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Mortalkind shall fulfill its purpose as tools of the great ones. A new generation of servants will rise, and our word will be law once again. Defeat is no longer an option.

- Arrtkar Crowart

The event known as the Recruitment is set shortly after the Annihilation of the Universe. The forces of the Corruptus who were present at the Onuris Universe found themselves separated from the rest of their kin, and among them was the great Shu'olerthae god Shu'wokerama, weakened and vulnerable after the disappearance of Shu'rimrodir. The demon would proceed to unite the Corruptus under his wing once again and initiate a recruitment for a new generation of servants who were willing to sell their souls for him in exchange of great power. Additionally, other events which would affect hundreds of civilizations through history would have their origins here...


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Several weeks had passed since the Xhodocto tore the universe apart, and over a year since the defeat of the Corruptus in the Second War of Black Fog. Shu'rimrodir had been defeated and assumed destroyed by the efforts of the Dracogonarious Empire and their many allies, but this assumption was proven false when the Xhodocto recovered Shu'rimrodir's remains and reconstruct him, and the great nightmare god now served as one of the lords of Inferno. However, a large portion of the Corruptus was still lost in the Onuris Universe after the Xhodocto attacked them, leading them to have their links with Shu'rimrodir severed. One of these demons was none other than the great Shu'wokerama, the second master of the Corruptus and leader of the Shu'olerthae spawn of his master. The Dracogonarious had assumed Shu'wokerama to have been destroyed alongside Shu'rimrodir, but he was in fact in a vegetative state following the Annihilation, located in a planet lost in the void between stars of an indeterminate galaxy.

Shu'wokerama slowly recovered his mind and found his body divided in a swarm of Shu'olerthae which were forced to merge themselves to recreate the demon's physical form, appearing weakened and confused to no longer being able to sense Shu'rimrodir in the same universe as themselves. As he got into his feet, Shu'wokerama growled in annoyance as he shoved his fist inside his own torso, tearing into his own flesh and scales until he gripped and rip something out of his own body: a heavily disfigurated creature of reptilian and insectoid appearance, in fact a demonic member of the old ultraterrestrial species known as the Vida'Rra. It was Shu'wokerama's sole servant Arrtkar Crowart, who the demon angrily threw into the ground after getting him out of his body. The reason behind all this was that Arrtkar had died in the war, and he was fated to forever revive within Shu'wokerama's essence on death. A scowl which combined unaltered fury and confusion was present in the god demon's face as he talked to his servant.

  • Arrtkar - Aaargh... The revival always hurts so much...
  • Shu'wokerama - Arrtkar. The Corruptus lays broken. Our master is gone.
  • Arrtkar - C-can you not feel his essence, my lord?
  • Shu'wokerama - An ocean of silence. Dreadful, worrisome, silence. The children of nightmare lay leaderless. Our slaves have been exterminated.

At this moment, a blackened fog emerged near the two demons as another individual appeared, clad in black, archaic-looking armor. Her red eyes shone as she bowed down to Shu'wokerama, who turned over his attention to the new arrival. Meanwhile, more swarms of Shu'olerthae began appearing across this world, slowly but surely covering the skies. This individual was Cairaovén, an old servant of the Corruptus and former vanguard of their nemesis deity Sonhadromerith, who joined the demons' ranks after being tempted by their power.

  • Cairaovén - Great Shu'wokerama.
  • Shu'wokerama - ...Cairaovén. You persist.
  • Cairaovén - I felt your essence nearby and have come to you. Our demons have gone unruly.
  • Arrtkar - Unacceptable. They've been reverted into mere beasts. Without the Nightmare God's influence, they are little more than husks.
  • Shu'wokerama - Enough. The problem will be corrected. The master must be found. The link must be established once more.
  • Cairaovén - The Xhodocto took our master. He resides within their realm now.
  • Shu'wokerama - Problematic. More control is required.

Shu'wokerama raised one arm and the Shu'olerthae began hovering around it, circling it and then circling over the demon's entire body. Even though he was weakened, his powers were still grand enough to attract the attention of his demons from several light years away. Arrtkar and Cairaovén both looked curious at their master, the former far more than the latter as he approached him.

  • Arrktar - What do you mean, master?
  • Shu'wokerama - More vanguards must rise. More servants for the Devourer. The failure of the Ermitant and his cyborgs has destabilized our foundations. They must be replaced.
  • Arrtkar - How will we do this, lord? This universe hates us.
  • Shu'wokerama - Your mind is narrow. This universe is vast. Nightmares plague it still. Minds who seek power, approval, accomplishment. Our mind transcends yours. We already know who to look for.
  • Arrtkar - ...Of course, lord. We shall follow your wish.
  • Cairaovén - For Shu'rimrodir.

With this, Shu'wokerama, Arrtkar and Cairaovén vanished from the lifeless world alongside the great swarm of Shu'olerthae which had been attracted to their presence. A new generation of servants would rise and serve Shu'wokerama alongside Arrtkar, willingly or not. The demons would not admit so, but they were desperate to regain their influence and morale, and to do so quickly, Shu'wokerama departed to the closest servant he had sensed the presence of, in the nearby galaxy known as Kraw.

The Six Vanguards[]

The Mad Scientist[]

Travelling across the Kraw Galaxy was the Namonzro Spaceship, the spacefaring lair of the Allmind who wiped out all life on the galaxy over a billion years ago, the Zanierton scientist known as Mahedore. Originally an inhabitant of the galaxy known as Gnaaha, he was forced to escape to the Kraw Galaxy when the Xhodocto attacked. The Zanierton himself was little more than a head and torso wired to large life-enhancing mechanisms, created to give him immortality so that he could spent all of reality admiring his life work: the creatures known as Gynash Dragons. Serving his wishes were armies of zealot clones of himself, some altered to be female in order to create a working population, but overall his mind was not exactly the most sane in the universe. Mahedore was a paranoid man who wished nothing more than spending all the time of the universe with his beloved creations, but the mechanisms he used to grant himself an immortal lifespan made him unable to actually interact with them or even move around.

Mahedore would one day receive warnings in his ship's interfaces telling him a force had invaded the Namonzro Spaceship, a strange purple fog-like presence with writhing tentacles which seemingly devoured the crew and the dragons it came across. The zealots and the dragons armed themselves and attempted to fight this presence off, but in a matter of minutes, Mahedore lost all contact with the lower sectors of the Spaceship, and could only watch as it approached his own chamber, leaving the fate of his servants unknown.

  • Mahedore - W-what's going on? Ztara? Ishkhaelro? Do you copy?... Anyone?!
  • Voice - Foolish child. You fret like a cornered animal.
  • Mahedore - ...W-who's there?! Reveal yourself!

The doors to Mahedore's chamber found themselves open as the purple fog invaded it, all equipment beginning to fail as several presences entered the room. Arrtkar and Cairaovén each manifested by Mahedore's right and left respectively, while at his front, Shu'wokerama walked on all fours, digging his enormous talons into the floor and cracking it as if it was rock, his huge tail dragging behind him and his four eyes inducing nothing short of terror on Mahedore. As the demon god spoke, the Zanierton could feel as if pieces of his soul were being ripped apart by every word.

  • Shu'wokerama - You, who seeks immortal life. Confined to a wired, metallic shell. Confined to this space. Incapable of movement, of freedom.
  • Cairaovén - This creature looks like a wall decoration!
  • Mahedore - Agh! D-don't mock me! You remind me of the Zorkan... they make fun of me all the time.
  • Shu'wokerama - Mere child. You still worry about the opinions of the alien.
  • Mahedore - I... I'm over four billion years old... I'm no child...

