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Destinies in time is part of The Legacy, and circles around the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, it is one possible futures which the Sporewikiverse could flow, and how the descendants of the Delpha Coalition of Planets becomes an integral part of. All of these futures exist, ultimatly, as part of the greater wavefunction of the universe, but since this story is yet to be decided, it is not a definite future. Destinies in time is mostly a hard science fiction, despite its often abstract storylines, each involve some of the most exotic areas of physics, and the philosophies which branch from them, and deeply pushes our sense of reality, to the world inside and out of our scope. It ranges from quantum mechanics, exotic properties of matter, holographic principle and M-theory, to the very boundary conditions of spacetime, bleakness of the universe, extra dimensions and parallel worlds, the distant past and the deep future and the ultimate battle for reality, between the the unobserved forces of the Big Collective Consciousness and Entity Unseen. It doesn't matter in which order you read these stories, the more you read each one, the more conneted they will seem.


  • Part 1
    • Admiral Kilnok's next mission: Kilnok is pulled into a possible distant future by the DCP's descendants, and learns of their strife with a force unseen.
    • Unseen strikes again: Kilnok's secong battle.
  • Part 2
    • The Core: A group of Transaurians had been sent to live inside a planetary core, forgetting their original mission. To hide, and now they had been found...
    • The Last Haven: It is 100 trillion years AD, and the stars are burning out. The last civilizations live a cold and harsh existence huddled around dim stellar ashes. All attempts to save the universe have failed.
    • Home among stars: Long after the DCP had been forgotten the intelligent but primitive Hafvor had evolved in the Stellar engine. The artificial megastructure of stars was what they called home. Their whole lives surrounded the Engine, their whole understanding of the universe...
    • Holographic reality: Another glimpse into an even more distant future, where super-intelligences play universes as if they are CD's, and strike back against the Unseen Entity.
    • Deep time: Two entities contemplate existence at the end of time's infinity.
    • Two nations: Far less in the future now, a DCP megastructure loses contact with the rest of the Coalition.
    • The survey: How life assured its own existence (why there is more matter than antimatter in the universe).
    • Horizon Part 1 & 2: The Entity Unseen overpowers the AI Netspace in the not too distant future, with the Milky Way's only hope riding to the "edge" of the universe to regroup.
    • Planet of Whispers: The last creation of the DCP on this physical universe.
    • Photonic arcs: A million years in the future, is the Milky Way devoid of life?
  • Part 3
    • End of time - crossroad: The BCC's last battle with the Entity Unseen.

Part 1 - Non-linear time Edit

Introduces The Legacy.

Admiral Kilnok's next mission Edit

This is in my adventure - Multiverse V2.
As the Star Sailor neared the spatial flexure to investigate it, a very strange starship, completely unknown to the starship databanks emerged from the anomaly. It was composed out of unknown materials, but also condensed quark-gluon plamsa, cosmic strings and spacetime defects. It was in a phase of quantum flux, and was phasing in and out of existence. It then began to scan the Star Sailor, and suddenly, Admiral Kilnok found himself in a white room, full of vapour. There was four orbs, who spoke largely in telepathy, but not to Kilnok, to each other, as if he was an insignificant thing. Howerver they eventually spoke to Kilnok, explaining the formation of quantum realities, followed by an explanation of the Entity, and its sinister plan. Suddenly a female voice appeared, which simply said "show him".

Next, Kilnok found himself on a weird floating plaftform, with two strange looking creatures next to him. They explained that they were the "Transaurians", who had merged their bodies with cynernetic implants and encounter suits. They took him on a trip to their time, when the DCP was a Tier 1 civilzation, able to explore the sixth dimension. They revealed the DCP was colonising hyperspace, neutron strs and planetary cores, material wealth had been replaced by virtual objects, that information such as subspace holonet had been replaced by telepathy. Kilnok asked, why they were revealing so much about the future, one replied, don't get too exited, this is one of many timelines. They took him to two other possible futures, one with a graver ending to the DCP, and one unexpected reality where the universe had destroyed itsself naturally with False Vacuums. They explained again, how the entity was going to fold the entire fith dimension into the sixth dimension. Soon, the platform folded into the sixth dimension, and they shot back the past.

Before he knew it, he found himself in a large assembaly. Eventually he recorgnised it, it was were the DCP had been founded, a few hundred yeas ago. Then, he got the shock of his life when he saw his younger self. It was his job to carry the forms to the leaders of the founding empires. But as he looked on, he noticed something odd was occuring. His younger self, was trapped in a time loop. In fact, the whole assembaly was but him. He had no choice but to break the loop. He shot his younger self dead. The loop ended, before the entity could fold the fith dimension into the sixth.

Admiral Kilnok had again saved reality, and all possible futures! Suddenly, he found himself back in the white room in the presence of the orbs. They spoke more respectfully to him, but Kilnok told them, that they were not living real lives. In another moment, he was back on the bridge of his starship. The anomaly and ship had gone. Admiral Horlin knew when something was up with his old friend, so Kilnok invited all the crew to the Captains table, he had a long story to tell...

However, the entity had not been defeated, maybe he is the reason why by the Legacy era, the DCP had stopped "singing", this will be a quest and mystery for the future races to discover...

Unseen strikes again Edit

Please read God's Gate for the full story, this is the ending which features the entity.

This strange state of matter was so hot, even spacetime was unstable, which curved around its incredible mass and extreme temperature. The GUTmatter was chaotic, its effect on spacetime created quantum fluctuations, and vacuums of false density. Tiny wormholes, plank length in size popped in and out of existence. The material was so strong and violent, even the DCP's shields would be broken through. It was random, quantum and was predictable even by the DCP's computing systems. The stuff had tremendous mass, if it was an atom it would have been crushed, and contained tiny singularities, which had combined to form exotic atoms bound by gravity. So small, it existed in a quantum state. As the Iron Flower hovered over it, the ship had to increase its thrusters to maxiumum, as force of gravity was dragging them down, down into the black but strangely glowing material. However, there was a problem. The Iron Flower seemed to be losing power, unexpectedly.

"I, I don't understand!" declared Dr.Kenders! "Now that worries even me, if we don't have enough energy we will plummit into the GUTmatter!" Suddenly, Kilnok and everybody on board was overcome by a flash of energy.

Kilnok woke up, he was on the plains of Mirenton. Thee was a srange white aura off everything. Kilnok looked around, these were the plains he had grown up in, over 700 years ago. The region is now a glittering surface of glass, due to the Wub raids centuries before, as Mirenton is dotted by at least 40 regions that had been glassed, glittering from orbit. Had he travelled back in time? Was the wormhole temporal? Had the Transaurians from the future caused this? The sweet scent of Thranthius grass filled his nose, a smell he had forgotten. He sensed something, something evil and drew is electrosword, and was surprised to be confronted by Eclipsos. "You are dead, Eclipsos!" Kilnok yelled, Eclisos bared in mandibles and then charged sword in hand. Then Kilnok realized, this can't be right, he must be hallucinating. Both fought, and when Elipsos cut his leg, he realized, hallucination or not, he could still feel pain. Finally, Eclipsos spoke, in a strangely cold, emotionless way, "Who are you, alien, get out of our realm, or you will die", "I don't know wha...", then Kilnok remembered, he was in a wormhole. "You must leave immediatly, you are too strannge for us, we are too strange for you" said Eclipsos, and repeated twice, with a slight echo in his tone, "who?" Kilnok said, "The plane we are one with" replied Eclipsos, or rather, the entity taking his form. "We can't, our power is draining and we don't know what is causing it.". "Your ship is being devoured" said the manifestation of Eclipsos, Kilnok asked who was, "the Unseen, the shadow of an Entity Unseen", this sent waves of shock through Kilnok as he remembered a encounter with something similar, "No, that can't be so! Heklp us, help us leave" Eclipsos laughed, "Hah! Hah! Hah! You cannot fight what you cannot see!"

"Then why are you telling us to leave if we can't!" shouted Kilnok, in fustration, "Because you cannot directly fight it, but if you ignore the problem it will grow weaker, fighting makes it stronger!", said Eclipsos , and then the world shattered and Kilnok woke up. He quickly shut off the thrusters, other crew were waking up, dazed and confused, "what are doing?" cried one scientist, "Turn of the exotic matter injector", that could lead to the ship being crushed, "I'm pretty sure it won't in this wormhole, trust me, we cannot fight what we cannot see!", the ship stopped projecting exotic matter. "Structural integrity field collapsing, 90, 85, 73, 42, 23 per cent!", suddenly, the mysterious drainage and hold on the ship weakened, and Kilnok shouted "Eject the wormhole", as soon as he said it, the force got stronger, but not strong enough.

The next day, a meeting was held. All the scientific data and discovery was evaluated, including the mysterious draining of energy and the vision. Everybody's vision was different, but had the same meaning, only Kilnok knew what the Unseen was, which he now realized, was after him. However, the strange vision had something to do with a masive aligment in the GUTmatter, on the 2D plane warrped around the inner horizon boundary of the wormhole. It was possible that in fact, there could be a form of life down there, composed of exotic atoms of gravity and GUTmatter. There had been rare reports of similar creatures, the Transapients, extra dimensional superbeings, life on cosmic strings and energy beings before (whom contact is also trying to be made), but nothing like this. It was theorized that the GUTmatter, protected from the outside universe, had, after billions of years, evolved into a Matrix, possibly a neurel net. It had quantum properties and could manifest itself in the memories and minds of other life. The Matrix didn't like the outsiders, who didn't exist in the same spacetime. But why had Eclipsos manifested in Kilnok's brain, who is the Entity Unseen...

The Core Edit

See my adventure - Coming soon!

