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The Drodo Empire found a sort of power crystal, called "Drodoian Gold". This crystal is very valuable as it can power an entire world for thousands of years-or a superweapon...

Using this newly found mineral, the Drodo's ally, the United Federation of Species, created a wormhole that connected the Kraw Galaxy to the Milky Way, the Eranian Collective, curious, send ships through the wormhole. The Oppressive Mag'Heli Dominion does the same. Little do these four factions know is that this is the prelude to a great War for the Drodoian Gold. This is the story.

Prelude Edit

Mag'heli PreludeEdit

The Mag'heli raiding vessel "Proxy" flew through space on the fifteenth patrol of the Eranian/Mag'heli border it had been forced to make this past week. It's crew were tired, it's brutes were bored. As the brutes passed by each citizen, each section of the ship, the crewmembers snapped from nearly napping to full attention, terrified the brute would notice the slightest flaw, create the slightest excuse to entertain itself by punishing them. While they knew it technically had no sentience, and that it would not be them deciding to gather entertainment through their pain, they remained terrified nontheless.

An old, scarred brute who had earned the nickname "Old Scarclaw" lumbered toWards a sleeping crewmember who was supposed to be watching the sensors, and grabbed him roughly by the neck. The crewmember awoke with a jolt and almost yelled out from the shock of being woken from his peaceful dreams to such a ugly sight. He began to panic, and looked to his fellow crewmates for support, they denied him such support, shying away and tried to look like they were buisy working. Seeing no other choice, he croaked out in a weak voice "Yes, master?". The brute paused momentarily, as if struggling to comprehend the question just asked him, before finally yelling out "Why were you sleeping?!". The sound echoed throught the ship. Panicing, the crewmember could not think of a reasonable excuse and instead attempted to satisfy the brute by pinning the blame on somebody else. "I wasn't me who was sleeping, it was Kur'kloc!". Kur'kloc looked up at the crewmember, horrified at being singled out in such a manner. Fortunately for him the brute, rather than putting the crewmember down, crushed his skull in its hands and dropping his shattered carcass onto the floor. It muttered "Liar" before slowly plodding off, dragging the corpse behind him.

Eranian PreludeEdit

A dozen computer screens were all that lit the room. A sole Eranian crouched there, her already pale face rendered ghastly by the white light that shone upon it. Her face was bored and contemplative, as she watched swathes of data fly over the screens of the computers surrounding her, too fast for most people to read. For hours on end, she would sit like this, haunched beside the computers, breaking the eerie silence only to issue orders to her subordinates or recieve them from her supiriors. In honesty, she would have it no other way. She pressed down a switch on a panel before her, keeping her finger upon it as she said "Find me a channel to Mikios. I need him to investigate something" in her clear yet monotonous voice. The response came swiftly and sharply, a male answering "As you wish, ma'am". She removed her finger from the switch and returned to watching the screens.

Mikios was confused but intregued. He knew Kerrata, and had worked under her several times before. She was not the kind of person to specifically ask for the aid of somebody who was not at the time a member of the millitary. Well, she was, but she would not specifically ask for the aid of somebody of his personality. He was led to a room by his escourt, a large man, for an Eranian (Which was still fairly thin and spindly), and he had discovered thorugh what little conversation he could strike up during the journey that he was relatively simple minded. It mattered little, he entered the room designated and discovered it empty, save a for simple, metallic table and a positively archaic laptop computer of the kind that had been out of use for over five centuries. Smart, he thought, nobody would bother to hack the databand frequencies those things used to communicate... He spoke aloud to an empty room "So, what do you want me for then?"

USF PreludeEdit

And for several months working on this project and almost finished. At the checkpoint a young Uzcar, much higher than usual in their kind, carefully watching a screen, where hundreds of data in and out at an astounding rate. Front Uzcar a small object about ten cubic centimeters began to flicker, with increasing speed. The Uzcar left his intense concentration and pressed with a finger the object, it was opened, revealing a hologram of the Supreme Brinal Aranelia Senator.
-Chief of Research Saudioch, good to talk to you- said the hologram -I hope that the project is in good condition.
The Uzcar bowed.
-You can count on it, Senator, I am eternally grateful to you for letting me do this- he said.
-I suppose you are putting the finishing touches, right?
-Of course, I think the wormhole will be ready for tomorrow
-Excellent, General Vankalian going to inspect this evening, peace and prosperity- and Aranelia cut the transmittance.

Sadioch was very proud, Vankalian, generally of a thousand battles, would go there specifically for his project, sent by the only Great Senator, the dream of every scientist Uzcar. Send a message to all the engineers working at the station, ordering up the pace, soon be over. Soon a network of wormholes connect all Federation colonies and ships could move freely, the limits of time and space disappear soon, be overcome by the intelligence of a Uzcar, all allowed by the strange cristal which the Senate ordered him to study, the Drodoian Gold.

But soon a dark thought Sadioch invaded the mind. If something went wrong? If the federation had another crisis like the Elipsion Complex? No, calculations were accurate, but just in case put on display all his calculations, would review them one by one.
Spore 25-06-2012 15-09-20

Sadioch and Vankalian look the wormhole.

Meanwhile, Vankalian on his ship approached the station, he had nothing bad happen asegurarce was something important. Just for routine, a squad of Steel Soldiers accompanied him, was boring twenty hours travel unaccompanied, but did not need Vankalian could care for himself. But his wife, Aranelia, required to follow the rules, so he was forced to travel in a very slow Conqueror, with all the elegance possible.

Drodo Prelude Edit

Cesterity was bored, but did not let his crew see it,

For a few weeks now his ship, the Impaler 2, patrolled the space around the wormhole, along with a few other Drodo vessels. He heard of some news that the wormhole was almost finished - something that the Captain was very excited about.

"I can finally get back to..." he thought;

"to what? There's been nothing but petty pirate raids ever since the Two Unions' War five years ago, so I suppose this butt-numbingly boring job is better than none at the moment."

Almost as if on queue, one of his crewmembers pulled him out of his thoughts;



"Its ready."

Drakodominatus PreludeEdit

Drakodominatus Prelude The Drakodominatus Fleet “Vrichtfaust” was in hyperspace transit, along the Norma arm of the Milky Way. Colonization efforts were going along well, with a dozen systems already under Drakodominatus control after only a year of one expeditionary fleet going through the Milky Way. These planets were being convereted to bastions and outposts, while asteroids and planets were consumed by the NanosWarm to create raw materials. Overall, the colonization effort and the mission of the Expeditionary Force were going along splendidly.

The Admiral of the expeditionary force, Vitaze Nasdtzectht suddenly was called to attention by his adjutant.

“Sir, it has recently come to my attention that one of our informants in this area has knowledge of a certain substance or material that can provide an amount of power generation that surpasses even that of antimatter matter annihilation, he said that it belonged to a nation called the Drodo Empire which inhabits some of the Norma arm of this galaxy, he says it is by this very material that a wormhole has been created between this galaxy and the Kraw galaxy, Should we do anything?” the adjutant reported,

A rare smile graced the jaded face of Vitaze Nasdtzectht, and he simply said “have some of the expeditionary force, turn course for the wormhole, capital ships only check weapons,put the shields up and use the Space Transatic Analyzer to pinpoint the locations of all other forces in the area I want guns blazing as soon as we exit hyperspace, relay this message to all the other ships.

At this, the fleet, composed of everything from 15km Star Dreadnaughts and Carriers and nanobots changed course for the wormhole.

“Prepare for battle” Vitaze Nasdtzectht stated

Week 1Edit

Contact Edit

The world shook. Brutes were pushed to the ground and took time to get up, while regular Mag'heli had the prescence of mind to grab onto something. Several still were thrown around the ship, and one even managed to impale herself upon a spike protruduing from a Brute's back, to the Brute's great amusement. Once things settled, Brutes began barking orders, demanding to know what was occuring. People scurried from place to place, desperate to find out what. Yelling of status reports filled the room, so much that few were distinguishable from the rest. The reports mainly went along the lines of "Damage is superficial at best!" and "Engines are disabled! Wait, no, they just stalled.". Eventually Kur'kloc thought to check the scanners his deceased friend was no longer watching, and sp he discovered what had occured. "Scanners show we've been surrounded by a giant ring structure. They must have attacked us, causing the shaking!" he stated, quietly so as to avoid drawing attention to himself. Somebody must have hurd him, as a booming voice, which all recognised as that of Old Scarclaw called out. "Fire on the ring!"

Another trouble with wormholeEdit

Vankalian got off his ship in the hangar space station, should see Sadioch and ensure that the wormhole was ready for use. He walked the corridors of the station accompanied by his faithful companions Steel Soldiers, all was quiet, the only noise came from the cabin where it should be Sadioch. He climbed the magnetic elevator, noting the distance the huge gravitational monster: the wormhole, a chill down his spine as he recalled seeing a spaceship ripped through the wormhole, remembered seeing as a king was espagetizado Macraborg and recalled seeing his brother fall and die on the inside of that hole in space time. Not this time everything would be fine, Sadioc is competent.

In his cabin, Sadioch, was smiling proudly with itself.
-Sadioch, sorry to bother you, but I come to supervise the construction of the wormhole- sayed Vankalian when he entered in the cabin.
-General, is a pleasure talk with you, you arrived on time to see the activation of the wormhole.
-It is ready?- wondered Vankalian
-Yes, it is
-Can I ask how you managed to do something that many thought impossible?
-Of course, we owe it all to this object.- say Sadioch and show to the captain a lead container
-It is lead?
-Not exactly, is the material which it's into the lead container, a piece of Drodoian Gold.
-What is so different from common gold?
-This material is a crystal whose electrons revolve in orbits of very high energy so it is very easy to excite, from an excited state to a lower energy electrons released much radiation and the higher the orbit, the less energy is needed to excite the atoms, making it easier to release radiation.
-So if we apply some light photons, increase it energy so that release gamma rays.
-How many energy?
-Look this equation- and Sadioch show to the general this equation:

Ec = W.mc3

Where Ec is the energy released by the glass, W is the energy applied to it in watts and mc is the mass of glass.
-Then, with a ton of this material and ten kilowatts of power a city could feed a thousand years ...
Suddenly, the whole station shook and a beam of light hit hard on the ring where the checkpoint was a monstrous ship emerged from the wormhole, between the sounds of chaos and destruction will hear the clear voice of General Vankalian:
-Not again... another trouble with wormhole


Cesterity ran double shifts on the bridge for a week or so now, as his first officer was on leave. He was ready to fall asleep in his chair when a crewman said;

"Sir, we are picking up a message from the UFS wormhole station-its a distress signal."

Cesterity stood up in his seat, and said cautiously,

"Patch it through."

It was mostly static, but Cesterity could make out some details. They where under attack, which explained a lot more than one would expect, it was from an unspecified enemy, either completly unknown or that detail was drowned out by static, and they where getting hit hard. The signal ended as soon as it started, and Cesterity immediatly started giving orders,


"Yes captain?"

"Set a course for the wormhole-now."


Plasma fire filled the air as the gun on the Mag'heli raider stutteringly fired wildly on the ring with which it had been confronted. It's firing patterns were wild, and fortunately failed to hit any critical systems. Drodo and USF ships converged on the newcomers location, at first startles by it's appearance, then in an attempt to prevent damage to the ring. Their projectiles rent the hull of their target, spilling many of the Proxy's internal systems into space. A terrified Mag'heli, desperate to survive the flurry of weapons fire upon his ship, activated the engines to full power, throwing the ship forWard. As Mag'heli vessel entered the atmosphere of a planet it didn't know existed, around which the ring was orbiting, many of it's engineers who clung still alive to the shattered and torn outer hull of the ship were incinerated and the gun, crudely attached by those engineers, creaked and tore away from the ship, much to the dismay of those brutes who would maintain firing throught atmospheric entry in the hope of hitting something by pure chance.


It seemed like overkill, in hindsight. To send such a fleet after one scoutship... No, on second thoughts, it was perfect. If it was the Eranians indeed who had attacked, it would be the perfect excuse to attack them with diplomatic impunity, and just what the government had wanted for years now. Controller M'kras was sat at the head of the bridge of the raider "Mourn". Each Mag'heli vessel had a captain to act as a mouthpeice. He was, in fact, controlled by the Brutes, who were in turn controlled by the aptly named "Controllers", who were assigned by the government and usually remained hidden amongst the masses of crewmen. Who would then suspect the captain, who was supposed to be himself controlled, to be the controler? It mattered little, regardless. He turned his focus back to the matter at hand, the search for the missing scoutship.

All readings appeared normal, save for a minor amount of radiation in what should be a vacuum. The last known location of the proxy lent no trace, the engine trace stopped abruptly. M'kras cringed as he felt a disturbance in the connection patterns between the fleets ships. Like something had been suddenly severed from the connection. He closed his eyes and focused, a dreadnought had dissapeared? His concentration was broken by the voice of a new slave who had yet to be shown proper respect. "There was just a major increase in radiation from coordinates 3,5,2 from here...". M'kras swiftly "Brutes, punish the recruit for not calling me sir, then pilot a raider to that area to see what happens". The nearest brute to the recruit simply picked her up by the head in it's massive groping hand and carried her off screaming, while another Mag'heli issued orders to another raider as he was instructed.

As a second Mag'heli vessel simply dissapeared in a bright flash of light, and a spatial distortion, the Mag'heli energy sensors went off the scale. Excited murmurings went through the crewmembers of each ship in the fleet, each one quietly hoping this odd phenomenon could be somehow weaponised, and the pseudo-officers hushed in anticipation of whether or not the raider would somehow return. When finally it did, in yet another flash, they were amazed indeed. "It's a gate... I think, maybe some kind of teleporter" was the message they recieved from the ship that returned. After a moments contemplation, M'kras realised the implications. A gate meant something on the other side. That meant land, which meant new opportunities to expand the Dominion, as the Government and high controllers had been unable to do for decades. If he could secure some territory there, he would doubtless be promoted to command of a major colony at least. Rather than thousands of people to torture, he would have millions. After a moments contemplation of the possibilities, he ordered all ships to enter the gate.

Several parsecs away, inside a Eranian Ravager class combat ship, Mikios Jertar watched as the sensors fed him the exact data he had been told he would. Minor gamma radiation increases, free electrons where there should be none, and dissapearing Mag'heli vessels. He had found the wormhole gate, exactly as predicted. His second in capacity asked for instructions to give his fleet. Mikios hastily replied "Wait ten seconds for the Mag'heli to start a fight, then ten minutes, given it'll take us twenty minutes to arrive at the gate, any hostile resistance on the other side should be weakened or eliminated by the time we arrive. We'll gather Kerrata's 'Scientific data' then, after making sure the other side is safe."


Vankalian ran through the halls followed Sadioch and his men were under attack.
-Steels, take each one sector to evacuate workers, Drodo help them. Afnai, I leave you in charge- ordered Vankalian
-And you, sir?-say Afnai
-I must to do something, Sadioch you came with me
Vankalian and Sadioch ran alongside the hangar and climbed into his personnal hunter. Once there, called the Senate.
-Senator, I have the packet, I'm going to the refuge with Sadioch in the sector Gamma.

Sadioch and Vankalian jumped into hyperspace route to a desert planet hundreds of parsecs away, coming out of hyperspace speed was such that Vankalian could not avoid crashing into a ring of asteroids plummeting on a desert of the planet.
With the ship in pieces, the two survivors crossed on foot the huge desert, the scorching heat and lack of water caused Sadioch fainted a few miles of walking. Vankalian, on the other hand, was a well prepared physically Giomb, so had no trouble to withstand fatigue and lack of water, so we had to carry the Uzcar on his shoulders. In a couple of hours, Sadioch woke up.
-What happend?- say a weak Sadioch
-You fainted- answer Vankalian, who was sitted in a chair
-Yes, your specie cannot survive a lot of time without water
-Well... thanks
-Don't worry, is my job
In thats moment Sadioch answer itself what happend if he don't be too important for the Federation, Vankalian would have saved him?, was silence.

-Where are we?- Sadioch broke the silence
-In a secret base of the Federation
Sadioch observed the place, it appeared uninhabited for centuries.
-Well, you don't take care it
-The Shadow Regimient established that almost a year, was never used, but has the technology to make us survive for a few days to reset the ship and the report of the Federation or Drodo where we are.
-Why?-sayed a thoughtful Vankalian
-Why what?
-Why you are so important for Aranelia
-Well...-The Uzcar look the stolid face of his interlocutor- I have in my possesion a code, a secret code which the Senate want to active the wormhole
-The wormhole is actived
-Not quite, the wormhole is unstable in less than a week it will close

Vankalian woke up of his chair and drew Bertranian, his blaster fusil, pointed to Sadioch and say:
-Don't move...- the flash flooded the room


Cesterity was soon within the vicinity of the wormhole, it was worse than he thought, the attacker has apparently already taken control of the wormhole. Ships surrounded the wormhole and the nearby planet, it didn't take sensor readings for the Captain to know that they where not UFS ships, he gave the command;

"Hail them."

The ship's captain had yet to respond, but he knew that they, whoever "they" where, could hear him;

"This is Fleet Captain Cesterity of the Drodo Empire, what in good god do you think you're doing?"

After a moments pause, M'kras called a Brute to him. He had to feign that each thing he said was the instructions from a higher power, and had the brute act as a mouthpiece for that illusiory power. He activated the comms channel and repeated the words as they were muttered to him by the Brute.

"This is Slave Taskkeeper M'kras, and i see no reason to inform you of my nation. I am following the orders i have been set, which is to expand our territories. By any means neccessary. Your gateway doubtless leads to an area of space in which we are unknown. Provided we retain anonymity, we are able to do whatever we wish."

He paused a moment, conversed with the brute, then continued

"I reccomend you leave this place, "Fleet captain Cesterity of the Drodo Empire", for it is lost to you and you shall not reclaim it. This land is ours now.".

Cesterity glared for a moment, and said;

"Its yours when I say its yours, we aren't giving this place up so easily. Now I believe you and your little playmates better turn around and set a course home, you hear? This piece of the galaxy is ours."

A crewman turned to face Cesterity;

"Sir, do we open fire?"

"No, but shields up, I have a feeling their response will be by fire rather than by words."

M'kras paused a moment, and a Brute, remarkebly quietly for one of their kind, instructed the slave crew to begin targeting the Drodo ships, and to fire at will as M'kras kept their attention on talking.

"I am sure we can come to some form of agreement" he said over the coms, "You may decide what you wish in exchange for this meagre fragment of the galaxy at your leisure. Although i would first ask what about it is so valuable that you would take up arms to retain control of it?"

Cesterity was suprised by the sudden inhostility in the alien's voice, he had some sense that it might be a trap of some kind, but went along with it nonetheless;

"Why this 'meagre fragment of space' is so important is classified, you're going to have to find that out by prying the information from my cold, dead, hands."

"Sir, they have weapons locked on to us!" A nervous ensign exclaimed.

"Steady, steady... don't overreact to the situation," Cesterity said calmly.

"there weapons probably aren't that strong." He added,

"...Or they could blow us apart!" The ensign said again

"Maybe, but we'll just have to wait and see..." Cesterity said slowly, running thin on patience.

The ensign gulped, "Yes, sir."

M'kras sighed. So much for that idea. He thought a moment, realising combat so near the gate, which must be this ring, could close their only route back to Mag'heli territory. He paused a moment, ordered a single automated dreadnought to break off and return to Mag'heli territory, and relay it's data logs along with a message to the controller of the nearest planet it could find. He gave orders to meneuver ships to close the gap that dreadnought left, and more importantly to bring his ship to the back where it was less likely to be fired upon, all these ordered were relayed through the brutes of course, then made the brutes re-iterate the order to fire. He was surprised it had taken so long for his subordinates to do so, usually they are eager to kill something when given the chance.

"Classified... That means important, that means worth taking... Well, i'll find out soon enough" were the last words to go through the comms channel before it went dead.

Cesterity swore under his breath when the comm turned off, he finally gave the order;

"Open fire!"

Confusion Edit

The Eranian ship maintained a safe distance from the wormholes location, watching for any signs of activity. Mikios had long since grown bored and was discreetly playing a pre-Eranian Exodus video game on a nearby panel. The silence was total, as there was little communication needed unless something were to change. Said silence was short lived, however, as the wormhole opened, disgorging a large, crude, bulky Mag'heli dreadnought which immediately sped off as fast as it could, which was relatively slowly, toWards Dominion territory. Mikios spoke mostly to himself, his eyes never lifting from his game. "Hrm, that's either a messenger or the only survivor of a battle combat. I can never tell if anything made by Mag'heli is damaged... Either way, it means there's something of interest on the other side. Either a battleground or something worth sending a message regarding." He then looked to his second in capacity. "Get us through the gate. Full speed, all weapons primed. Be ready to fire at a moments notice. We aren't an armada like they were, just a science vessel and a really, really heavily armed escort. Best be ready for a fight, we'll lose if we aren't.". The second in capacity raised an eyebrow, as Mikios's speech patterns were slightly less percise than an Eranian and many of their kind have trouble comprehending people whom make grammatical errors. He worked out what he had been ordered, however, and moved to make it so.

The world flashed brightly as the wormhole light seeped even through the hull of the Eranian ships, and radiated throught the rooms. The light was brief, if almost blinding in contrast to the relative darkness that was there before, and the crew quickly regained their bearings, only to lose them again as the ship was rocked by an explosion just off the prow of their hull, and metallic debris crashing against it. "What was that?" requested approximately a quarter of the crew simultaniously. A single Eranian, a veteran of two Mag'heli battles and expert psychologist and technologist was the only person to respond to the question. "We appear to be in the midst of a combat zone, the combat is between Mag'heli vessels and numerious unidentified ones. I believe there to be a minimum of three unidentified organisations present, We are also surrounded by a large ring-like structure which none of the involved organisations seem willing to damage".

Assumption Edit

Cesterity has since accustomed to the shaking of the vessel, it simply a matter of balance, but what you feel emotonally never changes, and is always hard to get used to. Over the explosions and shaking, he heard one of his subordonates say something;

"More ships coming through the wormhole, sir!"

"Damn it!" He exclaimed,

"Open fire on them too!"

"But sir, they don't share the same signat-"

"Do it!" Cesterity insisted, afterWards, he saw the ship-to-ship railguns turn around, and light up as they rapidly fired metre-long projectiles at the alien ships.

The initial salvo refracted off the Eranian millitary shielding, but the almost crystalline shielding almost buckled under the strain of withstanding it. The sole science ship within the Eranian fleet fared much worse, it's shields could not withstand the Drodo weaponary and the projectiles shredded it's hull, leaving huge scathing wounds in the ship which left the crew exposed to the void of space, killing them all, a similar fate befell multiple pilots of "Ghost" ships, leaving only two remaining.

The Eranians were startled at the sudden attack, and failed to respond. Mikios was himself confused, but resolved to use what little knowledge he had at his disposal to it's fullest potential. He peered over the shoulders of those observing the various sensory arrays which his ship carried, and placed his finger upon a specific point on a projection of the ring upon one of the pilot's screens, leaving his finger hovering an inch above the sensitive touchscreen. "We are to dock here, by force if neccessary. Keep weapons primed, it's right next to what is according to this projection a critical system. Hopefully they'll know if they don't let us dock we'll fire, taking out the ring, which according to Mr Etar", at this point he guestured to the Eranian whom had spoked previously "they don't want to happen. I want all our other ships docking anywhere else they can, or providing cover for those that are docking. Also, don't use any shieldsteel antimatter rockets, they're liable to hit one of our ships."

Cesterity was on the edge of his seat, something he'd soon regret as he was thrown to the floor with a resounding thud,


He soon got up, and wiped some blood from his face.


"That last hit has a big one, sir! Our shields are down and they breached deck five!" An officer at ops soon reported.

"Sir! More reports coming in! Those new ships are boarding the ring!"

Cesterity's eyes widened, he ordered;

"Fire boarding pods at the effected levels, I want marines on that station! After your done, pull this ship back."

"Yes sir!" the officer reported, he was not at all surprised when the captain also said he was going, he was a good Warrior.


Cesterity got suited up, and grabbed his X8-36 assault rifle. He soon met up with the other soldiers in the drop pods. The small pod shifted as it left the ship, and set a course for the ring. Thirty seconds passed, and the sharpened spike at the front of the pod penetrated the hull. The spike opened, allowing the troops to go through. Cesterity looked around, it was a fairly large room, with some heavy crates that could be used as cover, there was turbolift at the end of the room, allowing access to the "upper" levels. Cesterity began barking orders;

"I need those crates facing that door, once your done, set up machine guns on them!"

It took all of five minutes, strategically-placed machine guns had every angle covered on the only entrance, and Cesterity had his assault rifle clenched in his grip, not knowing what could come through that door. He concentrated.

Soon, the unknown enemy was slowly cutting through the door with a blowtorch-like device, there was some audible rustling and guns cocking, but besides that, nothing. Cesterity was pumped with adreneline, he knew this was it, the moment. He slowly turned the safety off. Seconds later, a group of battle armor clad, humanoid soldiers came out of the gap. Cesterity did not waste time, he squeesed the trigger at the same time as three machine guns whaled on the attackers, many fell prey to the relentless automatic fire, but many where still left, taking cover. One popped out of cover and executed a perfect shot to the shoulder against Cesterity. He felt a stinging sensation as he fell to the ground.

"AAAH!" Cesterity screamed as he crawled back into cover, he quickly pulled out a pistol.

"You alright sir!?" A marine exclaimed as he fired another burst at the aliens.

"I'm alright." The Captain responded through breaths.

The gunfire stopped abruptly,

"We've... won. Oh my god we've won!" A rookie marine said with amazement. The marines rejoiced before the comms soldier reported;

"Not so fast, I'm getting reports of other decks being under attack, too. On most of them, we're losing."

Cesterity struggled to his feet;

"We should support elsewhere, we've won here..."

For the first time, Cesterity looked down at his wound, it was a bad burn, he quietly said to himself;

"...and besides, they have a few debts to pay."

Footsteps echoed throught the steel halls of the ring, teams of soldiers running to their positions, desperately trying to survive or protect, or simply to deny their foes survival. Captain Mikios Jertar signalled his team to stop as he heard another patrol nearing his location. He had lost three men and women to ambushes, and it would be pointless to lose another, and it would be a very bad idea to alert them to his location this close to his destination. He waited, tense with anticipation as the footsteps approached then slowly, tantalizingly died away. Once he was certain they were out of earshot, he continued on, determined to reach the ring's control center.

The halls seemed endless, each one exactly like the next, with no progress being made. Mikios was bored of the repetitiveness, and needed something to happen. As the soldier at the front of his group, a man in an "Vespid" battlesuit as it was all he could find in time, was riddled with bullets after turning a corner before his eyes, he knew he had found that change he wanted. He stopped cold, Whatever was around that corner was deadly, how to destroy it without knowing what it was? Voices rang through the hallway, just around the corner, but without his universal translator he did not know what was said, but he could certainly place their location. He removed a grenade from his belt... He only had one chance, as he only had one grenade. Othewise, he'd be unable to pass this corridor without being cut down by bullets. He stuck his hand around the cornet, and blindly threw the grenade down the hallway. Bullets whirled, but none hit his hand. He heard a scream, and an explosion, then silence. That was enough to satisfy him, although in honesty it would probably alert half the facility to the fact they were so close to the control center... He thought, anyway. As he turned the corner, he braced himself for death, and finding it was not yet coming for him, he looked down the hallway. A five man squad, all dead. One held a still-smoking gatling gun of some kind. Mikios paused, dropped his weapon, and picked up the gatling gun, which he assumed to be the one which killed his teammate.


The two guards never knew what had hit them, their chin, necks and extended asophagi being melted an instant in under a second. They collapsed to the ground, unable to scream without voiceboxes. Mikios and his squad, now numbering six soldiers, only two of whom had managed to don their battlesuits before disembarking from their ship. He quickly took a atomic cutter from his belt, and began cutting through the door to the control room. Two of his squadmates, the two with battlesuits (Both Ursine pattern) stood ready to burst through the door once it was open and slay those inside, while the remaining three stood watch for passing patrols. Once the door was open, the battlesuit soldiers simply stepped through the door and systematically shot down any Drodo they saw. "Okay, Perstal, get a data transfer unit onto those computers. We need to find out the science of these wormholes, that's out mission. Anything else is secondary"

Cesterity was crouched behind cover when the entire room was lit up by blaster fire. They won that fight. He looked around, the door out of the room was too far away, he would be cut down. So, he looked behind him;

"I'll have to hide," He thought to himself, he soon found a access panel large enough for him to fit inside.

He looked behind his shoulder, a soldier was just rounding the corner when he quickly jumped out of his vision.

"Huh?" The soldier questioned as he stood still for a moment, before returning to patrols.

Cesterity was cramped inside of the small alcove. But through a small slit in the panel, he could see that what he assumed was their leader was coming close to his location. He silently slid the panel off, pulled out his pistol, and put the cold barrel up to his head. He said;


Mikios stopped in his tracks as he felt the cold, hard metal of a gun barrel pressed against the back of his skull. He sighed heavily, and put both hands up.

"How many damn guards does one room need?" he muttered under his breath, before saying

"Alright, you got me. I'm leader of this whole science vessel escort. You probably have a lot of questions to ask. You won't shoot" He said aloud, without turning.

He knew he had to keep whomever was behind him distracted while Perstal can attach the data compiler and then escape. If the information is returned to the Collective, he'll have fufilled his usefulness. He quickly ordered his four squadmates to stand down and not fire upon their presumed foe.

"Look, we aren't trying to kill anybody, hell, we'd try for peaceful negotiations if we got a chance. We just want the data we came for, then we're willing to leave"

Cesterity looked up at his foe with contempt. He had a lot of questions that needed answering;

"So I'm guessing your one of M'kras' subordinates, hmm?" He tightened his grip on his pistol, a soldier was going to step forWard, when Cesterity said;

"One step, and your leader's head will be a fine, red mist!"

He slowly stepped back.


M'kras paced aggravatedly as he issued orders. These aliens and their ships showed no signs of relenting, and their weapons fire were taking their toll on the Mag'heli fleet. Already two of his six dreadnoughts had fallen, and his raiders had fallen into chaos after the Eranian Collective's arrival. One ship had even gone so far as to mutiny, which was fairly common place in as chaotic a battle as the one taking place. That ship was now little more than debris, and it's treacherous crew mere ashes floating through the celestial void. When the Collective arrived, he had nigh collapsed from fear, as he knew that the foolish Eranians could identify them, and he knew full well the consequences of identification in this matter. He had to stop them, and he knew how. Each and every Eranian present was on the ring. Destroy that, and they are no longer a threat. He issued the order, and immediately all four remaining dreadnoughts opened fire on critical areas of the ring, hoping to shatter it.

Mikios was thrown to the ground as the floor beneath him violently shuddered. He scrambled for his weapon, and, having grabbed it, aimed it at the man who had a moment ago placed the barrel of a gun to his head, and stood slowly. The room shuddered and shook a second time, and he asked his subordinates for a explanation as to the cause. A short, stocky Eranian in a "Ursine" battle suit answered. "It appears that the entire ring structure is thus effected. The most likely scenario is that kinetic weapons have been directed at the structure. These weapons would almost certainly be easily capable of shattering the ring, which would undoubtedly lead to our own death. I reccomend we evacuate the structure immediately". Mikios agreed, and lowered his weapon. Mikios instructed the soldier in the Ursine battlesuit to send a evacuation signal to all other Eranians on the ring, then proceeded to leave.

