During the March of the Apocalypse, the Xhodocto attacked the galaxies of the Mercuris Federation. They were only protected by the Mercuris Federation Lords, C Spode and his Debug Squids, and the Zagorias Union Lords. Each took their part in protecting the galaxies.


Bio21 and Spode

Spode appears to Bio21.

In the void of space, Bio21 floats in limbo, meditating. He is suddenly interrupted by Spode.
  • Spode: Bio21! Bio21! I bring horrible news!
  • Bio21: Why are you here. You know that you are not welcome here.
  • Spode: The Xhodocto have begun the March of the Apocalypse! They're heading this way!
  • Bio21: Why are you telling me this? Do you not want Kamik'Shi and the Devourer to destroy me?
  • Spode: I refuse to let my people die, and you and your associates are the only ones who can stop them!
  • Bio21: Very well, I will-

They are suddenly interrupted by an ear-splitting sound emanating from a black fog that is approaching them.

  • Spode: They are coming. We must protect our chosen people.

Bio21 Warns Khraz, Pareus, Caradus, Naracus, Manaracus, Orado, and Spartanos of the oncoming danger...

The AlertEdit

Bio21 rushes to all of his brethren to Warn them of the danger. They are all speaking amongst themselves untill they see Bio21. They immediately fall silent to hear what he has to say.

  • Bio21: Brother, brothers, there is a danger now. The Xhodocto have begun the March of the Apocalypse.
  • Voice 1: Lies!
  • Voice 2: You are trying to deceive us!

Three shapes appear from the void with angry looks on their faces.

  • Rarza: Volzara and Venzuron will stop them!
  • Bio21: You underestimate Kamik'Shi. He and the Devourer will destroy this universe. No matter how much our people hate each other, we cannot let the universe and all of its life be destroyed simply because of our differences.

Complete silence falls over the group for minutes, then Spode appears with three Debug Squids following him.

  • Spode: They have consumed Kraw and Corisa! And the Verezaph Arks are not heading to our people!
  • Bio21: Then we will intervene. We must save our people. I will go with Pareus and Caradus to save our worlds in the Plazith Rim.
  • Khraz: I cannot fight another being of Entropy, especially one more powerful than me.
  • Bio21: Very well Khraz, you will defend the Naomedes from the Deathmarch.
  • Khraz: I cannot do it alone. I need the Spartanos with me.
  • Spartanos: I will go.
  • Dalphus: We will defend our people, but you Rarza must save the Phradox Galaxy.
  • Rarza: I am not a youngling anymore! I will fight for my peopl-
  • Dalphus: The Phradox Galaxy needs you. You will go.
  • Rarza: Very well then.

A form assumes shape in the midst of their group.

  • Steve: What about me?
  • Bio21: You are needed in the Obscurus Galaxy. Orado and Naracus will go with you to save the Hypramedes Galaxy.
  • Spode: Then we all have our assignments?

Everyone nods.

  • Bio21: Then now we will go. Wait for them, they will come.

All of the group heads in different directions to defend their people.

The Plazith Rim DefenseEdit

The Plazith Rim, or Milky Way Galaxy, is an average sized spiral galaxy at coordinates 0, 0, 0. It was one of the galaxies consumed by the Xhodocto and the Corruptus in the Xonexi Cluster. The story of it is divided into two parts.

Admiral KroptisEdit

Admiral Kroptis, stationed on Rygelo o investigate possible "artifact" presence, saw the fog nearing the Plazith Rim, and he sent a transmission to Emperor Mercuris.

  • Kroptis: This is Admiral Kroptis. I wish to speak to the Emperor.
  • Emperor Mercuris: Hello. Who is it? Is that you Admiral?
  • Kroptis: Yes sir. This is Kroptis. I have called to Warn you, there is a black fog closing in, consuming all in its way.
  • Kamaska (over MF Battle Net): Attention all units, military or otherwise! Attention all sentient races of the universe, we have a code Dark 44000670! Repeat Code Dark 44000670! Converge on the Arks stationed in the middle of territory! Converge on the Arks! The Deathmarch is coming!
  • Emperor Mercuris: I have to go Kroptis! Hopefully, we'll survive. End transmission.

The entire Mercuris Federation moved toWards the Arks. The COS Remnant, PAU Remnant, CON, Zagorias Union, Warrior's Alignment, and Grox all did the same.

  1. The Mk I Arks can carry 64 solar systems inside them, so with six of them, they saved almost all of their milky way colonies. They can also carry hundreds of planets is cryostasis each, so all of the Milky Way colonies were saved, as well as the Warrior's Alignment and some other small empires
  2. The Mk II Arks can carry hundreds of planets and hundreds of billions of lifeforms. These were stationed in various areas of the Naomedes, Hypramedes, and Obscurus Galaxies.
  3. The Mk III Arks can carry entire cities inside it, as well as billions of lifeforms. There are hundreds of them stationed everywhere in Mercuris Federation, Warrior's Alignment, Grox, and SOS Territory.

