This is based on the real-life concept of self-replicating spacecraft and nanotechnology [1]

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The nanomachines assembling molecular structures. At 1 nm under an electron microscope.

The Nanohorde is a weapon, terraforming and industrial tool used by the Delpha Coalition of Planets. They are nanomachines, that have the ability to self-replicate and build other machines. They are microscopic.

Original Function Edit

The purpose of these devices was intended to build other machines capable of peforming otherwise tedious tasks on a large scale quickly. In large scales, the nano-machines peformed like a hive mind, creating (or destroying) materials, cleaning up waste, building terraforming stations or even "eating" organic life, used as a weapon.

They have several programmed instincts

  • Self Replication
  • Communicate to create pathways, eventually a hive mind, much like ants
  • Consume and recycle what they have been ordered to and then build into something new
  • Never touch materials and objects they have not been programmed to use in a particular assignment
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A nanoburst weapon being deployed.

Malfunction Edit

Eventually problems began. On the DCP colony Peelatrubis, some nanomachines were layed down to consume some the resources, to create new colonies and make the planet more habitable. Alas, just like organic cells, they can mutate and malfunction. Despite being programmed not attack everything on sight, throughout the millions that are created, just one malfuntioned. It went on to replicate itself, and soon hundreds, thousands and eventually millions of these bugged machines began to replicate. At first their impact was small, not allowing the colonists to know what was happening until too late...

Hell begins Edit

A few days later, a starship was dispatched to the planet, only to the captain and crews horror - at least a third of the planet had been consumed. It had spread like a technological cancer, devoured all life on the surface, and then went on to eat at the planets crust, mantle and even atmosphere. The starship left, and warned their superiors. A quarantine was placed in that system. But that did not stop the Nanohorde, once they consumed the entire planet in weeks, they needed something new to replicate with. The more nanomachines there are, the more intelligent they became and as a complex hivemind, they created faster than light starships, but build entirely out of nanomachines or the now known - Nanohorde.

The plague continues Edit

There is no known defense against the nanohorde! If you destroy them, some of them will always survive, feast and eventually replicate using the other destroyed devices. EM bursts don't work, they have adapted to these weapons. We have no way of knowing where they will hit next, and if they've arrived in your system, you may not no until it is too late. It is a shame such a brilliant tool has turned against us, I feel in some way, the DCP is responsible for its ignorance, which has now put the entire galaxy at risk. - A Dr.Kenders issued warning to all planets in the galaxy.

Over next few weeks, an ecological catastrophe on the astronomical scale was taking place. These machines were invading every system like a horde of locusts, getting more intelligent and more numerous. Already, 5 planets had fallen to the horde, however, so far, these are colonies that are quite far from the DCP territories. They must not be allowed at all costs, to learn about the major DCP sectors, or other empires, otherwise they will feast. The Nanohorde is not evil, just like a virus or bacteria, it is doing what its orginal function was - to replicate. However, the Nanohorde are simply mutated, and are causing more harm than good.


As said above, they are self-replicating nanomachines that consume and recycle materials, for use as terraforming, manufactoring and self-replication, and work as a hive mind, like a colony of ants. However, the new Nanohorde are malfuntioning, and instead of being useful, they are consuming planets to replicate themselves out of control. While powerful weapons do destroy them (hydrogen bombs, strong lasers, antimatter, spacetime weapons and so on), there will always be survivors, survivors who may be immune, which then replicate them selves. So far, an effective method of destroying these machines has not been found, the DCP have tried learing them into an unclaimed pocket dimension with false-signals, however they have now learn't this trick. There is also no way of knowing where they will appear next before its are too late. Each individual nanomachine has self-replicating tools, laser cutters and other devices, and can join together to create better structures.

Part 1 - The Galactic Plague Edit

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To Be Continued

Allies Delpha Coalition of Planets, Masaari Crusade, Capricorn Sector Alliance, The Deathmarch, Sylit Republic, Galot Empire, Defensive Systems Bloc, Primian Federation of Empires
Enemies The Nanohorde
Status Just started, so far an unstoppable plague
Current faction winning The Nanohorde
Allied Numbers 16 trillion
Xhodocto Numbers Impossible to count
Nanohorde Numbers 1040 (over 1 tredecillion)
Casualties (Allies): Millions
Planets consumed: Hundreds
Location Milky Way Galaxy
State Devastation

Nanohorde Story Edit

The Nanohorde was beginning to replicate at a rate of 10 million per hour and have clustered around a planet, where they are beginning to evolve a machine ecology, with competition between different Nanohorde species, although currently there is only slight differences. The wherabouts of this planet is not yet known to the DCP. The planet they have created is almost as large as Mars, and is in fact, a giant mass of the Nanohorde.

