The wars of Marko shall come to a close, the Eldarisian Empire has conquered all but the west. Shall we fight only to die is all we can ask ourselves now. - Harvy Likon


With The Marko crusades over for sometime, the many factions that once made up the alliance have found that The Cult of the Consumer of Souls contributed heavily to the destruction of the alliance. The cult made terrible plans and passed them off as good ones, while corrupting officials to have it passed and enacted. They also were not around in the final days of the alliance, making many suspect that they had planned this. While the minor factions held grudges against the cult, the Eldarisian Empire was enraged by the cult's capturing of one of their hero's Vos Heli and then the cult's message to the Empire afterwards. With relations at none and constant provocation of war through words and actions on the Cult's part. This eventually lead to the Eldarisian's planning for a final assault on their mortal enemy. So, on august 7th, 2805, the Eldarisian Empire declared war on the cultists, beginning the second Eldarisian-Cultist war.

The first Strike against the cultEdit

On august 8th, both sides began to move coalitions of fleets all throughout neutral territory and for the first month there were only naval battles within the neutral lands.

Eventually the Eldarisian's decided to break this stalemate by striking the southern cultist planets, On September the 4th, the coalition fleets began their way to the southern colonies. On September the 5th, the Eldarisian fleets had arrived at the southern planets and began wreak havoc on the cultist planets. The cult was trying to keep it at a stalemate for their own goals sake, but the news on their southern colonies changed their fleets positions and ultimately shattered their original goal of stalemating the war.

The cultist fleets arrived on September 6th, far to late to help their southern colonies, they arrived to planets without a trace of civilians and many bombed cities. The Eldarisian's had made a hit and run and were successful. On September 8th, the cultists had found out about the tragedy and were outraged by the late arrival of their fleet and decided to go on the defensive, with a minor amount of territory, it would make it hard for the Eldarisian's to breach the many cultist fleets. While changing plans, the leaders began coming up with a new goal. While the cult had a shock wave of fear, the Eldarisian's were pleased with their success and decided to put their efforts on the offensive for the rest of the war, if it continued going this well. The Eldarisian's decided to focus their next attack on the eastern colonies, the only area not constantly facing the Empire.

The Eastern front Edit

With the first victory claimed by the Eldarisian's, the Empire was once more fueled with ideas to use against the cult. But the Eldarisian's decided to stick to their original plan they made and so, on September 13th, the Eldarisian fleets began their move around the cults worlds and to the east side for a sneak attack, there were a-few fleets left to defend the Empire, which was a risky move on the Eldarisian's part. The cult simply continued to defend their borders as patrols began creation.

On September 15th, the Eldarisian fleets had successfully made it to the cults eastern borders, they were instantly met with fire as the cult alarmed the other fleets of the attack. The Eldarisian's were surprised and decided to be more defensive with their movement forward rather then a clumsy blitz. The Eldarisian's made slow progress further towards the eastern front, but they found themselves taking to long as reinforcement cult fleets showed up in time to assist their brethren. The Eldarisian's decided to change tactics and actually decided to blitz the enemy, a odd move since the enemy is aware of there positions. The cultists were surprised when the slow Eldarisian fleet boosted into full force, the focused ships began to scatter as they flanked the cultists in a attempt to overwhelm them with numbers and technology. The cultists responded in return with aggressive firepower and more reinforcements. The battle continued on as the cultists began pushing back against the onslaught of Eldarisian's. At this point, the Eldarisian's were getting pushed back and so, they decided to begin attacking the planets, finishing their goal. A Eldarisian fleet broke off from the others and scattered to the many eastern cultists planets in a rush, they began dropping off Galkian seekers onto the planets and then swiftly leaving. The cultists soon found that the Eldarisian fleets were all retreating, they were pleased as they allowed the Eldarisian's to escape. They soon found their proud smiles leave as they found out about the seekers and rushed over to their planets to try and eradicate the infestation left behind. In the end, the cultists saved many planets, but their were still some that were completely wiped of their people. The Eldarisian's had failed their mission, but took many lives with them. When the cult saw this attack, they knew history was repeating and they would soon be killed if they didn't do something drastic, so the cults leaders came together and pondered their next move.

Escaping the Bunsen Edit

With the eastern front battle over, the rest of September was rather quiet. The Eldarisian's were celebrating their victories and repairing their fleets, while also creating new plans for the war. The cultists on the other hand where simply creating plans for escaping the Bunsen. The recent attacks were just like the first Eldarisian-Cultist war, this spooked cultist officials when the events seemed so closely aligned. The many cult leaders converged and discussed their factions plan for the war, at the end, fleeing the Bunsen for the Adriana Nebula dominated the table. The Nebula is very isolated and filled with pirating, a breeding ground for their cult. At the end of the meeting, the Cult began plans for traveling to Adriana, as families packed up for the road ahead.

