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Please note that this war takes place at about the beginning of the Great Cyrannus War, and is in fact a part of the war. That being said, the Jovar Empire's influence on the GCW is purely indirect (at least for Year 1), meaning that this is a separate story that happens to be heavily influenced by the GCW.

The Split was the single-largest event to occur in the Jovar Empire's history. Although it is not known what caused The Split, it is known who started it: T.S.O.I.B, a massive intergalactic banking corporation. Its influence reached beyond the corporate sector, however, eventually spreading into politicsand military. It would eventually acquire Ureathus Drive Yards, and build its own military. The Jovar Empire would respond in force, however it would fail to dissolve T.S.O.I.B, and the nation would split in two.

The Split soon however became, and was, more than a civil war. It was a war of ideologies and individuals too. And their hopes, memories, and fears...


  • Informative

T.S.O.I.B began its quest for complete control over the Jovar Empire's political field shortly before the Intergalactic War, buying off various corporations, both within and outside the Jovar Empire. However, its campaign for total power truly kicked off after the devastating war. Unlike most nations, the Jovar were largely unscathed by the war, save from a few minor attacks on their borders. Because of this, the Jovar did not focus so much energy after the war in the process of rebuilding. Rather, they grew more powerful than ever, and the Jovar Empire's military and economy suddenly boomed, particularly in the manufacturing business.

T.S.O.I.B saw this as the perfect opportunity. Unknowingly to the rest of the government, the massive bank began to purchase several of the largest manufacturing companies. Soon, T.S.O.I.B controlled many different aspects of the economy, such as food, medicine, tourism, and transportation. This was only the beginning, though.

Then, Jem'rar (the CEO of T.S.O.I.B) made a daring move. He acquired Dlinwe Insurance, the largest insurer in perhaps the entire Milky Way, in an extremely violent way: by killing its Corporate President. The Jovar Empire discovered this act of evil soon afterwards, and attempted to dissolve the bank. The bank refused, however, to comply. According to the JE, this was a declaration of war.

Battle of UreathusEdit

  • Narrative

A massive fleet of Jovar Ardents, Imperators, and Interdictors hovered over the small, moonless planet. Their hulls, dark gray and normally quite dull, shone and shimmered in the rich sunlight of the star Fpolir-5. And Jovar III stared out of the imposingly thick, impenetrable bridge windows. "Hmm, nothing. Absolutely nothing. You think these reports are false?" the middle-aged captain asked his nearest lieutenant. "Nonsense," he replied, "they'll come. Their hyperspace trails are picking up on our radars." Jovar replied simply, "We'll see."

They waited. And waited. And waited. For nearly three hours, they waited patiently, valiantly, and perplexed. The fleet was on extremely high alert, though it had began to lower its alertness a bit now. The eerie lack of any activity was surprising, no doubt. But it was also mysterious. And dangerous.

Then, out of nowhere, turbolaser fire from all directions rained hell upon the fleet. It seemed the impossible was occuring: Ardent-class destroyers were falling out of the sky, descending uncontrollably into the planet's atmosphere. Jovar himself could only watch in utter amazement.

"My. God," he barely managed to mutter. The fleet was falling apart as it never had before. Not even the Cognatus had been able to deliver such a blow.

A combination of repainted Jovar ships, CAS frigates, and unusual, zeppelin-shaped behemoths were the culprits of this astronomical attack. The great Admiral peered at the blimp-like ships in utter confusion, perplexed at their strange, yet effective form and design. then, as he was well known to do, he noticed a fatal flaw in their protoype design.

"The engines. They're barely connected to the ships. Concentrate full power on them."

It took some time for the shields to disperse, but when they did, the engines began to break off, falling into the atmosphere in a similar fashion to the fellow Ardents. The zeppelins, which made up nearly 3/4 of the force, were practically gone. Their impressive firepower had been matched by their single, fatal design error.

With that, the fleet, composed mostly of Imperators and Interdictors demolished the remaining force. The rebels ordered a full retreat, and the Jovar Empire relished in their victory. It did not take them long to end their celebrating, though. A stunning realization hit the quickly. A large portion of their fleet had been destroyed. Their largest shipyard was crippled, and it was doubtful that Osion would continue to serve the Empire. And it was likely that the rebels, aided by the extremely powerful CAS, would be able to strike back quickly. They needed outward help, and fast.

"We did not win," Jovar told his nearest female lieutenant. "We merely got lucky."