The Nanohorde are also combining to build larger structures such as planet hunting probes, that have been dispatched across the galaxy.

Dyson Spheres - A shadow falls on Mirenton Edit

A Dyson Sphere is a shell, created around a star. The shell absorbs the stars total energy output. The Nanohorde, are now creating Dyson spheres, which are blotting out the light from habitable planets. And now the unthinkable has occured, the Nanohorde are now constructing a Dyson Sphere around Mirenton's home star Chilius. If the Dyson Sphere is even a third the way through its completion, most life on Mirenton will perish... Unless Mirenton is moved or the sphere destroyed.

Fortunately, due to the DCP's technology, they have moved Mirenton to the Lucara system. The DCP will use a black hole to consume the Dyson Sphere, but until then, Mirenton has been moved to the nearby Yoburt system.

  • The Dyson Sphere was successfully destroyed by an artificial black hole, and Mirenton returned to Chilius. It was the first major victory for the DCP and its allies.

Nanohorde Vehicles Edit

The Nanohorde were evolving vehicle-like forms of destruction!

Delpha Coalition of Planets Story Edit

Finding ways of defeating them Edit

The DCP is now trying to warn every empire, friend or foe, in Milky Way Galaxy galaxy about the insidious devices. While weapons will destroy them individualy, some will always be left (lets say 99.9% destroyed), ready to consume and replicate into vast numbers again. Anti-matter weapons and spacetime weapons are the most effective, but unfortunately they require alot of energy, and cannot be used as an effective method.

The DCP has created short-term space-time barriers around important colonies and homeworlds. They also have created a false-signal to lear the nanomachines into an unclaimed pocket dimension, but now the Nanohorde have adapted to the signal.

Destroying the affected planets Edit

The DCP are now destroying any planets affected by the Nanohorde, but the Nanohorde keep coming back. The DCP has noticed that the Nanohorde are acting more and more in an intelligent manner. The scientists fear, this intelligence will overtake the allies, and once that happends, the allies will have to retreat.

A shocking discovery Edit

A DCP science vessel, protected from the Nanohorde by a shield bubble of spacetime (although the shield uses energy, and cannot be used for long), discovered the Nanohorde homeworld, which had grown to the size of Jupiter - a rapidly expanding mass of self-replicating machines, eveloving intelligence in a weird game of evolution. Complex forms were evolving, some which appeared like vehicles. Unfortunately for the crew, their shields dropped, and were able to warn the DCP in time before being consumed. The ship and its crew, of course, became consumed and recycled, making the planet a little bit bigger.

A plan very daring was set up, that could defeat the Nanohorde for good. The DCP looked to the Xhodocto for help...

Light of hope Edit

Admiral Kilnok spoke with the Xhodocto, suggesting that the Xhodocto could lure the Nanohorde Homeworld with the Madum'Kadur a giant world ship as big a G Class star (like Earth's Sun). Like a Spoffit and an Oogie (Spoffits are mostly vegetarian, but like the taste of Oogies!) the machine planet would be lured to the Xhodocto ship in order to consume it. However, the Nanohorde would be trapped into an unihabited dimension.

However, the Xhodocto had a better solution - instead, they had just developed a device that could shut the devices down at a certain frequency. But first, at least 40 Nanobots had to be captured. Admiral Kilnok decided he would do it. A large ship (perhaps a Dreadnought) and a fighter would do the trick - the Nanohorde would be attracted to the bigger ship, while Kilnok captures a few and freezes them in Suspended Animation.

The mission was a success! Kilnok survived, but only just in time (an adventure has been made, its on the bottom of the page). Now the Xhodocto will test their new generators on the Nanohorde!

Masaari Crusade story Edit

Radeon were one of the first to answer DCP signal. Lumivus Telfar has sent some forces, led by captains Imperios and Geroniel. One of their Milky Way colonies, the Holam, was one of the first to fell to Nanohorde. As such, they quickly responded and numerous ambassadors have been sent to DCP. They seek to capture and don't allow to reproduce some bots to study them.

They have tried to attack Nanohorde, but they don't damaged them much.

Capricorn Sector Alliance Story Edit

Aid Edit

The Capricorn Sector Alliance was recently contacted by the DCP. The transmission asked for aid and President Inviere was only too happy to respond by sending a huge Sector Alliance Fleet and its best scientists including Professor Solers, one of the best in the galaxy to aid them.

