his ship jolted slightly from the meeting of the two. The airlock cycled through noisily, and Masuri prepared himself to meet this "Jarica" person. He had been told that the Iron Giants were large and dangerous creatures to behold, and he was nervous enough that it showed in his stance. The airlock opened slowly, agonizingly slowly, and then, to his absolute surprise, there was a tiny creature sitting in front of him. The little mammal creature, looking harmless without fangs or claws or even a tail, was so unscary that Masuri almost laughed, then caught himself. Who knew what kind of natural or mechanical weapons this little creature may have with it.

"You Jarica, I presume?" Masuri said, strict as ever. The little creature looked up at him, and then smiled broadly, startling him. "I... am Jarica. So... you Masuri?" She seemed to be having some difficulty with their language, so Masuri switched to hers. "Yes, I'm Masuri. I'm surprised that you asked to meet me in person, from what I'd heard your kind were-" Jarica cut in loudly "Timid little coWards who never leave their big metal machines?" Masuri winced, thinking he had insulted her in some way. "That's about correct. Of all the Iron Giants here, I'm the only one who would meet you like this. Most of them are completely spineless, figuratively and literally. Me, I'm more outgoing then most. So, about Teron. I heard that the Meta still haven't the faintest idea that there's an TIAF fleet headed their way. How long before it arrives there?" Masuri's jaw was hanging open slightly. This little creature was so bold and full of life... just like Kimichi had been. He caught himself, "The TIAF fleet should be arriving about an hour before us, but with your ships being faster, you could send Warning ahead of us to make sure they're prepared. Teron also has a large defensive fleet of it's own in orbit, it's the rallying point for the Meta. They only have to hold their own long enough for our ships to arrive, and then we can help them destroy the TIAF ships." Jarica frowned, nodded, and cocked her head to the side as Masuri was talking, then stated "My people are coWards, none of them would ever go ahead of the main fleet to Warn the Meta, not when they will be attacked soon after. I would, but without me, they have no leader and no real command system. I'm necessary for them to remain here, they are loyal to me because they trust me. You will have to earn that trust as well before I can go elsewhere and leave these people with you. It's annoying, but true. Teron will just have to hold it's own against the TIAF until we arrive."

The Battle of Teron[edit | edit source]

The planet Teron, capitol of the Meta and homeworld of the Worldforest

The planet Teron was a vast forested world, homeworld of the Worldforest Mind, and capital of the Meta. It was also the rallying point for the Wental Alliance, and as such it had a decent sized fleet in orbit. The two moons of the planet, Edinra and Lunesta, were the landing place for those many ships, a fleet of 500 ships and 143 Meta Treeships. They also have Cloud Nine located there as the Space station for the Meta. Teron was well on it's way to becoming a well defended fortress, but it was not there yet! The fleets were small and undermanned, and many of the ships were grounded on moons and planetside, for maintenance and the like. Because of that, Teron only has 213 Wental ships capable of defending it, as well as a the 143 Meta Treeships. Teron itself, however, was quite a threat. It was the heart and soul of the Worldforest, containing the massive energies that the Worldforest had gathered over past eons, ready to use that energy to fight. But even so, Teron was weak, it's people unused to War, and unexpecting an attack. So when the TIAF fleet arrived unannounced, it found Teron napping, much of it's military might elsewhere or inactive. And now, Teron needed to fight. It needed to fight against an enemy that dWarfed it by such numbers that it was a nearly impossible task. But the Meta and Worldforest would not, could not, let Teron fall. If Teron fell, the Meta and Worldforest would be shattered, and the Wental Alliance would be crippled. Even so, how could Teron face up against a fleet that dWarves it in size and power?

Arrival[edit | edit source]

The TIAF fleet dropped out of hyperspace, and instantly opened fire. The Meta of Teron were caught completely by surprise, having no tech to detect such a fleet. As their tree homes started to burn, their little military began to wake up. As the massive TIAF vessels fired upon the moons and forests of Teron, the Teron fleet rose up to defend their home. Treeships lifted off into the air, and started attacking TIAF Warships, Wental Ships rose up and attacked from the moons. The forests of Teron themselves attacked, shooting acidic seeds up at TIAF ships, where they burned through the metal hulls and started to grow inside the ships themselves. The forests heart was under attack, and it would stop at nothing to protect it.

The Bugs arrive[edit | edit source]

Rhtarhiatrhos - "Bleh! Trees! They are worthless, let's blow them up!"

Those were Rhtarhiatrhos's words as he and his fleet moved toWards Teron. They plan to make this quick, so they began firing their wide lasers, which started burning the forests. The Teron fleet then started to attack the Iteok fleet. It would be a long dog fight...

As the Iteok fleet attacked Teron, the Teron fleets began to fight back. It had taken a few minutes, and much of the ground based fleet was already destroyed, but the space fleet was ready to rumble. Since TIAF was attacking as well, the Wental ships decided to go in low around Teron, where they could use the trees acidic seed pods and other supernatural powers to their advantage. The Meta Wartrees, on the other hand, simply went berserk at the thought of losing their homeworld and capitol, and so attacked without any control or organization, each one fighting to destroy as many enemies as possible. On the planet itself, the armies of Teron, namely, trillions of trees of all sizes, started hurling seeds and each other up into the atmosphere, trying to take out enemy ships. But they could only throw their attacks up so high, and the enemies moved away from the planet and still attacked, from long range. That forced the Wental ships to go after the attackers. This was looking to be a battle of cat and mouse, with some endurance thrown in for good measure.

Raging Reptiles[edit | edit source]

The Shellious recieved the call for help from the Meta. A fleet of 2,000 ships arrived in the middle of the battle out of hyperspace to defend against the TIAF to find their earlier attackers fighting with them. Angry from their last battle, half of the ships flew before orders were given and they completely forget why they came. They sent almost all firepower on the two enemy sides without hesitating. A small amount of ships went to the surface to douse the flames. With the fire rising faster the Shellious and the Meta must work vigorously to stop the planet from dying. Above the atmoshpere the worldforest's acidic seeds and the firepower from the Shellious ships has done enough damage to the fleets to lower the death threat. Things were still looking grim for teron as reinforcements arrived. Shellious refused to retreat so the battle raged on.

Air Force[edit | edit source]

Of the 5,000 TIAF units that had arrived to attack Teron, about 4,000 survived the initial onslaught. In fact, this fleet had merely been a scouting fleet. A larger TIAF fleet of 10,000 more was coming to supplement this fleet.

Soon, Admiral Routhis arrived with the main fleet. The scout fleet had joined Routhis in Teron's orbit, above the range of the deadly acid the trees were spewing out.

"We lost 1,000 men to their initial retalitory attack, but we've dealt them heavy losses as well, Admiral," noted General Ovfray, the scout commander. "Now they're attacking us with acid and gigantic tree seeds that have managed to break our hulls."

"Well, then, General," Routhis said. "USE YOUR DAMN SHIELDS!"

Routhis stared at the general with a "how did you not know that" look, who proceeded to turn on the shipbound shielding systems. "Sorry, sir." said the general.

"Now let's see how they fare this time!" Routhis said as he led the fleet into battle, unaWare that the Meta were not the only ones fighting them this time.

A Useless Gesture[edit | edit source]

The Metamind watched as the battle raged on above his forest home. He was the oldest of his species, a part of the Worldforest, stronger then any other. But against this he gelt utterly useless. A massive Wartree fell burning from the sky toWards his city home, falling in to crush millions of lives when it hit. The Metamind refused to allow such a thing, and he gathered his strength once more, using the immense powers he controlled as the heart and soul of both the Meta and the Worldforest to revive the Wartree and send it back into battle. But one little tree would do little against this fleet of ships attacking, and it seemed the acidic seeds that had worked so well before were now bouncing off of invisible force fields which they could not penetrate. Again, the Metamind felt useless, unneeded, obsolete. He could do little against this massively powerful foe they now fought. It was like the old memories, the memories and stories of the Noei, that evil species that had wiped them out of their old galaxy. As his fear and anger grew, he connected the dots. The Noei, those cruel and evil monsters from his species past, they were the ones attacking now! Everything about this seemed to ring true, and so the Metamind told the trees. Even if it did nothing, he wanted them to know just who and what they were fighting right now.

