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The Sages of the past

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We thank now, for we survived to keep fighting Kajuul and his demonic horde

- The Sage of the Krassio

The House of Krassio is the evolution of the Cianju Alliance; after the Tigris War, the Universe was destroyed and The Krassio members - the leaders of the past alliance - managed to escape with the remnants of the other species. The Krassioros found countless of young empires, where they teach their ways and these empires joined them, making the newly formed House of the Krassio. This faction is led by the Civatrons - or Thornon - and also by the other three brothers, the Andrudan, the Juvan and Inog.



The House of Krassio was founded after the Final battle of the Tigris War, where Kajuul and his demonic horde of the Xhodocto destroyed their Universe, the Krassio or the locally called Cianju Alliance fought against them in an epic war and after in the final battle, but Kajuul was powerful by that time, and they retreated using many psionic portals, the Krassio jumped to an unknown Universe known as Universe 66501, there they found young empires barely starting, the Krassio offered them a new way of life, and this empires accepted, they were called then the Sages of the past, and the House of the Krassio was founded.

Ascension WarEdit

Post-Ascension WarEdit

In the aftermath of the Ascension War, the Krassio reformed once again, into The Host.



Though they have just arrived and have several months in Universe 66501, they already control a young galaxy, the Krassio influence spread across the long space and younger empires join them in search of wisdom and a new and better order of life. The Galaxy they control is called Bor'iel, that means "The New Light"


The House of the Krassio have a strong arsenal, the same as the Cianju Alliance had, but their combat tactics improved, and so as well their technology, the Krassioros are now building powerful new fleets to confront the Legion of Deathmarch.


The Economy is rising again for the Krassioros, but they are spending it too much, they spend almost in building agains their culture and architecture, to build a powerful armada, and to help the weaker species.

In all this almost 450 000 000 000 sporebucks are spent.


The Krassioros have influenced with their technology all the galaxy, and also their culture, teaching the youngest species the ways of the Sage of the Krassio, or The Valader, the species absorbed the culture and adapted it like its was their own, the Krassio certainly have the bless of the Krass by influencing so quickly an entire galaxy.

The Architecture is still built by the Juvans, but the younger species have worked on a better usage of buildings and have enormously improved the old Cianju Architecture.


The House of the Krassio is composed of two groups, the Krassioros, the sons of the Krass, and the loyal friends of the house.


This species descend from the ancient and powerful race of the Krass

  • The Thorbil are the Civatrons, the younger empires named them like that when they learned the Krassio Language, the ones who lead the House, the head of the "family", they are warriors by nature, and are at the head of any combat, they have enormously ascended in warrior teachings of their Sage, the Valader, which have improved when he returned, their ability of use their psionic energies have improved as well, they are now capable of destroying countless of enemies, without even rest.
  • The Arlit are the Andrudans, they are the second species in command of the House, the right hand of the Civatrons, they are charged of making justice among the students of the house, which are the younger empires, the other brother-species are helped a lot with this, as the Arlit are full of wise, and are well trained in the Book of Discipline, they also combined useful technologies of the Universe 66501 to a better confrontation with Kajuul.
  • The Revinel are the Juvans, they are the third sons of the Krass, the support of the Civatrons, the confort, the joy of the house, they made all the new architecture and assimilated the different cultures pretty well, taking the useful and leaving the obsolete behind, they are also trained in the Book of Discipline, and their elite soldiers, the Paladins are feared among all who already are aware of the House of Krassio.
  • The Kul'io are the Inog, this name was put because of their bad temper, and their evil actions, they are an evil son, that is why they are called the "Kul'io", this means "the Son that is the Instrument of Evil", still, they are of the side of the Krassio house and have a part on their heritage, they are too afraid of the Wrath of the Thorbil, their older sons, they don't want to commit any stupidity, so they agree on their demands, but still they are evil.

Old MembersEdit

The Thellirians were the last acquaintance of the Cianju Alliance, they joined due to the Great War. They are a peaceful race that made the Thellirian Kingdom, their king was given a place in the council, and the Thellirians were given the post of diplomats, there are really good making new pacts with weaker species. The Thellirians survivors, along with their king, are helping in the rise of this new faction, helping with diplomatic affairs, and avoiding wars with the new species that awake the Krassio wrath.