Introduction Edit

On a distant planet, far from any worlds owned by the DCP, or any other empires, lived a large group of colonists. However, instead of living on the surface, these colonists lived underground - far underground. 7000 miles down in fact, near the planet's center. The colony had existed there for as long as anyone could remember, and due to the long lifespans of the colonists, this was a long time indeed. The colonists were tiny, and rather squashed in appearence. Due to their very small size, most of their consciousnous had been compressed and was stored on large databases, linked throughout the colony. Although their minds were stored on databases, they could telepathically control their own bodies, and so did not really notice any difference, other than an occasional delay in time between thinking of an action and then doing it when the servers were down. Such a delay was usually unnoticable. However, when the servers were down during an emergency, the results could be fatal. For the minds on the databases would be lost without feedback from their bodies. The colonists, were mainly Transgrimbolsaurians, despite their alien apprearence, had simply changed their bodies to adapt to the crushing pressures and small size of the colony. The actual city, was mostly composed of interconnected spheres and egg-shaped cities, two very strong shapes of nature. Built from solid neutronium, and gathering energy for a deflector shield straight off the great magnetic fields generated by the core of the planet, these cities were able to survive the crushing temperatures and pressures. However, the city had to be small, the entire colony, was no bigger than Mirenton's palaces great tower. Thus, the colonists had to be small, no more than a millimeter across, shaped much like mites. Despite this, they were still the same species, and had the same genetic structure.

Chapter 1 - Just my life Edit

Mah'avor'ake was an engineer. One of the most important jobs of the colony was to maintain it. After a long hard shift's work (the concept of day and night now irrelevant) he returned to his home, where he would relax for a couple of hours, eat dinner, have a shower and then it would be time to "disconnect". No, now he remembered, he would have to skip dinner, as he was going to partake in a pub quiz with friends tonight. He could eat there, at his local pub or bar.

The food and synthehol was replicated. As he was eating, he remembered that it is said that colonists on the surface enjoyed the taste of real food, in which replicators were bland in comparison. He would never know the difference, he had never visted above ground and never will. For some reason, everyone had forgotten why, the colonists now had to live near the core. Why? No one knew, there was no benefit for the colonists above. The popular theory was that their descendents were prisoners and had been sent here, but it was all pure speculation. After the pub quuiz, in which he didn't win, in fact, he never won, nothing much happend for the remainder of the night. His so called friends called him bad luck, for whenever he entered the team, they would never win. "Why do I even care to go to these things" he thought. Downing the last of his synthehol, he staggered home, where he would play the same ritual his boring life always followed. He had one of the most important jobs, what a shame nobody recorgnised it. Damn them all.

The next morning, Mah'avor'ake woke up with a punishing head ache. Time for work, hung over, again. As he somehow managed to make breakfast, the colonies news channel showed more about the impending doom of the colony. Much like the archaic fear global warming in times so long past, they were almost forgotten, the colony was under threat. The planet they had colonized was an ancient one, and the core's spin had slowed down drmatically in the past centuries. The magnetic field generated was getting weaker, the Core's geothermal heat was cooling down. The remnant magnetism in the core was barely sufficient to power the colony. Despite this, few were panicking, such as the homeless mad person who lived on the streets. People seemed to get on with their lives as usual, perhaps some of them had given up too. But Mah'avor'ake's life was about to change that day.

Chapter 2 - Selected Edit

Mah'avor'ake expected a rather normal day as he commuted to work. Suddenly the windows on the bus he was in started to darken, as usual, this part of the journey passed through transparent walls, where the superheated liquid metal of the core below could be viewed. The journey though to work passed without incident. But at lunch time, he was in the canteen when all of a sudden he got an important message off his boss Krakalore. He sighed, his hunger will have to wait, now he had come over his hang over and had a better appetite. He took the lift. When he entered, his boss was wearing his best suit, and lokked serious, like he always does when he has something important to say, like the time he was late for work and got no pay check. "Damn, what have I done now"? He thought. But his boss smiled, although, this did not always indicate a pleasant chat. His boss was with a group of officials, from the government, who stood and watched silently. You have been selected for a new job
Hav--have I? I don't know what to say, what job is it?
How would you fancy a trip to the Core, Mr.Mah'avor'ake?
Really? What for? How much is this gonna be, either way?
Lets just say, we have a very important job for you. As you know, this colony is in great jeoapardy, and for some reason the people who brought us here from the surface never gave us an escape route. The core is slowing down fast, and we don't know why ot how this could happen in such a short time. It will mean death to the colony, without shields, without power, the neutronium shell won't hold forever without shielding.
And what do you want me to do about it?
It is your job to fix this anomaly.
I'm sorry, I won't do it!
The fact of the matter is that you have got no choice. You are top of the line, you know what your doing when in maintenance. In fact, all of the other top of the line engineers and technitions died remember in that unfortunate coincidence between a disaster and a server crash.
Mah'avor'ake was lucky that day, the memory made him feel sick to the stomach.
You can't force me!
You know what happens to members of the community when they do not contribute for any reason? They are deleted, as useless junk. Have you seen that homeless guy anytime recently? Thought not...
Delete me then, I am a useless waste of space on the server, the less people's minds on it the quicker it works for you higher classes.
Cease him!
And with that, he turned and fled, but the officials went after him. He felt a sudden burst of paralising agony, as they fired a stun weapon on high setting on him. The last thing he heard before blacking out was:Be careful you fool, he is our last hope!

When he woke up, he was aboard a submersible. One of the kinds that attatch themselves to the colony. It was on a pre-planned path. A hologram appeared in front of him. "Oh your awake now"? Asked the three dimensional image. Our job, is to provide energy to the core, so it can spin once more. "And how are we going to make that happen"? Questioned Mah'avor'ake. "We are going to make a Q-ball, by generating a complex scalar field". "And what is a scalar field?" "A field of charged particles with no spin (spin-0). They form when condensed bosonic particles find attraction, and turn into blobs. They can release antimatter, just ebnough to provide energy to the core. Our job is simple, get to the center of the planet, where there is a small station, secret from the public, known only to the officials. We launch it there." - hologram. "Okay, I did not understand a word of that, but it seems I have no choice now but to go along with it". "Would you like me to illustrate again Mah'avor'ake? - hologram. "No" was the reply!

Chapter 3 - Infecting the core Edit

The journey to the core wasn't too difficult. The submersible had a strong shield. The colony was actually on the boundary between the outer and inner core, the outer core mostly liquid metal, but the pressure on the inner core was so strong, it was forced into a solid. In fact, the core was more like a giant crystal of iron, one hemisphere melting and the other crystallising. The poles were slowly freezing as well. But as the iron core was spinning, it was creating a dynamo effect, driving the magnetic fields above. Its bouyoncy was driving convection in the outer core, creating great turbulence, however, the ship used its attractive field to get pulled to the center. When the core was last scanned, its temperature was over 5000°C, but now had dropped to only 3000°C. Impossible, how was the core losing energy this quickly? Thought Mah'avor'ake, it was breaking the known laws of planetary science, unless somehow the planet had been "eroded", with something, something like strange matter, eating the core away, but the likelyhood of such a phenomenon occuring would be almost impossible. The ship finally reached the core. "Now what, how are we going to enter, blast our way through? That would take some time, and I'm a busy man"! The hologram responded "a structure or gateway, was assembled thousands of years ago by the people who brought us here using nanomachines. Nobody has been to the station in the heart of planet, other than probes. It is hoped you will uncover some secrets." Soon enough in the glare, emerged the gate, with a funnel like tube that descended into the heart of the planet. The submersible's dive pattern was already created, but soon Mah'avor'ake held his breath, as he was engulfed by the massive structure. As the submersible entered, the defelector shield protecting the straucture from the liquid outer core to come flooding in, quickly turned into a repulsive tractor beam, with only a small opening for the submersible to enter. Despite this, the force of the liquid metal exploded through the opening, and the submersible was sucked in. Suddenly, the ship was suspended in superheated gas, air, and was falling to the center through the tunnel, with blobs of liquid metal following the descent. It was a stomach-curdling ride, one which Mah'avor'ake thought would be his last. Half and hour later though, the sub started to slow down, slower and slower, the hologram smiled at the beweilderment of Mah'avor'ake. She explained that at the very center of the planet, is free from gravity, a weightless environment. "Now you will be glad that you didn't have that lunch today", exclaimed the hologram. She then went and and directed the sub to the central structure.

Once inside, after checking that the internal environment was sound, they both entered. The hologram explained that no probe had gone this far and that they were in unknown territory, but there should be a radioactive core, resposible for generating the heat of the planet, but there seemed to be none, maybe it had been excavated. The giant generator, which seemed to be in the center of the stucture probably housed the radioactive core. But it shouldn't be decaying so quickly, nothing can infuence the half-life of uranium. The pair eventually found a teleporter, which they used to reach the center. They then sent a probe to the "inject" the Q-ball into the uranium core. The Q-ball would "eat" the uranium and then release vast amounts of energy, enough to reheat the core so it can spin again. Surprisingly easy.