Having told the trees his revelation, the Metamind once again gathered his power. There were ships now, boldly entering the trees range, knowing they were invulnerable to the trees attacks. But they were not invulnerable to his attacks. He gathered the power, summoned it from the many billions of terrified Meta running across the planet in chaos and confusion, and then, and then...

And then he released the energies, focussing them on the attacking fleet above. He used his power to pull ships out of the air, increasing gravity, a natural element, to overwhelm the ships engines and smash them into the earth. The collective mind of the Worldforest shuddered as it felt the trees and Meta die beneath the ships, the Metamind shuddered as well, but he continued. He knew, as did all the Meta, that if Teron fell they would fall with it. Any sacrifice, however great, was nothing compared to losing Teron. The many planets of the Worldforest and Meta would already be sending as much aid as they could, both in physical supplies and ships as well as in energy for growing new Wartrees and defending Teron. The Metamind grimly pulled another massive ship out of the sky, bashing it into the ground below. But even this, all of this, was nothing compared to the power that this enemy was showing. The Metamind feared that there was nothing he could do, but hid that fear beneath a confident smile and bold attack, creating a whirlpool of gravity and sucking enemy ships into it, where they ground each other to pieces and fell into Teron's atmosphere. Another pointless gesture, it did nothing but up moral for his people as they died...

Iteok Screech[edit | edit source]

As the Wental Ships were following the Iteok, The Iteok started firing some stolen MGM Missiles at the Wentals, trapping the Wentals in Wormholes. Rhtarhiatrhos ordered 2000 reinforcements. It was showtime.

They were still 1 hour from Wental, but Rhtarhiatrhos could hold it. He always did.

With dozens of enemy ships for each Wental Spacecraft battling above Teron, it was like fighting a sWarm of ants. You kill one, 50 take its place! The Teron Fleet was being forced back into Teron's atmosphere, which was preventing the trees from launching up and destroying enemy ships. As more and more of Teron's fleet was destroyed, they began to retreat. They were unused to battle, not this kind of battle. WIth less of the Wental ships above them, however, the Worldforest had a nice clear shot at enemy ships more often, and they were starting to get more energetic, literally bending over and launching each other into the atmosphere, where they would latch on to a ship or it's shield and pull it down toWards the planet surface, where more would start growing over the ship and slowly pushing it into the planets crust. They were doing what all plants do, but on a much faster scale.

Rhtarhiatrhos flinched as a massive wall of writhing branches and whipping roots flew past his ship, only just missing it, and took out the ship next to him. This was getting very dangerous, very fast.

The big guns[edit | edit source]

The shellian fleet was waning as the reinforcements attacked. The fleet recieved help from the emperor's fleet itself. Edoshai was a merciless pilot that took no prisoners. It was rare for a battle to get far enough to get the need for the emperor's fighting skills.

Teron will not make it if we do not double, no triple our efforts.The iteok have a new ally and we have a new enemy.Teron is a important world.

- Edoshai

The shellian army only has so much power.The TIAF does not seem to be aWare that we are not the meta.Teron is dieing and we can't stop it. The worldforest mind is weakening and we must not give up on our allies.

- Shellious fighterdroid

The iteok ships fired at the planet's defenses continuously as the shellious fighters defended their allies. Edoshai led the fleet to the surface to release ground troops when the pandamonium got worse. Fighters would have a small advantage so long as the deploy ship was not destroyed. The ground and air forces were almost destroyed when more TIAF ships attacked.The iteok then trappped more wentals in wormholes having even more of the shellian ships have less of a chance to survive. The meta's planet was being destroyed right before their eyes and allies had nothing to help them with. Shellious Imperium or Meta,they were dommed untill the unthinkable happened.

Reinforcements At Last![edit | edit source]

The Wental and Iron Giant fleet dropped out of hyperspace, just inside Teron's system. Then they saw the massive attacking fleet and the devastation on the planet's surface. "All those poor Meta! Iron Giants, destroy them! Our allies need our help, we will give it!" Jarica screeched into her radio with surprising venom and energy. "Wow, she's a real handful, isn't she, boss?" Masuri jumped slightly, he had been having another flashback of his old life, and comparing Jarica to his sister. "Hmm, what? Oh, um, yes, sure." Masuri came fully aWare of the situation, and then gave his favorite command. "CRUSH THEM! THEY HAVE ATTACKED US, KILLED OUR PEOPLE, AND DEFACED OUR ALLIES CAPITOL WORLD! WIPE THEM OFF THE FACE OF THE GALAXY!" Masuri's fleet jumped after the Iron Giant fleet, and opened fire on the rear of the Iteok/TIAF fleets.

As they attacked from behind, the Iron Giants revealed their advanced weapons tech, shooting Ion Cannons and disrupting shields, allowing for the acidic Worldtree Seeds to start doing their damage again, and making it easier to shoot down the TIAF/Iteok ships for all sides. But that wasn't all. The Iron Giants were also attacking the ships with their own physical bodies, using massive metal fists to bash in windows and cave in engines. The Iron Giants were terrifyingly destructive, destroying 2 or 3 ships at the same time, darking in between enemy ships and blasting them with their Iron Cannons. Between them and the 3 thousand assorted Wental Ships, they now equaled the enemy forces. Add on Teron's attacking from the ground, and the Wental Alliance could just win this...

Fighting Fire with Fire[edit | edit source]

After the initial barrage from the Iron Giants, Routhis pushed the fleet forWard.

"Is that all ya got, ya pussies?!"

The TIAF began showing off its more powerful weapons, sending antimatter missiles hurtling toWards the Iron Giants and shooting the powerful Doomsday Laser weapon into the hostile forest below. A large TIAF destroyer rammed into an Iron Giant in retaliation for the Iron Giants' physical attacks.

"I'd WMD these guys right now if I wasn't so merciful!" said Routhis boastfully. His crew stared at him. He was not a merciful person. Suddenly, a call was received from another TIAF fleet, which was across the galaxy attacking the WA capital.

"The WA capital campaign is a success, Admiral," announced the fleet captain. "They don't know what hit 'em. Good thing they're distracted on Teron!"

"Keep going full force, General. Make this a day to remember."

Routhis turned to the front window of the battleship's bridge to see an Iron Giant speeding toWards them.

"MOVE THE DAMN SHIP, DAMNIT!" Routhis barked.

The ship dodged out of the way just as an acid seed flew by and accidentally struck the incoming Iron Giant. The seed dug its roots into the massive battleship and tore it apart.

Hmm, so they can't defend against some seed bullet? Routhis thought. I wonder how our other weapons will fare against them...

Routhis grabbed the controls for the missile targeting system from a targeting supervisor and lined the crosshairs with an Iron Giant.

"Sir! That is the controls for the Hypercruise Missile!" said the exasperated targeting supervisor.

"Exactly, soldier."

"Admiral...! I was given orders from the Commander himself to target Teron with the Hypercruise Missile! What you are doing is a defiance of orders!"

"Screw your orders! This Iron Giant dies today!"

The targeting system gained a lock on the Iron Giant while the rest of the crew stared in horror.

The End of Teron[edit | edit source]

The Iteok and the TIAF were fighting the Wentals and the Meta. Rhtarhiatrhos had an idea to get rid of the seed firing that was occuring from the ground.

Rhtarhiatrhos - "Take out the big Tree! Come with me!"

120 Ships followed Rhtarhiatrhos's ship, which was getting heavy fire from the Meta and the Wental ships. They were now 1000 Km from the Metamind. The Meta could not let them approach the Metamind, so they fired harder, crashing a few ships toWards the Meta. The Iteok came ever closer, only 67 Ships left. Rhtarhiatrhos saw a massive wall of seeds threatening his life. He fired the MGM toWards the Metamind. Then he flew up, not seeing what was to happen.

