The Universe thinks they are safe, but evil is there, we live in a place where evil dominates, but then valiant peoples will rise, to fight, to ensure a better world, free of mysticism and tyranny, creating a place better than we can imagine

- The Valader in one of his teachings of the book of discipline

The Cianju Alliance (Cianju meaning Vigilante and Passenger in old dialect) was one of the most powerful organizations in the universe, and the first and oldest civilization of the Krassio's races. Created as a bond between the Civatron, Andrudan and Juvan races, and united under a common goal of achieving peace and stability, a common biological ancestor and creator and through their psionic powers, the Cianju Alliance were the first line of defense in the Tigris Galaxy, with their military and technological prowess unmatched in the galaxy.

Serving primarily as a military doctrine, the Cianju Alliance shared its military and its defense force within its members, and though it was officially made up of different member nations, it functioned under a single governing body essentially as one. The Alliance fought to protect the Tigris Galaxy's weaker species from galactic or extragalactic threats and made itself notable for upholding peace. Although the Alliance defeated many villainous forces within Tigris in the past, the threat of its power made it an effective deterrent, and for this reason, the Alliance made very few enemies. Due to its strength in diplomacy and popularity among the inhabitants of Tigris, as well as its dominance, its status as an unofficial police force of the entire galaxy went unopposed and mostly accepted.

While the Cianju Alliance was effective at keeping order within its own galaxy, and historically overcame many a foe in the past in its fight to enforce peace, it was unable to overcome its final opponent, the Congregation. In the Tigris War's most notable battle, the Cianju Alliance ultimately fell to their superior might, and were reformed as the House of the Krassio, which kept up many of their traditions and ultimately created a much closer bond between its members.



Tigris peace[]

Tigris War[]



Species Description
Civatron Known as the first born according to their own traditions, and the ones who lead the Alliance, specially in military affairs, they are warriors with a natural notion for peacekeeping. The Civatrons are greatly attuned to their psionic energies, prompting them to be the head of the Alliance.
Andrudan Dubbed the second born. They encompass the technological key element of the Alliance, since they have a kin interest to technology and spiritual wisdom. Their genetic nature also made them capable warriors though less so than the Civatrons. Compensating for their fragile bodies with rational thinking and logic, Andrudan commanders are well known for their quick thinking and adaptability.
Juvan Third born, according to ancient beliefs. They are known to represent the Alliance's backbone in every way due to their great numbers and quick reproduction. They are keen warriors, like their brethren, and they are mostly seen representing the might of the Cianju military.

Some species became members of the Alliance despite not being considered Krassio (or Psionic masters overall).

Species Description
Thellirian The most recent acquaintance of the Alliance, joining immediately after the Tigris War began. A peaceful race, they were formerly affiliated with the Thellirian Kingdom, which fell at the hands of the Congregation.
Juvatross An insect species composed of three castes: worker, warrior, and reproductive. Juvatross are numerous, and were responsible for mining operations, as well as warriors who took on the task of shock troopers due to their physiology.
Velojuvan One of the few Cianju species who rarely served as warriors, Velojuvans are very similar to the Thellirians in their peaceful thinking, and were colleagues in diplomatic solutions inside and outside the Alliance, as well as colleagues with the Andrudan in science.


The Cianju Alliance was not much of a nation in itself, and more a group of several other nations. However, it bonded over time to be much closer under a single, united governing body, with little segregation.

Position Members
Supreme leader Master Kroc
Cianju Council Andrudan Anarshark; Juvan Jossturtlen and Juvan Jissarmen; Thellirian King and Civatron Leezzard.
Cianju Commanders Approximately 3000 000 generals, 6000 000 admirals, 14000 000, 000 other commanding officers.
Cianju Armada Composing 4000 million fleets, 14 000 trillion fighters and 300 000 trillion marine troopers.
Cianju Army 120 000 trillion artillery warfare, 100 000 trillion special units and 700 000 trillion troopers including Civatrons, Andrudans and Juvans.










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