They are the true power of our race, not even DaiKaiju compare.

- Empress Besta

The Six Edit

The Six are the only third stage Vanara in existence. They appear to look very much like humans, but with large cat like eyes, pointy ears, narrow faces, and clawed hands. The Six deal with threats to the Vanara that Daikaiju, the military, or other special forces can not deal with.

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Six were Vanara, through one way or another, became third or final stage Vanara. The Six were recruited by another third stage Vanara the Moderator(the true center of the Vanara group mind) into two teams, Red and Blue. The idea was for Red and Blue to battle each other until one of the Six was left alive, this survivor would become the new Moderator. However the new Six refused to fight forcing the Moderator to create the new White Team to kill the Six so they could be replaced. The Six as a team however easily defeated the White team and cut off the Moderator from the Vanara group mind banishing him far from Vanara space.

Return of THEM Edit

The Vanara Six assisted their new allies in the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment against Ada and his minions clearing out an entire sector in their Ryu forms be for being captured by the Dark One. They latter help the Ultra Commandos escape. After words Akanri and Seerkar were ambushed by the Darkling that had captured them, but managed to drive her off with frightening new power.

Current Status Edit

The Six have temporally gone their separate ways. Zuki and Jicor are organizing the Vanara's effort to help rebuild Matrukoris. Surathi and Terku are off learning about the other species that make up the alliance. Seerkar and Akanri, both traumatized after the war have vanished, though they are somewhere on Matrukoris.

The Foundation Edit

The Foundation is a binding code composed of oaths that not only gives the the Six a moral cumpes, but is also the source of their power with the Moderator gone.

Oath of Akanri(Note this was created durning one of her calmer moments): To seek joy and happiness for us,our kind and those we trust.

Oath of Surathi: To bring good fortune to the misfortunet.

Oath of Zuki: To stand by what is right.

Oath of Jicor: To stand for those who can not stand for themselves.

Oath of Seerkar: To be fair and just when dealing with the defeated.

Oath of Terku: To stand by each other through thick and thin.

Oath of all: To always strive for a better tomorrow.

When the full power of the Foundation is relized the Six become powerful enough to stand against even beings (that under normal surcomstances) far surpass them in power, gaining new 50 foot tall dragon like Ryu forms.

Members Edit

Akanri Edit

Akanri Rozu

Akanri's Normal Form


Akanri's Ryu form

  • Name-Akanri Rozu Izeira
  • Role-Head on assault
  • Weapon-Rail Gun, AIC Whip Blades, Progressive Knife
  • Power-Heat and cold control
  • Ryu Form's Powers and Weapons-Energy draining tentacles, Toxic Flames, Summon Roselings, Psionic storm.

Akanri is emotianal, head strong, and obstinate. She has red hair and blue eyes. She joined the Vanara air force protecting Daikaiju control ships during the pirate wars. Its was here she became a Keizer and eventually third stage Vanara. Akanri is armed with a rail gun, AIC whip blades(Active Inertia Canceling blades), and Progressive Knife. Akanri can control her body temperature, rising it to an extreme incinerating objects around her, or lower it freezing objects around her. In Ryu form she gains tentacles that can drain an opponent of energy, breaths toxic fire, summon parasitic Roselings that restrict the use of energy, and create a spinning vortex of psychic energy. She is Seerklar's mate. She respects Jicor and Zuki and veiws Surathi and Terku as a sort of little brother and sister. There is some evidence of her being psychic.

Surathi Edit

Surathi Tir

Surathi's Normal Form


Surathi's Ryu form

  • Name-Surathi Ua Teir
  • Role-Offensive Support
  • Weapon-Positron Rifle, Concussion Gaunlets, Progressive Knife
  • Power-Liquid Form
  • Ryu Form's Powers and Weapons-Creature control, Sleeping Flames, Hyper Regeneration, Light infusion.

Surathi is a calm cool headed Vanara, and perhaps the most compassionate and sympathetic of the Six (though she has plenty of spunk and never shuts up). She has short spikey blue hair and blue eyes. She is the youngest of the Six and sister to Terku. She views Seerkar and Akanri as a sort of older brother and sister and respects and view Jicor and Zuki as teachers. She wields concussion gauntlets that realese a sonic boom when they strike somthing, a positron rife, and Progressive Knife. Surathi can transform her body into a liquid to pass through cracks and drowned enemies by enveloping. Her Ryu form can control wild animals, breaths sleep inducing flames, can regenerate wounds extermly quickly, and infuse others with moral light.

Zuki Edit

Zuki Muk

Zuki's Normal Form


Zuki's Ryu form

  • Name-Zuki Besta Muk
  • Role-Assassin
  • Weapon-Needle Launcher, Seeker chains, Progressive Knife
  • Power-Invisibility
  • Ryu Form's Powers and Weapons-Incredibly pain resistant, Pain Adsorption, Super sonic flames, Pain redirection

Zuki is cold, aloof, and proud. She has long black hair, and purple eyes. She was next in line to the Vanara thrown before becoming a third stage Vanara and was forced by the Moderator to join the Six. She wields seeker chains, chains that seek out their target and strangle it, Needle Launcher, Progressive Knife, and can turn invisible. In her Ryu form she is incredibly resistant to pain, can absorb others pain, breaths fire that travel at Mach 5, and can redirect her own pain at those causing it. Jicor is her father, respects Seerkar and Akanri, and views Surathi and Terku as younersters she must mentor.