The MGM narrowly missed the Metamind, but this was enhough for the wormhole to start acting. The trees, the Meta, and the Metamind were slowly being sucked into the Wormhole. Rhtarhiatrhos could not see the result, but it was working.

The wormhole started to form, pulling out trees and ripping off chucks of the planet's surface. The Metamind was on one of those chunks as it hurled into the center of a distant sun. As he died, ripples of terror started to spread throughout the Meta. But even as these ripples of terror flooded the Meta, a cool river of calm thought was coming from a distant planet, a small, out of the way colony of the Meta.

But that calm river of thought could not save Teron. The Iteok started removing all vegetation from the Land, to make way for a big message carved on the planet in english, saying: The Iteok are Immortal and Invincible! They then went on to purge the entire planet of life, rendering it's oceans dead, it's atmosphere lifeless, and the center of the Worldforest Mind dead, forever.

Rhtarhiatrhos - "Let's rest for a while."

And so the Iteok did.

The Aftermath of Teron, Week 4 - 8 (17/05/402 KRE - 15/06/402 KRE)[edit | edit source]

Silent[edit | edit source]

The Meta were fleeing from Teron in their great ships, trying to escape the finality of that destruction. As they fled, however, something seemed to change in their bond with the Worldforest Mind. Like something was missing. This sent waves of fear among the Meta, for they had already lost everything. Why was the Worldforest acting differently now, of all the times to do so? They needed stability, not more change. As they continued to flee, with their planets being destroyed by TIAF and Iteok fleets, the Worldforest seemed to be growing... dimmer, as though it was a light running out of energy.

The Meta were terrified, but there was among them that pillar of calm, from which calming energies and thoughts flooded the Meta Network. The Meta instinctively fled to that source of calm gathering in ever greater numbers as they did. Then this source asked them to stop, to remember the Worldforest, and to protect it. They went to their unharmed planets and began to do so, while this calming force held back the terror they all felt. After a few hours, they realized the horrible truth about the Worldforests silence. It was dead, or close to death.

Like a computer intelligence, the Worldforest had needed a certain level of processing power. It had lost it's core, the hard-drive you may call it, when Teron had died. The rest of the Forest couldn't make up for Teron, and the entire system had been collapsing ever since. And now, now it was too late, the Forest Mind was dead. For 3 million years it had lived and continued, but now it was gone, its energies drained, its processing power destroyed, and its mind forever lost. The Worldforest Mind had been intelligent. It was no longer.

Cold. So very Cold[edit | edit source]

The Meta started to come to terms with their loss, and as they did so they became bitter. A part of them was now dead, a part that had once been a powerful source of energy and personality for them. Their Heartfire died with the forest, and a cold entered in it's place. A bitter, bitter cold. This cold demanded that it be filled with something, something hot enough to mimic the Warmth that the Forest Mind had once provided. Rage. Rage would work. Revenge would work. The Meta collectively decided that they would destroy the TIAF. And the Iteok. And any who stood in their path. They became bitter with sorrow and pain, and in their pain they became angry. With anger comes a type of power though. A power to rival that which the Worldforest had once given them. For once you have touched the sky, you never forget how to do it.

They started with adding to things. At first, it was small things, like stones and pebbles. They added size to them, and added energy as well. Then they started adding bigger things, using their powers to create large steel and titanium ships. The Treeships no longer flew or moved, for their energies were dead. But the Meta would make do without, they would. As they learned, the calm being lead them in their journey. His name was Dylan, son of the 21st Metamind, and chosen by fate and by nature to become the 22nd. He lead them, and they followed.

They then started using subtractive power. Taking from things. They created true antigravity, allowing their treeships to fly by taking away the gravity that kept them down. They learned to create singularities by condensing and creating gravity in the palms of their hands, and by taking from the universe and Warping it they could control these singularities. They started adding to fire, and taking from metals. They learned to become their own weapons, to exist in every level of their reality. They did all this with one intent.

To destroy the TIAF and the Iteok. That is our goal!

- Metamind Dylan

Death of an Era[edit | edit source]

With the battle of Teron over and the Wental Alliance in shambles from an attack on their capitol, the stage was set for an age to end. It had been a short age indeed. The Meta were silent, either unable or unwilling to talk to anyone. The Iron Giants were mass-producing their dangerous weapons and homes for the War, but they could not help the Alliance, their leader Jarica was in critical condition, and none of the others were brave enough to come out and talk to the Alliance. So Masuri had to make his choice on his own. The Alliance had failed to do what was necessary. His Empress had been saved by a stroke of luck, and he had been saved by his own wits and ability. It was time to do something.

Using his Yama Fleet, Masuri took military control over the Wental Alliance. None opposed him, for they agreed with his ideals. He was going to save them, and in saving them destroy the TIAF and Iteok forever. It would be a glorious age, the Age of the Empire. His Empress took him as mate and Lursnarf (Husband) and Masuri became Emperor of the Yama. But he was also the First Emperor of the Wental Empire. This Empire was a galactic one, and with his iron rule he could force nations to help in the Wars. Masuri would ensure his people won the War. He would get his revenge.

As the Yama Flag went up in Wental territories across the Galaxy, none opposed his rule. None of the old Wental Alliance, anyway. The Iron Giants refused to join, and he didn't push them. The Meta were to strange and silent, they neither agreed no disagreed. But a rival was forming in the GW (Galactic West) sections of the galaxy, where a number of troublesome empire had been located. Masuri did not push them, he had not the might to do so.

The Calonu and the EEP[edit | edit source]

The Calonu were Warriors, the EEP were pacifists. They should not have gotten along so well, but they did. They were very friendly with each other, actually. The two nations had already formed an alliance, so when the Wental Empire arrived they already had ideas on how to stop the TIAF. It was the EEP, an alliance of Pacifists, who actually wrote up the constitution for their plan, as well as all the little details. They proposed the the Wental Galaxy and it's members that an alliance be formed. This would be an Alliance only in name, however, for the leaders of this "Alliance" would be the leaders of the great nations of Wental. Masuri and his Empress, Jarica and her future mate, the leaders of the EEP and Meta, the Calonu Leader Ginga. These would be the leaders of this new empire, this mighty factions that would rule over all Wental. They proposed this to the Wental Galaxy, and the Wental Galaxy agreed.

The Coming of the Greater Alliance[edit | edit source]

The alliance would be named after their galaxy, and after the old one that had failed, as a memorial. It would be called the Greater Wental Alliance, or GWA. The members would include but not be limited to: The Wental Empire, lead by the Empress; the Wental Police Force (Yama), which the Yama had proposed, lead by Masuri; The Meta Empire, lead by Dylan; the Iron Giants, lead by Jarica; the EEP, lead by the Council; the Calonu, lead by Ginga; and any others who wished to join. They would fight for their beliefs, which would be clearly stated in the Constitution of Wental.

The Constitution of Wental

Article 1: You shall never use Nanotech in a purposefully destructive manner. Doing so will result in expulsion from the alliance and embargo against your nation or faction.

Article 2: When investigating a new planet, you must respect the natives, if there are any. If there are, then you must uplift them to the best of your abilities.

Article 3: If any one member of this Greater Alliance is attacked, all members must aid them to the fullest extent of their physical, technological, spiritual, and economical abilities. In War as in Peace you must always give your enemies a chance to surrender. No Member Nation or Faction can extinct any species, regardless of allegiance.

Article 4: All citizens of the Greater Wental Alliance are subject to its laws. Under this Constitution, they are equal and Free, able to choose their own fate.

Article 5: When changing a law, one must first get the agreement of the Senate, and the Grand Courts must approve the law. Then and only then can such a law be added.

