The Cephalodians have embarked on a journey for centuries on their belief of Cosmospawn, a quest to uncover the meaning of life, the fine tuned constants of nature the first life in the universe. However, now in the age of great empires and technologies, their quest may soon come to a conclusion, unveiling secrets of the universes greatest forces and the interplay of order and chaos...

Chapter One: Xanthrus galaxy Edit

A top a glistening galaxy, a ship, or rather, a creature studied the starscape below it. The galaxy stood out from the galactic horizon, its tired light deep red, energy sapped from the the Archdemon wall, a relic of the Annihilation which destroyed nearly everything in the universe.

  • Log: 1.1
  • Entry: Captain Guupiru
  • Adventure spirit

Today, my small crew have followed the path of a legenday captain, I should say warrior, his name shall go down in the history books. I hope I, Captain Guupiru, and my crew, following his star jumps, will lead us on a safe voyage of our own. Perhaps, he will be with us, in spirit. His name was Kilnok when he led an expeditation to the Xanthrus galaxy, which had only recently been abandoned by its mysterious residents beforehand. For my crew will take a voyage in time, to visit the cosmic string discovered by the mighty warrior Kilnok.

  • Log: 1.2
  • Entry: Captain Guupiru
  • Nopundochuck

Everything throbs, within a stallion such as this. Such is to be expected from a living starship. The gentle pulse of bioeletrcical fluid through the Steed's vascular systems is enough to put off most civilizations, who opt for the crude mechanics of cold metal and lifeless plastic. But I find it rewarding. Lifeless ships only take from life, the materials mined from living, sentient worlds. But the Steeds will treat you with only as much love as you supply them. Nourish your ship, it will ensure its best to maintain your safety in the best course of action. How elegant, while a lifeless ship is often prone to decay, a living one is prone to growth.

Today, out Steed, our Stallion, whom we call Nopundochuck, has all the neccesary requirements of the the equivilient lifeless deep space survey ships. We are able to connect to life on our world in intricate ways, so we can grow our technonology, over thousands of years, through symbiosis, we have been able to genetically engineer wetware technology, often capable of outcompeting its dryware counterparts. The central processing unit of the steed is its biomolecular computer, this ship is sentient. Life support is maintained by our symbiotic relationships with the interior of Nopundochuck. Fluidic shields excreted by the biometallic flesh acts as a barrier from harmful radiation, while also capturing the hydrogen that drifts between the stars to fuel the bio-fusion reactor which keeps both crew and ship living. The steed even has an organic hyperspace drive.

My compassion for this steed has grown since the annihilation which swept through reality. I realize, now there isn't much life left in the universe, though there soon will be, Nopundochuck's importance is far greater.

  • Log 1.3
  • Entry: Captain Guupiru
  • Thread of timespace approaches
Cosmic string

The cosmic string from afar can only be seen by its rich gravitational lensing, the light itself following curved paths through spacetime.

Today, we reached the cosmic string encountered by Kilnok, and his crew manning the Iron Hammer. Funny to think that trip was only 4 Cephalodian months ago, but since the annihilation, the universe is so different its as if it was another cosmos entirely. The steedship is now cruising backwards through time in the Zone of time reversal. I should explain the physics of this cosmic string, for future reference. We do not know if time travel is typical of all cosmic strings, as this is the only known one to exist in the First Gigaquadrant. Cosmic strings are defects, frozen in spacetime from the early univrse, we estimate it formed very soon after the Big Bang, during the phase transitions from one epoch to another. Space, like ice, when is subject to change does not change uniformerly, defects occur, mostly in four forms, monopoles which are points, cosmic strings, which are lines, domain walls which are planular defects and textures, which are three dimensional imprints in the galactic web of galaxy clusters.

This cosmic string was "archored" in the past, and stretched out towards the future along with everything without timelessness qualities. There is nothing much to see really, its width is thinner than a proton, but its mass distorts the light around it. However, its surrounded by what humans call a Tipler Cylinder. The physics are exotic in this boundary. Outside is called the Zone of positive time, which is seperated with the cylinder by something called nullspace. To any outside observers watching our ship, it will appear frozen just upon entering. But inside, is a 12 mile "sheaf", called the Zone of time reversal, which of course, is stretched along the cosmic string's timelike direction to the past. Below my feet, is the Deadly zone, and nothing, I mean nothing known can survive. We have already had to activate our warp shield, given to us by the Apalos. The sheer flood of blue-shifted, high energy photons from the past (timelike past, spacelike forward direction of the steed) would overwhelm any other kind of deflector shield, while from behind tired light from the future (!), is stretched into redshift. No information is being sent from either timelike directions, as the majority of these photons are moving so erratically they cannot be read. The temperature outside is very close to absolute hot, though luckily Nopundochuck and its crew are safe within the warp shield. We are allowing a narrow slit of light to come through.