Just before exiting the room, he stopped. He did not know the inner structure of the ring, and could easily wander the labyrinthine halls for hours prior to locating his ship. It was doubtful he had over ten minutes in which to make his escape. He turned to the man who was a moment ago his foe. "Look, i don't have a map of this facility, and i know you do. I don't have time to guess the way out, either, and you don't have time to fight my men. I propose we work together until we are off this ring. You show us the way back to our ships, or i'll order every Eranian here to do anything they can to stop your troops escaping. That's hundreds of deaths you could've stopped.". He knew, innately, he would not give such an order. It didn't benefit him, and frankly he just wasn't malicious enough. He hoped his opponant believed his bluff, because otherwise he would likely die.

Cesterity looked contemplatently into his opponant's eyes, while casually holding his pistol in his grip. He then said;

"I suppose we'll have to work together, 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend', as the old saying goes."

He raised his arm, and pulled back his trenchcoat's sleeve to reveal a wrist-pad, he pressed the touch-screen a few times to reveal a map,

"I advise that we move to Deck 5, its closest and one of your ships are there, now move!"

The group started to run across the halls when Cesterity felt a stinging sensation, the stim-pack he took earlier was starting to wear off. That wound was going to slow him down again.

"Take a right!" He said, afterWards he felt a considerably worse sting, he sucked it up, and kept moving.

They got to where the ship was when the Captain couldn't take it anymore;


He clenched his shoulder, and fell to one knee, a few of the aliens stayed back and looked,

"Go," Cesterity said, they stayed, ready to bring him with them if there leader desired,

"I said, GO!!!"

He shot up into the air, and before he lost consieousness, he heard there commander say;

"Leave him."

He fell to the floor with a thud..

Mikios had made the plan near instantaniously. This captain appeared to hate the Collective because they entered his species territory, and that hatred might lead him to wage a more open War with the Collective. If he died, then whomever his species sent to this area of space as a replacement might be more friendly toWards the collective, as he did not desire a War. Frankly though, if the new leader wasn't it didn't concern him anyway. The mission was complete, and it was time to return to Teros. The ring shook again, and the walls creaked loudly. It was very much time to return to Teros.

Cesterity woke up a minute later, he moaned as he got up, his arm was killing him. Just as he got up, the nearby shuttlecraft exploded;

"Holy crap!"

He dropped to the floor, and quickly got up and ran to the debris, he found something worth of interest;

"No way!"

It was a stim-pack, he immediatly grabbed it, and drove it into his burnt shoulder, it started working immediatly. That was a good thing, too, as the entire station shook violently, he stayed on his feet, and ran for another hangar, before being confronted by a massive hulk of steel and flesh, he stood there for a few seconds;

"Oh what in fresh-"

The attacker didn't give him time to respond, he slammed him a good fifteen feet back across the hall, Cesterity barily felt anything thanks to the stim-pack, he got up and wiped some blood from his mouth. He continued to fire several shots at his target, the distinctive K-CRACK! of the handgun echoed across the corridor, but to no avail. He slowly walked toWard him, Cesterity sprinted the other way, and got to a door to a hangar, he quickly put his gun in his holster, and quickly put in a code on the touch-screen panel it said in a calm, computer voice;

"Access Denied."

"No... NO!" Cesterity cried as his impending doom came closer.

"Come on..."

"Access Denied."

"Damn it!" He exclaimed, he simply took several steps back, and sprinted at the door, he jumped, and tackled the door.

It broke open, the Attacker was getting impatient, it simply sprinted at the terrified Captain, he ran for the shuttle, randomly firing backWards, the machine shot it out of his hand, and shot Cesterity in the side of the tail.

"Ouch!" He kept on running, seconds felt like hours as he finally got into the shuttle, and so did the attacker. He slowly turned around;


The attacker grabbed Cesterity by the neck and drove him against the wall of the shuttle, which had long since left the dying station.

The brute tightened the grip around Cesterity's throat. The Captain watched as the the monstrosity's face went from a sick, twisted smile, to a surprised, furious complexion to a blank, pale face. Cesterity had shoved a wrist-blade into his gut. A sea of blood and gore poured from his lower torso. He twisted his wrist, and pulled his hand free. It was thick with blood. The brute released its grip, and fell to the floor. Cesterity, breathing heavily after his ordeal, landed the craft in the Impaler 2's hangar, two Drodoian Marines came through the now open door. One asked;

"Are you alright sir?"

"Yeah... I'm alright." He once again drifted out of consiousness as his arm started to hurt chronnicly.

M'kras tapped his foot, impatient. It had been fully fifteen minutes of constant firing upon the ring, by now it should have collapsed. His raiders, who were supplying covering fire to the Dreadnoughts as they systematically demolished the ring, were slowly repeatedly hammered by the enemy ships. He wondered exactly how many ships these aliens had at their disposal. Frankly, the majority of raider's captains were so caught up in the heat of battle that giving orders was by now pointless. The neural implant with which he controlled the brutes and dreadnoughts sent a message, indicating the dreadnought's target had been destroyed. He ordered a nearby Mag'heli to make the main display show the ring, and he saw it. The ring had shattered into five pieces, which then broke into thirteen, and then more. But one sight there infuriated him. Eranian ships pulling away. He cursed loudly, and ordered all fire to be directed at the Eranian ships.

On the ground of a nearby planet, several Mag'heli sat, recovering from injuries they had sustained when the Proxy crashed upon the planet. The planet was deserted as far as they could see, leaving them to fend for themselves. B'nee had discovered that the brutes had been disabled, all disconnected from their controller, who had presumably died in the crash, crushed by several tons of mettalic hull or burnt to a crisp during atmospheric entry. The remaining Mag'heli were ecstatic about their newfound freedom, but at a loss as to what to do with it given their situation. After a chain of command had been established via a series of arguements in which several of Kur'kloc's opponents found themselves without skulls, or bodies for that matter, scouts were sent out to survey the area and to search for food. There was little else to do except wait for them to return, scavenge the wreckage, and torment the unconcious bodies of the disconnected brutes.


Sadioch opened his eyes, was alive, definitely alive, sweating from every pore of his body, his muscles were taut, his pupils dilated. He looked Vankalian was as impassive as ever but was a bit agitated, pointing his rifle on his shoulder, he had not attacked him. Slowly he turned his head, everything seemed to move in slow motion, he lay unconscious next to a humanoid creature, very muscular and horrible.
-What it's that?-asked Sadioch
-I don't know, but we will find it- answer Vankalian as he lifted the unconscious intruder soil.

So within minutes, the creature was bound by shackles magnetic, a metal table that was suspended before the general and scientific. Vankalian looked at the face of the creature, this reeked of anger and violence, his muscles were very tense, sharp teeth were yellow and his breath smelled like hell. Sadioch, meanwhile, sat at the desk of the secret base and began to search the computer and drawers something only he knew. Suddenly the creature awoke, his pupils contracted and started screaming and cursing the members of the USF.

-We'll have to reassure our friend- say Sadioch as he covered his ears.
-Yes, have we some soothing?
-No, every already spoiled, but I find some Apatic Serum
-Ok, how much time I have once you apply it?
-I could not tell you, his biological structure is different than I've ever seen, I can't predict which effects will the gas
-Ok, I run the risk
Sadioch injected the beast with a purple substance and after a few seconds your muscles relaxed and his pupils dilated, the creature seemed to be totally different.
-Well, ugly- started to say Vankalian- you owe us some explanations, who are you and where you come from?
-My name is B'naan, I am a crewmember of the ship Proxy, of the glorious Mag'heli Domain and I come from the galaxy Kraw- sayed the creature with a rough voice.
-Sadioch...-sayed Vankalian
-Yes, it's true, I have information about this galaxy- informed Sadioch
-Right, how you arrived here?
-A powerfull gravitational field absorved us and launched us against a ring-shaped structure, intuitively we attacked it
-So you was who attacked our command post
-We have to expand our territories, the Eranian Collective hasn't let us do it since many years- whispered B'naan, as his muscles began to tighten
-General...- sayed Sadioch
-Wait... you are better Warriors, why do you don't fight with them?
-Because... their technology, we can destroy them if we have a better power source With each word, B'naan regained its normal state, but that did not bother Sadioch and Vankalian, because they remembered that planet on which they were, in most Drodonian gold reserve in the known universe.
-Are there more survivents?
-Yes, the Domain will come here to pick us at any time
-Only one question more, Do you know what is the Drodoian Gold?
-What?- sayed B'naan between grunts
-General!- sayed Sadioch but it was late, the creature jump to attack Vankalian, immediatly Sadioch pulled a button and the magnetics shackles joined back to the metal table, Vankalian taked his rifle and shot to the creature
-Sadioch, send a message to the Federation, we will have company...


Cesterity opened his eyes, and quickly lifted himself up, breathing heavily. He was in a loose medical robe. The Captain had a few questions;

"Lieutenant, where am I?"

"Your in med-bay sir."

He heard some mechanical whirring, there wasn't anything in the room that would make that noise. He asked;

"Where's that whirring coming from, Lieutenant?"

He simply pointed to his left arm, Cesterity slowly turned his head, not knowing what to expect, his gaze finally set upon a hefty, bionic arm. A giant, glowing smile slowly spread across his face. He then turned to a Uzcar doctor;

"Wait a second, why?"

"I could of repaired that blaster wound, any doctor could, but those 'stim-packs' of yours sealed the deal, they're toxic. So, I had to amputate the arm." She said simply while cleaning her instruments.

"Hmph, okay." He quickly put on his uniform and returned to the bridge, they had since pulled back from the wormhole, it was a lost cause. But he swore he would retake it. In the meantime, the Impaler 2 was regrouping with the rest of the fleet. He contacted the Drodo Empire and the UFS a few hours ago, they where at War. They where setting up a defensive barrier in the neighbouring system. The enemy couldn't go around the system, as there was a ion nebula on one side, and a black hole field on the other side, it was a bottleneck. The loss of another Drodoian Gold-rich planet was not an option.


The crew of the proxy were utterly bored. Several fights had erupted between them in order to stave off the boredom, which invariably ended in the excruciating and bloody death of one or more crewmembers. The scouts had yet to return and until they did there were few other methods of entertainment available. A the sound of footsteps was suddenly heard from beyond a small hill, over which seven Mag'heli ran, firing their guns behind them. Pursuing these Mag'heli were a group of blue, horned and armored humanoids who carried relatively fancy looking weapons. One of the fleeing Mag'heli dragged a bloodied pink humanoid with small antlers along by the arm, the other one of which had been removed. The crew of the Proxy had grabbed their own weapons within seconds, and fired upon the blue humanoids. As the blue humanoids were cut down, some began to flee, and while most were cut down some very few escaped.

Kur'kloc viciously grabbed the pink humanoid by the antlers, so viciously it accidentally snapped it off. He threw the humanoid to the ground and pressed the barrel of his gun to the creature's skull. He could see that the humanoid was on the verge of death, so asked one question.

"Who are you".

The creature responded in a soft tone, "I will not reveal my identity to one such as you... Your kind do not deserve the Drodoian gold, and you will never have it".

Kur'kloc was insulted. He had been in power of the ship for a very short time, but he was already mad with it. In his fury at the creatures defiance, he tore through it's ribcage in an attempt to rip out it's heart, and found a lung which he tossed aside in disgust. The trauma had killed the creature. and he found no joy in tearing out the heart of a creature he had already killed, and so dropped it's limp corpse and left it to his men. He stopped to contemplate what the pink-skinned being had said. He does not deserve the Drodoian gold... If that creature thought that his crew wanted the gold, that meant it was worth taking. He had decided, he would rally his soldiers and take this gold from the hands of this new species, and maybe form his own Dominion once he was done. One where he wouldn't be oppressed and commanded and pushed around. Everybody else... Maybe they would be oppressed, but not him!

Implications Edit

Cesterity thought back to the day before, there was a lot to think about. And a lot of questions that needed answering;

"What did M'kras say when he said, 'I'll find out soon enough'? Did he mean..."

He looked down at his biological arm, the scars where still there the last time he was tortured, five years ago.

"No, of course not."

Many more thoughts and questions clouded his mind, but he didn't get time to think about it, when a crewman said;

"Sir! Multiple ships incoming! They match M'kras's fleet!"

Cesterity got out of his chair and walked a few steps forWard, he said;

"Gentlemen, prepare for War."

M'kras was glad. The prescence of enemy ships at this galactic bottleneck proved that there was something of value beyond. His reinforcements had arrived shortly after the ring's destruction, along with controller Tu'rak. After a lengthy discussion, Tu'rak had remained behind to maintain control of the wormhole and to take control of the nearest planet, but had sent his forces, along with M'kras and his ship, further into enemy territory to expand the dominion and colonise any habitable planets seen. Even if they were already inhabited. The enemy ships had their weapons already trained on his fleet, it mattered little. He issued his intructions, relayed through the brutes. He had to be careful with how he did so, for he knew that Tu'rak had a very different vocabulary to him, and the brutes under his control would likely also have a different (If similarly crude) dictionary. But the orders were relayed. None of his crew of the crews of the nearby fleets appeared to notice, and they opened fire. He sent a contingent of raiders to land on the planet these aliens seemd to be defending. It seemed habitable enough, and if not it would be fun to watch the raider's crews die trying to inhabit it.


Mikios had gotten lucky. He had escaped with minimal injuries, and half of his crew intact. After severl minutes taking count of the remaining Eranian forces, he had discovered that he had lost half of his "Fleet", including the science ship he had been tasked with protecting, which had taken heavy damage from the initial Drodoian salvo, lost all life support which resulted in the death of the crew, then crashed on the planet below. He took stock of his situation. He had half of a millitary escort squadron, trapped in an area with no access to the Collective's main territories save for a single wormhole held by a considerably large Mag'heli fleet. The other species in the area were neutral toWards him... How to survive this mission, he wondered. The ship's second in capacity turned from his discussion with a female corporal to give his report to Mikios. "Sir, we have analysed the data from the ring and discovered how they made the wormhole. The native empires used a resource called "Drodoian Gold" to power the wormhole ring. This gold is available on the planet we are currently orbiting. Your orders?".

Teros, a week ago

Mikios stood before the antique computer. A large, black calligraphed "K" on a white background filled the screen. A voice could be heard from it's ancient speakers, terrible in quality but well disguised. "Mikios, i have a task i require you to perform". His response was predictable. "Yeah, i gathered. What task?". The voice proceeded to fill him in on the job, but one phrase stuck in his mind more than any of the others. The voice, Kerrata, put emphasis on that phrase, which stood out extremely given her usual voice was monotonous. That phrase was "Protect the science ship's contents at all cost, you can sacrifice the crew and vessel if neccessary, but the contents must remain intact".

The Milky way galaxy, Now

Mikios recalled those words as he was asked for intructions. He paused a moment, contemplating. Then he gave his orders. "Get retrieval teams onto the planet and retrieve the science vessel. Our mission was to protect it, we failed. We may as well salvage what we can". His second in capacity paused, again struggling to puzzle out Mikios's unusual speech patterns, and then nodded and began relaying those orders throught the "Fleet".

Sequestered in plain sight, Kerrata watched as Mikios gave the exact orders she had wished and anticipated. He had seemed hesitent, she might almost have had to push him in the right direction. That might have compromised her status. It was imperative that the mission go forWard, and that required that nobody realised the true identity of the quiet woman who was assigned to monitoring the sensors.


The Senate of the federation was in commotion, every one of the senators had been aWare of the situation, an unknown race had left the Wormhole and destroyed his command post. This was an outrage, an affront to the military power of the federation, but the Senate preferred not enter a War, especially now that was not Vankalian position to help.
-We can't afford it, we must declare War on those foreigners- said the Chibar senator
-Without Vankalian?- quipped the Uzcar senator
-We must to do something
-What about Mask?- said Aranalia
-Me?- said a figure out of nowhere, appeared in the center of the Senate
-Sir Mask, leader of the Shadow Regiment, you shouldn't be here, after the incident before the Great Ring War- said a Kalixtus senator
-I know, my lord, but I couldn't avoid hearing, do you need my help?
-Yes, we need you direct an operation to retrieve the Wormhole
-I would be pleased- said Mask with a smile

Mask was the leader of the Shadow Regiment, anybody knows his identity, even his specie. He always wore a cloak over the body down to his ankles, a steel mask and armor biomechanics.


The entire ship shook as Cesterity got lifted out of his chair, and almost fell to the floor;

"They are opening fire sir!"

"Yeah, I noticed!" The Captain quipped as he got back in his seat. Another crewmember reported;

"They are dropping pods and transports down to the surface, sir!"

"Get as many battalions as you can on the ground! I want reinforcements at the forts on the front lines!"

With that, he ran off the bridge, and armed up. They needed a good commander on the ground.

It didn't take long for the dropship to land, Cesterity cautiously stepped off of the transport, before a large explosion landed nearby and threw him, along with a few other Drodoian Marines, like a ragdoll.

He screamed as he ripped through the air for a few seconds, before rolling down a steep hill and crashing into a rock.

"OWW!" He cried as he hit the boulder, he quickly got up, and scrambled for his rifle, only to have it kicked away by a lightly armored alien, about 6 or 7 feet tall, looking him down. He rolled out of the way of a stomp, and quickly got up. Adrenaline rushed through his veins as he pulled out his pistol, and shot the enemy in the face.

A marine ran to the exhausted captain;

"You okay, sir?" He asked as he handed him an auto-shotgun.

"I'm alright, where's the nearest base?"

"Firebase Omega, about four kilometres away from here." The marine responded.

"That's walking distance, lets gather up the squad, and mobilize."

Cesterity saw a squadron of enemy troops coming in behind them,

"Come on, lets go, lets go!"

The two Drodo started to sprint away from the hostile squad, and to Firebase Omega.

In his battleship, M'kras almost laughed. These aliens had done exactly as he had expected them to. Focused the battle onto land. In space, it is exceedingly difficult to take captives, and a Mag'heli fleet's morale is entirely reliant on the number of captives acquired. He did not even need to order his troops to take as many captives as possible, as he knew they would do so regardless. He idly had a brute excruciatingly torment then excecute a crewmember who was talking too quietly for his liking, as he plotted his next move. He was once again outnumbered, and this time the enemy had been prepared for him. He had to be cautious or he would likely be killed. He needed to discover what ship was the enemy flagship, and destroy that. Most other alien races were heavily reliant on their command structure, or at least most ones he had encountered before. So that was his first priority

Squad leader Gr'mar was ecstatic. Not only had he been among the first squads to get into combat, but it was with a alien who matched the description of the enemy leader. He wondered how they had discovered his appearance, but it mattered little. They had killed M'nar, but he would have died anyway for running as he did. The commander, he saw, was fleeing. This Gr'mar felt was odd. He issued a single, bellowing order. "KILL THEM!"

"Crap, their firing on- AAH!" The other marine suffered a clean shot in the back, Cesterity ran back to check the soldier's pulse, he swore under his breath when there was nothing. There was no time to mourn or bury his body as the enemies sprinted toWards him in a reckless, ecstatic charge, firing their weapons as they ran. A shot narrowly missed his head as he took cover behind a tree.

"They've probably got me surrounded if there's any brains in their skulls,"

He thought to himself. The Captain looked down to his belt, there was two frag granades;

"Oh yeah..." He said out loud. He took one off of his belt, pressed a button and threw it a good 25 metres, it made a small explosion that thrown dirt, shrapnel, and gibbed corpses flying everywhere. Their wasn't enough time to throw the other granade, when he was knocked over by a projectile. He grunted as he fell into the dirt, but relieved when it pinged off of his neosteel shoulder plate. Cesterity quickly scrambled to his feet as a few of his opponents ran closer, he whipped around and ripped one to pieces with a shot from his auto-shotgun. The other, from what he could tell their commander, blasted his hat from his head. The Captain shot at his legs, and caught a glimpse of the enemy soldier fall to his knees. Cesterity ran the opposite way, and over a knoll.


-Sadioch we go out from here!- Vankalian shouted from the door
Sadioch took from the desk a small crystal size of a grain of rice, placed in a capsule and slung belt.
-What is it?- asked Vanklian
-The answer to our problems, general
Suddenly the ground shook and the door was blocked by a shower of rocks
-Heck! They're here, we must find a safe escape route
Sadioch pressed a device on his wrist and was projected a hologram of the secret base
-The base is Firebase Dordo Omega closest we can get help there
-Right, but how we leave?
-There is a tunnel complex that would leave us one kilometer of it
They toured several tunnels as rocks fell from the ceiling
-Sadioch, how far to the exit!?
-Fifty metres, turn right and twenty meters more, the gate is above us!
Following the directions of the map, surfaced for the worse. Drodo and Mag'heli forces fighting there. Lasers and plasma bullets flying in all directions, and Vankalian Sadioch had to cross enemy territory at the moment.
-Well, general, how we attack them?
-We don't- said Vankalian to the astonishment of Sadioch -we pass unnoticed among Mag'heli -Alright, general, but how?
Vankalian saw a box of ammunition, perfect for cover, and a Mag'heli standing before her, wearing an armor that covered his entire body.
-Follow me- murmured Vankalian
They approached the box squat, and a movement Vankalian took by the throat and slammed Mag'heli his knife. In seconds he took the armor and put it on, it was almost perfect.
-Follow me play- said he to Sadioch while his hands bandaged and covered with dust They crossed the field Mag'heli without problems, the enemy thought he had captured a hostage.
-Stop!- said a voice
-Heck! we are so close- murmured Vankalian- Yes sir
-What are you doing?
-I was taking this future slave to the ship
-Yes? It is funny because the ship is to the other side
-Ha, don't worry, I do the same thing, is good have a private slave, but if someone discover you, I don't know you
Vankalian sighed
-It was too close- and retook the way to the Firebase Omega


Gr'mar was furious. He had just lost half of his squad in under a minute, along with use of his legs. Only four injured slave troops and a brute remained. The brute was buisy occupying itself by flaying a Drodo marine who had been unfortunate enough to catch the Brutes eye, but Gr'mar was determined to attain retribution on the man who had shot him. After a moments thought he decided the best way to do so was to persue that man, sending the brute in charging over the knoll recklessly the other four Mag'heli circled around to surround the foe. He was hasty regarding this, as he knew that his men would turn on him were his injury to be discovered. He would run, attempt to recover, and at some point in the future attempt to bluff the brutes into thinking he had heroically killed some major commander. Yes, that sounded like a good plan... He would do so. He fled as fast as he could with his injured leg, hobbling away while carrying a unconcious drodo marine over his shoulder, for later entertainment.

Mikios was bored already. His drop pod had landed in the absolute center of a desert, with no buildings, or science vessel for that matter, anywhere in the visible vacinity. After extensively questioning his second in capacity as to the reason for this, he decided the ship must have been moved by another group, most likely those aliens, the "Drodo" as the data retrieved from the ring called them. After having his men in orbit scan the area he discovered that the nearest building they inhabited was to the west. He took up his rifle, briefly proceeded so empty his shoes of sand (Which had managed to already find its way into every gap in his uniform), and ordered his men westWard. He would have that science vessel, by force if neccessary.

Controller Tu'rak had remained behind at the wormhole to command the fleet in it's defense. He had done so as he was inconvinced the wormhole was stable and that position gave him the best chance of return to the Dominion should it collapse. He had been told by Controller M'kras that the wormhole was fully secured. Why then were there a dozen Eranian vessels orbiting the same planet as he was? He would not stand for this, and he had to remove them. He ordered no less than twenty raiders to do just that.

Now one of the few remaining crewmembers, Kerrata Terstan had taken the ship she was in out of orbit of the planet the ring had once orbited and now hid upon the planet's moon. She knew the Mag'heli would detect the main "Fleet" of the collective, and knew that said fleet would be destroyed. She had to survive in order to complete her mission, all other objectives were irrelivant. None of the crew knew what had occured, all they knew was that they had detected an odd energy reading on the moon, and had gone to investigate just minutes before their comrades were wiped out by Mag'heli raiders. This was as it shood be. She did her best to make the ship's sensors as finely tunes as possible, and monitored Mikios's movements as best she could. All had gone as was planned, so far. She might not even need to intervene at all.

Finally, entertainment had arrived. Not only entertainment, potential slaves and potential subjects for torture. Not only that, but distinct signs of more to come. The crew of the proxy had happened upon a grey and pale green drop pod of incredibly sophisticated technology. It was clearly Eranian. Footsteps led off to the west. Three thoroughly dissapointed Mag'heli were forced to remain behind to scavenge from the drop-pod as the rest of the crew went to kill the Eranians who had dared to set foot upon their new world


Cesterity thought he was in the clear, that was before he heard footsteps, and bushes rustling;

"Oh crap."

He raised his auto-shotgun, only to be grabbed from the ruff of his furry neck by a brute;

"Hey! Let me friggin' go!"

The opponent had come up from behind, he saw a few others emerge from the bushes and aim their guns at him.

He shot one, only to feel a extreme pain in his tail;


The brute threw him down, and laughed slightly, Cesterity pulled out his pistol, and fired;


That distracted the brute long enough for him to get away, he quickly dispatched the other two, and ran for his life.

He sat against a tree, he knew it was safe. He pulled out whatever that super-soldier shoved into his tail, it was a knife of some sort, obvieously designed to inflict pain. It was then he realized what kind of monsters he was dealing with;

"I was wrong, these people thrive on pain and suffering, on... on..."

"on torture..."

He stared at the knife with fear, sadness, and anger.

"These people have definatly captured some of my men, I won't let it happen again."

He heard a scream from far away, one of his men, he thought of going back, but that would lead to failure and one less Drodo commander, their will be another time. For now, he had to get to firebase Omega.

Losing prideEdit

Mask left the hyperspace, proud, had at his disposal all a destroyer, a whole fleet. Observed on his radar as enemy ships appeared, were fifty? not a hundred, no matter their technological disadvantage was evident, would be a breeze. Just heard his soldiers asking, screaming, begging, some casualties were not hurt, just win, but a blow was so hard you back to reality, the Mag'heli were too many to them.
-Captain, we are bombing the Mag'heli not resist much- said a soldier
-Eh ... deviate the energy to shields in front, formation of defense ... prepare the guns.
-Capitan, hide behind the rubble of the ring, our shooting fail
-Send an expulsion bomb, clean the debris
-But sir, they can hurt our ships
-Right, deviate the shields in the direction of the explosion
-Yes sir!
The battle lasted longer than expected, Mag'heli made ​​a lot of resistance but could not withstand the force of federal ships. Mask was proud, finally be more than unfortunate Vankalian, the federation finally forget the mistakes he made in the past, at last. But something was wrong, one of his men froze, something bothered him.
-Captain, Mag'heli reinforcements arrive- said weakly
The next few seconds went by in slow motion, one by one federal ships were demolished, Mask barely had time to escape into hyperspace with the six ships that had ample.
-Dagmage report- said Mask
-We lost ninety-four percent of our fleet... and we grasp another ship signal, is similar to that of Drodo sent us Eranian
-Send a brigade to inspect
It took minutes or hours before they returned the brigade
-There aren't supervivents, the ship is abandoned- informed a soldier -but we think it was an investigation ship, there are full of information, I am sending you it.
Mask, carefully observed data and smiled:
-Captain, get more ships out of hyperspace
-No, it isn't, I've never seen anything like it
-Right, send a diplomatic vessel, may be we will have a new ally


The Drakodominatus Fleet exited hyperspace in perfect synchronization, with the giant hyper laser of the Subjugator Class Dreadnought, the super lasers on board, transuranic lances, and the missile weaponry fired all at once. Mag'heli Dreadnoughts were turned into steaming piles of metal while raiders were obliterated. Return fire from the Mag'Heli, accustomed to mostly breaching kinetic barriers, had a tough time penetrating the heavy shields of the Drakodominatus, a demoralizing sight. The admiral of the Drakodominatus fleet simply smiled, and gave the order to completely destroy the enemy fleet.

The Mag'heli weapons almost shook themselves loose of the ships as they repeatedly fired upon the Drakodominatus fleet. Yet another species had attempted to encroach upon the Dominions dominance over the wormhole, and Tu'rak wondered exactly how many species wanted the wormhole. Drakodominatus ships were repeatedly pounded by kinetic weapons fire, along with projected energy weapons and even some guns which just projected lethal levels of radiation at it's target. At the same time, nanobots tore apart Mag'heli ships, crewmembers and brutes alike, and many a crewmember or captain died in writhing agony as their skin was slowly torn away by tiny mechanical droids. Dreadnoughts were obliderated in antimatter explosions and simple rockets destroyed raiders at an incredible pace. These foes were much stronger than any faced before. Tu'rak would not stand for it, and gave the order for a tactical retreat in order to lay a minefield that would cripple the Drakodominatus.

In the few minutes that fighting had gone along, the Drakodominatus had destroyed a large part of the enemy fleet with no losses of ships yet for themselves, and saw the enemy fleet retreating. The admiral gave the order for one Baal Class carrier to follow them, and the Baal Class Carrier soon stumbled into the minefield, however sensors were not able to pick the mines up. Then, right as several mines were incredibly near to the engine, they blew up in perfect unison. The mines broke the hyper matter engines of the ship and left it crippled and without shielding, and without the ability to fire back or release any of its fighters.

The Mag'heli fleet swooped in, at full force, and though the neutronium shell held off the attacks at the hull, raiders fired more at the engines along with the dreadnoughts, and started a cataclysmic chain reaction that consumed the entire Drakodominatus ship. What came as a giant morale boost to the Mag'heli fleet, came as a blow to the Drakodominatus fleet. Enraged, the admiral of the Drakodominatus fleet commanded the rest of it to stay in position at the planet and not to move to the wormhole, as the Mag'Heli did not possess anything of need to them, and gave orders to commence orbital bombardment, followed soon after by invasion


Cesterity basically threw himself at the massive, steel gate;

"Let me in!"

A Marine called down in a satire tone;

"What's the password?"

"Just let me in you moron!" Cesterity yelled back, not amused.

"*sighs* Alrighty then."

He pressed a button, and the massive doors swung open, and the Captain ran straight for the command structure, the door opened in front of him as a aged Drodo, easily fifty or sixty years old, came through;

"I heard of your arrival, Fleet Captain Cesterity."

An exhausted Cesterity looked up;

"General Torus?"

"The one and only." The General responded, he added;

"What happened? You look terrible!"

It was only now that Cesterity realized that he was covered in dirt, blood, and scraches.

"Oh, uh, my apologies, but we have bigger things to worry about. Those aliens, did they attack?"

Torus responded quickly;

"In force, but we pushed them back quickly. They have been identified as the 'Mag'heli'."

Cesterity thought for a moment, then said;

"How are the troops?"

"They are doing well," the General responded;


"I propose a counterattack, seeing that they probably used everything in this sector to take us down." Cesterity responded quickly;

"Few of them where left when they retreated," the General said off-hand;

"They'd be little more than target practice."

"Serves them right." Cesterity said darkly to himself. Before leaving the War room table.

Cesterity jumped out of the beetle and executed a perfect roll. A larger dropship released a large, two-legged walker, about ten metres tall, it had a somewhat large cockpit with two massive rotary autocannons on either side, Cesterity was surprised by this new vehicle;

"What is that?"

A marine came up to him;

"That, commander, is a Goliath."

Right afterWards, a Mag'heli shot the walker with a rocket launcher, it harmlessly exploded off of its hull. The Goliath continued to unleash its fury on that poor trooper. It fired a burst in the general vicinity of that soldier, after the smoke cleared, there was nothing but a massive crater, and no trace of the Mag'heli.

Cesterity gave one order;

"Take no prisoners."

The Drodoian Marines did just that. They systematically killed every Mag'heli on sight.

Cesterity saw a scarred, injured Drodo limp away from the battle ground;

"A survivor!" He thought,

He sprinted toWards him, and gunned down a Mag'heli along the way. He ran up to the Drodo, and roughly put him behind cover;

"Are you alright?"

"What the - Captain, I'm glad your here *coughs* just get me out of here."

Cesterity looked at him;

"Of course."

