Krassio Sigyl
The Krassio are a Patron Empire
"The Krassio" is considered a historical, ancient fiction that promoted or dominates a specific aspect within the SporeWiki Fiction Universe.

Rise to the stars, they await. Conquer them not, for our teachings aren't learned by force, but from the testimony. May the apex of power be born from peace, not war. May the apex of power rise from wisdom, not conquest. May the apex of power last forever, for I know that place lies in the infinite whispers of the stars.

- The Book of Discipline, Part 3, Chapter 45, verse 22

The Krassio, named Psionic Lords by their satellite species, Children of the Stars among themselves, and many other names that are known only to smaller, more primitive civilizations, are a vast empire of hyper-advanced beings that control a large portion of the Chandras Galaxy and other parts of the broader Onuris Universe. They are an ancient power that used to cast a great shadow across the entirety of the First Gigaquadrant before the cataclysmic events of the War of Ages. The Krassio are the main progenitors and proponents of Psionic Energy, central icons in its theological practice of Iluviism and forerunners of their psionic scientific field known as Neural Physics and it is thanks to them that many species in numerous galaxies encompassing the known universe today hold a degree of psionic potential.

"Krassio" is mainly a demonym to represent the three species that spearhead their empire, known universally as the Krassio Mandate (previously Krassio Host). The species known as Civatrons, Andrudans, and Juvans, are the official members of the Mandate whilst there are many species who exist as their satellite species, being merely civilizations that orbit and depend upon the teachings of the Krassio whilst keeping their autonomy as a sovereign people or outright live under their banner.

The Krassio's member species are often considered as potential Essentials by scholars, due to their immense power in psionic energy but their self-restraint in general to mortality due to cultural reasons. Only the psionic gods of the Iluvii Realm stand as true Essential godforms, who address all matters concerning psionic gifted children or devotees. Needless to say, the gods favor the Krassio above all, and they use them as their most powerful enforcers and instruments of their will. Due to this, the existence and total population of the Krassio remains a mystery for other civilizations in the First Gigaquadrant, theorizing that their numbers are truly transfinite. Whatever the true extent of the Krassio influence is in the span of the Multiverse, all matters regarding the first Gigaquadrant are left entirely to their proxy military organization, known as the Singularim Pact. Beyond the already large armies of the Pact lies a host of countless divinized Krassio that are deployed by the Iluvii Pantheon in defense of reality itself, waging an unending war against the forces of Chaos and other interdimensional horrors.


Krassio military

A Krassio Battle Group. War is fundamental in the Krassio Cosmovision.

"Krassio" means, in Krassim, "the apex of power", "Children of the stars" in another variation of it, and it is commonly referred and related to the Krass word, meaning "Children of the Krass", all of these titles are well deserved, as the Krass molded the Krassio to thrive during times of conflict and to expand onto the stars. The Krassio were meant to be the Krass' warriors against the horrors of Chaos, but the ancient progenitor species abandoned the project long before its implementation when they were forced into extinction by the forces of the Xhodocto. The Krassio took the mantle left by their predecessors well, undertaking feats of immense proportions in their annals of history, such as the inter-universal conflict dubbed "War of Ages", a struggle that left them completely devastated and vulnerable, and the war for domination against the Xol'Etra in the Great Psionic War.

After millennia (90 millennia approximately) of division between the Krassio species, the first signs of unity happened when three of them, known as Civatrons, Andross and Juvax, merged their entire civilizations to create the legendary Cianju Alliance, which would be reformed into the House of Krassio to welcome the Livirkitons, the eldest of the genus, and eventually reform again into the powerful Krassio Host, in which all species of the genus joined.

At that point, the Krassio led a protectorate empire whose sole purpose was to fight the total war brought by the Xhodocto during their extermination campaign across the universe and to harbor all species and civilizations fleeing from the war or wanting to follow their vision and enter the path of psionic energies. The Krassio Host was a civilization spanning three fully controlled galaxies, one even in another universe, and had a sphere of influence in another five.

They are renown for their military prowess, in which their great psychic power is demonstrated, as well as their combat logistics when they organized an alliance involving numerous galaxies to combat the Xhodocto invasion and managed to spread their forces across the whole universal battlefront to help other species combat the demonic lords.

After their utter defeat against the overwhelming forces of chaos, an unnatural boost in the Krassio's evolution produced a paradoxical event, in which the great majority of the Civatrons, Andross and Juvax were merged together to form trinity-composed beings named the Xol'Etra, whose combined power transcended space and time and eventually transformed into a godlike race. The civilizations influenced by the Krassio Host were immediately overtaken by this new race, and the original Krassio were left scattered across the universe, in some cases even imprisoned by their tyrannical successors.

Now, the Krassio are considered to be a decaying civilization, even if, unbeknownst by the majority of their past allies and even the Host itself, they have sided with the psionic god Singul'Aren, forming the Singularim Pact alongside the Krauna and Kraitoss, growing in power again in the Chandras Galaxy.

To the known charted universe, the Krassio have remained hidden from the grand univeral scheme of events, dealing with their own problems, inner conflicts, and reforms. It was not until the Second Great Cyrannus War on the Cyrandia Cluster that they ultimately revealed themselves to the major Gigaquadrantic community.

After the Great Psionic War, only three of the Krassio strands remain, being the Civatrons, Andross and the Juvax. However, they still stand as the greatest form of psionic bodies to have ever evolved.

Despite being relatively divided into several political views, military doctrines, or schools of thought (Singularim Pact, Xolarum Republic, Lankrass Alliance, pocket Krassio remnants across the universe still unrecovered), the Krassio largely control the events of the Chandras Galaxy and some parts of Tigris, as the leaders of the three main powers in there are all from the genus, albeit perhaps not the same species.

