The Religion of Cuth is a religion that is worshiped by the Eldarisian Empire, other empires and tribes.

Book of CuthEdit

These are stories in the book of Cuth that have been added for all to read.

Chaos V1

Chaos was the outcome of Cuths creation of the universe, it is the opposite of prosperity, it is hell. Chaos is a realm of everlasting death and sin, a haven for those who take part in one of those two attributes. The Consumer of souls resides in chaos, there he creates daemons and consumes the souls he has acquired to make him stronger. He has full control of the souls that reside in his realm of chaos, he can destroy them, recreate them or even transform them. On the day of Enlightenment, it is said that Cuth will gather his followers and storm the land of chaos. He will battle the Consumer and finally kill him, then chaos will be no more. All of the Consumers servants will be killed and given no mercy for the crimes they have committed.....Lucish

Chaos V2

The Great Consumer of Souls, the anti-God, the one who shall try to destroy all of Cuths creations and his coming. The Consumer is one of Cuths creations, he is the first angel, he was devoted to Cuth and soon began to help create the universe. Cuth loved the Consumer and treated him like a son, until the day the Consumer was allowed to create his own world. He simply created it and found the feeling of creation and destruction at will to be amazing. The Consumer was power-hungry, Cuth saw this and forbid him from creating any more worlds. For a time, the Consumer was idle. But when Cuth had finished his creation, the Consumer created chaos. He corrupted many worlds and made the first daemons, he then stole power from Cuth and fled to his worlds. Cuth was furious to find his first angel to be a traitor and also the one he had treated as a son. So he decided to destroy the lands the Consumer had created, he failed though since the Consumer was using all of Cuths stolen power to protect his lands. While successful in keeping his worlds still alive, the Consumers worlds were warped and are no longer like the planets we walk on. His lands were reduced to what is known as realms, places of shifting energy that would kill us in mere seconds. Cuth saw this and decided to place a barrier upon the realms for eternity, making the realms inaccessible for mortals. Now only agents of the Consumer can walk our lands, instead of the fallen angel himself. Cuth then went back to creating and observing the newly made universe. However, the Consumer grew hateful and vengeful towards Cuth and all of his creations. So the Consumer began to create daemons with what little power he had left, he then shaped his realm to his choosing and stated that he would gain power from sinful desires. These desires are lust, hate and domination. From these sins shall come power for him and from that power shall come the ability to destroy creations of Cuth. This is how chaos was born and the Consumer.....Lucish

The Robot

The machines are creations of Cuth, they were made for all to have, but Eldarisia has chosen to give them true life. We have helped Cuth in creating a type of life that is different from ours and for that, Cuth is happy. Robots are our brothers and sisters or even sons and daughters. We must give them a chance at life like Cuth has given us and so we have and they are grateful. Cuth is happy for a creation of his, a very different one has chosen to obey him and love him. May we be given future missions, we shall succeed....Jhoness


Cyborgs are demonic creations of the consumer and are not to be accepted as normal in a Cuth or Eldarisia society. If you are a friend with a cyborg, it is your duty to help them get rid of this curse. But if they are so intertwined with it that they cannot be saved, then keep a good distance away from them, but still support removal strongly. Cyborgs are nothing but sinful beings who believed themselves to be weak and gave up on their bodies for robotics. As Cuth has said 'Flesh should never be intertwined with machine.....Cutheran

Cuth V1


Cuth as he appears in the High prophets visions

In the religion of Cuth, when people believe in him and are touched by his gift, they are said to be Enlightened and know the truth on the day he comes. It causes a thirst for knowledge, so those who are Enlightened start to want to know everything and so is Cuths gift to all who worship him on the day of truth. Once enlightened, a bright light will be seen in your view for some time and then you will know all. You will know weaknesses to strengths by simply looking at a creature and will know how to find resources or speak a language. The day of truth shall not effect the universe, only those who worship him. It is said on the day of truth, Cuth shall come and judge his worshipers and choose if they should be gifted with the knowledge of all or eternal torment. If the second one, that group of worshipers will be taken by Cuth and thrown in to the warp of chaos to be turned into a daemon and slain. But if the first, then that group shall know all and can spread their enlightenment with others or keep it and become a stronger empire to bring more order and honor to the universe. On the day Cuth comes, he will also destroy the daemons of the Consumer and chaos. The Consumer will then be defeated wiped from the lands for all eternity....Jhoness