Although the timelike horizon stretches across 13.7 billion years, the spacelike length of the string is merely a few hundred light years, we are currently travelling at 99.99% of the speed of light for the effects of time dilation to make this a steady trip. Our first mission is to see the universe in its first 150 million years, the Ionization period and the first stars. Even at time dilation speeds, the travel time will be several months hence before we reach this early period. In that time, I and the crew shall relax, as long as the warp shield withstands, we are likely to get there.

Chapter Two: The stars and their birthward Edit

  • Log 2.1
  • Entry: Captain Guupiru
  • In the wormb of the stars

The last 7 months were never really boring. I spent most of my time in symbiotic commune with life, attempting to build new self-evolving biosystems that would evolve on their own, each outcome different from the last, much more fun than watching some drab, lifeless holosimulation! Meanwhile, there has been a vast reduction in blue shifted light, while a huge increase in red shifted photons. Yes, the Zone of Time Reversal is almost reddish purple, compared to the blue-while as before. Current models suggest the universe could generating light via stars for at least a 100 trillion years, in reality, the colour shoudn't have changed greatly at all between now and over 13 billion years in the future, if we had entered the cosmic string from lets say, 70 or 80 trillion years in the future. But colour after all, its a percieved element, an illusion. We are about to drop back into the Zone of Positive Time.

We made sure we have not made the same mistake that nearly cost the Iron Hammer. It came too close to another cosmic string, and was forced to travel along this one. As they transversed time, one of the famous crew, Dr.Kenders came to the startling conclusion that the Iron Hammer would not make it back to the same future, because of the Many Worlds of quantum mechanics. Fortunately for the crew, some particles had been entangled in the future, creating a wavefunction they could cross to get back into the same quantum universe. We decided to entangle several Buckminsterfullerene molecules, as well as strands of DNA, complex enough to make sure we make it back to the same future. Some of the protons would decay in the same quantum universe we came from (despite their half life of 1041 years, in the quantum realm anything can happen with some probability).

  • Log 2.2
  • Entry: Captain Guupiru
  • Back in normalised spacetime

We are now outside. It is astonishing to think the Big Bang had only occured 150 million years ago, yet as this stage perhaps, it is more lifeless than after the cataclysm. We might as well be the first observers to see this spectacle. After closing the warp shield we have been bathed in light. The most abundant element is hydrogen, which is coagulating into thick clouds of glowing cherry red light. The nebulae here seem somewhat thicker than any from our era, yet, perhaps less varied in colour. The universe is filled with nebulae, at least from our position, near this cosmic string. The universe had also just become transparent.

One of my crew, Shrunbub was the first to chance upon the stars. A bright sphere, barely visible in the fog or diffuse gas and photons, shone out as a bright disc. We estimated it must be as large as a hypergiant, but with perhaps even more mass, its intense light interacing with surrounding gases to form vortices within the red cloth that surrounds the star. It was defects like this cosmic string, which caused matter to not stay distributed uniformely, causing gravitational interactions between surround elements. This created pits and valleys in spacetime in which matter flowed in perhaps, great streams. Without these essential defects, the universe woudn't have changed. As Nopundochuck tuned her senses, we began to see more of this star's kin, forming around this cosmic string like how marsh plants on Seladiscas will grow near bodies of water. The stars often formed in groups, with the biggest central star being orbited by "systems" of smaller growing stars.

Within four days, we were witness to a supernova, one of the central stars had collided with its orbiting kin, causing its core to implode over the sharp increase of pressure. After the bliding light has subseeded, the remnant left over stood out against the surrounding red nebulae and violet-whilte reflection nebulae. For the first time since the start of the trip we saw vibrant colours, as the metals cooked up in the star, as well as being created in the supernova were released to the universe, colours like blue and green from ionising oxygen. Chillingly, I looked at my hand, and i realised there was a small chance that the atoms within my flesh were cooked up in that very supernova, if so, I was watching my origins unfold. These stars were Population III, they had extremely low metallicity, allowing them to to have much more mass than stars in our time. These stars were extinct long before the Grox, Krassio, or even the First Ones.

  • Log: 2.3
  • Entry: Captain Guupiru
  • Life, anywhere?