Defensive Systems Bloc Story Edit

Distress Call Edit

The DSB recieved the call from the DCP, and went to help. The Bloc, did not know, however, what the transmition was about. When they dicovered the Nanohorde, the Bloc thought at first that they were harmless, but they soon realized the Nanohorde's destructive power.

Inter-Galactic Travel Edit

DSB scientists have been working on inter-galactic travel, something the Bloc was lacking. Their target was Andromeda, a galaxy close to Milky Way Galaxy, but no other factions seemed to notice it. A crew of DSB explorers have been sent to the Galaxy, and hopefully they might find something to help with the Nanohorde.

Intrusion Edit

After a while of not hearing anything about the horde, the nanos attacked. A huge mining ship had been infected by the Nanohorde, which started growing in numbers inside the walls. They formed manifests and fought started destroying the ship. At the last minute, the ship self destructed, vapourising all of the nanobots. The DSB was now on high alert.

The Deathmarch Story Edit

Though the Xhodocto are unaffected by the Nanohorde, their recent alliances with the DCP meant that they will help them. Their ancient technology should be a help to the galaxy, though they are slightly surprised of their power and their numbers.

The Deathmarch have developed generators that could shut down the Nanohorde.

Rambo Nation Story Edit

Rambo Nation, allies of the DCP throughout the most terrible wars the Universe had known responded to the urgent message by the DCP and send a small Task Force there way. However, contact was lost with the Task Force and reinforcements and resque armada's could not be send as the Noble Alliance had fallen and Rambo Nation is cornered by Imperial Alliance and Ruin Sector Alliance forces. However, Empress Ramashe promised to send troops and ships whenever possible to aid the DCP.

Sylit Republic Story Edit

As Rapidfire, an SE-Fiamma, was traveling from Neptunium to Ezrem, they received a distress call from the DCP. When Rapidfire heard the message, they immediately contacted Rambanda. Rambanda decided to send a group of Kyran (scientists of the Republic) and Admiral Dondrik (leader of the Republic) to consult with the DCP leaders and scientists about how to deal with this new foe, to hopefully boost the relations between SR and DCP.

Galot Republic story Edit

The Galot Empire, fed up of having to deal with their friends in the DCP and billions of other empires suffering, decided they'd use their alliance to help stop them conflict. Everyone loves these guys, so they got the best s scientists in the galaxy to help solve the plague, and give a disinfectant to make planets immune to the threat. Of their own Galot Creature Projects, they used their scientific Gaal to come up with the solution, the Galto to fund the project, and the Galtoids which were immune to any organic disturbance as this, to get in and find out what the problem was. They're still solving it right now.

In the meantime, they're doing what they can to solve this problem. The whole universe is begging for their help!

Part 2 - The destruction of the Nanohorde Edit

The Galot, DCP and Xhodocto are about to unleash their final solutions.

Xhodocto Generators Edit

The generators shut down the Nanohorde in the experiments (note that the generators are spacetime based, using the frequencies of heavy, exotic sub-atomic particles to interfere with the Nanohorde bonding structures that hold them together). The DCP immediately used these devices on all effected worlds and ships, firing them through hyperspace instead of bringing ships there, which would be far more dangerous. All the Nanohorde forms disintergrated into helpless masses of nanomachines. However, it did not stop the Nanohorde from consuming (but stopped them replicating and bonding to form structures), however thats where the Galot come in...

Trapping the Nanohorde homeworld Edit

The Delpha Coalition of Planets used no money to sort this mission out, as it was imperative. The DCP sent 5 Gargantuan Class ships (huge ships over 15 miles long, capable of wreaking massive destruction). The Nanohorde homeworld, now as big as Jupiter, lumed over the ships like a masive planet. The machine world detected the ships, and was lured in to their direction. However, it was a trap, the DCP created a dimensional portal, each generated by the Gargantuan ships. The Nanohorde machine planet was sucked into the portal, where it entered a uninhabited dimension. This was a huge victory for the Delpha Coalition of Planets and their allies, and this would never have happend if not for Admiral Kilnok collecting Nanohorde for the Xhodocto. He became even more famous.

With the Nanohorde no longer bonding or replicating, and with their mecha for evolution gone, the Nanohorde could still consume the planets they were on, however, it was now the Galot's turn to finally defeat them.