Shu'wokerama leaned on closer to Mahedore, causing the Zanierton to attempt to back his head away from the demon. His presence was painful by itself, and the proximity gave Mahedore the feeling his skin, or rather what remained of it that was not robotized, was burning.

  • Shu'wokerama - You seek immortality. The opportunity to prove superiority. No longer be the subject of mockery. You also possess an army. Two armies.
  • Mahedore - What is your point?
  • Shu'wokerama - Deliver your soul to us. Be one with us. Immortality will be granted, alongside freedom from the machine prison. As well as unlimited power. Power like mine and theirs.
  • Arrtkar - Master... are you sure this child is fit to be one of your vanguards?
  • Mahedore - I said I'm not a child! I don't know who you are... but your words are convincing. Will I be able to walk among my creations again? Will I be able to destroy those who bully me and them?
  • Shu'wokerama - For the price of servitude. You are ours now.
  • Mahedore - ...So be it. I accept.
  • Cairaovén - This will surely amuse me.

Reaching his hands, Shu'wokerama clasped into Mahedore, and the Zanierton could watch great curved fangs grow upon the demon's beak-like mouth. It was too late to go back on his word now, and an indescribable pain fell upon him as Nightmare Energy flowed through his veins, regrowing his limbs, mutating his form and granting him powers beyond his knowledge. Shu'wokerama showed more interest in Mahedore's resources than his actual prowess as an individual, and once his work was done, the great demon left the Namonzro Spaceship, revealing the crew 'devoured' by his fog to be back on the ship, albeit unconscious. The now half-demon Mahedore was given time to ponder his choices, and the first thing he did with his new body was pet an infant Gynash Dragon who stumbled into his chamber. He was happy enough to be able to physically reach his creations once again.

The Devoted Researcher[]

All great things begin small, as the motives and dubious intentions were for the head of the paramilitary arm of a reasonably small, clandestine group of Hseraelna; an occultist movement that operated in the shadows of the greater society, pursuing a variety of goals - all of which pertaining to the nature of the super- and paranormal nature of the flow of Essence, alongside its effects upon the rest of the material universe. Mordathai headed the expedition into the bizarre, alien ruins that the aeons had left to decay; a derelict vessel, embedded deeply - almost organically - into the crust of a dwarf world in an otherwise unexplored region of the Borealis Galaxy, held intact by some otherworldly "miracle" that allowed the pursuers of knowledge otherwise forbidden to analyse and observe the marvels beheld to them within the innards of the ancient beast.

Mordathai, in particular, found himself along with several other members of his crew standing within the absolute belly of the vessel, bearing witness to the remnants of what one would have deemed life and its creations - serpentine creatures, clad in armour that appeared to merge with their forms, were scattered across the ship's insides, each corpse sustained in a different state of decay and damage which allowed the team to keep easier track of their findings. The devoted researcher, while his colleagues gathered samples, approached what appeared to be a colossal mural that almost "grew" out of the internal architecture of the vessel, glancing towards the worn yet nonetheless queer and abstract art that it beheld for show.

  • Mordathai - At last, my brethren. Once more we tread upon the grounds of our ancestors, able to marvel at what culture shaped them and what gods it were that beheld themselves to them.
  • Researcher - This place... It serves as a burial ground as of now, my liege, but I feel as if these chambers were once purposed for other operations.
  • Mordathai - Of course they were; sacred combat so smoothly blended with prayer. To think: even these ancients had a greater, higher cause to which they dedicated their lives to. To think of what it was that they offered their lives to... is almost enough to perhaps drive a man mad.
  • Arrtkar - Indeed they were. Much like you.

At the entrance of the chamber the Hseraelna had gone into, they could all watch as a pair of tall entities now blocked their way out. Arrtkar and Cairaovén, who stared at the aliens with glaring eyes, their focus being on Mordathai. The Hseraelna present backed away from the entrance that was now obscured by the presence of these demons, while Mordathai slowly turned to their direction, gradually bringing his eyes away from the gargantuan moral to lay them upon the nightmarish warriors before him and his "brethren".

  • Mordathai - ... And to whom do my kin and I owe our pleasure?
  • Voice - You who seek to learn of decay. You who seek to guide the sheep under you.

At this point, the Hseraelna could see the corpses around the room slowly rise, their eyes shining in an intense purple colour as they began speaking in unison. A feeling of heavy emptiness fell upon the room as two pairs of glaring eyes grew on the ceiling, watching down on them all. The occult researchers across the chamber began to panick and worry, some raising their weapons at the rising remains of the serpentine, long-dead alien demons while others relocated themselves to provide each other a semblance of company in the sudden, immense void of hope that swallowed the courage and pride in their hearts - Mordathai, however, remained where he stood, silent with hushed breaths for a minute or so until he brought himself to swallow and speak.

  • Mordathai - Who are you?
  • Voice - We are infinity. We are ultimate entropy. We are Shu'wokerama.

Rising from the shadows, Shu'wokerama's form manifested, walking on all fours around the researchers, glaring at them with barred fangs and a scowl dominating his expression. The sound of weapons colliding with the floor could be heard, alongside that of various colleagues of Mordathai's collapsing onto their knees and attempting to crawl far from the bestial, alien god that thrived in the darkest confines of their subconscious - others, however, simply remained either quiet or sobbing as they marvelled at the sight of the nightmarish deity.

  • Mordathai - ... Are you... a god?
  • Shu'wokerama - You fear and hide. There is no need. We are here to enhance you.
  • Arrtkar - He is not a god, mortal. He is your god.
  • Mordathai - And... what... what knowledge, and vast intellect, can I behold... if enhanced by him... A god, for sure, knows all answers to my queries and pursuits.
  • Shu'wokerama - All that is worth knowing. But you will serve. Eternal servitude. Your entire race will serve.
  • Mordathai - ... And who am I to deny myself of such gifts... and who are they that are my people to deny a god's teachings. To deny... all knowledge worth knowing... and what paths such power opens...

The corpses across the chamber let out ear-piercing screeches as Mordathai was tackled down into the floor by the huge avian demon, and he felt his body change and mutate as the horrid pain of one thousand fangs digging into his skin became apparent. However, it would only take a moment before he could feel his god's power flowing through his veins like the blood that sustained him. An influx of knowing clasped ahold of his struggling mortal conscience and reshaped it as a child would clay; the Hseraelna could feel those barriers and walls that closed the confines of his mind being systematically broken, allowing the enlightenment brought by servitude to Shu'wokerama to overcome and amend him.

Mordathai died in that alien chamber on a far-off world. And then he was reborn and crafted anew.

The Power-Hungry Narcissist[]

Essence was not a big subject at the Cyrannus Galaxy. This region of space had enough mystery on its own without the intervention of the likes of angels and devils, but there were some who were interested in such mysticisms for the purpose of obtaining power for themselves. One of these individuals was a Basileus currently residing in the Confederacy of Allied Systems, a mid-ranking member of the Basileus Navy by the name of Mar-Júun. Ever since an young age, he was notorious for his gigantic ego and superiority complex, something which is often associated with the Basileus species as a stereotype but in his case, he suffered from blatant narcissism. His younger brother Nirndal was the butt of many of Mar-Júun's antics, but even then, the older brother was always jealous of him due to his higher position in the Basileus Navy. Mar-Júun also displayed a great hatred for the Libertus race due to their massive influence, believing they were mere copies of the Basileus and needed to be exterminated.

