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10 billion years in the future...

The Gablinus-Avis Empire was at it's end, only 4 thousand where left of the original 36 billion, and there was nowhere to hide.

Now living in their last capital ships, the Gablinus-Avis roamed the quiet universe, and seeded planets with life, they built ringworlds, stellar engines and even artificial planets. They where at the peak of their civilization, but still, they couldn't save their own species, as time passed, one Gablinus after another disappears, ascending into the unknown.

Known as the worldbuilders, the final Gablinus-Avis left the universe, for someone else to take their place. They had chosen two special planets, Alraiden and Athobeon, each in their own little place in the Eagle Galaxy, each destined to reach space and continue the cycle of life...

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PS. This is what would have happened if the Gablinus-Avis had survived, but well, they are extinct.