On this page all the Bounty Hunters who are in (partly) service of the Syndicate can be found, or can considered employees by them. The Bounty Hunters, Pirates and other criminals are from differant kind op species and can be found all over the known Universe, often taken bounties from benovolent or evil empires. However, secret services of "good" empires are known to employ Bounty Hunters from the Syndicate.

The Bounty Hunters are travelling all over the Universe, but when needing rest, or require repairs they can stay at the Syndicate HQ in Quadrant 89, close to the Imperial Alliance (one of there unofficial allies).

The Bounty Hunters will have there own section.

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Although all Bounty Hunters are equall in ranks (the Bounty Hunters themselves do not see it that way) there are some who are more well known or have gained more respect due to there record of succes.

However, the Top 10, also known as the Prime Bounty Hunters are the ones who have the best record of succes and are often highly respected by the other Bounty Hunters (this does not mean some want to get rid of them to gain there place anyway). The Prime also enjoy more privileges than the other Bounty Hunters and have often personall interaction with Levarrion, who oversees the Syndicte HQ of Quadrant 89.

Syndicate Leader Levarrion[]

Syndicate Leader Levarrion

As said in the story, he arrived a long time ago in Quadrant 89. Whether it is his real name or his species name is not known.

He is very ruthless and like Slave Danceress. But he is also a man of his word and dislikes the Swerion Trade Federation or betrayers.

His skin is so strong, it can reflect phaser shots to a degree, but he is weak against ice attacks and he hates bees.

When Levarrion managed to take over shipyards and build the interceptors, The Syndicate became a Nation of it's own, were he is very proud off. Most Empires hire the Syndicate for off the record jobs and don't attack them and leave them as they are. Except the Swerions. Levarrion is also on good relations with the Lizardian Emperor, and can be considered an ally of them.

However in 05 AQF Levarrion was arrested by Rambo Nation authorities and send to prison.

Bounty Hunter Emtor[]

Bounty Hunter Emtor

Emtor, the Bounty Hunter

This bounty hunter may look weak, but he has a lot of skills and fight dirty. He likes missions were he can use his skills to the ultimate and he dislikes Neras, a slave danceress who became a Captain.

His skills and record made him one of the 10 prime bounty hunters for the syndicate, although he commands his own ship and not an Interceptor.

He also vowed to one day bring Neras down, whom he dislikes. He is famous for the assasination of the former Swerion Leader and the bombing of the Rambulan Senate.

He has recently been assigned to the Tigris Sector to accept a Bounty from the Xhodocto General himself, he considers himself very important since then and his arrogance has grown since to a level higher then even Levarrion has seen among his Hunters.

During the Second Galactic War Emtor was contracted by the Imperial Alliance and his mission was to kill an Ambassador. After infriltrating Ramerodaras, the Senate Building of Rambo Nation he found the Hutter Ambassador and killed him. He then returned for his bounty.

After recieving his bounty, he rested at the Syndicate HQ, but was soon employed again. He travelled to the Rambo Capitol where he stole some secret and classified information from the Liberary of Vulmiartari. There he encountered Princess Ramtilsae who he took hostage and after a defeat by Rambam, he fled the Capitol and retreated back to the Syndicate HQ. During his travels, he wondered what these Ancient Structures were and he contacted Levarrion, that he had brought him a new slave, Ramtilsae.

Emtor's Ship[]

This is Emtor's personal ship.

Emtor his space craft

He uses this ship to go to planets, raid undefended ships and to execute missions of the Syndicate. It is fast and difficult to see on radar. It also has a cell onboard for interrogations or to hold an abducted person.

He flies this small ship on his own and can accomodade 4 to 5 persons.

The ship has not yet been classified as a ship who has interactions with the Syndicate, so Emtor can land at docks throughout Quadrant 89.

Pirate Captain Halaana "Jessica" Tarot[]


Cunning and self-serving Radeon pirate, Halaana is a scourge for citizen of Deus Rift, as well as other galaxies. She has fairly uncommon personality for her species, depicted as devoted and loyal. She commands stolen MSS Observer. She may look innocent, but this is false. She is skilled fighter using her powerful claw-gloves. She can also fire from her plasma pistol, but she usually don't use it, as her gloves are armed with force fields and can reflect bullets.

