The Origin Galaxy is one of the oldest galaxies in the omniverse, located at The Base, a universe which first established the Archeobuilder. According to which was the first galaxy that formed naturally, but this can not be proven. In theory, the Archeobuilder were the creators of this galaxy, or at least the back suitable for organic life, they formed the M-type stars and possibly also certain compounds atomic. Later, after the Archeobuilders leave this universe, developed other life forms evolved as Macraborg and members of the USF. This galaxy ended abruptly with his entire universe to be destroyed this last, forcing all species to escape to another universe using an artifact left by Archeobuilders.

Early History Edit

The BaseEdit

The Base was the name given to the universe where stood the Origin Galaxy was originally a half-empty space where some particles floating, but knew that this site Archeobuilders had potential, as it had the right amounts of energy and dark matter. After a long work the Archeobulders become a prosperous place at The Base, resulting in a universe filled with matter and potential for life.

The Origin GalaxyEdit

With The Base completly, the Archeobuilders start to work in their capital, the Origin Galaxy, so, conecting some gigant megastructures, they created a great capital of their empire.

The MacraborgEdit

The Macraborg, first born, were the first species to emerge in the Origin Galaxy, being then the only one who received direct support from Archeobuilders, which gave them knowledge in physics, chemistry, astronomy, etc.

Fall of the BuildersEdit

After several thousands of years, left the galaxy Archeobuilders origin, reason is still under debate. According to a cult, now destroyed, known as the "Light Warriors", the Archeobuilders escaped annihilation at the hands of his universe of extra-dimensional entities. Strangely Macraborg not flee, but remained guarding a giant relic, called "The Ring of the Gods", which aimed at universal interspecies jump.

Rise of the FederationEdit

At some time after the escape of Archeobuilders, joined several races in the United Federation of Species, a federation whose destination was the technological and socio-political of any species in the galaxy. The federation reached after years of civil wars and struggles against foreign poderess, such influence that the galaxy knew his exsistencia, but an ancient power is lodged, the Macraborg.

Great Ring WarEdit

The conflict with the Macraborg was inevitable, the war hit. Led by General Vankalian, Zein Zatock and Aranelia Brinal federation desperately sought a way of escaping from his universe, because the rumors were true, the galaxy would be destroyed. The federations managed to escape, but the galaxy of origin and its history disappeared into oblivion.

Astrology Edit

The Origin of the Galaxy astrology was very varied, but not unlike that known in the local universe. Many of the laws of physics, if not all, are equal to those of the known universe, there were stars like those of this universe, so that the planets were similar. The kinship of the universe where stood the Origin Galaxy is still subject for the federation and its new allies, it is possible that the energy levels were similar during its formation, which explains their similarities.

Major planets and regionsEdit

Alpha region:

  • Caster: Capital of the USF, location of the senate of the federation, stands close to the beta quadrant as a reminder of the BCS.
  • Xenoniar: Strange planet where it is assumed that a Archeobuilders base was established.

Beta Region:

  • Fortress: Capital of the BCS, after the foundation of the USF working like a museum.
  • Giomb: Homeplanet of the Giombus.
  • Kalixt: Homeplanet of the Kalixtus.

Elipsion Region:

  • Mechanic zone: Area controlled by the ML-14
  • W-Outpost: Satellite where the driver was located Elipsion Complex.

Omega Region:

  • Baneran: Port planet where was born the Federation heroes Vankalian and Zein Zatock.

Trivia Edit

  • The Origin Galaxy is the only explicit binding between the Federation and Archeobuilders.
  • The Buldier still unsure if it is part of the canon universe or not.

Further ReadingEdit

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