Article 6: Under this constitution, there will always be five main branches to the government. The Executive Branch will monitor and alter laws as needed, but cannot do so by themselves. They merely ensure that the laws remain up to date and effective. The Courts Branch shall be the final say in all Court Cases that reach their level. They must also have a majority agreement if any law is to be added of changed in this constitution. The Wental Defense Brand monitors all military and police aspects of the Greater Wental Alliance. They can request laws to be added or changed, monitor the security of the Wental Galaxy, and keep tabs on all other domestic threats. The Domestic Branch monitors all Domestic Events that occur within the Greater Wental Alliance. They control Healthcare, Economic Relief, the printing of money, the creation of new factions, voting records, and all other forms of Domestic Nature. Each Member Nation will put forth it's chosen leader or representative to lead these branches and this government. They will be part of the fifth branch, the Leaders Branch, which decides all things in the relation to political stance and declarations of War or alliance.

Article 7: Any Nation or Faction breaching the above Articles or the following laws will be punished as the Grand Courts see fit. Punishment can be anything from expulsion from the Alliance to a fine. This cannot include the complete extinction of a species or anything that will harm children.

Laws of the Greater Wental Alliance

1. All citizens of the GWA are equal, regardless of species, rank, wealth, or health. 2. All citizens of the GWA have the right to a speedy and honest trial with a jury. 3. All citizens of the GWA have the right to their safety and the safety of their property. 4. Those having committed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree murder can be punished to the full extent of the law, even by death. 5. Slavery is legal in the GWA, but you cannot force slaves to breed, and you must treat them humanly and with respect to their native culture(s). You must also recognize their families and children, that is, you cannot break up families simply to make money off of it. In order to own slaves, you must have a Slave Permit, which can only be gotten via the Domestic Branch of the GWA government. 6. When entering another member’s territory, you must first get a “Free Pass” from either that member or the Wental Alliance Territories Department. 7. When entering the GWA for the first time, you must have a Galactic Pass Port. 8. You cannot break Galactic Code. No Planet Busters, No Allying the Grox, and no destroying Tier 5 Empires. 9. The crimes of Rape, Torture, Kidnapping, and Destroying One’s Home are punishable by the full extent of the law, including death.

10. The act of harming or threatening to harm a child for any reason or purpose is considered Grand Treason and can be punished by the full extent of the law, even death.

The GWA had been founded, and it's members chosen. More members would join in the next month, but for now they had to build up their military and economy to support a War with the TIAF and Iteok.

The Clone Rebellion and Republic[edit | edit source]

Clones had long been used in battle, so long in fact that little was thought about them. But when the Wental Alliance had been weakened, they declared War on it, breaking free of the Wental Alliance. They called themselves the Clone Republic, and after a short, brutal, and costly War on both sides, they were recognized as a nation and joined the alliance. They have their own Code of Laws, and they follow that before they follow the Wental Constitution.

Code of Laws and Rules: • You must always aid those you call family. • You fall behind, you get left behind. • “Parley” is when an enemy asks to speak with the leader of your faction or nation. You must accept that offer regardless of individual or enemy, and must not harm the enemy representative until you have finished your bargaining. • You must keep to your word when you agree to a Parley. • When attacking an enemy, you must first alert them to the attack and give them time to surrender and evacuate civilians. You may not attack for 24 hours after that. • When accepting a surrender, you must always hear out the enemy’s conditions first, then you can make your own.

The Clone Republic, with its massive clone population and large military to boot, will make a powerful member nation. They are part of the Wental Police Force, with the Yama.

The Lesser Wental Alliance[edit | edit source]

With all these factions joining up, the ones that didn't felt threatened. After all, how long before this greater alliance came to force them to join? So they started to form their own alliance, to counter the GWA. They decided to call it the Lesser Wental Alliance. This alliance would exist to oppose the GWA, and would value freedom over all other things. Well, freedom for the leaders and rulers anyway, not one of the members of this alliance were peaceful toWards others. The Nikkin Confederacy is the most peaceful of the factions, and even they revel in the killing of their enemies. The Mumble Arigra need sapient life to eat and support their own sapience; the Nobi Nations of Drenol were an imperialistic faction who believed they were superior to other; the Salchum and Zardalu are much the same. The Dalanit Nomad Alliance is made up of self-centered parasites who consume worlds and eave them broken. None of the members of the LWA were friendly toWards others, and trust is always low within the alliance. They do, however, fight to remain independent of the peaceful and weak GWA.

Remlaps Revolution[edit | edit source]

After having distracted the Nobi Nations of Drenol with his War in Cyrannus, Remlaps plan came to fruition at last! He was finally able to fight against his oppressors, the Nobi Nations of Drenol, and even found help from among them in the form of the Uzuma Nation, the Roamers Nation, and the Green Priests, as well as the Haruno Nation and Arukas' Mages. They rebelled, and have a patchwork of powers. As the battle continued, Remlap sent a message to Council Station, saying that peace could be found by simply saying "You are an independent people." SInce the Nobi Nations of Drenol were weakened from their War in Cyrannus, they had no choice but to say yes. So the Verinobi Empire and the Nobi Nations of Wental were formed, slicing the entire Nobi Nations space up into a patchwork of nations only barely keeping peace with each other. It will be chaos if War breaks out between the two sides again. The Nobi Nations of Wental and the Verinobi Empire both agreed to become members of the GWA.

War Heats Up Again[edit | edit source]

Returning the Favor[edit | edit source]

"Well, of course we can do that for you, Arukas. It will be easy to get into their territories and ask both sides, but... why?" Arukas had at long last returned to the Wental Grox, who she had taught to dream so long ago. She was asking them to return the favor by getting the GWA and LWA to agree to be friends against the TIAF and Iteok forces. "Because I fight for Wental, and if Wental falls so too will you and I. Wental must fight as a single, unified faction, not as a bunch of chaotic enemies shooting everything they see." The Grox in front of her, Emperor Clank, same as before, seemed to think it over for a few minutes. "Well, I can see perfectly what you mean. I ran a few simulations, and they all point to the destruction of the Grox Empire here in Wental, should we remain neutral and allow the LWA and GWA to battle each other as well as the TIAF and Iteok. We shall do our best, but we can't make promises. No one in Wental likes us much, for obvious reasons." Arukas nodded, know what they were talking about. In ages past, they had destroyed much of Wental out of anger and fear of destruction at the hands of it's natives. "Just try your best, that's all I ask." "We shall do so, Arukas. You helped us, we will help you. And this will also help us, for they are buffers between the Wental Grox and the Main Grox Empire. We shall try."

The Wental Grox kept their word, sending out peaceful ships painted white just for the occasion to the GWA and LWA capitol worlds. They garnered a meeting between the two, using a combination of bribes, threats, and even some begging to achieve their new goal. The two groups of people to decide the fate of their galaxy once and for all, with the Wental Grox watching and hoping for the best.

We of Wental![edit | edit source]

We of Wental is the name given to the mighty, Galaxy Wide alliance between the GWA and LWA. With all of Wental to back them up, We of Wental intends to destroy the TIAF and Iteok once and for all. They will remain allies until they have defeated both foes. The Wental Grox are also a part of this alliance, and they are asking all Wental Nations to join until they defeat the invading enemies. So far, they have found no other factions to ask, but when they do they will ask swiftly. This unifying of Wental shall make it ten times harder for the TIAF and Iteok to defeat Wental. “ We of Wental shall march, soar, slide, crawl, swim, and dig our way onWard against all odds. We shall not let the TIAF or Iteok win this time, we shall not lose. This time, TIAF will learn to fear the zeal of our Warriors, this time the Iteok will beg for mercy as we butcher their kind! This time, we will hold nothing back, this time, we will WIN!