Originally she was a captain of Church of Spode. Her skills were impressive, but her free-willed mind made admirals a little bit angry as she rarely followed orders. So they have sent her for keeping good relations with The Grox, and other dangerous missions.

When Ascension War started, she have decided that she served enough. She has stolen Radeon Observer ship, which was able for very long travels, and has traveled to the Quadrant 89, which was untouched by the Scourge. She has aligned herself with the Syndicate, but her true loyalty is only for herself. She is usually robbing Masaari convoys and also watching over illegal trade of draxite, a very common drug similar to Earth's cannabis drugs.

Though fairly new, she soon rose to become one of the 10 Prime Bounty Hunters of the Syndicate, enjoying some privilges.

Bounty Hunter Monnloz[]

Monnloz is one of the most successful bounty hunters working for the Syndicate.

CRE Monnloz-0a234df0 ful.png

He is a Dagian who left his empire after the Ruin Sector Alliance was created. Monnloz is a skilled fighter with a sword, in fact is one of the best Dagian warriors ever. He is also a good shot with a plasma rifle so he is able to snipe targets from afar. Monnloz, unlike most bounty hunters has a code of honor and defends it.

Monnloz space ship is the 'Star Saber' a one of a kind custom ship armed with Anti Matter missiles and two high powered laser cannons. It is also capable of Class 7 Star Jump (Like warp drive only a little more primitive)

Although not long in service, many Bounty Hunters believe him to soon become one of the 10 Prime Bounty Hunters due to his state of record.

Pirate Captain Ramarrow[]

Captain Ramarrow is a former Rambo Captain before he became a pirate and one of the most wanted persons in Quadrant 82.

Pirate Captain Ramarrow


Captain Ramarrow was born 36 years ago in the Braafrena System. One of the Prime Colonie Systems of Rambo Nation. He was born in a very wealthy family.

After high school he joined the military for a few years. When he reached the rank of Lieutenant there he was transferred to the Rambo Space Fleet to serve onboard the USS Hood.

After serving for a while he was growing tired of his life in onboard the USS Hood and serving Rambo Nation. So he quit his job, something Captain Rambas II regretted.

He then designed his own space ship, something he named the Bioya Class. Because of his wealth and richdom he funded the project himself and was really proud of it.

One year before the ship was finished Captain Ramorrow took a shuttle and entered dangerous space, where criminals and pirates were active, he said he was going under cover for Rambo Nation, which later turned out to be false and a lie................

Pirate Captain of the USS Jolly Roger[]

When the USS Jolly Roger, a name frowned upon by the ship builders, was finished Captain Ramarrow hadn't returned yet. But around 12.00 PM a few Pirate Ships attacked the Shipyard and boarded the USS Jolly Roger. The lead of these Pirates turned out to be Captain Ramarrow.

The ship builder, shocked by this flet the Shipyard and informed the authorities of it. On this day, no one nows why a wealthy person like Ramarrow became a Captain. What is known, is that he became one of the most notorious and feared Pirates of it's time, he had connections with other Pirates and with Bounty Hunters.

With the USS Jolly Roger he attacked convoys, trade ships, unarmed space station and when boldy, even Rambo Star Ships.

USS Jolly Roger

When he stole one of the most important and anciend scrolls about the Rambo Gods he became the most wanted person within Quadrant 82. He is also very cruel and most of the times leaves no witnesses or evidence behind.

Currently he is still raiding convoys and evading capture by Rambo Nation. After the Second Galactic War he joined the Syndicate, and ofen takes mission where he can keep his bounties for his own. He is a respected pirate and person in the Syndicate, but he is not one of the Prime 10.

He is a Pirate for over 20 years now.

USS Jolly Roger[]

The USS Jolly Roger is a Bioya Class starship and one of it's kind. It was designed by Captain Ramarrow and later stolen by him and act as his personal Pirate Ship. The ship is equipped with the most modern weapons and shields, even quantem torpedo's (something which he steals frequently).