And with that, an entire section of the Jovar Empire split away from the main empire. Billions of citizens now truly knew how vulnerable and weak the Jovar's aging fleet had become. The glory days of fighting Grox and Cognatus were over. They had been bested by their own species, with the military and financial aid of an extragalactic empire feared by many. It became clear to these skeptics may not be able to hold off another attack.

Jovar had been right about his prediction: Osion had been the first to split from the Empire. Soon, the entire Glor Sector had seceded from the nation. Relard followed soon afterwards. The Capitol Building, once a proud symbol of a constitutional monarchy, had since been rendered useless, as the government was now powerless, with nearly a quarter of the Empire's population now gone. Riots and prison breaks became widespread. Despite his great opposition, Vromm was forced to resort to martial law to contain the upheavals.

This new faction renamed itself the Jovar Socialist Republic, or the JSR for short. Their aim was simple, as were many socialist regimes (in theory): rule with a strong central government with fierce authority over its inhabitants, and enforce and protect its society with a large and powerful military. They had a head start too: with the help of the Confederacy, the JSR was able to take over nearly all of the former Jovar Empire's territories, including the ever-so precious Galaxon territories. The Jovar Empire was crippled to the point of no return.

And Vromm, who had led his nation through so much, was clearly aware of this dubious fact. He hoped, as any rightful ruler should, to change that.

Formation of the JPAEdit

The TalkEdit


The Capitol Building was nearly 5 kilometers tall. The fact that the chants of disgruntled Jovar citizens could even be heard was a miracle in itself. Vromm, though, at the top of his observation platform, could make out their protests quite clearly.

"We want a Republic!"

"Down with the monarchy!"

"Twin Suns could govern us better!"

"We need bread and circuses!"

Vromm shook his head, disgusted. He knew that his citizens were tired of the fighting. Tired of the lack of progress. Tired of the growing poverty. Oh I know what you feel he thought to himself. But to fix it all now? Were it so easy...

"You see it, brother? The streets are jam-packed with mobs and madmen. It's anarchy, in my opinion." It was Jovar III, who had just recently entered the suite.

Oh yes, I see it. I see it quite clearly. Just because I lack a third eye, does not mean I cannot see the pain my nation must suffer through."

"I..I understand, wholeheartedly."

"What should I do? I no not what options I have left at my disposal. Never in my life did I think this could ever happen! And, well. It has." Vromm shook his head, and walked away from the window, and towards his brother.

"What should you do? I have a suggestion, but I'm not so sure you would necessarily agree with it."

"What is it, then?"

"Form a republic."

Vromm's eyes, aged and worn, easily bore a look of defeat in his eyes. It had been his ultimate personal, somewhat selfish desire to keep the nation as a monarchy. It gave him power for life. And power was not something one could give away so easily.

But some things, even he knew, just had to be done. For the greater good.

"This, my friend, is not what Krellar would have wanted. Not one bit."

"How would you know? He was a commoner. Just like every other citizen that cries and pleas. He'd feel the same way."


The SpeechEdit


The old, aged Chancellor stepped into the orbital elevator installed within the capital building, flanked to the right by his own brother. Both entered the chamber without clicking or speaking a word, and descended all five miles within only a matter of seconds. They exited the elevator, still silent. But Vromm gave Jovar a slight, yet stern look. It alone spoke for the troubled creature, saying solemnly, "Is this the only way?" Jovar nodded, and they strolled down the beautiful marble corridor at the base of the tower, both remaining completely silent.

"Well, this is it," Vromm suddenly said, breaking the silence. "It's not that I don't want to hand over my power to the people. It's just that it's difficult to do when you've been a monarch for over 60 years."

"I understand," Jovar replied to him. "But sometimes we must be willing to make sacrifices for the ones that we love the most, in our case the people of this nation. Not an easy thing to do, but I don't think either of us have much of an alternative."

"That, I agree with," Vromm said.

The pair walked down the seemingly endless corridor for a long while, until finally a light exposing the interior of the massive room to the outside world revealed itself at the end of the tunnel. Jovar and Vromm looked at each other. The speech would be short. Short and simple. But it would have to satisfy the people. At this point, that was all that mattered.

The old Chancellor stepped out of the hallway under a massive stone arch, and made his way to a podium set up at the top of the tower's massive staircase. He looked to his side. Jovar looked at his brother, giving him a famous wink of confidence. Vromm smiled, then looked back out onto the crowd in front of him. The crowd, though, was beginning to show the signs of becoming a mob. The Chancellor had to act fast.

He spoke into the microphone.

"My people, please, settle down." Instinctively, the crowd silenced itself completely. Even in a crisis such as this, the Chancellor seemed to have absolute authority over his citizens. Satisfied, he continued.