He got the injured Marine behind enemy lines, and continued to overrun the Mag'heli. After the battle, Cesterity got a transmission from his ship, the Impaler 2;

"Sir, we need you up here! Its a losing battle here in orbit. I repea-"

The transmission ended in static, Cesterity contacted General Torus;


"What is it, Cesterity?"

"You can handle the efforts on the ground, I'm needed in space."



The crude monitors showed multiple blood red dots scattered throught the surface of the planet, and one by one they were dissapearing. Mag'heli forces on the ground were being slaughtered, but at least things were going better in space. The enemy flagship was being brutally assaulted by no less than half a dozen raiders, and the opposing fleet was taking heavy casualties. Nontheless, the ship in which controller M'kras shook violently as it was peppered by Drodoian weapons fire. Monitors exploded and coolant systems leaked as the energy weapons sent massive charges of electricity through the system. The "Dining hall" was torn wide open and it's contents emptied into space. The surviving crew staggered about attempting to maintain their balance and not be crushed by toppling Brutes (Many of whom attempted to grab on to crewmembers for support and crushed them as they fell). The moment he saw both an Eranian vessel and more unidentified ships entering the system, he paniced, fearing death had come to him. He realised immediately after opening his mouth he should have had a brute give the command, but nontheless he gave it. "ORDER A CEASE FIRE AND OPEN A CHANNEL TO THE ENEMY COMMANDER" he bellowed at the top of his voice.

A ghost class scoutship entered orbit around the contested planet, and initiated a tap into all communications throught the system immediately, as was protocol. Immediately they were confronted with something that boded poorly. A Mag'heli requesting to talk with an enemy commander. This meant the battle was already lost, as in their experience Mag'heli only "Talk" in order to brag about their victories. They decided to stay out of the conversation, but listen in to discover the nearest planet inhabited by these "Drodo" so that they might work together to find a way back to the collective. Of course, Kerrata had no intention of returning just yet, but the rest of the crew did.

Vitaze Nasdtzectht stood attentively, as he was contacted by the Drodo known as Cesterity and the Mag'Heli known as M'kras. He figured that he could have an easier time acquiring the Drodoian Gold assuming he had the information, and the Drodo could give that to him. He was assured in the fact that if a battle broke out again that he would be able to completely exterminate the enemy, and thus told all the ships to stand down. However, weapons were locked on the remaining Drodo and Mag'Heli ships, meaning utter destruction for them assuming they stepped out of line. With that ,he opened up the communications channel with Cesterity and M'kras

Cesterity looked up at his viewscreen, from the moment he first heard M'kras' voice, he reminded him of Tor Kah. Everything was the same. From that, he knew it was only a matter of time before he begged for his life. That arrived quicker than he expected. He said slowly under his breath;



Vitaze Nasdtzectht: I am admiral Vitaze Nasdtzecht of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, commander of the (15km) Dreadnaught "Accuser". If you are of the race named the Drodian Empire, state your name, rank, and the amount of personell under your command. In addition state your current diplomatic relations with the Mag' Heli race, as well as the properties and locations of Drodoian Gold, failure to comply will result in the outbreak of combat, and as you can see from what remains of the Mag'Heli fleet, it will not be pretty for you, and a cakewalk for us, as we have only lost one ship to a freak accident in the minefield. Do not try anything sneaky or your fleet, this world, and your race will pay the price.

Cesterity looked up with contempt, he has been threatened by a lot of aliens lately, and he does not enjoy it;

"Its Drodo Empire for your information, and I am Fleet Captain Cesterity. Now, I don't want another fight but we aren't idiots, we aren't just going to hand over everything on a whim from someone who threatened to kill me, my crew, and my people." He responded, he quickly added;

"I'm certain we can figure something out." He hoped he made the right desision. He had already killed many aliens in the past two days, he didn't need the blood of his own crew on his hands.

Vitaze Nasdtzectht smirked at the arrogance of the Drodo and gestured at one of his crew members to fire at a massive asteroid nearby with a hyperlaser, and it was vaporized on impact.

"Our scans have found large amounts of a substance that is distinct from anything that we have ever found, engineered, or traded for, and that is saying a lot. This is probably the fabled Drodoian Gold, and if somebody like you is deserving of your pompous attitude, you will be wise to tell us where every known deposit of Drodoian Gold is, or you will evacuate this planet and turn over all it's reserves of Drodoian Gold." Vitaze Nasdtzecht frankly stated, he added "Our guns are trained on every fleet within this system, identified or not , and battle will begin if you do not reach a decision"

Cesterity was surprised by the captain of the ship;

"You call us pompous, your the one demanding that I basically hand my own ass to you! We can discuss a compromise, just be thankful I am being patient."

He was starting to get angry at the other commander, he called General Torus;



"Get everyone off of that planet, now."

Vitaze Nasdtzectht was aggravated by the pomposity of the Drodo Captain, and in a more enraged voice said "Fool the Drakodominatus Tyranny has crushed empires far larger and far more advanced than yours in both Mirus and Kraw. We have intercepted your orders and have already seeded the planet with weapons that will burn the atmosphere and turn everything into inorganic mush on our command. All your escape craft are in the targeting reticules of our fighters, and if you know what is good for you, you will rescind the order and make the decision quite soon, otherwise the might of the Tyranny will descend upon you, and your world will be no more, be civilized Drodo, think."

He looked up;

"Your bluffing, asshole."

"If you can, do it, I dare you."

Tipping PointEdit

Vitaze Nasdtzectht simply smiled and said" It has been a pleasure doing business with you", and ended the comm. "Order all ships to fire, and activate the bioweapons(guys unexposed to the organic stuff won't suffer), in addition send the nanosWarm to finish of the Drodian fleet as well." He ordered.

Wave after wave of Drakodominatus weapons fire saturated the Drodo fleet, leaving only a few surviving , with even Cesterity's flagship being damaged severely by antimatter blasts. Ships that were trying to leave the planet were blasted to oblivion, and the bioweapon was taking effect, turning what was once a beautiful planet into primordial stew

Cesterity yelled out loud;


"Get us out of here!"

The ship stalled;

"What the heck is happening!?"

"The Jumpdrives are stalling, sir!" A crewmember reported.

Cesterity looked up than got from his chair as his entire ship was falling apart;

"Hail them"

The viewscreen lit up as the Drakodominatus captain came onto the screen;

"Alright, you defeated us, I surrender."

All of the bridge crew looked up, they could not believe what their commander was saying;

"Do whatever you want to me, just return my crew safely to Drodo space."

"You will comply."

Vitaze Nasdtzectht grinned and replied "Very Well, the holds are ready for you, the Harvester Class Prison Drones are picking you up as we speak, and returning you to our special prisoner holds. BeWare, that these holds can be opened to the vaccum of space at any time in case you try to escape, not a problem for people in full power armor, but you will be required to surrender all your weapons and armor, meaning if it happens, well decompression is a rather entertaining spectacle."


There was nothing to do but think in the dark hold of the drone.

Cesterity could not stop thinking about the mistakes he made in the last two days;

"Had I of listened to that crewman, and not of fired on those Eranians, I could of avoided the deaths of many of my crew..." He thought, he continued;

"Could of ended this damned War before it freaking started"

"I have to stop dwelling on the past, what's in store in the future..."

"Interrogation? Definatly, seeing that they call themselves the Drakodominatus Tyranny is a good indicator that it won't be pretty."

He looked at the other Drodo, it was cramped, and no one was very exeited for obvious reasons;

"They won't honor my demands, these people are going to become slaves, for all I know..."


The drone started to shake, they've landed. The pod's door opened and everyone inside was hauled out, he looked around in the large hangar;

"Well, this is it."

Vitaze Nasdtzectht cursed the fact that he had ordered his ship to be equipped with the mind uploading apparatus, but the volume of the prototype intergalactic drive prevented him from getting the apparatus without sacrificing some weapons. He reflected to himself on the current affairs, and saw that his nanosWarm had already consumed the planets crust and were coming back with large amounts of unidentified material, the Drodoian Gold. However, when he tried powering a fighter with it, nothing happened

"This is madness" he screamed

"We need to find a way to implement this power source, and a way to get more of it, the materials engineering guys back in Mirus need more" the admiral pondered

The admiral commanded "Commence interrogations of all Drodo on board, call up the most sadistic and amoral Haemocoli Schaden, divide the prisoners into groups of 100, and if they do not speak immediately..."

And with a smile he added "Cratzhen ahtzevs xeewashtz vacht drigen schaditz dest drigen Xhodocto (These ones prove worthy, make them wish for the torture of the Xhodocto)"


Cesterity finally got the cuffs off, but only to see more guards coming his way;

"I don't know where their taking me, but best I put these back on," He reasoned;

"At least I know how to get them off now."

They roughly grabbed him, Cesterity struggled for a minute, before asking;

"Where are you taking me?"

"None of your concern." A Drakodominatus honor guard replied sternly.

"Uh oh, that's not good." He thought, He tried to get out of the two honor guards' grip;

"How 'bout you two asswipes let me go!" He demanded, one of the guards tightened his grip, Cesterity started to cringe. He looked the Captain in the eyes;

"If you think that's painful, than you will not survive what's going to happen to you in that room." He pointed to a door, Cesterity started to panic;

"Oh shit, not torture, anything but that!" He said in his mind, he widened his eyes, he was thrown in;

"Have fun." The honor guard said with sadistic joy.

The room was dark, he barily make out any features, Cesterity got up, and took a look around;

"I guess this is well and truly it." Cesterity said with fear.


Vitaze Nasdtzectht stared blankly at the monitors, cursing how he could still not implement the Drodoian Gold he already had, and that the people on Demogorgon Prime were requesting more. Militarily, this operation had gone along incredibly well with only the loss of a carrier to a freak accident and the combined efforts of the Mag'Heli. He commanded "Get Cesterity to the interrogation chamber, i'll be there, also bring along the Drachon and the most sadistic Haemocolus Schaden on this ship

Vitaze Nasdtzectht said "Hello Cesterity, it is a pleasure to finally meet you in person" he calmly said. "Now back to the original question, where is the Drodoian Gold, and do not worry, you will not be tortured" he sadistically said, noting in the back of his mind he had something far worse in his sleeve.

Cesterity glared, and said;

"The Drodoian Gold is on the planets near and around here, dumb-ass. I didn't know you needed a Fleet Captain to confirm that little piece of knowledge." He than added;

"I got a little question of my own, if your not going to torture me, than who else are you going to torture? My first officer? Why don't you just honor my demands, and let them go. I'm all you need!"

Vitaze Nasdtzectht snarled with indignity, never before had he seen a species that was still so arrogant even in the face of certain defeat. Instantly however, he gave a smile, and returned to his monotone "Well if it is a name calling you want, failure, we want the exact coordinates of every single planet with Drodoian Gold, and you will transmit to them that they will ship all the Drodoian Gold to this planet. In addition, you eagerly ask who will be tortured, and if you are the dumbass i think you are, you will find out very soon. In addition, do not bother trying to escape, as either of the honor guards, and the Drachon are used to taking on Epic creatures head on, and have thousands of years of experience. You will be all i need if you comply with my demands" he said with trademark monotone

"I have no intention of escaping, I simply want to... time." He continued;

"As for the exact coordinates, your going to have to try better than that."

He was trying not to show his fear, but he knew he couldn't last forever. They took is wristpad, it would eventually emit a distress signal on a encrypted frequency, one that, he therorised, they couldn't pick up.

"I just have to keep this idiot talking" He thought, which was somewhat reassuring given the situation.

Vitaze Nasdtzectht laughed "Oh silly Cesterity, we have already tampered with your distress signal sending device, and instead sent a request to send the entire fleet to a certain coordinate that is in the middle of a black hole for the distress signal as well as to transmit the planetary archive to us" In addition to this, our biological sensors and our friendly Schaden over here have detected fluctuations in your life signals." he calmly said, "now comes the fun part he continued", he continued "as the locations of Drodoian Gold are probably confidential and not even on your archives, and the fact that you are not talking means we must move onto ... harsher tactics, the 10 Drodo we have identified as most loyal to you through interviews with them will be tortured slowly in front of your eyes by our Schaden, unrivaled masters of pain for a long period of time, in addition their screams will be sent to all other Drodo prisoners on this ship" he said with some schadenfreude.'

The Drodo began singing in a chorus of unnatural and unrivaled pain for what seemed to be countless amounts of time, and were kept alive by life support that pumped in chemicals that enhanced the pain.

"Please Captain, help us", some cried "Just tell them the damn locations" others lamented "I want my mommy" another said The final one, with tears in his eyes and looked up at Cesterity and said "Why?"

Cesterity's eyes darted around, he started hyperventlating, he said quickly;

"The- the locations are the Mutara System e-eight light years from here, th- the Beta centauris system, and the..." he couldn't remember;

"the- no! I- I can't remember! Damn it! Damn you! AAAAH!" He fell to his knees;

"Just let them go, please!" His complexion went blank for a moment, before saying calmly;

"The- the Toranis system..."

"That's it. Now let them go you sick, sonofabitch!" He got up, and added;

"My people aren't that stupid, either, they now there's a black hole their, they know its a fake, and they are after you, Vitaze!"

His expression softed, when he said;

"Now, let them go."

Vitaze Nasdtzectht smirked and stated "That wasn't so hard, was it, in addition if we find out that these locations are false, all imprisoned Drodo will suffer a fate far worse than these 10, who are still very much alive, and i am afraid that i am not done yet with my questioning. "What are the military strengths of each of those systems, and where can i find a reactor that can process Drodoian Gold, in addition, Haemocolus call up the next 90 Drodo prisoners to share in the fate of these 10, in addition you do know what will happen when we let your fleet catches up with us, as none of the Drodian military aside from you has any experience fighting us, and it will be as one sided as before". He was secretly furious at his lack of foresight at not knowing that the Drodo knew it would be a trap.

"I... said... LET THEM ALL GO!!!" He screamed, he did not want to give away locations, but he did not want to lose his crew, his friends, his...


"Alright, you sick bastard, those systems are well defended, enough to blow your mongrel hides back to where they came from, and reactors? We barily even found the damn stuff, there aren't reactors for it yet!"

"Now, I've got one question for you, do you feel anything? When you send those people to what could very well be their deaths, do you feel anything? Anything at all. Guilt, sadness, or do you enjoy watching people, watching me, suffer?" He asked, he hopes this will make him realise something,

"It won't do anything" He thought. Its not optumistic, but its realistic, given the scenario.

Vitaze Nasdtzectht smiled at the situation and said "We do not violate your codes, we reject them, I do not take much pleasure in this situation, i am indifferent as i merely want the job done. Had you spoken up earlier this would not have happened, however you have made the Haemocoli Schaden very happy, they take pleasure in this. You want freedom so much, we will let this ordeal stop and give you freedom with how to stop it. You want me to let them go? You will spin this wheel of execution which demonstrates the way in which these 100 will die, and they will receive the corresponding execution(the descriptions of which made Cesterity question if there was any good in the universe) but if you do not spin we will take the rest of the Drodo and put them in this state until the biological end of their life times. Your choice."

Cesterity looked down to the ground;

"What have I done?" He thought, completly confused;

"Are you telling me I have to choose how my crew, my friends, my family die?"

"Please, just... just...."

His vision darkened, he tried to grab on to something, but to no avail, the last thing he remembered was a massive explosion rocking the ship and feeling his two hearts stop beating.

Vitaze screamed "he will not die, life support him so he can complete this task", and at this the Haemocoli brought him back from the brink

He woke up with a jolt of energy;

"Wha- where am I?"

He looked around;

"No... no I thought I was dead, just kill me, please."

He looked down, he was being kept alive by some sort of life-support device.

"You're sick!"

He cocked his head slightly to see a wheel;

"No... no I refuse to touch that friggin' wheel!"

"It can't be. Now they are just doing it for enjoyment!" He thought, he looked up to see his ten closest friends;

"You can't do this!!!" He cried.

Vitaze merely shook his head and said "hmm, if you want to play this game, we will call up the rest of your crew, and it will be the job of these 100 to spin the wheel, you of course will watch, now spin the wheel"

Cesterity looked down in despair, spun it slightly, than looked up;

"I... I'm sorry. I am so sorry."

This process continued 97 times, each claiming a close friend of Cesterity until Cesterity fainted. Cesertiy could not be brought back, and with all mining operations done and the Drodoian gold in the system secured, Cesterity and the three remaining where placed in special vaccum suits to remain as Warnings to others in the system, the rest of the crew were killed, and their liquified remains spread across the system, and finally the Drakodominatus fleet entered hyperspace and went back to their Milky Way base to give the material to the tyranny in them mirus galaxy


Vankalian and Sadioch take long to reach the Firebase Omega, after eluding several platoons Mag'heli were tired. Yet. strangely, did not capture a few hours another Mag'heli, the ground was deserted. When he finally reached the Firebase were disappointed not to find any Drodo, and most importantly, not finding Cesterity.
-Are there someone here?- shouted Vankalian
-What we do now?- ask Sadioch
-I don't know... Sadioch!
But Sadioch dematerialized in a beam of light, while in a computer of the Firebase appeared the image of five battleships "Conqueror" and the destroyer "Justice" of the USF.
-Mask... he teleported Sadioch, but how? are underground, and why?
Immediately after his communicator went on
-General Vankalian, here Afnai and the others Steels Soldiers, we come to help you
-Thanks guys, but you could arrive before

In the Justice Sadioch was escorted by members of the Shadow Regiment toWards the cockpit, where Mask expected him.
-Sadioch, how lucky you arrived safe and sound!- said with pomposity Mask -I was waiting you
-Why do you need, commander?
-The code
-Yes, I have it- and Sadioch gived to Mask the code of the wormhole
-The other code
-Do you know about it?
-Of course, give me it!
Sadioch gived the cristal which take of the base in the planet to Mask
-Well... what about Vankalian?
-I sended him a brigade of the Steels
-What do we do now?
-You... anything- and Mask hit with his brass knuckles to Sadioch in the face.
-Why...?- said Sadioch while bleeding from his face
-Your services are not longer necessary for the Federation anymore- said Mask while brandished his laser gun -was a pleasure to meet you, Sadioch, good night, and shooted the gun.

While, in the planet, Afnai and the others Steels met with Vankalian in the Firebase.
-General, the Federation is coming, Mask want to see you in the Justice now- said Afnai
-Yes, I want to see him too, he must to give me some explications- said Vankalian with a smile.


Cesterity was given a syringe to revive him, he awoke with three simple words;

"Where... is... he."

"I said, WHERE IS HE!!!"

He jumped up and started to violently push away tables, chairs, and other people.

"Uh oh." Dr. Serus muttered, he quickly grabbed a clean syringe, put in a few milligrams of seditive, and injected it into the furious captain's neck before he could cause anymore chaos. Cesterity flopped into his arms;

"I won't have someone running around in my office trying to kill!" He exclaimed, before setting him on to a chair;

"At least we know you can walk." He said offhandedly.

Cesterity responded;

"I'm sorry Doc, its just he killed all of my men, butchered them like animals!" He explained in a sedate, not at all sober tone.

"The seditive works, too." He said cynically.

"Listen, I hate to see a captain like you in such drunken sorrow. So, what if I told you that a few of 'our fine boys' made it back safely." He said again, in a more serious, but still very sarcastic, tone.

Cesterity stood up in his seat;


Serus was quick to respond;

"They have been identitfied as Lieutenant Commander Torix, Chief Security Officer Sornas, and one only identitfied as Sirius."

Cesterity knew he saved nothing in comparison to what he lost today, but he thought he'd make the best out of a bad situation;

"Can I meet them?" He asked;

The Doctor was walking around the room typing data on to a pad;

"Unfortunatly, they still need to rest a little after their ordeal, you can come back tomorrow at nine." He said quickly.

"I advise you get some rest as well." He added.

Cesterity tried to sleep, but was constantly woken up by what happened. He had made too many bad desisions, had the blood of one-thousand five-hundred of his own people on his hands.

"I can't take it anymore!" He screamed in his mind, he quickly got out of his bed, and walked toWards his pistol, he loaded it with one bullet, sat down, and put it up to his head, he shut his eyes, and slowly squeezed the trigger;

"one quarter..."

"two quarters..."


He heard someone behind him;



Cesterity opened his eyes, he was alive, he saw his gun on the floor, and a bullet hole through the wall. He turned around to the marksman who shot his pistol out of his hand, it was his First Officer, he had a pale, white tinge, and was translucent. He said;

"Now what in god's name do you think your doing captain?"


Cesterity was incredibly surprised at his late First Officer's timely arrival;

"I... I thought you where dead! Butchered by those monsters."

"I was, err, I mean, I am." He responded, as he put his pistol away;

"Than... your a ghost?" Cesterity guessed;

"Unfortunatly, no. I'm a figment of your imagination." He clairified, before continuing;

"Sir, you've got to be strong. You told me that. Heed your own advice, its not over. He'll pay for what he's done, and I'll be by your side..." He assured.

"uh, technically be by your side. Just, captain, I can trust you won't go overkill, or you'll be as evil as he is." He Warned;

"I'll give him what he deserves, that's all." Cesterity said with some anger.

With that, First Officer Garus dematerializd into thin air.


Mikios Jertar was absolutely stuck. He was trapped, alone on a planet in another galaxy on a mission only one other person, besides those he was with, knows about. His sole hope of escape was a ship which had likely been disintergrated in atmospheric entry. Just like in Castria III, he supposed. He had escaped that one by sheer luck, he doubted he would be this lucky a second time. Regardless, he continuted his trek through the desert, following the footsteps of those who most likely took his ship. After many hours, he could see a building on the horizon. That must be them.


Vankalian ran to meet the Steel finally see his comrades again, once in the door of the base found them, were alive. There was no time for tears or loose jokes, Afnai was in a hurry, wanted to see Vankalian Mask now. Looking at the blue sky, Afnai pressed his wrist and said aloud:
-We have the general, requesting extraction
-Sorry, Afnai, the senate need somebody talented in fighting down there, just go up Vankalian- said a voice.
-Right, good luck general- said Afnai addressing to Vankalian.
-You too- and Vankalian was dematerialized

On the ship were all agitated, Vankalian walked briskly into the cabin and opened the door, Mask was sitting at the window of the cab, not fly anything, not a laser, or a missile, all was quiet. Vankalian not understand the hubbub of the crew, there was no danger, apparently. In his experience so calmly knew was not good, it must be that, the crew knew it was the calm before the storm.
-Mask, inform me- said Vankalian strongly
-Please, Vankalian, not a greeting to your old friend, after so we did together
-If not ill remember the last time I almost died because of you, inform me
-Ok, a fleet, which we consider neutral, launched a nanosWarm, extracted tons of Drodoian Gold and retired to unknown territories
-Why not order a pursuit?
-I was ordered not to act until your reaches
-Right, make a damage report, send a message to Drodo, we know how many of them survived. Tell me, what happened to the wormhole?
-We lost it, but without the stabilization code will not hold more than a week
Vankalian remembered something important, he had forgotten Sadioch
-What about Sadioch?
-Took you to remember him- said with a smile -he is where he must be
-Where is he, Mask?- said nervously, something was wrong
-He is die
-You kill him?!- shouted angry.
-His services are unnecessary for the Federation- said Mask normally -And yours will be too, soon.
-You know I'm a better fighter than you, you would win with your eyes closed
-Yes, unfortunately using brute force'm not very good, so I trebajando in this- and he pull a botton in his forearm, and a cloud of nanobots and covered it in seconds, they were transformed into a biotechnological armor with a reactor similar to that seen in the ring of the wormhole.
-Vankalian, I present you the UH-999: Absolution, the most powerful of all biotechnological armor you'll ever see
-What is that thing?
-A small project I been working, combining technology Eranian, Drakodominatus and Drodo, the ultimate weapon, the army of one man.
-It is not the weapon but the wearer- said Vankalian and joined the attack. He kicked strongly to Mask, but he never flinched, blocking the blow with a finger. Vankalian tried yo hit him in the face, but Mask was very fast and also blocked him, jumped back to take Vankalian Bertranian and shot him a Mask, who just stepped back. Vankalian repeatedly opened fire causing a cloud of smoke around his enemy. -Nice try, let me try me...- said Mask from the smoke, and a powerfull ray of energy cut one of the walls of the vessel.
-Vankalian told you, now I am superior to you, say your last words- and Mask pointed with his arm to Vankalian.
-Only this watch where you point it- and Vankalian kick Mask's arm, diverting his shot to the side.
The shot hit the dashboard, destroying it and causing the ship changed its course toWards the planet. The shock was such that Vankalian had the opportunity to escape the teleporter.


Vitaze Nasdtzectht disembarked on Maginordunried, the Drakodominatus base in the MIlky Way. Here, he left his ship as it docked on one of the many orbital drydocks and took the elevator from orbit down to the planet itself. With the help of the mysterious Mask, his science teams figured out how to properly implement the Drodoian Gold into energy systems, and settled down into his office on the planet. He sent home on a ship with the intergalactic drive, along with several Drodo for experimentation as well as a lot of Drodoian Gold, the plans for code to make the Gold more efficient. He was about to begin his letter to his family, but before he could begin writing, he was interrupted by his adjutant who reminded him that Grand Admiral Daiztrancriven Aloftractis needed his report.

Vitaze greeted"Greetings Grand Admiral, the colonization efforts in the Milky Way are going along splendidly, in addition we have captured a planet's worth of a powerful energy source which produces much more energy than a hypermatter core of the same volume. In addition we have annihilated two enemy fleets that we came in contact with, with the loss of only one Baal Class to a freak accident, but the fighters were not damaged as they were away from the fighter, though with the NanosWarm we have rebuilt it, permission to invade more enemy systems?"

"Splendid, yes, i am impressed by the specifications of the Drodoian Gold, is there anything that is needed in order to further help you with your plans, a performance record like yours could Warrant the aWarding of a Demogorgon Class Leviathan, however the rest of the Grand Admiralty could dispute that decision, and the decision making process might take more than one week, would you want one?" the Grand Admiral asked

Vitaze was dumbstruck by the thought of being in command of a Demogorgon Class, and displayed visible delight. However, he did not like the idea of paperwork as his plans could not wait for the red tape of even the efficient Drakodominatus. "Grand Admiral, I would not want a Demogorgon Class just yet, however, could you send me a prototype Kraken to test the powers of Drodoian Gold?" he asked politely

"Yes, i would like to see the capabilities of such a powerful energy source, a Kraken is en route to your position and should arrive shortly, however it is all drives to make this faster so you will have to retrofit it when it comes to you in a week, anyways, i am satisfied with the mission, goodbye Admiral" replied the Grand Admiral, and with that the transmission ended.

Vitaze was happy beyond belief at the fact that he was going to be the first one to use a Kraken in action, however he then turned to a picture of his immediate family back home, of house Vitaze,and began writing a letter.

To: House Vitaze

It has been an incredibly exhilarating experience here in the Milky Way. I have discovered and seen things that most people would have not thought possible, so beautiful, i wish you could all be there to see it. In addition, the Drakodominatus has been expanding well in this region, and i wish you could see some of the colonies here. I think of you every day, when i am commanding the ships, it is so our great Tyranny may survive, when i interrogate enemies, it is so Tyranny troopers do not have to die when they attack, as the morals of others apply not to us. You are all in my heart whenever i commit a certain action, and everyday i wish you were here, or i was with you, back in the embrace of Demogorgon. I promise though, i will see you soon

Sincerely, Vitaze Nasdtzectht

He then sent the letter, awaiting the Kraken, but more importantly, his family's reply

Aboard the Impaler 2, five days ago

Cesterity walked down the corridor with a mug in his hand, and a datapad in the other. He passed it to a ensign;

"Could you verify this?"

"Of course, sir." She responded.

The Captain sat down in his chair when a familiar voice boasted;

"Looks like someone is going on leave soon." It was First Officer Garus, he and Cesterity where friends to the bitter end. When they first bumped into each other aboard the Indestructible 2, they where at each others throats, that was before the remnant Grox ship came after the ship. Cesterity assumed control of the ship after the original captain and first officer where killed, he appointed whoever was nearest, in this case Garus, as First Officer. Ever since, it had grown into a strong friendship, and, little did they both know, one that could be exploited...

"Ah, I don't need leave, that crap's for coWards!" Cesterity responded in a lively tone. They both laughed at the joke. For as long as Garus could remember, Cesterity always poked a little fun at him. He always had a comment, one of the things that made him a good friend in Garus' opinion.

Sirius simply rolled his eyes, and cracked a small, but sincere, smile.

"Torix, get this data down to engineering, please." He asked in a calm, restrained, almost robotic, tone. Sirius is a synth, which, in the Drodo Empire, was any AI in a Drodo's body. He was in a league of his own, seeing that he was the only mechanical life in the Drodo Empire that could emote, albeit, only to a degree. He looked back to the commanding officers, they where talking as usual. He simply rolled his eyes;


Torix was in a rush, occasionally saying "Hello" to someone. It was almost his break, and he promised one of his friends they'd meet, because, apparently, he found some way to book a shuttlecraft so they could fly around a bit;

"Seems better than here" He thought, Torix was nearly Cesterity's age and not one for rules and regulations. He constantly met up with his friend, Raynis, and constantly made infractions for kicks. The lieutenant commander passed a datapad to one of the engineering crew;

"Get this over to the chief engie, got it?"

"Alright, and can you stop calling us 'engies'? It isn't funny." The lieutenant quipped;

"Whatever you say, engie." Torix responded over his shoulder, he laughed half of the way to the shuttlebay. He had a good enough service record while on duty, he would come with a crisp, clean uniform with boots shined, saved the crew more than once, and secretly had connections with the Drodo Mafia, much to the dismay of everyone who knew that fact. The thick doors slid open and came to a stop with a thud;

"So, Raynis, you got that shuttlecraft rented?"

He responded in a quick tone;

"Yup, right here, its a Sornisan T-550 series shuttle-"

Torix stopped him;

"I don't need the technical specs, I just need to know if the thing will work?"

"Uh, yeah, probably, I think." Raynis responded with hesitation.

Torix responded;

"What do you mean Raynis?"

"It'll work, trust me." Raynis responded;

"It better."

They boarded the shuttlecraft, and started doing circles around the ship, before branching out and weaving through a sparse asteroid field, that's when they started to regret their desision. There was a explosion from the starboard side;

"Torix, what was that?" Raynis asked nervously;

"Well, I don't know!" He responded in a paniced voice.

Cesterity was sitting in his chair when he heard a beeping noise come from a console, and Sirius's voice;

"Sir, this console says that we are firing at one of our shuttles."

"What do you mean?" Garus responded;

"What I mean is that their is a Drodo shuttle in our line of fire and we should discontinue immediatly." Sirius explained;

"Torix..." Cesterity said to no one in particular;

"What was that?" Garus asked;

"Lieutenant Commander Torix. This'll be the third time this year I have to put him in the brig for misconduct." He elaborated.

Torix was in a panic, their weren't any ship-to-ship weapons on board, so they couldn't fight back. That's when he remembered something;

"We where going to move to a new location, through this asteroid field..."

"Who's 'we'?" Raynis asked;

"The ship you moron!" Torix responded roughly;

"Now check the damn sensors!"

Raynis looked over to a screen;

"It was just the Impaler... clearing out asteroids." He said slowly;

""We're saved! We're saved! We're-"

The viewscreen came down;

"In some deep shit!" Cesterity interjected;

Torix decided to negotiate;

"Come on, captain, it was a...

Minor infraction, right?"

"No, it was a big infraction! You're both confined to the brig for today and tomorrow and confined to quarters for a week, got it?"

Torix sighed, and said;

"Alright, captain."

Cesterity was soon pulled out of his pleasent thoughts, and into the cold reality;

"Sir, your new ship is ready."

"Well, maybe not cold reality..."

