The DCO, the Krassiar, the Capricainians and their allies, these were the old masters of the universe, their stories written across time and space. They fought for this universe, against various evil, for we would not have existed without them. They watched the universe above them, and guided the younger races. But one day they vanished, and time has decayed their influence. It is unknown where they exist now, if they ever existed at all, as they are only legends. But some of their legacies remain, what they left behind that survived the ages, may provide great importance to us.

- A storyteller.

Introduction Edit

Wormulon has founded this fiction, but this is available for all users to join who are in the SporeWiki Universe.
This fiction is based in one of the far future timelines. The younger races must discover the allies/SporeWiki empires ancient technology and find out what had happened to them. Also it is in one possible future timeline among many possible universes that could branch from SporeWiki's own so it may or may not be correct if you don't like it. The main concept of this fiction is to create different branching futures, set by the actions of empires and characters in the current SporeWiki timeline. But as said above, either futures are likely timelines, but the future is not set in stone and does not necessarily happen in the future (but is likely to).

Setting and empires Edit

It is billions of years in the future. The Delpha coalition of Planets, their allies and most of their known universe had vanished and changed, most possibly ascended and extincted many millenia ago, and only a few of their legacies remain, considered legendary to the new young races, the future masters of the universe. The Milky Way and Andromeda had collided, and the Mirenton's system had been swallowed up by Chilius in its red giant phase...

United Republic of Cyrannus Edit

See Fiction:The Legacy/All of this has happened before...

This story chronicles the stories of the demi-gods, the Libertus, who have risen and fell over billions of years to become one of the greatest empires in the history of the multi-verse. The Story will be based off an empires rise, fall and ultimate success, as the old saying goes, All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.

Delpha Coalition of Planets Edit

Destinies in time Edit

The catalyst: The Singularity Edit

Destinies in time starts two centuries in the future. The The Technoosphere was now layced throughout the entire First Gigaqudrant, and AI polities were central in the political structure, their nodes grasping anything that could hold. "The Civilization" had expanded across several galaxies, and its members had merged, in order to live peacefully with the Subordinates of the Technoosphere. War was less common, and the DCP's population was now postsapient. However, underneath the veil of peace three centuries on, the AI Network has become corrupted, by forces Unseen. Even the AI's, could not resist this force, and quietly conquered "The Civilization".

There was resistance, the DCP sent Time ships to the very far future carrying wormholes to the past. From there, at the timelike edge of the universe, the DCP staged an attack on the corrupted AI's. In the resturn of the time ships, the DCP led a courageous force that abolished the AI Network. Not all AI's were defeated, some were still friends of the DCP. Some things had been left behind, including a Globus Cassus and Stellar Engine worlds five centuries on.

The Transapients Edit

Eight centuries later, no longer were the DCP's and Civilization's population fleshforms. They had sublimed into cuboid shells. At this point, the DCP was the DCP no longer, they were simply the Transapients. The Transapients had merged totally with the remnants of the AI Network. The Transapients had become time travellers they now bordered Tier 0. When not exploring space and time they layed dormant in vast structures made by a combination of Minds. However, it was at this time when the Transapients realized there was something deeply wrong, the Entity Unseen. Vastly known to even to the Minds, the Unseen Entity was causing damage to the entire 6th dimension, particulary involving the DCP, somehow at the center of the timeline. Now the Transapients fought for millions of years , it would always be gone before they arrived and they had to repair the bruises.

And so began the great hiding. Some Grimbolsaurians were recreated and placed in the center of a planet. But even then, the Unseen Entity followed. Finally, the Transapients realized they could still evove further. They downloaded the minds and memories of every baseline into the Planet of Whispers, where genetic memory would restore thieir legacy forever.

Big Collective Consciousness Edit

The Transapients became timeless. Together they looped their minds to the Manifoldverse in the 6th dimension, where all states of the universe existed, including all timelines and all 10500 multiverse variations. They became a fully fledged Tier 0 civilization, greater than almost any other - Big Collective Consciousness. A single Collective was an arrangement of subatomic knots, latticed into a hypersphere (the most efficient shape). If these points were to be examined, they would in fact be clusters of smaller knots, the "neurons" which process information. The hypersphere reaches out across its dimension, over timelines. Of course, there is no way to see the BCC with normal eyes, as light does not propagate across the higher dimension, but gravity does.

The BCC explored the Multiverse, with activities incomprehensible. But the battle for reality continued. However, the BCC at some point realized the greateest danger ever faced, a timelike singularity, Time's Terminel. It was a naked singularity that had became a crossroad or a point in the 6th dimensions where all states met. It was created by an Unseen force. The Omnipotent Four tried to manipulate the end of time. They knew that if all timelines became one, if they observed it they could change the entire Manifoldverse from the future point. The Xhodocto tried to turn it into Inferno Realm, the Raven'Rii tried to do the opposite, the Vi'Navitum got caught imbetween and the Taldar couldn't handle the mono-timeline, their power only working across multiole ones. Other godcivilizations left to even higher dimensions, and a wave of unreality was breaking the universe.

In order to combat this threat, the BCC sacrificed their entire existence to the singularity, creating a Mad Scientist Paradox. The wave of unreality destroyed itself, along with the Omnipotent Four and BCC (with the possible exception of the higher dimensional Xhodocto). However, the Manifoldverse unravelled once more. The BCC was gone, the final life line of the DCP and much of the Gigaquadrant, and the Unseen Entity was still out there...

Deep time Edit

Time passed, and legacies remain. The Stellar Engine mentioned earlier became self-aware and housed its own species, the Hafvor who lived in a zero gravity closed world, and the Planet of Whispers. Occasionally glimpses of Transapients would be seen, voyages across space and time. Further still, time dilation ships from the passed evolved into a new species, the Heglarian's. Chilius and countless other stars died, and the First Gigaquadrant merged into a supercluster.

100 trillion years in the future, the stars were burning out, and so began the degenerate era. The proton decayed, black holes evaporated and with no mass left in the universe, time had lossed track. The universe became equivilient to its pre-Big Bang state, and the tides were rolling out once more...

