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Description Edit

This war tells of the final stage of the Vartekian's master plan. After years of waiting and biding their time the Vartekians finally decide to strike out against all who oppose them in their epic conquest to take control of the Allied nations. The War takes place during a time after war has already ravaged the different empires. It is a time when all opposing empires are still scared and weak from battle. Now it will take all their strength to defeat the cancer that has slowly bided it's time, The Vartekian War has begun.

In this war there will be limited use of super weapons, They will only be permitted near the end of the war. The battles will be fought in space (fleets, and war ships, fighters.. etc), ground (Tanks, infantry, mechs... etc) , underwater and in the air (Submarines, drones, battle ships, fighter planes, dog fights similar to space... etc). Most of all have fun! and don't take anything personally :P if you are choosing to attack another race, you can contact the person you are attacking telling them you are attacking them... and then thats all you need to say. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me on my talk page.--Richardson72 22:46, December 15, 2010 (UTC)

This fiction has been created by Richardson72

Participants Edit

If you want to join sign here, the name of the race entering then alert me before adding your side :) anyone is allowed to join. When you join up feel free to write your name.


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Introduction Edit

Many years have passed since the first appearance of the Vartekians. Many wars where fought and many more died. The Vartekians used this chaos to their advantage, secretly they formed deals and alliances around the universe building their forces and biding their time. Now It was right to strike. The Allies suspicion was always present but nobody looked into the Vartekian's business. Everyone was distracted by war and events that occurred politically at every corner.Soon the Vartekians would make their first strike. Their goal was not to take over the universe... no it was much to early... and a conventional war is a lost cause... thus the secret operations began. The Vartekians would secretly intercept enemy territory killing anyone who witnessed them. All who found out where killed. They now had influence from every corner. It was finally time to launch the full scale attack.

Week 1 Edit

The Vartekians launch their first attack.

The Attack Begins Edit

Spore 2010-12-09 16-28-03

Like a storm it spread chaos and destruction. It was quick, the few who lived to see it now traumatized. Across the Gigaquadrent the Vartekians struck. It almost seemed to come out of nowhere. Secret Vartekian legions erupted from the ground of allied planets quickly overwhelming any resistance. Explosions and screams rippled through the skies. Citizens ran franticly amongst the city as buildings and homes around them where disintegrated. Vartekian robots marched through the cities shooting plasma bolts in every direction. Few where spared, some abducted brought aboard slave ships that would not be taking them to sanctuary. The first few colonies attacked where quickly conquered, leaving billions dead or injured. Like a storm it left behind a trail of misery and fear that would soon reach the attention of the Allies.

Kralgon Intervention Edit

The New Kralgon Empire heard of this war through the DCP. when they heard the Vatekians had a huge plan, they rushed in to help their allies, to repay for the Vartekains' help in the Second Ottzello Galactic War. The Kralgons arrived with a new, enormous starfleet... but also with the Loron.

Da Propa Big Boss Zr'Ahgloth had been waging one-man army fights against the Kralgons, to try and regain power of the Propa Big Loron Empire. However, the Kralgons used their system to keep the Loron in check, and eventually managed to capture the Boss. When the Kralgons heard from Voratah that Zr'Ahgloth owed him a favour, he was released, and told to lead his horde of Boyz to a new war... in return for the Loron's independence.

After this, many Kralgon and Loron forces joined with the Vartekian's, even if they weren't properly noted; the Kralgon managed to keep their true involvement hidden, and all the damage the Loron caused isn't fully accounted for, as the Kralgon's contacts kept this information hidden to others.

The UVF Fights Back Edit

Spore 2010-12-23 19-57-53

Vartekian ships battle against Ransyk's fleet.

Led by High Commander Ransyk B'Anlis, a UVF fleet of 14,000 retorted against the fierce Vartekian invasion. Ransyk designed a strategy to ensnare the ferocious Vartekian army in a Syplasma trap. He sent out 2,000 of his ships and the Vartekians took the bait. Led into a field of Syplasma stations, the immense fleet of the Vartekians realized what was happening just too late. They were caught in the Syplasma shield. Ransyk and his ships evacuated all civilians in the region that the Vartekians attacked. Unable to destroy the near unbreakable substance, the Vartekian fleet called for reinforcements, which were near. The second Vartekian fleet and Ransyk's armada battled, but soon it was obvious that the Vartekians' weapons were superior. Although they outnumbered the ruthless Vartekian forces, Ransyk and his ships were forced to retreat, but not without setting off a supernova. It completely enveloped the Vartekians trapped within the Syplasma, critically injuring the Vartekian unit deployed to Ramvelkys Galaxy.

Siege of Javan [1]Edit

Quadrantia Disorder 03

Vartekian Stingers disable the USS Divide and two other Rambo Nation ships

The colonie of Javan, the capitol of Rambo Nation her Outer Colonial Sector came under attack by the dreaded General Zijika of the Vartekian Empire. A bold move, he chose Javan as his prime target to show the Nation and there allies it was a serious matter and the Vartekian should be feared.

And Zijika's plan was a succes. While sending two Vartekian Stingers to investigate they soon crippled the USS Divide of Captain Ramirrking and various other ships who had to flee the battlescene. As of how they were so easily defeated? The Vartekian's are members of the G8 and the captains saw no reason to raise shields. A great mistake.

Soon the two Vartekian Stingers managed to land on the surface of Javan near Javan City and a Vartekian Elite managed to put up small camp. While the Rambo Nation forces defended themselves valiantly, it was in vain as Vartekian reinforcements arrived in person of General Zijika and they disabled the Anti Space Cannon and a Serindia Mobile Tank. Now with those gone the way was open to the Mobile Command Center, which had arrived by a present Caradhras Class. Whith reinforcements the Elite was able to take over the Command Center and defeat or capture all Rambo Nation soldiers present.

Quadrantia Disorder 03-01

Vartekian forces battle Rambo Nation mobile suite droids

With the way open to Javan City, the city was plundered and the citizens fled in panick or tried to hide in there already burning houses as the Rambo Nation spacefleet present at Javan was forced to withdraw to nearby colonies. As the Elite led his troopers to the city, they managed to arrive at the Senatorial Office and disposed two Seven Starr Serindia Soldiers. Now the Elite faced Captain Ramborwski who led the hastly defence. The Serindia was sad, Javan had fallen so quickly, his beloved home and could only wonder why the Vartekian's attacked. The Elite simply replied he was following orders but Ramborwski could not respond back as he was brutally killed from behind by General Zijika. Happily the General complemented the Elite on his victory over Javan.

Shorlty after the battle, the General left Javan and gave command to fortify the colonie to another Vartekian Officer. Though Javan fell in mere hours, one could only wonder how strong the defences of Rambo Nation really are. And with the loss of a foremost and promising captain the situation was far worser then anyone wanted to admit. Was it mere luck or a bold move by the Vartekians? And most important, how will Rambo Nation react to the occupation of Javan?

The Iteok Prepare for the Attack (29/12/401 KRE) Edit

Zavrhos watches a DCP Channel which shows the Vartekians attacking a UVF Colony. Zavrhos, having heard of the Vartekians before, launched a transmission to Toragh 9, the ruler of the Iteok.

Zavrhos - "Hello, my lord. I, Zavrhos Rhokeaarrh, the descended, am planning to claim a Vartekian planet. I heard they were super strong, so if we take 1 planet from them, everyone will worship the Khereg!"
Toragh 9 - "You never cease to amaze me. I am only giving you 1 million of our ships for now, because we're in a kind of defensive stance. No worries, everything's fine."
Zavrhos - "Good. That's all I need. Enhough for 2-3 Colonies, I assume."
Toragh 9 - "Bring the terridorians too, they're loyal to us."
Zavrhos - "Good idea."

1 day later, on the way to Andromeda Edit

300000 Iteok Ships + 200000 from the Terridor Federation head on their way to andromeda, towards the Vartekian Empire. They discussed how to claim one of the colonies, as the Hakonian Terridorians had sent a scout to check out a Vartekian Planet, before it was destroyed.

33S990 - "They have many turrets, about 25-30. Very well defended. My suggestion - launch nuclear weapons. May damage the buildings, but it's easier to claim the colony this way. They also have war satellites, which we can nuke them, and nice infantry, though repeatedly hitting them with wide lasers from your ships should eliminate most of them. Our robot warriors will take care of the rest."
Zavrhos - "I hope this doesn't fail... We will strike on New Year."
8EUI - "Isn't that when Lezia's messed up child is born? She repeatedly tells us about it."
Zavrhos - "Heh! We'll name the 2nd Colony we take "Kezorhaad" after him! Ha!"

And so, they prepare for the attack. But what will the vartekians have within their sleeves?

Shillite Forces Are Mustered Edit

General Lord Dth'Sherral overlooks his command from the bridge of Boruth's Pride, a six kilometer long Discord Class Star Destroyer. The flagship of the shillite fleet that will soon be deployed to assist their newlyfound Vartekian allies in their campaign. The fleet is small compared to some of the other fleets that will participate int he war but it still is posses the firepower and manpower to seize and occupy dozens of colonies. Dth'Sherral was most pleased...

The Iteok Attack (01/00/402 KRE) Edit

The Iteok Allied fleet arrived at the Vartekian Colony's System, but before they could enter the Planet's Athmosphere, the Satellites began attacking them, destroying many of their ships at once.

Zavrhos - "FIRE THE NUKES!"

The Iteok fire the Nuclear weapons at the War satellite, but it took 2 of them to fully destroy it. Then, they took care of the other 4, having lost 30000 Ships.

33S990 - "Hmmm, can we really take this colony? Ok, move into the athmosphere, renember, these turrets may take 2 nukes to destroy them!"

The Iteok Allied fleet entered the Athmosphere of the Vartekian Planet, and as a surprise, Zavrhos's ship was shot down by the city's turrets. Zavrhos crashes near the city, but is mostly unharmed, because of his descension.

Zavrhos - "I would have died... But no matter. I'm taking the turrets out myself!" *He sees a nuclear blast destroying the turret, and he withstands the blast waves* "Hmph."

The Iteok Allied Fllet kept destroying Turret after turret, but the Turrets destroyed many after many. Eventually, the vartekian War robots fire at the ships, bringing some down. They used wide lasers to deal with the robots, but they took a lot of damage before only some were destroyed.

Kien - "Launch our Robots."