The Arks were preparing to depart the galaxy when the fog began to close in.

  • Kkrotids Scientist: We are at sixty percent charge! The station is about to be ready!

Bio21 then emerges in the bridge of the Dimensional Manipulator, and all the Kkrotids in it drop on their knees and bow.

  • Bio21: Hello my children. The Fog is closing in too fast for you to escape, so Pareus and Caradus will hold it off, and I will save some species in the area.
  • Kroptis: What is it that you want us to do great Bio21?
  • Bio21: I need you to evacuate as fast as possible. We can only hold them off for so long.
  • Kroptis: Of course.

And then, Bio21 vanished.

  • Kroptis: Okay people, we have to speed up the evacuation!
  • Kkrotids Scientist: We're at nintey-five percent charge! Prepare the beam!
  • Kamaska: The Arks are ready to leave! Where is that portal!
  • Kkrotids Scientist: Three!
  • Kamaska: You had better be ready!
  • Kkrotids Scientist: Two! One! NOW!

The Dimensional Manipulator fires a beam of essence-based energy that rips a hole in the fabric of spacetime, so that the Arks can travel into a pocket universe. Once all of the Arks get inside, the Dimensional Manipulator itself must get through the portal.

  • Kroptis: Are we ready to morph to Beta Form!?
  • Kkrotids Scientist: Yes. Standing by for the Signal.
  • Kroptis: Wait for it...

Four shining lights then emerge from inside the portal. The Signal.

  • Kroptis: NOW!

The Dimensional Manipulator rockets forWard at the speed of light into the portal just as it closes, and the Milky Way is consumed.


Bio21, Pareus, and Caradus head to the Plazith Rim in time to see one of the arms being consumed.


Pareus standing against the Xhodocto.

  • Bio21: We must hurry, Spirit of War. They are getting ever closer.
  • Caradus: Let it begin Pareus and I will hold off the Fog while you save the worlds. The Verezaph Arks have left!

He points to the Arks leaving the universe.

  • Bio21: So be it. I will save them while you hold off the Fog.

Pareus and Caradus rush into the Fog, and as they do so, an enormous explosion destroys a sizable amount of the Fog, but it just keeps closing in. Bio21 places shields around the lower Perseus Arm and a few other ares of the galaxy, and begins to transport them into the Shadow Realm.

  • Pareus: I don't know how much longer we can keep this up! The Fog is getting closer!
  • Bio21: I'm almost...DONE!

The three Lords rush away into space and the Fog consumes the Milky Way. They rush away to help save the Phradox Galaxy...

The Naomedes DefenseEdit

Naomedes Galactic UnionEdit

The Naomedes was never an important galaxy. Many large empires knew nothing of its presence. So without the Verezaph Arks, all of the empires of the Naomedes hadto come to a descision. They all met on a satelite of the core world.

  • Shadow Azakai: We now call this meeting to order.

The murmuring crowd falls silent.

  • Shadow: With a deadly force closing is, we must unite as one. I propose that we form to make, the Naomedes Galactic Union.

The crowd begins to shout in protest.

  • Dr. Humaba Ukiba: SILENCE! SILENCE!

The crowd once again becomes silent.

  • Dr. Humaba: Why should we trust you Shadow?
  • Namarus CON Leader: Yes! You forced us into you tyrannical dictatorship before! Who's to say that you're not doing it again?
  • Grand Fleet Master Amasar: Very well then. Let it be a vote. He who thinks that Shadow Azakai is trustworthy, and that we should unite under a common goal shall vote on the computerized ballat.

Then, they vote.

  1. All nine of the Zagorias Union votes go to Shadow Azakai.
  2. The Slave Driver, Panres, Sernaps, T'Numo, Oorman, Drakollian, Sneudrablin Korbredla, Blonreef, Qarmau, Quelteqadian, Turo Council, and PARSONUS votes went to Shadow Azakai.
  3. The Namarus, Panres, and Titanian votes went against Shadow Azakai.
  4. The Spartan vote remained neutral.
  • Grand Fleet Master Amasar: Well then, unification it is.

All of the members of the new Naomedes Galactic Union sign a treaty, securing complete unification.

  • Dr. Humaba: Now, it is time to contact the only leader capable, and wise enough to save us. Computer! Contact Recipient 3M93R0R-M3R6UR15.

Then, a shadowy figure appears on a large screen before the entire room.

  • Dr. Humaba: Emperor.
  • Emperor Mercuris: Doctor. I am in a bit of a hurry trying to save my people from utter destruction here, so if you could make this quick that would be preferable.
  • Dr. Humaba: Well, we have all become one empire now, and we need safe transport to a safe place about now.
  • Kamaska (over MF Battle Net): Attention all units, military or otherwise! Attention all sentient races of the universe, we have a code Dark 44000670! Repeat Code Dark 44000670! Converge on the Arks stationed in the middle of territory! Converge on the Arks! The Deathmarch is coming!
  • Emperor Mercuris: As you can see, simply converge on the Arks emerging from hyperspace.
  • Shadow: Well then. We must be leaving now. Goodbye Emperor. End transmission.
  • Dr. Humaba: We must converge on the Arks now! Alert all sentient species of this galaxy to converge on those Arks! We must go now!