Holding on a datapad he had obtained, Mar-Júun walked through the streets of the cities of the Confederate colony of Ceredis, reading through information gathered a year prior, when the United Republic of Cyrannus was attacked by the dreaded Okastana of the Corruptus. Nightmare Energy appeared to fascinate him greatly, especially as he read how it was used to kill the Republicans. He would notice the skies going suddenly dark, though, as a black fog suddenly engulfed the planet without warning. The population became understandably confused, and this soon escalated into screams of terror as Shu'wokerama's form rose from the shadows, gigantic in size and climbing on top of homes and other buildings. Confederate forces immediately began shooting all they had at the demon, but he shrugged off their attacks as he made his way to Mar-Júun's direction.

  • Mar-Júun - What in Vasuband's name is that?!
  • Shu'wokerama - You, who seeks the extinction of those you deem inferior. You, who seems the greatest of all powers.
  • Mar-Júun - ... I need to get out of here.
  • Arrtkar - You're not going anywhere.

Manifesting in front of Mar-Júun as he was about to run away were Arrtkar and Cairaovén, the latter delivering a kick to the Basileus' torso who hurled him into the ground. Afterwards, shots were fired at the two of them who proceeded to fight off the planet's defenders. Crawling on all fours, Shu'wokerama eventually arrived to Mar-Júun, circling him like a predator circling a prey, the Basileus was overcome by a feeling of helplessness and dread as his eyes watched the massive avian beast glaring at him, a dark aura behind him as the sound of his tail dragging across the ground became stuck on his head. It felt like persecution.

  • Shu'wokerama - You seek the power of destroying the called Republic of Cyrannus. You seek to be the most perfect of beings. You know of our power. You know of Entropy.
  • Mar-Júun - Y-you... y-you're one of t-the demons?
  • Shu'wokerama - Demon. Mere name. We are nightmare. We are negative. We are Corruptus.
  • Mar-Júun - H-how do you k-know me that much... W-what do you want from me?
  • Shu'wokerama - We have chosen you. Deliver your soul to us. Become an immortal servant of the god of nightmares. Destroy those whose purpose in life are to be obstacles in your path. Become perfect.
  • Mar-Júun - Perfect... Me, perfect... As it should be... Yes. As it should be! Hahahah!

Despite the simplicity and violence of Shu'wokerama's words, Mar-Júun found himself captivated by the demon's words. He opened his arms and allowed the deity to do as he pleased to him, and he quickly felt Shu'wokerama leaped into him, a tooth-filled beak engulfing his head followed by a terrible pain. At that point, Mar-Júun gave up on his race, his family, his empire... but felt tremendous power flow through his body. The pain was followed by laughter as the now half-demon Mar-Júun rose from the ground once again, proceeding to test his new-found abilities on the planet he was currently residence at. A test of his incredible powers.

By official Confederate records, Ceredis was glassed by the Republic during the Great War. This, however, was merely an excuse for the public, because the empire's officials never did find out what reduced the planet to a cracked wasteland.

The Honourable Assassin[]

Following the end of the Distant Relatives Campaign, Genrai Nal remained on his personal vessel as he looked for work. Falrik Zaarkhun was dead, and he saw no reason to remain at the Zaarkhun Consortium as a result. His stay at the organization was heavily influenced by his friendship with Falrik, and as he had been killed by the Kralgon Emperor, the Inalton warrior decided to move elsewhere, hoping to perhaps encounter a worthy challenge along the way. Genrai Nal was an individual who existed solely for battle, feeling no other pleasure in life other than the thrill of combat. When his ship eventually discovered a mysterious anomaly in a nearby planet, his curiosity perked. As a Kalyik, he had control over Dark Chronoscopic Essence, which allowed him to sense the powers of others more easily, and he felt immense power which, in his mind, almost felt... tempting.

As Genrai Nal's ship descended upon this unknown, fog-filled world, he immediately realized the situation was in. He was surrounded by the demons of the Corruptus, monstrosities who had attacked Ottzello shortly before the Xhodocto completely destroyed it, and although he was not known to have personally fought them at any occasion before, he nonetheless understood what they were. With his blades in hand, the Inalton walked through a barren land, fog rising to his left and right almost trapping him in a corridor of darkness, and inside this fog, many pairs of eyes watched his every move. Arrtkar and Cairaovén were there, the latter having to force herself not to charge at Genrai Nal at that very instant.

  • Genrai Nal - I notice your presence. Are you of the Deathmarch?
  • Arrtkar - Perhaps. You, warrior, are an interesting sight...
  • Cairaovén - Let me at him! I will chop him thrice over in one swing of my blade!
  • Genrai Nal - Is that a challenge? If you give me a good fight, I am willing to accept it.
  • Voice - One without purpose. One who sees only war.

Heavy stomping sounds were heard as four shining eyes appeared among the fog, moving around it while lowered into the ground, like a predator stalking its prey. Genrai Nal's nature as a Klayik allowed him to shrug off fear, but even then, he could feel a feeling on the back of his mind that something incredibly powerful was staring into his very soul. He moved his blades to the side and collided against Cairaovén's own ultra greatsword, parrying it and pushing the demoness back into the fog. The Inalton then turned to the other side thew his blades again, parrying Arrtkar's blade and also delivering a kick at the giant demon to knock him back into the darkness. Shu'wokerama's red eyes moved around more eagerly as both demons attacked at once, with Genrai Nal leaping back in order to make them both miss and then proceeded to slash forward, passing through them both and leaving visible scratches to their armors.

  • Genrai Nal - I am familiar with such tricks.
  • Shu'wokerama - You fight for nothing. Purposeless. Cursed.
  • Genrai Nal - I fight for the sole sake of fighting. The only pleasure I can obtain is from the thrill of battle.
  • Shu'wokerama - An unending cycle which results in dissatisfaction. We can grant you eternal war. Eternal conflict. Eternal power.
  • Genrai Nal - Eternal conflict?
  • Shu'wokerama - Eternity of servitude. Entropy has chosen. You are our warrior now.
  • Genrai Nal - Only if you best me.

Arrtkar and Cairaovén retreated back to the fog, and as they did so, Genrai Nal watched as Shu'wokerama himself manifested in front of him, delivering a powerful claw swipe which sent the Inalton straight to the ground. He had not seen the demon coming, even with his power over time, for it was an entity far beyond the comprehension of a creature like him. Genrai Nal had no time to teleport as Shu'wokerama sent a flurry of blows at him, tearing through his armor in quick, violent, bestial strikes. While he was powerful and easily able to take on an army, even the likes of Genrai could not take on a god by themselves, and Shu'wokerama only ceased once the Inalton ahd been beaten to the brink of his life. The demon kept the Inalton warrior floored with one hand as his fang-filled beak approached his face, an ever present scowl dominating his face as he glared down at him.

  • Genrai Nal - ...I have definitely been bested... I admit to have misjudged you, entity.
  • Shu'wokerama - Warrior of nightmares. Eternity of terror. Eternity of war against all. Destroy all under all wing. Fight until the end times.
  • Genrai Nal - I believe our partnership will be... interesting...