With September passed and October beginning, the Eldarisian Empire put it's finishing touches on their fleets and on the 6th, the fleets were once more sent out to the cultists planets with a mission. They were informed to strike the areas they had attacked last month. The fleets eventually arrived at the areas and found no cultist life or ships, this was very odd. The fleets then began to send land forces to the planets to scout out the situation, the forces found there to be cult cities, but they were completely empty and all of the lights, machinery and local propaganda were still running. There was even some houses with food still cooking or factories with conveyer belts still rolling. It was as if the residents had just gotten up and left to who knows where. The forces were recalled to their fleets as they went deeper into cultist territory, planets they had never attacked yet. They found the same result, to the Eldarisian's, it seems as if the cult just left or vanished. But when they landed forces on the cults capital, they found it deserted, but they also found computers with information on them. Based on the computers, the cult had abandoned it's colonies completely this morning, they were now heading to the Adriana Nebula by using the space in between the arms, also known to the Eldarisian's as dark space. Using dark space is much safer for contact purposes, but largely increases the time it takes to get to the chosen location. This information shocked the Eldarisian's, as the cult had made a very foolish move. The fleets told headquarters about this information and the fleets were simply told to follow the cult fleet. The Eldarisian Empire had won the war, but all they needed to do now was just finally kill off their old enemy. So, the Eldarisian lands rejoiced as they were free to claim the rest of Marko, except for the minor factions occupying the land and the GSC's expansion into the region. The war was not officially over though, the fleet still needed to be hunted down and destroyed.

Hunting the Serpent Edit

After finding the planets devoid of cultists, the Eldarisian fleets took no time to begin following them. While following them, the Eldarisian's began to propose plans based on the information they found, ambushing them seemed to be the one that won overall. So the plan was created, the fleets would follow the cult and use their advanced warp drives to get ahead of them. They would then wait for the fleet to arrive and attack it. The fleets would be separated into groups, each one would take a position in a certain direction. One group would be north of the cult, one to the east and west and the final group will simply follow the cult to the ambush location. The fleets agreed and departed from the southern group, they then activated their warp drives and were gone from the southern groups view. The southern group simply continued following the cult closely, as their brothers ahead of them were already preparing.

While the Eldarisian's prepared for their attack, the cult was in shambles of disorganization. Fleeing the Eldarisian's and abandoning their colonies made their public opinion lower in their own cult. Citizens began becoming restless as riots occurred on the main civilian ships, causing a large majority of the cults armed forces to become occupied with the citizens. The leaders also were becoming restless, they began arguing over the future and the point of fleeing. This lead to a minor coup and rebellion in the cult, shattering any structure left and hope for a tomorrow. The remaining cultist leaders put the civilian ships under marshal law in a attempt to stop the surviving coup members. This ended up making the coup members destroy the engine system of the first civilian ship, killing all families and others aboard the ship. This left the cult with only two other civilian ships, they were both in riots and outrage. The cultist leaders realized that their dream was gone and that they could not allow the civilians to get a hold of the ships systems, so they went to their ships control center and open fired on the remaining civilian ships. The crews of those ships felt obvious betrayal as they tried a futile attempt to flee from the oncoming firepower of the command vessel. The ships ended up failing, their engines broke down from taking direct hits and soon exploded, along with the ships populace and military stationed on it. With the cult being reduced to a single vessel with a crew less then fifty, the cult was no more and the Skiomoian race was doomed to extinction. The cultist leaders cheered for a moment as they soon went drastically silent. From their ships windows they could see the blue Eldarisian ships approaching as a brightly green plasma shot from their weapons, directly towards the vessel they were in. The leaders began to frantically run for the only escape pod still functioning as brother betrayed brother in a desperate attempt to survive. The Eldarisian's had sprung their trap and saw the whole incident from afar they are shocked to see such evil and betrayal against ones own kind. The knew this was the last ship and they knew that they had won. The ship soon blasted into pieces as a red explosion consumed the broken vessel. The Eldarisian's cheered as victory was attained, the fleets began to search the remains for escape pods and found nothing, ensuring that no one survived it, finally ending the cult and the blasted Skiomioan race.

Aftermath Edit

Read Ralgarf's downfall to find out what happens to the leader of the cult.

In the end, the Eldarisian's had won once more. The cult was destroyed and the Skiomioan race are dead or nearly. This war ensured Eldarisian dominance in the Marko sector, sending a warning to all who would oppose their colonization of the rest of Marko. The old cultist colonies would soon be absorbed by the Eldarisian Empire, salvaging the remains would also lead to a vast collection of history on the notorious cult and it's leader.

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