All of the ships in the galaxy begin flying to the core or the center of their territory as four glowing spheres of energy come nearer ad nearer to the galaxy.

  • The Naomedes Galactic Union is now led by Shadow Azakai, Dr. Humaba Ukiba, Grand Fleet Master Amasar, and the Oorman Cheftains.


Khraz (of Entropy), Orado, Dalphus, and Badrano race to save the Naomedes Galaxy. The Arks are just beginning to depart as they arrive. They know they have little time until the Deathmarch arrives. He could see the very dark of space being lit by Bio21 fighting the Deathmarch. Orado zooms off to Warn everyone else of the impending Fog.

  • Khraz (thinking): After Plazith is gone, there will be little time to save Naomedes.
  • Dalphus: Badrano, Spartanos! Contact any minority deities that may be in this galaxy. We will need one heck of a force to even slow down the Deathmarch.

Badrano and Rarza fly off to find anyone willing to help them.

Khraz (1)

Khraz is enraged as the Naomedes are destroyed before his eyes.

  • Khraz: Why do you really want them gone?
  • Dalphus: I need to speak to you in private.
  • Khraz: Sigh. Very well.

They move inside the core of a burning blue giant star to hide.

  • Khraz: What is it that you want?
  • Dalphus: We are both beings of Entropy yes?
  • Khraz: Correct.
  • Dalphus: And we are both quite powerful?
  • Khraz: Where are you going with this.

As the Xhodocto close in on Naomedes, an entity of immense power appears in front of them.

  • Entity: I am not Khraz, nor Dalphus.

Badrano and Rarza just then appear behind it with twenty or so smaller deities following them.

  • Entity: I am Entropa!

Then, Entropa unleashes the combined power of Khraz and Dalphus in a frightening display of massive entropic power. The fog halts for a moment, then continues on toWards Naomedes.

  • Badrano: What...what happened to you two.

The combined voices of Khraz and Dalphus speak as one to reply.

  • Entropa: We have fused, become one being.
  • Badrano: Is this permanent?
  • Entropa: No. It is costing immense energy to maintain this form. But the results are incomprehensibly massive.

Entropa unleashes a huge blast of energy that destroys a huge amount of the Fog, but it just keeps on coming. Entropa unleashes another huge blast of energy, creating a shield around the Naomedes.

  • Entropa: Go! Save as many civilizations as possibl-AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The universe is momentarily blind as Khraz and Dalphus once again become two separate beings.

  • Khraz: Just great.

The two then resume holding up a shield, and destroying any of the Fog that seeped through the fog.

  • Spartanos: It is done!

The two relinquish their effort on maintaining the shield, and the Fog consumes the Naomedes Galaxy. Khraz is enraged at seeing the galaxy consumed, but he knows there is nothing he can do. They then race off to save the Phradox Galaxy.

Shadow TolipEdit

In the Shadow Realm...

  • Kafor (Kkrotids Spirit): I am tired of simply watching the fireworks! We need to do something!

The Kkintoran, Skutheran, Scorsh, Itle, Grox, Boarizon, and Dubledie spirits around him nod their heads in agreement.

  • Kafor: Perhaps we can save a system or two!
  • Sonup (Skutheran Spirit): How will we do that exactly?
  • Kafor: We can round up as many of the Guardian Souls as possible, ans maybe get a bit of Aklamos' essence! The Gate Guardian may help us! He can just project a hologram of himself so that nobody will notice he's gone!
  • Neklar (Dubledie Spirit): Great idea, only what if Bio21 or Dalphus get back, or worse Caradus or Khraz!
  • Kafor: Even if they have flawless memories, I doubt they will notice a few spirits missing.
  • Neklar: But we'll need more than a few spirits to save a solar system.
  • Kafor: Well, I guess we'll have to face punishment when we get back.
  • Sonup: Fine. But we need to go now. As in NOW!

The group gathers up billions of spirits and set off toWards Tolip. After they arrive, they see a great light in the distance, and they know that Khraz was defending the galaxy.

  • Neklar: We're running out of time!
  • Kafor: Okay! some of us need to spread out to the nearest few systems and send them into hyperspace! GO!

The Hypramedes DefenseEdit


Naracus is furious!

Orado, Naracus, Steve, and Spode head toWards the Hypramedes Galaxy to save it.
  • Steve: I will go with Spode to the Obscurus Galaxy to protect my people. They stood by me when nobody else would. And I will return the favor. I will save them from the Deathmarch.
  • Naracus: Very well Steve. Orado and I will save the Hypramedes Galaxy.
  • The rest will be written by SocietyofSTEVE

The Obscurus DefenseEdit

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