The universe seems utterly lifeless, unless, like many Cephalodians, we could consider the stars as alive. Of course, there are barely any heavier elements than hydrogen and helium, except for traces of lithium and beryllium. There can be no complex chemistry, no planets yet. To be honest, I doubt there is any stellar life due to this lack of elements which allow for nuclear chemistry, and the stars themselves have incredibly short life-spans. But we know life existed earlier than this time. In the neutron star PSR 5000by7, life composed of quark fluid were detected in its core by the DCP. They live in a different time frame, yet could not exist outside the dead star ash. Humans also detected an artefact composed of pure quark fluid, which filled the ship and crew with particle tracks from radioactive decay. The particle tracks told the story of a dying race of Quark life, of all their knowledge, simply as a message to future generations. I can imagine, in this early era, before even atoms could exist, the temperature was so high the universe was a fluid of quark-gluon plasma. The era lasted between the first 10 to the power of 12th of a second to 10 to the power of 6th of a second after the Big Bang. It is hard to imagine how life could have existed, yet, in the high energy environment, information is processed incredibly quickly, basically, the Quark life existed in a super-fast time frame. But the universe was cooling, quarks were coupling into protons and neutrons. Life would die out, only to evolve again some day. Except it appears some of it survived, in the neutron star PSR 5000by7.

  • Log 2.3
  • Entry: Captain Guupiru
  • The signal

Its been five days, and we were preparing to make the trip to the earliest era's possible, the Inflationary Epoch. Our Warp Shield will allow atomic matter to remain stable up until the Inflationary Epoch.

Sorry to interrupt your voice log, but why? Ah, that is my young Son. "Don't you know its rude to interrupt?" *Sigh* Any attempt to go earlier than this time period will be stopped. The Inflationary Epoch is when three of the ten/eleven dimensions of the universe inflated from a small size while the other dimensions remained ravelled. Before this, the universe was a multidimensional "shape", smaller than a proton, and so hot the forces were unified. Think of rolling out a carpet. The laws of physics began to be set, with defects, like this string forming here and there. It is there we think, Cosmospawn did its essential observations, and there, the secrets of the Omnipotent Four await our understanding.

Now where was I? Just as we were about to depart to the Zone of Positive time, we found an anomaly, a pattern. The pattern was of bits of cosmic string peeling off the main strand, forming quickly-decaying loops. This is natural, however, this stood out as a pattern. Our biocomputers translated the code which brought to life a new member on our ship. It calls itself a Vida'Rranlora. It has tried to display itself in the best way we could understand it, it has mechanical implants. The hologram is not threatening. All it has stated yet is that it is waiting. I guess, its tagging along for the ride to the beginning of time...

Chapter Three - Enigma of legends Edit

  • Log 3.1
  • Entry: Navigator Jurplunk
  • Horizon

I am the navigator, Jurplunk, and I have been given orders to speak here. We are now having to slow our momentum, the universe has barely over 350,000 years from its birth. We have now plunged into an era where light itself was, or now I should say is being hindered by its interactions with charged electrons and protons. The universe is now mist. There are no stars, no planets, as matter in the form of charged ions is travelling at relativistic speeds. Space is very smooth, we tested warp travel, almost no great wells of gravitation to purturb our flight paths. But the cracks and kinks are already creasing it, as is the case of this cosmic string, and there are gravitational wells with seemingly invisible masses. We think dark matter is responsible for these ghostly wells. The strange thing is that it is not forming the matrics and geometry that rules baryonic matter. It is believed that two great godraces of the future, the Xyanxes and the Sperwdorbuwkani will soon begin their great universal war, but at this time, either races may well be infantile.

  • Log 3.2
  • Entry: Navigator Jurplunk
  • St. Elmo's fire

The wake of our ship is engulfed in lucid blue flame. The interior of our warp shield is literally decoupling light and electrons, and causing a coronal discharge (St. Elmo's fire) in the strong electric field surrounding our bioship's warp shield. Because of traces of oxygen and nitrogen being breathed out from Nopundochuck, its electric blue. This might be the first St.Elmo's fire in the universe, the only problem is, it won't be in the timeline we will return to.

Captain Guurpiru is attempting to communicate with the Vida'Rranlora, whom we have given a name, Sird. They are believed to be the First Born in legend. These legends and mythos were not of modern space societies, the First Born were legend to even the Ancients! Could they be the Cosmospawn, or could they remember it? And who were first? The quark life or the Vida'Rra?

