This Federation would not stand without the individuals who live, work, and fight for it!

- Emperor Mercuris X

Kkrotids Figures[edit | edit source]

These individuals are of the Kkrotids species. They mostly are Emperors and soldiers.

Emperors[edit | edit source]

The royal family of the Kkrotids Empire has led the species ever since Cheftain Agklor led the Kkrotids Tribe. This family has been in office for approximately sixty-six generations.

  • Emperor Mercuris Pintor: The very first leader of the Kkrotids Empire and forged an alliance with the Skutherans.
  • Emperor Mercuris II: Succeded his father when he was assasinated.
  • Emperor Mercuris III: Mysteriously dissappeared during his eighth year as Emperor.
  • Emperor Mercuris IV: Granted his protection to the Kkintoran Tribe and watched them progress to civilization before he died.
  • Emperor Mercuris V: First Kkrotids to speak to a Kkintoran face-to-face.
  • Emperor Mercuris VI: Assisted in the acceleration of Kkintoran colonization.
  • Emperor Mercuris VII: Waged war on the Crusaders of Spode.
  • Emperor Mercuris VIII: Conquered the planet, Hiranor and won the Battle of the Talawin System against the Ixplix.
  • Emperor Mercuris IX: Made contact with the Warrior's Allignment after a small skirmish in which they were victorious.
  • Emperor Mercuris X: Initiated "The Great Macrosizing".
  • Emperor Mercuris XI: Shook hands with Unit 1 of The Grox Empire.
  • Emperor Mecuris XIII: Created the Treaty of the Mercuris Federation after becoming allies with the Moosloose, and others. Made contact with the SSA and Xhodocto.
  • Emperor Mercuris XXI: Oversaw construction of the Kkrotids Computer World. Current Ruler of The Mercuris Federation.

Notable Soldiers (By Rank)[edit | edit source]

  • Private Kzahamur: First deserter of the Federation Army. (Executed shortly afterwards)
  • Private Krieann: Sounded the first battle cry, "FOR THE MERCURIS FEDERATION!"
  • Corporal Kcieper: Steathily invaded the planet Hiranor and sabotaged the planet's defenses, securing the Federation's victory.
  • Seargent Karaptor: Bravely ran into an enemy base on planet Mandas on a suicide mission to plant a bomb and cripple the Ixplix. Ironically, he was the only survivor of the explsion.
  • Seargent Kcharik: Took a plasma-bolt for Emperor Mercuris I. However, it was in vain as both of them died.
  • Seargent Kamazon: Used a sword to assassinate the leader of the Kkrotids Rebellion, Habrazon during the Mercuris Revolution.
  • Captain Kerannus: Was recriuted by the Fedeartion after it was dscovered that he was a fist-fighting and melee champion.
  • Major Krastam: First soldier to cause blood to fall during the Battle of the Terthar Bridge.
  • Commander Kofarie: First female Kkrotids to reach a commanding officer rank.
  • Colonel Krelfa: Led the Kkrotids Royal Fleet during the Battle over Dianom.
  • Colonel Cakuma: Commanded the force during the Battle of Ferashta, ulimately ending the Mercuris Revolution.
  • General Kamaska: General during the Andromeda M32 Conquest.
  • Admiral Kroptis the Indestructible: Led the Mercuris Federation Army at the right hand of the Emperor for the entire history of the Federation. He still lives today. Won countless battles during his lifetime.

Famous Scientists[edit | edit source]

  • Dr. Kserphan: Invented micro and quantum technology.
  • Professor Kgrabs: Instructed Admiral Kroptis the Indestructible at the Kkrotids Military Academy on planet Skuther.
  • Dr. Ksublor: Discovered telepathy, hypnosis, pyrokinesis, and psychokinesis.
  • Dr. Kyenom: Used alchemy to buy the Kkrotids Empire to twice its size.
  • Dr. Kapintor: Created blueprints for the Kkrotids Computer Planet.
  • Captain Kifter: Created the blueprints for Biodome.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Krazaron, the Death Cultivator: Created the first bio-weapons in The Mercuris Federation.

Kkintoran Figures[edit | edit source]

These individuals are of the Kkintoran species.

Scientists[edit | edit source]

  • Dr. Saferon: Created the Dimensional Manipulator and manged to create The Crossroads before he died.
  • Dr. Ampher: Dissected the Staff of Life and replicated it.
  • Dr. Habras: Discovered Habracite and its two compounds.
  • Dr. Ringus: Created the first Ring Colony.

Notable Soldiers[edit | edit source]

  • General Kexoor the Fierce: Kroptis' right-hand man.
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