- We of Wental

The Wental Ultimatum[edit | edit source]

We of Wental declare now that all TIAF and Iteok colonies have 24 hours to be evacuated. The GWA and LWA, as well as the Wental Grox, are sick and tiered of the War. We will not permit your to remain in Wental so long as you threaten us. Together, we control 4/5s of Wental, and with about 1/2 of our members being Warrior nations we will be strong enough to stop you. Collectively, we are a tier 2 faction, upper tier 2 actually. While we shall not remain allies forever, until the TIAF and Iteok have been forced out of Wental we shall be comrades in arms against you. Again, you have 24 hours to remove civilian populations, then our attack will begin. Using the Wental Transgate Network, we can land ships in your systems from the other side of Wental without you even detecting it. You cannot defeat us. So just leave. ~We of Wental

The Pride of an Admiral[edit | edit source]

"Cocky sons of Xhoddies!" said Admiral Routhis after listening to the Wental Ultimatum. (Son of a Xhoddie is a serious insult in the TIAF) "It's time we show them their place in this universe!"

Meanwhile, Routhis' subordinates were paralyzed in fear. None of them had seen a military leader been this harsh, not even Admiral Khoffman, who was known for a generally merciless War plan. The destruction of Teron had been somewhat traumatizing, especially for the rookies, who had never seen so much death in an instant. However, Routhis was their leader, and they had to obey.

What shocked some of the high-ranked subordinates was that Routhis was going forWard without even consulting Lorrelas, whose orders were supreme. They were worried that Routhis was going to get himself killed, too.

"ATTENTION!" Routhis barked at his men. "What we are facing is a large, moderately powerful enemy. As we just saw, they are completely full of themselves. We need to knock them down to size."

The soldiers discussed Routhis' orders until they realized that Routhis was closely monitoring them.

"Let's show them some of our real power. Let's use a Star Accelerator on one of their populated systems."

Soldiers were shocked by this order, as the Star Accelerator was a WMD, not to be used without direct orders from the Commander or Lieutenant Commander. Also, it would mean the deaths of many civilians, as they would not have time to prepare.


The soldiers knew it wasn't for the "pride of the TIAF". It was simply the pride of an admiral.

Meanwhile, in the Bunsen Galaxy...[edit | edit source]

Meanwhile, Lorrelas was furious at Routhis. Routhis had defied orders and had attacked Teron anyways. Lorrelas could not do anything about it, as Routhis had been appointed head of operations in Wental, and dismissing him would require a trip all the way to Wental.

It wasn't just the commanders who were angry. Citizens were disgusted too. The fall of Teron had nearly extincted the Meta, and intentional extinction never goes down well with the TIAF people. They demanded he step down from his position, but as long as he was stuck in his own fantasy, no one could do anything.

With opposition growing in a nation that had once supported the War, who knows how the rest of the War will turn out?

Attacked![edit | edit source]

On the peaceful and defenseless colony world of Egap the peaceful citizens went about their daily lives. News channels showed what the weather would be, funerals were in full swing, new lives were coming into existence every few moments. People went from their homes to work, from work to their homes, and all sorts of other things. The species on this planet lived almost exclusively in the system, only in the Clone Federation could others of this species be found, woking as doctors for the Clones and Clones themselves. When the brutal TIAF attacked without mercy or Warning, an entire species would be wiped out, a civilization destroyed. When the TIAF ships first arrived, the people of Egap sent out friendly transmissions, mistaking them for Wental ships coming in with the expected trade goods and whatnot. When it turned out they weren't the people of Egap asked them what they were there for. The only response they received was to see a beam of energy hurle toWards their star. Upon contact, the star began to glow more brightly, expanding. The TIAF ships, as they identified themselves as they left, saying "Now you die, you cocky little sons of Xhoddies!", fled the system as quickly as they had arrived. The star continued to expand, and the people of Egap tried to flee, getting into the few interstellar and inter-planetary ships they had. But it was far to late by this point, and the star went nova, obliterating the system and the species.

The cosmic ripples of this event would spread, and even the most peaceful of the Wental Species, We of Wental, would see that TIAF had to be crushed. When the leaders of the many nations of Wental gathered to vote on it, they unanimously agreed that they would use their secret weapon. They had agreed to use the Wental Transgate System, but they had not done so. Now they would. This was total War, TIAF had confirmed that now, and they, giving no mercy, would find none in return. Excepting, of course, children that could be saved.

Attacking the Iteok[edit | edit source]

Masuri was overjoyed. He had just managed to get a large fleet gathered with which he was going to attack 12 Iteok worlds. Since those monsters had destroyed what family Masuri had once had, he held a special place in his heart for the Iteok. It was a dark place of eternal suffering that he would definitely bring down upon them, and this was the first step toWards that goal. Masuri was, for the first time in Wental history, going to use the Wental Transgate System to attack the Iteok colonies. He had permission to kill all but any children found there, and he intended to exercise fully that right. The Iteok would remember this day as the turning point in the War with them. They would remember it as the day that "We of Wental" took back their rightful place on top.

The massive and strangely humbling Transgate lay in front of his fleet. Everyone could feel the tension in the air, in the very space itself. None had used these gates for War before, and it wasn't even sure that the gate would transport weapons with the ships. This was a first, for everyone, and no one knew just what to expect. Along the edge of the mighty ring a slow blue glow started to build as the generators sent energy into the ring. As soon as the entire ring was glowing the bubble would form and they could leap into the Iteok colonies. 11 other Transgates across Wental were doing the same thing, with the same intent, but Masuri was to be the first to go through and test the gate. The ring of light was almost complete, and now it was, the gate was open. Masuri watched with no little awe as the target system came into view. They couldn't see the exit, couldn't know what was about to happen to them. He made quick work of finding all the enemy ships in sight, then started his ship forWard. As he approached the massive structure, Masuri couldn't help but wonder at the creatures who built it. Almost indestructible, older then all the stars in the region, and a gateway to Wental. Masuri's ship entered the bubble. There was no way to tell if he had made it except if they got the transmission. 23 seconds later, they received the message: Masuri was okay, and the attack was on.

12 different fleets in 12 different star system gathered up their ships and powered through the gates onto the unsuspecting Iteok planets. With only a few moments of surprise on their side, they opened fire on all enemy ships in the area, wiping them out before they could even defend themselves. In a mere few minutes it was over, the colonies were defenseless. A surrender message was sent out to them. The only reply being the Iteok equivalent of "Screw you!" "Okay soldiers, it's time to take their planets!" Masuri sent out the message to everyone, "Deploy your ground troops now!" The sky was theirs, but the planets weren't out yet.

It took almost 3 hours of heavy fighting on the ground before all adult Iteok were dead. The children had to be lugged away in chains, even they were vicious Warriors like their parents. 2 million lost on the Wental Side, with the Yama, Clones, Grox, Nikkin, and Nobi taking most of the losses. But they had won on all 12 planets, 12 colonies were now under Wental control. The Iteok would have no choice but to place large fleets at every colony, otherwise they would never be able to defend themselves. The Wentals told them as much in a video that showed the captured planets, as well as a victorious Masuri with an Iteok head on his sword.

Revolt Recovery[edit | edit source]

The Shellious were on a 3 legged chair when the raves they uplifted revolted and split just to find the shellious force themselves to uncreate them. Few races remained in the empire. The Shellious began colonizing the nebula around shellis's area of influence. They mined the area and sent forces to a place unexpected.The first gigaquadrant.After coming there when the meta lost their home the shellious trained with the krassio host and joined a ongoing War against the xhodocto.Back home in wental thing still heated up.

And as you see here the iteok and TIAF are moving back slightly as the newly formed greater wental alliance fights them out of our home.

- Kaiyo senator

Being a senator can sometimes be boring as you discuss the laws and go over the current status of any Wars in the area. The Kaiyo were an exeption during the revolt and they were by far the shellious's farorite creation. They were younger and weaker but the shellious still treted them as equals despite having the lead in the imperium. Sometimes Edoshai would think that being emperor is even more boring during the disscusions that help the empire run. Edoshai had many trusted officers such as Admeril Yixa and even called upon them for private matters.

We were a weak race and now we make our stand.Our purpose was unknown and we were losing trust within ourselves.The GWA has already helped us on many battles and we need to help them in return.