Kerrata sat and thought, creating links and considering her next cause of action. She sat secluded in her own quarters, her face lit only by the pale light of a computer screen, merely watching data fly across said screen. The Mag'heli found a wormhole, likely by mistake as there was a battle in progress, if they had discovered it far earlier than she believed there would have been more debris at the wormhole mouth. They Warred for control, and mid-battle the Eranians come in. The mag'heli wanted a War with the Eranians but couldn't due to the Iteok, so they had reserves of ships... This many? No, they likely had more ready, they would want the War over fast. Hrm, The battle is over and the Mag'heli have taken the wormhole away from it's creators, and destroyed the ring. The ring was there for a reason, and wasn't removed. The wormhole was created previously, ergo the ring was required for wormhole stability. The science ship crashes mid-battle and the Eranians go to get it, along with Mikios. The Eranians in orbit are killed... Mikios will want to get off the planet, he'll find.... He'll find his own ship, from the actions taken on Castria III he doesn't trust other spaceships. This means that the equipment will be intact. The Mag'heli move on to a new planet, and after another battle, in which they take great measures to attempt to control the ground, another species comes in and neutralises both forces, taking the "Drodo" commander hostage. She was beginning to work out each species motivations. The drodo want to preserve their land, as they also took measures to control the ground over the air... The mag'heli want to take more land and expand, as they certainly wanted the planet, But why destabalise the wormhole? Of course, they're desperate. They stagnated due to iteok involvement. This new species wiped out all life on a planet to prove a point... Why? Sheer murder? A sadist race perhaps? No, that was illogical. They wanted something and would do anything to get it. They used a biological weapon. A mineral? A structure? A relic? Irrelivant. Hrm, How to proceed...? Best to do whatever is possible to styme this new race...

Mikios trudged through the eternal sands, playing a hand-held games console as he walked, oblivious to the world around him. Gah, walking was so boring! Well, he'd be doing more of it if he couldn't get to a planet. Still, he was near the facility where his ticket off this planet was held. He would have to take it quickly, and then there were the Mag'heli to think about. He cringed as he nearly died on his game, sWarmed by enemy units. He'd have to create a distraction, and well... That was difficult, as he had no resources. Hrm, if only he could get word back to the collective? Perhaps if he... His train of thought was cut off as a stray bullet his his game avatar, using up his last life. He pressed restart and resumed walking.

M'kras was tired and worried, he had recieved transfer to a new ship as his last one had been shredded. He was thankful that this new species had ignored him, so he had time to act. He was outgunned, and had recieved word from that fool Tu'rak that his fleet had been devastated by this group, and knew he could not face them head on. Perhaps a bluff? No, a threat? He couldn't retreat, not now. Perhaps nuclear missiles? He would have to wait to see... Perhaps he can negotiate with this new foe... They don't seem to want land...

Week 2Edit

The Calm Before The StormEdit

Cesterity had, by now, gotten adjusted to his new starship, the "Fire of Deidashia", named after the Drodo's home sun. It was a refitted Impaler-class starship that was decommissioned about a year ago, only to be recommissioned once again by the military to serve as a replacement for the Impaler 2. Although it was the same class of ship, it did not "feel" the same as the Impaler 2, the ship he grew to know, and, for all intents and purposes, his pride and joy, for five long years. Seeing that he was going to brief a spy on a important mission, he might as well stop by and meet a few people;

"It will help me better know my crew." He thought;

"Seeing that my old one won't be coming back"

The Captain had a few questions for the remnants of his first crew;

"It was a horrid experience, fat chance they won't look down on me for it."

He first walked over to Sirius, he was busy at work with consoles, datapads, and other work, Cesterity stepped in;

"Mind if I help?" He asked.

Sirius was somewhat perplexed for a moment, before responding;

"I suppose that's fine with me."

"Good." With that, he grabbed a datapad, and pressed it against the console, before sliding the touchscreen on the pad, all of the text and data from the pad transferred onto the console seamlessly, Cesterity than continued to press a round button on the touch-screen console.

"Hmph," Sirius responded;

"Its a wonder that method illuded me for so long, now, what is it you really want to talk about, sir?"

Cesterity was surprised that Sirius had caught on so quickly;

"What do you mean?" He responded, The captain wasn't enthusiastic about discussing the events on that fateful day. Not only cause it might hurt himself, but it might cause the synth in front of him to be hurt, or tell the truth that should not be spoken, that no one wanted to hear.

"Telling by your body language, you are hiding something, and you do want to speak with me. Now, I'm busy and of little patience, so, if we are going to talk, I am awaiting your que, commander."

Cesterity knew there was no turning back, so, he just asked;

"Sirius, do you look down at me for...

What I did?"

It took Sirius a few seconds to contemplate what his captain said to him, but than looked at him with a blank, straight face, but with much emotion in his pupils, he said simply;

"Sir, what you did on that day was not of your choice. I know you blame yourself for the deaths of one-thousand four-hundred ninety-seven individuals. But that's what they want you to believe. It is not your fault, and I do not blame you for any of the pain and suffering that I had to go through on that day." His voice cracked ever so slightly on the last few words;

"Now... sir, I would wish to return to my work." He said quietly;

Sirius was obvieouly upset even talking about it, so Cesterity decided to drop the subject;

"As you where, Sirius."

"Yes, sir, thank you, sir." He responded quickly.

Cesterity was walking down the hall, he passed by Torix, he had the most tenatious glare Cesterity had ever seen, directed at him. He said;

"Hey, watch out for that cord..."

Cesterity tripped over the cord and landed with a thud;

"Dumb-ass..." Torix said to himself while walking away. He didn't care what android told him otherwise, Cesterity was the reason he was tortured, and why he lost his best friend;

"Raynis..." He thought. They where friends since childhood, they where never seen apart;

"But because of Cesterity, and his coWardice, he's dead now, like everybody else, because that bastard Cesterity surrendered."

He walked down the corridors, he hoped that by some freak accident Cesterity broke his neck on that fall, but it was unlikely;

" say the least." he thought, he continued to walk down the corridors, to his new station- at engineering.

Cesterity could only assume what Torix's opinion was;

"And it doesn't look good..." He thought, seeing that he walked away, saying something behind his back was not a good sign;

"I suppose that's to expected." he rationalized, as he started to walk to the briefing room.

After a long briefing with a unexpectedly hired mercenary, Cesterity ended with;

"Now, is it a deal?"

The sharply-dressed merc simply replyed;

"Of course, Fleet Captain."

For the entire briefing, the merc flipped a butterfly knife, it was embroidered, and obvieously worth a lot of money. He finally flipped back in and put it in his pocket, before grabbing his suitcase, and exiting the room;

"I don't trust him..." Cesterity thought;

"He better get the info I, and the Drodo government want or else he'll personally get a bullet in his brain-sack..."

"...and I'll probably get the same treatment..." He added, before he himself left he room for the bridge.


Vitaze looked at the Kraken’s construction being finished and was awestruck by how intimidating it looked, though a third of the length of a Demogorgon Class Leviathan, the Kraken was still massive at 25 kilometers in length, positively dWarfing whatever could be thrown at them in this War. His adjutant came over and told him that construction was finished and that the Drodoian Gold reactors with the special code had been incorporated and had replaced the hyperspace reactors, and powered every weapon system. At the end of each of the myriad tendrils, there was a hyperlaser, which could go right through a capital ship with relative ease, this was truly a fitting flagship for Vitaze, and was the first of it’s kind. The fleet that he had been allotted for this mission was also somewhat large, amounting to 37 ships in total including his flagship. The composition, he remembered consisted of 6 Subjugator Class Dreadnoughts and 6 Baal Class Carriers, at 15 kilometers in length each, followed by 12 Tyrant Class Battlecruisers and 12 Inferno Class Missile Cruisers at 7.5km in length each, all led by his massive flagship, which had a distinctive design, and was 25 kilometers in length, along with the NanosWarm. It was a large fleet, and Vitaze was sure it could take on anything that could be thrown at them. He checked the mail for anything from his family and got a reply that inspired him.

He embarked, onto his flagship and after each vessel was crewed, he sent off a system wide call to begin hyperspace transit to the Prosperity system, and at once, all the ships in his allocated fleet jumped.With that, a cloaked ship inside of an asteroid sent out a message to Cesterity saying “Vitaze is coming to Prosperity” but before he could give numbers and more names, his signal was detected by a battlestation above the planet and destroyed, sending only a deafening explosion as a final transmission.

Before going to Prosperity however, first the Drakodominatus fleet stopped over the system with the wormhole, for some "weapons testing"


The Mag'heli ships frantically tried to make a defensive formation, then, finding a hole, re-arranged for the fifth time to attempt to cover it. They simply had insufficient ships left. Until, that was, they detected more Mag'heli ships returning from their "Conquest". M'kras's fleet. Tu'rak almost cursed, those aliens must have attacked them, otherwise M'kras would never return. Tu'rak moved to open a comms channel to M'kras, questioning him and potentially mocking him on his failure, when he recieved an urgent report from the man at the sensors of his ship. "More ships incoming, they're those ones who almost destroyed us. Come to finish the job, i suppose..." Tu'rak knew he couldn't survive a fight, but had his brutes order all weapons aimed at them, they would go down fighting at least. He recieved an urgent message over the neural link from M'kras. "Stop". He did so, and simply listened to the Comms

"Attention "Drakodominatus" ships. You are in dominion space, state your buisiness here, or be destroyed. You have once faced down a battle worn fleet that was shattered by enemy ships and run my mere recruits, and were driven off. If you force us to attack you, you will face a much different foe. Hardened, fresh Warriors of the Dominion. You have one minute to respond"

Vitaze was intrigued by this new race and simply gave a display of his new flagship's firepower, tearing holes without any jaggedness throughout entire planet with clean exit marks using the fascinating power of his Drodoian Gold powered hyperlasers. He then replied saying "You will destroy us?" he asked, and he added on "We will do whatever we want, and now we kindly ask, what is your request and what do you want, and do not play coy or you will end up like the Drodo fleet that shattered you in this area-completely destroyed" he stated

M'kras cringed as he knew he was outbluffed. This species had the power to destroy him, he had to handle this tactfully. "We want territory, we want to expand. You pointlessly rendered a planet uninhabitable, so you obviously don't want it. We do. I propose a truce, otherwise we could well destroy one another. You may have great weapons, but we have large numbers and are willing to utilise all of them. We don't care about anything but land, so we both get what we want"

Vitaze was aggravated at the aliens bluffing, and calmly said "Are you recommending i requisition more forces for the Milky Way, if so i shall be pleased to transmit your request to a Grand Admiral, of which this is a tiny portion of his fleet[shows massive armada], in addition to this, if we want this planet, we can simply terraform it, and given what our species needs for sustenance, that is not much effort. Now tell me again in a more calm voice, what do you want? In addition, any other thing perceived as an insult in your speech will be calmly met with the annihilation of your fleet, and the destruction of the wormhole."

After a moments pause to consider, M'kras replied. "Already stated. We want land, and believe the easiest way to acquire it is via an alliance, which would prove mutually beneficial to us. I still find it unlikely land is your goal here, so then you lose nothing from granting our request, and gain the numbers you will need to dominate this sector, because otherwise you will be outnumbered greatly" Vitaze smirked and said" This is better, the Dominion could provide some bulk in the already sufficient fleet, and you can claim these planets as land after the Tyranny get's what it wants. Consider an alliance with the Tyranny for now, for the time being, and subject to change on our whim. Now, if you don't mind, the plan as of now is to invade the Drodo system of Prosperity. If you are an ally, you will jump to these coordinates right as we do."

M'kras began to utter no, but had the Brutes cut him off, agreeing to it. He had to keep up the pretense he wasn't in control, after all. Hrm, he asked Tu'rak to order more ships through the wormhole to reinforce his fleet, while making preparations to jump himself. Vitaze simply said "when you are ready, tell us, and we shall commence jump"


Cesterity sat in his captain's chair in contemplation, he had been thinking about what Sirius said, and, in the case of Torix, what he didn't say. Sirius took him out of his thoughts with a report;

"Sir, three Drodo vessels are approching our position, one Inquisitor-class frigate, and two Ethereal-class corvettes."

"My ship isn't in need of assistance..." Cesterity thought;

"Why Ethereals? All they have is a pair of railgun turrets and...

jammers..." He reasoned. Why would they use an interdictor field around there own ship? The Captain started to piece the story together;

"Its either...

I'm being arrested...

Or there's a fleet hiding in subspace... unlikily, we would of picked them up by now."

"Target the ships and charge weapons!" Cesterity barked;

"If those pain-in-the-ass military police open fire, we'll give them twice as much back at them." He explained.

Sirius was hesitant, was this Fleet Captain Cesterity, legendary captain of the Drodo Empire, poised to kill other Drodo? It did not make sense in his robotic mind, but he has since learned that the universe is not a place for "sense" or "Logic", he trusted his Captain's word more than anything, so, he locked onto the frigate, and two corvettes that came through jumpspace.

"Sir, they are hailing us." A crewmember reported, Cesterity took a deep breath, and told him;

"Patch it through."

The other captain, one that Cesterity didn't recognise, said simply;

"Fleet Captain Cesterity, you are under arrest with the charge of tactical incompetence."

"Shit, ever heard of 'hello'?" Cesterity responded in a sarcastic, nonchalent tone.

"You will come aboard our ship or we will open fire!" The other Captain threatened bluntly;

"And we will return the favor. Now, tell me, who authorised this arrest? Assuming that you do have the mental capacity to read a datapad." He replyed quickly, with that, the other ship shut down comms, and opened fire. The ship shook and sparks flew from a few consoles, but nothing devastating happened to the ship, the ships where peppering one another with constant railgun fire.

Sirius couldn't believe what he was doing, he started to back away from the console he was working on and told the Fleet Captain;

"Sir, its a three-to-one scenario, we cannot win. You're only making it worse for yourself, and the people who you care about, sir." He continued;

"If you where sentenced to prison then, they could very well walk you to the firing range as soon as you reach your destanation."

Cesterity contemplated what Sirius said, before saying simply "No."

"Keep on firing!" He ordered, before a massive blast rocked the ship, a crewmember reported;

"Shields are down!"

The viewscreen lit up again, with the same captain;

"Now, Cesterity, I'm giving you one last time to hand yourself over peacefully. Failure to comply will result in death." He forbodingly told the former Fleet Captain;

Cesterity got out of his chair, walked up to the monitor, and muttered;

"I'll be right over."


Cesterity awoke in a darkened cell room, with restraints around his wrists;

"This can't be happening!" He thought, the empire that he laid down his life for had turned on him, for tactical incompetence? And it doesn't help that he fired on one of his own empire's ships, he was almost definitely going to be executed, seeing the government in it's current state;

"Just a bunch of money-obsessed morons" He thought, the Drodo Mafia was a major factor in this, seeing that they have the ability to pull the strings on politics, and are omnipresent on the Core Worlds. The only reason the Drodo Empire hadn't completly fallen apart politically is because of their strong Emperor, but even he couldn't control everything.

"Wouldn't be friggin' surprised if I were prosecuted by a mafia boss." He thought.

With that, two Drodoian marines ordered the deposed Captain to get up, and follow them.

Cesterity took a right and had the door held open for him "Thanks a lot" He thought sarcastically, he didn't have a good look at his prosecutor from the other side of the massive room, but the person in question soon came into focus; "Chrysognous?" He said out loud, "He wouldn't be here unless someone blew his money..." He thought. He continued "Or, in my case, blew it sky high." He was roughly sat down by a Drodoian Marine.

The judge stated "Would the Defense prefer this case to be tried by judge or jury?"

Cesterity contemplated for a moment "Both will be equally biased" He thought, he continued; "And unless a miracle happens, I will end up equally dead" "I, the defense, would prefer to be tried by a judge." He said in a serious tone.

Chrysognous' boss was pissed that he had lost the Impaler II due to the building expenses along with one of his sons, and because of that, the boss wanted Cesterity dead. Chyrysgnous did too, for money of course. He simply said "Honorable Judge, our case is this. Cesterity is too incompetent to be in charge of the ship, and his incompetence and negligence led to the useless waste of Drodo lives and the loss of a planet, for the sake of justice, judge him guilty."

Cesterity was all the while formulating a strong opening, He said "Your honor, I don't think I need to tell you that my victories far outweigh my defeats, I was faced with impossible odds, I would like to think that I am a asset to the Empire. Quite frankly, your honor, this man's argument has very little to stand on."

Chrysognous said "The prosecution would like to call Lieutenant Commander Torix to the stand"

Chrysognous asked "How many men were lost on that day, and what percentage of the fleet in the area?"

"Exactly one-thousand four-hundred ninty-seven Drodo where buchered on that day, not a single ship was left." Torix responded.

Chrysognous asked "When battle commenced, how many enemy ships were destroyed, and how was the battle resolved?"

"Not a single ship was destroyed, the battle ended with Cesterity's full surrender and handover of the crew." Cesterity interjected; "This was once, faced with-" Torix gave him a death stare, Cesterity slowly sat down.

Chrysognous went on the offensive and said "is it true that when captured, without being tortured himself, Cesterity freely gave away classified military information?"

"Yes. Although I was tortured, the Captain was spared" Cesterity did not want to have anymore of this; "Freely gave away information? Not tortured? I nearly shot myself after that!" The Judge interjected "Overruled, Fleet Captain. Continue."

Chrysognous continued and said "is it due to the actions of Cesterity that 100 of the crew were tortured horribly, with scars that are still present to this day?"

"Ninety-seven of them are... gone now." Torix confirmed "Me, Chief Security Officer Sornas, as well as a synth, named, Sirius, are the only survivors of the torture."

Chrysognous was on a roll and attacked with; "Is it true that Cesterity by his own hands, picked the method of death for those 97, as we have not been able to find their remains?"

"Your friend Raynis included?" He added.

Torix was trembling with anger, he said between clenched teeth; "Yes."

Chrysognous concluded; "Is it also true that just prior to this council, under no mental strain at all and in perfect health, he ordered his ship to fire on Drodo Military vessels?"

"Of course he did." Torix confirmed

Chrysognous slyly said "That will be all."

The Judge, fuming with anger shouted "Ceseri-Traitor!, it is only through our legal process that you are still able to protect yourself, you have the option to cross examine the defense witness."

Cesterity knew he probably wasn't going to win this one, but he would do everything in his power to prove his prosecutor wrong. But family came first, as he has learned; "Torix, this isn't you, I did what I thought was in the best interest of the crew and surrendered, it was a mistake."

Torix screamed "You killed Raynis and the crew, we could have beaten them!"

"No, I didn't kill them, they forced me to turn a damn wheel! Something I regret. It wouldn't have ended better if stayed and fought, we where against impossible odds, Torix! If we died there would of been no hope for the empire!"

Torix sobbed "How was it impossible, you are Fleet Captain Cesterity, it's your job to fight!"

"Torix, its my job to protect the empire. I didn't enjoy doing what I did, do you think I enjoyed watching my crew get butchered?"

"Why did you give them the planet locations", Torix fumed, "and why couldn't we have beaten them?"

"I gave them those locations because you where suffering, I didn't want you to suffer!" He screamed

"Why did you let Raynis die?"

He looked down at the last question, "Why did I?" He thought. He said quietly; "I... I don't know..."

Torix sobbed uncontrollably for a bit then regained composure and said with a calmer voice; "I know now that you did bad things back there, but i guess there would have been no other way"

"We would have died had we fought, and Raynis would still have died."

"It is better if some of us are alive"

Cesterity held his head in his hands and let a few tears streak across his face. He looked up, then said; "Yes... yes I suppose it is." He said quietly and slowly.

The Judge was moved. He said simply; "I never knew"

"The defense would like to call Lieutenant Sirius to the stand." Cesterity said in the same serious tone.

Cesterity took a deep breath to calm himself, he than asked; "Sirius, you are a synth, right?"

Sirius stated; "Yes sir, that is correct"

"Then can you calculate for me how what would happen if I had not surrendered, and what the long term outcome of the War would be?" Cesterity hoped for a negative outcome for the Drodo race, it would strenghen his case.

"Using my calculations, i have come up with the following holographic display that by using data gathered from that encounter, shows what would have happened"

The holograpic display showed Coron 4 being consumed by the nanosWarm, the wrecks of thousands of Drodo ships, and mountains of Drodo skulls.

"It is my conclusion that using the current tactics of the Drodo Empire, we would be completely crushed by the Tyranny."

"Assuming we had not surrendered."

He asked; "Would you like me to present a recording of the interrogation that i took?"

Cesterity turned around; "Yes."

The recording was presented to the court, with sobs, and screams coming from the audience, some Drodo doubled over crying, some puked with disgust, others just left.

"I believe the audience had enough, Sirius, thank you." He said politly.

Sirius offered "Okay, would you like me to present footage of the battle I took from my post when we were combating the Tyranny?"

Cesterity raised an eyebrow thoughtfully; "Yes."

The recording ran, and showed from the Drodo perspective on the Impaler, gargantuan ships larger than anything anyone seen in black and gold trim firing on the Drodo, easily obliterating their ships, it showed the return fire scoring direct hits but not doing damage as it was glanced off from shielding, it showed the Drodo fleet being destroyed at an alarming rate before the surrender.

"Thank You again, Sirius, I believe... I have had enough." He said with something in the back of his mind.

Sirius finally offered; "Do you want me to show the court the true antagonist, the enemy admiral. As I have a photograph of him."

Cesterity was surprised by Sirius's intellegence-gathering skills; "Yes."

A large picture of a giant larger than four meters popped up with a cruel grin.

Sirius said , "This is Admiral Vitaze."

A few of the Drodo gasped, others where shocked. A Marine in the at the door could do nothing but utter "Holy...Shit." as he looked the image up and down.

Judge: "This trial is over, i find Cesterity not guilty, Cesterity, would you like to tell us about the enemy we face?"

Cesterity was relived that he was not guilty. It was one of the very few good things that happened in these past two weeks. He decided to give a speech to the Drodo Empire, Warning them of this grave, new threat; "The Drakodominatus Tyranny is the largest threat on our borders since, I dare say, the Grox. They have weapons capable of cracking open entire planets, destroying, even the mightiest of starships, and breaking, even the strongest of spirits. They are ruthless, and will not think twice about torturing our men, or using weapons of mass destruction against civilian targets. We must be strong in the empire's darkest hour, or, our enemy will crush us like bugs. I will not let this happen, but you mustn't, either."

Ruy LopezEdit

The Drakodominatus fleet was in hyperspace, and Vitaze started giving orders “As soon as this fleet exits hyperspace, I want fire on targets pinpointed by the Space Transatic Analyzer, I would like to kill them all and proceed to ground operations as quickly as possible, I also want to see what this ship can do, and I want our new allies on the ground as quickly as possible” Vitaze sinisterly ordered.



The conference ended, just as Cesterity got a transmission from his wristpad: "Vitaze is headed for the Prosperity system, FU-" there was a massive explosion that ended the transmission, he turned it off, only to see a mixed Mag'Heli - Drakodominatus fleet Warp out at the systems edge;

Cesterity looked up; "This... Means... War..." He was then passed an assault rifle "Hey, you said it yourself, the empire's darkest hour."

Drop pods started to fall to the ground, soon realizing that orbital bombardment would be ineffectual. Cesterity, Sirius, Torix, and a couple of other Drodoian Marines sprinted down the corridors, only to be confronted by a squad of Mag'Heli, a brute, and multiple slave troops. the enemy pushed the group behind cover;

"Sirius, can you deactivate that brute?" Cesterity yelled over the gunfire;

"Affirmative, sir! Using EMP burst!"

With that, Sirius's arm lit up, and he fired a incredbly powerful Electro-magnetic pulse directly at the brute, it flopped like a ragdoll to the ground, crushing one trooper that wasn't fast enough.

"Take this!" Torix yelled as he fired five times from his auto-shotgun in quick sucession. Most of the Slave troops fell to the floor, bleeding, the remainder ran for there lives only to be gunned down by Cesterity's assault rifle.

They walked through where the entrance to the courthouse used to be, to see the entire city under attack, the sounds of explosives going off and the pop, pop, pop, of small arms fire was coming from everywhere. A goliath passed them by without noticing, and scores of Beetles where coming into the city, and out of the city, desperatly trying to get civilians out of the city turned battlefield.

"Sirius, where's the Fire of Deidashia, we need out of here." Cesterity asked the synth

"It is exactly two-point-four kilometres west of here, sir, we would make good time if we took the street there, but its littered with enemies. I would propose going through the adjacent sewers."

"I am not going through sewers!" Torix complained, Sirius walked up to him until they where face-to-face, and said in a hushed, threatening tone;

"Torix, you are my good friend and I would not want to lose you, it is either we go through the mildly inconvieniant sewers, or be killed but Mag'Heli... or worse. Now, neither of us want that, do we? Do you scan me, organic?"

Torix rarely saw Sirius mad, but when he did, it was a genuinely scary affair, Torix uttered "Yes."

"Good..." Sirius responded approvingly. Sirius only adopted that tone because he cares about his friends, he would not want to see Torix, or anyone else he knew as a friend, hurt or killed. Even if that meant scaring them a little.

"Well, lets go." Cesterity said with little enthusiasm.

The group climbed down the ladder and into the sewer, they turned their flashlights on;

"Now, everyone watch out for sewer rodents," Cesterity said,

"They're large enough to kill you if your not careful." He added;

"Be on the lookout for gutter crabs, too," Sirius added;

"...and Kippisians" Torix added;

"...and zombies" a marine quipped. Everyone looked back at him;

"Please, the plague died out years ago." Sirius responded.

Cesterity heard some splashing behind him;

"Help you morons!"

Cesterity fired a three-round burst from his assault rifle;


A massive sewer rodent fell off of Torix;

"You okay, Torix?" Cesterity asked in a ergent tone;

"No, I'm fine... I'M COVERED IN PISS AND SHIT!!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, footsteps where heard above the group as Mag'Heli frantically ran around, and eventually stumbled over upon the Manhole cover on the other side, that the group was nearby to. They took off the cover, and started to climb down;

"Everyone, behind cover!" Cesterity ordered, he shot at a slave trooper that was halfway down, and scored a direct hit. He dropped into the thick, shallow water. Cesterity turned sharply around a corner, behind a wall. Torix was not so lucky, and got hit in the back, he writhed in pain as he fell to the ground;

"NO!" Sirius screamed;

"What the hell are you doing, Sirius!?" Cesterity yelled;

"Saving a friend, sir." He responded, he quickly pulled out a tripod, that unfolded to reveal a small gun and ammo box;

"Deploying a smartgun!" Sirius dropped it onto the ground near him, and it laid down heavy supressive fire. It was too small to get a accurate shot at, yet it kept them down and out, Sirius knew it only had a small resevoir of bullets, so he needed to get Torix into cover fast. He dragged him back out of the line of fire just as the smartgun ran out of ammo, and detonated a charge on it, making it violently explode. Sirius started to operate and get the bullet out of Torix's ribcage. This process only took fifteen minutes, thankfully, and the smartgun seemed to be a good enough deterrent to keep the Mag'Heli out.

"Torix's life signs are stable, sir." Sirius reported;

Cesterity had his back facing Sirius;

"Thank you for the report, First Officer."

Sirius was confused by his captain;

"What, sir?"

"I am promoting you." Cesterity said simply. He turned around to face him;

"What you did there was inspirational, you took the initiative. And saved a life. That's what the Empire needs now," Cesterity explained;

"Now, I need a granade." He said;

Sirius took one from the unconiuous Torix's belt;

"Hope he doesn't mind." Sirius said jokingly.

"Nah, he'll be in sickbay by the time he wakes up." Cesterity replyed.

With that, he tossed the granade up through the manhole;

"RUN!" One of the Mag'Heli screamed.


Cesterity poked his head up to see three Mag'heli running away from the Manhole.

"We're clear, let's go."

With that, they walked to the Fire of Deidashia undisturbed.


General Kreutitzy inquired "Fleet Captain Cesterity, what are the names of the enemies we made during the encounter at the Womrhole?"

Cesterity looked up at the hologram of the general; "That depends on which ones you are talking about, General. There is one species, identified as the "Mag'Heli" that seems to have allied with the Tyranny, intentions are unknown, but I could assume they want to expand, given there aggression." The other race, identitfied as the "Eranians" are not so hostile. We engaged in a short skirmish aboard the wormhole station because of a

General Kreutitzy asked "What are the military capabilities of the Mag'Heli dominion?"

Cesterity thought for a moment, than said; "On their own, unimpressive, I was able to take down several of their ships in a few vollys, but, having allied with the tyranny, the mixed force is a serious threat to Drodoian Sovereignty.

General Kreutitzy piqued his curiosity and said "What are their ship classes, and what types of weapons do they us?"

Cesterity replied "Only two known classes exist, the Dreadnought drone-ship, and the raider scout/support ship. They both use a motley mixture of weaponry, everything from particle-beam cannons, railguns, even radiation projectors!"

General Kreutitzy asked "What are the dimensions of these starships?"

Cesterity said" Not determined, although they are significantly smaller to our ships."

General Kreutitzy inquired "In the hologram, we noticed 4 distinct types of Tyranny ships, could you tell us the names of these ships?"

With some indecisiveness, Cesterity stated "We believe the Cruisers are called the Inferno-class missile cruiser, and the Tyrant-class Battlecruser. As for the Capital ships, they are the Baal-class carrier and the Subjugator-class dreadnought. These ships are very powerful, but their expedionary force would fall easily to a Combat Army."

General Kreutitzy, curiously asked "what are the dimensions of these things?"

Cesterity explained "They are massive, the Capital ships are 15 kilometres in length, while the crusiers are 7.5 kilometres in length. Sir, to put that into perspective, a Impaler-class is only 2.5 Kilometres in length, there CRUSIERS are three times bigger than the most powerful Capital Ship in the Drodo Navy."

Intimidated, General Kreutitzy said "i do not need to be reminded of their weaponry, but What is that skittering sound i heard in the hologram?"

Cesterity, cocked his head, and shortly replied "Skittering? That must of been those... things those nanobots they released. I swear, they stripped the ENTIRE SURFACE OF THE PLANET in front my own eyes, that was when I surrendered."

General Kreutitzy asked "what are the ground capabilities of the Dominion?"

Cesterity answered "The ground forces of the Mag'Heli rely almost totally on the presence of "Brutes" on the battlefield, no brutes, the slave troops (cannon fodder) panic and run. As with space, the Dominion's tactical diversity on the ground is nil, I suggest armored vehicles and machine gun fire to counter them."

General Kreutitzy asked "Did the Tyranny deploy any ground troops?"

Cesterity stated "No, although I did see them face-to-face during my interrogation, and they are incredibly powerful. Its like an entire army composed of Mag'Heli brutes on steroids."

General Kreutitzy, pissing in his trousers asked "Is there alot of the Tyranny in the Milky Way?, imagine if they outnumber us."

Cesterity said "Not that I know of. They seem to be unfamiliar with the local "landscape". If the Empire survives this War, I would advise bringing this civilization to the attention of more powerful empires. If we are going to stymie their growth, we are gonna need some serious help."

General Kreutitzy breathed a sigh of relief and asked "Are there any tactics that seem to work so far?"

Cesterity said "Conventional Warfare simply won't work unless we bring massive force to bear , like a Combat Army. I would advise hit-and-run tactics, killing of there army in a piecemeal fashion. picking them off."

General Kreutitzy asked "What tactics should be used against the mag'heli dominion if they are found alone?"

Cesterity answered "Steamroll them, go directly through the fleets, guns blazing. There ships are of poor quality."

General Kreutitzy replied "I see, what exactly does the Dominion want?"

Cesterity explained that "They most likely want land, or simply something to torture."

General Kreutitzy inquired "What does the Tyranny want?"

Cesterity said "The Drodoian Gold, they do not care if they have to kill millions and destroy planets to get it."

General Kreutitzy painfully asked "could you familarize us a bit more with Drakodominatus interrogation procedure? i am sorry, i fainted when watching the video."

