The Vague Fate is coming. Slowly, but surely, they are coming to destroy their prey. Formerly they wanted to obliterate their own past... but now they want to destroy the one that gave them life. Quite understandably so.

- Unknown

The Vague Fate, most known simply as the Vague, are a species of extradimensional synthetics hailing from the Fourth Dimension and a creation of Zargoth, being given life as a testing version of the Perfect Fate. Originally created by combining the souls of the Kormacvar and the Ottzel into a single body, it resulted in a race of deranged, tortured and furious creatures who were ultimately deemed a failure by their creator. At first convinced to destroy the Unified Nation of Ottzello, the Vague have since been pacified and currently oppose Vyro'Ralzora and his followers.

Incredibly powerful even to an individual level, the Vague possess all the characteristics of the Kormacvar and the Ottzel combined with great alien technology and an immense hatred for Zargoth, which fuels them to hunt him down through whichever universe he may run to.They have proven himself to be valuable allies of the Polar Crystal Alliance, being fundamental to its founding thanks to their aid in the war which led to their recreation.


The Vague were created by Vyro'Ralzora, most known as Zargoth, as an experiment on combining souls. One half of the Vague's entities was made out of the Kormacvar, whose species was culled by half halfway during their great war with the Grox Empire after it was kidnapped by Zargoth. The second half of the Vague's beings was made from the Ottzel, who were seemingly destroyed by Kolossus during the Clash of the Crimelords, when they were in fact transported away to be experimented on. While formidably powerful, the Vague resulted in deranged and tortured creatures who were not quite god-races like the Vyro'Narza and Vyro'Ralza, which led to their abandonment.

The Vague initiated a bloody campaign against the Borealis Galaxy during the Second Borealis Galactic War with the objective of destroying the Unified Nation of Ottzello. Upon arrival, they were originally suspected to be another "killer race" created by Durzhan, though their ffourth dimensional nature made this impossible. At first too irrational to be reasoned with, the Vague's motives were eventually revealed to kill all Ottzelloans before they were turned into the Vyro'Ralza, and after they refused this fate, the fourth-dimensional creatures joined their side in the war against Zargoth, pledging all of their support. The Kormacvar half of the Vague had the opportunity to once again combat the Borealis Grox Empire and aided in the defeat of Regnatus, and following this, they aided the Polar Crystal Alliance in defeating the Borealis Consortium Network and finally Zargoth himself.

With the war over, the Vague departed Borealis to continue their hunt for Zargoth after realizing his survival, though many believed they would eventually return. This took place during Da Reckoning, when they pledged their allegiance to the Kormacvar Legacy.



The Vague are poorly understood in a biological level due to their mysterious origins. They are not composed of matter like three-dimensional races know, instead being made of some sort of incredibly dense and heavy metal which gives them a biomechanical appearance. Their body shape is roughly that of a Kormacvar, except stripped to the bone with somewhat disproportional limbs and a third eye on their heads, which is reminiscent to the Ottzel's three eyes. Their right arms do not possess a hand, but rather a highly advanced weapon reminiscent to a pulse rifle. While typically seen standing at around four meters tall, the Vague have shown themselves as capable of changing their size at will, with the largest Vagues seen towering over fifteen meters. Their external shells are green and black in coloration, with white stripes spread across their limbs. The Vague are genderless creatures, despite some holding the souls of female Kormacvar and Ottzel, sometimes combined with male ones.


The Vague are widely remembered for their tortured behaviour, caused by Zargoth's experiments on them. On their first appearance in the Onuris Universe, they were noted as being perpetually angered and distressed, constantly wailing mechanically as they coldly destroyed UNO's worlds. Once Zargoth's influence over them dissipated, their behaviour became severely less volatile and they have displayed traits of being a very militant race, likely due to both the Kormacvar and Ottzel formerly being military-focused species. The race as a whole holds a deep hatred for Zargoth and the Vyro'Ralza, vowing to hunt and destroy them wherever they choose to run.


The alien properties of the Vague make them a formidable enemy to combat. Their biomechanical bodies, despite appearing skeletal and frail from a distance, shrug off all infantry-grade weaponry in Borealis, with only anti-vehicle weapons being able to harm them. They have shown to be strong enough to ignore melee blows from Loron and attack back with even more strength, making them monstrously powerful in physical strength. However, the most notable weapon in the Vague's arsenal is their arm-weapon, which fires pulses of energy which cause atoms to be forcefully separated from each other when they hit a target, causing their victims to effectively be disintegrated. No shielding in Borealis has proven effective against it, with the sole exception of Essence shields.


Vague Dakster.png

Back when I was alive, I called myself a "hero" out of naivety, I had no idea what this meant. Now, now that I have opened my eyes, I will not call myself a hero, I will be a hero. I must protect everyone!

The only named individual among the Vague, and the only one with a known personality, Dakster is widely recognised as their leader, and is believed to share a body with a Kormacvar warmaster. Drastically different from how he was in his earlier life, and in fact only retaining the memories of his earlier life, Dakster is very passionate and sympathetic, and will sacrifice anything to protect the people he cares for. He feels guilty for the actions of his people, the Ottzel, and for his own selfishness, as well as immense disdain towards Zargoth. Believing he has seen the universe from a completely new perspective, seeing all its true evil and injustice, Dakster sees himself as someone who must protect its inhabitants from the dangers of demonic threats.



Probably the universe's biggest case of miscommunication. In our defense, they did shoot first. But at least, all was well in the end.

- Rebaris


- Hagto'Zhl

It a shame to see what demons can do to you when you give them full control...and what one lacking morals will do when he is only interested in your value...

- Tuolog

I would say I wish we could've reasoned with them first, but...Zargoth wouldn't have allowed it.

- Valzaria

Crazy young whippersnappers, huh? Good thing they came around...

- The Mechanic

...No. The Zargoth I knew wouldn't go to this length, not even under his new rulers...

- Volzara



  • The Vague were partially based on the Necrons from Warhammer 40,000.
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