Though our race was reduced to five, our civilization lives on in our progeny. Through them, we continue to prepare this universe for our true rebirth. Through them, we shall soon regain everything.

- Vi'taupheon

The Progeny are the various species and factions whose existence and advancement are linked to the direct or indirect influence of the Psal'Jinnai Symmetry. While no formal political bonds exist between the Progeny as a whole, particularly those with hostile relations or isolated territories, the growing realization of their connection has led to an informal "progeny movement" advocating for the creation of such formal bonds. This has notably resulted in the altruistic intervention of the Eovinjai Sovereignty in the Teyan Subjugation War.

History Edit

The Tvolii are the oldest of the Progeny races, having developed their early civilization under the guidance of the Psal'Jinnai. Originally intended as an elite class of Essence-wielders within the Symmetry, as well as hosts for the next wave of Pheoxchiala minds, they unknowingly adopted the role of a successor species following the fall of the Symmetry. The Lieschi, Tyle'ans, and Nech are also regarded alongside the Tvolii as the "High Progeny" for the direct impact of the Psal'Jinnai on their evolution, and are generally the most powerful races within the Phero Ecumene. The Okra and Oslun are also included within the Progeny due to their indirectly Psal'Jinnai-aided advancement.

Characteristics Edit

Society and Culture Edit

Progeny society and culture tends to be more meritocratic than most, with a "rule of five" often being seen in ruling bodies, a trait inherited from the Symmetry's ruling pentarchy, which now controls the Phero Ecumene.

An angular triskele or some variation of it is generally used to represent the Progeny, as well as the theoretical union or common allegiance of thereof.

Progenic Species Edit

The Progeny is vast, and incorporates a large number of different species from across the First Gigaquadrant into its ranks. From Andromeda, Tuuros, the Milky Way, and beyond, the species who claim Progenic heritage are found in many places.

Current known Progenic Species Include:

Trivia Edit

  • Battle With Cipher serves as the unofficial theme of the Progeny.
  • The Progeny is ultimately what ties all of Parazrael's fiction together.
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