A Big, grey box was dropped near the city, and it opened, revealing 50000 war robots ready to fight the Vartekian war robots, though the Terridorian war robots were at a big disadvantage, missiles from the spaceships were helping the Terridorian War robots. Zavrhos decided to join the fight, and fabricated a sword out of dark energy, before descending to a height of 20ft. Zavrhos broke some robots's necks, some others, he slashed them. This tiny fight went on a stalemate, with both sides's robots destroyed. but more Vartekian war Robots came. Zavrhos fought them while going to the Vartekian factory. By destroying the Generator inside it with his bare hands, it exploded. The Iteok allied fleet took care of the other factories with more nukes.

Zavrhos - "Got Factory 1."
Kien - "Actually, that was factory 3, we took out the other 5. BUT THERE'S STILL ABOUT 2 MILLION OF THOSE DAMN ROBOTS HERE!"
Zavrhos - "Nuke them. Go ahead, we can do labor to build us a proper colony, can we?"

And so, nuclear warheads blew half of the Vartekian war robots, until they were out of Nukes.

33S990 - "We're out of Nuclear warheads... Let's go with Regular missiles."

The missiles, lasers, and other weaponry took hours to eliminate most of the Vartekian Robots, the Iteok Allied fleet lost 420000 of his ships by the time they got rid of every turret and every robot.

Zavrhos - *In a plain, seeing a broken Vartekian City* "We did it..."

Zavrhos was beamed up back to the Terridorian Mothership, where Colonist ships were called from the Iteok Khereg to the Colony, in order to start building Buildings and Cities. They named the Colony "Varterh".

Kien - "They were tough! Ok, let's come back within 7 days for the next colony, ok?"
Zavrhos - "Allright."

Zavrhos waited for the colonists to arrive to make the Planet an Iteok Planet. This will be the 3rd Galaxy the Iteok have colonies in.

The Cult Edit

Angazhar awoke. He felt something that was not right. The Vartekians were at war with their former allies who aided in the Xhodocto's defeat. He felt that it was an opportunity to secure relations with the outside world. He lifted from his throne and walked over to Hez'Kalka, almost asleep where he stood. He looked at Kalka with discontent. Kalka looked at him with fear.

"The Vartekians are at war. See to it that they succeed in their endeavors or they will face their destruction. And I will make sure that they will win. Do not use anything out of the ordinary. Keep it conventional. Otherwise things here will become more than conventional".

Hez'Kalka left immediately. With some of the Xhodocto's older ships, he amassed his fleet to fight alongside the Vartekians. Angazhar smiled in confidence that the Cult will improve their influence, and with the Vartekians at their side, who could fight back?

Of course, the Cult were not alone. They would have to try their best not to invoke the Xhodocto's anger. Otherwise this war would be short.

Example 1 Edit

Votarah carefully examined the war reports. He grinned turning to face General Zijika who returned the grin with a bow from his head. "I commend you on your victory General. It seems I have underestimated your abilities." "Thank you Admiral, The Rambo are bold fighters but even rocks like them can crack under the right amount of force." Votarah nodded in agreement switching on a hologram as he did so. "Do you recognize these pests?" General Zijika shook his head. "These are the Iteok... it seems they have taken down on of our outer colonies. Fortunately they made the mistake of not blocking the communications... we received word quickly that they are moving on to another planet not far from here." "What are your orders Admiral?" Votarah to face the hologram. "Hunt them down... make an... appropriate example of them..." General Zijika bowed and turned to leave. "it will be done..." Votarah nodded, "Good".

Back by the Iteok ships Zavrhos sat back in his seat. In his hand a cup of exotic space beer. "Another glass for a job well done men!" The ship lit up in laughter. One of the men sighed and chuckled to himself "Man i can't believe we pulled that off!" Zavrhos turned to face him. "Anythings possible, besides their probably looking at the mess we left behind and thinking-" "BOOM!!!!" - "What i the blazes was that!?!" Kien rushed in. "Sir they came out of know where and gunning down our -BOOM!!!- Fighters! we're dropping like flies!" Zavrhos jolted up drawing his blaster, "How'd they find us?" before kien could answer a spray of plasma bolts careened through the room like a horde of wasps. Zavrhos returned fire gunning down the first few Vartekian robots that entered the room. Suddenly a larger Vartekian dressed in blue armor leaped into the room. In a flash the Vartekian flipped up a dagger from his wrist and slaughtered the first few shoulders. Zavrhos instinctively ducked as the Vartekians dagger wizzed through the air just missing him. Adrenalin began to rush through Zavrhos as he leapt at the large Vartekian slamming him to the ground. The Vartekian delivered a powerful kick sending Zavrhos into a wall. the Vartekian staggered to it's feet pointing a blaster at Zavrhos. he closed his eyes waiting for the lethal blow. Suddenly a mechanical being jumped out grabbing the Vartekian wrist. It was General Zijika, "Halt! The Admiral wants him alive!!!" with that the General walked toward Zavrhos and slammed him unconscious.

When he awoke Zavrhos opened his eyes. To his horror he found himself in a blood stained field. His wrists where bound and he has a splitting headache. Surrounding him where the body parts of his men scattered around him like broken toys. Behind him was a camera which recorded him as he screamed in anger. Votarah watched it grinning. "Broadcast this across all channels... title it... example 1."

The Kraw Galaxy's reaction Edit

All across the Kraw Galaxy, people had their programs interrupted and they were getting the broadcast of Zavrhos shouting Iteok swear words in the blood stained field. Most of them turned off their TVs. Others recorded it. Toragh 9 was worried, but he knew Zavrhos could not die, as he was descended. Valxarx, President of the Terridor Federation, was at shock. The FRA Asgord thought it was a prank. Ko'han was shocked. The Tahars just laughed. The Kraw were curious, and the KGGC could simply not care. Zavrhos wondered what was going to happen to him next...

Out of the corner Edit

The Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets had been almost forgotten about during the recent events. The DCP allowed them to survive long enough to track down the mysterious dissapearence of Demon Warlord Tricarrion. However, there was no sign, and the MSP's days had grown shorter. But recently, due to activities of the Quantumhorde, Xhodocto and meeting Truly Alien cultures, the DCP had largely been distracted.

But then, there was the anomaly at Spore Henge and the data excursion from the SSA database. No one would have believed, that the the anomaly had great significance in the MSP's destiny. Finally, on the eve of the Vartekian war, the DCP decided to excecute every person of every age in the MSP on charge of rebellion. A DCP fleet was sent to do the job.

But when they arrived in MSP space, they were surprised to find they were confined to one world no longer. They had obviously been aided. They now had regained their colonies, and ships with seemingly DCP design, had bulked their fleet.

This is Captain Shuur of Iron Hammer. Stand down your weapons and prepare to die in the name of the Emperor, our true leader, not your traitorous demon. Face death and torture with dignity, the final acts of your lives shall not be wimpy, dishonouring those of us you killed.

- Captain Shuur

Oh really? I'm afraid, things will not go as planned. Captain, you should run back to your space.

- Fleet Commander Glonkorr

So, your call yourself a Fleet Commander? Bold statement. <Communications officer>Sir, perhaps you should look at this monitor, the DCP is under attack! <Captain Shuur>What? How...

- Captain Shuur

As he looked at Glonkorr in surprise, Glonkorr roared in a mad, bloodthirsty laughter, phlem from his throat hit the screen. But it was not the only thing, seconds later, a yellow-white blob of strange matter hit Captain Shuur's ship in command, and ate through the shields and hull, through the screen and into Shuur's face itself. At that moment, somehow, perhaps a teleporter malfunction on Shuur's ship, more strange matter was beamed into the fleet, destroying the lot.

Captain Glonkorr sat back, and clicked his joints. The MSP was back, they had a powerful new ally. The DCP was under attack as well, a light one at the first, but the first of many. He contacted the Vartekians and Cult. The MSP had aligned. Glonkorr sipped his blood brandy. This would be fun.

The Meeting Edit

Lieutenant Admiral Benjamin Zeta XII was looking outside into space aboard the New Alexandria, everything was fine since the end of Christmas week, until the BNSC heard about the Vartekian war. The BNSC heard they were planning an evil attack. Benjamin then walked down, onto the main floor of the bridge, facing his chair. They were down on mostly all defences and weapons aboard the New Alexandria, because their Artificial Intelligence, BNSC AI 2326060 aka Epsilon, was in the repair shop, so they had to fire and defend the ship manually.

Benjamin - "Commander, launch our Jets."

Commander - "Yes sir."

So they all watched the BNSC Jets launched and left and explore the Vartekian-controlled space. Then Benjamin whispered to himself.

Benjamin - "Maybe they don't see us."

But then one of the BNSC Jets were destroyed by an satellite.

Benjamin - "Damnit, Commander, sent our Sabres and deploy our defences now."

Commander - "Yes sir."

Benjamin then sat in his chair and then hoped that they would survive, since they don't have their AI.

Attack on the Republic Edit

Vartekian Attack!

Two Vartekian Cruisers attack the Judicator.

The viewscreen on the bridge of the Republic Star Destroyer, Judicator clicked on as the huge destroyer entered normal space. The small red star of Nuaí barely lit up the dark void of the system. The doors on the bridge parted as Captain Fidaí entered the room, the officers saluted their commanding officer, who gave a weak return salute. Hmmm... perhaps command was wrong, I can see no unusual activity.

Wait, ma'am. I am picking up an intrasystem jump called an officer.

The captain clenched and unclenched his jaw. She clicked the intercom. General quarters, all hands to battle stations! This is not a drill!

Suddenly, the collision alarm sounded, Brace for impact! Captain Fidaí bellowed. Three ships appeared three thousand kilometers off the Judicator's prow. They were a sleek design with a dark black colorization, tiny lights winked on and off along its hull. Vartekian ships! Fidaí said as she involuntarily backed away from the holo screen.

They do not look friendly an officer said with worry.

Arm turbolasers A through F at once! shouted Fidaí. Yes sir! Firing solution found reported the executive officer. Fire! shouted the captain.

Space around the ships lit up, as the Vartekians quickly approached. The turbolasers on the Judicator successfully hit their target. The smallest Vartekian ship, a frigate, was hit directly, the shields flashed, once, twice and disappeared, the third laser directly penetrated the hull, gutting the ship. The frigate listed to one side, columns of fire appeared all across the small ship. Fidaí smiled, A victory. However, two of the much larger cruisers approached the Judicator at full speed.

We need reinforcements growled Fidaí. The Judicator couldn't repel the fire power from both of the approaching behemoths. Retreat!, she snarled. But we will be back...