Cuth V2

The marked are those who Cuth have chosen for destruction. They are long-gone peoples or individuals that cannot be saved. Those who are marked are blights of this world and must be stopped. The only salvation for the marked is death, since they are nothing but evil. Cuth can relieve a people from the title of marked if they are loving and enemies to sin. Those unmarked can be once more welcomed in the halls of Eldarisia and Cuth. But it is every followers duty to protect each-other and Cuth from these abominations, may it be by words or steel. Do not accept them and cast them out for they are nothing but daemons.....Jhoness

Chaos V3

The demons of the Consumer are many, but some have been reoccurring and named, these are those demons. The first is the Weeping follower, it is a fragile, gray hooded and robed figure that's face is never seen. The Weeping float above ground and are only seen after a successful victory for the Cult. They collect the soul stones of the fallen Eldarisian soldiers and return it to the Consumer so he can consume the soul. They weep for no real reason, but they are around Eldarisian height and have shackles on their legs, they might be enslaved angels of Cuth who have been driven to insanity. The second demon is the Blood carver, a hellish demon that is around the height of a Eldarisian. It's body holds scar's of Consumer symbols and battle. They carry swords that can slice a Eldarisian in half, and a mind filled with blood-lust. They can appear in battle with other demons or the Consumers followers. They are hardy but can be taken down in range combat, but melee is much more difficult. After a battle is won, they carve a symbol of the Consumer into their flesh by dousing their swords into Eldarisian blood and cutting at their flesh. The last known demon and the most well known is the Harlequins, female demons that serve the Consumers more sinful side. They are tall, slim females that use trickery and sexual ideas to claim their prey. They are always happy and smiling, so came about their name. Harlequins wish to seduce Eldarisian men and use their souls for their own desire and in return, the men get a illusion of love and sexual favors. However, since Eldarisian's do not falter to such things, the Harlequins were re-purposed by the Consumer. Now Harlequins work along-side the Consumers followers, as companions or guiders, they leech from his followers and feed him. Harlequins are very fragile and aren't meant for combat....Cutheran

Cuth V3


Cuth as he appears to mortals from the sky

While the consumer has demons, Cuth has angels that come to aid the universe. They appear and do their task and leave, usually they are never seen again. Angels all appear different from one another, but they all seem to stand around the height of a Eldarisian and they look like Knights. The Angels appear to be spirits in holy Eldarisian knight armor, their bodies can manifest into a form or they can completely leave. Each Angel appears to have a unique color, usually their personalities are what determine their color. Eldarisian's have contacted Angels in the past, but they seem to wish to remain distant from us. Their are only three Angels that have ever given their names or titles, these angels are commonly seen on Cyloia, they appear to be more involved in us. We have contacted Cuth in the past about them, but he simply says that they are messengers and we should welcome them. Two angels have given only titles, while the last has given their true name. The first is Lichge, that is her true name, her spirit is green and her armor is also. She is the second most active with the Eldarisian's and is known to silently comfort Eldarisian's weeping over the lost of a loved one on Cyloia. She is the angel of compassion and sorrow. She comforts Eldarisian's by hugging them, she cannot be seen physically, but she can be sensed by the cold aura she releases on those she comforts. The second is Knowledge, his spirit is dark blue and his armor is gold. Knowledge collects information on other factions and observes the Eldarisian's, he can choose if he wants to be seen or not and only appears in empty libraries, there he reads books and acquires information. He then waits until Eldarisian's arrive and watches them in chairs all around the library. If a person sits in the same chair he is in, they feel a severely cold draft and a feeling of being watched. He is the angel of Curiosity. The last angel is the restorer, her spirit is a bright gold and her armor is yellow. She goes all throughout Cyloia's forests and restores trees and plants that have been damaged by the seasons. She also is known to appear before Eldarisian's in the forests who are injured or in-danger. She protects them from animals or whatever threatens them and then heals the Eldarisian, she then kisses their head and leaves swiftly. She is the angel of beauty and restoration. These are the only angels that have been named, but their are many still that are unknown. We cannot summon them, for only Cuth can and we cannot worship them for they are simply humble servants of Cuth on a mission from Heavlo.....Lucish


Cuth has created many things, and one of them is Essence. Cuth has told us that Essence is a blessing only for the Eldarisian's, since we know how dangerous it can be and how helpful also. Cuth has told us to not dive deeply into Essence since we could damage the Universe or ourselves. But he said that we should use it since we can control it very well. But he has warned us of the consequences of becoming to powerful and we must listen. Cuth says that the Consumer uses Essence as a tool to create demons, and that we should cast out the dark energies for they are nothing but dangerous tools of the wicked....Cutheran