USS Jolley Roger Below view

The ship was once heavily damaged by an unfortunate encounter by the USS Dallas but has been repaired. It contains Cargo Bays to keep the treasures of Ramarrow save, he also has prison cell, interrogation room etc. on board.

It also seem that Captain Ramarrow has a fond of Gold and Slave Dancers. Who are also placed on his ship.

The ship became then known as the Rambo Pirate Ship. And is rather a small till medium sized ship.

General Thang[]

CRE Zazane-0a052e37 ful.png

General Thang is a Zazane general who works directly under Moxix. He is helping out the Syndicate as he has not had a good bloodbath in ages. His main weapons are the Snake Sword, the Automatic Shuriken, the Zazane Katana and the Automatic Machine Blaster. He is skilled in the art of Zu Kai Po and has killed many. Thang has disgusting manners, that is why Moxix refuses to clone him if he dies. But Thang still stays loyal. He will be happy to help out in any Syndicate missions.

Thang's Battleship[]

Thang gets to his assigned location in his infamous black and silver battleship, which is equipped with rapid-fire extermination blasters on each wing and is programmed with Zazane GhostTech, which turns the ship into a ghost-like vehicle. If it passes through solid objects, it'll destroy those objects. The ship is known for being the second fastest Zazane battleship in existence, just being outmatched by Moxix's ship. Thang has won many dogfights with it.


  • "You ain't got nothing! NOTHING!!"
  • "Taste my blaster, suckers!"
  • "Will you give me the honour of being my punchbag?"
  • "I pit you, fool!"
  • "For Moxix!"
  • "Don't take it personally, I just hate you."
  • "I will rock your world! Never mind Freddie!"
  • "Violence, it's the game I play, baby."

Bounty Hunter Krescent †[]

Krescent was a talented Gnosh bounty hunter. His real name was Frijik Bar, though few knew that. He fought in the Sylit-Gnosh War and later moved to Quadrant 89. He robbed trade ships and raided small colonies. When Krescent found the Syndicate, he immediately joined and normally took care of jobs

Krescent the bounty hunter

in Ramvelkys Galaxy. He often cracked jokes, but they are usually mean or offensive. Krescent was one of the most successful of the bounty hunters, and was recently able to kill the Grand Admiral of the Sylit Republic without a problem. However, after a long duel through Veatrex City, which lasted nearly an hour, he was killed by Aturox, who had been promoted to Grand Admiral. Krescent was stabbed in the stomach and was decapitated by Aturox after a duel that went from on top of buildings, to in and on flying cars, to almost getting ground up with trash, and back to the top of buildings. Krescent's body was thrown, by Aturox, into ta different grinder, which ripped his body into hundreds of pieces.

Eternal Crimson[]

Krescent pilotseda customized Gnosh Speeder called the Eternal Crimson. He liked fast ships better than strong ships, though in physical abilities, he was stronger than he was fast.

The Eternal Crimson has 4 rockets, 4 blasters, 2 SpinFire™ turrets, a long, pointy front, and 6 "claws". It is a light red color with lots of lights.

Slave Danceress/Captain Neras[]


Neras was born on the Vierian homeworld, when it was already under the control of the Lizardian Empire. Sometime during her life, she was taken from her homeworld by a Syndicate raid and was brought to Levarrion.

Captain Neras

Neras is a Vierian who is enslaved by The Syndicate. She was first a slave danceress for many years, to please and enjoy the Syndicate Leader, Levarrion. She was his favorit danceress.

She later managed to become a captain, thanks to Levarrion, although she cannot escape the Syndicate, not Levarrion, since he had her implanted with a divice that gives electrical shocks when disobidient.

Captain of the Interceptor[]

When becoming Captain, a fine accomplishment for a girl of only 22 years old her first mission was to infriltrate a Swerion Cruiser and steal classified information. With the Interceptor she attacked the Swerion Cruiser and managed to board the ship and get the information Levarrion wanted. During it, she also damaged the Droid Captain of that ship, which later turned out to be Captain 224.