Cesterity sighed and thought "...shows how good you'd be in a battle situation...", he repled "The process is, apparently, interrogate commander while threatening to torture his crew. If the commander does not comply, torture his ten closest friends until he tells them what they want to know."

General Kreutitzy shuddered and asked "should policy be for our troops to never surrender?"

Cesterity frankly said "No, the policy should be to kill themselves before surrender, it would be a much more preferable way to go."

General Kreutitzy further inquired "assuming they are incapacitated by the tyranny, how would one go about resisting torture?"

Cesterity grimaced and said "Try not to feel the pain, if that doesn't work , and it probably won't, just try to keep your mouth shut."

General Kreutitzy asked "are you safe from torture if you die after interrogation?"

Cesterity answered "No, I did die of cardiac arrest. They have life support to keep you alive for as long as they want."

General Kreutitzy face went blank and muttered "Holy Shit' and asked "when engaging the combined mag heli tyranny force, what should the priorities be?"

Cesterity replied "Tyranny, They are where all of the firepower is, the Mag'heli are only their as cannon fodder."

General Kreutitzy finally asked "How are the codebreaking capabilities of the Tyranny?"

Cesterity said"Good enough to intercept a encrypted transmission, even heavily encrypted ones. Although, the range at which they can do this is unknown, however, we are far away from the Tyranny's fleet,we should be safe talking right now."

Hope and DespairEdit

The Drakodominatus fleet was occupied completely destroying the Drodo fleet in a one sided encounter with the Drodo who did not know what tactics to employ, however Vitaze fumed with rage when he saw a ship exit the system, and gave the order "reallocate a Tyrant Class to destroy all evacuees". A Tyrant Class captained by Captain Valdriz was sent to the other side of the planet and systematically began gunning down refugees. “This going to be a cakewalk”, Valdriz thought.

The Fire of Deidashia rose out of the atmosphere, to see a Tyranny cruiser ruthlessly firing on unarmed civilian ships "Get a lock on that bastard." He ordered. He said again; "Alpha Strike!”

The Tyrant Class Battlecruiser shrugged off the first salvo with shields, with the impacts on the shields clearly seen, and targeted one hyperlaser at the FOD, and fired an incredibly potent hypermatter laser at it

The entire ship shook and Cesterity was thrown around like a ragdoll, he hit a metal rail square in the head; "OW!" he yelled. He held in the blood from his fractured cranium, he was running on adrenaline now. "Concentrate Fire!"

The Tyranny battlecruisers shields survived a second salvo, even at the one point in the shields, however the engineers saw the signs of the field at that point being lower than 50% integrity. IN addition, the hyperlaser had torn a hole through the ship at a point and impacted on the surface of the planet causing damage. Captain Valdriz gave the order to fire a transuranic lance at the enemy ship while still gunning down refugees

Enough railgun rounds battered the shields in one area for a hole to be ripped in the shields "ANTIMATTER MISSILE!". missile blew out a dent in the enemy ship and raised the ship's morale as a whole, "I only need to distract them long enough..." He thought.The antimatter missile impacted on the neutronium layer, and though the explosion only vaporized some of the neutronium layer it did leave a discernible crater, however Valdriz knew he couldn’t keep operating the ship like this and ordered a full salvo of transuranic lances on the Drodo ship

"HOLY SHIT!!!" Cesterity screamed as weapons he would later identify as transuranic lances penetrated his shields and hull with ease. '"At least I distracted him" he thought in the back of his mind, as he prepared himself for certain death. Valdriz, angry that the Drodo had taken his efforts away from killing the refugees at maximum efficiency, refocused all the weapons from the refugees onto Cesterity's ship and shouted "FIRE!"

"Bring it, asshole..." He said out loud. He stood up, walked toWards the front of the room, and closed his eyes. Everything around him was slowed by his perspective, he gave the order at the last microsecond; "Hard Left!"

The vast majority of the barrage missed, but some still hit, the effects were the destruction of most of the ship, leaving it only vaguely space worthy. Before he could fire again, however he received the order to cease-fire.

Cesterity opened his eyes, surprised that it worked, He felt... enlightened in those few seconds. But there was no time to contemplate what happened, as Vitaze took up of his viewscreen.

Vitaze, on his flagship Kraken glared in indignity at Cesterity .Vitaze said "What the fuck is that to Valdriz, referring to the damage”, he then turned to Cesterity and said" I thought you were dead"

"Nope, I'm as alive as can be, asswipe! and I crippled one of ships, too!" Secretly, he was terrified by Vitaze's new flagship, but, he played it down; "Looks like you got a new toy!" "Just wait till it falls apart in front of your eyes, I'll make you sob like a three-year old child!"

Though the damage was at most actually cosmetic Vitaze flared with rage saying "You will die knowing that you have failed your race" and at that, ordered all ships to fire on Prosperity at once, breaking the planet into many pieces. You will not return to the Drodo empire," as he began to aim his weapons at Cesterity

"Or, how about you fuck off." With that, he gave Vitaze the one-fingered salute and Warped away with the remainder of the civilian ships.

Victory and DefeatEdit

Vitaze screamed at the bridge of the Kraken "Even a Demogorgon Class Leviathan won't be as intimidating now as a simple Battlecuiser was before!"

"I didn't even get any Drodoian Gold" he fumed

"Even worse, these bastards know that they can damage our armor"

Cesterity and the bridge crew where celebrating. Not only did they survive, but its the first thing they could call a victory in this War; "Oh... My... God, we- we're alive, oh my god we're alive!" Torix celebrated.

Vitaze raged, and seeing the minuscule damage on the ship knew that the Drodo were treating this as a victory "Those assholes have such low standards that they are probably celebrating right now"

Vitaze however knew he couldnt kill Valdriz right now as he did not have alot of men, and instead just kept him

Cesterity could do nothing but smile, he got almost all of the civilians up and away from the planet, he even flicked-off the enemy commander, which was a bonus to say the least. "The sweet taste of victory..." He said quietly to himself.

Vitaze memorized the insignia of the Drodo ship that Cesterity commanded and said "You will taste the power of the Kraken soon!"

Vitaze looked around the Drodo fleet that was here when he got there, and they were either burning hulks or completely disintegrated;

but Cesterity,

Cesterity managed to evade him.

Sirius was enjoying a rare drink as he came to sit onto the first officer's chair, Cesterity called him out; "Hey, no beverages on the bridge!" Sirius simply stared; "Kidding, of course," he tapped his sholder "Take a seat." Sirius laughed and sat down.

Vitaze had taken a few prisoners that had been incapacitated and said "Cesterity will know my anger!"

Cesterity's complexion darkened; "Causualty report." Sirius reported; "Surprisingly few, sir, everyone followed precedure." Cesterity was relived; "Good."

"Set course for Endeavor, Drodo Command will want to hear this." And with that, the ship fired a yellow beam that ripped open a wormhole just large enough for the massive ship to sail through.


The Grand Admiral was not pleased with Vitaze. The Grand Admiral fumed “I give you a Kraken, and you give me this ... failure!, if you fail again, your current placement will be heavily reconsidered, as of now, it will take a much longer time to decide if you are worthy of a Demogorgon Class Leviathan, and if the next encounter ends like this, House Vitaze will lose much prestige!”

Vitazed said “Grand Admiral sir, how is this a loss, if anything, we destroyed their entire fleet in the area which outnumbered us more than ten to one, even in capital ships! If anything…”

The Grand Admiral was even more angry at Vitaze’s current statements and screamed “A Victory, you think this was a victory? Their goal was simply to get the civilians out of there. You did not even get the gold, and it is expected” he paused, then continued “for any admiral of the Tyranny to have a kill death ratio of at least yours, even with enemies much more advanced than those hillibillies called the Drodo. In addition, there is the very fact that they know that they can damage us now, in addition, you destroyed a perfectly suitable world in rage, tell me, how is this a victory?”

Vitaze was for once, dumbstruck, and muttered “I guess it is not”

The Grand Admiral , relatively calmly said “You finally see reason, do not fail me again, or your placement will be considered, and a new admiral will be sent in your place. I repeat, DO NOT FAIL”, and with that the transmission ended.


Cesterity soon returned to Endeavor, and hailed General Kreutitzy;

"This is Fleet-"

"Your alive!" He interrupted.

"Uh, I mean, you've made it, good." He corrected. He then asked;

"I will need your full report in by tommorrow." He ordered;

"You will have it in a few hours, sir." Cesterity responded.

Cesterity did not waste time, he came back to the bridge in two hours and hailed the General;

"The report should be in your databanks." The Captain reported.

The General scrolled through, amazed by the report;

"My god... This... This is exemplory!" He exclaimed;

"This deserves a medal." He said simply.

"I will run this through with Drodo Command..."

"...This is incredible..." He said out of amazement, before turning off the comm.

Not long after talking to the General, he was asked to attend a funeral for the soldiers lost at that battle. It was brief, and quiet, like most Drodo funerals. Although he could not personally connect to anyone lost, he still felt a sense of remorse, and said a few words. Tactically, they lost a fleet, a planet, and Colonel Carris. Although he never met him, he heard that he did fight off a entire Varkinian fleet in the Two Unions' War. At the end of the funeral, twenty Drodoian Marines got into lines opposite of each other, and, in perfect unison, got their rifle into firing position, primed it raised into the air, and fired.

AfterWards, Cesterity got back up to his ship, only to be called again by the General;

"Fleet Captain?"

"<sighs> Yes, General?"

"You are wanted on the planet."

He soon learned it was a reWard ceremony, something Cesterity was genuenly exeited about. A few hours later, he, Sirius, and Torix walked up to a stage, that had the Grand Admiral of the army, Darius, standing there, holding three medals. The group made it up to the stage, and went down to one knee before the Admiral, his voice boomed;

"As recognition to your deeds, I grant you three brave souls the Cesterium Military Achivement reWard, granted to those who persevere, and sacrifice themselves in the most impossible of odds."

The Admiral continued to put the medallions around their necks. They stood up, and faced the crowd, which exploded into applause. Cesterity smiled, Torix bowed slightly, and Sirius took it in with humility, and as well smiled slightly.

The Grand Admiral waited for the applause to stop, and said again;

"The Drodo government as well grants you the right to rename your ship, and modify it if you so please."

There was more applause, and after a few minutes, the ceremony was over.

Cesterity was in a spacesuit, he was at the dock where the Fire of Deidashia was being kept. His entire crew was there;

"I hereby re-christian this ship, the Impaler three."

With that, he smacked a bottle of champagne over the massive hull of the ship.

An hour later, it was all work for the Impaler crew;

"Get those engines done!" said one engineer, "Remod those sensors!" another ordered. Torix was fixing a broken plasma conduit when a officer came to him;

"I told you to monitor the reactors..." She barked;

Torix got up;

"Someone else told me to fix this damn conduit!" He explained;

The two argued until Sirius came down to check on things. He sighed when he saw Torix bickering with the other officer. He intervened;

"Who's in charge here?" He asked;

"I am." The other officer spoke;

"Alright. By my calculations, Torix, you better do what she says." He said in a slightly condesending tone.

"Why? I was fixing a conduit, an important one too, it could of destroyed the entire ship if I left it alone!" He talked back;

"It has failsafe mechinisms, Torix." Sirius said back while typing on a datapad;

"So does the reactor!" Responded Torix;

"Look, Torix, I could go into detail about this, but I'll say four words; Listen. To. The. Commander." He said with annoyance before walking away.

The officer turned to face Torix;

"I'll take care of the plasma conduit, you get back to monitoring those reactors, now." She ordered.

Torix put his hands up slightly and said sarcastically;

"Alright, alright! Whatever you say!"

He turned around, and walked away. And said quietly;


"I heard that!" She said indignantly.

"Dang..." Torix said quietly.



Aranelia was sitting by her bedroom desk, reading a message that you sent Mask, despair grew with every word she read. The ominous letter informing her that not only had lost all the Wormhole, but had been late to help Drodo, but words will hurt him most were these:

...what hurts me most, my lady, is that our dear Vankalian has gone to the dark side, has made a covenant with the new enemy for more power than he already had, I'm sorry Aranelia, but a traitor is a traitor and I do my job, I'll get rid of it if it's the last thing I do. On my way has to report in person to the Senate

-Why Vankalian? Why?- she mumbled between sobs
It took a few seconds to compose himself, stood up and went to get ready to receive Mask, her new great general.

Several billion miles away, a treacherous genius managed and cleaned his suit as he recalled the events of earlier times. Vitaze had not won completely with by far the most powerful weapon ever seen , definitely Vankalian was right, not the weapon, the wearer. Cursed Vankalian always the best at everything ... no, if it were the best at everything, I'd be there, trying to kill him ... not be Murto Vankalian the end of the week. But some worry the traitor, the Drakodominatus fulfill his word? would send reinforcements needed? better not to think about it, I had to make a good impression to the Senate.

They spent a couple of hours to come to the capital Mask, received with all honors and all the pomp that always wanted, allowed enbriagar for glory, the idea that there were so many people consider him a hero, a legend living, we loved it. But even a thought soured the party, Vankalian had once said:
They say history is written by the victor, but not necessarily matter if you live to win, what changes is how history will remember you: if you live and you lose, you're a coWard or a loser; if you lose and die, you'll be a martyr or a dreamer; but if you die and you win, you'll be a hero; and if you win and live, a living legend... he was right, again.
There were minutes of glory, until it reaches the Senate and nervousness covered him, reinforcements arrive? and if not, you would do?, took a deep breath and entered the Senate forum.
-Mask, nice to see you- said someone
-Yes, good to see you healthy- said another one
-We hear the accident of your ship, is a miracle you're alive
-Miracle? ha, the miracles are a myth, I am alive thanks to science and technology through the development of my new weapon, the Absolution- Mask shouted as he took off his cloak, revealing his armor
-What is that?
-The future, my lords, the future of the Federation armors
Aranelia, who was silent, spoke:
-We are not here by his armor, but because of the extraordinary events that occurred, from now on will be the new USF great general!
-Excelent...-said Mask while secretly brought his face to his communicator and said "Now"...


“Mask, as a reWard for having helped us utilize the Drodoian Gold, I hereby grant you a Drakodominatus stealth ship for your efforts. This stealth ships is very small by Drakodominatus standards, but packs a single Hyperlaser for taking out enemy ships, in addition to numberous point defense systems. The hyperlaser is sufficiently powerful to carve straight through the hull of a Drodian Impaler II with ease, and so should be more than sufficient for you. IN addition, I am allocating you a strike force of 30 fine Warriors. 9 are Drakoodminatus Heavies, 12 are Drakodominatus Veterans, and there are 3 Shield Bearers, 3 Berskerers, and 3 Hunters. These people have almost impenetrable armor along with shielding and incredibly potent weaponry, capable of shearing through even the UH 90 armor with ease. Use them well” Vitaze said, they arrive at any time. Increased stress on Mask, should have arrived...

A few hundred meters away in the defense command of the ISS, several engineers performed a routine inspection of the planetary shields and artillery aerospace.
-Rotan, do you see the north shield?
-Yes, it's ok
-But here says it is disabled
-What? Let me see it... Strange, well reactivate it
But systems only said one thing "Locked"
-What the hell?
Soon the room was illuminated by a red light and engineers fell, dead, behind two elite Drakodominatus.
-Mission complete, general, we are heading to the Senate, will arrive in minutes

The following minutes were of great pressure, Mask did everything possible to keep senators in the building, but so subtly that they did not notice the plan.
-Mask, really must go- said one of them
-No- said Mask. Senator froze at the door of the Senate, and, to the astonishment of all, fell back dead.
In seconds they were surrounded by senators Drakodominatus elite, little by little, they killed them without mercy. Aranelia sneak ran but was caught at the mouth and hidden behind a curtain.
-Do not worry, my lady, you are safe.
-Yes, Aranelia, I bring you a message of Vankalian
-He wants to say he regretted not being able to help, but that Mask has the whole Shadow Regiment pursuit him
-We are defeated, Mask will take control of the Senate- said she distressingly
-Mask is not stupid, obviously used as a puppet government Vankalian hunting, but as long as you live, Mask will have many problems

The Afnai prediction was correct the next day before all Mask had declared that the federation Drakodominatus (aided by Vankalian) had entered the capital and killed all the senators, so that Great General, I mean he, had the right to choose a provisional governor. Since, he tried to hunt down Aranelia and Vankalian.


In a world port, several parsecs of the capital, where corrpcion was an everyday thing, a fight was taking place. One of the men, race Hasac, flew out the window of a local bar, while an elderly Chibar shouted.
-If you want something you have to pay my bar, piece of cheap!
Next to where the Hasac had fallen, a hooded man walked past, toWard the local, wearing a robe girs opaque covering her entire body and a hood covering his face. It was impossible to say its specie and all that was visible was his mouth, small teeth and good dental care, it was obvious it was not from there.
The hooded man entered the building, approached the bar and asked for water, only water in seconds materialized a glass of water not very clean.
May he noticed it or not, but the whole bar watched him closely, most of the time, if someone comes, asking some exotic drink or come to hit someone, but not this mysterious individual. It was custion of seconds for some rude idiot faced him.
-Hey, you, do know where you are?- asked a muscular and scarred Chibar
-Well, obviously not having an interesting conversation- answer the strange
-You're teasing me, do you know who I am?
-The king of the stupids?
-You earned it, I'll open your skull!
The gigant was thrown on the hooded wielding his knife, and is finally ducked as usual, letting it crash into the table, first removing the glass of water, of course. Soon the whole bar was launched to attack the hooded, who threw the glass into the air and in a defeated movement around the bar, and then the air trapped in the glass, which had not lost a drop.
The hood had fallen, revealing a face full of scars, some with two eyes burned and biomechanically improved, the waiter recognized Vankalian.
-Thanks for the water, indeed, if there comes a soldier of the Federation, tell Vankalian was here- said the ex-general to the astonishment of the waiter.


General Kreutitzy said with excitement “Fleet Captain Cesterity, it has been only good news ever since you have been acquitted from the court trial, not only have we evacuated most of the civilians, you have apparently damaged a Drakodominatus ship” he continued “The question arises, how did you do it?”

Ceseterity calmly replied “I focused fire, all weapons, in one area on the shields. They went down in that area, and I fired a Antimatter Missile through the gap.” He went on “It appeared to be superficial, but damage nonetheless.”

General Kreutitzy inquired “How did you do it while the rest of the fleet in the area was completely annihilated without doing some damage, even though outnumber the Tyranny by quite a large number?”

Cesterity answered “Their ships are far superior to ours. The only reason I'm not a carcass floating in space is because all but one of there ships where distracted by the fleet.”

General Kreutitzy asked “Did the Tyranny introduce any more ship classes that day that werent seen in the previous encounter?”

Cesterity stated “Yes. Including one nightmarish ship, a "Kraken". It blew the entire planet to damn smithereens.” Then said “Not that I'm surprised.”

General Kreutitzy inquired by asking “How large is this "Kraken"?”

Cesterity , with some doubt on exact numbers replied “Anywhere from ten to forty kilometers long, these are very rough estimates.”

General Kreutitzy, recoiling in fear at the size estimates asked “Was any information revealed on the enemy commander of his tactics?”

With some disgust on his face, Cesterity replied “When he's not a prick, hes a crafty commander, with varied tactics.”

General Kreutitzy asked “We are still counting, but what is the rough percentage of civilians that were evacuated out of the total number?”

Cesterity replied "Anywhere from sixty to ninety per-cent where evacuated, the higher end of the scale is likely."

Relieved, Kreutitzy asked "Do we have any whereabouts on the enemy commander, and what course of action would you advise?"

Cesterity recollected "He's attracted to the Gold-rich planets like a moth to a flame. We need as many ships as we can muster to those planets, and all civvies evaced."

Kreutitzy sighed "Did we meet any Drakodominatus ground forces yet?"

Cesterity gathered up his knowledge and stated "There have been reports of them seen, but there are few instances of face-to-face contact, all but one ended with the Drodo involved killed.Two Drodoian Marines survived by using a Granade Launcher with EMP rounds to deactivate the Shields, and focus fire."

General Kreutitzy the asked "How about the Mag'Heli ground forces? Do they have any change in strategy?"

Cesterity matter of factly said "No change. They treat Tyranny soldiers as their brutes when around."

Kreuztity then asked "In addition, do we have the marine who survived the encounter with Drakodominatus ground troops?"

Ceseterity turned around and said "Yes, I believe."

General Kreutitzy asked "Could you bring him in here?"

Cesterity then said "I believe he may have broke his leg in a horrible accident involving a bike, a box of beers, and a six-shooter. He is in the infirmary.I honestly have no idea."

General Kreutitzy then said "I guess then both of us will have to move to the infirmary to get an evaluation"

Cesterity just said "I suppose." and at that, they both headed to the infirmary

General Kreutitzy asked "Soldier, are you one of the two military personell not on the Fire of Dedasisha to have survived that battle?"

The soldier frankly replied "Yeah, its me. What is it, General?"

General Kreutitzy gently asked "Could you give us an assessment of the Tyranny soldier you survived?"

The soldier reminisced "Well, he was big, wore red armour, and had some big-ass ray guns. Bullets wouldn't even hurt'em!"

General Kreutitzy then said "I see, what happened to the rest of your squad?"

The soldier said "They got mown down, of course. Before any of the idiots could get into cover."

General Kreutitzy further inquired "How about the assigned gatling gun soldier?"

In a somewhat insulting manner, the soldier replied "The fool went all Warrior and jumped over cover, next thing I know, he's sailing over my head, a bloody corpse!"

Alarmed, Kreutitzy asked "and this was only one enemy trooper?"

The soldier gave a shrug and replied "Yeah.We're screwed."

General Kreutitzy asked "Is there anything you can suggest for future ground combat?"

The soldier ponded and said"What is there to suggest? Run or die!Well...There is one thing" he continued "One of the guys had a Grenade Launcher"

Kreutitzy just said "and?"

The soldier continued "He said he was going around, I thought he was crazy, he said something about EMP granades, then flanked him, and knocked him over with a round from his launcher."

General Kreutitzy deduced "and that deactivated his shields and weapon systems for some time?"

The soldier then shrugged "Yeah, I guess.I unloaded an entire clip into'em, he started to get up!"

Kreutitzy asked Cesterity "Should this soldier get a promotion or so to sergeant?"

Cesterity merely replied "I think so."

General Kreutitzy pompously said "For your valiance in battle, you are thus promoted to sergant, may you be watched over in your battles."

The soldier thought:No I shouldn't He thought Early retirement is getting nowhere fast, but said"Thank you, sir."

General Kreutitzy concluded "Our work here is done"


Casus BeliEdit

Vitaze was furious at the current turn of events, his plan to kill all the Drodo on the planet had been thWarted by Cesterity, who had evacuated all the refugees. In addition, the Drakodominatus illusion of invincibility among the Drodo had been shattered through some damage of their ships. More importantly, his promotion to a higher rank was in jeopardy, along with his chances of getting a Demogorgon Class Leviathan. He needed to rectify the situation fast.

Vitaze - The only thing that command really cares about is the Drodoian Gold, and we are only a planets worth a way from being at the point in which we can produce our own through materials engineering, surely that will increase the prestige of my house and bump up my chances of being promoted.

He pondered about what his current course of action should be, pacing angrily about the entirety of the Kraken, his gargantuan brain was working at it's best in order to try and provide a solution to the current conundrum, and trying to win the campaign decisively, he knew he would not let Cesterity take another of his victories away, lest House Vitaze feel the wrath of the Grand Admiral's reaction to his failure. He then remembered that the only measure of success he had was his ability to get the Drodoian Gold. He also remembered, that he was two planets worth of Drodoian Gold away from reaching production mass, meaning that the material could be synthetically created by Drakodominatus materials engineers and be mass produced to outfit the whole fleet, making intergalactic travel much easier, increasing the power of weapons, hardening shields and a plethora of applications. Instantly, his stoic face lit up, and he remembered that Cesterity had given him the location for three other planets where the Drodoian Gold could be found, namely the Mutara, Beta Centauris and the Toranis systems.

He deduced from the fact that Cesterity had trouble speaking out the last system's name even though had blurted out the name's of the other two mean that the system had emotional importance to him. He then made the connection that the emotional connection would mean that Cesterity would be able to persuade Drodo High Command to give him more ships out of a personal appeal and that he would fight much harder. Even though Vitaze wanted to crush Cesterity's spirit in it's entirety in a smashing victory, he then reasoned that it would be much more decisive and crushing assuming he had Drodoian Gold in larger quantities, and if it was the last target against which all his forces could be used against, otherwise their overextension would be their downfall.

In this process, he also made the observation that victory would be easier in whatever system he decided to attack if there was a myriad of diversionary Drakodominatus attacks on systems that were not rich in Drodoian Gold, but were instead important to the Drodo Empire for any number of political, social, or economic reasons. Using information previously given to him by his spy network, he was able to see that the worlds of the Drodo based on agriculture had high populations, but comparatively light defenses - They would be perfect for a diversionary measure. Taking into account this and the other thoughts in his mind, he formulated a plan that distracted the Drodo Fleets and sent them to the agricultural worlds while he carried on the task of mining the Drodoian Gold.Taking these considerations into account, he activated the communications systems and gave a series of order in the midst of hyperspace.

Vitaze - Turn course away from Maginodunried and partition the fleet into three separate components, one will make way for the Beta Centauris system, another for the Mutara system, and the final one will attack multiple systems and use planet busters in order to blow up those planets and attract the Drodo fleets there. The third section, commanded by me, with Kraken, will attack first, and a few minutes after we have identified reports have been sent out, the first and second sections will Warp at their targets, use biological weapons on the planet, destroy the remaining ships, and harvest the Drodoian Gold. After that, all will regroup at Maginodunried. Understood?

The Drakodominatus officers all shouted out an affirmative at the sign of the order and prepared their fleets to enter each of the systems. Ships were abuzz with calculations going on with the Space Transatic Analyzer, pinpoint exact enemy locations, giving the Drakodominatus an incredibly important first strike, automated and manual weapons checks occurred and each different section of the fleet was put into a formation that would maximize their capability to achieve their mission. In his arrogance and hubris, Vitaze went on a soliloquy after making these orders.

Vitaze - I destroyed a Drodo world yesterday, I will collect the Drodoian Gold today, and I will be Great Admiral tommorow.


Cesterity was walking down a corridor when General Kreutitzy walked up to him;

"Cesterity, we have unknown fleet signals on 10 key agri-worlds" He continued;

"Including something 25km in length our sensors report."

"You are the expert with dealing with the Drakodominatus, what should we do?" The General asked fearfully.

"I'm no expert." Cesterity responded flatly;

"But my gut feeling tells me..." He continued;

"Send ships over to the Gold-rich worlds." He stated.

"And tell the colonists to evacuate." He said again.

"Are you sure, why?" The General asked, not completly confident in the Fleet Captain's plans.

"They have a spread-out fleet." Cesterity reasoned

"They are easy prey outnumbered."

The General, lacking a better plan, responded;

"I am sending out the call."

"Of course, they could of added more ships..." He thought;

Burning WheatEdit

Ten Drakodominatus Tyrant Class Battle Cruisers and Ten Drakodominatus Inferno Class Missile Cruisers exited hyperspace exactly at the same time across the edges of ten different agricultural systems. Their hyperlasers and missiles impacted whatever defenses the Drodo had in place for the systems. The Drodo defenders valiantly sallied out of their defenses, but it was to no avail, and the outcome was never in doubt. The Drodo defenders were disregarded and completely and utterly destroyed in the first minute by the forces of the Drakodominatus Tyranny.

The Tyranny released planet busters on each of the worlds, turning what was once lush and verdant farm worlds into dust of the basest form. Families did not even have time to hold themselves as the planets themselves shattered from the force unleashed by the powerful planet busters. The Drakodominatus fleets then repeated the process for every planetoid in the system. It appeared the first phase of the plan had worked


Beta CentaurisEdit

Already his ships had destroyed the agri-worlds, along with the extermination of horrible amounts of Drodo, but knew something was not right when the instance response did not arrive. Vitaze bellowed "ALL SHIPS BETA CENTAURI AND MUTARA NOW!"

Alarms exploded to life in the Drodo base. Everyone was running around, punching in data, or giving orders;

"Get on your ship now, Cesterity!" The General bellowed;

"I know that!" Cesterity yelled over his shoulder, he was already sprinting to his landed ship.

The Tyranny ships in Mutara along with their reinforcements had crushed the Drodo and mined the world with efficieny.

"One world more and we will be at production mass!" Vitaze said smugly.

"All ships to Beta Centauri!" The Admiral bellowed.

The Captain soon recieved a distress signal, it was familiar, but he couldn't pinpoint it.

As the message went on, it soon became clear...

Aboard the Impaler 2, five years ago.

Cesterity was on a mission from the government, he had to find a supposed AU fleet, there was nothing for a while, before Sirius spoke up;

"Sir, I am picking up a distress signal."

Cesterity turned around, and asked; "Where?"

"From Toranis 3, sir." Sirius reported.

Cesterity turned back, and gulped; "Patch it through."

The viewscreen came to life, it wasn't the magistrate, surprisingly, but his wife. She said "Cesterity, oh thank god!"

She continued "We picked something up on the sensors, there's a fleet approcing, its not Drodo."

Cesterity spoke up; "Whoa, wait! Why isn't the magistrate calling us?"

She answered; "You know how he is, he denies the whole thing's existence!"

Cesterity looked around, genuenly stressed; "Uh, get the kids into the bunker! Do something, I'll be right over."

He than said; "I love you." and turned off the comm.

He turned to a crewmember; "Get us to Toranis 3 now!"

Sirius spoke up; "Sir, may I remind you that we are on a import-"

Cesterity cut him off; "I don't give a damn about the mission!"

"Family comes first."

He was soon pulled out of his thoughts; "Sir,"

Cesterity shook his head; "Yes, Ensign?"

"We are here."

Vitaze, using the STA had already laid a barrage for the incoming Drodo. As soon as some Drodo ships entered realspace, they were blasted apart by hyperlasers and railguns.

"Aim for the bridge!" Cesterity ordered

The Drakodominatus ships were moving in different directions, and the Drodo fleet was being decimated. Relativistic kill weapons and hyperlasers tore through the Drodo ships.

Vitaze noticed they were all firing on one cruiser and bellowed; "Fire faster fleet!"

"All ships, spread out, and focus fire on the bridge of that crusier!" Cesterity yelled;

More and more Drodo ships were going down as the Drakodominatus weapons inevitable combat. Drodo ships were being annihilated at an incredible rate.

The shields of the cruiser however, began to waver.

Cesterity widened his eyes for a quick moment, before stating; "Wait a second,"

"I have an idea."

He turned to Sirius;

"Sirius, get us close to that crusier." he ordered


"Uh, yes sir." He responded uncomfortably,

"Now, activate the StarKnife." Cesterity ordered (Drodo Wormhole generator)

"What the hell is that ship doing?" Vitaze pondered

"Fire at all other ships!" He screamed again.

The massive, orange/yellow wormhole opened up, it melted and ripped off massive armour plates and caused explosions everywhere on the ship.

The ships integrity still held, but there was a large crater where most of the armor at that point should have been

"Yes!" Cesterity exclaimed

Vitaze screamed and yelled "Wipe these bastards off the face of the universe!" And activated the mass shadow generator.

"Fire antimatter missiles into the gap!" Cesterity yelled

Immediately drodo ships began compacting, destroying themselves.

Cesterity took a look around, "Shit!"

"Get us out of here!"

The antimatter missiles exploded with force, breaking the bulkhead of one of the ships and casuing the inside of the ship to be seen.

The Impaler started to pull back.

"Keep on firing..." Cesterity ordered.

Just in time for a massive hyperlaser on the cruiser to burn through whatever part of the Impaler it touched.

"God damnit!" Cesterity screamed, "Wormhole, now!"