Rambo NationEdit

The Old Order crumbled and rise of the Aurilithiae OrderEdit

Aurilithiae Order Symbol

Aurilithiae Order Flag

In a far (alternate?) future, Rambo Nation, once glorious and powerful had crumbled and completely vanished. How and why the Rambo had disappeared and where they ventured to is unknown. Galactic record are vague upon this, and evidence has been found that they have been completely destroyed. The entire Quadrant Galaxies was left in disarray, and only ancient history records tell the tales of Rambo Nation and something about the Quadrantia Federation. What happened to the Imperial Alliance is also unknown, but after the death of the Galactic Emperor, they have ventured away from Quadrant 89 and the Quadrant Galaxies, and the Imperial Alliance crumbled and ceased to exist. Shortly after the fall of both the Imperial Alliance and Rambo Nation by unknown means, a disaster struck the Quadrant Galaxies and the Quadrant Galaxies were left in ruins after the destruction of the Rambo Capitol and there Core World, unleashing massive amount of uncontrolled energy. Most of the 5 Quadrant Galaxies were in ruins, yet some managed to survive, while other new civilization rose to power.

A future Story 02

Two worlds meet........

What further is known, is that what the Rambo stood for is gone, there planets in ruins. However, hope for the Quadrant Galaxies is not lost, nor without life as a new organizations replaced Rambo Nation and the Imperial Alliance. However, some of the Rambo did survive the disaster and escaped from it aboard the USS Voyager, the last Intrepid Class in excistence. The Intrepid Class V2 was launched in the last moments before the destruction and took decades to return to the Quadrant Galaxies. Over time the Serindia even changed appearance, becoming less friendlier and anger at those who dared to destroy Rambo Nation.!!!

A future Story 05

with dramatic results....

Various remnants and small empires allied each other and later formed the Aurilithiae Order when they were conquered by a new and hostile race. Also a small remnant of the Hutter Kingdom survived, but did not ally the Aurilithiae Order. When the former Rambo Colonie of Rambo Prime became the Capitol Planet of the Visaria, they discovered a new warrior and hostile empire was threatening the existence of those who were called the remnants of the old order, which began a conquest for power in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Yet the New Order was a promsing one and was one of the more organised organisation in a shattered Universe, and many would remember the Aurilithiae Order, the New Order.......

Captain Rambam is send by the Rambo Gods to the Legacy Era to complete a mission for them, but he does not know what that mission is nor is aware of it.

And the Legacy Era is not the most friendly era, former allies turned enemies, no Rambo Nation and the the appearances of a Old Order ship and crew is disturbing sight.

Follow the story here.

End of the Constitutional MonarchyEdit


Krassio HostEdit

These are different timelines about the destiny of the Psionic species known as the Krassio.

Timeline One: ExtinctionEdit

6 billion years after the current era

Eons have passed since the extinction of the mighty Krassio Host, their disappearance is related to a last war against a powerful foe, such a pity storytellers say, having stood against hell and prevailed, and not against this clever enemy, that stroke hard in the Psionic's heart, and vanished as well.


The Krassio cities, after eons without proper maintenance, have fell or were destroyed during this last conflict, the beautiful interplanetary cities are divided due to the fall of their bridges, the planets have now clouds of orbiting debris. Their artifacts remain formant, and archeologists report them as haunted often. They are known to control mentally an entire army of creatures.

Few warships or other space vessels remain floating over the void of space, and their tech is untouched by empires, as they are difficult to find, many young empires have benefits for their lucky findings, having theoretical solutions as the tech cannot be understand, but the experiences and logs are. Many warrior empires battle now to posses this artifacts and ships, even ruins of the passed Krassio, yet they are rather controlled by the exploding psionic force in them, or are destroyed by themselves.

There is only one who can understand its tech, a powerful warrior named the spirit of the past.

The Legacy Edit

One warrior remains, once feared and admired by his kin, a lonely Civatron, the best of the best, the Valader, being the last of his kin to stay in there, having found a way to avoid death, he wanders the galaxies of the known universes, hunted by abusive races whom seek the warrior rather for killing him, or to hold him as a forced adviser of war. He survives bravely to the fierce aggressors, but who will appear to help him in this struggle? His allies are long gone, and his soul is haunted by ghosts of the past, will this be the last quest of the brave warrior, who lived to see what no other lived to see?

Timeline Two: DevolutionEdit

600 000 years after the current era

Many millennia after the wars against the Xhodocto, the Krassio Host grew in technological advancements and in power, their influence was known across the whole Universe, in all its 11 known dimensions. Yet as the powerful Krassio set out to rise as a Tier 0 species and become Inter-Universal, archives state that they shared friction with an already Inter-Universal species known as the Dacean Ecumene, the Daceans were a pacifist yet highly advanced species that faced the Xhodocto too and prevailed. Yet, the Daceans were even more advanced and old than the Krassio, and a war broke out, from which the reasons and causes were unknown to the rest of aliens, the war lasted 59 700 years, in which the Krassio lost, the Daceans pushed back the Krassio races until they were isolated inside each race's homeworld, removed from their advanced technology, and left in a devolved state. The Daceans received transmissions from the allies of the Krassio Host, blaming for the obvious extermination process that the Dacean Ecumene held against the Krassio. The Daceans claimed that the Krassio Host practices inside a dimension they called Iluvii was disrupting them in some way which they never explained to outsiders.


The Krassio technology was reduced to dust, ruins that could not be destroyed were occupied by Dacean or other species archeologists, the Ecumene was serious when devolving entirely the Krassio.

The LegacyEdit

We follow the story of a female Dacean explorer named Irea, whom travels to the planet of Civa Prime in order to save the race of the mighty warriors that once stood for millennia against them, the Daceans hold a war against the Xhodocto as these have returned to the known Universe to destroy it once and for all since its protectors are disbanded (destroyed). The Ecumene is leaving the Universe to the hands of the demons, and they are evacuating all species and passing them through a gigantic Digital Portal known as "the orb". The Universe is shattering, the Universe will fall.

The Xhodocto Edit

Billions of years ago, the Xhodocto were defeated in their own domain. They returned once more, reigned destruction all over the universe, and then vanished. Some say they were defeated, others say that they were done with this universe. However, it is certain that they will return. Perhaps not in this time period, or the next. But they shall return, strong, and furious. Many followed them afterwards, and the belief in them has vanished into legend.

