It’s only a matter of time before the foreign empires strike our galaxy.

- The Core

Introduction Edit

A large empire that has a machine as it’s ruler. The machine was programmed to be a just ruler and it is reasonable and does what is best for it‘s people. The Core controls most of the military due to most organic generals being inexperienced. The Core is yet to master war itself and is training for a foreign invasion. The Core does not interfere with elections of governors or senators and never plans on to. The Core doesn’t actually like it when it is praised and instead likes it when it’s inventor Feni Wen is being praised. The Core protects the inner rim when the galaxy colides with another and values its people dearly.

History Edit

Early History Edit

The Corlinians originated from Plenaya which is close to the core, but not to close. It is believed that Feni Wen is the first of their kind. Feni Wen calls themself Primum of Coriusian and it has been recorded that he was the leader of the nation that would become the United Corlinian Empire, although it is seen as a weird coincidence. Once the empire was formed the C.O.R.E System (Corlinians Official Robotic Emperor) was made by Feni Wen to replace them as leader.

The Great Empire of Coriusian Edit

The Corlinians would later join the Great Empire of Coriusian, although they were reluctant at first. They became their fourth member. The Empire had brought a golden age to the Corlinians, although the golden age didn’t last. A balance of powers was shattered once the founding empire had left. This left the other factions trying to get the 4th seat. The Corlinians left soon, which speed up the process of it’s demise. The founding empire rejoined some after the Corlinians left, hoping to take control. The once near-galactic empire would fall and dissolve into a brutal civil war that lasted for a millennial. The Corlinians were sometimes caught in the crossfire and some of their worlds were bombed.

The Second Golden Age Edit

Soon after the three factions had died for the most part the Corlinians restored the remaining megastructures that the empire had and a second golden age occurred. That was until a unknown force came to Coriusian. Almost all the empire was wiped clear out of the universe and the ones who lived only lived because of the Core using it’s energy to protect them. (as well as the attackers not caring if little remained.) The Corlinians later recovered from the attack and started to expand their territory outwards.

Lone Years Edit

they were all alone for hundreds of thousands of years, so finding other early sentient species surprised them. They decided to not wipe them out, but they now had a fear of foreign empires coming to the galaxy, as they feared that they might get wiped out again.

The New Era of Empires Edit

As the years passed the Corlinians were no longer the only spacefaring species in Coriusian. Many empires began to form and the Purity came to colonize the Northern Clusters. At first the Corlinians were suspicious of the Purity, but later found them to be useful allies to the empire. The Corlinians began to introduce themselves to the new empires with mixed results. It was also around this time that they discovered the Great Coriusian Empire‘s remnants, which spanned the galaxy. They began to do diplomacy with the remnants and started doing trade with them.

War for Ziachi Edit

The War for Ziachi started once the MotSE destroyed a large Batorok Trade fleet with no reasoning. The Corlinians soon rallied by the Batorok‘s side and prepared for an offensive. The offensive did see some success, but was halted by the MotSE’s reserves. The Corlinian Front has seen some minor offensives and defenses, but the front became a tug of war of offensives and counter attacks. The Corlinians would also face a rebellion from the Cult of the Core. The rebellion has caused many problem, but is slowly being put down.

Reformation of the Coriusian Imperium Edit

The Corlinians managed to reform the Grand Coriusian Imperium when they annexed the Great Empire’s Remnants. Feni Wen is the Emperor, although the Core is the Ruler of the Imperium. But Feni Wen has much more power then before. The Imperium wants to unite all of Coriusian, but has turned its eyes to other galaxies. They would make the Federation the first free state as they were in a desperate position. They would becoming partly involved in the Grand Seltian War as they hunted down the Coalition.

Government Edit

Each planet has a government. Governors are elected and governors can ask to pass laws, and if enough agree they can overhaul the Core‘s vote if half the government disagree with the C.O.R.E.

Ideologies Edit

The Republican Party of the Corlinian Empire Edit

They strive to make the empire more of a republic and support a republican government.

The Democratic Party of the Corlinian Empire Edit

They strive to make the government more democratic and support democracy.

The Free Party Edit

A party of varying ideologies and beliefs. The Free Party likes varying opinions and is the most popular out of the parties.

The Core Party Edit

A party that is somewhat fanatically and has been banned for representing a cult instead of a political party.

Military Edit

The Corlinian military is well equipped and is technologically advanced. The navy has decent understanding of space combat and the army is excellent at ground combat. The Core doesn’t truly control the ships, but it can give orders. The Core is fine with being disobeyed and actually is pleased with an individual that comes up with a better plan.

  • Left is a Corlinian Immortal soldier.
  • Middle is a Basic Soldier.
  • And the last is a Citizen.

Army Edit

Each soldier controls 50 drone troops and soldiers must move their units where their higher ups want. Drone infantry are used in masses and overwhelm enemies as well as use various maneuvers and tactics to lower drone casualties. Due to drones being easy to mass produce, they are cheap and can be produced in most factories if needed. The Corlinian elite are known as Immortals as they can live forever, but can die. Corlinians are about 3.3 meters and are quite strong, which makes them great soldiers.