Before another hyperlaser could strike him, the ship pulled through the wormhole

"All remaining ships, evacuatate!" The captain cried into the mic on his seat, before being ingulfed into the wormhole.

Before that could happen however, Vitaze locked the msg into interdictor mode.

Only Cesterity could evacuate.

And he watched as the portal opened the other ships get destroyed.

However, Cesterity also saw the corpse of a Drakodominatus float out from the blown out part of the crusier.

Digging InEdit


Vitaze returned to Maginordunried with his entire fleet and the NanosWarmm, and instantly Warped out of hyperspace there. He landed and walked across the floor made out of black marble and gold, and went into the conference room, there he sat down and contacted Grand Admiral Daiztrancriven Aloftractis on his newest success. He calmly waited for the transmission to be patched through, and soon enough, in one of the chairs, an ethereal almost ectoplasmic light manifested from the bottom of the seat and took the form of Grand Admiral Daiztrancriven Aloftractis.

Grand Admiral Daiztrancriven Aloftractis - What news have you to deliver to me, Admiral, my time is short for anything other than monumental new, so skip the formalities associated with this role

Admiral Vitaze Nasdtzectht - Indeed I have, and it is my pleasure to inform you that we are now at production mass for the Drodoian Gold, with one of our cruisers being damamged by an enemy suicide attack. We have also managed to destroy about a dozen highly populated enemy worlds. Only a hundred crewmen were lost during the suicide strike.

Grand Admiral Daiztrancriven Aloftractis - Very well, your record clearly speaks for you Grand Admiral, your feat is very impressive, and even though you have made mistakes in the past that were judged as incompetent, your current performance seems to indicate that you are ready for more authority

Admiral Vitaze Nasdtzectht - In addition to this, the Drodoian Gold allows for intergalactic travel to become much faster and more rapid. In addition. what is the implication of your last statement?

Grand Admiral Daiztrancriven Aloftractis - It means you are hereby promoted to the position of Great Admiral and that a Lesser Demogorgon Class is on it's way to your current location

Great Admiral Vitaze Nasdtzectht - Thank you Grand Admiral, may i also requisition additional ships, to bolster my current fleet to 130 ships including the Lesser Demogorgon Class including 8 other Krakens

Grand Admiral Daiztrancriven Aloftractis - Your request is patched through, are you sure that wou will not need any more ships in order to crush the enemy, you are technically in command of 10000 ships now

Great Admiral Vitaze Nasdtzectht - It will not take more to crush the feeble Drodo Empire, thank you sir

Grand Admiral Daiztrancriven Aloftractis - I gave you this promotion for your record, not your courtesy, now finish this War in any way you see fit, Grand Admiral Daiztrancriven Aloftractis out

The Devil and his FriendsEdit

Vitaze was teleported down by the beam of a Drakodominatus Veil Class Stealth Ship, and disembarked on the backwater Drodo World. He carefully activated the cloaking generator he had equipped just for this mission and made way toWards the meeting place, a secluded alley in the midst of traffic on a mafia controlled world where he would not be heard.

He then made his way to the one he had identified as the Mafia boss and said “So, you are the one my spies notify me as being the single Drodo who has the traits of ambition and power, it is a shame that one like yourself is relegated to such a base condition due to the appalling condition of the Drodo Empire”

Drodo Mafia Boss - Speak swiftly ... What is it exactly that you want Drakodominatus?

Admiral Vitaze Nasdtzectht - Straight to the point, another admirable feat among a person who has the genetic code of a Drodo. It appears that we have a common interest, a thorn that has been in both of our sides for too long, and an enemy that both of must rid this universe of.

Drodo Mafia Boss - Cesterity Isordon

Admiral Vitaze Nasdtzectht - That is correct my friend, and I believe that it would be beneficial for both of us to assassinate Cesterity. How would you propose going about doing this?

Drodo Mafia Boss - We could arrange for a little accident, but something both you and I know would be an assassination

Admiral Vitaze Nasdtzectht - Is that within your capabilities, and what other help would you need?

Drodo Mafia Boss - We have every weapon that the Drodo Government has ,and we are able to match them one on one, it is not that hard Admiral, to kill a Fleet Captain.

Admiral Vitaze Nasdtzectht - I will finance this entire operation, so that you will just have to focus on the killing, in addition do you believe it would be more beneficial to give the Drodo government an … early election.

Drodo Mafia Boss - I know your game admiral, How do I know you won’t betray me just to take my land

Admiral Vitaze Nasdtzectht - Why should I, now are you willing to organize a coup or not?

Drodo Mafia Boss - Yes.

Admiral Vitaze Nasdtzectht - Would you be needing any Drakodominatus ground forces, and should they be melee or ranged, and how many should I send.

Drodo Mafia Boss - It can be done, simply send me an elite force of thirty or so, a mixed force preferably, and if your men are as good as you say they are, that will be all, do not expect them to return, the Drodo Government building isa fortress

Admiral Vitaze Nasdtzectht - Very well, I will give you 12 Veterans, 9 Heavies, 3 Hunters, 3 Berskerers, and 3 Shieldbearers, use them wisely and make sure they get to the destination well

Drodo Mafia Boss - It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I will, would you like a cigar?

Admiral Vitaze Nasdtzectht - Then business is concluded

At the conclusion of this, Vitaze walked off and was teleported back to the Drakodominatus Veil Class Stealth Ship that hovered menacingly the ahead, in his mind, the Drodo Empire was already doomed


Mask was angry, had already been three days since Vankalian had escaped, and no trace of him, had his best men looking for him, but there was no trace of the unhappy. Suddenly his communicator went on and one of his Shadow was projected as a hologram.

-General, we believe we found Vankalian, he is hidden in a jungle planet in the Delta Quadrant, I send you the coordinates.

A strange feeling came over Mask, a feeling that came over him whenever he went to murder someone, there was no anger, no, anger is for the weak, was victory, but felt for the first time in a long time jitters fail, knew Vankalian Warrior who was better, but this time there was no escape, no one could rescue him, he also carried his armor, cut off all escape routes, this is over.

It was an hour of adrenaline through the teleporter that had copied Eranian ship arrived in minutes to the designated planet. A forest covered the Ecuador and the tropics of that planet, poles were covered with water and some small plants, the average temperature of that place was relatively high and the humidity was impressive, the style of Vankalian for a secret base. Once in the jungle, led a search Mask south, following the instructions of your planetary scanner, which reported that there were signs of geothermal power reactors on the planet.

They arrived at the hideout, Mask ordered his troops to surround the place, a large block of stone and metal, which hid a series of tunnels leading to Terranea sub base in seconds his soldiers surrounded the entrances and the doors opened, silence. They attacked the tunnels to ensure they do not escape, were activated traps fragile and inexperienced soldiers were killed, Mask did not care, I was blinded by his conviction of murdering Vankalian. They reached the main chamber, where it should be the bedroom, Vankalian must be there, broke down the doors and fired, nothing. Mask enter in the room and stood astonished, Vankalian had written on the wall:
"Always late, Mask, and you'll never find me, your good friend, Vankalian"

Week 3Edit

The Ships set SailEdit


Great Admiral Vitaze looked out of the viewport of his new flagship, the Lesser Demogorgon Class Leviathan "Condemner". He also saw the comparatively massive fleet of 130 ships he had assembled in orbit and saw the armada that was mean to end this War. It was in his power to requisition 10000 ships in total with his position as Great Admiral and the relative ease of intergalactic travel now, given the fact that there was the Drodoian Gold being disseminated to most starships. However, he simply opted for a force like this. It would just make his victory, in his mind, all the more impressive if he executed it with such a comparatively meager force. He had the useless Mag'Heli Warp into Toranis first, and though he reasoned that even though they would be completely destroyed, that they could at least cause a few casualties. The Drakodominatus fleet would lie in wait in Hyperspace and wait for the Mag'Heli to be completely destroyed then exit hyperspace and finish the job. He had full confidence that his ships could easily attain a victory, no matter how powerful the Drodo force was. With that, his fleet entered Warp.

[Subject to Change when Lakaz gets here] Controller M'kras was infuriated by the current turn of events that had happened. Admiral, no, Great Admiral Vitaze was furious at the supposed incompetence of him and the Mag'Heli troopers both on the ground and in space. The Mag'Heli brutes were killing the Drodo Marines, but the slave troops sometimes proved absolutely useless. Once a brute was down, the slaves had tendencies to go around running or to surrender to the enemy and revolt against their masters. He knew that Vitaze would turn on him if he no longer had need of the services of the Mag'Heli, and he sought to make sure that the Mag'Heli would perform admirably so that the Drakodominatus Tyranny would not turn on them. With that , his fleet entered Warp, unaWare of the fact that the Drakodominatus would leave them to their own devices.

Fleet Captain Cesterity looked to the edge of the system with fear and curiosity in his eyes. He had done everything in his power to make sure that as many Drodo forces were on the planet and orbiting it as possible and that his defenses were sufficient in order to beat the Drakodominatus. He had worked day and night, tooth and nail to call in as many ships as possible, with his force amounting to three full Combat Armies, a mighty War host of 60,000 fine Drodo ships. He had erected citadels upon the dusty plains of Toranis, made trench lines, interlocking fields of fire, along with bunkers. To top it all off, he made a giant fortress in the middle of the trench system with a mighty field generator that was a mighty piece of Drodo technology, and finally millions of Drodo Marines on the planet below. However he questioned if the fleet he had assembled could weather the storm.

Plans and angerEdit

Mask- I hate you, Vankalian!

The Supreme Commander Mask paced back and forth in his office, infuriated with his foiled attempts to kill Vankillian. Face it, his greatest ally and soldier, Commander Black Cloack, sat in a chair, looking at his leader with an expression of concern.

Black Cloak- Milord, Vankalian can not hide much longer, you run out of hiding places and allies.

Mask- You don't know him as well as I do, Black Cloak... Vankalian is clever.

There was silence, Black Cloak dared not argue with your teacher about something so important. Suddenly a voice came from the shadows, a Beliene in which no one had noticed yet emerged from the darkness, was Dark Blade, one of the lieutenants of Mask.

Dark Blade- I do not understand why so much importance to give Vankalian, Mask. You should concentrate on avoiding a civil War.

Black Cloak- You must be more respectuful with our Supreme Commander, Dark Blade

Dark Blade did not flinch at the sight of a giant Chibar threatening, but his hand fell on the sword that was strapped to his back.

Dark Blade- Who going to stop me? You, cod overdeveloped?

Mask- It's enough, Dark Blade, sit down please.

Dark Blade sat next to Black Cloak, who was still tense.

Mask- You want to know why I'm obsessed with capturing Vankalian and remove it, right? He is the only one who can stop my ultimate objetive.

Dark Blade- If you were kind enough to tell us what the hell is this plan...

Mask- I want to unify the Federation with th Drakodominatus Tyranny and create an universal scale empire.

Mask was taken by surprise to his soldiers, Black Cloak had a lump in my throat and Dark Blade numb his face into an expression of incredulity, it was not possible, Mask could not be mad. Mask Black Cloak worshiped as a god, but could not believe that he would be able to destroy your nation to gain power. Dark Blade knew how dangerous it was Mask in power, but was surprised it was as far as his own empire annexing a foreigner.

Mask- Now tell me if you are with me or against me, you have five seconds

Black Cloak- Ehrm... I am with you milord...

Dark Blade- You are really crazy Mask, but I am with you

Mask- Excellent ... Now, what do you standing around? Move! We have a Vankalian to catch!

The VoidEdit

Great Admiral Vitaze Nasdtzectht looked at his fleet in the majestic void of hyperspace. The iridescent nothingness engrossing him while he made plans of how the Drakodominatus history books would remember him. They would remember him as "The Bringer of Drodoian Gold", "The Crusher of Empires", his mind ran dry with the possibilities of the glory that could be brought to House Nasdtzectht assuming he made this a total victory, something he was very confident in his ability to do. His incredibly powerful ships stood side by side with each other, their black and gold trim distinguishing them from the motley crew of Mag'Heli. He could not wait for the battle. They hid in the wait in hyperspace, with their targets locked on to the Drodo ships, meaning that their first strike would be incredibly powerful as the Drodo would not have a chance to respond instantly.

Fleet Captain Cesterity Isordon looked on at the systems edge, his persistent vision and dedication never wavering, and no matter what bodily urge he felt or any semblance of boredom that might have popped into his mind he kept looking to the system's edge, ready for enemy ships and orders to give to his people in the defense of this planet. His fleet was arrayed in such an order that the first wave of any enemy would be suicide as his ship would already have acquired targets and already be blasting away as a scattered enemy tried to get the Drodo ships in sight, only to be destroyed by oncoming fire from the 3 Combat Armies he had. He did not care for promotions or glory to be gained. He did not want command of more armies for no point nor a statue on Coron 4 Dedicated to himself. He just wanted to protect the Drodo Empire and his crew, the only things that he had left since the departure of his family to the next world.

[Subject to change when Lakaz gets here] Controller M'kras looked out the viewport on his personal dreadnaught and saw the mighty Mag'Heli War host in full array. He had lied to the Drakodominatus in saying that he would pledge his full force to this endeavor and instead, quite a large amount of his troopers were ravaging the Outer Worlds of the Drodo in order to make way for colonization by Mag'Heli. Already, his fleet had taken several lightly defended Drodo colonies in the Outer World. However, he dreaded the thought of Vitaze turning on him as soon as he had expended his usefulness. Before he could think of how to double cross Vitaze successfully, his ships left Warp and entered realspace.


Terra IncognitaEdit

Right as the Mag'Heli ships exited Warp, Cesterity fell into a trance like state that for him lasted an eternity but to the outside world only seemed like a split second. He remembered Toranis as it used to be, before the monster called Tor Kah ripped into it and turned it into the crater strewn hellhole that it was now. He remembered the thick arboreal forests that were so characteristic of the planet. It was a paradise, and people born of the planet like to brag that their was no planet in the universe that could rival the perfection of Toranis 3. Indeed, it was a common proverb among soldiers that they would rather go to Toranis 3 when they died rather than Paradise.

Tor Kah had changed all that with his systematic bombing and bombardment of the world. He had reduced the beautiful trees to dust with incendiary bombing, the azure oceans were razed by the incredible heat of the lasers that were fired at and around them. Symmetrical and perfect mountain ranges had their perfect faces ruined by the orbital bombardment of Rear Admiral Tor Kah.

Now Toranis 3 was a barren world, meadows and fields that used to give life to countless different species were not just monuments to the horrible death that had occurred, blasted apart and burnt down, those fields were now dead plains on which the no life sprung out, only a few mutated plants here and there. The mountains, once having a beautiful, curvaceous appearance were splintered apart, forming giant canyons and ridges that were treacherously jagged. Every point seemed so sharp that pilots in the Drodo Military used it in their simulators to fully simulate a hostile environment. The oceans just formed giant dustbowls now, havens for cetaceans , fish, and mollusks burnt dry with only a few scarce skeletons of the life that once roamed the planet. He couldn't stop thinking of the the once delecate green-blue ball before him, soon, his memories changed, from ones of vague happiness, to ones of anger, and misery. Ones of perfect clarity...

Toranis 3, five years ago,

The Impaler emerged from the yellow wormhole, Cesterity thought of guns blazing, but there could be civilians. Unfortunately,no such luck.He was greeted by the once beautiful and perfect little green and blue ball, now a red, cratered, hellhole. Cesterity slowly lifted himself from his seat, ignoring the fleet orbiting just above it.

Cesterity - Is this actually Toranis 3?

Sirius - Affirmitive, sir.

He slowly walked up to the front of the bridge, and fell to his knees. He took a deep breath, and yelled at the top of his lungs.

Cesterity - WHY!!

With that, a beeping sound eminated from the bridge,

and Torix reported;

Torix - There... hailing us, sir.

He made sure to say it softly.

He never, no, no one on the ship saw the Captain in such despair, he was normally so positive.

He shook his head;

"He lost a lot," He reasoned.

"I'd probably kill everyone on the bridge out of rage if I where in his position."

"he's dealing with it pretty well."

"in comparison." He added.

He turned back to his console, daring not to look the Captain in the eyes.

By now, Cesterity regained composure, and changed from sadness to anger in a blink of an eye,

Cesterity - Patch it through.

He ordered between clenched teeth,

The screen lit up to reveal a semi-reptilian alien, with horns on the sides of his head, and a cruel, smug, grin.

It was Tor Kah.

Tor Kah - Fleet captain, you can do nothing now, the world lies in ruins, and you were helpless

He taunted in a deep, even, voice.

Tor Kah - I find it funny knowing that you tried your best to protect this rock and failed

He continued;

Tor Kah - I wonder what the inhabitants think of you now that I pissed in their graves

Tor Kah - Did you have anyone special there?

He asked mockingly.

By now, Cesterity was visibly trembling, he gave out a almost feral growl, and said;

Cesterity - YOU...

Cesterity - MURDERED...

Cesterity - MY FAMILY!!!

He screamed at the the top of his lungs,

Tor Kah responded in a cruel tone;

Tor Kah - Don't be so sad, it's not like they DESERVED to live in this world

Tor Kah - I'm sure we are all happy they are dead.

Everyone on the bridge was startled by there captain's sudden ferocity, they have almost never saw him like this;

Cesterity - "I'm fucking not!"

He responded in a hoarse, worn-out voice,

By now, he was standing up, several meters from his chair.

Tor Kah - And who cares, i wish i could have seen their faces when i glassed their expressions

The rear admiral gave one more devastating taunt;

Tor Kah - "I only hope you could have seen it too when i glassed their tears at your failure into eternity!"

Cesterity couldn't take anymore, his temper possessed him, he screamed;

Cesterity - "DIE!!!"

Cesterity - "AAAAAAAAAH!!!"

He flipped out is pistol, spun it on his finger once, into firing position, and shot the screen.


The screen went blank, and fell to the floor with a thud.

Cesterity then awakened from his reminiscing and was pushed into the chaos of the real world.

The First WaveEdit

M'kras fleet Warped in at the orbit of the planet, and the Controller opened his eyes to seen an incredibly large Drodo armada waiting for him in the space near Toranis. His sensors couldn't run the numbers fast enough and knew that fighting these Drodo in space was a useless proposition. The Drodo fleet was firing and he knew that his ships could not stand such a battering from a force that not only outnumbered him in capital ships, but outgunned him as well. Mag'Heli ships from raiders to dreadnoughts started to get blown apart by Drodo railguns and antimatter missiles. The massive amount of fire was forcing the Mag'Heli to get closer and closer to the planet as they risked certain annihilation. Faced with the seemingly hopeless situation, M'kras could only hope to wait for Vitaze's fleet to enter realspace, and in his desperation sounded an order.

Controller M'kras - Make landfall immediately!

At that, Mag'Heli ships landed and began disgorging ground troops onto the ground, an assortment of Brutes and slave troops gradually making their way toWards the main Drodo trench lines while Raiders tried to secure air superiority, which seemed to be a hopeless proposition for all of them. Mag'Heli troops and Brutes began to sprint toWards the Drodo trenches, as they were still a bit out of range as the desperation of the current circumstances had forced them to make landing in a bad zone that was not conducive to the overall battle aims.

Sernis, a pilot in Red Squadron, arguably the most elite and exemplary squadron in the entire First Combat Army hopped into his plane, somewhat happy that the enemy had only been identified as Mag'Heli, as it seemed no Drodo fighter pilot had lived to tell the tale of encountering Drakodominatus strike craft. He had expertise in shooting down Mag'Heli raiders, having had over a dozen confirmed raider kills in the last encounter alone, having saved a Drodo world from a Mag'Heli attack along with some ships along with Red Squadron. The planes lifted off from the ground in perfect formation with the ground crews waving them off happily and wishing them luck in their endeavors. The thrusters from the planes got more powerful and the Falcons left the ground and began flying toWards the locations were the Mag'Heli had been identified as attacking the Drodo. Over the communications, he began to give orders to the rest of the squadrons and as it was on an uncoded frequency for this occasion, every other pilot and trooper in reach of his receiver.

Sernis - Let those monsters have it! For the Drodo Empire!

In Defense of FreedomEdit

Private Retnis overheard the broadcast and saw the Mag'Heli slave troops come into sight. At the sight of the quivering slaves and the large Mag'Heli brutes crossing the ridge, he began to open fire with his machine gun with the volume of fire building up as other Drodo on emplacements on the primary line of trenches began firing their machine guns, automatic rifles, grenade launchers, and generally speaking, whatever they had with them at the time. Goliaths opened up fire on the skies with their Hellfire missiles which took down Mag'Heli raiders while at the same time firing at the crest of the hill with their smoothbore autocannons. The Destroyers began firing downrange with their 210 mm smoothbores along with their machine guns and forWard mounted cannons. and the incredible torrent of fire laid down soon made it's way to the advancing Mag'Heli. The Mag'Heli slave troopers were cut down like wheat before a scythe while brutes were laid to rest by the Goliaths and Destroyers. The Mag'Heli flood started exploding in puffs of red and chunks of metal. The enfliade never relented and the Mag'Heli tied was being stemmed, and across multiple areas pushed back.

Red Squadron began claiming a fierce toll among the enemy raiders, and in tandem with the other Drodo fighter squadrons and the Hellfire missiles, the skies began to be cleared of Mag'Heli raiders. The raiders tried executing barrel rolls in order to evade the fire, but their faulty building and design made it so that Drodo weapons always found their targets on their strikes and that they were destroyed. Soon enough, the Mag'Heli raiders in the sky were replaced with explosions from both surface to air ordnance and air to air ordnance which exacted a heavy toll on the Mag'Heli raiders. Sernis kept bagging kills from the ennemies and soon enough, the skies were cleared.

The Mag'Heli kept advancing, shooting wildly without any pretense of accuracy, with a few shells claiming Drodo victims, however they were not thinning down the Drodo nearly fast enough to be able to advance under the withering hail of fire. A few select brutes finally made their way into the Drodo trenches, after using the slave troops as living shields. However, for the most part they were unable to get kills on the Drodo due to the fact that there were so little of them remaining and the fact that they were almost always shot before descending to the trenches. Of course a brute here or there got a plasma cannon shot that immolated Drodo, but those and many others were met with autocannons, grenade launchers, automatic rifles and for a few, a trench spike in the face.

Having seen their brutes completely destroyed, the Mag'Heli slave troops were only too glad to surrender, gleefully throwing down their arms and surrendering to the Drodo. The Drodo, as people who were not bloodthirsty savages accepted the prisoners into specially made prison camps in the main Citadel at the epicenter of the trench lines. Large columns of the Mag'Heli marched to the prison camps, not needing any guarding from the Drodo as they were sure that the living conditions in the camps were much higher than anything that they could have with the Dominion, like basic rights.

From the jaws of VictoryEdit

Controller M'kras saw his fleet being completely destroyed and his traitorous slave troops surrendering and marching to what were apparently Drodo Prison camps. He saw that he had no raiders in the skies anymore and he only had three dreadnoughts remaining exlcuding his own. More importantly than that, he came to the realization that Vitaze had not yet Warped in and merely intended his force as expendable.

Controller M'kras - That idiot betrayed me and wanted me out!

He then saw that there was no further point to the battle and that for all intensive purposes, it was lost and that he had been betrayed. He had lost at his own game of treachery and double crossing to the Drakodominatus Great Admiral. At that, he gave the order for the crew of his ship to Warp away from the battle and to the nearest Drodo agriculture world. His ship Warped away, but the rest of his ships were consumed by Drodo weapons fire before they could Warp out, leaving him and only him alone.

Fleet Captain Cesterity was completely awestruck by the fact that he had pulled off a victory with minimal resources, however he was greatly irked by the fact that to this moment the Drakodominatus Tyranny had not made an entrance yet. He began to reason with himself and finally came to a realization.

Fleet Captain Cesterity Isordon - All ships, return to combat stations, the Mag'Heli were meant to be killed off! The Tyranny is about to

He was cut off by the sound made by the instantly recognizable hyperlaser fire that came from the systems edge and the sounds made by all the Tyranny's unholy weapons. Instantly, his giant fleet was decimated by the Drakodominatus who scored a decisive blow because of their Space Transatic Analyzer and training. Before he could give formal orders with tactics however, he was cut off when he saw the biggest ship he had ever seen and looked at his spatial sensors that showed the craft was 100 kilometers in length. His jaw dropped open when he saw the monstrosity and gave a small muttering.

Fleet Captain Cesterity Isordon - God save us

All Hell Breaks LoseEdit

The InfernoEdit

The Drakodominatus fleet was ripping through the Drodo fleet with it's incredibly potent destroying ever Drodo vessel that the hyper accurate fire touched. Vitaze chuckled on the bridge of his Lesser Demogorgon Class Leviathan and chuckled as the Drodo fleet was decimated by his flotillia. His first order of business was to launch a special bomb that vibrated at such a frequency that the Drodoian Gold in it's raw form on the planet was shattered if the bomb was to explode in the planet's atmosphere. The bomb did so, and troops on the ground felt the planet quake as all of the Drodoian Gold was shattered to a subatomic level rendering it unusable by any Drodo and assuring that the only the Tyranny had access to the supply of Drodoian Gold. He however, wanted to massacred the Drodo troops on the ground in a traditional encounter and if possible to find Cesterity and bring him aboard for more torture for the crimes that Cesterity had committed.

With that, Drakodominatus drop pods where fired out of their bays and on to what had been identified as the Drodo ouposts, away from the main trench lines ,hitting the planet with the velocities of meteors in a stunning orbital invasion. In addition, the Drakodominatus also dispersed a great amount of Wyren interceptors from the cavernous bellies of the Baal Class carriers, with the intention of gaining air superiority on Toranis, something that they had great confidence in doing at a very fast pace.

Richtovfred Reukritz sat in the cockpit of the Wyren talking to the rest of his crew about theoretical tactics and the possibility that Drodo Craft could shoot them down.

Richtov Reukritz - It’s impossible, for them to shoot us down: he said with confidence, “Valdriz was stupid in letting his Tyrant Classs stay in the same position for a prolonged period of time, the idiot didn’t move the damn ship. We, on the other hand, of Oppressor Squadron are constantly on the move. You all remember how we dealt with the Drodo on Prosperity, we completely, and with ease, destroyed all of their craft, from their fighters to their VTOLS. Kill them All!

And with that, Oppressor Squadron left the hold of the Baal Class Carrier "Prosecutor" and went screaming down to the surface of Toranis.

Private Grazvek suited himself in his armor and strapped himself into his fireteam's drop pod. As soon as the rest of the fire team was strapped in, the doors closed and he heard a familiar sound coming from the internal speakers of the Battleship "Accuser".

Accuser - Drop Commencing in 3

Private Eltris - Kill Them All!

Accuser - 2

Private Eltris - We'll bring skulls back home!

Accuser - 1

Corporal Deltror - They will die!

Accuser - Now!

At that, Grazvek was jolted at the familiar feel of being fired out of a giant ship at a high speed onto a planet. He was filled with the same exhiliration that had coursed through his body every time he had commenced drop, and he felt it once again as the drop pod/projectile made it's way to the ground below. Finally, the drop pod hit the ground with a resounding explosion and right before the door opened, his squad made a few final comments.

Corporal Deltror - Let the slaughter begin!

A Wyren and a FalconEdit

Sernis was about to turn back to his airbase to have some chow, thinking that the battle was over. However, he received a report from command saying that a new enemy had arrived, and he turned back.

Drodo Command - All fighters, do not return to base, we have contact, in addition brace yourselves, these aren't Mag Heli... they are Drakodominatus

That transmission was cut out by the loud sounds created by the Wyrens, who suddenly appeared in the air, their distinctive black and gold trim reflecting magnificently with the space battle above. Sernis used his eye's to look at the markings of a particular squadron, and saw what seemed to be the gold trim arrayed in a very unique way, however as he looked closer, he was interrupted by a fellow pilot from a different squadron.

Drodo Pilot - Those are kill markings, AAAGH

At the startling revelation, the Drodo pilot's plane who had sent the transmission was blown up by a megalaser from the Wyren. All around Sernis, Falcons were going down like flies because of the giant explosions that came from missiles, the Drakodominatus transuranic railguns or the megalasers. The Falcons finally opened fire on the Wyrens, but their shots simply dissipated from the shields of the Drakodominatus planes, it seemed that conventional tactics simply were not working.

Richtov was having a fun time gunning down the enemy Falcons, minutes into the battle he had already bagged many dozens of enemy kills with his Wyren. His Squadron already had a confirmed shot down Drodo, leading to an already monstrous tally. The skies close to him had cleared of the Drodo who had been been harassing his squadron but after gunning down a few more falcons, one seemed to get a direct hit on his fuselage. He also saw many Falcons heading for his position, and after taking down a few, he gave orders to his squadron.

Richtov - Take care of the rest of these flies, i have personal business to settle

With that statement, he went off and raced to try and shoot down the Drodo who had actually managed to get a shot on his fuselage. He gunned his antimatter engines and rushed after Sernis, firing a few missiles at him.

Sernis - Crap!

Sernis barely managed to dodge the missiles, but the missiles took out two Falcons that were close to his ship, leaving him completely alone, he decided to make a roll and was behind the Wyren, however when he fired, the Drakodominatus simply stalled his engines and the missiles flew harmlessly past. Scared of the oncoming fire, he dove his falcon deep into a giant and narrow trench that had been carved out of what had once been a beautiful mountain side.

The Wyren flew in, however the narrowness and the size of the Wyren meant it had to fly sideways, and was unable to maneuver because of the risk of the canyon falling upon the Drakodominatus interceptor. The Wyren was only firing it's transuranic railgun, the dodged shots making rocks cascade down below, only to be dodged by the veteran aces. The furious dogfighting continued throughout the entirety of the canyon with barrel rolls and turns that would kill most other pilots taking place as the pilots tried to shoot each other down. At one point, Sernis was completely ensured by a ring of transuranic fire shot out in such a way that he could not maneuver out of it, and missiles were fired at him. However, before they could impact, another Falcon valiantly got into the way and it exploded in front of the Wyren, damaging the shielding.

Both fighters exited the ravine and the Falcon finally got a shot on the Wyren as the Wyren shot down another Drodo, the shot impacted the engineds and all energy from the superlaser and sensors had to be diverted to keep the shielding up, however Richtov made the impression it had worked and under his control, the craft began to plummet toWards the earth.

Sernis - Yes!

However, this momentary respite was broken when the Wyren got a lock and fired its transuranic railgun in an arc, destroying the fins and the wins of the Falcon, sending it plummeting down into the ground below. Sernis however, recovered from the shock just in time to press eject and fell safely to the ground where he landed on the Drodo citadel, safe from combat for now. However, he watched in anger as Richtov sped off and began gunning down other Falcons whose pilots did not share fates as lucky as his.


Grazvek's fireteam began slaughtering all the Drodo in sight of their landing. Drodo flesh was completely vaporized as quark gluon plasma hit them, and the Drodo were dying in droves. Harbinger Gunships were wrecking havoc on the ground as T-3000 tanks and Goliaths were ripped up with impunity by the giant ordnance of the Harbinger gunships. Corouscating lasers burst through armored hulls or stripped flesh from bone in the hellish heat they created. Giant mass accelerators on the ships firing giant transuranic slugs also created massive craters and huge havoc. Drodo everywhere were going down.

The few remaining Drodo troops there were were cleared in the furious flurry of melees, their armor and skin, even that of their vehicles, standing no chance against the Drakodominatus soldiers and their incredibly effective melee weapons. Within mere minutes, the Drakodominatus had cleared the outposts, and only Drodo who had mercifully passed out from their wounds were spared as the Drakodomiantus had no time for clean up and instantly began charging the primary trench lines.

Cesterity trudged along the primary trenches where his mud covered troops looked completely depressed and uninspired. They all looked up to him like he was a a prophet of a far off religion and he decided to inspire his troops to fight harder.

