The Syndicate, often referred as the Quadrantia Syndicate is an underworld criminal organisation lead by the Board of Masters, the most influential and powerful among the Syndicate. Mostly active within the Quadrant Galaxies, they are known to have dealings within the Cyrandia Cluster as well. During the Great Cyrannus War, during the 4th month of 05 AQF the Syndicate suffered a major blow when their headquarters in Quadrant 89 was destroyed by a Rambo Nation fleet under command of vice-admiral Ramcard. In the following years operatives and known associates were hunted down and arrested, many believed the Quadrantia Syndicate was done for.

However some remained loyal to their ideals and eventually the Quadrantia Syndicate was reformed at Nal Amroth in 07 AQF.


Original Syndicate under the Prime Master[]

Levarrion and his prime hunters

The origins of the Syndicate hail from Quadrant 89 and date back thousands of years ago, first records indicate they were active the moment empires like the Hutter, Lizardian and the Rambulan began exploring and conquering space. Over time, the Syndicate gathered more operatives and with the discoveries of the wormholes, the Syndicate began infriltrating Quadrant 82 and 21 as well. For years the Syndicate was just a rumor until the Treaty of 89 was signed in 49 BQF and a mysterious individual known as Levarrion rose to the position of the Prime Master, the ruler over the Syndicate. Under his guidance the Syndicate influance, wealth and power grew exponentially, they settled down in the ruins of a former uncharted planet, and named it their headquarters from where they would conduct their operations, build their fleet of intercepters and cruisers. They gained a hand in slavery operations, illegal smuggling and often infriltrated governments and assisinated targets when paid for it.

During the Tigris War the Syndicate was active in the Tigris Galaxy as well, claiming they were employed by the Congregation, though this seemed unlikely. Upon the outbreak of the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, the Syndicate was intensely hired by the Imperial Alliance and were feared across the Quadrant Galaxies. When the war ended and the Imperials lost, Levarrion and his Syndicate faced a new political climate, where criminals were suddenly actively hunted down and arrested.

Defeat of the Syndicate

Though they did maintain relations with the Imperial Alliance who still hired them occasionally, hiring them in search of Atlantica artifacts. The war showed the Syndicate was powerful, but not undefeatable as captain Rambam managed to infriltrate their HQ in Quadrant 89. Ever expanding their sphere of influance and underground networks, the Syndicate suffered a major blow during the Great Cyrannus War, in the 4th month of 05 AQF a Rambo Nation fleet under command of vice-admiral Ramcard attacked and invaded their headquarters in Quadrant 89, capturing Levarrion and many of the associated and bounty hunters. Those who managed to escape were hunted down and arrested in the following months.

With the Syndicate out of the way, Morglûkia's Syndicate became the most influential within the Quadrant Galaxies after he made a profitable alliance with the Cyrannian Syndicate.

Syndicate under the Board of Masters[]

The Syndicate is reformed at Nal Amroth

During the tenth month of 07 AQF, Rambo Nation senator Gorubla met with the green orc Snargom Bloodthirst of Ramalivua and the slaver Xidan of Sanderhal at the ruins of the keep at Nal Amroth. Together the tree agreed to reform and rule the infamous The Syndicate together, their alliance became known as the Board of Masters and they were to decide the policies and who was to be allowed to become an associate of the Syndicate.

The personal slave of the Board of Masters, responsible for providing their food and drinks, as well as taking notes was the tracked down Aur'Lumniassa, former Cyrandia Alliance president. In the following days, the Board of Masters began searching and employing associates and opened their services to others.

The first acquired mission for the reorganised Syndicate

An annual meeting was planned for the start of 08 AQF, where the various Syndicate associates could meet at Nal Amroth keep with parties, gladiator fights and more. Their first mission followed shortly afterwards, sending their associates Emtor, the Saurdoshan Hunter and Vezktan to infiltrate the royal palace of Rambo Nation in Tirithsilliana. The mission, a joint operation with operatives of the Cyrannian Syndicate and the Vengeful Claw was to assassinate the high profil leaders, Ramashe, Apollo and the young Maryah to disturb the diplomatic meeting and cause war between the New Cyrannian Republic, Indoctrinate Collective and Rambo Nation. Sadly, the mission failed, leaving the Board of Masters greatly displeased at those that hired them, claiming that they were given false intelligence and the Board placed a bounty at the one that hired them for this mission.