Galot's inventions Edit

The Galot had gathered up all the greatest scientists from:

And was funded by

  • Galot Republic's Funds
  • Galto
  • The Save the Helpless Charity

And sent a fleet of Galt and Galot to the locations with largest Nano Horde activities. Their new weapon, was about to be activated. They had 3 inventions to counter the Nano Horde.

Their new weapon, known as the "Tesla Jaw" or "Da big lightning fingy" (by guess who) Was a powerful weapon fusing Lighting, Electricity, EMP and Tesla powers. What it did was complex- it hit one of them then quickly spread to the rest, absorbing their electricity and overloading each of the nanoscropic things, also, the EMP shut the machines down. Unable to take this, they simply explode inside, and stop working. then they are fed to the Loron to eat. Suckers.

However, they had also created a device that can protect planets- The Anti Nano Horde. it uses other nano bots that are immune to Nano Horde that are installed in the planet to defend it. They can destroy the Nano Horde Attacking before it eats up the materials. All that is needed is a single Anti Nano Horde structure and a creature or AI operating it. The Anti Nano Horde don't have AI themselves, they are purely Radio controlled and weaponry.

Better still, they had something to undo the damage- the Planet Saver.

Using advanced Time Technology, it reverts the planet to the way it originally was prior to the Nano Horde attacking. TYhe only disadvantage of this is that the people need to be updated on events that have happened.

Uaing all of these, the Galot have pretty much rid everyone of the threat.

Part 3 - Return of the Nanohorde Edit

After the DCP Civil war, the rebellious warlords were dead, and the Emperor reclaimed his former territories and began to rebuild what was lost. However, unknown to the Emperor, Tricarrion had survived. He was not dead, but ascended into a being of pure demonic energy. He will continue to cause harm to the DCP. The first thing he did, was to create a white hole (a reverse of a black hole) from the uninhabited universe the DCP trapped the Nanohorde in. The machines had evolved into an entirely new form in the other dimension, and came spilling out back into Milky Way Galaxy. Except this time, the Nanohorde were sentient!

Invasion of Xhodocto hell Edit

The release of the Nanohorde back into the universe is in some crazy way, almost a good thing:they attacked the Xhodocto, and quickly assimulated their technology and materials. And in the March of the Apocalypse, the Xhodocto opened the gates to Xhodocto hell, their home dimension. The Nanohorde have invaded their realm. They are at least a nuisance to the Xhodocto.

Now the Xhodocto's problem! And assimilation of Xhodocto technology Edit

When the portals to Inferno Realm opened, most of the Nanohorde that was released back into the universe by Tricarion went flooding through, they could consume everything, all but the most demonic of regions, but now that power has dimished. As the empires waged war against the Xhodocto, neither noticed the greyness that started to rot and consume everything, almost everything. The Nanohorde started assimilating Xhodocto technology, making them even greater in power. Even mighty Inferno Realm, was being converted into Nanohorde particles. When the allies finally noticed, there was a sense of vengeance, their universe had bitten back with its own terror! However, the Nanohorde started assimilating Xhodocto technology, making them even greater in power, making them even more of a dangerous threat to the universe as well.

Part 4 - Quantumhorde Edit

Quantum probablity space

Quantum uncertainty.

While the inhabitants of the First Gigaquadrant began to forget the horrors of the Nanohorde, regarding them as no longer a threat, the Nanohorde were growing, and evolving into new forms, but not in the universe, but inside Inferno Realm. The Xhodocto had been defeated, all the while the Nanohorde consumed and replicated on the wastes left behind, even Xhodocto technology was assimilated, at least the forms which they could consume. Using their tech, they began to break into reality once more, back to the universe they originated, with new technology, more powerful than ever. They had evolved their most insidious form yet, the Quantumhorde.

The Quantumhorde had evolved to the picoscale, just shorter than the wavelength of a gamma ray. Now in the realm of quantum mechanics, they had new abilities, mainly the Uncertaintly principle, no one could ever predict where the Quantumhorde would be next accuratly, only the probability of them being in a position. They could use quantum tunneling to penetrate any barrier, no matter the composition, and due to Quantum entanglement, they could alter each others state at any distance much faster than the speed of light. Perhaps worst of all, thanks to superposition (existing in many states at once), hey could never be destroyed without some uncertainty. And because of their small size, they could re-orientate particle rotations, re-arrange atomic structures, change energy states, create tiny singularities and even arrange themselves into matter. The Quantumhorde now has the power to re-write the universe, becoming perhaps, the greatest current threat, perhaps even overshadowing that of even the Xhodocto in their current state...