Cesterity - Friends, Marines, and Drodo, the threat you all now face is the largest threat we have ever faced since the Grox, we fight an enemy who's weapons far exceed our own, who's armor is nigh impenetrable, whose strength knows no bounds, and who's cruelty is limitless. However, we have something that they do not have, we have the will to fight! the will to go on! the will to protect our empire! The Drakodominatus merely fight for their pride or for prestige, and they do not fight for the things they love, their families, and their homeland. Though they are strong, in the inside they are weak! The Drodo spirit far exceeds those monsters, and if we stand fast, we will send those abominations back to the hellhole where they belong!

Retnis and others in his squad cheered then heard the Dominatus completely destroy the outposts even from their positions at the primary trenches. The sounds of the quark-gluon plasma and all the other Drakodominatus weapons pierced the skies, as did the frantic screaming coming from the position, however soon it died out, and it was replaced by what seemed to be massive amounts of Drakodominatus troopers sprinting up a crest in the plains. The Drakodominatus however soon came into view.

Grazvek neared the crescent of the hill while running at full speed, and when he reached the crest, before the Drodo could fire, he and all the other Drakodominatus were firing downrange even across the large distance, and the Drakodominatus started bagging as much enemy kills as shots they fired while running at full sprint, hoping to engage in melee. Retnis grabbed his machine gun and fired at the Drakodominatus, and he fired his heavy machine gun at one of them. It took many more bullets than usual, usually an amount large enough to penetrate a tank, but his heavy machine gun felled the charging Drakodominatus, as did many on his line. Soon Drakodominatus were faling all across the lines, in what he hoped to be a futile charge.

The Goliaths and Destroyers kept firing downrange at the Drakodominatus, but for each one they killed, many of their own number were killed by either Drakodominatus Infantry, or the fearsome Crusher Main Battle Tanks that the Drakodominatus had deployed onto the world. Soon enough, the Drakodominatus waded into the thinned out primary trench lines and started an incredibly vicious melee. Retnis received an order to fall back to the secondary defensive positions, however, while retreating from the Drakodominatus onslaught, he was intercepted by a lone Drakodominatus jumptrooper, who killed many of those around him. However, he fired an EMP round from his grenade launcher at the Drakodominatus for good measure a trooper with an automatic shotgun behind the imposing Drakodominatus opened up on the unshielded head, the rounds penetrated the shields and the head was completely eviscerated. He gave a cheer and began running back to the secondary positions.

In the MistEdit

Onesided fighting was raging on inside the secondary trenches and was spilling into to the tertiary trenches. Cesterity held the line wherever he was with his inspiration and his antimatter sword along with his uncanny accuracy, however he eventually heard a shout come out from the tertiary trenches from a bunker. When he entered it, he saw a ghastly sight. He saw a colonel impaled on the giant blade of a giant Drakodominatus who he later identified as a Drakodominatus Hunter. He saw the hunter crush the Drodo Colonel and throw him onto the floor. At that Cesterity fired off his giant magnum at the Hunter, only to see it deflected by a gesture of the Hunter's hands. Enraged, Cesterity activated his antimatter sword and charged at the Hunter. He was deflected by the Hunter's fist and was sent crashing into a wall. He saw the Hunter charging at him and as the Hunter raised his hand, he dismembered the left arm of the Hunter. To his surprise, the Hunter was not screaming, but laughing as he tossed Cesterity to the ground, disloacting a few bones. At that Sirius barged into the room and fired a sniper rifle point blank at the Drakodominatus head, penetrating the shields and damaging the helmet. The Drakodominatus disengaged it and knocked Sirius unconcious. However, he turned around to see Cesterity who cleaved the Drakodominatus diagonally with his antimatter sword. However, Cesterity did not get out in time and was crushed by the weight of the Drakodominatus body parts trapping him.

Cesterity - Help!

Markis was trudging through the parts of the tertiary trenches which were still not infested with Drakodominatus Marines and gradually made his way to the quartenary trenches, were he thought he could hold off the Drakodominatus better. However, as he went through the trenches, desperately trying to avoid the Drakodominatus, he heard a faint cry for help. He reasoned that it would put his life at unnecessary risk, however he remembered the Fleet Captain's words and trudged off toWards the trenches. He saw Cesterity trapped under what seemed to be a cleaved in half Drakodominatus and Sirius unconscious. He dragged both of them up after much effort and had to carry Cesterity on his back. They went through an underground exit and made their way over to the citadel.

Dulce et Decorum EstEdit

Sheer StupidityEdit

Grazvek finally cleared the quartenary trenches, all of them overflowing with Drodo remains. The Drakodominatus already had much less than a thousand losses so far, and it was proceeding very well. However, he frowned when he saw the imposing edifice that was in front of him. It was a giant citadel based on a cliff with a 90 degree drop, and in total, from the open plains to the bottom it was 100 meters tall. The plains they would have to cross were open killing fields for the massive weapons on top of the citadel. He cheered as he saw the artillery and the mobile fortresses open up, however he growled when he heard the order to charge at that moment. He momentarily questioned the sheer stupidity of the order in his head, but discipline prevailed and he went up the trench and began sprinting toWards the edifice.

Retnis grinned at the Drakodominatus began charging at the edifice. While he was joking about the stupidity of the Drakodominatus with other men at the ramparts, he was firing in his super heavy caliber auto cannon at the Drakodominatus. It was killing each Drakodominatus within a a large radius that it hit within one shot due to it's massive caliber, and soon, Drakodominatus everywhere were going down as his colleagues fired at them as well. In addition to that machine guns opened up everywhere, cutting down the Drakodominatus everywhere in a bloody scythe

A Drakodominatus next to Grazvek exploded in a fine red mist, being hit by one of the autocannons on the battlements, and he cursed the lack of care that Vitaze had for the fact that they could have finished this operation with minimal casualties, but for the sake of increasing operational speed by just a bit, that Vitaze was making them charge at an enemy fortress that had super-heavy weapons pointed at the plains, making them a natural killing ground. In addition, the massive shield in front of the fortress prevented him from firing at any of the defenders with any of his weapons. He pushed aside all his thoughts on the stupidity of the charge and just sprinted over to the bottom of the fortress.

Retnis kept firing on and on, with some of his shots getting direct hits with the visual compensators on the Drakodominatus, who though bogged in mud and slime, where sprinting at incredible speeds. However, the battlefield was becoming increasingly littered with tens of thousands of Drakodominatus corpses and Drakodominatus remains, as even their fearsome armor and shielding could not stand against the magnificent armaments on the battlements of the citadel. However, Retnis watched in dread as some of the Drakodominatus got to the base of the wall and began firing.

The SummitEdit

Grazvek started climbing the wall furiously, scaling the distances at incredible speeds. While he was ascending the wall, he was also firing with pinpoint accuracy at the Drodo defenders above, who were firing down on him and other Drakodominatus. Each of his shots vaporized the heads of Drodo, and the incinerating heat melted the barrels of Drodo heavy ordnance together. Headless Drodo bodies toppled over on to the Drakodominatus below, and Grazvek was nearing the top of the summit, but as he was about to mount the wall...

Retnis activated a button that made a myriad amount of shaped charges explode, leaving the wall intact but sending the Drakodominatus flying. Drakodominatus were hurled to the ground by the explosions, but their armor held, and soon enough they were climbing again. Eventually, they made it to the top of the wall, where a vicious melee began.

Grazvek and the other Drakodominatus began to slice a bloody swathe through the Drodo defenders. Drodo everywhere fell victim to fire from sonic emitters, quark gluon plasma fire among the myriad amount of weapons that the Drakodominatus had. In addition, Drakodominatus swords and claws began slicing through all the Drodo in sight. Grazvek personally impaled a few dozen Drodo on his sword in addition to the many he had killed with his long range weapons and his claws. He took a shot from Retnis grenade launcher, but he deflected the shot with his hands and began charging at Retnis.

Retnis ran away and pressed a button while he slid down a ladder to the bottom. A generator inside the walls blew up, and most of the Drakodominatus on the walls were killed by the ensuing massive explosion. However, some like Grazvek managed to jump off in time, landing on the ground with a resounding thud. Though many Drakodominatus had been killed on the walls, among those, people who had been climbing, the walls were now breached, and the shield finally gave way, pouring the way for Drakodominatus ground troops to flood the Citadel.

The FloodEdit

Drakodominatus ground troops began flooding into the Drodo Citadel, killing everything in sight. The explosions caused by this hellish battle obscured the entire battlefield in smoke, obfuscating all the forces. The trained Drakodominatus relentlessly pressed on, still maintaining their accuracy and massacring all Drodo in sight. Grazvek killed many Drodo even with the battlefield covered in smoke as quark gluon plasma destroyed everything in sight.

Retnis fired off an EMP grenade at Grazvek through the smoke, knowing that the Drakodominatus would probably intercept it. However, he made the instinctive decision to activate the grenade right right at the time when Grazvek was about to bat it out, disabling Grazvek's armor.

Grazvek's armor shut down, and though he could move, he could not operate any of his weapon systems. His senses told him that the round came from a certain direction and eventually his armor booted up as he fired both of his disintegrators at the target, incinerating Retnis squad, but somehow Retnis had managed to escape the fusilade of fire. It all changed however, when Grazvek grabbed Retnis with one hand and raised him in the air, suspended.

Retnis grabbed his magnum and fired all his ammo save one bullet straight at the face of the imposing giant who held him, and the resultant impacts disabled the shields and damaged the helmet, forcing the brute to disengage it. He saw the mostrous face of the Drakodominatus and Grazvek pinned him to the ground, rendering him helpless. The Drakodominatus said something incomprehensible and Retnis then fired an emp then an armor piercing grenade into the beasts gut, which bypassed the shields and left a hole in the beast's stomach. Grazvek simply laughed and broke some of Retnis bones, then ran off to kill some Drodo.

Retnis watched in horror as Grazvek massacred valiant Drodo in front of his eyes, and saw the sight of Grazvek ripping ne apart and literally consuming him whole which reknit the wound. He tried to scream but the air was out of his lungs, and he could only lie there helpless.

Grazvek flayed Retnis skin and muscle untile Retnis barely had any flesh, and as Retnis screamed in pain, Grazvek through Retnis a long way into a pit filled with Drodo corpses, where Retnis promptly passed out.

Cesterity could only look around in sheer despair as his forces everywhere were completely obliterated by the Drakodominatus onslaught, he tried rallying them by slicing through some Drakodominatus but to no avail. His voice grew hoarse and he was finally hit by a massive sonic blast from a Drakodominatus marine, but before he fell unconcious, he saw the Automatic Rifle he had planted years ago.

A reminder of better timesEdit

Toranis 3, Five years ago.

Cesterity told his crew he was going down to find a "strategically valuable object".In actuality, he was going to mourn. He was walking to what was left of his home.He looked around with misty eyes and could still make out some things. What was once a massive forest, where he would go walking, and his children would play in, was nothing but charred stumps. What was once the city hall, a massive building, was now little more than rubble.He took a right on the destroyed street, his neighborhood, all rubble. He thought he saw something in the distance. It was a steel, square, platform.

Fleet Captain Cesterity - The bunker!'

He sprinted toWards it.

Fleet Captain Cesterity - I'm coming! I'm coming! Just you wait!'

He stopped in front of it, his blissful, jubilant face, and slowly turned into one of extreme sadness.There was a massive hole through the door, and nothing inside.Cesterity just stared, mouth open, wide-eyed, and he fell to his knees;

Fleet Captain Cesterity - NOOOOOO!!!'

He then got up, and unslung his assault rifle, got his family's pendant and planted it in the ground.


From the Jaws of DefeatEdit

The Drakodominatus fireteam steadily made it's way to what they thought to be the incapacitated Cesterity, however, they paused when they saw Cesterity stir back into life, having taken the massive sonic blast and lived. They saw Cesterity stand up as if raised from the dead and his pupils go blood red, and heard him speak in what sounded like a possessed voice.

Cesterity - Die you monsters!

At that, Cesterity lunged at the fireteam and in a series of blows, dispatched one of them. He evaded even the unnatural accuracy of the other Drakodominatus and sliced through the entire fireteam in a series of blows, slicing through armor than usually only Drodo heavy anti tank weapons could penetrate with his antimatter blade. The last Drakodominatus to fall was a heavy, who concentrated an unholy torrent of transuranic slug fire on Cesterity, only for Cesterity to dodge each and every one of the bullets, and to slice open the heavy in one motion, leaving the bleeding corpses of the fireteam on the ground.

A pair of Drakodominatus shieldbearers made their way toWards Cesterity, running at incredible speeds generating momentum with their mass. These monsters had battered through countless fortifications and tanks with ease, their kill count ran over a thousand Drodo in the trenches, tanks, and walkers. They thought that Cesterity stood no chance against the two juggernauts now racing toWards the (by Drakodominatus standards) diminutive Drodo. He merely sidestepped the two monsters and taunted them, making them charge at him again.

This time, he sliced through what his prescience had identified as the weak points - the joints, of the hunters. His antimatter blade sliced through the joints of one of them, and in a fluid movement, decapitated the Shieldbearer through the head joint, and right as he was about to get struck by the other Shieldbearers massive sword, he swung his blade and penetrated the eye hole of the helmet of the Shieldbearer. After that fluid motion, both of them toppled to the ground.

Birds of PreyEdit

A Drakodominatus Harbinger gunship pulled over to Cesterity who had just finished the motion, and unleashed an incredible earth-shattering salvo at the lone fleet captain, the only Drodo combat effective at this point. However, even the Drakodominatus Harbinger only managed to put the possessed fleet captain down, and rendered him unconscious.

Toranis 3. Five years ago.

Cesterity sobbed for fifteen minutes straight, clinging to the rifle for support.He regained composure, before hearing gunshots behind him and he looked behind.They where raiders of some sort, wearing old, dirty jackets and masks,who had everything from sticks, to guns. The rabble ran toWards the Fleet Captain, poised to kill him.He simply pulled out a conventional sabre, and pistol. His eyes where blood red.He cut one's stick in half, and drove the sabre through his chest.He shot another in the face and brutally cut down the others. He finished the last one off by driving the sword through his incapacitated body. His sabre, trenchcoat, and face was covered in blood.He walked away from the murder scene with a blank, desensitized face, and empty eyes.

He awakened and leapt onto the massive gunship floating above him with his antimatter blade in hand. The Drakodominatus pilot was much too surprised to make evasive maneuvers and Cesterity clambered onboard. The pilot tried to swerve left and right, banking through the atmosphere, but to no avail. Cesterity clambered to the cockpit and ripped through the glass with his sword, and with his essence enhanced strength, tore the Drakodominatus head from his body.

At that the gunship crashed down into the Drakodominatus, the exploding antimatter reactor claiming many of them right as Cesterity got out of the way and began cutting down other Drakodominatus.

A Permanent SolutionEdit

Vitaze got word of the ongoing casualty count and cursed himself, he hated the fact that he had ordered a frontal assault of the Drodo world, on their conditions. Most of the actions he had taken had defied every tenet of Drakodominatus tactics there was, and to top it off,it appeared that at the center of the now destroyed citadel. He ordered his sole Honor Guard to be beamed onto the surface of the world.

The Honor Guard was deployed onto the world in a couruscating light, and turned his head to see Cesterity going through a Drakodominatus Marine squad.

Honor Guard - Engage me in a duel and let us decide this

Cesterity - Die! Monster !

Cesterity lunged at the monster with a speed that could evade even the ultraaccurate fire of the Drakodominatus Marines, however the Honor Guard was prepared for it and clawed through Cesterity with one of his claws while smashing Cesterity's head with the other one. Though against most foes this would already be a more than fatal trauma, it merely knocked Cesterity unconcious. However the Drakodominatus Honor Guard saw this was coming, and clawed through Cesterity, ripping apart his flesh that though biologically dead many times over, was kept together by his essence, generated by all his hatred and angst. However, even this gave way to the unnatural strength of the Honor Guard, who ripped Cesterity apart. He tore apart all of Cesterity's bones and flesh, leaving only a skeleton and one of Cesterity's eyes intact. He then tossed the carcass into a giant pit where Drodo corpses were being held and beamed away, along with the other Drakodominatus forces.

A Bit Too LateEdit

Afnal and his 50 Steels made landfall on the battlewrecked planet using a ship that had come in from the other side, undetected by Drakodominatus sensors which were too engrossed in the battle, and which came from the other side of the planet. He made landfall, however his craft was hit by fire from a Wyren and he and his Steels had to exit the ship in mid air. They thought they would die, but they lived by landing on a giant mountain of decaying Drodo corpses.

They awakened to see a Drakodominatus extermination team that was burning down the remains using plasma throwers, and Afnal and the Steels sprung into attack. They killed one of the 4 Drakodominatus immediately but were met with evasion and return fire, killing the 4 of their own that could be seen. Afnal, not wanting to risk more men needlessly threw a thermal grenade at the generator of the Drakodominatus Heavy's plasma throwers. The ensuing chain reaction and explosion caused havoc that killed a 2 Steels and the remainder of the Drakodominatus squad.

After that, Afnal gave them orders to go to a Drodo outpost (albeit destroyed) that he saw when they were in orbit in order to look for survivors. At that, they went off to find the survivors they though were there. Unbenknowst to them, hunting them in this deep mountain of rotting corpses were 2 Drakodominatus Hunters along with one Harbinger Gunship.

The Lowest PointEdit

The Drakodominatus Marines had all gone onto their Dropships or gotten back into functioning Droppods and been sent back to the giant Leviathan, where their entire number could be stored due to the massive casualties they suffered during this operation. With the skies clear, the Drodo sent down Beetles to rescue the precious few Drodo they could find, and Sirius, upon seeing Cesterity's limp skeleton, flew into his synthetic rage and fired off a perfect sniper shot from his sniper rifle at a part of the Honor Guard that was only exposed for a brief millisecond, and though not damaging the Honor Guard critically, it did make the Honor Guard fall down, only to be picked up again. However, hidden in the vast mountain of corpses that hid all signatures of the gunshot, he picked Cesterity's body up and carried it to the beetle, where he hoped in his deepest of hopes that he could save Cesterity.

Sirius worked tirelessly for hours on the de facto capital ship, Legacy. The ship was positioned at the back of the fleet, so the other ships can soak up damage. He was using experimental, and unstable, nanobots that used Drakodominatus technology, to reconnect limbs, regrow organs, and rebuild muscle and skin structure. After about five hours of work, Sirius has now finally rebuilt the Commander. But, the synth noticed that the Captain seemed to be going through some sort of nightmare. He was moaning, babbling, and rambling about something quietly, he was obvieously not enjoying it.

Sirius tried communicating;


"Sir, wake up, the fleet needs you, now."

No response. Sirius was starting to get frustrated,

"Goddamnit, sir, wake up!"

"You need to live."

He started to get worried;



Cesterity woke up in a darkened corridor, much like the Impaler's. The constant, demonic voice was aggravating, and terrifing. For seemingly no reason, he was scared of everything he looked at.

"WHY CAN'T YOU GET UP? YOU ALREADY HAVE NANOBOTS!" Sirius screamed, the synth was incredibly emotional.

"HOW CAN YOU GIVE UP?" He wailed

A Drodo, wearing a dark trenchcoat, top hat, and brandishing a embroidered butterfly knife, said in a calm, condesending voice;

"How can you give up?"

Before kicking the Captain into a giant pit that opened up behind him suddenly.

The Captain stopped moving, his vital signs where off the chart, the thin, yellow line moving erratically across the screen. Sirius looked in horror, before bursting into tears and wailing;


"You can't." He whimpered.

As Cesterity fell, he hit a metal pipe that extended from one side of the pit, to the other;


He slowly slid off of the top of the pipe, and landed face-first onto the floor a few meters below him. He looked up, to see, Sirius, Torix, and Garus. Before he could idenify the others, they started to scream in agony.

Cesterity knew where he was now.

"No... No, not here!" Cesterity cried.

He looked up, to see Vitaze's evil grin;

"YOU!" He hissed,

A brute picked the Captain up by the ruff of his neck, and drove his face a few inches away from a familiar wheel;

"SPIN THE WHEEL!" The Brute screamed into his face,

"No!" Cesterity wailed,

On the medical bed, Cesterity said weakly;


At that, the yellow line started to stabalise, until it was a steady "Beep, Beep". Sirius stopped sobbing, and looked up at the console.

"Oh, my, God."

A small smile spread across his face, before shaking off all emotion, and returning to his familiar, android state.

After Cesterity refused, the massive Mag'heli threw him down to the floor. He heard slow, heavy footsteps. He looked up,

It was Tor Kah.

The Captain was horrified, he remembered the last time he saw his face. He did not want to go through what the rear admiral did to him five years ago ever again, but he was certain that was exactly why he was here. Nonetheless, he felt faint when he heard him say;

"Restrain him."

Two Brutes grabbed either arm of the Fleet Captain. He struggled to get out their grip, but to no avail.

"Now, I believe we have some..." Tor Kah started,

"...Unfinished business, to attend to." He continued with sadistic joy, before grabbing a red-hot spike, about a meter long, from a barrel.

"Now, we have a clean slate!" he stated with the same joy in his voice,

The Captain started to struggle again, and begged;

"No... No, anything but that, NO!!!"

Tor Kah thrust the spike through the Captain's leg, he screamed in agony. The Rear Admiral twisted and pulled free the now black and red spike free from his leg. The brutes threw him down to the floor.

Sirius was again worried;


Cesterity looked up, to see Tor Kah looking down to him, a few feet away.

"Unfortunatly, that is all of the time I have with you," He stated with some dissipointment. Cesterity was ready to breathe a sigh of of relief, but before he could, that same, trenchcoat-wearing figure gently pushed the Rear Admiral out of the way, Cesterity could finally see the man's face, and he was shocked to see Sirius. He said in the same, mocking, voice;

"Damnit, sir, get up."

He pulled out a small revolver, put it to the Captain's face, pulled back the hammer, and pulled the trigger;


He lifted himself up into a sitting position with his muscular arms, he looked around, breathing heavily. He was immediatly hugged by Sirius, to his surprise;

"Thank God you are alive." He said in a relieved tone, he continued;

"Sir, I know you have barily recovered, but we need you, we are down to 45 000 ships, you've got to turn this battle around!"

Cesterity, still woozy and disoriented after his ordeal, responded;

"Uh, yeah."

Sirius glared;

"HELP US." He basically ordered.

The Captain shook his head;

"Uh, yeah!" He responded in a lively tone. He jumped out of the bed, only to get knocked down as a Drakodominatus relativistic kill weapon battered the shields.

"We need..." He started

He got up quickly;

"Repair teams!" He continued. He looked down, to see that he was in a loose medical robe;

"And a uniform..." He said again.

Cesterity did not waste time, he threw on a t-shirt, jeans, his fedora, and, of course, his trenchcoat over it all, he was quite casual-looking, but couldn't be in a more serious state of mind. Everyone on the bridge was dumbfounded by the Captain's sudden appearence, some shook there heads, others cleaned there glasses, and some thought back to what they had to drink for breakfast. They all adapted quickly, however, and had a instant morale boost.

"Open a channel to all ships!" He ordered,

The viewscreen came to life, every captain was completly bewildered by there Fleet Captain's sudden revival;

"I'm alive." He said simply.


At the EdgeEdit

Vitaze did not know how to judge the battle so far. On the land, it was a victory, albeit a pyrrhic one, and it seemed that the initial goal of having the land victory and winning it as a set piece battle, even if it was on the Drodo's terms was taking a toll on the Drodo firepower as it seemed, also with the literal evisceration of Cesterity, that the Drakodominatus had struck a giant blow to the morale of the Drodo and that the Drodo were giving up. Vitaze had avoided the massive storm of flak that he would have had had he Warped in at the first location, right into the Drodo fleet, and had Warped in such a way that the battleships and carriers that carried the troops only paused momentarily to deliver the Augers and Wyrens and then finished their jump at the end of the system, along with all the other Drakodominatus forces, who emulated the same tactic, but instead of disgorging troops and fighters, using STA fire to devestate the Drodo Fleet.

At their position at the edge of the system, for a large period of time, the Drakodominatus ships were out of the range of the Drodo ships, who steadily made their way to fight the Drakodominatus ships. The Drakodominatus used their advantages and advanced weaponry to butcher the Drodo as the Drodo made their way to them. The STA and superior weapon ranges, andspecifications of the Drakodominatus allowed them to have not only first strike capability, but also the capability of striking itself without retaliation during the earlier parts of the battle. However, that changed when the Drodo fleet got closer, albeit with massive casualties caused by the incredibly lethal Drakodominatus weapons fire. In addition, the massive penetrative power of the Drakodominatus weapons that could go through planets in some cases were mitigated as the Drodo ships were arranged in such a way that even a powerful beam such as the aforementioned one could only take out one ship a time.

Vitaze laughed at the stupidity of the enemy General who had been facing him throughout the entirety of the battle, easily countering the infantile moves of the enemy commander, who had neither the daring nor the innovativeness of his arch nemesis who had been relegated to the ground. He had lost a sizeable portion of his outnumbered force, 100 Cruisers and several Battleships, but at massive cost to the enemy, at 15000 ships, which was the estimated number. Vitaze knew that if this continued on, he would have a victory, though not one that would make the Grand Admirality too happy due to the losses at a supposed weak race. However, Vitaze could do nothing at some times except give the guns of the enemy credit effectiveness for piercing the thick armor of the Drakodominatus ships.

However, right as a flat grin finally formed on his face, his predatory senses told him that Fleet Captain Cesterity was alive.

Pushing BackEdit

With Cesterity in charge, the Drodo attacked the Drakodominatus with renewed vigor. However, the Drakodominatus had full measure of even Cesterity's tactics from previous encounters, and Drodo tactics that were previously effective were all parried by the cold and calculating genius of Vitaze. Cesterity reasoned that at this rate, the Drodo would be destroyed in Toranis, albeit at a massive casualty count for the Drakodominatus if they were just using conventional tactics, as on the ground. This time called for desperate measures.

The battle wasn't going too well, however, and though Cesterity did manage to blow away quite a few cruisers and some battleships ,there where still many more, he realized it was a stalemate.

"I can't let them get this system." He thought, as he looked at the violent light-show before him.

Vitaze looked at the simulator screens and the numerical analysis of the situation, and he saw that if he were to pull of a victory it would be at massive cost to his own people.

"I can't let Vitaze piss all over the graves of my loved ones," Cesterity thought again. He looked up slightly,


"Not today." He said aloud.

"What sir?" Sirius asked,

He parried Cesterity's tactics with his genius, but he knew that at this rate the Drakodominatus would have a mortality count in excess of 90%. He just hoped that cesterity kept using conventional tactics, and didn't do something too unconventional.

The Captain sighed, before ordering into his mic;

"Reroute subfleet A to Toranis 1."

"Tell them to use type 1 missiles at the Gas Giant,"

Sirius looked up from his console, not knowing the Captain's plans, he asked;

"Sir what are you-"

Cesterity stopped him;


Vitaze was puzzled at the strategy of the Drodo, he saw several dozen ships being rerouted further from the actual engagement space. He knew that the Drodo from the onset of the battle wanted to close the distance between them and the Drakodominatus. This move defied all logic. Vitaze's astrophysics went through his head and he knew what was going to happen;

A giant, system-consuming explosion

Cesterity hoped that the chain-reaction of volitle chemicals within the planet would lash out against the star, causing a chain-reaction, making the star go supernova.

Vitaze ordered all possible crew to be transferred to the 11 largest ships. While firing at the Drodo, he grimly thought about what would happen.

Cesterity made the plan instantly, he would not lose this world to the Drakodominatus. It would fall a Drodo world. He stood up, and paced forWard a few steps;

"Hail Vitaze." He ordered,

A few seconds later, Vitaze popped up on the viewscreen.

"This world will fall a Drodo world!" The Fleet Captain boomed as the Great Admiral appeared onto the screen.

"I refuse to let you take it."

Vitaze was puzzled at the statement

"Surely jsut destroying toranis 3 would not do anything tacticlaly." Vitaze reasoned with the Drodo.

Cesterity crossed his arms, and said in a condesending tone;

"Now, Vitaze,"

"Tell me what will happen."

"I'm sure you know,"

"Seeing that you ARE a Drakodominatus." He said in a especially sarcastic tone.

"You will destroy one world in this system" Vitaze answered smoothly, but with uncertainty in the back of his mind.

"Just for the sake of your honor" He continued.

"Death or Glory Cesterity?" The Great Admiral said again.

Cesterity simply stared;

"Your wrong," He said simply,

"For my family, for my love, I do this," He continued;

"For my Empire."

"Not some greedy, bloated idea such as honour!"

"This place is important to me, and my people," He answered again.

"We would rather destroy it by our own hands than let your dirty claws defile this place." [11:20] <DrodoEmpire> Cesterity heard a transistorized voice over a secondary comm, it was a captain of a ship;

"Its ready."

The Captain raised a hand slightly above his hand;

"Wait," Cesterity ordered,

"This is sheer tactical stupidity" Vitaze stated

"If you were willing to give this world up so easily, why did you have a fight here?" He questioned

"If your end goal is to destroy it?"

Cesterity stared at the Admiral, surprised and disgusted that ideas like patriotism and faith where so alien to him;

"The heart triumphs over the brain, Vitaze, Faith over Logic!"

"We defend it to the last man, woman and child." He continued;

"We would rather protect its sancticty by destroying it."

Vitaze was puzzled by the statement as it contradicted much of what he had been taught. Deliberate suicide of a world. Or, was it just a world?

"Of course," Cesterity started,

"You will never know what it is to be loved, or to love. Your heartless and cruel,"

"Without purpose!" He berated, he took a step back, then asked;

"Tell me Vitaze,"

"do you have a family?"

Vitaze had just about enough of this tiny creature berating him from several thousand kilometers away. He responded angrily;

"Yes mongrel!"

Cesterity felt he had the upper hand in this disscussion, he pushed further;

"Then would you mourn for them?"

"Would you cry for them?"

"Would you avenge them?"

Cesterity paused, and continued;

"Would you feel anything at all?"

Vitaze had enough, he did not want to play this emotional game with Cesterity and shut down the comms, firing off the massive armaments of his fleet as a response.

The Impaler shook, but Cesterity didn't even notice;

"You don't love them." Cesterity said quietly. He sighed, walked deliberatly back to his chair, and ordered;


From his bridge, Vitaze saw at least several-hundred missiles fire from those Drodo ships that broke away. He saw the trajectory of the projectiles and, to his surprise, they went to a gas giant in close proximity to the star, the planet was Toranis 1.

Cesterity looked to a photo of his family that he had taped to one of the arms of his captain's chair;

"I'm sorry." He said quietly.

Vitaze recognized the direness of the situation, and ordered his fleet to start engines. He knew that the missiles would catalyze nuclear fusion within the Gas Giant, in turn, catalyzing it within the star. He did not want this.

Cesterity ordered all ships to fall back, but, to his surprise, two-dozen Ethereals stayed back. They hailed him;

"We can't do that, sir!" The lead Captain said over the comms,

"There's no way there gonna stay there without us!"

Cesterity was going to order them to return, but before he could, the captain boomed;

"For the Empire!"

And turned off the comms.

"Brave men." Cesterity commented.

"All forces, fall back! This thing's gonna blow!" He ordered again.

Vitaze leaned in to see multiple Corvette-sized craft approch his fleet. They started up some sort of interdiction field, before he could ponder the situation any more, one of his crusier's engines exploded violently, along with a few others. One of ships had a critical failure, and exploded spectacularly. The Capital Ships, more or less uninhibited, revved up there engines, and escaped the system.

Cesterity sighed as he saw the Capital Ships fall back, and the Corvettes consumed by the supernova;

"Good work, people." He said in a commanding, yet, still slightly disheartened, voice.