Chapter 4 - On the way out Edit

Immediatly, the q-ball enhanced uranium core began to take effect. Mah'avor'ake had to increase the the shade on his visor, but then found himself forced to leave the room. The q-ball was generating intense energy, and the transparent metal began to melt. He shut the blast door, then thought, "oh no, I left the holo...Oh yes", the hologram simply appeared on his side "you locked me in, not that it matters"! However, as Mah'avor'ake looked out through an energy screen, he saw the glow. The planet, was...Alive, it was a living, breathing organism, its heart was going into cardiac arrest, but he had resusitated it. The convection flow above was the blood, and the spinning core, the lungs and the lithosphere was the skin, constantly being recycled and overturned. If not for him, the planet would have died, become cold and the colonists would also have soon perished. He felt a new feeling, one of satisfaction, something he had been deprived of for a long time. But on the way back, there was some mysteries to solve. He had only 30 minutes, so collected as much data from what looked like computers as he could find. He then stumbled across an ancient piece of writing on the wall. "The Deeper we dig, the less likely we will be found" and:
"The Entity Unseen"
"The nightmare of everyone's dream"
"Who will never redeem"
"Will never find us"
"For the deeper we are"
"We will simply be too far"
"For him to invade our dreams".
The worlds were alien in language, yet somehow connected with his mind, as if he understood what they exactly said. Had the settlers who came to the core been running? If so, then who from, "The Entity Unseen"? Had this "Unseen Entity" eventually found its prey, and was causing the anomaly he just fixed. A cold shiver rand down his spine. He took the data holocrons he collected, it was time to go back to the sub, the dwellers in the colony above had powerful story to learn...
The End.

The Last Haven Edit

See my adventure - The Last Haven

They will have time enough, in all those endless aeons, to attempt all things and gather all knowledge... But for all that, they may envy us, basking in the bright afterglow from creation; for we knew the universe when it was young.

- --Arthur C. Clarke's prediction, 100 trillion years ago

Herateedon, was a young Manticod. He had been brought up on a world called, "The Last Haven". Herateedon always thought this was a strange name, why was this "The last Haven". Most people who he questioned, were unwilling to tell him, they were embarrised, or didn't know themselves. However, soon, the colony was going to go on a "journey" for hope. Last Haven was a rather barren planet, but to Herateedon, he did not know any different, he had never been offworld, not that it mattered...

However, one day, he befriended an old, wise Manticod, called Jaerookie. He asked why the colony was called the Last Haven, and Jaerookie, told him to meet him by Istaron, a hill near the Great Plains. He snook out the Cord, a bunch of flats. They supposedly had the cleanest water on Last Haven, but was usually a rusty brown. As dawn broke, he rushed out into the cold, barren wastelands. And thats where he met Jaerookie. As they watched the sun rise over the Great plain, its dull red light barely lighting the horizon. Herateedon asked the question he was always burning to know, but few could dare to tell.

So, why do they call this, The Last Haven?

- Herateedon.

Are you sure you want to know, your perspective on life will change. --Jaerookie
Yes, I am prepared and intrigued. --Herateedon
Many trillions of years ago, my young friend, the universe was a beautiful place, there was once skies of blue, skies of green, and all the other colours. Planets were filled with life and warmth, and life was great. Food and water was nearly always abundant.--Jaerookie
Blue sky? What was that like?--Herateedon
I'm afaid I can't tell you, for it was many, many generations before me, or my great grandfather. However, my surname, still carries the name. --Jaerookie
Why isn't it like that now?--Herateedon
Because, the universe is dying, a slow lumbering death. It is down to Entropy. --Jaerookie
The total amount of disorder increased in the universe, the world you, I and everyone else lives in today is a high entropic universe, slowly decaying. The amount of usable hydrogen in the universe ran out, so new stars couldn't form. Once stars were much bigger and brighter than they are today. Eventually, most of the existing stars ceased to exist, and with no new stellar formation, the few stars you see today, are the very last. Civilizations are on the edge. The Last Haven, really is, the last planet of life. They tried evverything, such as gathering hydrogen from other universes, or using wormholes to clump it up, but this only increased entropy. Some of the greater civilizations navigated to a new universe, but now, civilizations today cannot the generate the energy needed to do so.--Jaerookie
Why has no one told me? --Herateedon
Because, nobody likes to talk about this dismal end, especially not to young people such as yourselves, they think at least if you are happy, there is still a piece of paradise left. This monocoddling is wrong if you ask me. There is one final hope, you may have heard being mentioned.--Jaerookie
It will only get worse, the stellar ashes shall burn out, planets will be flung from their orbits, and swarms of black holes will consume the rest. Finally, the proton will decay, black holes will evaporate, and nothing but a void will be left. Our Journey, will begin tmorrow, the whole town will join. I have told you this because I don't want you to leave this universe without knowing why.--Jaerookie
It is a portal, designed by an ancient empire, who were called the Transaurians. We believe the portal was left behind for the future races.--Jaerookie.
Soon, a great snowcloud was forming in the horizon, and before everything would freeze over, the two walked back to the Cord. They passed a herd of silicon-based life, the crystalline organisms being able to surive a bit easier than carbon-based life. They walked on, past the Pit, careful that they would not get tangled in webs. Finally, they reached the cable car, which would bring them into the valley.

Later that day, the whole town had assembled, Lord Eshgon, led them to the portal. As Herateedon walked, he felf excitement, as well as a nagging sense of nerves and angxiety in his stomach. Then, they reached the portal, built by the brilliant craftsmenship of the Transaurians. As it began charging however, a rival colony had attacked, in their scrap cars, armed with machine guns. The colony had its defenses, and after the battle, the rival colony was defeated, but when the colony turned to its portal, they found that it was ready, however, it was too late, the portal had run out of power. In the midst of fighting, the Manticod, had missed their chance. Their own stupidity in fighting, had led to their doom. The portal, their last hope, had ran out of power, and could never be charged up again. When everyone looked for Lord Eshgon, they find that he was dead.

The End.

Home among stars Edit

Chapter 1 - Dawn breaks Edit

The bright cycle had began. As the habitat tilted towards a nearby star, its first rays of warmth began to filter through the silicon glass. A faint violet glow began to form around the edges of the ship, reacting with the deadly radiation. As this "dawn" broke out, sounds could be heard, life began to wake up, yet so close to the vacuum of space. Using the branches, the Hafvor began their day; their arms to helping to guide them to rise up to fruit growing from the tops of the trees. One of the Hafvor, known simply by the others as Uooorshhh (a word that could not be pronounced by most humanoids) joined the rest of his tribe, while others, the sentries, kept a look out for watched predators. As Uooorshhh was about half way up, he heard a sudden warning call, and in the next second, a large branch with a sharp edge was sticking up and was floating up quickly towards him. It could easily slice him in half, however, time almost seemed to slow down. However, his means of escape was pretty obvious to a Hafvor, all he needed to do was jump off the branch he was on, he would simply float out of the way. This was the great advantage of living in a weightless environment. The Hafvor did not inhabit a planet, instead, they had evolved in the habitat rings of the Stellar Engine. They did not understand any differently, the habitat ring, and the various stars that built the Stellar Engine was all that the Hafvor knew of the universe. Either the glare of the stars blotted out the starry sky, or that when at night, the thermal shielding automatically covers the silicon glass to retain the heat.

Chapter 2 - Glitches Edit

The Hafvor continued on with their day, gracefully unaware of what they lived in. Uooorshhh had a brush with death, however, it was laughed off with his friends later. They had picked their fruits. The fruits, were actually seeds, kept moist in droplets of sweet liquid that grow in 360 degrees. Usually, water droplets just flowed trough the air, but tiny hairs suspended the droplets. The fruits were not actually essential to the Hafvor other than a supply of water, most of the day, the tribe would float with their photosynthetic backs at the stars, and then in each cycle, sleep near the thermal shielding, as their world can get very cold during night cycle. However, the tribe enjoyed the "smell" of the berries, as their skin has the ability to taste and smell, so was nice to be rubbed over the skin. Already, the night cycle was aleady drawing in, but then Uooorshhh thought to himself, this day was shorter than usual. In fact, for the last few hundred cycles, days and nights had varied in length. Uooorshhh was getting nervous, and so was his friends. He went to seek the knowledge master (shamen) who was several land clicks (habitation rings) north of the village. His friends told him to go the knowledge Master in the next cycle, but Uooorshhh replied and when will the next cycle be and how long will that last for? Despite the dangers of the cold, he began his journey. He remembered the stories, of foolish Hafvor that had wandered into the night and had vanished, never to be seen again, he wondered if he would soon join them, to become one of the examples warned to children for generations to come, or maybe not, he didn't think he was very significant...

However, the walk wasn't too far, and Uooorshhh stayed close to as many thermal insulators as possible. He then noticed as the sunlight was dwindling, the great floating forests of plants closed up to trap in the heat. Sometimes, when trapped out at night, some Hafvor have survived by entering the closing leaves, but others have been crushed. At last, just before the last rays were swallowed up by the converging darkness, Uooorshhh had made it to the Knowledge master's thermal shield. These shields, were ancient layers of metal and liquid, said to be named Thermal insulators by the creators themselves.

The Knowledge Master, grumpy and unsocialable by nature was not too pleased that a Hafvor had nearly been frozen by the All Consuming Darkness, however, after some conversation, Uroooshhh and the Master discussed the odd happenings. The Knowledge Master believed that a great sickness had come over the god of the cycles, who was somehow diseased. He could no longer fight off the All Consuming Darness. Uroooshhh took this all in quite seriously, the Masters were notable for their greater understanding on how things in the world worked. As the conversation went on Uroooshhh noticed strange things held within the compartments of branches, including several strange objects, that seemed to be made out of something similar to the thermal shields. The Knowledge Master, saw him lapse in concentration, distracted by the strange shiny objects. The Master, then brought one of them down, ans switched one on. This is an nata pad, something the creators or even gods them selves used. How did you find it? Asked Uhooorshhh, It fell from the sky, I am trying to work out what it does.

Already, by now, the next day cycle was already beginning. The Knowledge Master was even surprised, normal days and nights never lasted long, but the length and duration was being chaotic. I am worried for our world, Uroooshhh. How are we supposed to collect enough sunlight to nourish ourselves, what if everything freezes over and the day cycle never returns? This could be the end of us all. Do not tell the rest of the tribe, we do not want panic on our hands, this is something for the Knowledge Masters to solve. Uroooshhh hurried home, again, nervous that the All Consuming Darkness would envelope the world again very soon. When he got home, his friends were glad to see that he had survived.