"As you are completely aware of, our nation has, well, collapsed. What we could once proudly declare as one of the most powerful empires in the known universe has since divided. Divided by tyranny. Corruption. Greed. Lust of power. And money. And many have joined that traitor, Jem'rar, out of promises of wealth and power. But, these promises are anything but promises. They are empty. They are worth as much as the paper that your currency is printed on. Absolutely nothing. And those that have followed in his lead are nothing more than a duplicate of him. They are not worthy of considering themselves Jovar. They have lost that right by following him.

"But you, those of you that still stand among your fellow Jovar citizenry, be it male, female, young or old, are an example of what every member of our species should be. Loyal, faithful, proud, diligent, persevering, and strong. You are an example to those that have betrayed us. You have not been defeated; rather, they have been defeated, because you stand here right now! You have not given up on our Empire and our species, and for that I give you my thanks.

"But you are not here for my thanks, and I am aware of that. And I am also aware of what you instead came here for. A republic. It is the dream of every denizen that they may have the full constitutional right to partake in the governing of a nation through the process of voting. And let me be honest with you. It is every leader's worst nightmare. My forefathers and I have been, perhaps, rather selfish on this issue. And I will be the first to repent of this dire mistake. Out lust for power has denied each and every one of you the simple right to vote for executive officers. And that is why I stand before you now. I have come to repent of this sin. I ask for your forgiveness. And nothing more."

For a moment, the crowd stood silent, stunned by his words. They preached the truth to this group of tired, worn, and dreary citizens. But now, they stood in utter silence. Would they get what they desired? or would he deny that opportunity even now, after all of this had just happened?

And then suddenly, the old Chancellor spoke solemnly into the microphone.

"I shall give you what you desire, a Republic. But only if you can keep it."

Nothing but the TruthEdit

The crowd roared in intense excitement. The chants of "Republic!" rang through the atmosphere of Jora for hours, maybe even days. As the celebrations and fan-fests continued, Vromm, Jovar, and the rest of the remaining government got together to write a new constitution. As promised, the constitution outlined the basis of a republic, hoping that it would be as successful as the former human United States of America and the current URC. Satisfied, the council then decided to hold the first election among the entire Jovar Empire.

It wasn't really the Jovar Empire anymore, though. Now, it was the Joran Planet Alliance.

The election was, well, a total disaster. But this was expected, after all. Before now, elections had only occurred at the most a planetary level. Counting up some 4 trillion votes was much harder than thought, even for super-intelligent A.I.'s and computers. Eventually, though, the mess was cleaned up. And the results were fairly obvious. Vromm was to stay in power for another 4 years. And then he would be "ousted" for the rest of his natural life.

Vromm seemed somewhat displeased by this, though. In the week that had transposed, he had had a change of heart. No longer did he want to stay in power. He wanted to let someone else take the helm finally. But if that's what the people wanted, then so be it. And besides, with his brother Jovar serving as vice president, it would probably be much easier.

As the new government walked out of the Capitol Building to allow the new President to give his inauguration speech, several guards surrounded the group, specifically Vromm. One of them was strangely out of uniform slightly.

As the President gave his speech, the suspicious guard stayed at his post unmoved. Eventually, however, he got up and walked down to the base of the staircase into a pair of glass doors. The other guards looked on suspiciously, but shrugged off the strange movements.

When the President had finished his speech, the crowd went nuts, quite literally. The president then began to descend the stairs solely on his own, in order to personally meet his adoring citizens.

Then the explosion happened.

Many say that Meltes view from Naylesti wasn't even as bright as the explosion that enveloped the staircase, including its top VIP and his guards. And for minutes afterwards, only the sounds of sirens, screaming, and crying could be heard. If one was even able to hear at all, that is.

Jovar III was quick to find his brother amidst the rubble and carnage. The old admiral and vice president struggled to remove heaps of stone and glass from atop his brother, though he managed. His brother was not disfigured, as he had feared. But he was dying. There was no doubting that.

For a moment, he saw only the pain and anguish in Vromm's eyes, and Jovar remembered that same pain he had seen back when they were children. The speeder bike accident. The one that had cost Vromm his central eye. It was that same pain. It was a feeling of hopelessness. Pure, innocent, helpless hopelessness. And Jovar could do nothing. He was no medic. He was only his brother.

But Vromm reassured him that it was not so. "I'm okay, Jove. I really am."

Jovar shook his head. "You're dying. It's not okay. Not at all."