Blade to Blade Edit

On one of the Vartekians' outpost words, strange seismographic activity was occuring. The ground split along a major fault line, right underneath a Vartekian base, the installation disappearing as if swallowed by the hungry world. The Vartekians in the other bases activated their defence robots, as they prepared for what they knew was coming. Sure enough, above the planet acid green portals opened in the sky, each looking like the eye of an angry god whose gaze had turned to a doomed world. From the portal came fleets of ships sent by the Council of Blades. Fordan, Vyendan and Solarian vessels led the vanguard of the attack, followed by ships of the ten other member races. As they made planetfall, the Knight Commander leading the attack activated an open channel, speaking directly though every audio system in the fleet.

Remember, this is no more than a retaliatory strike, to warn the Vartekians of the consequences of their actions. Any harm is to be avoided, disarm them wherever possible. We aren't here to spill blood, only to wound pride.

- Fordan Knight Commander

As the dropships entered orbit, Solarians launched out of their pheonix transports, using their powerful wings to hold themselves aloft, providing covering fire for the other transports. However, no Vartekian ships moved to intercept them. As it happened, the Commander chose to attack just after a Vartekian fleet had left the world, leaving few ships to its defence. So, the Solarians swooped down and attacked the defence turrets firing on the dropships. Dozens of craft were lost to the Vartekians' unerring anti-aircraft fire, but over 90% of the ships got through to make planetfall. Vyendans possessed the native wildlife, driving them into a frenzy and directing them toward the Vartekians. The Vyendans were saddened as the creatures all died to disciplined heavy weapons fire, but were consoled to know that they died for a purpose.

The battle continued in this way, the Council's forces attacking and being repelled, until a technomagos from the Iron Systems brought his squad's heavy weaponry to bear. In the face of these massive guns, so large that most living organisms could not carry them, let alone fire, one of the central bastions cracked asunder. Fordan Si'La'Ko knight squads and groups of Kra'Dion Anakoma swarmed into the breach, knocking the Vartekians unconscious and disarming them. The battle raged in the depths of the bunker network for hours, as Fordans and Vartekians fought blade to blade, many warriors on both sides taking injuries. Eventually though, the Fordans began to gain the upper hand, as the defence turrets were disabled by the technomagos' EMP cannon and more Fordan warriors could land directly on the roofs of the bunkers. Eventually Fordans began to phase-in to the bunkers themselves. The Vartekians put up a hell of a fight, though in the end the battle could only go one way.

In the aftermath of the battle, every Vartekian was rounded up and loaded onto a cruiser, and sent back to the nearest Vartekian colony. The planet they had held was systematically scoured by Solarian lasers, the pinpoint attacks efficiently eradicating every bunker and machine. Vyendans then deployed planetside, terraforming the world back into the lush green paradise it had once been. With their work complete, the forces of the Council of Blades retreated back ot the Ko'Sa'Va galaxy to rest, rearm and replace lost soldiers.

The Kingdom joins the allies! Edit

Lord Zorn'Jo was given an order by the king of the Doriaca to patrol the other sector of Quadrant 82 because resents reports showed increased fleet active around the whole Quadrant galaxies sector. Zorn'Jo and his patrol, codenamed 'Nova 3' was about ready to end their mission and head back home when something unexpected happened- an ambush!
The ambush

Vartenkian ships ambush the Kingdom patrol.

Lord Zorn'Jo's ship, (An Iron Clad class) the 'Star Gem' was hit first but luckily it's shields held. The two Zonic Gunboats was destroyed quickly and one of the Titan classes suffered a critical hit. The skirmish lasted only a few minutes before Zorn'Jo gave the order to fire the Star Gem's super-laser at one of the Vartekian ships. Shorty after charging the super-laser fired a pure beam of energy at one of the Vartekian ships, ripping it in half. After that the other Vartekian ship retreated and so did what was left of the Doriaca Kingdom patrol.

Back at Kingdom space Lord Zorn'Jo reported what happened to the royal council. Soon after the Doriaca Kingdom signed a war treaty against the Vartekian Empire and prepared their full military might for war. The Kingdom was ready for war and eager to fight such worthy opponents such as the Vartekian on the field of battle.

Settling on Varterh (03/00/402 KRE) Edit

The colonists arrived at the planet they conquered, only to find out Zavrhos was missing and many of the crew was dead.

Colonist Rhatos - "Grrrr... Stupid Vatekians..."

But the colonists did not have time. They sent out 234000 robot workers to start building a city in the colony. The Colonists gave them the supplies to make buildings, houses, a stadium, facilities, everything a city needs. Some robots malfunctioned - They were destroyed. But the new crew that arrived, in a new mothership, had more to worry about...

Knol - "Where's Zavrhos??? Without him we can't keep conquering!"
Rhtarhorh - "SHUT UP, TERRIDAN! The mighty Iteok Khereg has taken many planets without descension, and that's what we will do in 5 days, just wait!!!"
Knol - "But this empire is diffrent, not like the Kralgon..."
Rhtarhorh - "I wasn't named omnipotent for nothing! I may not be descended, but I will take another colony for the glory of the Khereg!"
03KJS - "We should rescue Zavrhos, wherever he is."
Rhtarhorh - "We will."

They wondered where Zavrhos was, as he was the strongest Iteok to have ever "lived".

Playing with your food Edit

The war was coming along as planned. The allies where starting to win a few battles and gaining confidence. Now to deal with the UVF who weakened the Ramvelkys Galaxy units. It was time to launch an attack purely for the purpose of degrading moral. Votarah turned to the mechanical being who stood behind him "General Zijika, It seems you have had another victory." "Yes sir." "Excellent, your next mission will be a bit longer. A UVF injured an invasion force near the Ramvelkys galaxies." "Take an invasion force and take them out." General Zijika bowed to leave. "It will be done Admiral." Votarah turned around "I know".

Back at the Ramvelkys High commander Ransyk B'Anlis and their fleet retreated already pursued by the surviving Vartekian ships who ruthlessly flew after them. Plasma blasts flew between the two fleets as they neared and then drifted away. Suddenly the Vartekian fleet chasing them stopped short. The High commander watched quizzically as the Vartekian fleet seemed to have stopped to a halt. One of the pilots turned around anxiously. "Sir, we have a situation on our hands...." Ransyk turned around to face the pilot. Thats when he saw it, The hulking Vartekian fleet emerging from a large portal right in front of them. Suddenly a transmission booted up. It was General Zijika. "Greetings, It seems you have succeeded in weakening our invasion fleet.... no matter.... you will not escape this one Commander..." With that the screen switched off. The screen switched off and then rebooted as a symbol of a vartekian skull appeared. One of the pilots shot up like a fizzling soda pop. "Sir!!! all weapon systems are off line!!!!" Ransyk ran to the controls. The Vartekians had implanted a virus via transmission. "what happened to our fire walls!?!" the pilot shrugged. "Sir... communication systems are down... and all engines are none responding... we're sitting ducks Commander..." Ransyk watched as the Vartekian ships crept near. "Men, head to the escape pods!" it was to late. Vartekian plasma bolts whirled past the ships sending explosions rippling through the UVF fleet. "Can you activate the super nova?" the pilot looked up "Only manually sir..." Ransyk wasted no time as he bolted for the cockpit door. Before he could reach for the handle the door blasted open. General Zijika stepped in snatching Ransyk and grabbing him by the neck as he lifted him off his feet. General Zijika grinned. "It seems you've been quite a trouble... luckily for you Votarah wants you alive..." Ransyk spat in the Generals face. "So that he can do what he did to Zavrhos???" The General whipped the saliva off his face. "No, but you'll see quite soon..." With that the General slammed Ransyks face into the ship monitor knocking him unconscious.

Ransyk's Capture Edit

Ransyk opened his eyes. He was in a small, grey room, made out of a hard metal. 2 small cameras watched him, hidden well in the ceiling, but Ransyk saw them. His weapons were nowhere to be found, and he had been stripped down to the light cloth he wore under his armor. Suddenly there was a click, and the door slid open. In front of him stood a tall and fierce-looking Vartekian. He was dressed in traditional Vartekian armor and right away Ransyk knew it was Admiral Votarah, fearless warrior of the Vartekian Empire. Ransyk knew about Votarah, as any sensible person did. Votarah glanced down at Ransyk. "So, you're the one who defeated most of that fleet? Well, our pilots must be getting dumber. Outsmarted by a mere captain of Veatrex Federation," boomed Votarah. His voice echoed around the walls of the chamber. "I'm a High Commander, Admiral. Surely you know how important ranks are," spat Ransyk. He had a headache from being slammed into a monitor, and even thinking hurt. Votarah let go a deep chuckle. "True, Ransyk, true. And I must admit, if you were able to trap that fleet so easily, you must be quick-witted. And you know that it would be near impossible to escape from this secure facility. So I'll make a deal. You tell me some information about the UVF, and I'll let you go safe and sound. That sounds great, doesn't it?"

Spore 2010-12-24 21-46-12

Votarah walks into Ransyk's cell.

Ransyk smiled with hate. "You think I'm a traitor to my people? You are very much mistaken, Admiral." Votarah sighed. "Well, Commander, if you want to do this the hard way." He whistled, and 2 immense Vartekian guards entered the room. "Seize him," commanded Votarah. The two soldiers lunged themselves at Ransyk, but he was quicker than that. He did a back flip and jumped off the wall, cutting his handcuffs with the Lightning Striker of one of the soldiers, who stumbled into the wall. He coughed and spat, a small explosive flying out of his mouth. "Goodbye," said Ransyk, and he jumped in the air, only to be caught by one of the soldiers. Votarah dove to the ground as the explosive blew. When the smoke cleared, both soldiers were dead, but Votarah and Ransyk were alive on the ground. Ransyk's foot was bleeding from the soldier's grasp, and his left leg was burnt, but Votarah had escaped unscathed. "Impressive," admitted Votarah. "But not enough." He grabbed Ransyk and dragged him down the hallway.

Rescuing the Stranded one (03/00/402 KRE) Edit

Some Hakonian (A Race of the Terridor Federation) Scientists analyze the Example 1 Video, and they figured out that there were coordinates in the Video. Only they were in Vartekian. They spent days trying to translate the Coordinates, until on 03/00/402 KRE, a Hakonian came back with a Vartekian-English book. All they needed now was an English-KUL book. There was one on a shelf. They found the coordinates, which were not far off from Varterh. That's where Zavrhos was. The Scientists contacted the Iteok Allied mothership.

Scientist 8J2NN - "Found the coordinates. They can be seen on your screen."
3rd in command RZVRT - "Thank you. I will retrieve the descended Overlord myself."
Knol - "Say what? What if Vartekians come to destr-"
8J2NN - "No enemies near the planet. You can retrieve him safely."
RZVRT - "Thank you. I will depart on my own, NOBODY FOLLOW ME."
Knol - "You want his respect, don't you?"
RZVRT - "Nah. It's something far more serious..."