Cults, movements and even denominations of the Xhodocto's belief were made. All predicted their return, and they shall...

The Ravenrii Edit

Mere billions of years after the birth of their last nation in the universe, only shimmering ruins and celestial constructs, found across a vast distance in the Gigaquadrant as a legacy of the final length that their Federation achieved, are left of the civilization of the Ravenrii. The deserted husks of their megacities live on, weirdly uncorrupted by age and isolation. Only statues remain in their likeness, and despite their eternal endurance they have not been seen for millenia. The reason for their disappearence is unknown, and one can only speculate whether they left the universe in swift persecution of an unknown enemy or some great hapening altered their fates forever in the Final Game...

The Taldar Edit

The Taldar are undoubtedly one of the most powerful Empires that exists in this time. Having a dark past, having recovered from so much, having almost been destroyed at least thrice, they made a great return and stayed strong. Fighting against many threats, such as the Xhodocto, over millions of years, they remained harder than nails. However, they seem to be difficult to find. They should be there, but their artefacts are all that can be found of them. This has been the case once, when they became extinct, but it is unknown why it is like this again...

Ottzello Edit

It is unknown what happened to Ottzello, but it was presumably destroyed an an ancient war. The Galot, Ottzel & Loron are no where to be found, though Loron are all over the place. It is presumed they are currently in their own dimensions... but no evidence suggests that, and it will be difficult to find out how to gain access to the dimensions...

Jovar Empire Edit

Presumably, the Jovar ceased to exist billions of years ago, evolving into ever-more complex beings, to the point that they were no longer recognizable. Their once great spacecraft now floated in empty space, within the region of the Milky Way-Andromeda Galaxy. Their magnificent cities crumbled without their occupation, and their technology vanished. However, much like many other races, they were not forgotten. And, like their forefathers, the humans, they made a legacy out of themselves. It is rumored that, like the humans, they went on to create another species to revive and replace their diminishing power. The whereabouts of this created species is also unknown. But it is almost certain that they live on to this very day, being one of the lasts remnants of an Age of Greatness.

United Veatrex Federation Edit

It is unknown what happened to the United Veatrex Federation, but pieces of their once glorious civilization still stand, like buildings of Veatrex City, once the greatest city in Ramvelkys Galaxy. The Ramvelkys Shield, the once impenetrable defense of the galaxy, now lay in ruins. Still, pieces of the UVF's invention "Syplasma" still surround the galaxy, but only in a few areas. Many think that UVF left the First Gigaquadrant, and maybe the Universe, and maybe fled even farther than Universe 66501, running from an unknown enemy?

The Salsetthe Republic Edit

The Salsetthe still existed, even after it had been billions of years since they had left the Milky Way Galaxy as it merged and collided with the Andromeda Galaxy. They left no trace of their existence in the Milky Way, and continued to survive in incredibly large ships that now wander the universe, some seeding planets with life, others working to solve the problems of other species for resources that they are unable to replicate on their ships. They had become almost completely silicon-based by now, but despite the changes from being mostly carbon-based to silicon-based, they still look very similar to how they do now, except that the orange scales had turned into a lighter, almost metallic gray. Those that were not on the ships that held most of what was left of their species instead took the role of wandering intellectuals, and who was once Ambassador Zree'arra was one of them. Others started to build a new Salsetthe civilization, but they eventually shared the same fate as many others of their species. The ships that they wandered around the universe on were essentially mini-collectives, but despite how scattered the Salsetthe were around the universe, they shared one common motive: to explore, to seek out new life and the civilizations that arise from them, and to gather information about the universe as a whole. The Salsetthe at this time have what is considered by many one of the most complete maps of the entire universe.

The Gablinus-Avis Empire Edit

See: Fiction:The Legacy/The Worldbuilders

And so, in the end they actually disappeared. The great civilization the Gablinus-Avis had built stood in fire, burning to the ground, only to get erased by the forces of nature later. But there was still a few Gablinus left in the new era, and era where they could leave a message, and a place for the new sentients of the universe to live in.

The Kazaru Edit

The Kazaru system alliance lasted long.It saw great technological progress, essentially becoming a Tier 2 civilations in all but its territory. After thousands of years, they eventually left the world to join their gods, they Ascended. Now only some of their constructions remains, the gargantuan Element synthesizer stations, orbiting various gas giants, and the monument of the gods, sited on their homeworld of Wnyda.

However, just before they left, they manipulated the biosphere on a planet to bring forth a species to carry on their legacy, and built many constructions on the planet to accelerate this species in its post-sentinent technological evolution. They would become the Nirik kazaru, or Nirkaz, meaning New kazaru.

A Nirkaz soldier.

Defensive System's Bloc Edit

Vartekian empire Edit

Vartekians where a great and powerful race. They spread through the universe as feared and respected beings. However, in the far future the Vartekians seemed to drop off the face of the universe. They had completely disappeared. Only their technology and ghostly cities remain. Little is known about their disappearance but there are many theories. Religious empires believe the ascended to an new form of being and become one with the universe. Scientists believe when Andromeda collided with the milky way they where left weak and where later destroyed. Another more likely theory is that the Vartekians took evolved and migrated to a new universe. It is said that they will return. More powerful than before.

Votarah's shadow

Votarah and Saphiria are now both long dead. but their influence never cease to exist. Votarahs writings on strategy and war methods became very popular and became a mandatory read for modern military leaders. Votatah's heir Lord Jazakura became the ruler of the vartekian empire. and it is said that he helped in the conquering of 20 trillion Vartekian systems and 66 controlled galaxies. Though Jazakura was later killed and the power of the Vartekian empire was obliterated by an ancient demon from the Vartekian past.

Hellxier Edit

Many years have past, New enemies have risen old enemies fallen. Many battles have been fought, wether in war or love. The Vartekian empire seemed to have disappeared. Their ghost colonies left behind. From the darkness a new ancient demon emerges possibly as old as the Xhodocto but completely unrecorded. His name is Hellxier. Years ago the Vartekian empire was at it's prime and their conquest of intergalactic power had swept through the universe. Even some of the mightiest empire could not hold back the expansion of destruction. However it was not to last. Hellxier had possessed a character simply known as the Ghost wolf. Over time Hellxier's powers increased. As if a bad dream the entire Vartekian population vanished. The entire Vartekian species had been annihilated sent to a alternate universe. They had been trapped in time along with their destructive path of evil.

