The Mercuris Federation is made up of a variety of species, so naturally they have a variety of languages. They are depicted on this page.


  • Miekod: An insignificant lifeform with no respect.
  • Dasoob/Dasooban: Waste product, excrement.

Kkrotids Languages Edit

The Kkrotids were the first species in the Mercuris Federation. In their early days they spoke only two languages. Now they have learned over ten languages.

Derna: The original language of the Kkrotids, was developed at the genesis of the tribal stage. This alphabet has fourteen characters in it. Kkrotids have no lips, so they can't make sounds many other species can. The characters have no names that are known. People in this language have names based on nouns in the language. For instance, a strong Kkrotids would be named Xerenie, for stone.

Characters of the Kkrotids Language, Derna.

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