After returning the information she also tried to raid the USS Hood, but that ship proved to strong for her. She still stands in high favor of Levarrion and she has raided Rambulan, Rambo, Swerion and Hutter Ships.

She once spoke to Captain Rambas II, when her second raid on the USS Hood failed and she was captured. She told him her history and her disire to one day join Rambo Nation as a Captain. Surprised by this, Rambas informed High Captain Ramgaarbath, who ordered to bring her back to Quadrant 82. But Rambas couldn't achieve this, because the Bounty Hunter Emtor brought Neras back to her Interceptor and to Levarrion. Rambas vowed to find her one day again and to bring her to Rambo Nation.

Were she was punished with electricel shocks till she lost her conciousness. After that, she was given missions to keep her away from the Rambo, and Levarrion told Emtor that when she tried to get to a Rambo Colonie, or even get caught by them again, he had to execute her. She recenlty has been given assignment in the Tigris System, where she also encountered the Rambo again. Shortly after, being present during the Fall of Ramirith and escaping it in time she was contacted by the Congregation and accepted missions from then.

It also seems that the Xhodocto General is rather fond of her, but if that is true is unknown, since she told this story and that is not yet confirmed. After the Tigris War ended she returned to the Quadrant Galaxies where she infriltrated various Empires for information. Upon the outbreak of the Second Galactic War Neras was injured during a battle with Captain Ramzhenko. She had to recover at the Syndicate HQ for a while. during this time she also visited Rametru Nui once. After her recovery she resumed her duty, but Levarrion (worried for her safety) also used her and her ship as transporter for Bounty Hunters and Pirates who did not have a ship of there own. So she was often picking up and dropping bounty hunters at various locations. However in 05 AQF she along with various others was captured by Rambo Nation during the fall of the Syndicate and send to prison

Syndicate Interceptor[]

Captain Neras commands an unnamed Syndicate Interceptor.

Neras Syndicate Interceptor

Neras Syndicate Interceptor below view

The Interceptors are fast ships, well armed and perfect for swift attacks. Although it's shields are not that impressive.

Neras Interceptor was once damaged by an encounter with Battle Cruiser 17 and with the USS Hood but has been repaired since.

The ship faced during it's command under Neras Rambo, Rambulan, Swerion and Hutter Ships.


-Captain Neras carries a hidden gun on her right leg? - She can use ice attacks? - She can easily seduct males because of her looks? -She hopes to one day encounter Captain Rambas II again, in hope he keeps his promise to her.

Bounty Hunter Thellma[]


Bounty Hunter Thellma

Thellma is a former member of the Kingdom of Thelliria, he served in the defense force of the Kingdom but left when he had a disagreement with the Captain of how to defense themselves.

He later stole a cruiser and left for space where he met Emtor who introduced him to Levarrion, and so he became a bounty hunter.

He is a dangerous and cunning bounty hunter, an expert at explosives and hacking computers. But he is also sometimes very annoying and takes more with him then neccessary.

He is proud to be a bounty hunter and he likes to blow up his enemies with a lot of force. During the Second Galatic Wars Thellma went searching for his people in the Tigris Galaxy but did not found them there and only discovered his home planet in ruins and desolated. He then returned, vowing he would know what happened to his people and one day bring them back to the Quadrant Galaxies, as the Tigris was destroyed by the Xhodocto.

He later travelled to the Rambo Capitol where he battled Captain Rambam but was defeated. He then retreated back to the Syndicate Head Quarter. Later on in 05 AQF Thellma was captured by Rambo Nation authorities during the fall of the Syndicate and send to prison after his trail.

Thellma's Cruiser[]

Thellma's Cruiser

The Thellirian Cruiser is a small cruiser of the Thellirian Kingdom, it is the main ship of the Kingdom, although it cannot match an Excelsior Class.

A cruiser was stolen by Thellma when he left the Kingdom and went rogue, although the ship is mostly manned by a crew of 5, Thellma adjusted it so it can be piloted by only himself. The ship is not equipped with better weapons etc. but has been upgraded with better scanners and even a stealth mode. The ship can go into every system, since the Thellirians are known to be peacefull, and so Thellma escaped a lot of times due to this fact.

