Of the brightest stars we weaved a realm, of the darkest dark we wove a rift / To keep us sacred, swift and valiant, and separate us from death's reek

- The Ravenrii

The Great Barrier Rift, also known simply as The Rift and called the Artrus Rift by the Obvia'Atra is a colossal spatial rift that separates the multiverse of the Artrus Territories from the First Gigaquadrant and its square counterparts. The Rift is what keeps Artrus isolated and protected from cataclysmic events like the recent Scourge that wiped out most of the Gigaquadrant. Its rumoured that its size and effects are only made more powerful by the Obvia'Atra, in an attempt to keep the First Universal Square and its inhabitants' woes from tainting the Ravenverse.

The Great Barrier Rift is a dark, distorted region of space, with confused laws and constants and a volume so dense light can barely penetrate. It has been compared to the realm of limbo outside of Reality. Although it can be assumed that similar gaps exist between every multiverse neighboring the Gigaquadrant's, this may well be the biggest known to space-faring civilization to date. Few ships dare venture alone into the Rift, which has created a cultural "wall" between Artrus, on the east side, and the Gigaquadrants, to the west. This ravine remained unviolated until the emigration of the Ravenrii into the White Galaxies in the depths of Artrus. It is unknown how such massive numbers were able to traverse the Rift, though old spacers in the very rims of the Gigaquadrant claim to know of secret routes through the darkness that only their own eyes have seen.

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