RZVRT Flew his personal ship into the World where Zavrhos was laying down. In the control center, aside him was some signup papers for Secret Story Kraw Galaxy Season 2, a Kraw Galaxy Reality Show. He wrote on the secrets field "I rescued Zavrhos Rhokeaarrh". His first job was finished, now to actually rescue him. He spotted the field where Zavrhos was, destroyed the Camera and beamed Zavrhos up.

Zavrhos - "Thanks- Wow, a Hakonian, I am pleased to hear my allies care so much about me."
RZVRT - "Heh. Let's get you back to our mothership. We missed you."

They both left, back to Varterh. Zavrhos was ready for the next conquest. However he has no idea his anger in Example 1 is the latest meme of the Kraw Galaxy Video Database Community.

Ransyk's Escape Edit

After being dragged down the hallway, a surgery had taken place. A bomb has been implanted in the nostrils of Ransyk. He was now back in the cell room, with 2 sets of handcuffs now. Ransyk, bored out of his mind, fell asleep. He hadn't gotten any since before the retaliation of the UVF.

He awoke as the door to his room opened. Four Sylit Espionage Agents stood in front of him, wearing light, black armor and their agency helmets. "Are you Ransyk?" asked one of them. Ransyk, too tied to respond verbally, nodded his head. "C'mon," said the agent. Rasnyk was helped up by two of them, and he followed them out. The dead bodies of several Vartekian guards laid around the room, most with small darts in their necks. "Hurry, they'll be more soon!" exclaimed a Sylit. Ransyk and the agents ran through a bland hallway, painted red and gray. As they approached an archway, 2 Vartekians stepped in front of them. "Where do you think YOU'RE going?" said one of the Vartekian soldiers. "BEHIND YOU!" screamed Ransyk, pointing past the soldiers. They looked behind them, a fatal mistake. Already the Sylits and Ransyk were on them. Within half a minute, the Vartekians laid lifeless. "We need to get out of here," said a Sylit. As they ran for the door, a familiar figure entered the room. "Leaving so soon?" asked Votarah with a smile. "Are you insulting my hospitality?" Each of the agents shot a dart from their high-tech gauntlets, but Votarah was too quick. He slashed with his blade and deflected the small bolts.

Votarah rushed at them at full speed, unsheathing his gun and shooting a quick range of bullets. Ransyk barrel rolled and dodged them, then picked up a lightning striker from a fallen Vartekian soldier. Ransyk smiled slyly. He knew Krutanie Meca, a sword style invented by Emperor Aturox. He dashed at Votarah. They clashed repeatedly, neither gaining the upper hand. Ransyk faked a slash downwards, then attacked upwards. It cut into Votarah's armor, but only left a shallow cut in his skin. Votarah grabbed Ransyk's sword handle and threw it away. "A valiant effort! Oh, and don't think I've forgotten about you little spies, either." Votarah turned just in time to block the blades of the Sylit agents. He kicked one into the wall and grabbed the other one by the neck. He snapped it and turned to another. He brought up his blade, but he was thrown to the ground by a kick from Ransyk. Ransyk jumped on top of him while he was down. "Get out of the building!" he yelled to the agents. "I'll be right behind you." 3 of the four agents got up and stumbled through the door. The other one lay on the ground with a broken neck, obviously dead. Ransyk elbowed Votarah in the back of the head. Votarah managed to grab and Ransyk, who he threw into the ground. Ransyk scrambled up. "See ya. Thanks for the fun," said Ransyk with a sly smile. He ran down the hallway.

As Votarah got up, a beeping sound started near his ear. He looked down to see the bomb that had been implanted in Ransyk's nose. "How the hell..." asked Votarah, just as the beeping suddenly stopped. It exploded, throwing Votarah into the air. "That damn fox!" screamed the Admiral.

The True wrath of Votarah Edit

Votarah watched as his captive escaped. He shrugged, "We will meet again..." with that he turned and walked back into the darkness of the Vartekian fortress. The Admiral had other things to attend to. A few days ago the Fordan warriors had attacked a Vartekian colony. They made the mistake of keeping the soldiers alive.

Votarah soon arrived on planet Cabona. The sun was starting to set now as a blood red color filled the courtyard around him. Votarah took his seat on a throne like chair. Commence the recording Votarah muttered. The beaten slaves rushed quickly setting up the recording device. Votarah stared into the camera as the transmission began. The opposite screen flashed as the face of a Fordan knight appeared on the screen. "Greetings Fordan," the knight simply nodded then asked calmly "What is it you want Vartekian?" Votarah grinned. "A few days ago your men took down one of our colonies... although none of my men where killed you succeeded in damaging our pride... however, it seems we will make things even, by destroying something you might find very valuable." Votarah flipped the camera so it looked out upon the courtyard. The Fordan gasped in horror. Lined up on their knees where a large group of Fordan families, those of the soldiers that fought a few days back. "Stop this!!!" We returned your men alive!!!" The Fordan shouted frantically. "They killed themselves anyway... they could not stand the shame..." Votarah raised his hand and clutched it in a fist. The Fordan knight could only watch helplessly as Vartekian cleaners began skinning the families alive. "Why must you do this!?! Even as the Fordan said this he knew the answer. For it was the ancient primal nature of the Vartekians. "They shall die with their honor intact." Votarah muttered into the camera. The Fordan looked away as the children too where skinned. "You monsters... you god damn MONSTERS!!!!" Votarah grinned but the Fordan could sense the hidden anger beneath it. "For both are sakes... NEVER draw a blade to us again... i would really despise doing this again... believe me." The Fordan slammed his fist on his ship monitor. "Your just like the rest of your kind...." Votarah knelt toward the camera. "War brings out the worst of all of us... you have now seem my second face Fordan... NEVER forget it."

A First Time for Everything Edit

Xanatos Breek, a Zazane classed as a Vartekian citizen and Votorah's apprentice, stood with a Vartekian assault rifle in his hand, a Vartekian blade on his belt and a knife on his shoulder. With him were many Vartekian vehicles such as tanks, jets, aerial scouts, etc. Also with him were many more soldiers. Xanatos was leading them to victory on the desert planet of Lysor. Not far away was a base that was being ran by BNSC workers. The base was being used to harvest minerals. Xanato, determination in his eye, raised his right arm and fired his gun. The soldiers and vehicles sprang into action, speeding across the desert towards the base. Two kamikazes flew into the sky and sped towards the heavily-guarded base. Xanatos saw explosions near the entrance of the base. He smiled a devilish smile before climbing on the side of a tank and enjoying the ride. Of course, BNSC forces started to fire on them. No casualties yet. Grenades were thrown at the entrance, killing or injuring the guards. The Vartekian soldiers stormed through, trampling the injured guards.

Xanatos did not join his soldiers, who have been ordered to kill all BNSC soldiers they see. Instead, Xanatos was searching the mining station. He walked through some automatic doors and cocked his gun. Xanatos then walked across the metal floor, looking over the rail at his right to see a huge hole with several mining vehicles inside it. Xanatos chuckled before looking ahead and running. BDSTs fired their guns at Xanatos, who threw an advanced Vartekian grenade. The grenade went off, unleashing a large explosion. Xanatos, thinking the area was free of hostiles, was suddenly jumped on by a BDST. The BDST was on his back, trying to wrestle him. Xanatos, a glimmer in his eyes, threw the BDST over his shoulder and over the railing, the BDST plunging to his death. Xanatos watched as his victim fell to the dark bottom, blood splattering over the area and the body almost completely destroyed. Xanatos turned and jumped onto the nearby platform. No hostiles were in the area, so Xanatos approached two automatic doors and walked inside the base, expecting an unwanted greeting.

Safe passage Edit

Despite the fact, the DCP was now an automatic enemy of the Vartekians again, the DCP still had to deal with the Quantumhorde in the galaxies they invaded. The DCP had apparently found a way, at least they thought, to defeat the Horde, and with the help of the Taldar, in a desperate attempt to destroy them. However, in Andromeda there was one big problem, it was a major galaxy of the Vartekians who had just began their war.

Luckily, the DCP was able to strike a deal. If the Quantumhorde were allowed to survive, they would possibly destroy either side of the war, disrupting the activities of both. "Wargames", could resume after, and that is what both warrior societies wanted, after eithers spilled blood. The Vartekians being an intelligent race let them through, escorted without incident. For it not, without the crucial battle, this war would have soon been ruined.

But the DCP stuck to their word too. Wargames resumed immediatly. A DCP fleet comprised of Assunder Bowships had shifted to a MSP/Varrtekian joint colony in the Large Magellanic Cloud. After thanking the Vartekians fopr their wise descision broadcasted across their space, the fleet dephased right above the MSP/Vartekian colony and destroyed it in a single shot. Some ships were cloaked, while others phased around the turrets, looking solid, the turrets trained on the phased ships fired, but the weapons passed through, while a cloaked ship charged an antimatter weapon. However, it was a minor loss, one that was simply a conference planet for the MSP and Vartekians. But the message was clear:

"Thank you for your temporary truce, but war must now resume..."

NDE Edit

Xanatos, after reloading his assualt rifle, walked through the automatic doors. He was right when he predicted an unwelcome greeting. A large group of BDSTs surrounded Xanatos. "Well, what are you waiting for?" Aren't you going to kill me?" questioned Xanatos. One BDST stepped forward and put his gun against Xanatos's head. "You are under arrest!" exclaimed the BDST. Xanatos let a smile escape, to confuse the BDSTs. "Why are you smiling, scum?" asked the BDST. Xanatos then laughed, confusing the BDSTs further. "Wait, you are laughing?! Stop it, now!" shouted the BDST. Xanatos quickly got his knife from his shoulder and slashed the BDST with it. Xanatos side-stepped, evading the late gunfire of the dying BDST. Xanatos turned to the other BDSTs, who were slightly surprised.

"Fire!!" one of them shouted. The BDSTs unleashed a powerful burst of gunfire upon Xanatos. Xanatos drew his sword, its blade acting as a shield. The reflected gunfire killed several BDSTs. Xanatos waited until the BDSTs needed to reload, which didn't take long. Xanatos let out a Vartekian battle cry before slashing away at the helpless BDSTs. Their blood splattered across the room. Xanatos avoided several shots of the fully-reloaded BDSTs before slaying them as well. Xanatos then ran to another pair of automatic doors, reaching another platform. He walked across a metal bridge, still in awe at the huge hole. Suddenly, a surprise attack came in the form of a miniature rocket. It was launched from a grenade launcher that was being carried by a BDST. The bridge exploded into flames and was torn apart,Xanatos only being able to grab on to a sturdy rock several meters downwards from where the attack was launched. Xanatos grabbed his knife and threw it upwards. Spinning like a throwing star, it slashed the BDST's throat by pure chance before falling back towards Xanatos. Xanatos grabbed it and put it back on his shoulder. The BDST's body fell down to the dark ground, dead before he reached the bottom. Xanatos sighed with relief, as he would live, for now.