The Juvatross were a member of the Cianju Alliance, are an insect species composed of three casts, worker, warrior, and reproductive, they are very numerous, and made mining operations for the Cianju Alliance, but also the warriors do the task of shock troopers for physiology reasons, they were allowed to make mining operations and excavations everywhere they want, but not in other species colonies, they could be seen in almost every outpost in the Cianju realm. There are only few hives of the Juvatross, but they keep coming, the Juvatross are very optimistic, and will go forward no matter the danger.

The Velojuvans were one of the Cianju species that are not warrior, like most of them, they are very similar to the Thellirian's peaceful thinking, and they were colleagues in diplomatic solutions inside and outside the Alliance, the Velojuvans are also a smart race, they work with the Andrudans in the develop of new technologies. Due to the destruction of their home, the Velojuvans saw opportunity helping the Andrudans on making justice in the galaxy.


The students of the Krassioros, the younger empires, they greeted the Krassio as a sign, and the Krassio teach them about their ways and wisdom.

The Menon Empire was the first that received and watched how the Powerful fleets of the Cianju Alliance arrived into their territories, they greeted them as a sign of the Sphargazi end of rule, indeed, the Sphagarzi were faced by the Krassio and vanished from the galaxy, the Menons began their learning by their former masters, they also had their allies to be part of this vast organization.

More species coming soon



The Allies of the House of the Krassio are the same that of the Tigris War, but they have recently appeared on another galaxy, but they wait to establish contact with them.

Rambo Remnant Coalition

The Rambo remnants of the war, they were the most affected by the devastation, they are recently working with the DCP and the SSA to restart a new life, their main stronghold is the Colonia 02, in honor to their destroyed home. The Rambo Remnant thinks that Rambo Nation is destroyed, what they don't know is that the Ultimate god of the Rambo saved the quadrants 82 and 89, but they think of the future and prepare in case of another encounter with their enemies, the Xhodocto.

Seven Starr Alliance

They compose many empires, in which there is the Rambo Nation, the DCP, the Pondsisosa Federation and the Church of Spode.

Delpha Coalition of Planets

The DCP is an advanced faction whom wants, most of all, to kill Xhodocto as many as they can, they have just enough time to enter the capsules and save themselves from the scourge, while the Krassio fought the Legion. They have been working with the Rambo Remnants to establish strongholds in case of a Legion attack. They had taken control of many systems, and installed defence systems, like the cloaking device, allowing them to take the Xhodocto by surprise.

Pondsisosa Federation

They joined the Tigris war soon before it was ended, they started by attacking desperately the Xhodocto, they believed that they destroyed one of the Xhodocto Strongholds, called the Ultimatum, but then the Scourge happened, and the entire Federation went missing.

Church of Spode

They are the successors of the Misionistus, an alliance of zealot followers of Spode that attempted to destroy the Krassio ages ago, still, The Xhodocto are the common enemy, and they learned to tolerate each other, and even befriend, the two have worked together in many operations inside the War of Ages, what is their most greatest advantage is their infantry, their legions of Spode soldiers cause destruction in enemy fields, though it is ruled by the Radeon, the most influential Spode follower species in the Universe, though this race didn't participate in the conflict, they came after that and united again the Spode followers, and turned them not against the Krassio, but against the enemy of all, Kamik Shi and his legions of Xhodocto.


The Enemies of the house are very few, but still there are.


Are the evolved Xhodocto, the worst enemy of the Krassio, are they in part the cause of the foundation of the House, and their arrival to Universe 66501, their warriors are equally match with the Thorbil, and they are a lot bigger than the Krassio encountered before, they have been at war since they met, and have drawn many other factions into it, like the allies, the Deathmarch have arrived Universe 66501 in pursuit of their enemies, in which they are included the Krassio.


They are the native "evil" of Universe 66501, but when the Deathmarch arrived, Kamik Shi allied with them, and then the Krassio had double problem, but this creatures, though they are from where the Deathmarch originally comes, they are weaker, and that makes easier to the Krassio to kill them, their characteristics are unknown since the Thorbil have just killed, killed and killed any Sphagarzi they see.


  • The House is leaded by the Valader, currently nicknamed the Sage.
  • Master Kroc and Lagartoss also lead the House, but are subordinates of the great warrior.
  • With this, the Cianju had a full recovery.

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