Chapter 3 - Disaster Edit

For a while afterwards, it seemed the day and night cycles had returned to normal. Uroooshhh began to forget his fears of impending doom. Until...

It was a normal day, until the night cycle. When the darkness came rolling in, the Hafvor went off to their usual grappling beds that lie near the thermal shielding insulators, where it was still warm. But to their horror, the shielding was no where to be seen. As familiar stars went out of view, the metallic shutters that covered up the night sky had not emerged from the floor and ceiling. As the last rays of sunlight went, the temperature started to grow very cold, but no only that, the true, dark sky was finally visible. Distant stars, the galaxy, a sight that had never been gazed on was revealed for the first time. But this was terrifying, as the All Consuming Darkness was now surrounding their entire world.

Luckily, the night cycle was another abnormally short one, and soon the entire habitation ring was facing the stars again. The Hafvor tribe had come extremely close to freezing that night.

All along the habitation sections, the shutters would work in some places but not in others. One day, it happend to another tribe, but not that of Uroooshhh's. Out of desperation, the tribes began to attack each other, so they could conquer the nearest functioning thermal shield (shutter). Eventually, Uroooshhh was contacted by the Knowledge Master. All the Masters had gathered from all known tribes. The Knowledge Master told Uroooshhh that they would set out on a quest to find the legendary the Bridge. It was believed that inside the Bridge, was where the gods resided. The god of the world, SE AI Gaurdian resided on the Bridge. It would be a long trip, on the great Road, where no Hafvor had dared to travel, because it was not the paradise they liked to live in, and that the Great Road was sacred.

Chapter 4 - The Quest Edit

Soon, Uroooshhh and the Knowledge Masters embarked on their quest. They travelled for many, many day and and night cycles, however, despite the length and duration, it was a pretty easy journey, they went where no Hafvor had gone before. Eventually, the Knowledge Masters stopped by the point of of no return. A large metal structure, Uroooshhh had never seen anything like it. One of the Masters, used one of their Nata pads, and activated a switch. The structure, opened. The humming as it did, Uroooshhh had never heard such a sound. Then as it opened, it led to another world, underneath the world he knew, he was surprised how thin the would he lived in was. As they walked through, he watched as he passed from one world to another. Lights activated as soon as they entered, chasing away the All Consuming Darkness. The air tasted very stale arund his skin, which made him creep. There was no life ahead of him, just a long, closed in path. None of the suns were visible from the outside. One of Knowledge Masters said it was a corridor, according to the Nata pad. They carried on walking through this strange world. One of the Masters revealed that they were looking for a legendary strange spirit called a train, that will take them to the Bridge world.

Eventually they did find the train. Uroooshhh wasn't sure how long they had been travelling for, as he had no idea whether it was day or night cycle. But eventually they arrived at the lair of Train. As the Knowledge Masters floated up to it, a light activated, and suddenly a large long beast shot out and stopped where the Knowledge Masters stood. Uroooshhh felt uneasy about going in, but he had gone too far to turn back, and he had a chance of meeting the god herself.

They got in, strange objects were inside. One of the Knowledge Masters said it was a chair. "What is a chair", Uroooshhh questioned? "I am not sure, but according to ancient legends passed down Master by master, the gods or creators used to sit in them". "Sit?", as ked Uroooshhh. "One of the great unsolved mysteries" said his Master. In the Stellar Engine, trains run to and from the Bridge and other places automatically. After entering the trains mouth, the train began to move. It travelled very fast, faster than any creature Uroooshhh had ever seen, and to everyone's astonishment, it left the world all together, soon it was travelling from world to world (habitation decks and rings), yet surrounded by the many stars that make the Engine. Eventually they arrived at their first stop, but tragedy sttrikes around every corner. As the train stopped, one of the Knowledge Masters got out thinking it was the Bridge. The air was sucked out the train, and the Master fell to the ground. The door swung shut, and as the Hafvor watched, they couldn't help their fallen friend. He was being pushed to the ground by an unseen force, and couldn't breath. He was being crushed, the look of terror on his face soon went blank as he struggled with the last breath. Uroooshhh's Master began to several chants, to ward off this demon. The Master said it was called gravity, an ancient demon that was banished from the World in the ancient times by the gods.

There was a sense of sadness throughout the group. However, the train continued. It went up now, and as it did, everyone felt a slight force pushing them back. However, the central complex was in view. A large ring and tower, the train left the tunnel and went out of a chamber, straight into the great All Consuming Darkness, they had now left the Worlds completely. Soon, they reached the the central complex. "We have arrived at the Bridge". The train stopped, and the doors opened, but fortunately, gravity was nowhere to be felt. They continued until they reached another spirit, similar to the train. It travelled vertically soon after they entered. Uroooshhh could hear strange sounds, was it music? It was not all too pleasant, not like the music played in his tribe. "This spirit is called an elevator according to the scriptures on the wall", said one of the Masters. The Elevator stopped, the doors opened. There was the Bridge. Lights activated. Everyone looked around for the gods. But where were they? Had this journey all been for nothing?

Chapter 5 - SE AI Registery Mark 1 Edit

There was a sense of disappointment between some of the Knowledge Masters, but Uroooshhh's Master was still expecting something. And he said wait. And everyone did. Eventually, after a while of waiting, the wise old Master turned out to be correct. Suddenly, a strange box, started to glow, with strange patterms starting to appear on its transparent surface. Then, something out of the blue occured. An aparicion of a three dimensional creature, or spirit, slighty transparent, appeared, flickering in its light. It had two long strange parts underneath it, purched on the floor, but wait, nothing stands on the floor unless held down. Suddenly Uroooshhh felt a rise in fear, had gravity returned? But he was reassured when he saw he was still floating. Then, the spirit spoke, with a slight female accent. As it did so, the entire bridge world shook and reverberated.

I am the one you seek. I am Stellar Engine Artificial Intelligence Registery Mark 1, the first and only surviving Engine. - SE AI
We have come to you, our god. For we - - Knowledge Master
I know, the glitches. - SE AI
Is somekind of illness afflicting you? - Knowledge Master
In some ways yes.- SE AI
Can we help? - Uroooshhh
That depends on your intelligence. - SE AI

SE AI Registery Mark 1 explained to the Hafvor, that their little world was not the only universe. That a much greater reality lies beyond, and that whenver night falls, the ship insulates its enviroments, shutting away the starry sky, the universe beyond. But during the day, the glare of the suns, hides away the stars and the universe beyond. SE AI, was indeed created, by ancient beings billions of years ago. After their disappearence, almost as if they were running, however, SE AI is not sure. However, the AI was kept working, maybe everyone had forgot to switch it off. It maintained the habitats for billions of years, automatically. However, through the complex interactions between the Engine and its stars, it evolved a conciousness of its own (a Matrioshka brain). However, eventually, its systems began to run down, it stopped spinning, and without the centrifugal force, the habitats became weightless. Life inside persisted to survive, only barely. This life originated from the creators homeworld, Mirenton. The Hafvor had no concept of planets and the outside world, until SE AI used holograms to show them. But in the last few years, one of the stars, began to lose much of its hydrogen fuel. It began to swell. As stars were part of the Conciousness, like giant hypercomplex neurons, this "cancer" was causing the Engine's systems to malfunction, causing glitches in the artificial day and night cycle. SE AI would have done something about it, it, she, would have ejected the star, but sadly those systems had long gone. She had little control over that part of the megastructure. It was now up to the Hafvor, to potentially save their world. She sent them back on the train, and directed it to the Stellar Control deck. She would be able to have limited control over life support, but only for a short time.

Chapter 6 - Saving the world Edit

Uroooshhh and the Knowledge Masters boarded the train, it would be another long journey, but as they travel to the Stellar Control Deck, SE AI will prepare to get limited life support in the deck. "Deck"? All these strange words, he once knew these places as part of the World. Travelling to the Stellar Control Deck might be another long trip, but he had a lot to take in to pass the time. SE AI, was not the world, SE AI, was created? But she is the creator? And what of this outside world, of planets and gravity? What kind of beings lived there? Were they created, contemplating the same thing, did they inhabit all those others stars he witnessed during the Great Disaster? But SE AI, was also not as all powerful as once believed. "She was dying, no, malfunctioning"? Uroooshhh now learned there was a lot to learn about the universe. He looked at his Knowledge Masters, who seemed so calm and complacent. They had just met the goddess!

Eventually, the train neared the Stellar Engineering Deck. This "ring", was much closer to one of the suns that Uroooshhh had ever been. This sun was always obscure, never to be seen by the eyes of a Hafvor before, not even the furthest explorers, well, they were the furthest explorers. This sun, was very different to the usual, it was brighter, bigger and redder. They were so close, almost scarily close. The glare was getting bright, painfully bright, however, the silicon glass, as SE AI called it, seemed to adapt and get darker, maybe it was protecting their eyes, one of the mechanisms of the previous creators. Eventually, the train entered through a tube and into the Stellar Control Deck, the terribly bright sun suddenly vanished behind the rim. There was a strange green mist in Uroooshhh's vision, caused by the suns glare, almost as godly as SE AI herself...