Tea party at the origin of time

  • "Analysing the radiometric data our scanners are recieving, you are about the most extraordinary form of artificial intelligence ever witnessed by my kind. You have no biomolecular structures, no computronium, no rigged up machinery. However, our researchers have found you are made of fragmentary cosmic strings. Cosmic strings just a few miles long can have planetary masses, however, unlike Newtonian spacetime, the defect doesn't have steep gravity wells that would surround stars or black holes. Instead, the defects are conical minkowski space, if I was to draw a line over the string its circumference would intersect its radius, and is thus a cone. If strings self-intersect, they break into smaller and smaller loops, this pattern is repeated, but as they do so, they leak gravitational radiation and virtual particles. I'm guessing, your holographic and self-awareness is being powered by this information prcessing." - Guurpiru
  • "Well of course, Guupiru, I was constructed and programmed long before the matter you are made was even usable, my creators had no choice but to use the defects in space that were readily available. I was programmed to activate in the presence baryonic matter. Unfortunately I am as finite as you however." - Sird
  • "But why? Are you waiting for matter to coalesce?" - Guurpiru
  • "I will answer this question in our elative projection in time." - Sird
  • "You mentioned you were finite?" - Guurpiru
  • "I'm afraid so. I will never see the stars. When you were detected, the string began to self-intersect, once this occurs my aging is not reverseable." -Sird
  • "I'm sorry." - Guurpiru
  • "Don't be. My mission will not be harmed. When you return to your future, the original timelines will not have been affected. It was as if you was never in the past. There will be an alternative version of me, who hopefully completes its task. But I shall be staying for the ride. I was created for the legacy of my species, the Vida'Rra, my temporal version shall fulfill its task through you." - Sird

Cut recording

Chapter Four - Destination reached Edit

  • Log: 4.1
  • Entry: Captain Guurpiru
  • Living paradoxes

It has been a month, ship time. We are a living paradox, well, almost. I mean, we are about to leave shelter of the cosmic string and enter a place we shoudn't even exist in, but every time we leave we edge closer and closer to the fabled Cosmospawn and Big Bang, yet we have aged a month. We have finally reached the Quark epoch, sliding down the Lepton and Hadron epochs as if space was ice. The crew are okay, we have been showing Sird glimpses of the future, and how it is like to live.

Each epoch we travel through is faster than the one before as the universes becomes hotter and hotter, more and more ordered. The universe never loses energy but its ordered state collapses more and more as it relentlessley expands. Its funny to think how the future Photon Era in relative proportions is an entire universal lifetime away. The Vidi'Rra, must have been capable of unbounded imagination, to even consider something not one, three but five stages of cosmic time each many millions of times larger than the last.

The Quark epoch is much as our particle models had predicted. The Standard Model of guage bosons are all the same, but the temperature is far too high before quarks to combine into hadrons. In our time perspective, the Quark epoch lasted between 10-12 to 10-6 seconds after the Big Bang. Due to our spacetime shield, we will be able to observe an era short to us in real time (local to Cephalodians and the adapted Vida'Rranlora) from our vantage point. I am nervous, I don't know what to expect. I shall take one last breath...

  • Log: 4.2
  • Entry: Captain Guurpiru
  • The first scourge

Light is not yet permitted. Nearly all the photons of the next era came from the collision between matter and antimatter, no process yet has created free light. Nopundochuck has opened her gravitational sensors, and we are allowing gravitational radiation to bleed through a narrow portion. With Sird's help, it didn't take us long to understand the physics of this realm, some of which completely unpredicted. One example is space is fluid, even our Warp Shield's boundary has become "slippery", though I can't quite describe that. The universe outside is the size of some of the fruit we grow in Nopundochuck, but our warp shield is acting a bit like a wormhole, transcending dimensionality and making it bigger on the inside. Perhaps, some of the artifacts of the First Ones in the future Milky Way (a title not raining so true now) work on this principle.

Sird has directed us in the direction of the Quark life. We actually know a bit of their biology from the DCP's study on some descendants in the neutron star, but there is no doubt they evolved completeky differently. For normal, atomic life, the difference between us as the Siliconians of Andromeda is probably shorter than this evolutionary gap.

Sird seems to know this world. Despite being made of quark-gluon plasma, it has formed structures just as complex as atomic or dark matter. Although Quark life must only last 10-15 seconds, they can extract so much processing power from the high energy environment around them, entire lives are possible within their time frame. Sird has taken to one of their incomprehensible "cities". There is no way for us to really understand the complexity of what we were seeing there, but after days of study we began to discern a change. Something else had arrived. We wondered if it was another quark-being perhaps? No. These were different, they were changing the state of the environment around them, creating cracks and defects. They were made of highly compututatonal plasma, which have been hypothesized in the future ("Angel plasma"). We asked Sird if the Quark life were in fact constructing something, but he said "watch", and we did, in horror.