Vromm shook his head painfully. "It is. I assure you." Suddenly, he coughed. A cough of dark crimson blood. There again, the ever-so-familiar look in his eye reemerged. But it disappeared almost as soon as it had come.

"They'll pay for this, Vromm. I promise you. They will."

"If they deserve it, then yes. They'll get what they deserve. And nothing more. Promise me that, will you?"

Tears swelled in Jovar's eyes. "Yes. Nothing more, and nothing less."

"Good." Vromm closed his two eyes, with a grace and solitude that may never be matched again. "I'm going to see mother, now. And Angela too. Oh how I miss her."

Jovar remembered his brother's old wife, Angela. Killed at the hands of rather petty rebels over two centuries ago. And now Vromm himself was going to die at the hands of a new kind of rebel. But it remained the same. Rebels were rebels. Maybe the phrase "'til death do us part" truly meant something. This realization alone was significant enough to prove it true.

Angela was beautiful. There was no denying that.

"I'm going to see her now, Jove. It's been far too long." He opened his eyes again. "But only if you let me."

Jovar stood there, shocked, as a crowd of officials and soldiers gathered around him. A tear landed at the heel of his right front foot. He couldn't deny his brother love. And that's all he wanted now. Nothing else mattered.

Not Jem'rar. Not the JSR or the JPA. Nor Jora, Osion, or Auder-2. Not even Earth and the humans. Only love.

"Yes," he struggled to murmur with heartfelt eyes. "Go ahead."

"Promise me you'll keep this nation in check. In good hands. Promise me just this one more promise."

"I promise."

"Good," the dying quadrupedal said. With that, he closed his eyes for the last time. "I can already see Ang's face. Oh, if only you could see it too, Jove." Silence.

"If only," he said with his last breath.

It is said that Jora's twilight came early in mourning of the dead Vromm. No one knows how true this legend is. But Jovarr III swears it is indeed the truth. Nothing but the truth.

The End of an Era... and the Start of a New OneEdit


In the aftermath of the devastating assassination, the JPA suffered a critical blow towards her morale. With Jovar as leader, however, he made sure to remind the nation that there were far larger problems to now be dealt with. First and foremost, the JSR had to be dealt with.

For the next 8 months, however, little was actually done. The JPA fell into hyperinflation and depression, while the JSR prospered and expanded her territories. Jem'rar chuckled at the thought of his apparent victory. He had destroyed the very nation that had imprisoned him, and disposed of its great leader. Even better still, his new fledgling nation was far more powerful than the Joar Empire had ever been.

Meanwhile, the JPA began the slow process of recovery from economic collapse due to the lack of T.S.O.I.B backing the economy. The nation eventually managed to, and the JPA herself began to prosper. But it was not without its sacrifices. The two nations constantly fought at their borders, and the JPA would usually come out as the defeated. In any case, this was expected. And as far as Jovar saw it, so long as Jora remained safe, then all was well.

If The Split is looked at from the perspective of a physical war, and one with a victor, than you can say that the JSR won. They had, after all, destroyed the Jovar Empire and replaced it with a more powerful socialist state. In addition it managed to keep its rival at the low point of its power for some time, acting as its bully and hater.

If, however, it is looked at from a psychological viewpoint, than the JPA actually won. For Jem'rar had failed to destroy the Jovar Empire completely. Its ideologies had survived in the JPA. Citizens of both nations remembered the Empire of old. And democracy was now even more prevalent, even at the local level in the JSR. So rather than destroy the Jovar Empire, Jem'rar managed only to split it. And nothing more.

So who won? Well, no one. The outcome is truly split. The winner is just as similar as the conflict's leaders, territories, allies, enemies, ideologies, beliefs, armies, tragedies, and successes. The winner is split.

Hence, The Split. Because it was so much more than a civil war. Much more than meets the eye...

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  • A very well written story. I have read it with great intent, truly it is one of the best fictions on the wiki today. --LibertusBoyUm2k9 - Fight the Future... 00:31, June 13, 2011 (UTC)
  • Well now, I must say I agree with Um2k9. That was a very well written story, and how you put it in different formats (narrative and informative) was very clever. Definitely worth reading! Bookworm2MasterMachine -Be a Friend, Save a Life- 12:27, June 13, 2011 (UTC)
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  • That was incredible. Vromm's death was incredibly well-written, as was the entire story. I really enjoyed the narrative parts, and I think that this has set up an excellent dynamic within the Jovar species. I can't wait to hear more! 20pxMax (Don't Follow The Lights...) 02:34, June 17, 2011 (UTC)

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