One Battle Equals To Another Edit

Benjamin was looking at the Sabres from his bridge, he examined each one, and then saw them destroy one Vartekian satellite, then two more. The Sabres then turned around and headed towards the ship's dock, then New Alexandria got a transmission.

Commander - "Captain, there is a transmission from both BNSC frigates Halcyon and Sierra."

Benjamin - "Alright, turn it on."

Commander - "Yes sir."

Then the commander activated the transmission. Benjamin then sat on his chair and then faced the transmission.

Sierra Captain - "Greetings New Alexandria Captain, we have your AI on board and the Halcyon has came to assist you."

Halcyon Captain - "It's an honor to serve the BNSC commander."

Benjamin - "Thank you Halcyon, Sierra, can you send a team to come aboard the New Alexandria?"

Sierra Captain - "Yes captain."

Benjamin - "Thank you."

Sierra Captain - "You should be expecting them... now."

Halcyon Captain - "Sorry to interupt your conversation, but it looks like there are more satellites."

Sierra Captain - "Damn, Sierra, over and out."

Halcyon - "What do you want us to do sir?"

Benjamin - "Send your Sabres out now, we will send ours too."

Halcyon - "Yes sir."

Then the transmission ended, then a BNSC engineer came aboard the bridge and implanted the AI inside the AI socket, it took the AI seven minutes settle in. Then Epsilon turned on.

Epsilon - "Captain, would you like something?"

Benjamin - "Yes, could you please tell the Sabres to go?"

Epsilon - "On it."

Benjamin - "Oh, and can you turn the defences on please?"

Epsilon - "My pleasure."

Then the satellites neared the New Alexandria, Halcyon and Sierra, while all Sabres and the frigates tried to defend themselves. Then the satellites retreated, Benjamin then thought they won, but they came back with a stronger weapon.

Lysor Ambush Edit

As Xanatos attacked the Bearians, a TIAF fleet hovered overhead. On board the battleship USS Caigiancia was none other than Captain Lorrelas himself. He watched the carnage below via video feed.

"That's right, Xanatos," Lorrelas murmured. "Make yourself comfortable, that will make our job so much easier."

The pieces of the plan were falling in place. The TIAF fleet had managed to follow Xanatos without detection. Now, the Vartekian troops were exhausting themselves fighting the Bearians. Soon, the final piece would be placed.

Finally, after hours of waiting, Lorrelas gave the signal.

"Alright, battleships and fighters! You will follow closely behind the PSU (Pre-emptive Strike Unit) and you'll take down whoever the PSU missed," Lorrelas instructed. "Dropships, bring in the paratroopers after the anti-air defenses have been taken care of, and carrier ships, you'll reinforce the troops when we need you."

"Yes, commander!" the soldiers eagerly replied.

"Alright, then! Battle stations, everyone!"

As the PSU headed down to Lysor, the battleships and fighter followed closely behind, just as they were told. Lorrelas and the Main Strike Fleet jumped into their own spaceships and headed out of the Caigiancia.

"This just seems way too easy, Lorrelas," Lt. Samenor said over the comms.

"Well, then I guess that today is just our lucky day!" Lorrelas replied.

Soon, the full battlefield was in view. Most of the Bearians had been killed or had fled. The Vartekians had taken over Lysor's base of operations. They didn't expect anything until the TIAF jammed their radars.

"Time for some revenge," Admiral Khoffman said.

"Alright! Divide and conquer!" Lorrelas said.

The almost-nonexistent Vartekian air defenses were easily defeated, and the anti-air guns were disabled. Soon, TIAF paratroopers were raining from the skies, landing on unexpecting Vartekian ground soldiers.

"Look, they're all running for their mommies," Khoffman said as he sent 20 Vartekians scurrying for the Lysor base.

"Ground troops are taken care of, sir," General Demen announced over the comms.

"Great, let's get down there and clean up," Lorrelas said.

The air troops were sent back up to defend from Vartekian reinforcements, while the ground soldiers infiltrated the Lysor base. Not many Vartekians were left, and they were all eventually rounded up and killed.

"Let this be a message to the Vartekians: when we have vengeance, we show no mercy!" Lorrelas angrily cried. "Alright, one more left."

Lorrelas and the other 6 Captains barged into the command center, where Xanatos was waiting.

"Alright, Xanatos, you're coming with us." Lorrelas said.

"Ha! Did you think I'd give in that easy?" Xanatos said. He pulled out his sword. "I'll never be a prisoner of yours!"

"Seven against one, idiot," Lorrelas said. The 7 Captains pulled out their weapons. Lorrelas showed Xanatos his Master Trident. "Do you see this? You'll die by this if you resist."

"I'd rather die than be imprisoned!" Xanatos replied.

"Very well, Zazane," Lorrelas said. "Take him down."

They all converged on him, but Xanatos jumped over them and ran out the door.

"Don't let him escape! We need him to get to Votorah!"

Lorrelas and the Main Strike Fleet chased him down. Xanatos was indeed making a good run, but soon he was stopped by the horde of TIAF soldiers at the entrance.

"Damn it. Didn't expect that..." Xanatos said.

"Thought you could get away? You fool!" Lorrelas said. "Beam him up to the Caigiancia, Xanatos is now our prisoner..."

Blade of Vengeance Edit

Votarah made a terrible mistake in harming innocent Fordan families. Fordanta are one of the few races that can truthfully claim to match a Vartekian's skill and power in battle, and their wrath had well and truly been awoken. Now, the Vartekian Empire would feel the true might of the Fordanta, and it would be a day that none would forget. Across the universe, on every battlefield, wherever a Vartekian trod, Fordanta joined battle. Like vengeful gods from some ancient myth, the warriors smote swarms of battle-robots from every battlefield, each soldier fighting without fear of death. Each wore the black armour of warriors lost to hatred, seeking only death in battle. However hard they fought, nomatter how many robots they faced down, though, they were not granted their one deathly desire. It was only when actual Vartekians entered the field that the warriors even found any difficulty. On one battleground above all was the fighting bloodiest, for the tide of Fordanta upon it was led by none other than the Blademaster of the Fordanta himself, He'Bre'K Ce'So'Va.

The world of Cyraleth, formerly a Delpha Coalition world, had been taken swiftly and decisively by the ruthlessly efficient Vartekian war machine. As robots and Vartekian Elite warriors closed in on the last bastion, the familiar acid-green and brilliant blue portals of phase-fields opened, and Fordan warriors charged headlong into the enemy. Such was the fury of the thousands of warriors that the Vartekians were forced to retreat, with half their number dead or dying. It was only then, in the calm after that brief battle, that Hel'Bre'K's plan began. Kra'Dion Hivemasters, revolting bloated insects with an array of probosci on every limb, began worming their way through the battlefield, collecting Vartekian corpses, and taking them into the portals. Votarah had dabbled in atrocity, now he was going to recieve a lesson from the masters.

With the bodies stowed on Kra'Dion hiveships, Hel'Bre'K and his warriors made their move. Although many were cut down by blistering swathes of gunfire, the vision of their families being flayed before their very eyes filled them with a rage utterly unnatural. Warriors staggered to their feet and rejoined the fight, some missing limbs, or with fist-sized holes leaking blood shot through their body. Even the highly disciplined Vartekian warriors could not believe what they saw, and all their training could not prepare them to fight warriors who utterly refused to die until they had found vengeance. Warriors who medically should be dead were fighting on, and soon the Vartekians found themselves overwhelmed, yet strangely, the Fordans did not kill any of them. Limbs were severed, tendons cut, and bodies brutally maimed, but none were killed. Hel'Bre'K was not going to grant them that mercy. Instead, the Hivemasters were summoned again, and again they dragged bodies away, still screaming, into the portals to their hiveships.

Hel'Bre'K personally hunted down the commander of the Vartekians on the ground, and he had ordered his warriors to leave him unharmed so that the two could fight. Seeking to retain his honour at what had seemingly been a pushover loss, the Vartekian threw himself at the two thousand year old warrior with all his might, but it was to no avail. For every attack, Hel' had a counter. Every manouver, strike and technique met a superior defence, while Hel'Bre'K's blade found and exploited weaknesses in his opponent's armour that even the other was not aware of. Hel'Bre'K severed both his foe's arms with two deft strokes, and clove his head from his shoulders with a third. For a long moment, Hel'Bre'K simply gazed at the severed head, sighing to himself that it had come to this. Around him, warriors collapsed as their rage abated and Death took his due. Hel' ordered both the bodies of his Fordanta, and the remaining Vartekian corpses, to be laid out for cremation. Hel' himself lit the funeral pyre, and watched as the bodies blackened and burnt, slowly crumbling into ash and bone. Each Fordan bone would be coated in silver, the bodies reassembled, and then mounted in alcoves along the Path of the Warrior, to ever stand vigil over the future of the Fordan race. The Vartekian bones were arranged so as to spell out a warning, and so many were they that the text could be seen from low orbit.

Hel'Bre'K knew that Votarah would scream for revenge, and so with a heavy heart he declared the activation of the Ke'Ra'Se protocol: the re-sealing of the Void, returning the Fordanta to exile from realspace. The Fordanta and Vartekians had known too much grief form this conlfict, and Hel'Bre'K knew that this was the only way to prevent the races from destroying themselves. Only after the fires of war die down will the Fordanta return, and only after the fires of rage burning in the races' souls was quenched in training and exile could relations with the Vartekians ever be the same.

The Destiny Edit

Silently and calmly, Tadjamad stood, watching at skies from the pinnacle of his tower. He had a prophetic dream... and he believed... no, he knew, that something is about to happen.

And so the Crusaders will fight at Day of Reckoning, with servants of Hell, with unbelievers and heretics... until the end... But this will not be the end.

Sister Haalra appeared in front of Tadjamad, with a message.

Clericarch! URC, DCP, Rambo and our other allies are under attack by Vartekians! Kralgon are helping them as well... and so is the Cult! This alliance... We've spotted them in Gazerash galaxy as well! They're coming for Aranexi! What we will do, Clericarch? Must we move our Worldships away?

Tadjamad sighed and replied.

Haalra... it is Cult. Worshippers of the Kamik-Shi. Vartekians. They were our enemies in the Trucinex War. Kralgons. Fighting against our Otzello allies. We must fight with them. If we'll not, who we will be? Cowards? Traitors to our allies? No, we will fight.