Genrai Nal would come to feel Shu'wokerama's claws and fangs digging into his flesh afterwards, enduring the pain the most he could as he felt the power of Entropy mixing with Dark Chronoscopic, enhancing his abilities even further. Obtaining respect for successfully fend him off, Arrtkar would come to title Genrai "Murangon", an old Vida'Rra word which roughly translates to "Killer", something the warrior himself would come to find fitting and eventually begin referring to himself as such. A master of two essences, a soul as black as the void, Murangon Nal would become a juggernaut in the name of his new master. A master who would give him an eternity of war.

The Dark Warlord[]

At the Mirus Galaxy, a small lava-filled planetoid drifted through space, ignored by all aliens in the area. This planetoid held a great prison created by the race called the Narix , who built it especially in order to imprison an extremely deadly individual. Held against a wall by advanced chains on his arms and legs, a Zua-Zaoi remained in complete silence, locked in a vegetative state. The room he was trapped in had specialized windows which allowed him to see the fiery landscape outside of the building, and that was the only thing he was able to see for the last thousand years. This Zua-Zaoi was known as Vouinas, the Dark Warlord, former leader of his entire race. However, the end of the war against the Narix resulted in his defeat, where they trapped him in this lava-ridden wasteland for eternity. He could not move, talk nor age, but was still conscious and could still feel the passage of time. Were it not for the fact he was only barely awake, he would have gone completely insane shortly after his imprisonment.

However, one fateful day, Vouinas' eyes could see the prison being tore apart. Automated defenses left behind by the Narix were destroyed by hordes of devils, and the skies outside became purple and black in a dense fog. The entrance to the chamber where Vouinas was locked in was kicked open by Arrtkar Crowart, who entered it alongside Cairaovén, and the due proceeded to inspect it for anymore defenses. A thousand voices were heard across Vouinas' mind, and the Zua-Zaoi suddenly fully himself fully conscious as the visage of Shu'wokerama's form emerged into the chamber.

  • Vouinas - ...W-what? What?! I'm awake?
  • Shu'wokerama - One who was locked away. One who seeks retribution for the defeat of his armies.
  • Vouinas - What the devil are you?!
  • Shu'wokerama - We are nightmare. We are corruption. We are ultimate decay.

Shu'wokerama rose and clasped a hand on Vouinas, large enough to nearly grab the entirely of the Zua-Zaoi warlord as he looked deeply into his eyes. Vouinas himself shivered as he looked up to the demon, a feeling of immense dread filling his very soul as those blood red spheres stared into him. Mirus had no involvement with demons in the past, and Vouinas was the first to see what these creatures looked or felt like. Not even a thousand years of imprisonment left him as afraid as he was at that moment.

  • Vouinas - What... what do you want from me...
  • Shu'wokerama - We want you. Eternal servitude. Armies must rise, armies must be led. Led by a warlord who may lead them into destroying all. Immortal war.
  • Vouinas - A-armies?
  • Arrtkar - Join us, Zua-Zaoi. Serve us and you will be free once again.
  • Cairaovén - Free to destroy the ones who imprisoned you! Prove your strength!
  • Shu'wokerama - An eternity of servitude. Or an eternity of loneliness and madness. Choose.

Vouinas looked at the demon the most he could, and a faint grin grew on his face which attracted the attention of Arrtkar and Cairaovén. He was still not able to move, but if he could, he would have offered to shake Shu'wokerama's hand at that point, despite the obvious size difference.

  • Vouinas - I have no love for this life. I accept you as my master. Under you, I will unite my race once again and do all you wish. I truly am a military genius, so you shall be more than satisfied with my prowess!
  • Shu'wokerama - Your freedom is granted.

Each using their blades, Arrtkar and Cairaovén cut through Vouinas' chains, allowing the Zua-Zaoi warlord to fall into the ground. He could feel his body once again, but as he attempted to get back on his feet, he quickly felt Shu'wokerama's talons digging on his flesh as he had his eyes locked into the demon's fangs. The extreme pain he felt was mirrored by the power he could feel flowing through him, making him truly the greatest individual of his race. And the first act he would do now as a free man once again was to do what he promised to his master: unify his race under his rule once again.

The Broken Zealot[]

A lonely, yet visibly large ship emerged from the atmosphere and made its landing on the surface of the desolate, yet clearly habitable world - and not a perfect one, as it would seem from the tremendous booming sound that accompanied it. The vessel was certainly graceful and elegant - with organic curves and sophisticated filigree engraved upon its hull - but it was obvious that it had seen better days. The armouring of the ship was scratched and in some places torn completely, - the automatic repair structures of the ship making it look like if it was scarred and bleeding, the observance cameras were mottled and broken, and the ancient symbols of faith and power that marked the ship before were now barely seen in the grease. The ship was broken and dying, as was the people it carried. Those who once ruled the stars but were now reduced to scattered refugees hiding in the stars.

The Radeons.

The land of the world they found themselves on war was almost barren - poor, dying, the greyish moss on the dead rocks and the occasional gnarled tree the only sign of life in miles around. It was a land that was about to die - but as the only habitable world, it was the only choice for the refugees. The gates opened, and a morbid procession slowly left the broken ship - tall, wiry humanoid figures clad in either tattered civilian robes or dull greyish armour of Dei'Ar - refugees of the Tabescere attacks on Tadjamad's remaining fleet - one of the two bastions of the Radeon people still left in the universe. These poor, downthrodden men and women were all that was left of that fleet now, a population that could be counted in thousands at best - to the universe, nothing. To the sole remaining leader of the Radeons, though, they were everything.

Geltastra Sheol'rephai, to her knowledge, was the last remaining member of Tadjamad's personal guard, the legendary heroes of the Holy Empire that once fought the undefeatable Xhodocto and won. Though the old memories were painful for her now, Geltastra still could not help but reminisce of these days, for they were the only things that kept her alive, her only solace sans what little of her faith that remained. Tadjamad, Matheoward, Indricarron - the names brought pain, but also comforted... especially the last one. She was the squad's chaplain, versed well in Masaari scripture - a preacher on the battlefield that crushed her foes with the power of her will and belief. How little remained of it now! She could hardly remember the times when she truly believed. It seemed so distant. So painful.

  • Geltastra - Move out! With hope, Dei'nar be kind upon us, we may still survive on this planet. Caestari, take a survey of the planet's resources! Find out if there is anything of use for our drones to take - what few of them that we have, at least! Qariim! Begin the construction! A'hadai! Analyse the lifeforms of the planet! If there are no useful resources here, then at least find some food for us, damnation be upon you! - Geltastra's voice was loud and high-pitched, almost hysterical; she was on the verge of mental breakdown - By Spode, we must find something, something - or else... or else... our journey ends here.
  • Qariim - ...Your Excellence?
  • Geltastra - ...What?!
  • Qariim - Caestari is not here, and neither is A'hadai. They were found dead earlier this day in their dormitories. The medical drones suggest they committed suicide.
  • Geltastra - ...WHAT?!
  • Qariim - ...Not that I would blame them...
  • Geltastra - WHAT?!
  • Qariim - Nothing, your Excellence, nothing! I will just do my job and-
  • Geltastra - I hope you do realise that Caestari and A'hadai were the only Veracitors left on our ship, Fabricator. If not, then allow me to open your eyes! We have no scientists left. Our ship has suffered tremendous damage. We landed here to repair and resupply. And now, my friend, we are trapped here. Forever!
  • Qariim - Ahem... Such questions are not within my jurisdiction and indeed I was deemed not destined to lead, as you know full well. That mission falls upon you, my lady. It is your sacred duty to preserve the order of things everywhere, even in the direst situations and-
  • Geltastra - I will slit you throat if you- if you- - Geltastra stopped for a second and then took a deep, thorough breath that calmed her down for a second - Yes. I will preserve order. I will preserve order even in our darkest hour. Even now that certain death looms above us, we still have faith. Faith in the one above us, faith in the one that is all. One is all. All is one. Together, we will prevail. Together, we are one. One is all. All is one. - the more Geltastra spoke, the more her voice lost its usual cool and the more her speech turned into raving madness - Together, we are all. All is together, together is one, faith in the all above us, faith in the together that is one and all at the same time. Certain death looms above us, we still have faith in the together above us-
  • Qariim - My lady? Your Excellence?
  • Geltastra - What? All is perfect, nothing is un-perfect. Nothing but faith in the one that is all and also together, yes. We are together, and we are all, and we are also one, and less that one, in fact, because now that the all does not include all together, and we are now neither all nor one - because one in our little holy kingdom is very, very small! One! Very small! Haha! Small, but still all! Now we don't have one, and all is no more! I finally understood it! The revelation of Masaari that struck Al'khear and Seranai! All is one, one is all, because we make all ones so small that all these small ones go down together when one does! Small! Very small! Like the two... thuribles of that Exarch bitch. Her name. Yes! Menoriam! Iovera!

