The Purity is an ancient empire of sapient crystalline and mechanical constructs. Their leader is the Pure One, who was put last into stasis. Their technology involves the making of Dyson Spheres around stars by destroying the orbiting planets and neighboring stars. They were in stasis for a long time due to the lack of energy to reactivate their main Dyson Sphere to which they were put after a great conflict. They were reactivated by the Oculeen to stop the probe pollution.

Pure Energy Edit

The Pure Energy is a form of the Autogenetic Energy that is created by it transforming the concept of Purity into a physical force. Using it, one can either disintegrate an object into Pure Energy or create nearly any material or object with it. Other than that, it manifests strangely on one's mind, purifying them, getting rid of their imperfections, which the Purity uses for their ultimate goal. You must of course be pure to make use of it or the concept won't be brought into a reality. The Purity is known to only use this form of energy and uses it nearly everywhere.

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Location Edit

The Purity is located in the Mirus Galaxy, the Reaper's Grasp, and has recently started colonizing Selten, their worlds being in the northeast corner in the Sparcity zone, around the Technoverse Nova Barrier. Their worlds in Selten are not Dyson Spheres as per usual, instead, they are collectors of Matter Energy, a strange essence formed by dark matter going in contact with the Technoverse.

Leader Edit

The Pure One is the leader of the Purity and the head of their Collective Consciousness.

Society and Culture Edit

The Purity does not have a society in a traditional sense. While being a Collective Consciousness, meaning their minds are connected and have a single will, every Puritan can think independently if they ever need to. The entire workforce is done by automated robots controlled by the consciousness, so that they don't have a class system. Most of their culture involves their religion and working towards their ultimate goal.

Religion Edit

The Purity follows the Doctrine of Purity, the belief that one must cleanse the impurity inside of himself and be pure at heart to achieve Purity. They ideology greatly follows the Ravenrii's idea of Purity. They use their newly acquired true copy of the Book of the Aeons as their sacred bible, where the myth of creation from the Ravenrii's perspective lies, which is unarguably the greatest treasure left from the Ravenrii. The definition of impurity varies greatly, but it can be certain that all of those things have connection to the Xhodocto. As an example we can put the seven sins, immorality and other flaws, that were created from the chaos of the Xhodocto. The Purity believes that this impurity is like a plague, corrupting everything in its path. Therefore, it must be cleansed. They have chosen it as their ultimate goal to purify the universe and avenge the destruction of Heaven and their federation, no matter the cost or force needed. Their Purification Project, forcefully purifying someone on the consciousness level is therefore considered morally acceptable among them. Cleansing is always the last option for them, but it will certainly not stop them from reaching their goal.

Military Edit

The Purity has three main types of spaceships, each one used for different purposes. The Purity operates with hundreds of millions Purity Probes, hundreds Purity Carriers and 5 Purifier Vessels. The Probes are weak alone, but quite powerful in masses and capable of deconstructing entire planets into Pure Energy. They are also the building force of the Purity, capable of creating entire megastructures out of Pure Energy. The Purity has recently started manufacturing Purity Carriers, which are capable of advanced FTL travel and creating or deploying Purity Probes in battle, but can also be used to transfer large quantities of Pure Energy. But the key to their fleet are their Purifier Vessels, huge supercarrier-dreadnoughts ornamented with latest Purity technology, as well as the Purification Project, a powerful essence-based mind-altering device that can purify the inhabitants of a planet. All ships of the Purity are also connected to the collective consciousness, functioning like a single entity in battle.

Technology Edit

Unsurprisingly, the Purity has quite advanced technology for a usual species in Mirus, with them being remnants of one of the most advanced spacefaring civilisations. One of their biggest advantages over other empires is the nearly perfect energy conversion of matter or energy to Pure Energy and in reverse, the replication of nearly any material with sufficient quantities of Pure Energy. This has allowed them to build Dyson spheres far more efficiently than most competitors. As far as weapons go, the Purity uses crystals to concentrate the said energy into a deadly beam that deconstructs the struck material into Pure Energy, allowing for further use. They make use of Krasnikov tubes for better mobility and and have them installed at every Dyson sphere they control, which also gives them the ability to transport large quantities of Pure Energy between Purity worlds.