Jicor Edit

Jicor Archi

Jicor's Normal Form


Jicor's Ryu form

  • Name-Jicor Atar Archi
  • Role-Leader
  • Weapon-EM crossbow, Tri-blades, Progressive Knife
  • Power-Blinding Light
  • Ryu Form's Powers and Weapons-Energy scavenging, All consuming flames, High energy resistance, Power Surge.

Jicor is a practical, cool headed, no nonsense Vanara. He has long white hair, and yellow eyes. He worked as saboteur for the Vanara before joining the Six when he became a third stage Vanara. Zuki is his daughter, he as a friendly rivalry with Seerkar, respects Akanri, and views Surathi and Terku in much the same way as Zuki does. He wields freezing cold tri-blades, EM crossbow, Progressive Knife, and can release blinding light in all directions from his body. His Ryu form can gain the energy of fallen allies and enemies in battle, breaths flames that burn anything, is incredibly resistance to energy attacks, and can overload others energy causing them to explode.

Seerkar Edit

Seerkar Sterra

Seerkar's Normal Form


Seerkar's Ryu form

  • Name-Seerkar Ven Sterra
  • Role-Hit and run
  • Weapon-Flak Rifle, Maser blades, Progressive Knife
  • Power-Super speed and reflexes
  • Ryu Form's Powers and Weapons-Energy nexus, 360 million degree flames, Energy negation, Reverse Energy Strike.

Seerkar is a plain spoken, cynical, intelligent Vanara, who says what he means and means whay says. He has silver hair and green eyes. He wields energy blades called maser swords, a flake rifle, Progressive Knife, and can move with nearly blinding speed and reflexes. In his Ryu form he gains energy simply by being near other members of the Six, breaths fire interlaced with lighting bolts, can negate energy attacks, and can take the opposite of the energy negated and hit his opponent with that. He is Akanri's mate. He is protective of Surathi and Terku, respects Zuki, and has a friendly rivalry with Jicor.

Terku Edit

Terku Tir

Terku's Normal Form


Terku's Ryu form

  • Name-Terku Eo Teir
  • Role-Defensive Support
  • Weapon-Plasma Caster, Shock hammers, Progressive Knife
  • Power-Super strength
  • Ryu Form's Powers and Weapons-Cheating death, Radioactive flames, Resurrection, Element Burst.

Terku is a jovial, happy go lucky, go getter of a Vanara. He is the second youngest of the Six and Surathi is his sister. He idolizes Seerkar and Jicor, views Akanri as a sort of older sister, and views Zuki as crabby and strict, but does respect her. He wields shock hammers take fire lightning bolts at his target, Plasma caster, and Progressive Knife. He is also incredibly strong capable of lifting three times his body weight. His Ryu form can survive normally mortal blows, breaths explosive fire, and can resurrect other fallen Sixers granted their not too badly damaged and are haven't been dead for to long, and can release an elemental energy burst.

Imps Edit

Imps are creatures given to The Six to explain the rules of the game that would have decided who the next moderator was going to be. Even after the overthrough of the Moderator the Imps still assist the Six acting as s means of sending messages between them almost instently and over very long distences.

Serpune Edit

Akanri's imp. She is black with red eye, and looks something like a rabbit. She enjoys experementing with ways to kill herself (imps can only die if their master dies), and tends to sarcastic, mean sprited, and foul mouthed as Akanri herself.

Hirati Edit

Hirati is Surathi's imp. He is orange and looks something like a Vanara child. He is curious, cheeky, and like to get into trouble.

Shinzi Edit

Shinzi is Zuki's imp. Like Hirati she looks something like a Vanara teen, but is white instead. She is standoffish, selfsh, and rude.

Hirm Edit

Hirm is Jicor's imp. He apperance is of a large lumpy purple creature. He is not very bright, but very insightfull, and at time quit kwonlagble about certain things.

Drak Edit

Drak is Seerkar's imp. He resembles a large green reptile. He is lazy, sarcastic, yet quit helpful when the time comes for him to be so.

Mikin Edit

Mikin is Terku's imp. She resembles a starved canine like creature. She is whinny, stubborn, and vain.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Green face We stand by them.

  • The Ultra Commandos - We work alongside them.
  • Life Guardians - These packs are at our level of power, yet we can command them, and they even seem to like it? Not that we will though.

Friendly Edit

Blue face Hello there.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face Feh

Hostile Edit

Orange face Grrr.

Enemies Edit

Red face Their existence will end.

  • The Moderator - It thought it could control us, it lived to regret thinking that.

Quotes frlom others Edit

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Give them an element to control, and they will be unstoppable!

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

Foolish mortals dare defie me and their destiny, they shall pay.

- The Moderator

Quotes from them Edit

Akanri Edit

Lets watch you explode into bloody fireworks! Won't that be fun?

You get two choices, burn or freeze? Either way your gonna die.

So whens the real threat supposed to show up?

Surathi Edit

Would you please stop trying to kill me? Before I have to kill you.

We're all in this together, whether we like it or not.

We stand by each other no matter what.

Zuki Edit

You can't beat me and you know it.

Greeting us so late at night...shouldn't you be in bed. No? Well, then I'll send you there.

Don't even try. You won't win.

Jicor Edit

Prepare yourself, I won't hold back.

A weapon is only as strong as the one who wields it.

Death doesn't bother me, dying helpless does.

Seerkar Edit

If you threaten me and my friends again the only place you'll live is in my dreams.

Go to hell, that way I don't have to see your annoying face.

I've got problems to solve and your one of them.

Terku Edit

Look, I don't want to kill you, but frankly you've given me no other choice.

Its over I won, you lost.

End this now and mabye we can work something out.

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