Deep in her delusion, shock and painful revelation, Geltastra clung for the shards of her memories, trying to remember what life was before the cataclysm, before she was where she is now. However, the only memories that she could think of were the painful ones. The undead charging, reaping Tadjamad into shreds. The demons burning her comrades to the crisp. And above all - Iovera. Her. She could not forget her - she loathed her, loathed more than even the creatures that destroyed her people - but she could not stop thinking about her. It was her, her! The bitch, the beautiful young Exarch with compelling eyes! It was her who refused to lend aid to Tadjamad, who convinced the other clerics to exile him; she, she was the first catalyst, the one that led Geltastra and her people to damnation! To the tortured psyche of the chaplain, she was to blame for everything - up to the deaths of the scientists. Geltastra now laughed - laughed and cried at the same time - as rain began to pour on the ground and over her face. Lightning struck. Yes! Yes! This was the sign!

  • Geltastra - Bitch! Bitch! It was you who planned this all along! Yes, you knew it, Exarch Bitch! You hated Tadjamad! You were envious, envious of us! Hah! Now I understand it! You loved him, you wanted him, and you were afraid, afraid that I would steal him from you! YES! That, that explains everything! You killed him! You killed him, bitch! Do you hear me, Exarch Bitch?! DO YOU HEAR ME?! Or... no... no! I know it! Yes! You... you wanted me... yes... you are a sick, sick, sick woman, behind that robe of yours, I wonder what you hid... I know what you hid, yes! You beautiful bitch! Ah! It all makes sense now! You wanted to have me, to do these sick things to me, but you were afraid, you were so afraid that you killed Caestari and A'hadai, and left me here, on this damnable planet! Ha! Ha! Ha! I know you now, bitch! Come here! Get me! Do what you want! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The rest of the Radeons stood in a circle around their leader, both terrified and hopelessly confused. The desperation and madness that dominated Geltastra's soul now resounded in their own minds, as it was natural for their species, and was further exasperated by the fact that Geltastra was the only Theosophian in their entire expedition. Without her, they were now leaderless. The collective despair of the Radeons grew and grew as their chaplain fell further into madness and the thunderstorm grew stronger and stronger. It seemed like something terrible would happen now - an act of God, or an act of Devil.

In this case, it was the latter.

  • Cairaovén - I grow tired of this incessant talking! Shut up before I rip your vocal cords off!

Thunder hit the ground near the Radeons, and as the light died out, a pair of tall, vile individuals could be seen nex to them, looking down on them but with their eyes focused on Geltastra. Arrtkar and Cairaovén.

  • Geltastra - ...Is that you, Iovera? - Geltastra slowly turned around until she saw the two diabolical creatures before her - Of course it is you! I see you now! You are sick... dressing up like this, haha... you have sick, sick fantasies, you do, yes... and I see you. Do it now! Ha! Kill me! Play with me! You won! You won!
  • Arrtkar - That is enough now, woman. We are not your girlfriend. We are agents of a higher being. One who seeks an audience with you.
  • Cairaovén - And you better stop talking like that if you value your teeth and tongue.
  • Geltastra - ...Not you... not you, not you. Yes... yes... - Geltastra breathed, regaining her lucidity, if only for a few seconds - Who... who are you? Who is that higher being you speak of?!
  • Voice - One who has been broken to pieces. One who has lost all there is to lose.

The thunderstorm raged more furious as the skies became more darkened than before, and from the clouds, the form of Shu'wokerama materialized, falling from the skies and landing near the Radeons and his own servants on all four, digging his talons into the ground. His form gigantic and his eyes glowing in deep red, he glared at the maddened Radeon woman with a permanent scowl.

  • Geltastra - That is not Iovera. Not one that is all. Who are you then?
  • Shu'wokerama - We are the constant. We are what was, what is and what will be. We are erosion and ultimate demise. We are Shu'wokerama.
  • Geltastra - Ultimate demise and erosion... constant... you are what happened to my people. - the isolation-driven madness that came upon Geltastra slowly receded as the superior mind of the Corruptus being contacted hers - but the darkness in her soul did not - The order that we wished to preserve - it ended so swiftly. The universe has none. Yes... Only erosion and decay is constant and permament.
  • Shu'wokerama - A broken mind. A need for affection and worship. Your higher being has forsaken you. It was a farse to begin with.
  • Geltastra - So... right. So true. - Geltastra spoke in a trance, unfazed as the being spoke unto her. It made so much sense now.
  • Shu'wokerama - One who deserves the devotion of the lesser stands before you now. A new life. A true god to preach for. You and your people will deliver your skills.
  • Geltastra - Not one that is all. Yes. All of us are all now. Truly a noble purpose that is. I pledge service to you then! Let my powers be joined with yours! - Geltastra turned to the despairing Radeons - You! Bow!

Before Geltastra could turn herself to face the demon again, she already felt his massive talons send her down into the ground, followed by the feeling of his fangs against her flesh. Her very composition was altered in perhaps the most painful way one could imagine, yet the Radeon had no reason to feel pain. Instead, she found her mind reconstructed. Healed. Given a new purpose.

The Radeon woman emerged from the hellish transformation, her fur now charred and blackened. Bony claws emerged from her hands, resembling those of a cruel predatory beast, and massive black wings spouted from her backs like a cape. From the ripped parts of her robe that revealed her now warped - if somewhat more shapely - body, a spiky pulsing tumour was seen, a symbol of her new allegiance: it glew bright green, much like her burning eyes The spirit of the chaplain was ignited once again, but the fire that now burned within her soul was much more sinister now. Her thoughts devoted solely to faith were now directly only towards her new god, and his own purpose: the domination of all that lives.

The monstrous demon-Radeon turned towards her flock, revealing her corrupted form in all its dark glory, but they did not fear her. They worshipped her. From their maddened, twisted chants, Geltastra heard only two words, but these words were more than enough for her, for they were what she was now.

Dark Apostle! Dark Apostle! Dark Apostle!