The train stopped. The doors opened and lights activated, barely. The rooms were much more compacted, and were much more scruffy looking. The lights themselves, flickered. As the train stopped, the Uroooshhh felt a shiver as there was a slight presence of gravity, but not enough to force him or the most elderly of Knowledge Masters to the floor. The air, still stale if not staler than in the other decks, stung his flesh. In fact, it was much thinner and warmer, yet it was dry, drying his four throats. This wouldn't be a pleasant trip. SE AI had generated arrows, pointing to where the Control Deck was. The group found the deck, but what to do now? SE AI's presence was still lingering, but she could not stay for long, and was already waning. But there was a panel, with SE AI had already unlocked its security sequences. All they needed to do was pull out the crystal, whatever that was. But the long, violet shiny crystal was in the center. All the Hafvor joined in pulling it out. But suddenly, SE AI's voice crackled, "Get out of there!", air was already starting to seep away, but as it did, pressure was weakening the ancient silicon glass, however, the crystal, it was still only half the way out. "Oh no, it can't"! shouted one of the seemingly calmest Knowledge Masters. It was almost out, but suddenly, cracks appeared in the glass, air was being sucked out, one of the Masters was sucked away with it, but was stook on the inside of the glass. He couldn't get away. They decided to flee, all but one. Uroooshhh's Knowledge Master refused to leave. They got out, only barely before the doors shut, but as they watched from another window, the crystal was yanked out, but at that very moment, the glass exploded, the crystal and the two Masters went flying into oblivion. They solmenly went back to the train. They had saved the world, and as they watched, the red star began to leave the grip of the Engine, it was floating away.

The Hafvor returned to the Bridge. SE AI said the deaths of the three Knowledge Masters was not in vain. SE AI was saved. However, she had been brain damaged, as each star was responsible for the collective consciousness, a part had been disconnected. SE AI would survive, but was now much less powerful. SE AI and the Hafvor, would have to work togther in symbiosis, in order to stay alive. SE AI would teach the Hafvor the universe, if the Hafvor tribes united under one banner, to progress into civilization...

The End.

Holographic reality Edit

By now, the members of the DCP have evolved, and transcended the restrictions of life as combining their bodies into one species, the Transaurians, using advanced genetic manipulation and cybernetics. However, they were still lifeforms, and still had to reproduce. But this wasn't the end point of their evolution, the Transaurians were eventually exploring the Bulk, crossing entire braneworlds, each with their own unique properties, Level I, II and III universes. Some where cylinders, and when they would spin, time travel would occur, and all dimensions were connected, (in a Misner space, any observer, would see an infinite sequence of themselves, because up and down, left and right are connected), other braneworlds were Null Spaces, where left and right were no different. The laws of physics, mathematics, topology and the symmetries that govern each one were radically different. However, the Transaurians hadn't stopped there. When they came to the fith dimension, physical matter could not exist, only information. The Transaurians began to transcend their physical bodies, to become beings of pure consciousness. However, rather than ascension, it was a technological singularity, the Transaurians merged into a collective mind, and then "uploaded" itself to the fith dimension. This collective mind was known as the Big Collective Consciousness, the BCC. While minds could still exist individually, most of the time the Minds existed as one. The DCP, had finally achieved true merging. The BCC existed in nine dimensions by now, utilising each one. In the fith dimension, energy and matter exists as information, in which can be computed like a CD program. At the plank length (the shortest distance possible, at 10-33 cm), spacetime becomes foamy, but can also be digitalized, and appears like bits.

However, the BCC was at war. A battle that had waged for many millenia. The enemy was the Unseen Entity, the greatest enemy of the DCP/BCC of all. However, a large group of minds had chased the Enity into another universe. Cornered, the Unseen Entity, defended itself. But the BCC, had an incredible weapon that can wreak unimaginable chaos on a universe. The weapon, considered impossible, could destroy information. It is a law of the nature, that information cannot be destroyed or lost, only changed, even black holes, eventually leak information back into the universe. But this weapon, could gather all the matter and energy (information), and tie it up in folded higher dimensions. The infomation is ripped off the universe, and is imprisoned in a Calabi Yau manifold in the tenth dimension. The Unseen Entity fought back, but as information was being ripped off the universe, the universe was losing mass, and Dark energy, sped up. Eventually, so much mass was lost, that space became incredibly flat, and expanded so quickly, creating a Big Rip. A whole universe was destroyed in the battle.

It was then discovered that the Unseen Entity was not physical, and was not effected by the weapon. Just the Minds and the Unseen Entity were left. The Minds left the dying universe, and travelled into the fith dimension, where it played back the whole scenario again, computing the information stolen from the destroyed universe (about 10100 bits of it actually). There was something very interesting that existed there, but now it was gone forever. For if the Minds played the universe back, they would create a paradox, as their former selves might also exist, or it would create an entirely new quantum universe, giving the Unseen Entity even more power. Information is encoded in the fith dimension, however, almost like a hologram, the three dimensional physical reality of the universe is projected from the fith dimension, as if the third dimension is a shadow, or hologram. The conversation happend in the fith dimension, and the Minds were flat and two dimensional.

The Minds were left contemplating the meaninglessness of existence...

The End.

Deep Time Edit

He felt alone, he was not even himself, and the world was dark. Don't panic. You have awakened. It is good to see you again my friend.--The First
The loop, its over?--The Second
Yes. But do you know what this means?--The First
No, not really. But its so dark, so cold... --The Second
So cold in fact, the average subatomic particle is universes apart, universes from our era anyway, as well as a slight trickle of vacuum energy. In fact, I believe we are the last two intelligences in the universe. --The First
Wait, so how are we existing? How far have we come? --The Second
Welcome to the dark era of the universe. The proton has decayed, destroying all matter in the process, black holes and cosmic strings have evaporated. You do not remember, I had to sacrifice much of your memory to your survival. We ourselves, were trapped for at least 10100 years in a Closed Timelike Curve, along a cosmic string, but because it was looped, its ends tapered together, it self-intersected and over the aeons, evaporated, it was timed to this moment. We were imprisoned here, by an Unseen force. --The First
Why did you wake me up? I do not want to live here, this is not my universe. Funny how you kept my memories of you, and you didn't sacrifice yours... --The Second
Stop mourning over your lost self. You would have done the same for me. No, you see, I believe consciousness is a property of this universe, we are here to witness timelike eternity. I had to go to great lengths to get us here. There is still activity in the universe, where the occasional particle and anti-particle meet, well, you know the story. To get enough energy, I expanded our awareness across the scale of entire universes from the Stellar era. Size is of course, meaningless now, with no reference points between virtual energy and ourselves. --The First
We must end conversation. In such a cold universe, there was little energy to extract or transfer, and time had slowed down immensely. A single thought lasts a trillion years in perspective of the Stellar era. Every one of our thoughts is taking longer than the age of the universe each time. But our *subjective time*, does not change.--The First

Many aeons past, and the universe verged on Absolute zero. Yet minutes of subjective time followed.

This was a bad mistake, the universe is forever grounded in eternal boredum. Death will come, eventually. Even we as creatures of pure consciousness are not immune to the Heat Death of the universe. As the temperature approaches absolute zero, no more usable energy can be extracted. The universe will settle into a cold state forever, a void expanding into eternity. All we have fought for, all we have done, all our history, leads ultimately to this... --The Second

More aeons past, transininities...

Don't be so sure, look at what’s happening! --Said the mind that spoke first

As the aeons passed with every fleeting thought, quantum events, which take almost an eternity to occur in the macroscopic scales, starting unravelling before them, and the two beings lay witness to a seething froth bubbling from the universe like water leaching from a carpet. The things that exist are the things capable of selecting themselves out of nothingness, and some became entirely new universes...

I see now. Quantum events take a near eternity to happen on universal scales, but our thought processes are happening over unimaginable time scales, while our subjective experience is unchanging. --The Second
A wormhole leading to one of the universes opened. The Minds took their chance, and left the dying universe...

History ended.

The End.

Two nations Edit

This story is not based too far in the future only over a couple of centuries.

One of the DCP's greatest technological and constructive achievements was building the Globus Cassus worlds. This world Erouchine-Alpha began construction during the DCP's transition into a Tier 1 civilization. To build the massive megastructure, the DCP created four giant towers, or space elevators, in geostationary orbit. Each tower was 102,526 miles long. The towers were used to transport silicon to giant space construction facilities in space, where the building material was converted into a porous aggregate so they can retain symmetry and balance, the aggregate would be used as a skeleton. Magma was then pumped from out from the mantle by giant transfer hoses, where it used as thin shells to cover the skeletal openings. Teleporters couldn't be used simply due to the strain of energy. Gian windows made of silicon glass were uses from the magma. By now, Erourchine-Alpha had shrunken, its mass and gravity had declined, the polar ice caps melted and the planet's atmosphere and hydrosphere moved towards the new world. The "Great Rains" began, as water began to fill artificial seas and trenches, lakes and rivers in the equatorial regions. Regions of value, were peeled off the planet and reapplied to the megastructure. Massive amounts of seeds and spores were planted, while the DCP colonists and animals waited for the rains to finish in the massive towers above. The core was dismantled, cut into shells, situated in the polar regions, the core's radiation heat supplied energy to a new emerging biosphere.

By now, the Globus Cassus had become much larger than the planet it had been built from, and was in the form of a massive geodesic icosahedron. The skeleton contained massive beams, lying imbertween were the massive windows, which contained the atmosphere and hydrosphere on the inside. The ecospheres of the planet were placed on the equatorial regions, the colonists lived onto two vast regions that faced each other, while low tropic zones had lower gravity, so were used for plantations. Finally, the poles were unihabitable, so were just used as storage facilities. The benefits of such a megastructure, was the new rich resources provided, a more efficient way of recieving energy and a larger space.

