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The Technoosphere, is the technological framework that is derived from "The Civilization's" infrastructure. It is the "body" and "mind" of the AI Netspace. The majority are very simple, and poorly rendered, the weaker ones tend to be built by weaker minded, while the more powerful minds can intergrate into matter and energy itself and build virtuveres. It includes countless small virtual realities created by simpler minds which are overshadowed by vast simulated realities of which only the superintelligences can make. The Technoosphere does not only include virtual technology but also encompasses a variety of fields including megascale engineering, nanotechnology, increasing intelligence, programmable matter, advanced programming and solving, matter-energy conversion and the eventual changing the outcome of the universe...

Explaining the Technoosphere Edit

A noosphere is an vast amalgamation of minds, which work together like a collective to solve problems and process information, minds of various types of being, and levels of sapience. In the Noosphere, all sorts of things can occur, the evolution of Alife in some, digital immortality, the chance to enhance one's self, whole new economies and governments, and of course things like even identity theft, when someone steals your Sim. Some fear that such a Technoosphere will enveloup the universe and use it for such realities, but this is unlikely.

Renders Edit

Here the variety of virtual spaces can be created, some incredibly advanced. One doesn't have to or upload themselves, some cyborgs can argument real life and virtual realities together.

Level 1 - Basic renders Edit

Simple chatrooms, games and weak screen projections. Argumented reality is also included.

Level 2 - Quality renders Edit

Often used in more powerful virtuals and simulated excersizes. The Levels 1 and 2 simulations predate AI netspace.

Level 3 - High quality renders Edit

Created by the finest Cybartists and even societies, to create havens. Weaker forms of Alife can evolve and populate these zones.

Metaverses Edit

These are beyond the level of what both sapients and Postsapients can make, but the highest intelligences and taskers can create these. They often contain very abastract spaces (worlds that look meaningless to a sapient but not a superbeing), the simulation of timelines to create multiple outcomes, simulating the natural selection of universes, even simulate in lower and higher dimensions and more. At this level, it is hard to distinguish what is reality and what is virtuality, since real matter and energy is used, as well as other natural constants, and what is done here is similar to what the Taldar and Xynanxes were capable of. There is subtle differences, as the processes are often chosen by multiple choice, and that the topology and quantization of spacetime is not quite the same, as well as the fact matter and energy isn't lifted off the real universe (as a simulation inside and not out).

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