Light Sector Alliance Edit

The Alliance in 50 billion years is among the most advanced races in the universe. Every race in the alliance has been collected into a single multidimensional Republic known as the Light Dimensional Republic (LDR). Some of the major races (including the Generia, Softalicans and Workan) have evolved beyond the need for physical bodies and exist as mind collectives. They are Tier 0 and control 2 entire dimensions and thousands of galaxies.

The Kread Galaxy was destroyed 10 billion years previously, shattered by the second coming of the ancient Dragons and the consequential destruction of Kread's effective timeline, rendering it a gaping wound in the fabric of time. The Dragons chose the temporal ruins of Kread as their final battleground. This conflict finally wiped out the Dragons as a race and also eliminated most of Kread's history from existence, causing a collision between every moment of past, present and future, destroying Kread and all of its billions of possible timelines in less than a second.

But all was not lost for Kread. The Dimensional Republic had seen the cataclysm coming, and bent the fabric of possibility to create an alternate timeline in which all of Kread's civilizations lived in the Light Sector. This alternate timeline was highly unstable. Some races were completely destroyed where they overlapped each other, and often many things were much different from how they should be. But the Galaxy's civilizations endured, until the cataclysm wiped out Kread from all of existence. This was almost the final end of Kread. The alternate timeline, though, still held mostly intact, and the Dimensional Republic still had the power to change this timeline. The races of Kread had been stored as computer data as a backup, and now this data was released back into the Universe. Much of it had been corrupted or destroyed by the cataclysm but enough survived to restore the Galaxy to its former state, minus the Demonax, Grox and Kumblezoids.

Doriaca Kingdom Edit

The Doriaca Kingdom was once a powerful knight empire that spanned ten galaxies. There technology was great, but even greater then there technology was there military. Massive ships the size of worlds and stars was common- no one dared attack the Kingdom. The Kingdom also created many artificial worlds, stars, and even covered there most important galaxy with an artificial covering that keep unwanted outsiders from entering the galaxy was some of the achievements of the Doriaca Kingdom. The Kingdom was destroyed in a massive war, not much is known about the war but it is believed that an old enemy awakened and was able to defeat the Kingdom. Now all that's left of the Kingdom is a few artificial worlds.

Pepis Republic Edit

It was said that not long after the Pepis achieved the powers of space-time manipulation, they vanished. Some were ripped apart, felling 1% of the empire. A book dating approximately the last day of the Pepis Republic says "And then the bipedal dragons. They killed my family." The only bipedal dragon known to be an enemy of the Pepis was the Taraur, thought to be extinguished 9 billion years ago by the DCP. They revived as powerful as the ancient Xhododcto, and eliminated the remnants of the Pepis Republic.

The Pepis actually ascended 9 billion years before this to help with evolution on Kindworlda. The Fex inherited the Pepis technology.

The U.E.S.C. Edit

The U.E.S.C was a nation of power and wealth in the Dejana Galaxy, thier empire would eventually span 4 galaxies. However the empire vanished. It is believed that as an act of kindness the Silvarians overcharged all of the Lightwells to destroy the Armies of Darkness completely, but this came with a massive cost, if this is what happend the U.E.S.C. would've been burnded by the light. Another theory is all Silvarians became non-corporeal to move onto the next level of existance.

The Sporemaster Alliance and Member RacesEdit

Long since shattered and forgotten, the once mighty Sporemaster Alliance united many great races into one, single empire, able to last and be remembered even now, many billions of years later... -A story teller of one of the Forma Empires

The Alliance lasted 2 billion years, with only minor changes. As its member races evolved, they grew less and less alike, and eventually, some acceded while others remained. Some races grew stagnant and became extinct, others adapted and changed, while still others stood the test of time, and still exist today, 10 billion years later.

The SapoEdit

The mighty Sapo. A hive mind race that ruled their galaxy for 2 1/2 billion years b4 ascending into a new plane of existence. In their time in this world, they became one of the great pillars of the Alliance, a great fount of technology and stories and ideas. They were at once stable and adapting, always changing on the surface, but staying fundamentally the same.

The Warriorcell EmpireEdit

These great warriors were the first members of the Alliance to secede from it, completely and utterly. They were also the first to go extinct, wiped out in civil war among themselves, with weapons that should never have been used. B4 their death at 264 million years of age, they achieved levels of technology beyond that of any non-acceded race to ever exist. They were truly warriors and knights, with their own heroes and villains, there own plans, and there own lives.

The Wikan MonarchyEdit

Small and smart, these brilliant scientists developed healing and anti-aging techniques greater then any other race of their time. At 4 billion years of age b4 death, they had perfected immortality, never dying, or even being killed. That was their undoing though, as they then stopped breeding and started to stagnate. They would never change again, taking their time, waiting to long, eventually scattering to the farthest reaches of the many universes and planes of existence, never to become a single group again.

The Cecropt-NoptEdit

The first member race to ascend, they were always an advanced race, for their age. At 1 billion years they were one of the weakest members, but by 2 billion they were the strongest, and the most complex. They ascended, leaving their cities behind to rot at 2.2 billion years of age.

The OmegaEdit

The Eternal Omega. Old, wise, ever searching for knowledge, they were the longest lasting empire that ascended. They created schools and centers of trade and learning long after the Alliance fell, and continued to do so until they ascended at 6 1/2 billion years old. When they ascended they left behind their great works of construction, like the Great Library, and the Time Capsule (containing every race to ever exist, even Xhodocto and Taldar), which they built later in their history. Their structures were built to last, with self repairing tech and nearly indestructible substances. They did last, and are scattered all around the universe.

Descolda EsparioaEdit

Always the jokers, they could never keep themselves together as an empire for long without outside help. within a thousand years of the end of the Alliance, they scattered into nomadic groups that lived in systems for short periods of time, then moved on. They ascended peacefully after about a billion years of nomadic travailing.