The Globus Cassus existed for a couple of centuries in peace. Everyone was happy. The Globus Cassus would still get a fresh supply from other systems. However, eventually, for some reason, the Globus Cassus got cut off, probably by a spatial anomaly. Due to the vastness of space, and the fact even the star systems themselves are in motion, its coordinates were lost. But this wasn't too bad, resources on the planet were bountiful. But in time, the archaic wars of old, long forgotten - wars over resources began to arrise. For the two civilizations existed on the megastructure, facing each other, because of this, petty disputes over which half should belong to which started. A war did occur, inside the planet! Atmospheric battles occured in the center, while missiles and directed-energy weapons were exchanged between the two divided nations. In the end, the war went no where and a truce was called. But the colonists still hated each other and they could not share again. A line divided the Globus Cassus in half, and if it was crossed by either side, any who entered would be fired upon. For another couple of centuries, the two nations had no contact, even radio transmissions were banned, using only lasers and optical fibers for communication inside the nations (never between them). But for the "Westerners" who existed on the western side, things started to go wrong. Unoticed imperfections and defects on their side of the structure began to take effect, eventually destroying the habitable regions. to survive, the colonists had to evolve using cybernetics. But unfortunately, even this adaption could not save them. Contact would have to be made, and the two nations must become one once more...

For the westerners, contact was very difficult. How should they approach the other nation without looking hotile? They tried to send messages, but got no reply. They sent a probe through, but automated defense turrets were soon to destroy it. In the end, they thought the only thing they could do was to destroy the shield that surrounds the other nation and then teleport through. Either that or try to conquer it. But they didn't know how advanced the other nation had become so they couldn't risk it. They had no choice but to the go ahead and teleport through. When they did, they found that the other nation had also evolved, but because of this evolution, they had forgiven the Westerners, but had no idea of how to shut own the automated weapons, somehow they had got a mind of their own and took over. A teleportation root was established, and together they began to fix the Globus Cassus. Finally, it was discovered that the AI of the structure itself had caused the Globus Cassus to break ever so sligtly, so peace could happen again in inside its interior. The colonists became part of the now livng structure. However, alhough this was true, the colonists believed it was simply an AI malfunction. Peace had been restored and life continued to survive, adapt and evolve, just like it always had since its formation, and maybe one day, it could join the DCP once more...

The End.

The survey Edit

Between 1 and 10 seconds after the Big Bang, there were equal amounts of both matter and antimatter created in the universe during the Lepton epoch. The universe during those early times was expanding, however, it was still extremely tiny. In the later ages of the universe, sapients S1 or higher, who were interested in scientific curiosity would struggle to comprehend why there was more matter than antimatter in the universe. Many theories were created and tests set. However, there was no way of accuratly describing the what really happened. Some multiversal transapient civilizations even witnessed the birth of new universes, but there was no telling whether this could really apply to what actually happened at the events of the universe's lepton era. Time travel to such an early time was percieved as impossible, the universe was too chaotic, and going back in time could disturb the natural balance and create a paradox, or even a new parallel universe branching from that moment of interference. Official time travel was highly regulated, no one wants the risk of gathering the attention of advanced time travelling races, paradox creatures or the Taldar. But one day, a group of transapients realized a form of time travel where they could only observe that moment in the the high point of view from another dimension, by observing he causel path of the universe through time. The process took over a million years, even with the most powerful of matrioshka brains (nodes the size of stars and planets, using wavelengths of light to compute information).

A million years though, is a short time to the very slow thinking yet megapowerful processing units of transapient minds. Eventually, it was time. The transapient minds decided to voyage all the way to the fith dimension to view the the early universe play its self back in front of them. Popcorn was offered about. To the surprise of the scientists, they could observe little evidence of anything interferening with either battlefront, matter or antimatter. No wormhole, black hole or anomaly found. There was no interference from other inflating universes. In fact, during this very early period, very few universes had branched away yet.

The transapients were able to observe the early formation of the universe from a higher dimension, but not from wavelength of light (the light is trapped inside its own local space and time, not to mention it barely exists yet), however, gravitons were able to leak out of the early universe into the fith dimensaion and higher, and that is what the transapient's instruments were measuring. But from the higher dimensions, the transapients believed that they would not be able to interfere with the universe in any way, but this is where they were wrong...

One piece of popcorn rolled out of the hyperbox. The owner, attemped to pick it up, but a rare quantum event occured, a womhole transported the popcorn into the early universe. The popcorn vapourised instantly - it shouldn't even exist yet - but this tiny inbalance tipped the universe into matter's domination. What exactly happened was that it created a new gegion of space that expanded from that moment, leaking slightly more antimatter into this pocket universe. Of course, a new universe forms as usual (Many worlds) and this was the universe all future known ones would branch from. However, unfortunately for the transapients, in the higher dimension, they watched helplessly as the universe where they came from became inaccessable, they were sttuck in a void universe, where matter and antimatter had completely annihlated each other. This was the way the universe would have existed, if not for the tiny inbalance created by popcorn.
The End.

Horizon Part 1 - Exodus to the edge of forever Edit

Not too far in the future, only on the scale of centuries, the DCP pick a selected group of Postsapients, mostly Postgrimbolsaurians to embark on a journey to the edge of the observable universe, to see what lies beyond. 50 of them were sent, and most had no idea why they were travelling to the edge of observable space, but they were Ex-criminals. They were commanded by a crew of six, and only one of them knew the secrets, Captain Noorlash.

The Postsapients all varied so widly, it was hard to believe they were mostly the same species. Since the take over of the AI gods hundreds of years before, the Milky Way and neighboring galaxies had been controlled by vast intelligences, the very planets and stars ruled once more, making the most advanced races feel small and ruled by nature again. To keep up, the DCP's population of Postsapients increased wildly. As Noorlash looked over from his command module, there were various Cyborgs, Biokinds, who crossed their DNA with other species, Syntheborgs, who looked superficially like their original body but with synthetic tissue, Digitalians who lived inside virtual realities and projected their holograms. A carnival of freaks, he thought. The baseline Grimbolsaurians were a dying race, well, they weren't really dying, they were just changing their bodies enmasse. And then there was a few normal Grimbolsaurians, Jarzo's etc, those poor Grimbolsaurians, their fleshy bodies easily damaged in comparison, their brains unable to keep up. He then remembered, he was not baseline, there was nanotechnology in his very being, cleansing his body of impurities. Where would evolution go next? Noorlash pondered this.

He was dreaming, he realized, it was lucid. He was on the edge of space. Yet, there was no edge of the universe, he woke up. The mission. He was the only one who knew. The mission, was to in fact go far beyond the visible universe, beyond the Level 1 universes that lie invisibly beyond, but to reach the boundary. It is widely believed that there is no edge of space, in a flat universe it already is infinite, in a sphereical one it is finite yet unbounded and in the Dodecahedron Theory, the universe has six other sides. But there was only one way of knowing, and that was to go there. The ship would go beyond even the particle horizon, past the very furthest photon. A photon, which would have been the first to be set free during the early universe. But the mission was more important than that, the DCP was trying to escape. Since the AI gods had taken over, the unauthorized interuniversal travel was prohibited (The DCP could still enter other universes on condition they are not leaving for good). At first, the AI's were good, barely noticible, however, one had been corrupted by an Unseen force. In this ship, the Exodus, there was a wormhole being dragged along, an escape hatch. How funny it was, that the corrupted AI overlooked something so simple, the name Exodus. Once far away from the First Gigaquadrant, the ship would create another, bigger wormhole, capable of bringing it right across the universe in weeks. But first, it would take 5 months to get there.
Captain's log, month 1
Well, it seems we have cleared the First Gigaquadrant, with no sign of the corrupted AI overlord or the DCP's corrupted government of superbeings. The speed of this ship amazes me, 800 million LY per month, speed ever increasing thanks to the Tachyon shift (very few ships, mostly high Tier and 0 can go faster). But the end of the observable universe is 96 billion LY away, and the edge of the entire Level 1 universe 10100x the distance. However, we have discovered an ancient wormhole, spherical like God's Gate, which some believe is even artificial, possibly constructed by the once great and bountiful Xynaxes. In it is almost infinite in speed, far exceeding this ship's capacity. All onboard is going well.
Captain's log, month 2
Some of the Ex-criminals on board are demanding why they have been forced on this ardious journey. We tell them we have no idea, we must do this in service of our glorious Emperor and council, as well as our AI god. I have to hang my eye stalks, how could our own government, now all Postsapient, be so subserviant to this AI? Are they afraid. I tell myself, the glory days of the DCP are long over. But if this mission is a success, we will regroup and destroy this menance.
Captain's log, month 3
This is getting so boring, for me, for the crew, for every damn sapient, post, or whatever-sapient aboard. If they can't amuse themselves, nobody can. There has been riots already and we are beginning to use violent force to suppress them. Can't blame them really. The Digitalians are the worst, one broke through into the ships main controls and attempted to turn it round, back to the DCP, which would mean the death penalty for all of us.
Captain's log, month 4
A long time aboard this cramped ship is a long time in my own mind. I admit it, an empire, which I've served for two centuries, I am gaining serious doubts in. Especially now I'm not exposed to possibly mind control. They are unethical. I am feeling compassion for these ex-criminals, in our society, are they are the dirt that is spat on after they are down, but now I realize, they are people too. I find what I must do is unbearable. In order to enter the wormhole we need a key, a group mind. It will be painful for them.
Captain's log, month 5
Finally, we have reached the Xyanaxian wormhole. Yet, I feel regret, the cargo of those people will have to endure huge pain for six weeks as we cross the breadth of the universe. But then, I remember the trillions, not just of the DCP, but various civilzations, ruled by arrogant hypercomputers and living planets that have controlled the actions of the First Gigaquadrant for three centuries.

And with that Noorlash ordered the deed. The Excriminals were linked to large machines, sending the key signal to open the wormhole. Oh the screaming, the moaning. Their natural and artificial abilities to suppress pain had been removed, every side of their minds were needed.