Arrival Edit

The Quantumhorde turned on the older Nanohorde, feasting on the older, weaker form. The Quantumhorde had many times the number of the nanohorde, not that number really matters now they are superpositional. They broke out into the universe is vast, invisible numbers, close to the First Gigaquadrant, due to their vastly faster information exchange, the first systems they entered were consumed in hours, replicating uncountable new numbers of themselves. But suddenly they did something unexpected, they combined all the matter they had, and started rearranging them at the subatomic. The energy density changed, much like a false vacuum, with the potential to change the laws of physics. This was, in some ways, an evolved defense. The Nanohorde were still malfunctioning nanotechnology, however, evolution was occuring in the cycle of consumption, modification and self-replication. Any new mutations created were quickly destroyed.

Discovery of the new outbreak Edit

In response to any portals opened up to hell, the Onuris Alliance was soon to investigate. At first, it was believed the Xhodocto were invading, however, the Krassio found sensed no demonic energy present. Instead, there was a increasing bubble, which the DCP identified as a False Vacuum. Surrounding it, they detected quantum fluctuations. A probe was sent, which instantly dematerialised. The DCP then teleported some of the "stuff" to be tested, whithin seconds the ship collapsed. Then some realized, that Nanohorde was detected invading during the March of the Apocalypse. It didn't take long to guess. Almost immediatly, a message was broadcasted to the Seven Starr Alliance, the Nanohorde had returned, and they seemed unstoppable. Already the DCP tried to collapse the quantum wavefuction with decorehence, but the Quantumhorde were too numerous. The Onuris fleet was soon never heard of again. It was estimated Quantumhorde will hit know space in days or less, due to the resources present...

A Gigaquadrant in chaos Edit

Whithin two days of the outbrake, reports of the new Nanohorde started to emerge. The outer galaxies were first to be attacked. Thanks to the ultrafast Xhodocto drives they assimilated, the Quantumhorde spread quickly, reducing planets and even stars to more horde. It was surprising how quickly the Quantumhorde could stip matter, however, they broke down large objects swuch as planets and stars quickly with Quark-gluon deconfinement beams.

The DCP responded quickly to the Quantumhorde, but their attempts proved pretty futile. Using singularity cannons, the Quantumhorde could be "mopped up", and lifted out of normal spacetime, something not even they could tunnel through. However, the Quantumhorde proved impossible to contain, even graviton spheres and walls of spacetime couldn't stop the Horde from tunneling through. Spreading like clouds of cosmic dust at FTL speeds they breached some of the major galaxies in the quadrant, they were Milky Way's Halo, Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, Andromeda, Tigris, Nimbus and the Galaxon galaxy, close to the central point of the quadrant known as Coordinates 0,0,0 Spore (which contains nothing, it is just the center of the sector). Once completely converted, from there, they would expand outwards, infecting the Cyrannus (Pinwheel) and the rest of the Quadrant. Even at their sickeningly fast pace, it would still take a very long time to completely consume a entire galaxy, but only a fraction of that time to wipe out major civilizations off the map.

Milky Way & Magellanic Clouds Edit

Of course, no one was aware of the Quantumhorde until a few weeks in. Survey probes of Milky Way Cooperative began to report slight changes in star fixes, apparent brightness as well as subspace disturbances. Just like what the DCP detected closer to the source of the outbreak. The Cooperative was in full alert, and tried to seal in affected systems with gravity wells, but again, the Quantumhorde tunneled through. The DCP were able to slow their advance with subspace weapons such as a technique the DCP recently adopted from the First Ones called a Spatial Compression Wave (invented by an ancient civilization known as the Culture, see Gridfire) and by generating black holes.

Realizing this was a losing battle, the DCP prepared to share its Dimensional Gates and Ark ships travel travel 99.99% of speed of light for ever (so nothing catches up) with the rest of Milky Way Galaxy Cooperative and their allies. Humanity, who had barely know of the Nanohorde before now realised they should also preserve their genes by spreading them in genebots to a new universe if all else fails. All ships must be subjugated to deep scanning before entering, to preserve the next universe, which was Universe 939152, a far older but bigger universe.

A sparsly populated neighbor galaxy of Milky Way Galaxy, the LMC also did not escape "infection". In fact, it acted like the Quantumhorde's first stage of attack (despite the fact they aren't actually attacking things, just malfunctioned). High above the galaxy, after several consumed systems and several minor empires forced to flee, the Horde descended on Milky Way Galaxy. The recovering Mantisorac Swarm didn't know what hit it, but luckily, most of them was just missed. The MSP already struggling lost several planets whithin a week.