The Marmon RepublicEdit

In it for the Spucks, they always thought all enemies could be bought. They never changed in that way, but they did accept any and all other changes. Approximately a billion years after the Alliance fell, they were still doing the same stuff they did b4 the Alliance: Buying and Selling races, people, planets, systems, even the occasional galaxy. They still exsist today, 10 billion years later, but they have evolved into many different races, and no longer consider themselves "Marmon".

The FaftartEdit

Always an accepting lot, they swiftly dissolved into other empires, with a small core remaining of their original empire. The one thing every single Faftart has in common is the need to protect the innocent. They could never stand by while an innocent was harmed. They eventually ascended after about 3 billions years.

The Opague EmpireEdit

Self centered little bastards, the lot of them. They went on a rampage, destroying all those not strong enough to stop them, until several greater empires banded together and killed them to the last child, sparing none. They were wiped out after 1.7 billion years of terrorizing the universe. They were like the Lorons in that they never bothered to learn from their enemies, only allies (of which they had none). They died, and are only remember as hellish warriors they are used to scare children, like the grox.

The Lost OnesEdit

Machines that want nothing more then to bring everlasting time to the universe, they cannot ascend, and are still working on their Universal Stabilizer. They have tried to resurrect the Sporemaster Alliance several times, but have failed on all of those attempts. They still love to tell stories, and do so often. By now they have amassed quite a few, and have probably told just as many. The Lost Ones have made mistakes though, like losing the Astolight, allowing their kind to be free again. But other then that, they generally help others and don't often screw up. They still consider themselves a part of the Sporemaster Alliance, and hope to someday hear from their ascended allies of old.

The AstrolightsEdit

When the last Astrolight was freed, it fled to the nearest star, and then consumed it. As it multiplied, growing into thousands again, it became they, and they doggedly continued to chase after the Lost Ones, always trying to destroy them. At least they have a one track mind. They are aggressive, and have never allied. They still exist, but are rare, having scattered throughout the universe to wait for the Lost Ones, and increase their power. None have ascended.

The XandrioEdit

Were a semi-nomadic people that eventually aided in the destruction of the Sporemaster Alliance. They consumed thousands of worlds in their time in the universe, and eventually ascended though sheer willpower and tech. They now terrorize the ascended races as much as they can, as pirates and mercenaries. They do not fear anyone, and only bow to themselves.

The Demitris EmpireEdit

The vast Demitris Empire was divided into two groups after the Alliance fell. The Traditionalists and the Futurists. The Traditionalists wanted things to go back as they had been before the Sporemaster Alliance. The Futurists wanted the Empire to to change and split and develop new ways of living. Two fundamental groups with fundamental differences, they ripped the Demitris Empire apart with civil war and assassinations. The Demitris Empire was in turmoil for 3 million years after the Sporemaster Alliance fell, but even that massive and long lasting empire finally collapsed into disrepair. It is unknown what happened to finally destroy them, but it is believed to be related to the Grox, who can be found in large numbers in the Demitris Supercluster, alone with the ruins of cast fleets and hyperadvanced technology that even the Grox don't try to use, for fear of the consequences.

The Guardians of Times GateEdit

These beings, who were part of the Sporemaster Alliance until it disbanded. The Guardians are still around, if you can find the galaxy of Time, which is where they live. They use hyperadvanced technologies that few other beings use, and offer the gift of these technologies to those who manage to find them. The trick if actually doing so, for Time is hard to find, hidden away among other galaxies and surrounded by powerful empires like the Grox and Astrolights and even the Lost.

The AlumniEdit

One of the strangest of the mighty empires from outside the gigaquadrant, the Alumni acceded peacefully after advancing in tech and power for about 3 billion years. They now exist in the upper planes of existence, and try not to interact with lower lifeforms.

The Viroid CalimriiEdit

The Viroid Calimrii were destroyed by the Murbelt in a single battle of minds and will. They never ascended and never reached the heights of power that other empires did.

The CalroEdit

The Calro explored the universe, spreading to many galaxies and gigaquadrants. After a vast amount of time they finally died out because they no longer met each other often enough to breed and keep the population up. It is unknown whether all the Calro suffered this fate, or if only most of them suffered this fate. It is known that they were among the most widespread of the Sporemaster empires, surpassed only by the Astrolights and Murbelt.

The MurbeltEdit

The Murbelt are beings of thought, with no physical existence. They span the entire universe individually, and can be anywhere at once. They have not communicated with another species since they destroid the Viroid Calimrii, but they do intervene in events every so often, so it is known that they still exist.

The TIAFEdit

The TIAF had been destroyed some 5 billion years ago. They had grown to be a powerful Tier 2 Empire, and ruled the galaxy with their two allies, the AWA and Grand Spodist Church. Both the Levisala and VFP had been erased from existence. All was well. However, the Tybusenic Plague, a deadly disease that had nearly devastated the TIAF one million years before, returned stronger than ever. Billions of people died. A third civil war came along to finish them off. 1 billion years passed. the GSC and AWA destroyed each other without the TIAF holding them back. The galaxy became devoid of sentient life.

A Lost GalaxyEdit

The entire civilized Bunsen Galaxy lay in ruins. Very little survived. War, disasters, and the absence of any sentient life allowed these lost civilizations fall apart. All that was left were a few small tribes that were sparsely scattered across the cosmos. As cities fell into disrepair and were overrun by weeds, it seemed like none of the former four major powers would never return.

Rising AgainEdit

However, a few TIAF remnants remained after the decline of the Federation. They hid in the Portea Galaxy territory, rebuilding the TIAF once again. Some 2 million years after the fall of sentient life in the Bunsen Galaxy, the remnants returned to their old homeland. There they would revive the TIAF, and bring it to power once again.

Kraw Galaxy's Future Edit

The Kraw Galaxy had great stories from the Kraw and the other 3 races of the Kraw Galaxy during their long history, but soon, the Major 4 Races of the Kraw Galaxy would fall, after 1 Million Years of advancement. The Allmind, a mechanic being in the Gnaaha Galaxy, discovered that the Kraw Galaxy's sapient life was much stronger than before, after he had devastated the First Generation sapient beings in the Kraw Galaxy, and launched an attack on the Kraw Galaxy 2nd Generation inhabitants in the past. He then set out his Gynash dragons, which were now in a massive scale, them being 829 Trillion Gynash Dragons in the Gnaaha Galaxy. At least 15 Million Gynash Dragons could be found on each planet in the whole Galaxy (They were on 5 Million+ Planets), even on T0 Planets. He did this to defend himself from the New Beings of the Kraw galaxy, him being afraid they'll attempt to kill him again...