Megastructures Edit

Purity Worlds Edit

The Purity Worlds are all in fact Dyson Spheres that work as homes and can produce spaceships, boosting their spaceship production relative to the number of Purity worlds. The downside to their strategy is that the Purity can't use planets for much other than the construction of new Purity worlds. They possess 2 to 26 Pure Energy Generators placed symmetrically, that work like shields for the Purity World. They look like giant floating crystals, rapidly emitting Pure Energy.

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Three pillars of Purity Edit

The Pure Legion Edit

  • Members of other purified species
  • Purified Agatrops

History Edit

Security Probe AK-1000

Origin of the Purity Edit

Near the end of the Third Xhodocto War, when all of the Ravenrii were forced back into Illum Alta and were destroyed with it, the last remaining vassals of the Core Federation decided to flee from the impending doom of the Xhodocto, which soon would also destroy what remained from the federation. Under the Pure One's command, they quickly grabbed all the Ravenrii artifacts and technology they could find, and left the galaxy going into the direction of Mirus. Upon arrival, they built special constructs, the Puritans, to put their souls in to ensure that they remain hidden from the all-seeing eye of the Xhodocto. Since the Celestial energy ceased to exist, they found something to replace it, the Autogenetic energy, which they formed to conform to their will, creating Pure Energy. They then channeled it through the new bodies, sacrificing their own and awakening the new ones in the process. At last they put themselves to stasis inside their new dyson world named the Origin to cleanse the last traces of them. However, they didn't expect natural disasters to occur and unfortunately, a black hole jet hit the Origin, which had to sacrifice all its energy to remain stable, but its energy generators were severely damaged and rendered non-functional.

The Purity Probe Pollution Edit

Purity Probe Energized

Before the Pure One was put to stasis, he activated a security probe named AK-1000 to protect their home from outside threats, but he was also assigned a mission. A mission to reactivate their dyson sphere by making Purity Probes based on his own blueprint and sending them out into open space to collect Pure Energy. Though what the Pure One had not expected is that the Security Probe was damaged over the course of their time in stasis. That made him put the mistake into the priority of the Purity Probes to break down objects into Pure Energy, what lead to the Probes becoming hostile without reason because of a priority over-ride. Then, due to the error and the intrusion of JBot into the system of the Probes he has only several cycles to finish the mission, he was obliged to speed up the process by only focusing the Probes to find Pure Energy. He was put to sleep by JBot entering the code but was reactivated and later reprogrammed once the Purity awakened. After that, a new set of Purity Probes was launched to send the old ones to return to the Origin for reprogramming or recycling.

Awakening of the Purity Edit

After a Purity Probe attacked the capital of the Oculeen, they decided that it was time to act and destroy the origin of the probes. In the end, their experimental weapon malfunctioned and accidentally delivered the remaining energy needed to reactivate the Origin.

The Duality Duel Edit

Enter the year 2829, where the newly awoken Purity is beginning to launch their crusade to purify the universe. It is here that the Infernal Republic and The Purity clashed, negotiations between them short and simple: a war would be launched between the factions to prove who should move on in their mission to cleanse the universe. The first battle began when an army of N-V and RATH ships launch a siege on one of Purity's fortresses, which was ultimately considered a failure. The Purity, more than ready to retaliate, sent a fleet of their own ships after the Infernal Republic's military quadrant. However, the Infernal Republic's intense army rendered these attacks almost completely useless.

This stalemate actually dominated most of the war. The Infernal Republic were too good at turning their offense into defense, and The Purity's complex protective measures kept vital parts of their nation well guarded. Things eventually got so desperate that WR was unleashed to try and budge the Purity's defenses. While it did manage to brute force some of the Purity's Dyson Spheres-- an important source of power for the Purity, WR ultimately had to retreat to avoid taking any irreparable damage. The Purity, similarly, tried to use one of their superweapons on the Infernal Republic's civilians, purifying a chunk of outskirt planets before it had to retreat due to a similar issue. While these purified planets would go on to make up the Purity's second pillar, they were ultimately sidelined as the war waged on.

