Not all Followers are blind, evil people. We were Honest persons, yet look what happened. We've been abandoed by our own brothers, for this "true" path. But the Phradox Grox have helped us. If the Grox are gods, then the Phradox are bloody good ones.

- High Prophet of Truth, after the Grox Followers were resuced from death by the Phradox Grox

History Edit

Early Years Edit

The Phradox Grox Followers orgianted when the High prophet of Truth disobeyed the Meta Prophet and had an army sent after him. Along, and against Marinox, Conqrix, and Followers, he managed to not only beat them, but decimate their forces. He and his regiment, their families, and some slaves were sent to the Phradox Sector to sufer a slow painful destruction.

After their banishment, the Followers felt lost and abandoned as they began to loose faith in their leader. Continuous onslaught by the Cult of the Citainam and the Zylarxes Union began to weaken them until they possessed only a handful of systems. But, just as they were in their darkest hour, a fleet of Phradox Grox warships whisked in and expelled the Culk and the Union from their space. They soon met the High Prophet of Truth, and the Six Grox Kings saw potential in the Followers. They, soon after, allied with them and accumulated them into their army.

The Followers now consist of the Followers species, several legions of a few Marinox subspecies, a cult-like group of civilian Marinox, as well as the freed slaves they brought with them.

War with the Alpha Edit

When the Phradox Grox Came into combat with the Alpha grox, Their Followers prepared almsot immediatly, and prepared for battle, their population now larger and fullt recovered from their hopeless battles against the Cult of Citainam and the Union.

However, the Meta prophet surprised them. He visited them, and gave them a group of Tathriine. After checking and find no tricky aloft, they expected, with Meta Promising not to wage war on them.

After this, some members of the Cult of Attzerry joined them, bring a group some Sholtanar, Tarziquaram, Tnurg, Twilish, Tyraxis, and Vower.

Culture Edit

Phradox Follower's culture is largely the same as mainstream follower culture, in that both worship their respective Grox factions. However,Phradox Followers are noticably less zealous and more accepting of others. They still worship the Grox, but are more accepting of other beleives. They do not, however, worship the Meta Emperor, but rather a being simply known as Delta, who personifies all the Phradox Grox ideals. Unlike their cousins in the Meta Empire, they do not have a strong rivalry with the Marinox, and both groups only have a friendly rivalry.

Goverment Edit

The Phradox Followers are ruled by the House of Truth, one of the Grox Follower Royal Houses. They are ruled by Prophet of Truth, and his Second-in-Command, the Inquistor of Truth.

Miltary Edit

the Phradox Followers genarlly use the same units as the Meta Followers, except, due to their being cut off, is somewhat less efective. They also have mixed Phradox grox Weapons into their Miltary.They serve the Grox as Black Ops. Commandoes and infantry support in war, and negoitaiers outside of war.

CRE Pharadox Grox Follower Trooper-0d7c8eae ful

Phradox trooper give support to marinox and Conqrix forces.Higher ranking then Conqrix, but do not outrank Marinox.

CRE Phradox Follower Commando-0d7c8eaf ful

Death Commandoes are elitely trained and guard the six kings and High prophet from death.

Blood Spillers are the most elite, and highest ranking Grox Followers in the Military. Strong, and having taken years to train, Blood Spillers are ready for battle.

Navy Edit

The Followers use Their old ships, as well as Phradox grox ones. Their navy, while moderate in size, is impressivly dedicated to the task at hand, and will never back down when fighting for their lords.

Technology Edit

Follower tech is, as stated above, outdated compared to their mainstream cousins. As such, they also mix Phradox Grox tech with theirs, as well as the Allies of the Phradox Grox's tech in as well. Varied and very effective, it's known that they have teleportation devices in their ships, as well Healing pods, which when stepped into, will fill up with a healing, green liquid and heal all injuries.

Relations Edit

Green face Allies Edit

Our Lords!

Blue face Friends Edit

Yes,what can we do for you?

  • Hypramedes Grox - Another subgroup of the Meta-Empire Grox, but they are good friends with our Lords.
  • Destroyers - A fearfull and powerfull group.
  • Mercuris - Another powerfull empire, worthy of our master's favor.
  • Warrior's Aligiment - A powerfull and highly respected people

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Please Identifiy.

Orange face At War Edit

Lower your shields and surrender to the Grox!

  • Zagorias Union (reformed into Naomedes Galactic Union) - A confederation of fools! Scum, cold-hearted, spinless scum!
  • Grox Rebels - Fighting the Grox is good, but your working for the Union, prepare to die!
  • Cult of Citcinam - You attacked us when we were weak. why?

Qoutes from others Edit

  • Add your own!

Wothy of respect in the Phradox Galaxy's society. They are under our protection now. We recommend that any opposition against them should disengage immediately.

- King Daggarox of the Phradox Grox Empire

Traitors,You should have died by those cultist long ago!

- Prophet of Honur

Notes Edit

  • These are the first grox Follower Subspiecies.
  • The theme New Lunar Republic fits them best.
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