He then attacked. The Gynash dragons invaded each planet in the Kraw Galaxy, destroying all life on each planet. Even as a Tier 1 Alliance, the Major 4 Races of the Kraw Galaxy could not defeat the Gynash dragons, for they were immune to most large weaponry. The Asgord were the first to fall, then the Iteok, then the Tahars, and then, the Kraw. All life in the Kraw Galaxy was destroyed. The 4 Major races of the Kraw Galaxy still survived beyond the Galaxy, but they were divided now, for they were separated in diffrent Galaxies, and were eventually defeated by Multiple empires, 2 Billion years later...

All life may have been destroyed in the Entire Galaxy, but Cellular life began rising again, and soon, new life would appear...

It is now 10 Billion Years in the future. A New Alliance for the Control of the now named "Emto Galaxy" was formed, called the "Emto Galaxy Triangle Alliance". It was composed of the KGGC, which managed to survive by going underground again, near the core (It is the 2nd time they do this), the Tyrek Empire, which came to this Galaxy in refuge after the eventual death of universe 939152, due to age, and the Kranu Empire, an empire similar to the Kraw, but devoted to peace.

The EGTA lived in peace for a good 200000 Years, where they eventually reached Tier 1, learning Technology from ancient ruins of the Previous Generation of Kraw Galaxy Inhabitants. But the Gynash dragons would not rest, and the Allmind would return once more... This time, the Galaxy was ready...

The EGTA watched out for the Gyash Dragons, in their ships. Major turrets were settled around the Galaxy, which wiped out 1/5 of the Dragons. The others eventually entered the Galaxy. The Tyrekians used Eraser cannons, a technology learned 10 Billion Years ago through the Mozkans, to wipe out the Invading forces in their empire. Only 230 Million Tyrekian lives were lost. Many Trillion Dragons dead.

The Kranu Empire used a Leo Blaster, which consisted of many unknown particles usable by them, to wipe out the Gynash mothership, and several Trillion Dragons as well. Only 20 Kranu planets were lost. The KGGC used their powerful Grox-like technology to wipe out another 10 Trillion Dragons, but were poorly defended, and had the worst defence. 150 Planets of theirs fell.

Other empires used whatever they had against the Gynash Dragons, but they were at a huge disadvantage, and 1736 Empires fell in the process, 12873 more lost more than half of their planets. At this point, one empire learned their biggest weakness, extreme heat. The Triangle Alliance used this to their advantage, and started manufacturing Heat rays and missiles, which were more effective against the dragons. Eventually, they launched an invasion towards Maku, the Allmind's home planet.

Several billion troops entered the planet, defending themselves against the Gynash Dragons using their heat weapons. After losing 800 Million troops, they dug underground, and found the Allmind's headquarters. The Allmind was really scared, and ordered his Zealots to help, but they were killed in an instant. The soldiers fired at the allmind.

Allmind - "My life! NO! After 13 Billion years and 2 Generations destroyed, does it have to end now?"

The Allmind was destroyed, and scrapped, and burnt until there was nothing left. The Gynash Dragons returned to non-sapience, as they were controlled by the Allmind. They eventually repaired all the damage in the Emto Galaxy, but while doing so, they found some ruins from the past generation. They were from the Former "Major 4 Races of the Kraw Galaxy". The EGTA revived the 4 Major Races using DNA Technology. They were eventually placed in a Special Territory in what was formerly the Groxic Arm.

The now Renamed Kraw Galaxy lived in peace again, and worshipped the Triangle alliance as gods. The Triangle Alliance was now preparing to enter Tier 0...

The Cra Coalition Edit

The fall of the Cra Coalition was long, bloody and brutal. It started with a civil war that destroyed the unity that brought the Adlisa galaxies inhabitants toghter. None of the Coalitions member races managed to ascend. Most species fell to madness as the galaxy was destroyed around them. Genocides were common as were wars, Poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition and diseases. Some of the more major plauges included the Fraewth plagues which mutated a whole species into primitive freaks overnight. However the horror finally subsided and the remaining races scumbuld to anarchy but not primitivism, the old technologies are still used by the survivors.

The Draconid Imperium Edit

It is said that long ago the Imperium had risen to become a formidible gigaquadrant power. 43,000 years after the great war for Andromeda the ancient Ultanos dynasty faded into history, succeeded by house Davinicus. Under their rule the Imperium forged alliances with many great powers and became the dominant power of Andromeda for the next 100,000 years, rising to become a tier-1 empire during the reign of the Davinicus line. When the Imperium finally collapsed it was succeeded by the Draconid Star Kingdoms, a collection of empires that existed not as a single entity but an alliance of the old imperial colonies.

The imperium's greatest legacy was the network of wormholes that had extended across the gigaquadrant. Nigh-indestructable, they would be used by countless generations after the Imperium's end. While most understood them as bridges a few aliens would discover that they were also used to harvest energy from the black holes they surrounded, wars would eventually be fought over the immense power the machines promised.

One of the most powerful of the new empires was the Drallivian Confederacy led by the namesake race who were a product of Draconis genetics. When the Imperium faded they regarded themselves as the heirs of their creators' domain and, 300,000 years after the Andrmeda War, the Union Crusades were started to unite the star kingdoms under one banner, creating the United Draconid Kingdoms. Using the genetic superiority granted to them by the geneticist who created them they reformed the Imperium and eventually they rediscovered Alcanti, founding the second Draconid Imperium. Unburdened by the rejection of the old beliefs regarding genetics and cybernetics the new Imperium became greater than the first and both the Draconis descendants and the Dronir ruled as a union known as the twin emperors - one Draconis and one Dronir ruling side-by-side - and believed little could oppose them.

Over several millenia new Imperium discovered more and more of the old imperium's technologies. and rose up to once again become a deadly Gigaquadrant power and would remain as such for countless millenia afterwards.