Demon plasma

The dark masses creating phase transitions (whiter areas).

The "Angel plasma", was creating quantum fluctuations within the ocean of quarks and gluons, cooling them rapidally, ad the quarks began to combine into protons and neutrons. We watched entire communities writhe in pain as they "bodies" were shredded apart and recombining into new, lifeless forms, the basis of our composition. The Quark-life fought back, trying to reheat the defects with unseen technology, but failed.

  • "These Quark Beings, are my creators. They *are*, the Vida'Rra. My race remembers the days of the Inflationary epoch, when the three of the 11 dimensions of the universe expanded. As symmetries of space solidified, the laws of physics specific to this universe were encoded. The stuff you call "Angel plasma" existed as long as we. But they began to destroy our world. The universe would have cooled without them, indeed, by the time I was being created, the universe my creators knew was already ancient. But the "demon plasma" came, the were speeding up the process tenfold. Guurpiru what you are witnessing is the first war." - Sird
  • "This is the first scourge." - Guurpiru
  • "Yes, the beings you call Xhodocto, have been here from the beginning. They are beginning, they are the end. What you are witnessing is their creative side. The universe was cooling anyway without them and we would have suffered a similar fate, but they were increasing chaos for future purposes. This universe is like their simulation playground. All eleven dimensions of our universe, or multiverse, is part of a greater mathematical structure, in which sets of physics are defined. Why there is something and not nothing, why 1+1=2, why dimensions are at right angles to each other, all logical laws, are all part of this mathematical structure. But it is one of many, absurd, impossible Worlds beyond. Guurpiru, the Xhodocto simulate the Chaos in this strand of the mathematical omniverse. You and I are the same mathematical beings, we just percieve the world as physical radically different. But they merely all life as numbers, to simulate. There was no way the Vidi'Rra could survive in their original form, but we could retain our forms mathematically." - Sird
  • "So they created you and other holograms with all their knowledge, to wait for planets to assemble so that you could create a cold-adapted Vidi'Rra." - Guurpiru
  • "Yes." - Sird

Suddenly, one of the Xhodocto began to move towards our vicinity "Oh no. I was stupid, how did I not think of this? The ripples of gravity are escaping into the "slit" in your warp shield, they can see this shadow", and with that we closed the Warp Shield. "Its too late, Guurpiru, you must escape to your on time, the Xhodocto aren't any less powerful, they can see all points of time and space in the universe from one vantage point. I can distract it, when I do, we must depart." Suddenly our warp shield was being overrided, Sird dematerialised and raced towards the incoming Xhodocto, as it entered our warp shield it became invisible as it past behind our gravity wave sensors. And we fled. In panic, Nopundochuck chose the wrong trajectory, stright into the gulf the Deadly zone in the time cylinder, my last thoughts, were not of the mission, or Sird anymore, but of my Son, whom I had foolishly brought with me.

Chapter Five - Reflections on a past that never was Edit

  • Captain Guurpiru

We are back in the Xanthrus galaxy, in the same position we were. It is as if we arrived as we departed. Hitting the Quantum drive we sped back up the cosmic string, this time in the Zone of Positive time, and have arrived in the same timeline using the entangled particles we dropped off at the beginning, which ultimatly means the entire jouney never happened.

What I can reason from all this is that if Cosmospawn existed, is that the Xhodocto were in essence, the beings all along who "maintain", certain fixtures of reality. I don't know whether Sird was correct in stating the universe is a simulated piece of a greater mathematical structure above comprehension, but the idea cannot be far off. We have seen that the Xhodocto have a constructive side as much as a destructive one. What is their purpose that lies in store for our era of the universe? Are we merely the living scum that sometimes rises by itself within what the Xhodocto have made possible? Is it just bad luck that we happen to be in the way? Or is the universe not natural, a simulated existence in which all life is ultimatly the same, a mathematical equation, and no matter how much dies or is recycled, will always be renewed in a new form? If this is so, the Xhodocto may have shown compassion, they could have stopped the Vida'Rra from adapting themselves for the "new equation". These questions are left unanswered, and probably never will be.

However, it is likely now Cosmospawn did or does exist, in whatever form it is in, refining the physics of the universe to make it compatable to future observers. Cosmospawn is probably not just the Xhodocto, but the Vida'Rra, and all life from the future as well. The Xhodocto are not entirely evil, they do what they do, as we do what we do. Many questions about the conditions of the early universe have been answered, and so has the legend of the Vida'Rra been proven. At least their legacy, thanks to us, is now fully intact. This has been a fruitful expedition and could prepare the Onuris Alliance for the future.

The end

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