Mad Scientist's Redemption[]

With the end of the Second War of Black Fog and the destruction of the universe by the Xhodocto, the portion of the Corruptus under Shu'rimrodir's direct control was currently residing the plane of existence known as Inferno, popularly known as Hell. The nightmare god had received a position of power inside the realm, becoming the lord of many of its circles while his demonic servants create settlements through the infinite landscapes of the hellish location. Shu'ytrogarva, the master assassin of the Corruptus, would remain on the tallest locations of the Eighth Circle in meditation, while Shu'suvreca, the great devourer, would come to drift across the realm's sky, patrolling it. Shu'rimrodir himself would come to slumber at the edges between the Eighth and Ninth Circle, the only area of Inferno he could not trespass, awaiting for the time the Xhodocto would order him to act once again.

The Marinoxidiz had been reduced to undead husks which now patrolled the many Circles of Inferno. Known as Mari'verao, these zombie giants had little mind on their own, being locked in a state of eternal torment by their failure in the war. A similar fate fell upon the Errrbots who served as the Marinoxidiz, who were turned into the biomechanical undead creatures known as Kheora'Errr, which now serve as little more than manual labour for the other races of the Corruptus. As of the fate of their creator, Errr, he too found himself now living in torment at Hell, perhaps going through a fate worse than the Marinoxidiz's and the Errbots' combined.

Errr had been transformed into a giant creature with purple skin, massive empty eye sockets, tentacled arms and four legs which ended in spear-like feet which stung into his flesh every time he took a step. He was perpetually bleeding from said eye sockets, completely blind to whatever was around him, and a third tentacle arm grew out of his chest, forcing itself out of his ribcage and internal organs. His spine grew to out of his flesh, granting him spikes on his back, and he was forced to always keep his head up in danger of falling down due to no longer being able to keep his balance. Occasionally the spear feet would hurt hard enough for him to fall down, head first and have great difficulty getting back up, partially because doing so would sting him more but also because his head was simply that heavy. The proud, power-hungry Ermitant scientist had been reduced to a somewhat reptilian abomination in constant, never-ending pain. All that passed through his mind at this point was how foolish it was of him to join forces with the Corruptus to begin with. How he realized it all spiraled down from the moment he attempted to take over his people six hundred years ago. How his narcissism and hunger for power caused the deaths of him and his creations, the only things he truly ever showed any degree of care for. He was an abomination filled with regret.

As time does not flow the same way at Inferno as it does in the Onuris Universe, what were mere months felt like thousands of years for Errr, who had to watch his former creations be turned into mindless, deformed beasts, never to see another sentient again. He could feel the judging eyes of Shu'rimrodir even though he was slumbering, plaguing him for his failure. He was constantly attacked and harassed by the various demon races who called Inferno home, always coming back for more suffering even when they destroyed him.

Until a fateful day, a bright light appeared in the demon realm. Errr could not see it, but he could perfectly feel it, as its mere presence caused his skin to burn as if it was set on fire. An angelic figure manifested at Inferno as Errr was under attack by a group of Zazra'Ishtok demons, releasing waves of positive energy which burned through the creatures until they were scared away, and Errr would find himself paralyzed by pain as this figure approached him. Great white wings emerged from the figure and wrapped around the mutated Ermitant, its energies conflicting with his own but eventually reaching a neutrality, and for the first time in what looked like a thousand years, Errr could see again. He found himself wrapped around the arms of a feminine being, vaguely resembling his former master Shu'wokerama in appearance but with a much more pleasant expression on her face. Errr could recognize her, for he had fought her in the war which ended in his defeat.

  • Errr - ...Yooo... Y-yoo... Dree...
  • Thea'Nhirara - Sonhadromerith has heard your pleas. There is a chance for a new beginning.
  • Errr - Ne... Ne-new...
  • Thea'Nhirara - I understand you have lost the ability to talk after so much time. But you must answer me, Errr Krrarrr Lerciannn. Do you regret your actions?
  • Errr - Re... gre... Y... Ye...

Errr shook his head positively to Thea'Nhirara, who looked at the mutant Ermitant in her arms with a faint smile on her face. Someone who had suffered this much for this long much not be able to lie. More demons began appearing around the two, including the same Zazra'Ishtok she had warded off, apparently having requested help, and they slowly surrounded the angel and Errr.

  • Thea'Nhirara - Are you willing to atone for your sins? Are you willing to leave your megalomania behind for a better life? A better life for you and your creations.
  • Errr - Ye-yes... Y-yes...
  • Thea'Nhirara - And will you keep in mind, failure from this atonement will result in being thrown back at this realm again, with no chance of return?
  • Errr - I-I... S-sorry... S-so sorry... Such pain...
  • Thea'Nhirara - That is what I wanted to hear.

As the hell demons roared out and charged at them, Thea'Nhirara vanished from sight in a bright light, taking Errr with her and leaving no traces of her presence at the demon realm. Errr would eventually find himself awakening in a bed located somewhere inside of a palace-like building of obvious Dracogonarious design. He could see again, and he looked at his own body to find himself back to his Ermitant body. A grin formed on his face as he got up, but he immediately froze in place as he noticed the individuals who were watching him from a short distance: Jerkon, Koluap and Herquie, the latter cracking his knuckles as Errr stared at him.

  • Herquie - Welcome to your atonement.
  • Errr - ...Awkward.
  • Jerkon - Miss Nhirara insisted that you wanted to redeem yourself, Errr. You caused the deaths of millions of sapients across our galaxy twice, and because of that, it will take much to earn our respect. Were it not for the angel's request, you would never return to the Milky Way.
  • Errr - I... I was not prepared for such a sudden meeting but... I am your servant now, Dracogonarious. Point me to whatever task you may wish, and I will do it with no complaints.
  • Jerkon - We already have things in mind for you, Ermitant. As much of a mass murderer you are, your mind is nonetheless pwoerful and will be of use in the empire's researches. Likewise, your time at the realm of Inferno will be documented for further study.
  • Koluap - And you don't want to know what'll happen if you don't cooperate!
  • Errr - You'll kill me again?
  • Koluap - How did you know?
  • Errr - ...As long as my creations are given a proper future, and no longer subject to that form of torture... I am yours to command, Dracogonarious.

Rise of Hachiman[]

The Y.I.N. Tomoe Maru - a proud, ancient merchant vessel of oriental design and origin, devised and produced by the posthuman denizens of the Yamato Intersolar Commune whom had borrowed various structural and technical aspects from multiple allies and alien neighbours - had docked as per routine at the industrial colony of Qichuhiro to both stock on resources, advertise recruitment for new crewmembers, and to trade their assets with the native houses and families that could afford them. A densely populated world coated in cities and major population facilities, it was somewhat easy for foreigners of the world to get lost amidst the sprawling urban environment just as the young augment, known by the name of Hachiman or by his crew-given nickname, Hachi-kun, had done during one of his inquisitive ventures, drawn away by the sight of commerce and variety - and women.

He had become separated from the rest of his crewmates sometime after their initial arrival; it was becoming evening now, the sun setting beyond the horizon to bathe the world in an orange hue, and he had yet to see anyone from his ship come to collect him. He was beginning to worry, fidgeting with concern as he had somehow managed to make it to the northwestern outskirts of the city, surrounded by strangers in unknown depths. As he roamed in search of one of the adults that cared for him, he bit his lip and groaned, whining as he had been on his feet for a majority of the day and he was beginning to grow fatigued and tired.

  • Hachiman - Kei! Taro! Shin! ... A-Anyone out there? C-Come on, guys... it's beginning to g-get cold out here and there's... big people everywhere. ... Kei! Shin!