- Shellious battle droid

The shellious for the first time in ages used themselves in battle. During the War they were on what was now a daily thing as they fought the iteok out of their space. Life was good and this story of the War over time was just begining to unfold.

Ripple Effect[edit | edit source]

The destruction of Egap and its star sent shock waves through the TIAF. The Star Accelerator was WMD, and not to be used without the Commander's permission, especially when innocent civilian deaths could have been avoided.

But it was too late for apologies. "We of Wental" had completely cut off all communications with the TIAF after the Egap incident, and retaliation was coming soon. No one knew where they would strike, but they could be sure that the Wental Territory was going to be attacked. Though it was off the radar, no one could count out the possibility.

All eyes turned to Routhis, and many demanded his resignation. Routhis, still trapped in an air of pride, did not hear the cries of the angry citizens.

A successful Wentalian victory would be enough to snap Routhis out of his trance, but until then, the War is going to be very long...

What the Ekarhorhiit?[edit | edit source]

Date: 22/06/402 KRE

2 days before the invasion, Toragh 9 was invited to the Wental Iteok Colonies to rest and relax while appreciating what his brave soldiers conquered for him. He went to Wental, 1 day before the invasion, to its capital planet, Irhoterh. When the invasion occured and the 12 Iteok Colonies have been taken, Toragh 9 was furious, saying:

Toragh 9 - "Rhomaka Ekarhorhiit???" (What the frak?)
Tarhtarhaa - "I know, it's a huge loss for the Khereg. We were too focused in-"
Toragh 9 - "Send more ships to defend! Send more troops! More turrets, more everything!!!"
Tarhtarhaa - "I will not question, for I am a pawn."
Toragh 9 - *Smiles* "Good."

Tarhtarhaa prepared defense for the remaining 86 Colonies. If anything, he was expecting more invasions...

Retaliation[edit | edit source]

We of Wental decided not to start their attack in Wental, but rather, in Bunsen. They did, however, intend to attack in Wental as well, for they would not be content until they had full revenge for what the TIAF had done to them. The Iteok were nothing to them now, just a pesky threat. It was TIAF that had killed a system and it's star. It was TIAF who posed the greater threat to Wental survival. Therefor, it was TIAF would bear the brunt of the next attack, again using the Wental Transgate System to surprise them. But first, We of Wental needed coordinates. It was time to start looking through the captured objects and people from Bunsen, to see if they could find some Wental Colonies using it...

The Iteok Defeated?[edit | edit source]

This section will have 3 battles, spanning a 3-5 day period of time. The first, "Total War: Wental Invades" is where the Wental Species send out their newly built, massive fleet to force the Iteok out of Wental once and for all. I want them to be defeated, so I can lower the number of ships, but not too far, as I want it too be an embarrassing enough defeat that Toragh 9 will want to gloat in person. I hope the Iteok hacking Wental Communication isn't more then they can do.

Total War: Wental Invades[edit | edit source]

The Wental Transgate System had been affectively used against the Iteok in the last battle. They were bound to have built up their defenses in Wental by a considerable percent, but the Wental forces had also grown greatly since that last battle. Having 10 million colonies can do that, especially when your more industrial species can pump out thousands of automated ships in a few days time. It had been almost a week, plenty of time to build up the fleet of 200 thousand ships that had gone to Bunsen and then another 100 thousand ships to attack the Iteok with. The Wental Galaxy now had a full million ships in it's total fleet, and while most of those ships would remain in defensive positions near Transgates, 500 thousand were to attack the Iteok in a few hours, right after the last of the crews could be assembled.

-A few hours later-

"Urg, where is she? Jarica was supposed to be here half an hour ago! Sheesh." A massive and recognizable Iron Giant powers over to them, accompanied by 2 thousand other Iron Giants. "Sorry I'm late, we had to gather up our forces, took longer then I had originally thought it would. How late are we?" "Oh, the battles over already, you missed it." "What!" Everyone winced as some feedback bounced over the radio channels "Just kidding, just kidding, we waited for you! Your only a few minutes late, don't worry." "Good, I want another chance at those blasted Iteok before this whole thing is over." The combined fleet of 102 thousand ships was just preparing to leave when another group of ships appeared. These ships were large and pyramidal, and obviously from the Wental Grox Empire. They had sent out a few dozen ships before, but never had this many shown up at one place. Even with them as allies, it was unnerving. "20 thousand ships, at your command, Masuri." was the only explanation given by the Grox fleet. "Well then, everyone, prepare for operation 'Divide and Conquer'! We're gonna split up. I want 23 or 24 Iron Giants with each fleet and 232 Grox with each fleet! Each of our fleets will consist of 1,162 ships. There are 86 Iteok colonies in Wental, therefore there are 86 fleets. Show mercy only to children, and even then don't assume they are harmless, got it?" "Yes Masuri, now lets go kick some Iteok Ass!"

The Wental Fleets, 86 total, prepared for a mass invasion of the Iteok Territories while the Iteok waited for the attack, having managed to hack into the Wental communications and having known the attack was coming...

The Iteok prepared for the assaults. Many ships were called, coming from the Fordan void gates. About 2000 were called for each world. There were 86 colonies to defend. Toragh 9 watched from the Iteok Wental Capital, hoping for sucess.

Tarhtarhaa - "Well, it's time. We are going to eat more Wentals for dinner!"
Rhtarhiatrhos - "Get in line! We have colonies to defend!"

They waited for the wentals to come, it would be a big War...

The only last minute change in the plan was that Jarica and Dylan decided to go with Masuri, Ginga, and Klo. They figured that all factions of Wental should be present in the same place, so that no one could betray anyone else. Because of this, the Fleet that the Great Heroes were part of would be made up of a full 2529 ships, and have all the Great Commandships among it. As the Transgates opened, the Shelious appeared with 4 thousand ships. They chose to accompany the other fleets, which increased the size of each fleet by 46 ships. All the leftoever ships went with the Great Heroes Fleet(GHF).

As the GHF prepared to enter their Transgate, the other fleets began their parts in the invasion. Almost as soon as the GHF entered the Transgate, however, it became obvious that something had gone wrong. What had been a surprise attack was suddenly looking like it was going to be a difficult and long lasting battle. The Iteok had, somehow, found out about the Wental plan. They were ready for the We of Wental and the GHF. As the two fleets met, they came to a collective halt. The Wental fleet grew to it's full size, it seemed as if the Iteok were just as statled as the Wentals.

Then a vengful Meta ship shot forWard and Warped into a singularity, killing the crew and the ship, but pulling a few Iteok ships into the singularity and causing them to smash into each other. On that note, the battle began. Shelious were shooting anything Iteok Ship shaped, while the various Wental factions just demolished all Iteok ships they saw. The GWA had greater tech, but fewer numbers. The battle raged on, and on, and on some more. After a few hours of fighting, the Iteok were losing. They had killed most of the Wental ships and all but 3 of the Shelious ships, but they were losing. The final battle would be even numbers. but the Iteok had a planet at their back and a leader to defend. They wouldn't go down without a fight. The numbers were 143 Iteok against 132 Wentals and 3 Shelious.

Masuri himself lead the final charge, using his massive battleship to barge his way into the Iteok fleet. Jarica, however, beat him to it. She was punching away at enemy ships before he caught up. "I've got 819 ships under my belt, you?" It was a game, a competition to see who kileld the most enemies. "You've got me beat by 4 ships, jarica, you cheat! This was supposed to be my great change into the battle!" "You should've been faster ha ha!" Then an Iteok ship, with the intent to get the iron Giant vessel while it was distracted, hit Jarica with every weapon it had. Masuri, in a rage, converted the ship into pieces with his battleship and then looked around for Jarica. Where her Iron Giant had been, there was nothing. Nothing but an arm and a leg, literally. "I'm okay! Thank god for faulty cooling, the head wasn't usable at the time." "Oh thank the gods..." "Thank fate too. Masuri, kick their asses for me, okay? I'll see what I can do about getting aw-" The leg was crushed by a pinwheeling Iteok ship with one engine missing. "Jarica? ... You there?" No response, and the leg was compl;etely gone now.