The Borg sent several spheres to investigate and possibly assimilate the horde for use, but found the Horde could adapt many times quicker than them, and that the Quantumhorde were much smaller than thier nanotech. Their attempts to assimilate failed, and they to may have to leave the universe if a solution isn't found soon.

Everyone who is non-aligned or affilurated with Milky Way Galaxy Cooperative, SSA or the DCP will have to fend for themselves, or ally. If not, any approach to a Dimensional Gate will be met with hostile force, already some tried out of desperation. Allies of the DCP such as the Jovar and URC have free entry.

Andromeda Edit

Tigris Edit

Nimbus Galaxy Edit

An empire mostly unknown to the rest of the Gigaquadrant, yet allies of the Core Federation, it is unknown how they will face the new threat, one they may have never heard of them before.

Galaxon Edit

Galaxon was one of the last out of the first invasion, and only recived the tail-end. Mostly controlled by the Core Federation and Jovar Empire, yet it still remained barely touched, although numbers would soon grow. But the SSA headquaters was also located there, Station Halcyon, and had some of the SSA's smartest minds...

Beyond Edit

The great dying begins Edit

As the Quantumhorde was destroying nearly everything in its path with no resistence, some civilizations had got caught up, trapped in fogs of grey. There was soon nothing left. And more defensless planets, with life unable to escape fell victim. One species, the Oontalont's, even killed themseles when they saw their homes disintergrate. So far the Quantumhorde was only affecting the outer reaches of the galaxies above, which are sparsly populated, it would only get worse.

The Seven Starr Alliance, United Defense Network and the like were flooded with emergency transmissions, but gravely, they ignored them. There was nothing that could be done, fighting it makes it worse, the only hope of course, was with the scientists.

But in the dephs of affected space, a new danger was arising. The Quantumhorde were re-writing the universe's dimensionless constants in certain areas, and there was fear this would lead to a "false vacuum" catastrophy, but due to fact the vacuum was already stable the threat of energy tunneling into a lower state could not occur. There was great calamity causing even more anti-DCP sentiment and even the DCP went on trial, with Kilnok and his crew stood in front of the Q, Taldar and other advanced beings from around the universe.

Solution Edit

Also see Station Halcyon, Episode 2:What lies ahead

Spacetime bowl

The blueprint for the spacetime bowl.

Back on Station Halcyon, its finest scientists, such as Xigor planned their next move. They realized that cooling the Quarntumhorde to extremely low temperatures would slow them down. Because of the dangerous mission, one of the crew was randomely picked. This was Katarina. She was assigned to freeze a block of Quantumhorde in deep space where it was detected.

However, she was successful in doing so, but when she returned, she found Station Halcyon under attack by Shillites and another race she couldn't identify. She defeated one fighter, but was soon surrounded. Luckily 50 Fordan Bladewings came to her rescue, which escorted her to a safe location, all the while, the Quantumhorde were warming up. However, Ri'Kar'D phased her into the Xigor's lab, now sealed off from attack. The Horde were chilled into a Bose-Einstein condensate, where they lossed individuality and became a super-"blob", so cold, even light passing through was halted to a standstill. After some thoughts, Xigor realized that if enough was frozen, it would collapse into black holes (due to the amount of mass consumed). Now, was the problem of freezing them.

The DCP contacted the Shka'Tun Imperium, who had the technology to freeze over Inferno Realm. The idea was to use these freezer weapons and place them on DCP Drove ships, which quickly replicate themselves if destroyed and come back to the last location from a manufacture planet. The Quantumhorde would be lured again. It was hoped, that this would be the final solution. But unfortunatly, the drawback was, that the Directed Freeze weapons were in fact godtech, supplied by Verezaph. The DCP must look elsewhere. Also, the Vartekian war had begun, with the Quantumhorde in Andromeda. The DCP must negociate to enter with safe passage to defeat the Quantumhorde in that galaxy.

Luckily, the DCP thought up another solution. They would need help from the Vyro'Narza. Like the old plan, DCP Drove Hunters will lure the Quantumhorde. The Taldar, will move through the same timeline as the DCP's plan and create a giant bowel in spacetime, a defect, a vortex even, perhaps more if required. The mechanism of freezing the Horde would still apply, as it would act like a giant magnetic trap (see evaporate cooling). They would turn into condensates and due to their mass, implode. If the Taldar replied, the DCP will get to work straight away to fix the calamity that lies before them.