As 2831 dawned, important information regarding weaknesses in both the Infernal Republic and The Purity were simultaneously leaked to the opposing sides. While the identity of who revealed this information is unknown, it is commonly theorized to be conspirators within both The Purity and The Infernal Republic combining to give each side information to end the stalemate. This move proved to be successful, as weak points in Dyson Spheres and the disadvantages of the Infernal Republic's ships allowed both to seriously damage each other. Fleets of ships would be sent to systematically target Dyson Spheres, destroying crystals that acted as a barrier for the Dyson spheres before the Infernal Republic's superweapons followed up with a blow that destroyed the Dyson sphere's shell. The Purity, meanwhile, managed to enact plans to out-maneuver the Infernal Republic and purify nearly all of the Infernal Republic's outskirt territories.

This war eventually got so destructive, however, that both factions were suffering economically, causing both to instigate a cease-fire that essentially marked the end of the war.

Despite the depression that the Infernal Republic would slip into due to this war, they also acquired important information about Dyson Spheres, which they would re-purpose in the future to power their nation. While the Purity finally re-purposed the many Moars they purified into their second pillar.

The Virgonian Encounter Edit

The Pure One receives information about an ancient civilisation that has remained hidden throughout the aeons and decides to investigate one of their observatories located near the Purity's region of space.

Foreign Relationships Edit

Purified Edit

Purified face Purified, once and for all.

Allies Edit

Green face Together, we shall strive to perfection of this universe, and no one will impede upon us.

Pure Edit

Blue face You are pure, a beacon of hope. The hope, that one day, everyone will become as you.

  • The Oculeen They were granted the Sign of Purity for reactivating the Origin.
  • Enatyp Citizen Synarchy Victims of the hellish armada of Adresaas, they have chosen the right path of Purity.
  • Aeoneonatrix “The Cleanser's goals are the same as ours. His children tho sometimes misbehave, they still promote the way of Purity.”
  • Virgonian Civilization “Ancient dwellers of the pristine core, who managed to ascend beyond the impurity's grasp, we call upon thy knowledge.”

Neutral Edit

Yellow face Sooner or later, you will become pure and accept the truth.

Impure Edit

Red face The impure, a plague corrupting everything in its path. Therefore, it must be cleansed. And we are the ones to do it.

  • The Adresaas Republic The corrupt core of Selten is digging its grave, it's amusing to watch.
  • The Infernal Republic Demented children of evil, let us put your corrupted souls to an end. You will be put responsible for your crimes.
  • Xhodocto “The evil, the chaos, the impurity itself. It was them who have extinguished the sacred flame of Illum Alta. In the end, their shall taste our divine retribution.”

Quotes from other species Edit

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Is it because we're red?

- War General Hades of the Infernal Republic

You know what. We should make an alliance or group of some sort to unify all the empires in stasis. I've seen 2 empires already waiting for something to happen today.

- Tyrolox

There is nothing more pure than the Void. What you call purity is an abomination... a falsehood. Come, I can show you the Truth.

- Xizothano Ada

Purity, how disgusting. You break down the world and reshape it into something it is not. You are not bringers of purity but destroyers of Truth and bringers of Lies. A different Lie then the Void but a Lie all the same.

- Ipsissimus Zuki of the United Persan Descendants

Oh hey, mechanical Aeoneonatrix. How...neat. Not.

- Oji'b of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

Ah, Purity. None are free of sin. Yet your goal is direly needed in a universe so full of taint. It is us, the ascended few who reject full godhood to guide the ignorant masses, that will steer it to it's destined course!

- Hegemon Marius of the Reborn Hegemony of Exterioris


- The Hivemind, ruler of the Nicalloligo Consciousness

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