Masuri, filled with anangry rage, prepped his ship for one of it's most devastating attacks: the Gamma Cannon. As it energiezed, Masuri made a promise. "I will avenge you, Jarica. This is for every Wental who died in this War! Each and every one! From my sisters to Jarica to whoever was in that ship that just blew up! This is for Wental!" The Gamma Cannon was fully charged now, and Masuri's ship was aimed at the planet below. As the cannon opened fire on the planet, smashing into it's atmsphere with a blast of energy so strong the ripples could be seen from his viewport, Masuri grinned. This would show those damned Iteok once and for all who the masters of this galaxy really were! This would be the final battle of the War for Wental they had so foolishly entered. As the planets atmosphere ignited Masuri watched with glee open on his face. The rest of the Yama and the Wental Empires watched with, if not glee, then satisfaction.

Capture: Toragh 9[edit | edit source]

After the planet had cooled, Masuri and the surviving fleet went down to see if there were survivors. The Gamma Cannon hadn't killed the far side of the planet, hadn't even damaged it, so anyone there would be alive and kicking. They came across an Iteok city they had seen from space. While it was well defended, they had no fleet and no chance. The city fell after only a few short minutes. Masuri was shocked to find Toragh 9 himself in a bunker under the city. "Well well well, a rat caught in it's own hole, how ironic. So, do you surrender yet?" "The Iteok will never surrender!" "I know a few guys who can help you with that."

Masuri was the only one who could stomach the tortutre, the rest had to leave, sickened by the suffering they saw, even in their worst enemy and the monster who had attacked them. Masuri, however, saw only the muruder of Jarica, his sisters, and every other Wentl to die in the War. He watched the entire thing, and even participated in ripping Toragh's lower jaw-thing off when he wouldn't stop preaching about how the Iteok would crush the Wental Galaxy utterly. After hours of toture, however, even the feared leader of the Iteok had to give in to the inebitable. But before that, he managed to kill one of the two torture guys and escape. As he fled, Masuri watched without movingt. "Bring in my battleship, set the smallest gamma cannon on lowest power. Air for the tree 6 years in front of Toragh 9." The battleship, impressive with it's still cherry red Gamma Cannon comes to a stop in front of Toragh 9, the backwash of wind knocking him onto his bum. he looks at it, and then seen the smallest Gamma Cannon lock and load, pointing, it seems, at him! The cannon lets loose the high radiation beam and melts a tree just in front of Toragh. As he stares at the crater, with glasified glowing edges, he looks up. And then gives and involentary skeak, the cannon is pointed dead set on him, and ominous red-white glow inside it's barrel. Masuri calles out to him "Do you surrender now?"

"You win, Wentals. I don't like it and I will eventually eat your children again, but you win here." Masuri gave him a punch to the face so hard that even Masuri winced for a moment. "You will stand trial and die, if there is any justice in this world. You are a monster, and shall be treated like one." As masuri's men captured the remaining Iteok, they got word that the rest of the fleet hadn't been so lucky. They were gone, completely and utterly. It was imperative that masuri get Toragh 9 back alive, he would be needed as a barganing chip for the survival of Wental as an Iteok free galaxy.

The battle was over, but masuri had one more thing to do before he left the system to be forgotten. His battleship sould be to large for this, so he got into a small fighter. He had a friend to find above the planet. As he searched through the wreckage of the two great fleets, Masuri was looking for life, any life. He found and saved a few dozen Wentals and 4 Iteok, but jarica was no where to be found. Masuri sighed, thinking One more life to add to the iteok's murders. One more crime to add to their mostrosity... Then he heard it. A tiny "ping" sound. Masuri rushed toWards it, hoping against hope that it was Jarica. It was.

The Final Countdown[edit | edit source]

In the hospital ship Jarica laid in her bed near her medical equipment. Masuri stepped into the room.

Masuri - "Jarica you're alive!"
Jarica - "You're not the only one who is good at suriving."
Masuri - "What? How? I saw your dead body."
Jarica - "A bodysuit can be taken off. After the ship was shot at I managed to get to the hanger escape pods. I landed on the planet's surface and a few alliance scouts found me and brought me here. I wanted to stay defending our people but I am currently too weak to even stand up. The battle was getting fierce and I tred to call for help by hotwiring the ship communications but I lost my signal and was blasted back when the Iteok ships arrived. Toragh 9 will escape if you don't call for help and..."
Masuri - "You need to rest."

Edoshai talks with Toragh in his cell.


Toragh 9 - "You can't keep me here forever."
Guard - "We can do alot of things, Iteok scum."
Edoshai - "You see you just won't accept the fact that your army cannot do anything to save you."
Toragh 9 - "And you think your weak race can keep me here. I suppose you must be witless to want to help these vile creatures. Your lucky your race tastes horrible. You act like your always on top of things."
Edoshai - "The Wental Alliance is a great empire. Much greater than yours will ever be. I am like this because it is my duty to rule over my race. We are not an evil race like your kind and we are not trying to get to the top. Simply keep other races from getting to our level. We do not listen to the lies that emmit from your mouth."
Toragh 9 - "I will be free. Eventually."

Yixa Interupted Edoshai and Toragh 9 as she rushed into the prison level. Her tentacles were tightly held together and she looked frightend. She turned on the wall screeen and everyone in the room saw that an Iteok fleet larger than anything that he had experienced before was coming to the area. Everyone was shocked save Toragh 9 who was smiling bitterly.

Toragh 9 - "Im guessing that is my rescue..."

The Shellious Imperium ships readied for battle as Toragh continuously smiled on the sight of his empire coming to destroy his feeble foe.


In the hospital ship Jarica lay in bed for a while and Masuri decided to continue along the ship and explore a bit. He later left the ship to go to the senate of the stars to help decide the next War move. When he got to the room the map of wental showed a fleet of ships large enought to see from the galactic scale heading for Toragh 9's location on Shellis. Everyone in the room was petrified when they saw it as the shellious contacted the senate. Jarica looked just as stunned as she looked at the screen in front of her bed.

Shellious Senator - "The Iteok are very furious about the kidnapping of their emperor. Shellis was chosen to hold Toragh 9 do to the surounding magnetic feilds and nebulae. With a fleet that big slow moving will only stop some of them. The fleet is large and as you can see on the map of wental they are heading fast to shellis with there largest fleet of ships we have encountered during our War with these vile insects. I can't help feel sorry that we are killing all theses creatures but they brought it on themselves by breaking galactic law for sport. Ready your ships and prepare for the final stand against our enemy."
Yama - "Destroy them!"
Iron giant - "For Wental!"
Meta - "For once we agree to violence. This is our galaxy!"

The Senate memeber racescheered as they prepared. On the Iteok side things were alot different. The fleet was slowly aproaching Shellis. They destroyed everything in their path as they neared their emperor's prison.

The Battle of Shellis[edit | edit source]

The alliance waited at the shellious homeworld as the iteok made their way.

Edoshai - "So this is how it will end..."
Masuri - "I believe so. I made a promise to rid the galaxy of the Iteok and I intend to keep it."
Jarica - "Ready to defend."
Masuri - "Jarica what are you doing here?!? Your supposed to be in the hospital level."
Jarica - "You didn't think I would miss this did you?"
Edoshai - "Well as long as you two don't argue about letting the iron giant leader into a battlefeild I'm fine with anything."
Yixa - "Sir the Iteok are here!"

The Iteok came out of hyperspace and fired at the Shellious fleet. The fighters exchanged blasts as the Iteok fleet attacked. The Shellious were winning when more Iteok came in.

Toragh 9 - "I said I would get out and it seems I will"
Masuri - "Don't get your hopes up"
Toragh 9 - "Your alliance can not stop the might of the Steok!"
Edoshai - "That's what you think."

