The Scientific Combine is the Nakeimato's natural empire of Mutated lifeforms, eerie oozes. As well as the Nakeimato themselves. The Scientific Combine mostly stays to themselves and only come to their allies aid when called upon. However when called apon they let loose their monstrous creations and their laser rifles and kill two birds with one stone. They are currently only based in the milky way galaxy and have yet to even explore the whole Katar Sector. But they on the very edge of it, and try to interact with their non-allies as least as possible.


The Nakeimato race turned to the early forms of their scientific combine as early as the reign of the first high druid Vio'sun. Though the details were not developed till the late leadership of her son Gra'sun. The Scientific combine was fully etched out after the Slime incident. In which the son's first creation nearly wiped out the capital of the Nakeimato race. After this laws were set in place that would be followed to this day...except for a few rules that were destroyed.

Their main ship, The Dryad is a large but narrow ship built for speed more for than anything else, a large number of scouting ships surround it that can be send off into separete sections for research. The Dryad is an exploration ship with great defensive power. As are the other ships that surround it.

As The Dryad explored their surroundings, Luth'kk- A Young Druid chosen for Exploration due to his interest in astronomy. Encountered the Aeoneonatrix and the evil Drakodominaus. After a great deal of negotiation and questioning, the Nakeimato joined the Aeoneonatrix against the Drakodominaus. The Nakeimato have also allied themselves with the Farengeto empire, trading with them to benefit both sides.

Attero DominatusEdit

The Nakeimato has sent 7k ships to the front to fight and manny more but for primarily defensive purposes, includes soldiers, creations and Oozes. for the Delcahtian Offensive against the IoW and the mardor. Lich'Twik will be commanding the Delcath forces.


The Government is a monarchy, with a High Druid who is a combination of the Best scientist and decended from Vio'son herself. At the Head of the throne. The High Druid Looks over all of the Data that had been recorded over the course of the day. Every scientist is supposed to report on a log all findings, small and large. Failure to report means punishment by extent of the law, The Scientist who broke the law will be subject to experimentation. Other criminals or prisoners are also subject to the same degree of experimentation. The High Druid makes all the decisions in the end though and can choose to bypass the law under correct circumstances. When the high druid dies then the kin of the high druid shall take their place at the High druid.

Religious ViewsEdit

The Combine are a non-religious people with a few exceptions among individual Nakeimato. Most Nakeimato believe that worship can cloud their creative and scientific sights and can interfere with experiments.



Beast TamersEdit

The Beast tamers are the controllers of the creations and Ooozes. It is a dangerous job since a creation can always turn on its master if not careful. The beast tamers control the beasts on the battlefield by having a laser shocking collar around the beasts neck, this is used to prevent the beast from turning on an ally. Beast masters also have their own set of mask that is different than that of the common soldier. Their mask is a butterfly-like one that allows them to send mental messages to the beasts. Getting them to obey the tamers command.

Nekeimato (2)

The Nakeimato Beast tamer


LaserRifle Render

The Laser gun of a Nakeimato Soldier(Not Mine)

The Nakeimato Soldier is Dressed in Carbon Fibre Armor and Has laser guns made for killing in battle. They wear a different mask than the rest of their kind because they believe that their mask is more useful as it filters out harmful gases that allow them to visit planets that are full of terrible gases. Though their natural bodies lack wings they make up for it with surprisingly advanced jet packs and propellers that allow them to hover quite a ways off the ground on a planet. The laser gun has two settings, the default stun mode and the deadly kill mode. Kill mode is used only in extreme circumstances or in open warfare. The guns are large but surprisingly light, made for extreme battles.

Nekeimato Soldier

The Nakeimato Soldier

War CreationsEdit


The Nakeimato have created a devastating array of Ooozes that can can be placed onto a battlefield to end the battle quickly. When the Ooozes are dropped off onto the enemies

One of the Many Ooozes created by the Nakeimato(Not Mine)

planet the Nakeimato hurry and flee the planet. The Ooozes then do a wide variety of things from eating the enemy to sabotaging enemy machinery. The Ooozes are a last resort as they can turn deadly to the Nakeimato and thus renders the planet just as dangerous as before.



One of the Nakeimato's Hybrids, used for stealth attacks.(Not Mine)

The Nakeimato has also a wide variety of creations, some are mutated versions of something long before. Others were bred in the lab and trained for combat. Others were captured out in the wild and trained. Either way these monstrosities are often used on the front lines to thrust their way through the enemies ranks and break up any formation. Depending on their talents all together there is nothing that could not be done by at least one of the many beasts they have under their control.

Used by the Nakeimato to break enemy formations and destroy machinery through force (Not Mine)


There are a few different kinds of Nakeimato ships, all of them are used for different things.

The DryadEdit

The Scientific combine's Flagship, The Strongest of the Nakeimato ships. The ship houses a large army and is large but moves quickly. The druid diplomat Luth'kk is the commander of the ship and the fleet. A indoor mini-sanctum is located within the heart of the ship next to the Commanders room, the sanctum is used for newly brought on creatures and those currently being studied. Another section of the sanctum houses the creations of the Nakeimato.

The BellatorumEdit

The most aggresive ship of the Nakeimato, the bellatorum is loaded with weapons of all kinds that can be fired at the enemy. The Missiles are locked onto the target and have been known to chase the enemy through wormholes. The firery trail both pushes the ship forward and serves as a close defense for the back of the ship. A laser gun is also equipted near the back as a defense system that autofires hostile ships.

The DartersEdit

The Darters are small, light and often low population exploration ships that are sent to planets and through wormholes to test the safety of the area being explored. Darters have a few laser guns but other than that have more acceleration power than destructive power. The darters are the fastest of the Nakeimato ships and are often used as escape ships or are just used for transportation.

Allies and EnemiesEdit

Green faceAlliesEdit

Waptoria Alliance of Species


Farengeto Republic

Miperiors Empire

Blue faceFriendlyEdit

Yellow faceNeutralEdit

Orange faceUnfriendlyEdit

Red faceEnemiesEdit

Foreign Empire intern PolicyEdit

Although Most of their sanctums are closed to outsiders and protected fiercely. A few are open and for a small fee allow other empires to come and study the wildlife they have. The Intern Policy will allow the visitor to look at and study the animals that are currently bred there. The visitor will also be given lessons on genetics and biology and taught how to create the most basic lifeforms. The Lessons are optional as not all species would want to do it. If the planet is harmed or disturbed in any way while the visitor is around they will be taken in to be asked a few questions. In some more serious cases the visitor will be arrested and all others will be booted from the planet until the cause is found and all harm is fixed. Allies of the Nakeimato will not have to pay and may even help out by doing matinence and getting paid for it.

Nother sanctum

One Of the many Sanctums held by the Nakeimato. (Not Mine)

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