During the Quadrantia Adventures in february of 08 AQF, their monthly gladiator fights was interrupted by the crew of the Falcon who departed the planet with their stolen property, Idris Vanguinar.

Notable Individuals[]

Board of Masters

The Board of Masters are the rulers and most influential crime lords of the Syndicate. It are they who decide the policies and which jobs or operations shall be executed. Though the Board isn't always in agreement with eachother.

associated bounty hunters, criminals and smugglers

The Syndicate employs various associates, ranging from smugglers to assassins and bounty hunters. For the original bounty hunters see here.

associated slaves and servant


The Syndicate is an underground criminal organisation, consisting of assassins, criminals, terrorists, bounty hunters, smugglers, slavers, arm dealers and all the rest of the unsavory who hide from local authorities. As such the diversity among the Syndicate members and associates is immense, though there are various guidelines and codes those associated with the Syndicate must hold on.

Rules and Principles
  • 01: Membership is a life insurance!
  • 02: Respect the Board of Masters, their rule is absolute.
  • 03: No bounty or slave is worth dying for
  • 04: Capture by design, kill by necessity
  • 05: No associate shall interfere with another's hunt, unless outbidded
  • 06: No associate shall refuse to aid another associate.
  • 07: Dead is dead, mutilating is pointless.
  • 08: Don't hold back profits, the Board shall decide your fate then.
  • 09: All associate must obey the guest rules.

Anyone within the Quadrant Galaxies can acquire the Syndicate services, provided the Board of Masters and the payment is acceptable. Certain objectives and missions can be relayed by the Quadrantia HoloNet, once verified and approved by the Board, any associate can apply. Associates can make use of the various taverns and pubs out Syndicate holdings, enjoy free overnights and repairs to their vehicles and can acquire medical aid as well. Any associate can make use of the extensive Syndicate Database as well.

Ships Associated[]

Png file
Syndicate Interceptor

The Syndicate Interceptor are fast, moderately-armed starships used by the Syndicate since 07 AQF after their reformation. These exterior design reflects a hawk-like appearance, incorporating swept wings positioned at the after of the vessel and with a beak-like forward section.

The Interceptors armanents include particle cannons, torpedoes and a transporter. They have an average lenght of 35 meters.


Nal Amroth

Yodian Keep, the headquarters of the Board of Masters

Nal Amroth is a swamp planet located in the Unclaimed Territories of Quadrant 82, one of the five Quadrant Galaxies. Nearby planets include Terra Prime, Ramalivua and the Lizardian territories. For years the planet was a remote planet, now noticed by those travelling the Unclaimed Territories. However the planet houses ancient secrets, once visited and colonized by the noble and mysterious Yodian, abandoned for years until 08 AQF, when the Syndicate settled at the planet and took it as their new criminal bastion.

From here, the Syndicate sends away her associates on missions, holds her annual events like gladiator fights, can associates take some free time and enjoy the trade and commerce within the keep, ranging from goods to slaves adn animals. Associates can also relax within one of the many houses they can hire, to rest, heal their wounds or lay low for a while to escape the sight of local authorities.

Umbrax (formerly)

Crakadox Structure, headquarters and main landing port

  • Planet: Umbrax
  • Location: Quadrant 89

After the Syndicate stumbled upon the abandoned ruins of this planet, located near the borders of the Imperial Alliance it became their perfect staging area for their operations. A desolate, hot and dry planet it was often avoided by the local space faring empires and the ancient structure was easily defended against any threat due to its tactical build upon a hill, one side sheltered by steep cliffs and a small lake. The structure became the epic center of the organisation known to the Galaxy as the Syndicate and many criminals, outcast, bounty hunters and pirates visted this place, even considering it their new home as slave markets, black markets, bounties, earning gold etc was allowed here.

Over the course of history the location remained a secret to the other Empires and the HQ of Quadrant 89 was expanded with various homes, a saloon and docking ports. However, during the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF the location of the Syndicate HQ was revealed but they had already earned such a reputation none dared to attack it at the time. Sadly this all changed when Rambo Nation claimed the bastion after invading the planet and capturing many of the associates in 05 AQF.


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