The Mercuris Book also known as The Federation Book of Philosophy. It is a book by Emperor Mercuris I of The Mercuris Federation. It has principles and rules that all individuals of this alliance follow. The Book is divided into different chapters.

21, 7, 3, and powers of 4 are holy numbers of the Mercuris Federation.

Chapter 1: Genesis Edit

This chapter discusses the beginning of the Universe and the Three Rules.


This is the origin. The beginning. The starting point. All began here. This is the genesis of the Universe. Many dispute on how the Universe came to be. Some say that it came from an enormous explosion. Some say Spode or someother diety created it. We do not care how it came to be, we only care that it is here, and we will make the most of it. The Universe is a vast place. We cannot comprehend how massive it is. We can however, make the most of it's size. It is so vastly large that there is room for everyone. Everyone exept the ones that are unfit to live here. The law of the Universe is: survival of the fittest. Those unfit do not deserve to take up space that superiors require. This is why we must cleanse the Universe. The Universe is dirty. We must clean it. And this is why: We will not stand to see the Universe we live in crumble before our very eyes! That is why we must purge the Universe of corruption. The Universe is a corrupt place. Corruption is a disease. And we are the cure. A cure is held responsible for the victim's well-being. A cure is a frigile thing. A cure holds power and responsibility. These two things combined can create an equilibrium or tuble into chaos. This is why they are fragile. Equilibrium is a thing that requires constant attention and care. This is something that it was not given many millions of years ago. Our ancestors learned that the hard way. They were presented with a set of rules. This is them. Rule One: there is a higher order of things. To keep eqilibrium the higher order must be kept and respected. Rule Two: good is a relative term. It is in the eye of the beholder. You are at the mercy of others. This is why you shouldn't allow it to influnce you. The results are catastrophic. Rule Three: there is nothing unknown, only things that have yet to be encountered. We do not dispute on how the Universe came to be. We only care that it is here and we will make the most of it. Our ancestors learned this long ago.

- Genesis Verse 1-50, Proverb 1

Chapter 2: The Migration Edit

This chapter contains the Protoform Legends and the March of Skuther.


This is their story. Our ancestors lived the hard way. We are privileged to have all these technologies. But our ancestors were successful nonetheless.

- The Migration Verse 1-4, Proverb 1

Chapter 3: Bringer of Life Edit

This chapter is about the enlightened Kkrotids, Bio21.


Bio21 is an ancient. He is one of the omnipotent users. He has few equals and even fewer superiors. He was born from all of the energies of the User versus Vandal battles, and is able to manifest the energy of life itself into a physical form.

- Bringer of Life Verse 1-5, Proverb 1

Chapter 4: The Four Great Spirits of Picuss Edit

This chapter is about the Scorsh Spirits.


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