Six weeks later, the wormhole was cleared. When the machines were switched off, only 12 were still alive, the pain was too intense, and was impossible to get rid of during the process. Noorlash realized he was feeling guilt and pitty, something he never would have felt for them back in the DCP. But they had reached beyond the furthest ray of light. Spacetime's horizon (not the edge) was near the location of the Exodus, where the universe had inflated during the Big Bang. However, spacetime was expanding at near infinite speeds here, fast into the future. Of course there was no beyond. There was the multiverses, but they were in different spacetimes and dimensions. But what would happen if he entered the area of expansion (the whole of spacetime was expanding however)?

The time came to finish the mission. Although the Xynaxian wormhole was closed, the Exodus carried a wormhole inside, which would remain open. The DCP would come through. Regrouping here, the DCP would rebuild. With less power to grip onto the AI's who had been corrupted by an Unseen force would become disempowered. The Exodus was a Time ship, it would return to the past, with one mouth in the past and one mouth in the future (the fast expansion spacetime was causing time dilation to the future for the Exodus so close to this rapid expansion), and shortly after the DCP retreated from the First Gigaquadrant it would soon seem to return in blazing glory, destroying the AI network of so called gods. Tier 0 they maybe, but the DCP has handled the likes of one other before. But there was one thing - Captain Noorlash now hated the DCP for what it stood for and questioned the meaning of his life's purpose that he had devoted it to. He was going to cut the cord...

After closing the wormhole, the five other crew saw him as a traitor. They tried to kill him, but Noorlash escaped into a smaller ship bound for where the expansion of spacetime was infinitly fast. The further objects are away from each other, the faster spacetime travels. This was the boundary of expansion, not an edge, however, an explorer at the point where Noorash was is the universe's curvature. His ship reached this infinitly fast region, but it was not just expanding in length but in all 3 dimensions. Noorlash was stretched apart, like elastic, he was stretched over the shape of the universe, dying instantly. But it was intended, a spectacular end to a life he realized was a flawed existence.

Meanwhile, the other 5 crew were able to save the wormhole, luckily, a few threads of quantum foam remained, and from that, they opened it like a soap bubble again. The mission would continue. Millions of space navies and colony ships came through. Much of the DCP was left behind, but they would soon return back through time through the wormhole's throat (still linked to that time period). The fleet was gifted an amazing sight soon after it arrived. The first photons of light had reached their eyes, formed soon after the Big Bang. An impossible sight, nobody believed would see. The first light from the Big Bang had reached to greet the fleets, giving them new hope, back in the past, the Time Ships will return, kissed by the first rays.

The End.

Horizon part 2 - Return of the Time Ships Edit

It had been almost 2 years after the DCP had departed into the future. Due to time dilation, if they had travelleled conventialy back to the First Gigaquadrant, tens of billions of years would have passed and its very structure would have changed. But they still had the wormhole.

Reinforcements from the past arrived through the wormhole in great droves, and new ships and colonies were set up in the temporary colony. Strangely, this part of the universe was completely devoid of any life. Either a great cosmic catacylism had occured, or a xenophobic civilization, if worst comes to worst even the Xhodocto had wiped out this region. No longer the void it was when the Exodis first arrived, the distant light of stars was now visible. Strangely though, the view was now split into two walls, one with primordial starlight and the other a void. Since the traitor Noorlash commited suicide, his second in command, the now appointed Captain Stalishner, was in command. A femaile Postgrimbolsaurian, she had biological enhancements.

The battle plan was to go back down through the wormhole. The Matrioshaka AI's and Living worlds had been corrupted by an Unknown force, and became far more aggressive. They had occupied the First Gigaquadrant and easily crushed any kind of resistence with their awesome power. DCP ships on the otherside would carefully "jumP2 the wormhole throat to the centers of star brains. The DCP would fire Q-balls to "kill" those stars. Whithin the AI network, ships would steam outand surprise the massive collective. Graviton spheres would disrupt wormholes, star busters desroy matrioshaka brains and planets would be busted.

The operation began immediatly, the DCP was eager to overthrow their "governers". For three whole centuries, the DCP and most of the First Gigaquadrant had been conquered. Most other empires gave up trying, but the DCP didn't. This had led to zones randomely picked and eradicated. The DCP was still in control of its space, but it was regulated.

The AI's, such a good help they were, until they turned against us for whatever reason they did. They are arragant, and believe we are using blocks of carbon and organic molecules. But in the coming hours, we will show how ignorant they are. So self important, they believed we weren't capable of pulling off this feat. But we are. Come and join us in victorious glory...

- Captain Stalishner.

No one even cheered. This was important and serious, there could be no distractions. But there was one. An anomaly that was interfering with the wormhole. A gravity well, one of a planetary mass was approaching. Yet there was nothing detected. It took some time before the physicists realized. The wormhole and fleet had entered the orbital range of a mirror planet, composed of "mirror matter". A strange mirror reflection of matter, it can only interact gravitationally. Entire systems and life forms could be composed of mirror matter. There were indeed stars, life and planets, but they were on the other side of the mirror. The Exodus, beyond the particle horizon, had stumbled across a mirror universe. For mirror beings, the light of their Big Bang would be on the other side of the universe (if they had followed a similar story)! There was nothing the DCP could do but wait for the planet's gravity well to pass within a day or so. They had not dected it due to the wormhole's own well, but these were crucial hours, if the AI's discovered it would be all over...

Finally, the mirror planet was out of the way. The fleet continued, down through the wormhole, descending through time. The first ships fired their Q balls down the throat, the wormhole had been linked to others, connected to the center of the brains. The affact on some caused supernovae, while lighter stars became colder. The wavelengths of information the star brains used to communicate were altered. They had already brain damaged the AI collective. The DCP attack was now in full force. The AI's were confused, attacked from the inside. Some of the Stellar Engines fired huge amounts of energy, destroying many ships, but they had been poisoned, "infected" by Q balls.

Then, there was an intermediate black hole brain. The power it harnessed was greater than most of the DCP. It had predected this attack, in fact, it had orchestrated it, on purpose, not because it was corrupted, but because it was one of the few which overcame the Unseen force. The DCP picked up the pieces and recovered.. The AI technology would come in handy to their own evolution. One day, the Transapient minds would owe their existence to this battle.

The End.

Planet of Whispers Edit

It was the end of an era. Civilization was finally falling. After great eons, the descendants of the DCP and the Milky Way had risen to great heights, fallen into dark ages and much else. But in the final age prior to the Singularity, the DCP became a high Tier 1, far above their bare skim of the tier as is known now. The DCP by then was DCP no longer, the members had evolved into Postsapients, the stars had changed, technology advanced and even the DCP goals and society had changed. But, despite all the glory, in the final age, for reasons unknown, a shadow was falling. Finally, the DCP realized, something very odd was happening, throughout their entire history (similar to Ancient Astronought in some ways). A force, one they could not fight, one that chased them everywhere they went, a force that was always one step ahead.

The DCP, initiated the final stand - Technological Singularity - an event where technological progress achieves the next plane and intelligence rises expotentially. But before this happened, the DCP took the action of hiding, much as the Taldar once did. They had hidden a group colonists in the center of a planet, they created a vast AI - SE AI Registery Mark 1. Other monuments to their power were left behind, cast in stone, to survive almost longer than anything else. Then, the DCP progressed to Transapience, and became a Tier 0 civilization. With intelligence on a far far higher plane, the Transapients existence was beyond comprehension. They arranged themselves into the Big Collective Consciousness, and mastered information, pure data of the universe, and could easily travel from one timeline to the other.

But on the final world, before leaving the realm of mortals, the DCP left their final legacy. Technology soon rots, information they carry is lost in mere years, and stone, while can survive planetary ages, does not have the capacity to hold enough data. But genes do. The DCP, had written their entire history, their story of every man, woman and child, every hero, every madman, every ideology, every warmaster, every epic struggle, avancement and discovery, a tale of honour and a lesson, in genetic poetry, coded into the very genes of a seeded world. The planet orbited a red dwarf, a star that would last longer than the age of the universe. As lifeforms gradually evolved, they carried this story with them, like a massive gene bank. But memories were stored too. Before the DCP ascended, they shed off their mortal bodies, the memories from cellular communication in their genes dispersed into the soil (no need for cells that were replaced by subatomic knots). As bacteria and viruses broke down their bodies, they transferred the memories into plants and animals, which also passed on the story. The DCP became fully absorbed, tattooed into the biosphere.

It is said, millions of years after, as the civilizations of the stars walk the planet, whispers can be heard in the wind. Long after, the planet spawned its own intelligent life, the DCP's Legacy lived on in the universe.

Photonic arcs Edit

A million years had passed in the Milky Way. All the civilizations from the current era had either left for greater pastures, had evolved, transcended, reverted to primitisvism by choice or unfortune or had been destroyed. But the relics of civlization lay strewn everywhere...

He was stargazing from his telescope. The great galactic plane hung in the sky, peppered by perhaps as much as a million jeweles. As he gazed, he was interupted by his son, who asked why there were great smears in the sky. I, I don't know. No one does. His son was of course, too young to understand the theories. No known anomaly would create such a disturbance across such vast stretches of the galaxy, an estimated volume of 22 thousand light years in the galaxy was smeared and contorted by gravitational lensing, making extra-galactic astronomy more difficult. There could only be one explanation. Intelligence. But that was what the mission he had been sent on was about.

