An enlightened, powerful manifestation of what is good in the omniverse. But seriously: one does not simply chat with Angazhar when they happen across him.

- One of the Light Redeemer's students

Sekra'Ta, The Light Redeemer (more commonly referred to as The Light Redeemer or simply TLR) is by far the most powerful of the Arturnias, and arguably one of the strongest Order-aligned demigods. He is often described by his students as honorable and the epitome of "good". He shares a bitter rivalry with The Dark Purger.

Biography Edit

Like all Arturnias, the Light Redeemer was created by the Taldar as part of the Sixth Time War. However, the Light Redeemer was specifically chosen to be the strongest warrior of the Arturnias, created to be able to have a far greater Essence capability compared to the rest of his race. As such, he was also chosen by the Taldar to be the leader of the Arturnias. Following the Sixth Time War, TLR was sealed in Divine Realm like the rest of the Arturnias.

After the Reawakening, TLR resolved to continue his training, and sought out some of the great Essence masters of the time. Although much of his life during this time is shrouded in mystery, he has shared that he studied under the likes of Master Kroc and the Vi'Navitum. His studies lasted for much of the pre-Annihilation Arturnias history, and he only recently returned to Divine Realm during the Annihilation to assist the transfer of Bunsen.

During this time, TLR himself began teaching some of the Bunsen Galaxy warriors basic Essence manipulation, specifically Captain Lorrelas, Lt. Samenor, and General Grey of the TIAF, and Admiral Jaysmoth of the Levisala. Following the end of Bunsen's transition back to the Gigaquadrant, the TLR has begun wandering the universe again, training himself and often running into conflicts with his rival, the Dark Purger, and the Mali'Nar.

Personality Edit

The Light Redeemer, despite being "the epitome of good", has some darker characteristics. He considers himself an honorable warrior, and does not kill enemies in cold blood, except his innate enemies, the Veidatras. He is also usually respectful and proper, though he can be sarcastic and at times rude.

He respects his enemies and is charismatic, and can strike up a conversation during battle, even with some of the darkest characters. He feels a constant need to be stronger, stemming from a legend that stated that he has great potential (that he has not completely maximized). This is the reason why he wanders so much: he is seeking new ways to hone his skills.

Abilities Edit

TLR, being an Arturnias, has great skill over the Light Essences available to the Arturnias. Despite his immense Essence mastery, TLR prefers not to expend a lot of it in battle, either resorting to his traditional weapons or using the Essence to give him simple power boosts. His wide range of Essence knowledge and usage gives him a wide variety of Essence-based abilities, such as self-regeneration, mind reading, and an ability to warp between dimensions of the universe at will.

While normal Arturnias have 2 or 3 Essence forms, TLR's massive Essence capacity is said to allow him to have 5 forms. Each form is exponentially more powerful than the previous, with Form 5 TLR said to be able to hold its own against the pre-Chaos incarnation of Shu'wokerama. However, TLR has only ever managed to attain his fourth Essence form, and the fifth Essence form still currently only exists in myth. His fourth form puts him at a power level estimated to be exponentially more powerful than The Dark Purger.

Equipment Edit

Like all Arturnias, TLR wears specially-made body armor made from concentrated Essence. It is nigh-indestructable against most mortal weapons, and is quite resilient against common Essences and Essence-powered melee attacks. However, strong or strange Essences like Chaos or Apocalypta Energy can generally beat this armor with ease.

TLR usually carries the Celestial Sword, a sword crafted by the Arturnias that is also made of pure concentrated Celestial Energy. This also makes it nigh-indestructable to all mortal weaponry and many Essence-based attacks. He often uses it in battle since it requires no real exertion on his part to wield it. Although it is nearly indestructable by itself, any damage to it can be repaired by an Essence user, as it is made of pure concentrated Essence.

TLR rarely uses anything besides his aforementioned Essence abilities and equipment. However, if the situation calls for it, he is known to be an excellent swordsman and a relatively good shot with mortal guns.

Relationships Edit

Green face Friends Edit

You have earned my complete trust and friendship. A rare feat.

Blue face Allies Edit

We can work together.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

I have nothing to say to any of you.

Orange face Distrustful Edit

You are on thin ice.

Red face Enemies Edit

You will be purged for the good of Light.

  • The Dark Purger - Wretched fool, I will send you back through Inferno Realm twenty times over!

Quotes from Other Characters Edit

A brilliant mentor and teacher, he will be honored for ages to follow.

- Captain Lorrelas

Your time will end soon, for we, Mali'Nar, are Immortal!


Worry not, for I shall punish and break you for such... disgusting ways of speaking to your foes! Lay down your ways of speaking in a cocky, easily abhorred manner, and perhaps I shall take a better view of you!

- Goret the Vexer


- Anzilanarus

Trivia Edit

  • The Light Redeemer was originally created to be a humorous opposite to The Dark Purger (back when TDP wasn't *that* serious of a character). The entire lore of the Arturnias and Veidatras was in fact built around TLR.
  • It is heavily implied that the Light Redeemer is CaptainTybusen's Fictionverse representation, though this has yet to be weaved into canon.
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