The Scaled OnesEdit

Five billion years and the Imperium has changed significantly, what was once a vast empire spanning the Gigaquadrant was seen as a divine domain by the younger races. They had continued to expand, the merging of Andromeda and the Milky way had eroded their home territories but they persevered. There were stories accross the galaxies that the Draconis had continued their ongoing mission to bring new life to the gigaquadrant, the stories mentioned how they would ceate species of their own and left them to evolve and develop. They became revered as creators of life accross the gigaquadrant and the Imperial colonies themselves stood as their bastions.

Created species that became interstellar were approached and offered a place within the Imperium, revering both the Draconis and the Drallivians (who had since interbred with the Draconis) as gods. Over billions of years they had advanced and with the support of the Drallivians all those years ago - the so-called 'second-born' - truly developed into a tier 0 civillization.

The DynastyEdit

The Ra'zac, also known as the dynasty, were once a powerful species that had left behind their own galaxy to enter this 'pure' universe, leaving behind their past architecture. The Ra'zac were very powerful back then, now their present architecture lies in ruins and the worlds they once lived on can no longer support life. The only surviving Ra'zac are all huddled in the last working Starbase called Project Zeta. Before this, after the war between the Talva, the Ra'zac had evolved to a tier 1 species, which is mysterious, considering their brutality and their loss of much of their research.

The surviving Ra'zac are currently building technology to reverse the heavy pollution on their worlds so that they can become habitable for future races. This was known as Project Eden.

Descendant races Edit

The descedants should probaby have their more detailed storylines here.

Krauna PrincipateEdit

Main article: Creature:Krauna

The Krauna are the next in the P-DNA lineage. Born Eons after the Krassio Host, the Krauna people still seeks into the Universe their own purpose, they have inherited the same fate than the Krass and the Krassio. But they still have to unfold it.

the AGA and their allies Edit

the beltomoore and ctron became master scientists equal to the crognitors, but a science experiment went wrong, causing a galaxy wide explosion of mutation gases, mutating all sentient life into animals, including the beltomoore and sandraith. the lack of control on the galactic core cannon caused it to let out all the energy that had been trapped by the AGA, the ctron, who had predicted this could happen with lack of control on the cannon, settled their differences with the xtron, and fled out of the first gigaquadrant. with the absence of jailors, and controllers the cregorineX flourished on their main holding planet, jaylion and actually acheived sentience, and spaace travel, going on to conquer the galaxy

The Gruggysul Theocracy Edit

The God Zazane Edit

The Zazane, after many millennia of war, had finally achieved a status that would recognize them as gods. They raged war on many empires, destroying many. They were led by the descendent of the great Zazane known as Tyraz Breek. This descendent, known as "The Dark One" by many, was a feared individual, claiming himself immortal. It was all going so well for the Zazane. They conquered several galaxies, polluting and colonizing all planets they could find. However, after 200 thousand years, they vanished without a trace. All traces of their civilization disappeared. Eventually, their colonies were found unguarded and were colonized by other empires. After several thousand years, they were almost completely forgotten.

Arrival of the Gruggysul Edit

As the Universe was growing old, a new and foreign empire appeared. Anybody who could remember the Zazane's stories would know about these incredibly ancient creatures. The species that appeared were the Gruggysul Theocracy. They had suffered defeat at the claws of the Zazane back in the Zazane's universe. However, the Gruggysul were not from that universe. They were universal travellers, travelling foreign universes in their search for resources. The Gruggysul Theocracy believed in the Dark Gods, a pantheon of evil deities that they believed led their empire. It was only by chance that the Gruggysul discovered this Universe, where the Zazane had made their mark many billions of years before. The Gruggysul had detected a Zazane signal coming from a desert planet known as Krol. When they arrived, they discovered the Zazane Mothership, the same one from when the Zazane and Gruggysul last battled. It was amazing how long the Mothership had stayed in almost perfect condition all these billions of years.

The Age of Gruggysul Edit

The Gruggysul watched recordings from when the Zazane were gods. They saw that the Zazane were a powerful race, a nation of warrior gods. However, they were more interested in the weaponry of the Zazane Mothership. They salvaged what they could from the Mothership before setting up a colony on Krol. The Gruggysul could not believe that the Zazane had achieved god status while they were still searching for it. However, what the Gruggysul failed to understand was that they were already seen as gods by the empires they destroyed. The Gruggysul continued their conquest across this Universe.

The Prophet Edit

The Gruggysul had discovered more stories across the Universe. In fact, they even discovered paintings of the Zazane. After searching for a thousand years, they had completely forgotten about the Dark Gods. Instead, they became obsessed with the Zazane. They destroyed lower empires, though not intentional, with technology harvested from what they found from crashed Zazane ships. It turns out that not all traces of the Zazane had disappeared. The Gruggysul looked further and further back into Zazane history. They reached the Great Age of Kezoreg, a time in Zazane history when a Zazane-Xhodocto cross-breed ruled the Zazane Empire, and were stunned by the fact that the Zazane had been producing demigods throughout billions of years. The Great Age of Kezoreg was a time that intrigued the Gruggysul. Kezoreg was a demigod who destroyed the previous Zazane ruler, Tyraz Breek. In their obsession with the Zazane, many Gruggysul commited suicide, knowing that they could not have destroyed the Zazane and thus could not achieve domination. In fact, the Zazane were the only race that truly proved a challenge for them. After another thousand years, only on Gruggysul was still alive. He was kept alive by modified Zazane technology that he had harvested years before. He was known as "The Prophet".

The Tellings Edit

The Prophet travelled to many planets, re-telling the stories of the Zazane. Many new empires listened to the Prophet, stunned by his tellings of warrior gods. The Zazane had not died. In fact, they were very much alive to the empires that listened to the Prophet. Many of these empires met when they heard that the Prophet was dying, which he was. The Prophet told these empires that they must all follow in the footsteps of the Zazane if they were to be remembered as gods. It took 50 years for the Prophet to finally die, but within those 50 years, more stories of the Zazane filled the Universe. The empires that listened to the Prophet had all formed an alliance, naming themselves the Zazane Empire, after the warrior gods the Prophet told them about. The Zazane Empire started their conquest for domination and followed Zazane traditions, such as showing no mercy and no fear. But they also displayed respect and honour to both their allies and their enemies. No, the Zazane were not dead, they were just reborn.