But... our numbers are diminishing... entire Radeon species can die out in this war!

We are Radeons, sister! We survived destruction of our homeworld, four times! We survived Scourge! We endured our enemies, all of them! Do you remember the first words of Grand Design? The words of Spode!

The fire of faith will never be extinguished...

Yes, sister! And so it will not! We can die, but our faith will live until the end! If we shall die, it is destiny. The Design! Those who fear death cannot see the true light of this universe. We will fight, because we must! For the Spode! For the Theocracy! Hal'Vala'Civan.

Hal'Vala'Civan, Clericarch... I understood you.

When she spoke this, Tadjamad picked up his voice transmitter and yelled:

Citizen of the Theocracy! Today, the enemy is at our door! They fighted with us, with our allies, with true believers! We must answer! We will fight, for everything that is holy, for our faith, for the Grand Design, for Spode! We will move our worldships in the heat of battle... Even our home, Aranexi. EVERYONE OF US WILL BE IN THIS WAR! AND YOU SHALL KNOW NO FEAR!

With these words, the crowd cheered and worldships started its move towards the Vartekian space...

Week 2 Edit

The Vartekians and Allies begin fighting each other back and forth,The Vartekian empire is being manipulated by one of their own. Count Valadix is taking control of Vartekian government and is setting up for a ruthless number of attacks that may brake many war laws.

Milky Way:Operation Slave Edit

The First Gigaquadrant, being rather more political that astronomical, had various richer galaxies towards the center. Not far from from the center was the econmic powerhouse known as the Milky Way, one of the largest galaxies, and had many great empires both native and from abroad, such as other galaxies, exotic regions of space and even beyond. The Vartekians knew, that if they gained a foothold in the Milky Way, various smaller galaxies would fall. Their goal was not to eradicate, but to enslave as many species as possible. This would be difficult, it was the DCP's main hub, and meta-civilization was forming.

But the galaxy was still recovering from a massive war only months before, as well light Quantumhorde skirmishes. The DCP had lost many forces in its battle against the Xhodocto's revelation. Yet, lomg before the war, the Vartekians held a large but secret portion of space, taking notes and observing everyone. The Vartekians quickly conquered several minor Tier 5 civs who no one would miss or notice, taking slaves and beating them into their war machine.

But their first big target was humanity. Humans have had a long history, due to alien racs abducting early cultures and bring them to otther planets. Eventually, in the Orion's arm, the first major spacefaring society developed. Over the centuries they became advanced, and powerful (enough to attack Kamik'Shi) and recently allies with many other near-humans to become the Human Republic. But things weren't good in the galaxy, humanity had lost many forces to a vicious combination of Grox, Borg and Tokzhalan in recent conflicts.

Attack on Human Republic Edit

New Portsmouth was a planet named after a famous town in the country once known as England before Earth's global merger (named by the Captain who found the planet, who had grown up there). Several Dragon class cruisers were detected hiding behind its Moon. Several Safeguard class Republic ships approached.

You have breached our terrirtories, you must leave at once, traitors of the Great Eight! Stand down and leave our space immediatly.

- Captain Borman

**Vartekian' face looks with disdain** Your species is more ugly than I thought. You fight with no honor, causing great destruction wherever you go. I will put a stop to this wasted life.

- Commander Corbosh

The human ships went to red alert, while the Dragon class ships headed boldly straight for the Safegaurd class. The first ship fired its phasers, which reflcted off the Dragon cruiser like a torch beam. A triple totpedo then soon made quick work, firing at its transwarp nacelles quickly vapourising the ship. Another Vartetian ship caused another ships transwarp reactor to breach. The next human ship fired a volley of transphasic torpedoes, and a subatomic disruptor burst, causing its engines to fail. While another human ship disabled its shields. It was a fair match. "Hmm, perhaps we underestimated their technology, still they have fought many races, fine, release the stingers.". Suddenly a stream of small robots surrounded the human ships, ramming into their hulls injecting small EM burts to run their systems down. Powerless, Commander Corbosh shot them down one by one.

The planets cities were poorly defended and the Vartekians easily had taken their new slaves. The Vartekians started to attack other systems too. In ground battles they proved very ruthless, being at least twice the size of an average human. But on Korbine, the planet was reduced to trench warfare and the Vartekians were easily gunned down, due to their tallness when they invade human trenches. After that, the Republic called on its warrior members to fight, and used mechs. This did not stop the Vartekians, they only looked to invade better systems.

Cordombe Edit

The Vartekian conquest of human space continued, however, now the battles were far more even. At the battle of Dronowick, the Vartekians had lost 5000 ships to the humans the near-humans. However, human forces had been decimated too, allowing the Vartekians to enslave five more worlds within a week. But human forces in the galaxy were now re-enforcing the sector, as well as fleets from the Quadrant galaxies.

On the fallen world of Cordombe, resistence was still strong. It was a major world, colonized recently by humans and near-humans too mark the beginning of a new era as humanity was now aligned. The planet had a population of billions, a prime target. The Vartekians after a few days were able to overcome the ground forces and cut off the fleets, but the planets entire population stubbonly didn't surrender, and even fought bare handed. Eventually, the Vartekians gained control, but had only a few troops left. A resistence of snipers took them out, and then teleported explosives aboard ships in orbit. The battle was won by neither side, the grand cities were spoilt, but the planet was not enslaved.

DCP attacked from all sides Edit

Trucinex Revenge

Trucinex Revenge.

The DCP had now noticed that several empires in the Milky Way, including the Human Republic, now the DCP's ally. The Vartekians were in the Milky Way, and the DCP was not going to allow that to happen. After sending some ships to aid the Human Republic and other empires against the Vartekians, other ships attacked MSP space. But as soon as they mobilized forces towards the Large Magellanic Cloud, the MSP and the Coalition of Delpha started attacking, spreading the fleets across the galaxy.
Trucinex raids
But another race, one the DCP deemed defeated, decided to take revenge, the Trucinex. Seeing the chaos, they decided to attack the DCP as well. It is unknown if they are involved with the Vartekians, or whether they may just be taking advantage. The DCP saw their Tier 4 empire as a low threat, but the Trucinex and somehow managed to gain DCP technology (which didn't self destruct), maybe supplied by the MSP, which could face off even fairly powerful DCP ships. The Trucinex began raiding trade routes and taking down power facilities.

2nd Colony (03/01/402 KRE) Edit

Zavrhos - "Our Galaxy is a complete mess, Terridorians. We must give the Iteok a new home or we're doomed for extinction."
RZVRT - "Otzerh, Varterh..."
Zavrhos - "SHUT UP!"

These were spoken words as a new Iteok fleet of 500000 Ships arrived at the next colony. They hid in its moon, then, with advanced mathematics, they launched nuclear warheads at some war satellites. Then they moved in to take care of the rest, with some casualties. Then, the Iteok arrived in the planet. Splitter missiles, otherwise known as Destroyers, were called for this mission. They were in charge of blowing up the Buildings. Splitter missiles are large missiles which can break into 100 smaller ones. Nuclear warheads were in charge of destroying the turrets. A Terridan thought of something.

Knol - "Give me an EMP missile. I have an idea."

He fired the missile in a factory. It fried some equipment in the factory, but not the robots. They kept coming, firing at the ships. At least production slowed down. Splitter Missiles were used frequently to take care of the war robots. Even though the war robots could take a heavy load of damage, they could not resist a heavy load of missiles. Now, the fleet split into 10 minor fleets, in order to destroy the other cities. They did the same thing as the other city: Destroy the buildings, then the turrets, slow down 6production of war robots, destroy them, and destroy the city. Many Iteok ships were falling, at the initial rate of 8000/minute, though this rate was slowing down as more of the colony is destroyed. 1 hour later, they decided to end the conquest with more nuclear missiles. The Iteok were badly damaged, with the 37502 ships needing some repairs.

Zavrhos - "Well, that was fruitful. Send in the colonists!"

Colonists were called to take the planet. Some war robots were hiding to ambush the Iteok, but Zavrhos and the remaining Iteok took care of all 20000 of them. Zavrhos then saw a picture of Captain Votarah and thought...

Zavrhos - "If I defeat him in a fight, I'll be the most respected being in the universe! PERFECT!"

Zavrhos then called Votarah's frequency. Zavrhos, with an arrogant tone, said:

Hello, Votarah. As you know, we, the Iteok are the most powerful empire in the Universe, and I know I can defeat you in a fight. So, I challenge you to a fight. I am certain I will win, so be scared! If you are willing to take the challenge, I'll be in Varterh, in what is to be known as the Mighty Iteok Square. Look it up on a map. Goodbye, Votie.

- Zavrhos Rhokeaarrh

Zavrhos is a person with a very strong ego, and he thinks he can defeat Votarah just because he's descended. Will he succeed, or fall?

The BNSC's Last Battle Edit

After the battle, Benjamin got a transmission from the BNSC's central command.

Central Command - "Sir, we need you to report to Reach II now."

Benjamin - "Alright."

Sierra - "Why command?"

Halcyon - "Yeah, why?"

Central - "Because, it's December 30th, it's almost time for Operation Reach to take effect."

Benjamin - "Alright, we be there in twenty seven hours."

Central - "Alright then commander, see you there."

The transmission ended and Benjamin looked at the captains of both BNSC Halcyon and Sierra.

Benjamin - "Alright men, we should be heading back before it's too late."

Halcyon and Sierra - "Yes sir."

So the BNSC left the war and went to prepare for the Holy Shadow War.

Rambo Nation strikes back Edit

Rambo battle 01

Ramniels his fleet engages the Vartekians above Javan

Captain Ramniels of the USS Majestic, a Miranda Class V2 ship was ordered to participate in the fleet that was send to re-take Javan and he was given command of the Task Force. As Ivalaë her blockade was liften and driven away his fleet could now proceed to Javan and upon exiting warp they immediatly opened fire. Firing photon torpedo's and launching there fighters, the Vartekians were taken by surprise and soon Ramniels forces managed to create a hole in there defence, capable of deploying various Rambo Nation troopers and setting up a basecamp on the surface below.