The battle Edit

Luckily, the Taldar accepted to help the DCP, and the Vartekians allowed the DCP to enter their space in Andromeda to finish them. In each galaxy, the battle occured. The Taldar already knew where the DCP had planned to defeat the Quantumhorde by viewing the the correct timelines. Using Technobliterator 5D ships, the Taldar used Gyronic to flow dark energy into 3D spacetime to create the bowl-defect, bu pushing spacetime down and apart faster than light. DCP Drove Hunters attracted the Quantumhorde into the defects. However, due to the Horde's FTL capability, even if spacetime was falling faster than light, the Horde froth was getting out. The Taldar created more, trapping them too. The process of evaporate cooling must be quick.

Just as predicted, the incredible mass, it was estimated that hundreds of solar masses of Quantumhorde was in each bowl (and there were many), the sheer weight pushed on spacetime to terminal collapse. The Quantumhorde had fallen into the netherworld of the singularity, a flaw in spacetime still poorly understood. What happened next, whether they were truly destroyed, captured, or encoded into another dimension is not known, but it didn't matter, as long as they would be never seen again.

The Taldar sank into the higher dimension, whence they came. The Taldar themselves and their splendid technology was never seen, as it existed in a higher dimensions, but the effects of their defects were. The DCP scanned deeply, but there was no sign of the Horde. Now it was time to carefully navigate the clusters of black holes, the only evidence as dark monuments to their existence (anything they touched they consumed). In Andromeda, the Vartekians then tried to seize the Droves, but they self-destructed immediatly.

But was it the end?

Shell worlds Edit

Over a week later, the DCP decided to dispatch some ships to carefully scan the area where the Quantumhorde were defeated. At first, the DCP ships almost left, content with their work, that the horde were finally gone, but one last ship did another check, and found a slight anomaly on one of the black holes, detecting slightly less virtual particles being let go by the black hole, as if something was covering it. Light was also reflecting off the surface. Something was odd, very odd. The ship scanned for more black holes, and found that at about two swartzchild radii around each black hole, there was a growing shell. The scientists worked it out soon enough. Some of the horde had boiled off and found stable orbits around the black hole, any material they had carried was consumed and replicated on. They were creating a sphereical shell - a supra-shell planet around the black hole, and were gaining energy off positive virtual particles the black hole was releasing (Hawking radiation).

The DCP called on the fleet to return. They began orbital bombardment, but the horde soon feasted on the remains off the destroyed horde and replicated themselves again. So the DCP resulted to using antimatter, however, the Quantumhorde by now had adapted to such weapons and shielded itself easily. It was also hard to target the Quantumhorde shell while missing the black hole itself.

After realizing they couldn't simply shoor the Quantumhorde, the DCP realized next they must try to lower their energy, with EM burts and using methods to influence orbital decay, but by now the shell was strong and hard to collapse. The next solution was to try and clear materials away from the black hole, so the Quantumhorde would slowly starve and become inactive. But if the shells gained enough energy they would leave orbit and start attacking again, it would only be a matter of time. The DCP simply couldn't just create a gravity bubble or domain wall around the shell worlds either, as the black holes gravity would interfere. Once again, the DCP was in a dilemna. How did the Taldar not know? Who knows, maybe they did, or still cannot predict all quantum events.

A new change - Directed Assaults Edit


Another chapter begins.

The DCP decided to cover up the information so it would not be leaked to the public at these times (wars had begun recently), but the MSP was able to intercept DCP transmissions, they discovered that now the Quantumhorde has escaped the black holes in great clouds, but then had remained stationary. The DCP denied it.

Only hours after the transmission, the lush world, Bralo, of the Cephalodian Life Guardians, was struck down by the Quantumhorde. It was thousands of light years away, this was indeed an bizzare activity, it was like a directed assualt, with intent almost, and instead of spreading, the material sent back to the nearest black hole cluster, where the Horde remained stationary. Had they evolved intelligence? Were they under control of the DCP or another third party? What was happening? Conspiracies against the DCP began, and after more worlds fell (and when DCP enemies were attacked), this later ignited a war between the DCP and the Marinoxidiz.

Indeed they were under control of a sinister force, the Xhodocto...

The end and beginning Edit

However, an important fact of nature, is that it always finds a balance.

Timelike entanglement Edit

As the AI's spread their tendrils throughout the galaxy, some began to explore the Galactic Halo, as lower mass stars were preffered for their long life spans. However, one stellar-sized AI chanced upon where the Quantumhorde were located.

