The Three wrote, as Ravenrii, the greatest tome that we shall ever concieve, the Three thought , as Ravenrii, of concepts that would propel us through force and disease...and the Three died, too, as Ravenrii, their heads held high as the Darkness consumed their world and their people.

- Excerpt from the Book of the Eons's Prologue

Called the Three Great Philosophers by the Ravenrii, Sigmas, Estr'iia and Clo'ros were the single three greatest prophets of the Ravenrii, and controversial philosopher-lawgivers that lived during the Ravenrii Empire of Light, before the Great War of Light. They are believed to have written the Ravenrii's most sacred tomes after having seen visions induced by Kkia'Sihm. The tomes, now known as the Book of the Eons, are unique and hold the deepest secrets to the Ravenrii and the secrets of reality and its history. They perished together during the destruction of the Ravenrii's original homeworld, Alva Es'riia,after it was destroyed by the Darkness.

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