USS Endeavor

USS Endeavor shortly before her crippling explosion

But Varekians were masters of war, and already studied the Rambo Nation tactics and soon realliated. There first target was the USS Endeavor, a Constitution-Refit Class V2. When two Vartekian Stingers appreached the 305 meter long Rambo Nation ship the captain raised shields but the Vartekians already forseen this and launched there attack. Meanwhile a larger Vartekian ship approached and the USS Endeavor began firing her photon torpedos. This was where the Vartekians waited for and the Stingers approached the USS Endeavor from behind and began firing on her hull. A Lightning fighter came to aid the Endeavor but was too late, as the Vartekian Stinger hit the torpedo launch tube at the same moment of the Endeavor's firing a photon torpedo. The impact rocketed the ship with explosions and left the unfortunate driftless and without weapons, shields, engines and sensors the USS Endeavor was crippled and heavily damaged. Now the Vartekians managed to deploy troops on Javan again and they prevented the Rambo forces to take the southern hemisphere. Though they lost the notherhemisphere to the Rambo forces both sides now prepare themselves for a long and bloody battle!

"The Civilization" tested Edit

With the Milky Way Cooperative in full drive with its third big goal, in which it sets up its infrastucture, once completed, might become a presence that could defend the galaxy from attack. After the Treaty of Galayru, the Milky Way Cooperative was quick to start colonization of the abandoned Commonwealth's.

But it wouldn't be long before the Vartekians and MSP had been alerted to this. The new power struggle emerged in the Milky Way, and the Vartekians stopped enslaving empires or attacking humanity.

New struggle for power Edit


The Vartekians decided to bravely attack "The Civilization's" colonization efforts of the Commonwealth of Delpha. Still a new sector to the Coalition, they had not fully secured it. Vartekian scouts reported several ways of getting through its defence grid. But the DCP was not going to give it up easily. The Vartekians called back all their forces and pulled a major assault. However, there was at least 5 Gargantuan Class ships, and nearly a million more battlecruisers, comprised of DCP and other Cooperative members. At first, the Vartekians unleashed waves and waves of robots to wear down the allied forces, but the DCP used powerful superweapons to crush each wave. But as the more powerful Vartekian cruisers stepped in, the allied fleets started to take heavier losses, notably one of the edge of the sector in which the allies lossed 200 ships in hours, as they had underestimated the Vartekian numbers.

Embulation Edit

As soon as the Vartekians took a foothold in the Commonwealth, they brought in their superweapons, mainly the Vartekian symbiotic embulator. In 15 more major battles, the allies lossed considerable forces, the ships seemingly drained of power.

In order to combat this new threat, the DCP sent 20 Subjgator class ships and one of its Expunge class Dreadnoughts, some of the DCP's most advanced ships. As the ships attacked, using gravitational defenses they could halt the power of the Embulator. But the Vartekians had one more trick up their sleeve, using the the embulator's time lock, the fleet was suspended in a Time Dilation field.

All was not lossed, a subpace burst would make an impact on realspace by "untwisting" the knotted spacetime around the fleet. But the nearest ship capable of doing that was the Gargantuan class ship Caphoberok. As soon as it was alerted, it released several hyperspace missiles which caused a disruption in subspace, uncoiling the time lock. The Gargantuan class ship now went to intercept the Embulator, the DCP now wanted to take it apart and research its technical data. Although now captured by the Coalition, it had done its mark, and claimed enough battles up until now.

Test of the two Edit

Spore 2011-02-07 11-42-04

The bulk of the Chimeraumbra approaches Caphoberok and fires phase missiles.

Not wanting to lose one of their strongest superweapons to be in the hands of the DCP, the Vartekians launched an attack on the Gargantuan, now heading back to the Delpha sector with the Embulator in tow. Knowing that the Gargantuan was one of the strongest ships in the First Gigaquadrant, the Vartekians sent their greatest ships. It was known however, that these ships could be defeated, the Emperor's capital ship destroyed one, the Xhodocto destroyed two and a Gargantuan had recently fallen victim to two Tokzhalan Motherships in the Battle of the Timeship.

Among the fleet was over 100 Motherships and 50 Dragon Cruisers, but the crown ship was the Chimeraumbra-666. The Caphoberok had little to fear in most of the Gigaquadrant, so was conserving its energy and travelling in a slower shift. The fleet trailed behind the Caphoberok, while a Chimeraumbra-666 waited in front. The Gargantuan exited shift. However, since it was conserving its energy, it would be even more deadly. The Motherships moved in, dwarfed by the Gargantuan's size, and unleashed waves of plasma burts, spreads of antimatter missiles and particle cannons. So much energy was unleashed that more light was produced than on the surface of a G-type star. But the Gargantuan's mighty non-phasic shields held fast, powered by imploding singularities and zero-point energy. Some Dragon crisers fired their delta annihilators, which in fact took out two layers of outer shielding, but the Gargantuan had many more. By now the Caphoberok had returned fire, shooting swarms of drones which penetrated each Dragon cruiser, reducing them to molten metal. The Motherships now moved in, but the Gargantuan unleashed rows of cannon fire overwhelmed every ship. The last of the ships fired planet busters, but by now the Gargantuan ghost phased and hunted everyone of them down...

Now it was the Chimeraumbra's turn. Although it only had as much firepower as the Mothership's, it was still far more advanced. Using "Ghost phase" missiles, given to the Vartekians by the MSP, the ship cunningly took out Caphoberok's shielding and graviton sphere. It was open to time lock and subspace attack, although its self-repairing, neutronium enhanced armour and defences would still play a problem. But the Chimeraumbra headed for the Gargantuan's engine, and fired volleys of antimatter warheads, destroying it. The Chimeraumbra next fired a planet busters, not directly at the Caphoberok but in its direction. The Gargantuan fired its particles cannons to destroy them, but the energy released blinded its sensors. The Chimeraumbra instead of attacking the Gargantuan for a third time, fired all it had at the Embulator trailing behind. The Embulator exploded with the force of hundreds of antimatter missiles, and the Chimeraumbra left the scene as quickly as possible. By now the Gargantuan had raised its shields again, its self-repairing hull fixing the damage to its shield emitters quickly barely before the Embulator's destruction. The two mighty ships, continued to survive for future battles to come, their reputations intact...

More battles Edit

In order to topple the new sector, the Vartekians needed more allies. Now the MSP, Imperial Alliance and the Loron moved in for the the assualt. There was yet more battles that raged on in the sector, and as a joint force the Vartekians won another 20 smaller battles over a 6 day period. However, there was 4 more Gargantuan class ships in the sector, and the recent membership of the Jorion Planet Alliance meant that the Commonwealth was renewed "The Civilization" as well.

Mantisorac sting Edit

As the MSP moved much of its forces to aid the Vartekians, the DCP was exploring the Large Megallanic Cloud, when they stumbled across a hive of Mantisorac. A deadly cast race of insectoids, the Mantisorac were more intelligent that they seemed. They were the thorn in the MSP's side not long ago. Using a form of stun gas, the DCP took some of the Mantisorac and placed them on worlds near the MSP and Vartekian space in the Milky Way.

Whithin days the MSP began to report new Mantisorac attacks. The Mantisorac quickly took out several agriworlds. Now distracted, the DCP made their move destroyed 5 MSP strongholds. What the DCP found so strange was how quickly the MSP had growm, the DCP did not realize that the Coalition of Delpha from a parallel universe had joined the MSP in this one, bulking up its technology and forces.

Not expecting to be attacked yet, the Vartekias were also taken bit a bit of surprise. Like with any race that crosses path with the Mantisorac, the Vartekians took time to discover that were not being attacked by mindless insects. The sting of the Mantisorac, and the allied force in "The Civilization" meant that the Vartekians had tro rethink. There would now be a stalemate for some time...

Transmission Edit

But luck came to the Vartekians. They had recently been contacted by two more races, the Grox and the Thals. The Thals, were descended forom the Neanderthals, and thousands of years aho in human history the Neanderthals were pushed to extiction. But an alien intelligence took pity, and brought them to a new planet, where they advanced a biut more. However, like on Earth, the Thals became technologically stagnant again, remaining much the same for thousands of years. With the Humasn "demons" still in their memory, the Thals wanted to retake Earth. They made a pact with the Vartekians to continue fighting the Human Republic (see Conflict of ownership)...

The next transmission was from the Grox, who were a re-emerging force, to be feared once more. They didn't want to ally, but would give the Vartekians aid in battle if the Vartekians gave the Grox some of their weapons.

Stalemate at Javan Edit

Javan battle

Stalemate at Javan!

The Vartekian Elite smiled, he knew that the advancing Rambo Nation troops were not able to stop the Vartekians. Though the first stage went well, they conquered Javan, an outer colonie of Rambo Nation, that self proclaimed nation of various species of the Quadrant Galaxies, within mere hours. The Elite thought it was going to be simple, but was mistaken in that. Though the Vartekians were able to kill a prominent captain of Rambo Nation, they retalliated with reinforcements and a will the Elite respected. They were soon able to re-take the Northern hemisphere of the Javan, and pushed back the Vartekians to the southern hemisphere. And that is were the fun began.

The Vartekians and Rambo forces were locked in various battles around the globe, none gaining the advantage. And with the start of Great Cyrannus War, the Vartekians saw oppurtunities. However, the Rambo Nation forces proved difficult to defeat and a stalemate happened. None gained the upper hand and the ongoing battles devasted Javan. The leading Rambo captain Ramniels knew his tactics well, though both at space and at land, he couldn't achieve victory due to few troops availible. The Elite wondered, how long will both side last?

Week 3 Edit

Realities clash Edit

Now battles with the Grox, Vartekians and Imperial Remnant dying down, the DCP decided to put an end to the Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets. After dispatching a large fleet to purge all life in the Large Megallinic Cloud (for all the DCP knew they could all be members or will be conquered anyway). Firing several star killers in MSP space provoked them out of their territory. The DCP was met with an unusually large fleet of MSP warships, how they could recover so quickly was indeed a mystery. But the DCP's ships were still stronger, and the DCP had many new ships dispatched from the recently conquered Commonwealth of Cyrania. Firing seemingly relentless drone ammunition at the mSP in front followed by spreads subatomic disruptor fire, lines of MSP ships fell one by one, while the DCP sent various hyperspace missiles to known colonies. The MSP was now in retreat, and the DCP followed them into the core of their space. The Mantisorac by now had made a come back, and the DCP didn't even bother destroying colonies.

Discovery at Tricarrion Prime Edit

But it was now where the next chapter would begin, at Tricarrion Prime (the vanished demon had the ego to name everything he touched after himself). But when the DCP arrived, weapons powered and shields raised, the system was absent. All except an object orbiting the planet, it was barely detectable by senses. The phsychics however could feel an absorbing presence. The DCP sent a probe which revealed that it was Spore Henge, the Xyanxian artifact discovered only a few months prior. The DCP now realized what was going on, the MSP had somehow made contact with an external power, in one of the 11 dimensions the portal leads to. With Tier 0 technology in their hands, the MSP could quickly become one of the most dangerous oppostions after the War of Ages. The DCP decided the best option would be to blow the device up, despite its xenoarchealogical and scientific discoveries it might yield. They bombarded Spore Henge for 5 hours but not a single dent was made. The portal couldn't be collapsed by gravity beams either.