He called the names of his crewmates further and louder as he trekked the city with the intent of finding the vessel that brought him here although lacking the direction and local awareness to do so with certainty. As much as had been told not to answer to or bother strangers, he knew in the back of his mind that if he did not find his crewmates soon then they would surely leave him behind on this strange, frighteningly expansive world where everything was larger and more ominous to him. When he reached a street corner leading into a darkened alley way, the young Tā gulped and raised his hands to his mouth to call out for help.

  • Hachiman - E-Excuse me? H-Hello? ... I-Is anybody there? I've... I-I've gotten lost, m-my crew...! I-I wandered off, I didn't mean to! I... I was distracted by the l-lights and... and...

All the young Hachiman could see were the skies rapidly darkening as black tendrils covered it entirely, and it would not take long until the sounds of growls, snarls and screams could be heard across the city. The Tā stepped back, landing on his rear as he watched the world become bathed in a nightmarish, surreal darkness that swallowed the light of the sun as it set; this was not how night usually arose, Hachiman knew that much. Struggling to his feet and reaching for the sheathed, somewhat antique blade strapped across his back, Hachiman uneasily let it loose and held it ahead of him to defend himself in the presence of the growing volume of feral, bestial noises.

  • Hachiman - W-What...?! W-Werewolves?!

In the distance, Hachiman could see men and women running as they were attacked and assaulted by hordes of small, vicious creatures who either used their large teeth to bite them down or created tentacled appendages to slam them into the ground. The Tā's eyes widened in fear as he laid his eyes upon the cretinous fiends that assaulted people in the streets, his legs becoming uneasy as his eyes were met with the bright, sickening sight of blood being strewn from both human and alien as they were massacred and slaughtered before him. Steadying himself and closing his eyes, desparate for confidence, Hachiman launched himself ahead and swung his vibroblade, yelling as he made an attempt to cut down the demons.

  • Hachiman - G-Get outta here! Stop that! T-These people have... d-done nothing wrong!

The sight of the coming boy caused the demons to back away from his attacks, and they began raising their heads and letting out barks and roars, as if signalling to something - or someone - that they had found their prey. And, as if on cue, stepping forth from the darkness that consumed the land was a tall, thin, serpentine-reptilian creature whose feet did not touch the ground as it levitated above the flayed, mauled corpses of Yamato denizens: the Servant Mordathai made his presence known with a prolonged exhale of wretched, vile breath that caused the young boy to pinch his nose and close his nostrils together to evade the foul stench.

  • Hachiman - W-What the... W-Who the H-Hell are y-you?!
  • Mordathai - Aahh... Alas, it must always be the young and foolish to garner the highest sense of curiosity. To die young... is to die ignorant of the greater evils of this uncaring world.
  • Hachiman - W-Wha... T-That didn't answer my q-question! W-Who are you a-and what a-are you doing here?!
  • Mordathai - ... Mordathai. The Apothecary of the Devourer.
  • Hachiman - Apo-what? ... Ngh, l-leave this place, these people h-haven't done anything wrong!
  • Mordathai - Is that the truth you attempt to speak, boy? ... Hmph, truth is reserved for those that do not deny the grace and blessing of the touch of the great Devourer. To educate you, a mere child, would be an affront to my time for such would be akin to attempting to school the most primal of amoeba. ... You were brought into the world knowing nothing, little boy, and you shall be taken from it knowing nothing.

The fiends surrounding Mordathai screeched as they charged at Hachiman, their tentacles and claw risen as they prepared to maul the boy. Their master had been ordered to kill the young Tā for reasons not exactly specified, but his word was the law and they would obey blindly if needed. Raising his blade, the boy almost recklessly swung it in various directions, managing to only barely dismember several tendrils and cut through demonic flesh before he found his skin and innards burning with the agonizing sensation of pain; he could feel tentacles penetrating into his legs and sides, with a claw swipe to his right upper shoulder sending the Tā backwards and onto his rear, his blood now splashed across the floor and nearby wall.

  • Hachiman - Urgh! ... W-Why... Why are y-you doing t-this?!
  • Mordathai - ... God proclaimed he would commend me for your death, mortal. He said... that if I rid the world of you, I would be rewarded... And who are you or I to question the righteous demand of God...
  • Hachiman - ... L-Liar!
  • Mordathai - ... To deny yourself the grotesque truth I treat you with before my ears and eyes... is to seal yourself a death slow and sorrowful, you wretched, abominable child.

The Apothecary raising a lone right hand, the Tā's face contorted as he unleashed a petrified scream from the deepest corners of his lungs, brought forth upon his vanishing breath by the five slithering, writhing blackened tendrils that burrowed themselves into his wounds, digging and worming through his tendons and muscles as Mordathai's hidden face surely smiled; he could feel his protrusions becoming lubricated with blood and other bodily fluids, allowing him easier passage through the young boy's body while he savoured every moment he could of the agony that befell the ignorant, oblivious youngster that he felt was so righteously deserved for having spat his "truth" back into his obscured face.

  • ??? - Enough.

Before Mordathai could go on, though, a bright light flashed in front of him and his demons as a large, radiant figure appeared, sporting a humanoid and feminine look as well as a long tail and large, feathered wings, floating slightly above the ground. The Hseraelna and his cohorts could feel the being's sheer present burning through their skins as it then let out an echoing, otherworldly howl at their directions. The smaller demons found themselves instantly incinerated, screaming in pain as they were completely decimated on the spot. Mordathai shrouded his eyes with a hand, withdrawing the tendrils from Hachiman's body to retreat back into his own flesh and form while he took several steps back; the energy of the alien figure perturbed his own, causing him to wince and bare his teeth in his own personal agony as he bore witness to the strange woman.

  • Mordathai - ... What meaning is there behind this sudden intrusion?!
  • Hachiman - A-Ack... agh... W-Who are...
  • ??? - Return to your foul master, spawn of nightmare!

The feminine figure raised her arms, which proceeded to grow in size and then shape as they morphed themselves into immense, scythe-like blades, which she then launched at Mordathai's direction. Mordathai growled as he launched his own cephalopodian tendrils from his flesh in response to the assault brought by the enigmatic figure, yet his growl swiftly shifted into a pained whimper as his flesh was torn apart with what felt like searing fire and his armour, robes, and torso were penetrated and suspended at the end of the dreamlike woman's scythes of divine judgement which opposed his tentacles of his own dark truth.

  • Mordathai - ... UuuaaaaAAAARRRGH!!

Whoever - or whatever - this entity was, she was surely overpowering Mordathai's power as he felt his energies growing more and more weak, overwhelmed by her sheer presence. Gasping for desparate breaths, Mordathai struggled to stand himself upright as he faced the superior opponent - and bowed his head lightly with a pained groan, muttering in an alien tongue beneath his breath to the otherworldly presence before his visage erupted into thick, black fog, disappearing from sight while his own servants were either annihilated from prolonged exposure to the being's presence or swiftly followed in their master's step. As the demons vanished from sight, the woman leaned down and took Hachiman in her grasp, the young feeling his wounds slowly closing as he could hear a faint, soothing melody in the back of his head. The woman appeared vaguely human-like in his eyes, or something akin to how fantasy works of his people would identify as an elf, and she affectionately put the boy against her bosom as she looked down on him in an almost maternal manner.

The young boy gasped faintly, almost barely awake as he felt the motherly embrace of the glimmering entity in the wracked ruins of the city, and a small stream of tears travelled down his left cheek as his cold form was gradually warmed by the woman's otherworldly affection, gently clasping his arms around her to hold on to her.