The Drodo ships, having long left the dying system, where returning to there bases, while the Drakodominatus ships where still pushing there engines to the maximum. Many where consumed in the blaze of the angry, dying star. Vitaze, and his thirty Capital Ships, where all that escaped. Vitaze screamed at the ingenuity and will of the Drodo. Although he would say that the outcome was tactically inconclusive in his report. He knew he had lost.

Week 4Edit

The Wings of the DragonEdit

The CoupEdit

Cesterity has since landed, and was walking through the halls of the Drodo Government Building. He noticed there where a lot more guards than usual, they where wearing different uniforms, as well. Jet black, with tall leather boots, and small military caps. He got a mixed reception while walking down the corridor, some few smiles, a lot of scowls, but most completly denied his existence. The captain finally reached the room in which he was to meet with the Admirals for debriefing. The doors opened, he looked in to see a large foyer, with marble floors, and stone pillars. From the second level, large, red flags he did not recogise draped down. There was a large desk at the front, with six uniformed men at the front. To Cesterity's surprise, he was grabbed by two guards;

"Hey! What the-"

A high-ranking individual cut him off;

"Fleet Captain Cesterity Isordon, you have a lot of explaining to do."

The man identified himself as High Admiral Krazvit. "High Admiral" wasn't a rank in the Drodo military, however. Cesterity started to piece it together. The "High Admiral" continued;

"What exactly happened at Toranis?"

The Fleet Captain responded in a aggravated tone;

"I made a stand,"

"Now, what's with the uniforms?" He asked;

"And the prosecution?" He said again in a almost sarcastic voice.

Krazvit continued;

"Silence, how would you judge the outcome of the battle, Fleet Captain?"

"A victory." He responded honestly, still struggling to get out of the guards' grip, but to no avail.

The High Admiral looked thoughtfully, before asking;

"What where the losses on our side?"

Cesterity shrugged;

"About 15 000 ships, but, it was for the Empire, a worthy cause."

Krazvit scowled, before asking;

"How many did the enemy lose?"

Cesterity flinched slightly with the question, his eyes darted around for a moment;

"Listen, 'buddy', I don't feel I need to disclose that information to you. You don't seem like the Empire I pledged alligence to!" He responded indignantly.

The High Admiral was disgusted by the Fleet Captain's defiance. He stated in a even, booming voice;

"For that denial of information, you have confirmed your charge of treason."

He paused, and looked at Cesterity's surprised, exasperated, and outright dumbfounded face.

"Now, I will ask you again, how many enemy ships where lost?"

Cesterity sighed, and reported shamefully;

"Shit, fine, about nine-hundred."

"About nine-hundred ships." He clairified.

Krazvit glared, this put him over the edge. That was billions of credits down the drain;


"Better than none, asshole." Cesterity hissed.

Krazvit was getting angrier and angrier, he stated to Cesterity;

"For your insolence, you are hereby stripped of the title Fleet Captain and all forces under your command."

"Now, Mr. Isordon," He said mockingly;

"Why did you not inflict more casualties?"

"Where you collaberating?"

Cesterity was shocked;


"I would never do that!" He said indignantly.

"The power of the Drakodominatus ships is immense, and it didn't help that I friggin' died halfway through the battle for God's sakes!"

Krazvit simply asked;

"What happened to the planet Toranis 3 and the reserves of Drodoian Gold?"

By now, Cesterity was fuming, he had lost his title Fleet Captain and the Impaler for winning a battle? It may not have been with the best methods, but it did work.

"Take a look at the sensors, dumb-ass." He hissed.

The High admiral noticed that Toranis wasn't there, according to the sensors. He was furious;

"How does one imbecile DESTROY AN ENTIRE SYSTEM!?" He screamed in his mind, he ordered his guards;

"Throw him into the brig."

The guards started to forcefully drag the deposed Fleet Captain away;

"What the hell!?" He yelled to the High Admiral before leaving the room.


Markis and Torix where looking out the window on the bridge. The two contemplated the situation, wondering what has happened to the empire while they where gone. Markis spoke up;

"What the hell are they doing? I thought we would be heroes."

"I thought so too." Torix responded flatly.

"We sacrifice 15 000 ships, and get this,"

"Jack freakin' shit!" Markis complained.

Torix thought for a moment, before proposing;

"Maybe we should go down to the planet."

"Get some answers."

Markis looked to the commander;

"How are we supposed to get out of the ship? We're under lockdown."

"I've got an idea," Torix explained evenly, he started walking down the bridge to the door;

"Come with me."

Markis caught up to Torix. He said;

"I know a thing or two about pickpocketing..."

The two walked quickly down the long corridors, Torix further explained;

"Seeing that the guards are the only ones allowed off, they must have some sort of clearence."

Markis nodded, the two saw a guard in a more or less empty hallway,

"I steal, you distract him."

Markis assumed that Torix meant to keep him talking, seeing that its really the only logical thing to do in this situation. He took a casual pose, and greeted;

"Hey bro, how's the military treating you?"

Torix walked by ever-so discreetly.

The guard simply stared, and stood in the same, straight pose. He asked in a stern, commanding voice;

"Why are you not at your station?"

Markis shrugged, and said;

"What's the worst that could happen?"

He pulled a box out of his uniform's pocket;

"Here's a cigar."

The guard simply looked down at the box, before smacking it out of his hand;

"Back to your station."

"Why? I mean, there's nothing to fear." He explained casually, as Torix slowly pulled the guard's keycard out of his back pocket. Markis gestured down to te guard's SMG, it was tan, with black detailing;

"By the way, that's a nice gun-" Markis commented. Before bring cut off by the drone-like soldier;

"By order of the New Drodo Government you will return to your station!"

Markis simply stared, ready to drag on the conversation if needed, that's when Torix slowly walked by Markis, and whispered;

"I got the card."

Markis responded, somewhat awkWardly to the guard;

"Uh, yes, sir!" and walked away with Torix, into the shadows.

As soon as they where out of the guards vision, Markis asked;

"What now?"

Torix walked up to the shuttlebay door, and said smoothly;


He slid the keycard through the door;

"We get answers."


The two landed there hijacked shuttle into a landing dock, a disgruntled manager of the bay walked up to them, and told them;

"What do you think this is? A charity? You gotta pay!"

Torix sighed, and pulled out a few metal bars, credits. He told Markis to do the same. The two hoped it was enough.

"No, no, this ain't enough!" The manager complained.

Markis leaned over to Torix;

"Course of action?"

Torix doesn't respond, he simply shoved the angry official out of his way, and made a run for it;

"Come on!" He yells over his shoulder, Markis sprints after Torix, and catches up.

The two sprinted a good ways away from the Docking Bay, leaving the shuttle, and there money, behind. The whole city looked different, there wasn't nearly as much chatter that Torix remembered, there where armed guards in black uniforms, like the ones they saw on the ship, and there was the unusual smell of death everywhere he went. The two stood out like sore thumbs with there uniforms;

"Any ideas?" Markis asked.

Torix looked around;

"We could try-"

He was cut off by a booming voice, coming from a hologram looming over the cityscape;

"Drodo race,"

"Our time for true unity has come..."

"The next, great era!"

Markis knew there was something wrong about the whole setup, so did Torix, this defenatly wasn't the empire. But they weren't completely sure what it was exactly.

"What is he babbling about?" Markis asked Torix, seeing if he had an answer. Torix shrugged;

"No idea."

The hologram continued;

"We have overcome obsticles so great it beggars the imagination!"

The propaganda-filled speech dragged on, until one final part caught the two Drodo's interest;

"Our final obsticle to Drodo unity is this man," The camera turned to the Fleet Captain, forced onto his knees, with his hands bound together.


"No he-" Before Torix could go on, he was given a stare from a black-uniformed soldier, holding an SMG. Torix stopped talking immediatly. He turned to Markis;

"Giant holograms, propaganda, thoughtpolice-" He was cut off by Markis;


The guard immediatly swung his SMG into there direction, Torix and Markis immediatly ran and dove behind a nearby road block.

"Shit, what now?" Markis asked Torix, who was technically in charge.

The Guard started to open fire on the road block they where hiding behind.

"First off, don't say crap like that! Secondly, we need to get out of here."

"Yeah, I'll follow you." Markis responded,

Torix pulled out his pistol, and shot the guard in the shoulder, before they both sprinted away at the same intensity as on Toranis. An APC was turning the corner;

"Into this alley!" Markis ordered.

The two barily escaped with there lives.

The two would be easily spotted with there uniforms, they needed to get rid of them. The two soon found an equipment armory, Torix brandished his keycard, and opened the door, only to see a guard with a large cigar in his mouth.

"Uh oh," Torix quipped. However, the guard did not seem to notice the two intruders, too engrossed with his cigar. Torix breathed a sigh of relief. And the two sneaked into different dressing rooms, the foolish guard walking to the door. By the time they where finished putting on their disguises, the guard was long gone, Torix reasoned that there must be some sort of downloadable map for there wristpads, they would need it for the journey ahead. After a quick look through the armory's computer, they found what they where looking for, and left.


The two disscussed the battle plan as they walked to the Government Building, occasionally having to evade a patrol. By the time they where at the free-fire zone, they had a strategy. The two acted like patrols, and walked up to the gunmetal-grey Gatehouse. They where stopped by a Guard, however, Torix simply said they where patrols, the guard, without a second thought, let them through. Torix was dumbfounded, not even an ID check. However, once they walked through the main gatehouse, another pair of guards confronted them;

"ID, both of you." One ordered sternly.

The two where at an impasse, Markis did not have an ID, and Torix did not resemble the picture on the card. Markis thought silently for a second, before stating in a stern tone;

"We are special operations sent from the boss himself. Let us in or fear his wrath."

The guard flinched slightly, he didn't want to run the risk of punishment. He answered;

"Alright, your clear, I think."

He motioned to the other guard to open the door, and let the two in, Torix complemented his improvisation, but before the soldier could answer, they heard a guard;


Torix turned around;

"Get those lying bastards!" The guard yelled, the two started to sprint down the halls as fast as they could. The guards started to spray there machine guns down the hall, perforating the tall walls, the once pristine marble pillars, and glass windows. A guard halfway down the hall ran out of cover to an alarm button, Torix instinctivly turned around, and tried to shoot the button, each shot missing its mark, if only barely. His vicious firing kept the entire squad suppressed, including the guard that was reaching for the alarm.

"You go after the Captain, I'll catch up!" Torix yelled to Markis over the deafening gunfire. By now, there was a thick smoke abscuring the hall, Markis blindly barreled through it before coming out of the cloud, and tackling a guard in his way.

Cesterity sat in his dark cell, completly humiliated. He hoped the people knew that this regime was wrong.

"Of course they know." He thought,

"They've gotta know, or else the Drodo race will be stuck like this. We'll never survive."

Before he could contemplate any more, a guard brandishing an SMG shut off the force-field on the cell;

"Your wanted by High Command." He stated.

"Why? May I ask?" Cesterity answered with a venomous tone;

"They have reached a verdict." He answered. With that, the guard slapped cuffs around the Captain's wrists, and roughly grabbed him by the arm. He walked through the halls, same sight, tall, cathedral roof, marble pillars so well polished you could see the your reflection, and the tile floor. He entered the room in which he had originally met the top brass, except there where more guards, which the Captain did not find surprising. High Admiral Krazvit started to boom into a microphone;

"People of the New Drodo Government, for too long this man has stymied the growth, and unity, of the Drodo people,"

No one in the streets dared say a word, they simply watched the broadcast, knowing what would happen next.

"That's utter tripe!" Cesterity interjected;

"And everyone knows it!" He was quickly shoved down to his hands and knees, the Captain insulted the guard under his breath, and looked up to see Krazvit continue his propaganda-filled speech;

"But now we finally, at our mercy, have the man who has thWarted our development, Cesterity!"

The Camera spun around to the Fleet Captain. He simply shook his head, and sighed.

"This man sent 15 000 ships to there graves, he helped the enemy,

"No! I did no-" Cesterity was hit over the head with the butt of a guard's SMG, prompting him to stop talking.

"I thought we where over this..." He said under his breath

"Today, we end this menace," The High Admiral boomed, as three guards primed and aimed there weapons at the Fleet Captain;

"Prepare to die!" Krazvit boomed to Cesterity.

Markis heard the propaganda on multiple speakers and screens across the massive building. Two guards confronted him at a junction;

"Blast'em!" One guard ordered. Markis did not have time for sublity and knocked the two guards' heads together, rendering them both unconscious. As he was running through the myriad corridors, he heard rapid footsteps behind him, he turned around, relieved to see it was Torix. More and more guards started following them, until they started to approach a wall of massive glass panes, above the main hall where the High Admiral, and Cesterity, were. The two instinctivly jumped through the glass pane, leaving the small army of guards chasing them behind. Torix landed squarely on the Preserver holding Cesterity, while Markis crushed Krazvit when he landed on him. Markis lifted the High Admiral into a hostage hold, while the Presrever did the same;

"Let the Fleet Captain go or Krazvit dies!" Markis told the Massive super-soldier in front of him.

"Let the High Admiral go, or the traitor dies." The Preserver said back in a cold, emotionless voice.

Markis thought for a moment, he certainly couldn't fight the massive Battle-Armour clad beast in front of him hand to hand, he motioned to Torix to stand down when he started to pull out his pistol. Markis would try his luck with a verbal exchange;

"Tell me, what do have to gain from killing Cesterity?" Markis asked the Preserver. The massive hulk motioned to Krazvit with one arm;

"My master's respect."

Markis tightened his grip on the High Admiral;

"What good is your master's respect when he's dead?"

"There are other superiors I can take orders from." The Preserver answered smoothly, not showing a single bit of stress as he tightened his grip.

"What makes him a more deserving master then Cesterity, then?" Markis asked;

"More power, better commanding skills." The thing in front of him responded in the same monotone voice, as Cesterity desperatly scratched at its arm.

Markis raised an eyebrow, and inquired;

"How is he a better commander?"

"High Admiral Krazvit does not needlessly throw away lives for his own selfish purposes."

Markis sighed, he wasn't getting anywhere;

"Then tell me, you've got computational abilites, right?"

"...Yes" The massive hulk answered cautiously.

"Then tell me, how would Krazvit would of fared at Toranis? With the same Drakodominatus force, and using his track record as a skill indicator."

He looks down thoughtfully at his feet, then looked back up;

"I refuse." The soldier said simply.

Markis looked again;

"Why? Does it defy your programming?"

The Preserver took offence to the statement;

"I am not a machine! I have free will!"

"Then why follow Krazvit?" Markis asked,

The Preserver's eyes darted around nervously;

"I... I do not believe I need to disclose that information."

A New EnemyEdit

On a distant Drodo farm world, somewhere in the outer rim, an NDG force came out of the wormhole and appeared in the space above it. Though the official business of the dozen or so ships that Warped out was tax collection, this was more than anything, bullying. They made landfall at a small non descript village somewhere on the desolate world, and started moving out. They eventually came to a corrugated iron gate around the village and asked for passage into it. However, the farmers of that village did not recognize their uniform, and were suspicious of the outsiders. Thus, the invading NDG forces had to force their way in. This they did with some explosives that simply blew the simple corrugated iron gate, already falling apart from disrepair, sky high, and then flooded the premises with their pitch black soldiers, scrounging up all they could.

The villagers resisted at this abonimable sight and began firing back with their hopelessly outdated bolt action rifles. These rifles however, being Drodo firearms, wrecked havoc on the flesh parts of the invading NDG forces, making them incur a multitude of casualties, however, finally the invading NDG forces finally managed to scrounge up all the men and women of the village and were bullying them into giving even more as re-compensation, after shooting a few of the men in range.

One of the farmers, a usually friendly person named Tempis however, questioned even more the legitimacy of this so called "New Drodo Government" and did not want to sacrifice his freedom and taxes to such an authoritarian bully. Instead of submitting to this so called authority, he instead shot one of them with his rusty pistol, destroying his leg, and then he ran as fast he could to a cave where he could wait the whole thing out.

The NDG troopers eventually returned to their craft, having taken everything they could from the desolate planet below them, and prepared to exit. However, they saw the familiar insignia of the First Combat Army pop out from the distance. There Cestertiy Isordon's prized fleet was ,and the NDG troops, cringing in fear at what was to come instantly called command, telling them that Cesterity was there, and that they needed reinforcements fast. These reinforcements, mustered from multiple corners of the NDG exited Warp, and soon a large fight erupted.

Cesterity, long used to having fought his incredibly powerful Drakodominatus foes, found his new enemy to be amateurish at best, and in a series of quick maneuvers, crippled the enemy fleet at the starting stages of the battle. He finally got a glimpse of the enemy marines when they tried to board his flagship, however he was startled at how rookie they were in even the most basic elements of combat, as they were recruited for loyalty to the Mafia instead of skill. They were not professional soldiers, and eventually the NDG fleet, recognizing that they were horribly outmatched, surrendered to Cesterity.

Unknown FoesEdit

Cesterity knew that even with his current fleet, he couldn't take on the massive NDG armada without suffering quite a bit of casualties, and that he needed ground troops after the unnaturally skilled Drakodominatus killed many of his own on Toranis. However, he learned about, from the captain of the NDG forces, that there was a prison planet somewhere in the intersection between the Outer and Inner worlds that housed many marines who did not find the policies of the NDG to be agreeable and thus were imprisoned there for treason. It was a desolate jungle world that Cesterity had not even heard about before, but he made them move to get to the world. He would after all, need all the help he could get to take down the NDG.

As soon as his force Warped out over the planet, he made sure to exit at the range outside that of the sensors, and he sent down a recon party to the densely forested planet led by Retnis. Retnis and his group eventually made landfall and quickly exited their Beetle. Upon hitting the grass, they came across the sound of an NDG patrol. The NDG patrol was talking abut something called the "Watcher of the Jungle" with an expression that sounded of pure fear. The NDG patrol seemed to have paused at a certain point, and Retnis was afraid that the NDG had found their whereabouts, however, the NDG continued trudging on.

It did not take long until Retnis heard a series of screams emanate from the general direction that the enemy patrol went too, and he cautiously checked it out. What he saw when he finally got to the destination made many of his squad puke. There were the numerous decaying corpses of the NDG squad along with the mutilated but strangely alive corpse of the squad leader. The squad leader could only mutter "He Watches" before being lifted by an invisible tendril and being used to maul the rest of the squad. He saw people in his squad being abducted left and right and he heard the sounds of them being eaten. He started running with all his might back to the VTOl, firing blindly. He wasn't a superstitious person, but he was legitimately scared.

Soon, all of his squad was dead and it was only him left, cornered in a deep cave that seemed to go on for ages. He heard the dripping sound of the blood as the beat steadily encroached on him, and finally came face to face with one of the carcasses of one of his dead squadmates, who started talking in a strange voice, declaring that he should never have come. This caused him to freeze in a fetal position, covered in blood, just mumbling insane ramblings to himself.

He was later found by Fleet Captain Cesterity Isordon, who had beamed down onto the planet himself, and the Fleet Captain found Retnis just curled into a fetal ball, talking nonsense to himself. The Fleet Captain cautiously approached the once proud marine, and knew something was wrong. Retnis was untouched but the rest of his squad was missing, and he knew that they were dead. He steadily made his way toWards Retnis and tried to comfort him. However as soon as he approached, tendrils came from nowhere. Cesterity's training kicked in and he sliced them with his antimatter sword, then heard wings flapping in the distance.

He tried his best to console Retnis, and for the most part it didn't work. However, after many hours of reassuring him the threat was gone, Retnis had gone back to his normal self and relayed to him the whole story, causing Cesterity's fur, to for once, bristle with fear. The Fleet Captain however, always the innovative thinker reasoned that he could use such a monster in the form of the"Watcher of the Jungle" to take on the bulk of the NDG force in the area.

Quickly, Cesterity established an ambush site around a path he felt the NDG would quickly find and started firing at an NDG patrol he knew would come with his squad of Retnis, Torix, Markis, and Retnis. Sure enough, as soon as the patrol went down, his sensors indicated that many more of the NDG were inbound. As soon as the NDG got to the location, with a Goliath this time, and the bulk of the prison defense force, he and the others made a dash for the bikes while firing off loudly. They hijacked the bikes and sped off toWards the prison.

The NDG force tried to follow them, but were cut off by a familiar yet alien sound. The Watcher eventually caught up to the NDG forces, and in the jungle, a massacre soon ensued in the favor of the party without the weaponry. Cesterity could only hear the screams of the NDG troops, for once doubting the moral correctness of the action, only to be thrown of his train of thought by what appeared to be the hull of the Goliath having landed in front of his bike, it's pilot dead because piercing damage.

He shook this horror off and got to the prison camp, freeing all the inmates, and called for immediate support, which came in the form of many Drodo VTOLs. Quickly, they left the forsaken planet behind, and Cesterity peered out of the window of his Beetle to see a strange yet familiar ship decloak and pick up the Watcher. Cesterity quickly thought to himself


Cesterity knew that he had enough ships to destroy the Mafia and ordered that course be set for Coron 4.

The Final BlowEdit

The Mafia boss simply sat in his chair, chomping through a cigarette, and pondering on the general state of affairs in the NDG. He considered the fact that he had near complete control of the Core Worlds, but had almost no control of the Outer Worlds due to the fact that the Mafia could only project it's power in urban environments. Suddenly, a Drodo burst into the room, saying that there had been a massive breakout on a prison world controlled by the NDG. Before he could continue however, the Boss sent a bullet through the head of the Drodo. The Boss looked up and in his drugged mood, screamed at the heavens. That was when he heard the report that Cesterity had entered the system.

Cesterity entered the system with the veteran First Combat Army, a fighting formation that had actually defeated a sizable Drakodominatus force.

The Fleet Captain had his fleet emerge about a million miles from Coron 4, the Drodo Homeworld. They soon came closer, and the small, blue globe come into detail. The continents where green, with blotches of white and brown. With a soft azure sea. It was quite beautiful, yet used-looking, somewhat faded from nurturing a civilization for uncounted millenia. Like a beacon in the void of space. He did not have anymore time to look into the world's enthralling gaze, as a NDG fleet was fast approching. The Captain immediatly snapped to attention. The opposing ships started to open fire, Cesterity ordered that they hail them first. The comms soon crackled to life, and he said enthusiastically;

"Hello, hello, hello!" He wanted to anger the boss, cow him into doing something unwise;

"How 'bout you drop those guns, 'boss.'" He told the NDG fleet.

"There is no need for violence." He stated.

A Mafia goon, the commander of the fleet, answered;

"Cease and desist! We have a weapon far more powerful than you have ever seen, Fleet Captain!"

"I dunno, I've seen a lot of stuff." Cesterity answered nonchalantly;

"I seriously doubt that." He said again.

"Can anything compare to the... Ascension-Class?" He said triumphently,

Cesterity's complexion darkened;

"That's strictly classified, how did you get your grubby paws on that?"

The goon ignored his question, and asked in a arrogant tone of voice;

"Have you ever seen a vessel as large and magificent as that?"

Cesterity raised an eyebrow;

"Uh, yeah. Actually, I have, mister non-descript captain," The Captain responded matter-a-factly,

"I've seen FAR larger."

"Now, may I speak to your boss?" He asked in the same, confident tone.

"I don't care about your record as former Fleet Captain, or your fights with anybody, you are going down now!" The goon angrily responded;

"And you keep dreamin'" Cesterity responded with a sarcastic grin, with that, the two turned off there comms, and a inaccurate, yet vicious, volley of fire rained down on the fleet, Cesterity calmly ordered his fleet to open with all they got, the NDG soon scrambled fighters, Cesterity ever so casually told his fleet to do the same. It was too easy. Nothing like the previous battles he has fought.

Sernis was having a field day, he could tell they haven't been through a proper academy. He gunned another down with his railguns, and got a glancing hit with a thermonuclear torpedo.

Cesterity's ships ripped apart the NDG fleet, each railgun salvo and antimatter missile ripping apart another dozen or so ships. The Captain litterally yawned at how easy the battle was, Cesterity was used to fighting the unnatural accuracy of the Drakodominatus ships. The battle before him was more of a massacre, then anything. Even the Ascension-Class was operated by rookies, and its prototype systems where unstable. It didn't take long for a furious boss to come onto the comms. The speakers crackled to life.

"Hmm?" Cesterity asked,

"You will PAY for this insolence, Fleet Captain!" The boss screamed,

"Why? I just doing my job." Cesterity answered innocently, with the same sarcastic grin he gave the goon in command of the NDG fleet,

"I'm going to do things so bad to you, you will beg for death!" He threatened,

"Oooh, nice threat." The Fleet Captain mocked.

"You think the Drakodominatus torture is bad, Cesterity, you will not fathom how horrible mine is!" The boss said again, while lighting a cigar.

Cesterity raised an eyebrow;

"I think that power went to your head, you know." Cesterity responded,

"You honestly think you can stand up to the Ascension?" The boss questioned, just as the prototype battleship was consumed by a ball of fire.

Cesterity pointed to the explosion site of the Ascension;

"Oh, and by the way, your pride n' joy's gone."

The Mafia boss checked his sensors, the Ascension-class battleship was gone, he trembled in anger, before turning to the Fleet Captain;

"Damn you! Bring it, then!"

Cesterity shrugged;

"Alrighty, then."

"Ground troops, into Dropships."

The Drodoian Marines soon boarded the Beetles, and descended into the atmosphere. They advanced through the heavy, but inaccurate AA fire, and down to the Capital City, Arcadia City. The Drodoian Marines soon disembarked from there vehicles and moved through the city, members of underground resistance groups and even regular civilians joining them, the Drodo race as a whole united in there hate of the regime. Cesterity, Markis, Retnis, Torix, and Sirius led the way, and quickly dealt with the mostly incompetent NDG soldiers. They where soon at the Drodo Government Building's doorstep, Cesterity at the top step. He yelled up to a balcony;

"It's over!"

The boss simply walked out to the balcony, cigar in hand, and responded to Cesterity;

"To hell with that!"

The Mafia Boss pulled out a switch from his trenchcoat, and held it up;

"You recognise this, Fleet Captain?" He asked arrogantly

Cesterity identified the switch, and took two big steps back;

"You wouldn't!"

The Generals and advisors to the boss had questioned there leader's sanity since he started the NDG, yet kept quiet about it under the fear they would be punished. Either way, General Terris knew when something was wrong. He whispered over to his colleague, Hyeris;

"He's lost it,"

Hyeris raised an eyebrow;

"You don't say." He responded sarcastically, in a much louder voice, yet still not Warrenting the attention of the mentally-unstable dictator. Terris was almost startled by how loudly he responded;

"Keep it down!" he whispered;

"All I'm saying is, that that switch is gonna set off a big boom, I dunno about you, but I'm going to protect my investments."

"What investments?" Hyeris said back;

"The boss took all our power and holdings, we're extensions of his will!" He continued.

"Well, I got a nice vacation home in Ursalia, and I'm not losing that!" Terris argued.

"Alright, then." Hyeris responded;

"What do you suppose?"

Cesterity looked up at the boss, hopeless to stop him.

"One wrong move, and Coron 4 goes BOOM!" The boss told Cesterity maniacally;

"You can't activate the failsafe!" Cesterity yelled up;

"Try me, Cesterity!" The Boss yelled down;

"Now you should be the one surrendering." He said again;

Cesterity, after a few seconds contemplation, dropped his revolver, and fell to his knees.

"You got me." He said blandly, while secretly pulling out a butterfly knife from a back pocket.

"You where always weak, Fleet Captain. Democracy simply doesn't work, only a strong leader can truly lead his people to greatness."

"Maybe so," Cesterity responded;

"Now, do whatever sick and twisted things you want to me, just let these people live. Let them live there terrible lives under your rule."

Cesterity, all the while, had his knife behind his back, hoping he could get close enough. He was brought up the stairs by two guards, oblivious to the weapon he had, and threw him into the room where the boss was at, as per there leader's orders. The boss turned around, with a horrible expression of hate, pride, and sadistic joy.

"Well, screw this! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" The boss was about to pull the switch, when Terris, in a split-second reaction, shot the button out of his hand. The other advisors quickly bounded the insane boss. Terris got out of the way of Cesterity, who walked up to the dictator;

"This coup was so useless!" He dropped the knife, knowing that it was unnessesary.

"What compelled you to want to take over the empire, when it wouldn't help you in the slightest, the empire is stupid and useless to you."

The boss had, what almost was a time of free will and his mouth almost started to form into a D as he realized he had betrayed his race and blew most of his investments. However, before he could say a word, the boss went into a series of grotesque spasmodic contractions. The boss was literally being ripped apart in front of the Captain's eyes. Cesterity recoiled, and said something vulgar in a strange language. Before ordering;

"Sirius, stablise him!"

The boss knew he only had free will in one arm, and no matter what, he was going to die. Blood was oozing from every pore, and struggled all he could. Sirius knelt down and drove a syringe into his throat, hoping it would help.

"Try to speak." The synth instructed calmly.

The Boss didn't hear him, and painted a "V" with his own blood. Sirius's eyes widened;

"Never mind."

Immediatly, the Boss's body depressurized, and exploded into a rain of blood and gibs onto everyone in the room. Sirius examined a robotic piece stuck to a bit of the boss's brain, Torix left the room, most other people puked. Cesterity only had the V to look at. After a few seconds, he tightened his fist, and gritted his teeth;

"Vitaze..." He muttered.


Evolution in ActionEdit

It had been some time since the end of the Drodo Civil War, and Cesterity was somewhat happy. The damage from the War was being repaired, and the Drodo Empire was once again ruled by the people, not by the Mafia. However, he was unexpected for the news that Sirius brought in.

"Sir, our far range life scans have detected that Drakodominatus numbers on planets in close proximity to outs have taken a giant drop, with more than 99% of the previous populations not being present." Sirius reported

At that Cesterity burst out laughing, releasing all his pent up hate for the Drakodominatus in a long laugh that reverberated throughout the entire room. Sirius was troubled by this and asked him if he was ok. Cesterity replied that he had gotten so angry at the Drakodominatus for everything that they did that he was finally happy to see them suffer themselves. He then requisitioned a ship and made way for the world.

As they landed on the planet, they noticed that there was nothing there and that it was a recently conquered world. They strolled into a city only to find there was nothing there, only some pools of primordial sludge, and many dead of a race that it seems the Tyranny had just conquered. Cesterity went in only a few buildings only to find nothing there and let out a triumphant laugh. However, right at that one of his squad was grabbed by an unseen tendril and violently ripped apart, and Cesterity immediately went for the sight, only to see the enemy had vanquished, then again another of his squad was torn apart.

He immediately exited the building into a nearby forest with his squad, unaWare of what they were fighting and gradually made their way through it, having called for Beetle evacuation. However, while running through the forest, he didn't see his cloaked assailant who lobbed whole trees at fast speeds at his squad, actually impaling them, and when he was at the beetle only him, torix, and sirius remained.

He could only watch in amazement as the beast uncloaked, revealing a massive giant that towered even the Drakodominatus he had fought, but still had the unimistakable look of ruthless cruelty he had always seen, and he saw the beast, with one hand , throw the 10 ton VTOL around like a rag doll, destroying it. He went back in horror as the beast cracked the bones and disabled sirius and torix with two mace like tendrils and saw the beast readily advance on him. he opened up with his firearm and he saw with delight as he ripped holes through even the diamond hard flesh of the Dominatus. However, he saw the holes reknit themselves as the Dominatus regenerated as each shot went through, and soon enough the Dominatus had gone to him and crushed all his bones.

He thought that his time was near but suddenly heard the Dominatus speak, for the first time, to his face, unmuffled by any sounds or anything and wished himself death. He heard the Dominatus simply tell him to never come back before he watched it fade away.

Another Beetle arrived and asked what should be done with the planet.

He said they should never come back to it again.

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