The Shellious fleet was winning but more Iteok kept coming from the blue. The Iteok reached the surface of shellis and people screamed in terror as the iteok ships bombed the cities. it was chaos as the blasts fell over the underwater domes. They even managed to get past the uber turrets. The fleets were neck to neck as they battled for Wental. Nothing would stop this mayhem.

Yixa - "Nothing will stop this. We can't just wait for the battle to kill millions of innocent people. We need to do something and I have an idea."
Masuri - "What?"
Edoshai - "If you are suggesting the star buster than you are out of your mind. The wental alliance would never allow such a thing."
Yixa - "It may be our only option."

We Are Wental[edit | edit source]

Iron Giant - "No! It is just unacceptable! We cannot use something like that to end a War. A starbuster causes too much destruction!"
Jarica - "Like Yixa said we have no other choice. It may be the only way to get rid of the Iteok in time. If we don't many people will die."
Iron Giant - "And if we do many Iteok will die. Is that really the way to end this War and have peace?"
Jarica - "We are already beond the point were we can exept peace."

In the senate of the stars people were choosing if they should use a shellious starbuster. The starbuster is a weapon that causes radiation on a star that speeds up it's life and causes it to go supernova destroying it and all of its planets. The senate had not been like this since the beggining of the War when they decided to attack the Iteok planets. In the beggining the Iteok became responsible for the death of millions and caused the destruction of Teron. Masuri lead of the yama military made a promise to rid their peaceful galaxy of the vile Iteok and now he would fufill it. Edoshai and the shellious were attacked asswell after the TIAF joined and went away. The final stand was once near and now it was here!

Rhtarhiatrhos - "We have reached the capital of the Shellious! Fire at will!"
Iteok soldier - *Screeches*

The iteok attacked more and more when a large ship came over the battlefeild. It was the star buster!

Yixa - "This is how it ends! With an Iteok fleet and superweapon of ultimate destruction"
Rhtarhiatrhos - "Fall back!"

The iteok fled to their territory as the star buster went to end this War. In another spot in the system Masuri was already close to taking the alliance for the yama. Masuri walked over to the senate after everyone was busy with the battle. As it turns out Rhtarhiatrhos had the same idea.

Rhtarhiatrhos - "Now lets see how the alliance crumbles after the destruction of the senate."
Masuri - "Now the yama will take revenge for what the wental alliance did to us."
Rhtarhiatrhos - "You!"
Masuri - "You!"
Rhtarhiatrhos - "So Masuri you're betraying your alliance. Naughty Yama."
Masuri - "I promised I would not do it untill the Iteok lost and now that I have a chance to get rid of you the Iteok will fall back to their precious Kraw Galaxy."
Yixa - "Whats going on in here?"
Rhtarhiatrhos - "Who are you? Never mind. You will die fast anyway."
Masuri - "Yixa what are you doing here?"
Yixa - "I might ask you the same thing. I should have known something was up when the star buster was deployed. But how could you betray your own empire?"
Masuri - "My empire is the Yama! Now stand aside! You have no idea what happened do you."
Rhtarhiatrhos - "Enough already!Time to die."

Rhtarhiatrhos rushed forWard with a bellow, swinging a clawed fist at Masuri. Yixa, knowing her shell could help here, jumped in the way. Unfortunately, as Rhtarhiatrhos hit her, his fist managed to get in between the shell and her head, snapping her neck back and jercking her body forWard. It also got Rhtarhiatrhos's hand stuck, allowing Masuri the three seconds he needed to wallop Rhtarhiatrhos round the head with his own fist. Masuri then proceeded to jump on top of Rhtarhiatrhos and rip him apart, literally, with his 6 limbs working as if with their own minds. The commotion brought the entire council back the just in time to see Rhtarhiatrhos, with a missing arm and a great deal of massive wounds, fleeing the area at top speed howling in fury and pain.

Wental Counciler - "Oh- oh my! What happened here?!"
Masuri - "We were attacked by that Iteok, he was likely planning to kill the entire senate. He managed to kill Yixa, but by dying she saved me."
Shellious - *Rushing over to Yixa* "She's not dead."
Masuri - Masuri's hair rises a little, his tail twitches slightly "She's not?"
Shellious - "No. She's just out cold."

The Exchange[edit | edit source]

A few hours later, Yixa wakes up, but it is soon found out that she lost the past few hours of her memory from the injury. Masuri secretly breaths a sigh of relief. Now no one would know how close he had come to destroying the GWA and reforming the Great Yama Empire. Only the strange Iteok would know about that. They fill Yixa in on the events.

"The Iteok were winning, and winning soundly. Toragh 9 had been removed, as had much of our fleets and the Wental Fleets, so it was agreed. The Star Buster was set off and we wiped out the system, along with many of the Iteok ships. Of the 500 thousand or so ships they sent only 500 survived, as best. We won, but at the cost of our home star and system. The Wentals, in thanks, have actually given us a large area of space to relocate to. Anyway, we were just about to open negotiations with the Iteok for peace, as they have already summoned up an even larger fleet to take back their leader."

Back at the main diplomacy room, Masuri opened communications with the Iteok. To his surprise it was the same one that attacked Yixa and himself in the council room. The Iteok seemed just as surprised.

Rhtarhiatrhos - "You again? Damnit, that's just adding insult to injury that is. You're going to return Toragh or you will die!!!"
Masuri - "No, not really. See, we have your leader. We hold all the bases here. You can't win without costing your precious Toragh 9 his life."
Rhtarhiatrhos - "You wouldn't! You don't have the guts to do that! You're pathetic!"
Masuri - "We just wiped out our ally's capitol, you think we would hesitate to kill our enemy's leader? You're stupider than you look."
Rhtarhiatrhos - "Whatever. Give us Toragh and we won't kill you all. Hmph."
Masuri - "No, i think you should be saying 'Give us Toragh please, and we will leave you alone forever more.' Anything else will only cost him his life."
Rhtarhiatrhos - "I hate you, you know that? I really hate you!!! Fine then, be that way, you frakking bastard! We will leave Wental if you return to us our glorious leader. But Toragh first!"
Masuri - "You still don't get it, do you? We hold your leader, you can't make any conditions, we can. You leave, and we will send him to you once you're completely gone from Wental"
Mauri - "See, we did come to an agreement in the end, Iteok scum." Rhtarhiatrhos - "You frakking idiot.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

The trade was made the next day. Asd Masuri watched Toragh 9 leaving, he almost broke the deal and killed him. Almost. Masuri could wait, the Iteok weren't going anywhere soon. But he would get his revenge and wipe that filthy species out of existence some day... he would.

Toragh 9 was furious. His massive Wentalian empire had been crushed by these pathetic Wentals. Rhtarhiatrhos came over, still injured from the attack made by that strange cat-thing, Masuri. "Toragh... I'm sorry. I should have rescued you, but I never thought they would use a superweapon like that." Toragh only growled and stormed onWard, ignoring his fellow Iteok and thinking "I will kill them all!!!"

Among the Shelious, Yixa suddenly remembered everything. As her memories resurfaced, she realized she could never say a thing, because Masuri had saved her. She owed him her life, and couldn't betray that. Besides, he had obviously lost his chance to take over the GWA, he was harmless now, right?

Throughout all of Wental celebrations were held and families reunited. The War for Wental was over at least, and Wental had proven itself to be a worthy foe and a powerful people in the universe. But even though the Iteok were defeated, they were not gone. They would return, and the Wentals would need to be ready for that return. Masuri knew this, Jarica knew this, Clank, Dylan, Yixa, all the people of Wental knew this. But they celebrated, for they had survived, they had won the War! It was a time for great celebration, and no one held back. For who knew what tomorrow could bring, in this ever changing universe...?

The Second Bunsen War[edit | edit source]

The Iteok had been defeated, but the TIAF was still strong. The War continues in Bunsen!

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