The universe is a dream, the dream of a God, and there are other gods, dreaming different dreams, dreaming different universes... But none know how these god feel the dream, or the nightmare.

- Unknown

The Prisioners of the Mind is an alternative future where all the known universe had been taken by a huge extrauniversal "galaxy-mind", the most powerful AI ever seen in for the Gigaquadrant, a cyberartist called "The Builder". It is unknown how many years have passed since this event, but now, all the peapole that were victims of the AI have been plunged into a deep sleep, where their minds are manifested as a physical universe for them, where their wildest dreams and most terrible nightmares become real.

But none known this detail. Everyone think that his/her/it universe is real and ignore that exist the others... Until now.

The prisioners of the mind will awake and fight for see the reality. A new story is only starting...

Any member of the Fiction Universe can join the Prisioners of the Mind with their own characters and the character own reality, provided they ask permission from one of the administrators.



  • Zavat Xaran - First in awaking and leader of the group. Zavat lives in a reality where the universe is an absolutly chaos, where there aren't any hope for the living things, a reality output of a cosmic horror book.
  • The Voice - A mysterious voice that seems be omnipresent in all the dreams and talk with some peapole, The Voice seems to be the only one that is fully aware of the "real" reality, everything is a simulation.


More in coming

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