Drone Infantry Edit

Drone robots make great bullet fodder. They are about 10,000 USD each, and are near impervious to hacking and resistant to most environmentally dangers. Destroyed drones can be recycled back into functional drones making drone casualties matter little to the swarm. Drones require little maintenance and are cheap to maintain. Drones don’t have any emotions and never retreat unless ordered to. Drones are hard to hack due to them having to be hacked one by one and that other drones will destroy hacked drones. Drones can be specialized for certain tasks by simply downloading a new file on them. Drone files are checked for flaws and if they were changed by someone. Drones can be ordered to not kill innocents and analyses the situation before deciding to shoot. They must always have that file on them to prevent mechanical war crimes and to allow them to capture enemies. Drones can identify friends, citizens, animals, and foes. Drones are controlled as a unit and soldiers controlling drones are told to use them strategically.

Average Drone Edit

The non-modified drone can react fast and is made of mass produced carbon steel. For ranged combat they usually are equipped with a EV 12 (Energy Vaporizer 12 gun for close range) and a BH 30 (Basic Hammer 30 gun for long and medium range.) For melee they have a RV (Razor Vibroblade). Drone units will act independently when in a fire fight, so they all don’t target the same thing. The drone has some weaknesses, one of which is that they are somewhat explosive. This doesn’t mean destroying one causes a chain reaction, but it will damage a few of them. Every basic drone has a self destruct system. Some drones have high power grenades and TH 1 (Thunder Hammer rail guns which act as heavy weaponry.)


There is one banner drone per group. They are equipped with the same things of a standard, but have a small flag pole and flag on it’s back. They are meant to lower morale of the enemy when they see all the banners and the horde. If a banner drone is destroyed nothing really happens, the drones in their group don’t break or retreat. The banner drones are more meant for intimidation and serve the same purpose of a standard.

The Major flaws of Drones Edit

Drones are effective, but if a drone control center is taken. That will cause the enemy to have control over at least ten legions, along with many drone factories. And drones move a bit slower than Corlinians which is why they are usually sent to the front via trucks. Drones march in a chosen formation until they are attacking from medium range, they are usually sent in tight formations and try to surround the enemy, thus artillery and snipers can pick them off when they move in tightly packed formations.

Navy Edit

The Corlinian Navy is somewhat experienced and is quite large. Their Ships of the Line the CMSOTL are mass produced and make up the bulk of the fleet. Armies can be transported by the CMSOTLs with relative ease. The drone infantry take up little space and can be produced inside the ships sometimes, which allows for the Corlinians to send wave after wave of infantry with little consequences. The Navy is great at combat against faster opponents and knows how to counter them.

Boarding Pods Edit

Large boarding pods with up to 100 drone infantry can be fired at enemy ships. They are designed to be able to surpass energy shields with a powerful shield that can protect it and pierce most hulls with its drill. Most of the time the pods will get destroyed before reaching their target. If the pod fails to break through a hull the infantry will move far away from the pod and then the pod detonates unless the pod was ordered not to. The drone infantry are meant to harass the enemy ship’s surface and sometimes try to seize the vessel. The drones aren’t expected to make it through the engagement and are more meant to kill some of the enemy crew and damage the ship. Drones can self-destruct to prevent capture, although the blast caused is moderate and only really sends some shrapnel and obliterates the robot.

Boarding Bridges Edit

A risky move to do, but can cause the enemy to be destroyed and their ship captured. Before the bridge is rammed into the enemy ship, atleast 80% of all drone infantry are set up near the entrances and once the bridge gets through the hull of the opposing ship the drones descend upon the ship. The Bridges are heavily shielded and can pierce most energy shields. If the attack fails the bridges are retracted, and all drones on the enemy ship detonate which causes moderate damage to the ships interior.

Basic Strategy Edit

The basic strategy used commonly by the United Corlinian Empire is trying to wear out and tire their opponents with drone infantry and then overwhelm them while trying to flank and encircle them. Corlinian soldiers form duos, and those duos group with another duo to make a squad. two are awake while the others are asleep. This allows soldiers to take turns using the drones, and also means they can always harass the enemy and disrupt their sleep. When one duo’s robots are drained and have to charge the other duo sends their’s. This allows for both duos to always have drones available and to constantly harass the enemy. Once that is done, the drones are used to try the break the enemy lines and try to encircle them. They can usually destroy most fortifications with massive TH 1 volleys.

The C.O.R.E Edit

The Core is the blackhole in the middle of the Coriusian Galaxy and the Corlinians created a machine that was originally powered by the blackhole and it also likes to be referred as the C.O.R.E (Corlinians Official Robot Emperor) due to it getting its sentience from the Core as well as having some power of the Core itself.

Foreign Policies Edit

Foreigns are to be treated with decency to try to keep them on our good side and we should do intervention missions to help with our naval experience.

Exploration Edit

The Corlinians know of other galaxies and have explored some of the galaxies undetected. They haven’t faced any problems besides random pirate raids, but the fleets get the job done. The Core is very curious about foreign empires and wants to learn all about them. They have interacted with Mirus and Selten, but not on a major scale.

Foreign Relations Edit

Allies Edit


“Being at good terms is good for both of us.”

  • Batorok Union - The Corlinians pay their respect to you.
  • The Great Empire of Coriusian - If only the great fall never happened. We’d all be united under your flag of freedom, peace, and prosperity. If only. But we are now you though.

Friends Edit


“You are cooperative as we are to you.”

Possible Friend Edit


“We see potential.”

Neutral Edit


“We will do further research on you.”

  • None so far

A Threat Edit


“You are to be watched very closely.”

  • None so far

At War Edit


“You shall be destroyed.”

Quotes from other Empires Edit

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You, Corlinians... Just never seem to give up.. ha. I guess we shall be snuffed out by you. If so, we shall not go down without a fight.

- Lucari Gin of the Coalition
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