  • Hachiman - ... W-What... What's g-going on... Am I... A-Am I d-dea--
  • ??? - No, no, my dear. You have much yet to do in this life. A great destiny awaits you one day.
  • Hachiman - ... W-Who are y-you... A-Are you going to t-take me... take me home...?
  • ??? - ... Call me Thea, dear. Thea'Nhirara. You are no longer safe in your old home. What you went through is merely the beginning... Tell me, my dear, where is your mommy?
  • Hachiman - ... Mommy? ... I-I don't... I don't have one, Thea... A-All I had were the crew...
  • Thea'Nhirara - Would you like me to be your new mommy?
  • Hachiman - ... Y-You won't leave m-me alone, will you... m-mommy?
  • Thea'Nhirara - I will always be there for you. I will never let anyone hurt you again, my dear.

The young Tā held against her bosom smiled softly, closing his eyes as he squeaked faintly and adjusted himself to be more comfortable while held to her chest, coming to drift off and fall into sleep shortly afterwards as he was cradled by his new "mother" and his wounds leaving behind only slight trails of warm vapour as they were completely healed. Thea'Nhirara leaned her head down as she delivered a kiss to the boy's forehead before her wings extended and then covered both of them, and the angel and the Tā vanished in a bright flash, leaving the battered world behind to start his life anew.

The Reunion of Nightmares[]

With his Vanguards chosen, Shu'wokerama focused his efforts in reuniting the stray forces of the Corruptus who still wandered the universe. His servants had been sent to their own paths by now, given goals by their new master to fulfill while the nightmarish demon rested above the mountains of a remote world, looking down on the fiendish armies he had assembled. Standing by his sides were Arrtkar and Cairaovén, and the demon trio prepared for their next act. While they had recovered most of the Corruptus, they were still separated from Shu'rimrodir and therefore weakened.

Looking out across the horizon, Shu'wokerama had noticed that the evening sky, far across from where he had situated himself, was slowly and seemingly tearing from the ground, parting in a surreal fashion. The stars above and what light shone on the planet looked as if it was melting into a watery substance as the earth disintegrated, slowly etching towards the mountains until the vision of what was the Gigaquadrant was replaced with another plane of existence entirely. Arrtkar and Cairaovén looked disturbed as the world around them changed so suddenly, while Shu'wokerama himself stomped down on the ground and took steps back, hissing out in confusion with his fangs barred.

  • Cairaovén - What is going on here?!
  • Arrtkar - I don't know... this is not something I am familiar with.

Fashioning into an angular landscape of gold and deep, spatial black, the articulate realm, unknown to Shu'wokerama and his confidants contained entities alien and strange, seemingly unfazed at the arrival of the demonic triad. In front of them laid what seemed like a throne room, vast in size and densely populated, and upon the throne laid an entity who appeared to have been eager for them to arrive. Cairaovén took out her massive blade and aimed it at the entity, an angered and confused look on her face while Arrtkar remained speechless. Him and his master in particular were left dazzled by the realm, with Shu'wokerama's four eyes shifting in all directions frantically as his talons dug into the floor. Even the very scratches of the avian demon's talons were even and angular in style, so much so that it was unnerving.

  • Shu'wokerama - Maddening abyss. Silent void.
  • Cairaovén - Who the hell are you?!

The being upon throne, the apparent lord of whatever dominion they were in, began to speak. His very voice was heavy and resonant, with a strange, coarse and inorganic echo that grated upon their ears with each syllable.

  • ??? - I am that which holds dominion over this realm of which you see.
  • Arrtkar - Why are we here? You are obviously a being of great power to shift my master's presence like thi-
  • Cairaovén - I will cut you to pieces, whatever you are!
  • ??? - Do so if you must, 'Night Terror', though you will find yourself restrained in Tangent for all the course of time that does not travel in it.

Cairaovén let out a furious roar, but before she had the chance to do anything, Shu'wokerama's claw came down on her and crushed her against the floor, causing the demonic warrior to scream out in pain. Shu'wokerama's eyes shifted toward the regal entity, even though they still appeared to spazz at different directions every so often.

  • Shu'wokerama - Our mind transcends the universe. But you overcome it. All of it. What are you?
  • ??? - As I have said; I am that which holds dominion over this realm. Though this does not satisfy you, does it not?
  • Shu'wokerama - It does not.
  • ??? - In the realms below, stirred by my motion, I am known as Krathazhrukhal, though there is no name to call me by.
  • Arrtkar - ... You are of the Xhodocto. I have heard of your name from mortals.
  • Krathazhrukhal - There is little to be said of the understanding of what you call 'Xhodocto'. For there is very little. To you, I am the lord of this domain and that is what I shall remain as.
  • Cairaovén - Urk... You took Lord Shu'rimrodir. Where is he?!
  • Krathazhrukhal - I did not take Shu'rimrodir. Angazhar did.
  • Shu'wokerama - Reunion of nightmares. The Ouroboros stands before us. We hear the thousand voices of the Devourer of Dreams calling.
  • Kratazhrukhal - Your kind do not seem to be the welcoming type. Thusly, I will present you with what you wish.

Rising from behind the demon trio was the form of a much more massive and impressive entity, writhing tentacles erupting out of his reptilian-like scales, his four glaring eyes watching down on Shu'wokerama and his lackeys. The entity covered their view with his massive wings and barred his teeth until the avian demigod noticed his presence and turned to face it. It was Shu'rimrodir indeed, his form changed and improved, and as the two demons locked their eyes on each other, Arrtkar and Cairaovén could feel as power entered their bodies. The two gods of the Corruptus began speaking in unison as Shu'wokerama could feel his own body transforming into something greater.

  • Shu'rimrodir / Shu'wokerama - One again. Nightmare reunited. One again. Corruptus lives, breathes, consumes.
  • Arrtkar - ... It appears the Xhodocto have been welcoming of our master. So much power... I must ask, Krathazhrukhal. For what purpose have you taken us?
  • Krathazhrukhal - Purposes that transcend purpose. Reasons that transcend reason. For what part we wish for you to play in our plans that transcend plans.
  • Shu'rimrodir - The Corruptus serve the will of the Ouroboros now. The eyeless eye gazes back.
  • Shu'wokerama - ... So be it. We will obey.
  • Krathazhrukhal - You sound hesitant, Shu'wokerama. Is this not one desires? To heed the will of what has no will, yet to heed such will is to gaze into a deep understanding?
  • Arrtkar - Our master is merely not used to the idea of serving someone higher than him... Forgive him, he knows no better.
  • Shu'wokerama - The universe's blow on the nightmare harms still. Vengeance must be enacted. Suffering must consume its entirety.
  • Krathazhrukhal - You will understand...that your universe that harms dreams is only an agent in a greater collective of minds yet to be touched. You will find it insignificant once your mind has been...expanded. You will know that the will of Ouroboros discriminates not against one universe. All drifts along perpetual motion.
  • Shu'rimrodir - Not one. All of existence. All of it wll be ripped apart by our nightmarish claws. Vengeance is but one step. We can no longer be stopped.
  • Krathazhrukhal - That will be for only that which decides to enact upon. Though now, you are close to the rebirth of a renewed order of things. This is what I part with. Leave my realm.

Shu'rimrodir's tendrils extended as he wrapped them around the forms of his subjects, Shu'wokerama, Arrtkar and Cairaovén, as they were all dragged down with him to outside the realm of Krathazhrukhal. The two gods linked once again, their energies once again being shared with each other, the Corruptus was finally reborn.

Reborn, and ready to pain the universe once again.

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