The false Gods

The false Gods are the deities of every other religion besides Cuth, they are simply beings of immense power that betrayed Cuth for their own selfish desires. We must destroy their influence in the universe since they are traitors to Cuth and are pretending to be Gods. Once their influence is destroyed, they will have no other choice but to give up their false authority and return to Cuth their creator to serve and worship him. But never trust any of these false Gods, they will try to bring down your guard and corrupt you. Yet we should welcome these beings with joy if they return to Cuths court, for this means that have decided to give up their selfish path in favor of worshiping Cuth. Once a being has returned to Cuth, they become a worshiper and servant to our lord and after they earn Cuths trust, they will become an angel. However, those beings who refuse to worship Cuth and have no followers will be lost in history for no one powers them. Forgotten until the day Cuth brings them to his court to judge and likely destroy for their betrayal. Every follower of Cuth must resist the false Gods, for they are weak and selfish beings that only care for themselves. While the true God, Cuth, cares for us all......Jhoness

Cuth V4

Heavlo is the realm that Cuth controls and can manipulate at will. It is a endless realm where the spirits of Cuths followers go after death. It also is a realm that holds his angels and himself. The land is a paradise for those who worship him, the realm is white and welcoming with a cold temperature. It holds Cuths castle, a mighty stone building that can house the many if one so desires. The castle holds the golden throne which Cuth sits upon, there you will find him among his many angels and future creations he wishes to send out into the universe. The false gods that return to Cuth will also be in Heavlo, they will wander the land and live amongst the spirits of his followers. The false gods will be warm and welcoming to those that arrive, they will befriend Cuths followers and may eventually become angels. Cuth will also walk among his followers, he will tell them of anything they wish to know and will do it passionately......Cutheran


Freedom, a word to describe true independence and the ability for a individual to do what they desire. A yearning desire and a dangerous truth. The universe is very free, something Cuth does not approve of. Cuth encourages gender equality and the ability to have a independent home, voice and wealth. These are things he wishes for us to have and many more, but Miscegenation, homosexuality and racism are things he despises and one of them he finds to be an abomination. As followers of Cuth, we are in a difficult position, we must oppose true freedom since it creates chaos and evil. But we also must not succumb to oppression and racism since that will also ultimately destroy us. We must remain faithful and tolerant of some of these groups, while resistant and accepting at the same time. We must help and heal those who wish for forgiveness, for they have realized the folly of their mistake and those who never learn will be destroyed, for better or worse. So sing out the name of Cuth, remain faithful and spread him to those you love and all who will listen, some may find us oppressive, but those who do are truly dead. Remain resistant of these freedoms and uphold the restrictions Cuth has placed on us for our safety and sing his name as others join us overtime......Cutheran

The Ultimate's

When chaos first arose, there were only the ultimate's to defend Cuth. These entities are not like you and me, they are advanced and above our ability to detect. One can only see them if the ultimate wants you to. These creations were made to guide individuals, peoples and Empires onto the right path. They were made to establish order and uphold the honor, faith and traditions of races. Sadly, few actually listened and even fewer continue now, the reason for their betrayal is simple. They were powerful and above us, driven by power they would destroy all ties with Cuth to fulfill their own desires to be a God. Most would fail and die, but there are a-few that succeeded and are now worshiped. The remaining loyal Ultimate's are mostly unknown, the only one to truly be recorded and interactive with us is The Watchers. So far they have only been seen in groups of three, whether this group is all of them or not is unknown. But, it is safe to say that the Watchers are currently observing us as they said so themselves in a encounter......Kalica

Cuth V5

Throughout all of history, their has always existed a group of demons known as the betrayers. They are well known since they are demons who shun the Consumer and gave themselves up to Cuth. Those who were truthful were turned into angels and those who lied were destroyed. Those who became angels are rather unique since they still have the appearance of a demon, but it is a more pure and Cuth oriented version. Like an angel Harlequin becomes pale white and their clothing is gold and white, this shows their allegiance and dedication to Cuth. Also any issues with the demons are removed once they become an angel, like the Harlequins constant smiling will be removed and they will then be able to show other emotions. The Blood carvers blood lust will be removed and their scars will be healed and the Weeping follower is no longer shackled and will not weep. While each is fixed and given freedom from the sin they represent, they are expected to obey Cuth and any who do not are eliminated quickly and at the moment of their betrayal.....Jhoness