Ukho Yart[]

Ukho Yart, upon receiving the news that the kazaru had allied with the Molko

Ukho Yart is a kazaru bounty hunter that has recently joined the Syndycate, despite his xenophobic qualities. He is sadistic and cruel, and believes that the kazaru are the superior race in the universe. He left the kazaru empire to become a pirate when they allied with the Molko.He usually refers to them as "irit knimzaka" irrtating little devils.He also refuses to speak any language but kasi, and has one of his crew to translate.

Ukho Yart's ship

He is a veteran of the Kri wars, in which he lost his right arm and left eye. A skilled engineer, he has built in many weapon systems in his cybernetic arm, and replaced the traditional red lens with an icy blue one in his cybernetic eye.

Even though he has left the kazaru empire, he still posseses some loyality towards them, and never kills a kazaru if it isn't absolutely nececary.

At 04 AQF he joined Zevracence and Uamio Teff and together they infriltrated the Rambo Nation Senate at Väeressëa and managed to take out the Confederacy Senator Mioa Buroa, badly injuring her and neutralizing the peace treaty the Nation and the CAS wished to make.


Ukho flies his personal IX-P3: Destructor. It is equipped with a manned missile/plasma turret that can rotate 360 degrees, bombs and lasers. It houses a crew of 12 kazaru, including himself.

Uamio Teff[]

Uamio Teff

Uamio Teff is a warrior and bounty hunter native to Cyrannus. He is a member of an unknown species, he is credited as the most proficient bounty hunter in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Teff is often found to be very cunning and witty, but at a emphasized level. Throughout the many years of his bounty hunting career, Teff developed a strong sense of justice, moral obligation, and adhered to his own code of honor. He took only certain bounties that agreed with his own beliefs and brutal justice. But to those few, he whole-heartedly devoted all of his magnificent skill should the occasion call for it. This led him to believe in a quick, clean kill.

Teff kept a cool demeanor when calculating his every move, always playing to win or survive. He knew best when to make use of evasion, which enabled him to outlast his enemies.

At 04 AQF he joined Zevracence and Ukho Yart and together they infriltrated the Rambo Nation Senate at Väeressëa and managed to take out the Confederacy Senator Mioa Buroa, badly injuring her and neutralizing the peace treaty the Nation and the CAS wished to make.

Teff's Ship, Imperical One[]

Imperical I is a modified attack craft used by famed bounty hunter Uamio Teff. It was greatly modified with advanced weapons systems by Teff during their respective use.

Imperical I is a well-armed starship, and to keep it from becoming obsolete, it was endlessly modified. Its weaponry includes two heavy twin blaster cannons, as well as two rapid firing laser cannons. Rounding out the ship's armament are two projectile launchers, each holding a magazine of three homing missiles or various other payloads, and a naval minelayer equipped with seismic charges. The use of blaster cannons was an odd decision as they had generally inferior firepower compared to laser cannons.

Bounty Hunter Skype K'Aramar[]

Skype K'Aramar.

Skype K'Aramar is a Kyran bounty hunter, the most feared in Galaxon Galaxy. He is one of the newest additions to the Syndicate, joining shortly after the Ramvelkys War. He fought in many RW battles, and was injured dearly during the Battle of Serostrat. He resigned from SESEP and became a mercenary, as he didn't think his wound would let him fight in SESEP.

He kept his SE-Impact (a SESEP spaceship) by stealing it, and traveled away from Ramvelkys Galaxy and landed in Quadrant 89, where he joined the Syndicate. He decided to move to Galaxon Galaxy when empires started to colonize it, and the Syndicate had him take jobs in Galaxon.

Wild Dawn[]

The Wild Dawn is a customized SE-Impact, colored black and red with extra blasters and missiles. The Wild Dawn was Skype's SE-Impact during the Ramvelkys War, which he stole after he left SESEP.

Galactic Adventures[]

Bounty Hunting[]


Play as Krescent as he infiltrates a mansion to kill a rich target that has survived many bounty hunters.

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