Exploratory missions determined humans to be the only known life in the universe. However, as Benar knew, it was evident humanity was not of this world. Arcaeologists had uncovered the relics of great machines, and the planets fossil-record only dated back 995,000 years. Most of the world believed they must be of god's design. There was no proof of life elsewhere in the universe, apart from in the past. If these great schisms of light turned out to be constructed, it might have dire consequences for the planets religion. But that was what Benar wanted. His world was ruled by a ruthless theocracy, and the few athiests had to work behind the scenes, not even his family could know the truth, until the truth was made. It was a one-man ship, equipped with a hyperdrive, based on ancient design, one the religious believed to be a tool of the gods. But Benar thought otherwise.

Two days later, he was in the control seat of the ship. But to test the hyperdrive, he had to make several jumps to around the local binary suns. And there he was, in the barycenter, the steepest curve in the system, it was a good place to avoid detection of a hyperspace jump. The ship lurched foward, as Benar looked up, the stars and the schisms became bent into a long starbow.

There was more evidence for advanced life that may have existed in the universe. The galaxy was full of odd infrared signatures. Some had dared to propose they were great shells that enclose stars almost completely to absorb all or most of their energy. But those who did were soon drummed out of the corrupted scientific community. The belief was that the entire universe had been created for humans and only humans, and that because no life was found, was scientific evidence to support the claim.

Whithin 5 days aboard the cramped spaceship, Benar was nearing the closest great star schism, a tear-drop shaped, vast volume of space, over a 1000 light years wide with a tail 4000 light years in length. The ship's onboard warning detector began to sound violently. The ship was veering offcourse. Space and time itself was curved so strongly even subspace, the basis for the hyperdrive engine was affected. The starbow was now splitting into a infinite number, something was wrong with spacetime here, very wrong. Benar deactivated is hyperdrive. The ship dead stopped, the ship itself never actually moved. Benar gazed into his view screen. He had somehow careened off into the maelstrom. His navigational sensors were confused. He was 250 light years within the schism itself, he would have activate is hyperdrive if he was to return home. He jumped. Suddenly he was in a star system, watching a comet dive between a triplet of stars. The system had no barren life. He jumped again, heading in the direction of stars but ending in random places with gravitational wells. Jump. He was overlooking reflection nebula. Jump. Now he was entering the orbit of a gas giant. Jump. Th ship was encased in light and superheated plasma. He had jumped into a star (being that the ship can survive the stresses of hyperspace a short exposure would not be too damaging), he jumped again. This time, he was somewhere more interesting. He was orbiting a terrestrial planet, however, the world had been intersected by vast structures, and was in chaotic orbit. He closed his ship on the structure. It looked like a giant maglev train, the size of a worldlet. But as he observed, he realized that it was in fact a huge duct which went from pole to pole. Connected to it were giant couplings. Benar scanned the planet below, and like ever yother world, was devoid of life. He followed one the couplings pointing towards the systems star. Jump. He was now orbiting the star. There were vast superconductors the size of small moons orbiting the equator, as he watched, energy was being channeled into a machine at the star's pole.

The system had no indication of a present civilization. But someone, or something had lived here in the past, someone who had been very powerwful. But how could such powerful beings vanish? What had happened to the galaxy? Nearly every world was inhospitible, apart from this system of relics. Time to report back to his homeworld. The galaxy was not created for the humans, the galaxy was dead. If he could find his way home...

The galaxy was not dead. All the sentient life in the galaxy that had not been wiped out was pointing towards a single destiny. "The Civilization" eventually merged with the Technoosphere, some, would become the Transapients. Unfortunatly, one million years was not enough the repopulate the galaxy with new complex life after the scourge, and all surving life was elsewhere in the universe, in what ever shape or form. But relics of the past were everywhere. The great schism of light was actually once the maelstrom. It had since grown so powerfully it blurred out the stars, forming forests of Einstein rings and lenses.

The End of a chapter

Part 3 - Time's terminal Edit

Now, no matter what order you have read the stories above, as long as you have read a few, I hope you have understood nature of Destiny's reality (and possibly your's too). The future lies ahead in a sea of probability, where there are various future times. This future world, is ruled by near-omnipotent minds, spanning the rise and fall of the future transapients and descendents, as well as other races, all whose roots began with the mightly coalition. The power of evolution and change has created vast era's, with some being sombering downfalls and other shining era's of glory. The stories have all incorporated real physics and exotic maths and philosophy, from head-spinning megastructures, the holographic nature of reality, and life itself. But overall, at some point in the future, the descendants and Transapients merged once more, into the Big Collective Consciousnous. However, despite their great power, by the beginning of the era of Legacy, every living trace of them had mysteriously vanished. But two new races had evolved: the Hafvor, and the Heglarians to take their place and discover the legacy they left behind, but they must be vigilant, as an unseen force was waiting...

End of time - Crossroad Edit

Billions of years after the BCC's ascension (not really, since inhabitants of the Gigaquadrant exist no longer, to call it billions of years), an archaeological Heglarian team uncovered an artefact, that seemed displaced in the 3rd dimension, had an odd quantum number, and its half life indicated it came from the future, the present and the past. The Heglarians stumbled across their ancient origins.

Over a billion years before this discovery, a strange anomaly appeared, in every timeline of the universe. It was a singularity, but not the normal kind, it was, a naked singularity. Its creation is something that make physicists shake with fear. Perhaps, the most dangerous phenomena of all. For it messes up causality, and other conditions of physics locked in on the boundary of spacetime. It is not known, how, why and where it came from, but its creation meant only one thing - the end of time, or rather more specifically, Time's crossroad. It appeared, in every' timeline that ever existed, every will and ever could. It caused all timelines to converge on a single point trillions of years in the future.

But what did this mean for everyone? Was it times end? Nearly every life form in the universe was oblivious to this final destination. Only the most powerful Tier 1 and 0 civilizations, gods and intelligences could watch and weep. All but a few. Some knew, that if they made a final observation, from the last consciousness being to ever exist on these converging timelines, they could make the final Quantum Observation that would decide everything, that ever did, will or could ever happen.

The Omnipotent Four and their deities, Big Collective Consciousness and the Unseen Entity were to be the final observers at Times Terminal. The other late Tier 1 and 0 civilizations like Xyanxes retreated to an either higher dimension outside time. Even the Taldar were powerless. When they tried to delete the anomaly, they found that their power, while could act on every timeline separately, on this final point, where all of time merged, the Taldar were rendered no more powerful than everyone else. The Xhodocto, attempted to make the final observation, to change all timelines, there plan was to re-simulate the universe without any enemies, turning it into Inferno Realm. The Vi'Navitum and Raven'rii stood in their way in an ultimate battle, however, if they had the chance, they would bend all universes into their view of the world. Their battle was stalemate. But neither of the civilizations had created the anomaly, that was from a force unseen...

The BCC, was the only other intelligence involved. They realized, that if they made the ultimate sacrifice, they could destroy the anomaly. Now all timelines were becoming one, narrowing down to the end. They would create a paradox, the Grandfather paradox. Impossible in a universe which is constantly diverging timelines. But now there was only one master timeline, created by the Naked Singularity.

While the Omnipotent three (the Taldar were wiped out) battled, distracted by arrogance and lust for power in a perhaps silly game that decided existence, the BCC got ahead, to the final crossroad in time. The Singularity was not an object, in a physical sense, it was simply the boundary of spacetime. The BCC created a wormhole and went in front of one mouth. And then, it stepped around the corner to the other side, and fired a massive gravity wave through, killing the subatomic knots of the BCC that was 1 second earlier stood in front of the wormhole. If the BCC killed itself 1 second earlier then who went forward in time to kill the BCC? It was a paradox.

But what happens to a quantum timeline when such a paradox occurs? If they are the only observers creating that timeline (near the end of time), that timeline ends there (no time slits or other phenomena, its endgame). And it ended at the point of the singularity, Times Terminal. Suddenly, all the timelines were restored (but this short one which contained the combatants). But in one timeline, just one relic of the BCC remains, the Ancient Artefact that the Heglarians uncovered.

Aftermath Edit

This is why, the BCC no longer existed by the time of the Hafvor and Heglarians. The whereabouts of the Omnipotent 3 and its deities is not known, despite their power, this may have been something even they couldn't survive (as they were all at Times Terminal). The Xhodocto, perhaps, survived, escaping off the the braneworld (and its many Level I, II and III universes) in an even higher dimension. Perhaps they will change to adapt to a completely different reality completely unlike the normal, dominated by different science and mathematics (or maybe not, as other Braneworlds were completely different to this brane). The War of Ages had finally ended, its root dug out, and the universe was, perhaps free. Due to the BCC's sacrifice in destroying Times Terminal, they prevented the imminent destruction of other civilizations that were not involved. Because the events leading up to Times Terminal have not happened yet, this will not mean the Omnipotent 4 will suddenly vanish from the current timeline. But they had perhaps lived to their full potential, surviving to Times end. If only, in all the wisdom they gained, they had not become so arrogant (save for the Taldar, who along with the BCC did not try to make a last observation). As for the Entity Unseen, whatever it is, had won. In all the DCP's great history, they had been plagued by this force, for whatever its reasons, it ultimately led to their penultimate destruction. The Unseen Entity had won, in the end, it was in a way, the DCP's last battle, one which it could not win. Despite their ultimate demise, no matter how great the DCP, and its descendants had become, its sacrifice led to the survival of the universe, and all its timelines and quantum realities, and ensured the survival of its descendants: the Planet of Whispers, the Heglarians, SE AI & the Hafvor in billions of years to come, and the great War of Ages, was over...

But... Edit

Although this is a very likely timeline, it is not the only. Many timelines bud off one and another. It is up to you, the reader, to decide whether this will remain forever frozen in the timeless sea of probability, or whether this will be the DCP's destiny, up to you, to choose and navigate to whatever timeline that pleases you.

Fiction’s Terminal

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