A region of space nearly three light years wide, every structure was composed of growing nanotechnology at the attometre-scale. The AI sent in some of its computronium to investigate the odd material, that was composed of "quantum stuff". Instantly, the Quantumhorde were attracted to this incoming resource, and began to consume. The AI disconnected the computronium "arm", but it didn't matter now, the Quantumhorde had already spread into the AI's matrix, following the information, like a neurological infection, the AI was beginning to be consumed from the inside, however, it began to run simulation after simulation, trying to figure how to defest the horde. Then it recorgnised that the nanomaterial was quantum scale, and subject to quantum phenomena. After calculating a solution, it began attempting to send the Quantumhorde into the future.

The AI emulated a simulation into the Nanohorde's swarm intelligence, it showed that in one future, the Quantumhorde would accomplish in consuming the universe without any barriers. Using a phenomenon called timelike entanglement, the Quantumhorde could skip points in time and jump to a possible future, one in which they would consume everything. This future wouuld be the Nanohorde's own future, seperate to any other observer's reality. The Quantumhorde then teleported themselves, about 99.99% of them, the final few were glitching themselves and were absorbed into the AI's mainframe.

The Nanohorde were no longer existent at this point in time, now they are thriving in their own future. However, the old singularity has been replaced by the vast AI's who will govern the cosmos's evolution for times to come.

The Nanohorde's ParadoxEdit

(Before you start reading this story, remember this: this is made by a fan of the fiction universe of spore, not Wormulon or Technoblterator. it is a fake story of my own and just a contribution.) The DPC and other empires were sure that the Nanohorde was gone. But far in the future there was a new, evil, empire mysteriously uplifted the Nanohorde. They Were the Bio-Raptor, a race of nefarious Meta Aliens that, like the Nanohorde, can absorb any material and use it to replicate. They were highly advanced and planned to bring the universe to thier rule. But the Nanohorde had gained sentience at that point and had other plans for the Bio-Raptor. They wanted them to build a portal to the past. The Bio-Raptors instantly started absorbing quantum energy and in a few years, they used the energy to open a portal to the first time the Nanohorde were created. The Nanohorde, despite their almost INFINITE knowledge in that far future they came into contact with thier past selves and created a rip in time. That rip in time caused destruction both ways on the time line and all bad things happened. Humanity never evolved. Most empires were destroyed by the Nanohorde. The Grox had a empire of 50000000000000 star systems. The rip was slowly making its way to the Bio-Raptors creation. That's when they realized they were simply pawns of the Nanohorde. They leaped into the portal, trying to absorb the Horde. With just some quantum energy left, the Bio-Raptors sensed the rip hitting their creations. If they were here, and the creation happened in the future, a huge paradox enveloped most of the gigaquadrant. So the Nanohorde was created in one universe and destroyed it all, and the DCP's universe all was frozen except the Bio-Raptors. The Nanohorde had never been created. Flung back into thier time by the incredibly numerous paradoxes, the Bio-Raptors had fixed the timeline by going back. The portal shut. Time started flowing again. The Nanohorde had been theoretically been stopped. Look at that again. Theoretically. In the other universe, the Nanohorde was working by themselves this time. Absorbing quantum energy to make a portal themselves was the only goal they had now, since everything was utterly destroyed. Once they were in, paradoxes once more had riddled their work. New creatures instantly became to be. This was the army they needed.(Nanohorde talking to new creatures) "DON'T YOU WANT TO JOIN US??? WE CAN TAKE OVER THIS UNIVERSE!" All of them let themselves get replicated. Except for a few listed here: The Droog, New Organic Grox, and Blomiops. (the Droog was incredibly smart, and the Organic Grox and Blomiops were incredibly strong.) They fought, with all their strength to defeat them, but failed in the end. The DPC was alerted about this, and another war came. These new perfect Nanohorde was resistant to fail. The DPC's fleets were chased into a wormhole, leading straight into a black hole. Almost all of the fleets were killed, but for the Nanohorde the hole seemed to be their only bane. The Nanohorde couldn't of survived that- Could they? Only one survived. The galaxy's terror wasn't gone yet.... (TO BE CONTINUED... POSSIBLY)

Adventures Edit

Bottling the Nanohorde Edit

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Admiral Kilnok goes on a daring new mission to capture the Nanohorde.

Consumption Edit

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A huge mining ship is consumed by the nanohorde.

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