The States Of The Cow is an interstellar federation found on the edge of the Milky Way. The empire was formed in 2764, or 2 BSE, in a global unification of existing nations. It has since expanded to 14 star systems and 18 planets and is generally respected for their aid and generosity following the War of Ages.


The SOTC is a minor galactic power in the Milky Way. Cows, its main species, are bipedal, intelligent people. Their name comes from the animal, given to them by extraterrestrials visiting their early civilizations due to their skin looking like a cow's. The SOTC is extremely wealthy, with quadrillions of Bovs (Bovs=4.6 Sporebucks) in their possession for a variety of projects. Cows, despite being uninvolved in the War of Ages, wish to help rebuild the galaxy, one step at a time.


Early yearsEdit

Following its formation twenty years ago, the early States Of The Cow struggled. It was created in a difficult time, in a series of crisises. Thousands of species were dying off every day due to rapid global warming. They were losing natural resources faster than ever. Several ideas were tested, but only made things worse. They were all going to die if drastic measures weren't put into place.

Then came Arvus Causie. Arvus was the Senator of Bunali, one of the worst affected area. 2 years after the beginning, at the peak of the disasters, Arvus Causie demanded something be done. He suggested sending endangered species to another hospitable planet. One was found simply two light-years away. Planning began immediately for what was called "Project Noah".

Space EraEdit

This marked the official beginning of the Space Era. The space era is the period in time beginning when Project Noah began to the present day. Project Noah was to gather as many animals as possible onto a huge spaceship and take them to this new planet. After ten long years, the preparations were in place. The spaceship was sent out to the planet. It was eqipped with a primitive FTL drive. Arriving four months later, the ship began its mission.
Spore 2012-01-14 09-07-55

The planet Sartarra

The First ColonyEdit

A colony was placed on Sartarra to ensure the animals were safe. This was the beginning of an interstellar empire.


Since then, the SOTC has expanded to a dozen more systems and even more planets. It is a minor galactic power and, despite being uninvolved, helps other empires in the aftermath of the War of Ages. It is currently looking for allies and will almost certainly accept any offer.

Recently, the SOTC claimed several hundred star systems in the Phradox Galaxy. One is being used as a base for the War of Pirates.

Space PiratesEdit

Recently, a transmission from Space Pirates had contacted the SOTC. It demanded that the States hand over weapons they were selling, and to let its people be enslaved! The SOTC demanded them gone, but were secretly building up their military, for it looked like it would turn into a war. The "War of Pirates" devastated the SOTC, killing two billion and ultimately causing a military dictatorship to fill a power void after the deaths of the government.


The Government of the SOTC is outlined in the Charter of The States. The States Of The Cow is a federal republic, led by the 50 Senators in the Senate of the States. Senators are elected every 10 years by the citizens of the SOTC. The Senate's main duties are creating laws, establish military personnel to defend its territory, and keep the nation happy. They also wish to help nearby victims of the War of Ages. Due to their history, a lot of enviromental regulations are in place. Three official government agencies also exist:

1. The Federal Crime Investigation Agency

  • Official police force.
  • Enforces laws and regulations, especially enviromental ones.
  • Moniters gambling activity.
  • Keeps tabs on all Cows.

2. Disaster Center and Relief Services

  • Responds to disasters.
  • Evacuates areas prior to predicted devastation.
  • Assists in rebuilding after the disaster.

3. Intergalactic Diplomacy Agency

  • Contacts other races and empires for diplomacy.
  • Enforce treaties between nations.
  • Avoids provoking war.
  • Formerly led by Arvus Causie.

The Charter also states that all Cows are equals, due to prevalent racism on Cows with black spots, instead of the "normal" brown.


The military of the States of the Cow is known as the Cow Space Militia. In the beginning of the SOTC, the Space Militia defended the new country from rebels in some states. Since then, the SOTC has turned the CSM into the official military of the nation. It patrols the territories of the States and fights any enemy harboring malicious intent against the Cows. They are currently fighting in the War of Pirates. The name comes from the early days when the CSM wasn't very organized, since then the Senate hasn't gotten around to changing it. The CSM consists of:

  • approximately 300,000 Cows
  • approximately 1,200,000 clones made by the Zecky

The ranks in the Space Militia is the following:

  • Starman
  • Starman First Class
  • Senior Starman
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Senior Master Sergeant
  • Chief Master Sergeant
  • Second Lieutenant
  • First Lieuntenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Major
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier Commander
  • Major Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Commander
  • Head Commander of the CSM

The current Head Commander of the CSM is Parris Vaut.


In the SOTC, Cows are treated as something not greater than nature. This forced a slow growth to the Idustrial Age, since no one wanted to harm the enviroment. Many people live simple lives, especially on the colonies. Hovever, it is different in the cities. Technology has made the cities a unique place to live, where a variety of innovative ideas are always being tested. A large amount of entrpeneurs wanting to become wealthy invent crazy things to get rich.

Recently, Virtual Reality has become commercial. It has become a hit with Cows, replacing the previous major technology, sigwatch. Sigwatch was like human 'television'. Cows watch mostly game shows, though recent alien signals have allowed a variety of Sigwatch shows.


In the SOTC, the hierarchy is organized like this:

  • Senators
  • Wealthy
  • Merchants and traders
  • Laymen
  • Farmers and laborers

'Laymen' includes any Cow not specified anywhere else.


The SOTC is high-tech for a low Tier-4 civilization. It gets energy from massive Dyson Swarms, though this was only able to be put to use in the Meron System. For the rest of the colonies, antimatter and nuclear fusion are used for power. Space travel is complicated. There have been many interstellar voyages, but most of them were in sleeper ships. The SOTC is in possession of primitive FTL drives, but they mostly work on borrowed technology, and drain a lot of energy. Their most impressive feat is the HEVI, the Huge Extrasolar Vehicle: Intergalactic. It was used to carry the Senate and Top Generals to the Phradox Galaxy for the War of Pirates. It had technology stolen from a local Tier 3 empire, that was reverse engineered. However, it is probably not enough to cross galaxies. Most likely, the crew, the leaders of the SOTC, will have died before they leave their home galaxy. This is because of a tragic miscalaculation in both the size and the distance between the Milky Way and Phradox Galaxies.

As for weapons, all Space Militia ships are equipped with omnidirectional rapid-fire railguns capable of destroying a small ship. Heavy bombers, while slow, have Anti-Matter Missiles at their disposal, and are mainly used for planetary defense. This does not mean the SOTC is without directed energy weapons, though. They just need to power them up more before they become useful.

At home, Virtual Reality has recently been developed. Millions of situations have been programmed, and anything can be created. Billions of Cows use them daily. For an alternative, sigwatch (television) has been improved to amazing proportions. Sigwatch are now generally Super HD, 3D, 50" screens with surround sound and perfect picture. The shows possible can be found in the Culture section.


Green face - The Arkit Council Empire - We are so similiar

Green face - The Zecky Cloning Mirco Brand - So helpful.

Orange face - The Scimat'akar - You fools! Do you not know who you'ved allied?

Red face - The Zarbania Alliance - How dare you raid us! We'll kill you all!!!

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