The Wanderers are an Empire that just arrived in the Milky Way after a long time searching for a new home.



The Wanderers are an ancient race who have been wandering the Gigaquadrants for thousands upon thousands of years It is unknown where they came from but some say they left one of the galaxies that was destroyed during the Annihilation. But others think they could be another Gigaquadrant yet to be discovered. One thing that is known is that a prophecy was made just before they left their home so long ago.

The prophecy reads as follows...

Long time through the ages,

You will find a new land.

A land of plenty.

A land with friends.

Long you must search to find this land,

Through the long eternal night,

On the rim of this distant land you will find your new home,

This new home will be a lush land,

Others will live in this land and try to stop you from living,

In this new home.

It will have two large lands.

Separated by a blue sea, with lands of green.

Far away is this land.

Purple shall shoot from the ground,

And the land you sit on the rim of shall be full of new people,

Who will one day be your subjects.

Now go my children settle this new land, build your Empire in the Rim of Plazith.

Go and forge your destiny.

Early History[]

Arrival in the Milky Way[]

The Wanderers arrived in the Milky Way in the very beginning of the 29th Century. Upon hearing that the Galaxy was known by some as the Plazith Rim they began searching the outer edges of the Galaxy for the Planet described in the Prophecy, when one was found on the outer edge of the end of the Orion-Cygnus Arm there fleet of 678 ships set course for the planet immediately, they knew that this was the home they had searched for so long for.

Arrival at Tecnar IV[]

The planet that the wanderers has set course for was known as Tecnar IV by its native inhabitants, but the preferred to call it Ti’rak’nor’pat. They introduced themselves to the tribal natives on the planet. Though they did not fully understand what was happening they understood that they were being conquered, and they did not like it. The Wanderers retreated back to their ship and realised and orbital bombardment, any natives who survived were rounded up and made into a slave class on Ti’rak’nor’pat.


The Wanderers established 3 colonies on their new home world, and they have begun to colonize the surrounding systems, despite their small size and limited fleet they have rather advanced survey technology that they use to survey planets with, allowing them know the best places to settle in the surrounding area. Over the next few months the Wanderers continued to colonize and with great speed they managed to colonize 50 systems, 10 of them having a population of more than 10,000.

Internal Problems[]

Spread of the False Home Movement[]

During the early expansion of the Wanderers new ideas began to spread. Many in the new Wanderer empire began to think that this was not truly the planet that they had heard of in the prophecy and that the King had acted to quickly. The prophecy told that the inhabitants would try and stop them from settling in there new world but the natives of Tecnar IV put up almost no resistance at all, the movement soon gained lots of support in high ranking officials of the government, it is not yet known how this movement will turn out.

Prelude to War[]

3 months after the False Home Movement began to spread a major event occurred in witch the Kings son Mikranor was assassinated by the False Home Movement. The Police have been arresting all who are suspected to be involved with the False Home Movement leading to riots on multiple planets, there are also rumors that the False Home Movement has founded it's own military, and is building strength.


Map of Wanderer Space


The Wanderers have 678 ships all equipped with several fighters.