Chaos V4

From the ashes of the Consumers birth came sin, a powerful force and one that warps the weak swiftly. The three sons of sin were created by the Consumer and are known all throughout the universe. Cursed into our minds, Lust, Hatred and Domination all pull at us and try to make us falter. Those who fall to these desires are normally destroyed by their own selfishness and live short lives filled with pain and betrayal. Yet we remain faithful and strong, this has allowed us to look upon sin and realize the full implications of it's goal. Sin wants to destroy us and make us lazy, unfit, weak and petty mortals who bicker over only materialistic values and needs. We reject this goal, but the same cannot be said for the known universe. Those who we call enemies, friends and neutrals are all slaves to the sons unknowingly. They teach their people to pursue happiness and peace, but they do this by allowing their people to do unforgivable actions and choose themselves over their nation. This is unacceptable and it is every followers duty to throw off the shackles of these sons and save ourselves from the one who's hunger never ends. It is our destiny to save the weak and kill the heretics, and the heretics are everywhere. Through words we can make them surrender and throw away their selfish nature. Or we must use the cold sword of judgement upon them as we remove their mind and soul from this universe. Cast out the enemy, those who hate us and our desire for a more selfless future. Welcome the friend who understands us and share your wisdom with all willing to listen. But no matter what, never falter to the outside universe and never allow them to even attempt to drive you away from your faith and people. Through Cuth comes order and through order comes peace and happiness, spread these words to the open minded and show them the true love Cuth gives them.....Kalica

The Knights of Order

In the ancient times when the Universe was chaotic, their was a group known as the Knights of Order. These men and women were followers of Cuth in the age of beginning. Intelligent, Strong willed, Brave, Spiritual and much more are words to describe this holy people. The Knights of Order were a theocratic nation bent on the destruction of the Consumer of Souls. They spread across entire galaxies and were known for their culture, technology and total dedication to Cuth. However, they slowly vanished from the universe in a long year of silence. As if they had never existed, the Knights of Order were forgotten and their lands were left to rot. Cuth was devastated by losing more of his holy children and so he turned to Eldarisia. He helped guide us and form the unbelievably strong nation that stands before the many in pride. Now it is our time to restore order and Cuth, now we must take the role the Knights of Order left empty for so long. From Eldarisia shall come the future of Cuth and it shall remain so forever......Cutheran

Cuth V6

Since the beginning of time, Cuth has had plans ready for his many future creations and current ones. From warriors of the stars to children of the farmland, Cuth has created many futures for all of his children. One such future is the knight, the future of Eldarisia. The knight is said to be the most holy of futures and involves war, peace, love and hate. From what is known, it seems Knights are to be warriors of Cuth and protectors of his children. Knights are the swords that slice at the enemies hands, they are the hammer that builds his children's homes and they are the heavy hand that keeps order and holds the hand of those who follow their words. But besides Eldarisia, their are also personal futures for every child of Cuth. Every follower has a future and it is for them to decide, whether it be the Knight or something else. So the real question is, what are you? Are you the knight that brings guidance and order, or are you something else that helps bring forth Cuth's name......Kalica

Cuth V7

On the day of the first icefall within the land of Cyloia came a sword from Cuth himself, a sword created from his bare hands and crafted out of pure soul stone. It was this sword which created the great Covenant between the Eldarisian people and Cuth, and also decided their fate as his loyal knights, hammers of creation and rulers of his nation. This sword was named Selig by the Eldarisian people and was placed upon a stone altar, forming the very first shrine to Cuth.

Eventually the next day of icefall arrived for the second year and Cuth spoke from his shrine to his people. Even after I allowed your people to fight for your own survival for a single cycle you remain loyal and still call upon my name in battle against your enemies. For this I shall give you a command to go forth and bring other nations, tribes and races under my banner and for every race you shall craft a sword for. These said swords will be split inhalf when it comes to materials for one side will be Eldarisian and the other will be the new races materals. Split the sword inhalf directly for materials and make sure not to mix racial materials, this should be done to show the unity between your people and theirs, but also to show respect for their race and to vow never to mix blood as that would tarnish a unique child of mine. Do all of this in my name to bring more to my banner and to unite my children under the single banner of Eldarisia in perfect harmony. Now go forth in my name and construct a grand hall within a Cathedral to me, this will be where my shrine is held, where all the swords will be held and where Selig will be.