The DCP approached the portal mouth. The topological structure indicated it led into the 6th dimension, where all possible possible states of the universe exist, all timlines, all parallel universes tied together in what makes Quantum reality. It was said not even the Taldar step here. However, the space inside the portal was a relatively flat alcuberrie wave, it would be no more disruptive than warp travel. The DCP sent groups of their ships through, they had to finish the job. But each time they sent more in, they were out of contact.

Hidious looking glass Edit

Each group of ships emerged in the pocket universe that was the alternative Girdo Galaxy. The confused crews observed that they were in the same galaxy as the Girdo, however, there was no other galaxies with which to match their Intergalactic coodinate system. However, the DCP soon realized they were not on their own. Several huge disturbances in subspace was moving towards them, their mass so heavy, even real space was being warped. The DCP stood their ground. But as the ships entered range, they appeared like giant lozzanges. The lozzanges opened, to reveal giant oversized cannons with barrels wider than some of the smaller DCP ships. The DCP scanned, and detected...Grimbolsaurian life signs. What is the MSP? No, the quantum signiture was different. Suddenly the shields raised. And the ship fired its giant cannon - a photonic cannon which was powerful enough to incinerate a contienent. It emitted a blinding flash of lightning-like energy, which destroyed an entire fleet standing in front. The DCP returned fire, but was met with no silence from the cannons. After finishing off the last party, the lozzange craft entered the portal back to the universe, and when they emerged in the DCP universe, they proceeded to wipe out DCP forces in Tricarion Prime! But one party had survived, which had ghost phased and travelled to a distant part of the Alternate Girdo.

Girdo Resistance Edit

The last group of DCP ships was led by Captain Norrikae, which was flying into nowhere away from the galaxy, however, no matter how far the travvled into the black void, despite the time it took there was no space. Time without space was not considered possible, and Captain Norrikae turned back, into the galaxies core. As with the normal Girdo galaxy, there was no other sentient life known but the Girdo. Suddenly a horrid thought came into his mind. Maybe this was the Girdo galaxy, it is known that it seperates into a pocket universe during a Xhodocto attack, what if the Xhodocto had returned? Believing this, he commanded his ship to visit the Imperial Capital. The DCP dephased above the planet, but was met by a rag tag fleet of old CSA, Rambo and Girdo ships. They raised weapons and were doing in for the kill. What kind of messeg up universe was this? Thought Norrikae, and sent out an emergency transmission. The CSA ship fired a turbolaser blast, however, it bounced like a torch beam of its hull. Despite this the Girdo ship was firing antimatter torpedoes, and the fleet phased in and out and continued its emergency transmission. After a few minuite of silence, the Libertus opened a transmission.

After a long discussion, the DCP learned of this alternative timeline, and the still wary Girdo Resistance as they named themselves revealed the evils of the Coalition of Delpha. The Lozzange ship was called the Expirtator class. A plan was made, if the Girdo Resistence could ally with the DCP, then together they could crush both their enemies...

The DCP rallied their forces for a new attack, while the Girdo Resistence prepared there's. But when the DCP returned to the Large Magellanic Cloud, the MSP had returned. But this time, the DCP had brought their Gargantuan, which was flanked by hundreds of Dreadnought-type vessels, keeping tightly together, they were an unstoppable force. Some Mantisorac Hive Ships, now retuning to power, were attaking too. But then, hundreds of probes armed with powerful subatomic disruptors attacked, which was strong enough to kill even the toughest shields. However, using reverse-laser technology, special lasers absorbed incoming disruptor particles. The probes didn't last long when the DCP dispatched several Drove Hunters to finish them off. The DCP fought their way to Tricarrion Prime.

When the DCP reached the system, it was now filling up with Coalition of Delpha warships. The Gargantuan cloaked. The plan was to strike them in their own universe, so (hoping the Coalition of Delpha didn't have phase technology), the DCP ghost phased and got the CD warships to follow them through. The DCP forces emerged in the Alternate Girdo. The plan was that a fleet of AR-12 cruisers would attack from behind, they had 4 photonic cannons themselves. The Subjugator's were now clashing with the Alternate Star Dreadnoughts, in a battle that resembled the DCP Civil War. The Coalition of Delpha was the DCP, just one in a universe where one major action changed events forever, there might even be an alternate Kilnok and Emperor. But now the Expirtator ships arrived, several dozen of them. The DCP ships ghost phased, but the CD ships could as well, this ended up in a race between phases, with explosions both visible and invisible. But now the Gargantuan decloaked.

Despite the Gargantuan's size, th Expirtator's were huge themselves and were not as dwarfed as other ships in the battle. The Gargantuan made the first move, and began to "drink" tetryon radiation from subspace, highly unstable in realspace they began to light up, even inside the Expirtato's. One exploded, while the others quickly killed their reactors. Now with lesss energy, the Gargantuan attacked again, firing thousands of turbolaser, blaster and Ion bolts, subatomic disruptor beams and its salvo's of drones, anothe Expirtator fell. But they closed their "shells" in response, leaving only the Photonic cannon present. They began to systematically fire pulses of it at the Gargantuan, to were even weakening its shields! The Gargantuan decided to end this battle quickly by using one of its many superweapons, the Girdo Resistance failed to appear.

But then, the Rebel fleet arrived, just in time, with nearly 20 AR-12's, as well as various ships. The Ar-12's were armed with 4 small photonic cannons. They fired on the "shells", now glowing blue hot and beginning to melt. The Gargantuan and other DCP ships then fired all they had, eviceraing each Expirtator. However, this attack was at a cost, the Imperial Capital was now under attack. The Resistance and DCP ships travelled to the system, but it was too laste, its crust had been melted by photonic fire, and its seas had evaporated into its atmosphere, which in turn was blowing into space. The DCP then got a transmission from a Grimbolsaurian, strangely similar. “I am Regent Kilnok of the Coalition of Delpha. You have dared to tresspass into our space, outsiders. The MSP, also did, but under our jurystiction we joined forces. Our empires on one, as you have with the Girdo Resistance But here is a deal. We will declare neutrality, and you will leave our space alone, while you let the MSP prosper, if you do, we will not harm what is left of the Resistance, if they join you.

- Regent Kilnok

All transmissions were cut, there could be no arguing. The DCP Council weighed up their options, spend a costly war battling the MSP and their allies, or accept an offer of neutrality. The DCP was at war with so many. The next day the DCP declared an armstice with the MSP, and would leave the Coalition of Delpha to its universe.

The DCP's side in the Vartekian War, was over, for now. The Vartekians and Imperial Alliance stopped attacking too. Forces were withdrawn, and were sent to fight the incoming Grox and darker forces in the Milky Way.

Last phase Edit

Spore 2011-05-03 21-10-49

The battle begins.

But the DCP didn't stand down for long. A few months later, the DCP was preparing for another, final assualt, this time, not to destroy the MSP in particular, but to retake Sporehenge with the help of the SSA. Sporehenge was to be in possession of the alliance, not in the hands of such hostile forces. The DCP feared that the dimensional portal would be too dangerous, as the MSP could mess up causality or cause disfigurement to the universe.

The DCP fleet needed to be strong, wise of the Coalition of Delpha's firepower. They sent of large fleet 4000 strong, comprised of Subjugator, Dreadnought, Bowship and a Gargantuan. The SSA's fleet was comprised of 8,258,112 droners, automated drones from the Girdo Empire and the United Republic of Cyrannus sent some of their finest ships from secret shipyards in the Core Worlds of the Cyrannus galaxy, which included ten Venator-class Star Destroyers, four Victory-class Star Destroyers, one Constrictor-class Interdiction Frigate, various support vessels under the command of a highly powerful new flagship design.

The battle was soon conducted almost immediatly after the discussion. The Droner fleet was so huge it was split up to attack nearby systems as well to slow the MSP's reinforcements. The attack came as a surprise, but soon MSP ships poured in, they had new vessels as well as newer weapons. However, the bulk of the fleet reached Tricarrion prime, the planet loomed ahead, sitting atop there it was, Sporehenge. The URC ships moved in, using their Interdiction frigate, they crushed several dozen ships with mass shadows, and then fired it at the planet below, taking out planetary defenses.


The Xyanxes arrive.

The DCP fleet layed waste to incoming ships firing their neutronium arrows, while the Gargantuan moved into recieve the artifact. But by now, the Coalition of Delpha was emerging with far more MSP ships through the dimensional gate, a fleet of hundreds of lozzange ships and thousands of MSP ships. They closed their shells and began firing their photonic cannons, evaporating and entire flotilla, and Droners engaged the ships, thousands of them, and battle became intense, the Gargantuan sniped a few Coalition of Delpha ships using drone weapons, while the DCP Dreadnoughts, URC Venators and Victory class star destroyers took on further MSP ships. However, the allies pressed foward despite the steady stream of ships emerging from Sporehenge, and Gargantuan grabbed it with its massive tractors, dragging it until ships emerging were easy targets, then yanked the artifact forward. Sporehenge's opening itself was only big enough to allow an average humanoid through, however, objects entering or leaving it were materialized outside the artifact. However, as Sporehenge was now in the Gargantuan's grip triumphunt, space around the system began to warp...

Suddently every ship in the midst of the battle powered down, the final weapons reaching their targets, a few ships exploded with no shields. No one knew what was happening. Suddenly massive winged ships appeared, the shape of sycamor seeds, hundreds of miles long, with wings retracting in on themselves, and the edges were so fine they were transparent. The mystery ships took the artifact then left as soon as they came...

Aftermath Edit

All forces retreated from the system quickly. The wormhole leading to the alternative Girdo was closed for good, cutting in half the Coalition of Delpha. When allied forces reached the Seven Starr Alliance, they reported the presence of the strange ships, which the Girdo recorgnised as similar to a derelict Xyanxian vessel to Tokzhalan took with them for Project Timeship. The Xyaxians were not extinct after all, and some, if not all the myths about them were true. The Xyanxians must have believed the younger races were not ready for such technological power.

As for the forces of the Coalition of Delpha, they had been cut off from the pocket universe from where they came. They were absorbed into the MSP, a fleet of several hundred, so there was no real loss for either combatant. However, as for the Alternative Girdo galaxy, soon, the Xhodocto had finished scourging its prime universe and the small galaxy returned. It is likely that the CoD and the Resistance had an entire universe to themselves, to spread life once more and perhaps the war would end...

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