The BNSC Edit

See Fiction:The Legacy/The Final Fight

This is a story about the BNSC's fall in the multi-verse, against an Tier 0 empire in the year 100 000 000 CE.

The United Summit Empire Edit

The United Summit Empire once thrived in the universe, slowly conquering it's galaxy until it owned the entire Galaxy. it conquered many other galaxies, but eventually the Yellow star in the center of the Matticus System, entered it's red giant phase, swallowing up Mattius and most of the Summit Empire communication. What happened next is a mystery, it is mostly believed that the rest of the Summit Empire mysteriously disappeared, others believe that the Summit Species became a Tier 0 empire and ascended. It appears no one will know. But what most do not know is that a new Summit Empire was formed.

The Alliance Edit

The Alliance worked in partnership with The Summit. The United Kingdom of Dragorna lead The Alliance benevolantly and with good intentions, until 2314, when the U.K.O.D, The Kingdom of Dracosia, the New Dracovian Empire and the conquered dragon empire of Dracovia, Shadowsis and New Dragorna were also annexed. This empire, happy at it level of existance in the Galexy, then seased its colonisation project.

The United Dragon Empires (U.D.E) does not wish to band with the possible 423 rupublic; however, The Alliance is happy to be an ally of the new empire.

Mecholife Mastery Edit

This is a future in which the Mecholife of the Wentals spreads across the universe from their colonies and ships. Over time, Mecholife becomes the dominant form of life in the Andromeda and Kraw Galaxies. Mecholife is stronger and more adaptable and more competitive then biolife, so it is only natural that it will someday take over the universe.

Mecholife Mastery

United Federation of SpeciesEdit

Prisoners of the MindEdit

Background: The return of the destroyerEdit

The United Federation of Species had already carved out a place among the nations of Gigaquadrant. It had already been almost a century since fleeing their dying universe and had come to it's new home, but had not yet forgotten it origins, it past, where it came from, its dead universe. The USF had spread not only in the Milky Way and Andromeda, but Cyrannus, Borealis, Tybunsen and Kraw. Federal colonies stretched even intergalactic abyssal emptiness, investigating the great mysteries of the cosmos.

It is here when the history of the fall of the Federation and all the Gigaquadrant starts, in the emptiness, that wasn't so empty. Some day, about the 101 year after the Federation arrive to the Gigaquadrant, one of this colonies caught there something that dosen't be there. The topological space flaw detector detected the formation of something strange, something very strange, something that definitely should not be there. It was a wormhole, an interuniversal wormhole.

The God's MachineEdit

During the 29th century the Federation discovered a strange wormhole, a wormhole interuniversal, which, interestingly, had the same condition that they used during the escape of his universe, so far supposedly dying. The event drew the attention of the entire community Gigaquadrant from the almost omnipotent DCP, to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus unstable. All highly sapient species of the universe were surprised by the event, all scientists concentrated on studying the event, but something seemed Federation that did not fit, the universe from which came the message was supposedly destroyed. The situation got worse when a message came from the other side of the wormhole, a message from an AI.

The AI, who proclaimed himself "The Builder", said to be an eons-old machine that had inhabited the universe where the Federation came for millennia and now inhabited the galaxy where the federation had been created. The terrible supercomputer claimed to be a "universes maker ", a cyberartist dedicated to creating artificial universes as real as the natural universe. The Builder said come in peace, with the final solution to create order and eternal happiness in the Gigaquadrant. The menssage caused a stir among the men and women of Gigaquadrant, but within the Federation came distrust, war veterans were afraid, their fear became in paranoia and their paranoia turned to hate.

The Slow MillenniumEdit

The Builder spent nearly a millennium motionless, without acting. The Gigaquadrant, forgetting the statements of The Builder, continued his normal existence, continuing his constant attempts to achieve happiness and prosperity. But not everyone forgot the God Machine, some citizens of the Federation continued to believe that the terrible machine was the incarnation of evil and destruction, and began moving from the shadows, expanding its cult of hatred and paranoia among the millions of USF colonies. This cult continued to expand, soon not only the Federation but, using the constants alliances and business relationships, expanded among all nations of the universe.

The AI not really had forgotten the Gigaquadrant, in fact there wasn't another thing that this focus its enormous mental capacity but this universe. But most of Gigaquadrant entities could not understand the interpretation of The Builder of time, as the huge mass of the supercomputer basically caused that might at analyzing whatever, but very slow, so that happened for decades the Gigaquadrant the AI just saw them as minutes or seconds.

Dark AgeEdit

Without anyone expected, The Builder began to move, in the time that his plan was inactive calculated with a spectacular accuracy, in years, and no one to stop him, the entire AI Netspace was under his command, in decades also "The Civilisation" . Any opocision was destroyed in months.

Only the Sect, an insurgent force of the Federation which had caused numerous civil wars and terrorist attacks in the last millennium managed to lift up a standard against The Builder. Descendants of the anti-AI cult formed in the 29th century, the sect be met anyone who wanted to confront the "universes maker" man, woman, child or machine, all oposcicion faced the terrible AI. There were no survivors.

A New StoryEdit

But The Builder was not to conquer or destroyer, as The Builder was, after all, a builder. The Universes Maker was just cleaning its new canvas to create a new reality. Everyone who was destroyed by The Builder simply was stored in the computer, turned dreamers, cosmic dreamers, creating their own worlds, from their own minds. But in any case were prisoners, prisoners of the mind.

But the rebellion arose, seeking the truth behind reality. A new story is just starting...

The Bastnliues RepublicEdit

Over the billions of years that passed, the bastnliues changed, as so did their power and advancement. They no longer looked like they did in the past, taking on many forms. They experienced many wars and troubles reaching this point, which causes many casualties, but they had reached what they had never thought possible.

Their mass colonies which spanned the unknown regions and into the core rim of the Cyrannus galaxy seemed to become abandoned, technology incomprehensible to lesser species, left to explorers to find and scientist to experiment upon. One thing was notice on the day the colonies were abandoned, 6 solar systems disappeared, and worried allies found a mega structure so large, it dwarfed anything they had built.

The structure seemed impossible, parts floating over each other, interchanging, and it would grow larger every day. The bastnliues were now a collective, called the Asoteket, and they were unimaginably powerful, but no one knows what lies within that sphere...

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