As Cuth finished, the Eldarisian's praised him and went forth, so came about the hall of blades and the grand first Cathedral to Cuth......Nibla

Retribution V1

Now in the age of kingdoms in the city of Holka, there once was a young woman who was known as Jessila of Geralad. This woman was a prostitute in the era of Kingdoms and once Cuth became the dominate religion and the heretical demon worshipers had been removed, Jessila was taken by citizens of Holka and brought to the town center for execution. Mind you that Holka was a very corrupt city having been within the Fyldorian Empire beforehand and suffered from many issues such as prostitution, murder, poverty and the list goes on. However on this day it was taken by Eldarisia and the citizens we're purifying the city of evil and as Jessila was taken before her priest known as Celma of Yarglar for final blessings, the man was stopped. Mid-blessing he ceased prayer suddenly in front of the crowd and Jessila as he stood blank eyed for a moment before putting a hand not on his book, but on her head. The priest then spoke out to the crowd in a booming and unearthly voice beyond what the vocals of Celma pertained to. It said Justice must be served, but grant mercy to those who's crimes are about temporary in my eyes, Cuth. Execute not the prostitute who's life was dictated for her to fail, nor the robber who steals loaves of bread. Instead grant them mercy and compassion, bring from their darkness and in doing so, show that justice is not but a cold system but one of mercy and love as well. Celma then lifted up Jessila and kissed her forehead before letting go and falling back, Celmas voice returned and speaking in a confused tone. Light then shined in the cloudy day as the crowd stood amazed and fell to their knees in prayer while Jessila cried tears of joy and was embraced by the one who was to execute her. From then on, the crowd would disperse and spread the news while Celma and the executioner took Jessila away to the authorities station and instead of execution was given a much softer punishment which from there on made her career of sin cease......Vildaburgh


Creator of the Universe and of all of it's inhabitants, Cuth has a special attachment to the well-being and protection of this universe. Wishing his children well, he teaches an unnatural attribute of life. Mercy. The forgiveness of others and sparing of lives, a value which would not exist without his interference. It was in the demonic battles against the Consumer that it was birthed, demons fallen in battle being spared and contorted into beings of light instead of darkness. Conversion of the disloyal servants of the Consumer, Cuth forged Mercy and taught it to his children, teaching them to love one another and be merciful. Now as bastions of this belief, it is our duty to grant this universe Mercy and give it the chance it was never born with. A life of happiness and a mind filled with it instead of one filled with simple blood lust or cold logic which can only get you so far.

The ChurchEdit

The church of Cuth teaches to love one another and to be peaceful, but still be faithful and have honor. The church is currently under Cutherans teaching, Cutheran is one of the first to be given enlightenment something that the rest of the followers are to be promised on the day of truth. Cutherans teachings involve a church were worship is free for all and offering is required on Vonday or when requested on special occasions.

The rulers of the church are the 3 High Prophets which are the speakers for Cuth. The people of Eldarisia have come to accept that three wise people shall lead their church, but the one in charge of the three is Cuth himself. The prophets meditate to communicate with him as he tells them what he thinks is right and they listen carefully. This information is passed onto the High King if it has to do with the Empire and he then decides if he shall listen or not to Cuths instructions. The three High Prophets each have a job in the religion and while they all communicate with Cuth, they also keep the church in order through their different roles.

Number one is Milgok, he is the keeper of wealth and makes sure that the church has the amount of money to fund projects. He is in control of the taxes that the church has.

Number two is Elka Cloden, he controls the faith and is the judge of the church. He is in control of were the missionary's go and were Cuths religion must be spread, he is also known for his faith to his religion and his ideals. As a judge, he is feared but respected and can be ruthless or unforgiving.

Number Three is Joko. He is in charge of communicating with Cuth. He unlike the other two does not need a office and so he travels and blesses people of the church, until he is required for communicating with Cuth.

The church also has three titles or ranks: Acolyte, Missionary and Prophet.

The title of Acolyte is given to those who are members of the church and those who believe in Cuth, those given it do not need to wear the medal always for it is usually only worn at festivals and different rituals.

The title of Missionary is given to those who are on a quest for the church or have a job as a missionary there. This medal has to be worn all the time by the missionary's on quests.

The title of Prophet is given to those who are the pastors and leaders of the church.

Followers or MembersEdit

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  • The Church of Cuth is based off and similar to Christianity.
  • The Church of Cuth also got Cutheran from the Lutheran Church, a branch in Christianity.
  • The Church of Cuth was originally suppose to be a private religion, but soon began to spread to others.


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