It is largely stated by observers around the universe that the sudden return of the psionic essentials as a whole to the Gigaquadrantic political frame was due to a decrease of demonic essence in the universe and a sudden rise of psychic potential, which was key to the rise of psionic essentials to return and claim their position in the universe.

The Krassio have positioned themselves as a keystone civilization that oversees the balance and order. Even if they do not have the political power to affect it directly and have allowed lesser empires to rule themselves as they saw fit, their actions produce indirect effects. As the Krassio hunt down and actively destroy demonic presences in the Universe, the influence of chaos is reduced. Galaxies, and worlds alike, are cleansed of malevolent presences, thus allowing for evolution to take its natural course untouched. The psionic essence that emanates from the Krassio permeates the Universe like a genetic modifier, inciting sapience into species overtime.

Their view on order and balance differ greatly from other interpretations of it, and so their warmongering against opposing idealistic civilizations often make the latter to constantly challenge themselves against the ever-presence of the Krassio's might. So far, the only ones capable of suppressing the Krassio indefinitely had been the Chaos Monsters drawn to reality by the efforts of the late Congregation.

Beyond the GigaquadrantEdit

Iluvii host

A Civatron in his essential form, commanding a host of Psionic Spirit Warriors

It is beyond the political spectrum of the First Gigaquadrants, however, that the Krassio's full might is brought to bear on the Universe. As keepers of order and balance, as protectors of the universe from the lusting eyes of Chaos, the Krassio field an army of psionic users, spirits and supporters like no other in the Universe, one that if it were to set its divine fire on the Gigaquadrant, few would stand against its light and survive.

The true Krassio Host, however, is not warring against mortal denizens of the universe, although it might do so through its semi-mortal agency, creating military alliances and governments to do their will on a lesser scale, such as the Singularim Pact. Indeed, the Pact's immensity is but a mere cog in the Krassio juggernaut.

Every day, every hour, the Krassio's armies clash against demonic incursions, invade realities harmful to the universe, battle chaos monstrosities and keep the might of the occult at bay incessantly so that the Universe, and by extension, the First Gigaquadrant, might have a respite of the malice that scours the universe.


Krassio Fleet

Krassio technology is powered by the powerful psionic noosphere of the genus species.

Considered one of the most advanced civilizations on the First Gigaquadrant, the Krassio hold numerous technological perks that, although not based in physical matter or high scientific dynamics, match the latter's strength and innovation. It is well known that the Krassio are an essence-dependent civilization, and even if they do hold a great degree of understanding for celestial bodies such as black holes and neutron stars, and fundamental cosmic mechanics such as gravity and time, their use of psionic energy is unmatched.

Thanks to their mastery of psionic essence, a small group of pilots may focus their energies to pilot massive cruisers. Their mental powers are so great, that they can manipulate constructs from inanimate matter and give them some degree of life, even sapience, by imbuing them with psionic energy. Following this same principle of thought exploration, empowered by psionics, they are able to produce shields, weapons, armor, jump drives and buildings entirely based on essence.

Civatron swords

The Psionic blade is a signature piece of technology found almost exclusively in the Krassio

The Krassio develop their technology by an advanced form of mathematical contemplation, albeit still subject to trial and error due to the conventions of the physical world. It could be said that, even if a concept for a new weapon or device sounds viable in the Iluvii Realm, bringing it to life requires extended experimentation in the prime universe, so even the Krassio experience the process of trial and error, some may even say that they do so at a slower rate than any of the Ultraterrestials. The result, however, is the development of some of the strongest and most advanced militaries in the First Gigaquadrant, as well as one of the most developed societies within its midst.

Neural PhysicsEdit

A Krassio Concept. Blurring the line between philosophy and science, neural physics is not a mere belief to the Krassio as transsentient entities. They are able to harness its principles as a transcendent form of technology, used to create solid structures or travel the stars. The workings of neural physics are completely beyond the conventional technologies of younger races.

Drawing from exotic neurophysical energy permeating the cosmos (psionic essence), the Krassio made their artifacts effectively potent and very difficult to destroy, allowing them to exist for millions or potentially billions of years without decay. As such, evidence of the Krassio's mastery of neural physics remained in the Chandras Galaxy even though after their disappearance following the Great War of Ages, in the form of star roads, star cities and many other vast, effectively eternal structures. In a strange concept, the Krassio cherish the interaction of living beings with the universe, all individual experience adding to the totality of transcendent universal wisdom. To record and retain these life-patterns for all of the time, the Krassio use the Iluvii Realm, a metaphysical, ever-changing parallel universe maintained by the collective gestalt of all sentient and psionic-capable species, stored in neural physics architecture within the Chandras galaxy.

Psionic EnergyEdit

Battle for Starbase 25

Psionic shielding is able to mitigate the impact of a giant dreadnought while it is ramming an enemy vessel.

As mentioned before, the Krassio are completely dependent of psionic energy. Their power and mastery of it are unmatched, as they were the first mortal species in pre-gigaquadrantic history to access its ultimate realm, the Iluvii. Through the Iluvii, their latent psionic potential and might was boosted, eventually turning them into essentials, beings imbued with psionic energy.

Their power is so great, they are able to create weapons as effective as gravity weapons or space-time distortion devices. Their telepathic powers are able to encompass hundreds of minds at a time, and their emotions are so vast, some feelings are unknown to younger races. Perhaps their most common trait when using psionic energy is the ability to generate psionic blades able to instill mental wounds in their enemies, effectively drying any psyche they come across.


Our minds as one, but they manifest in different bodies. A concept too abstract to understand bu that exemplifies the complexity and history of our society. Our Unity is deeply rooted in the existence of diversity.

- Master Kroc's annotations on the Book of Discipline

The Krassio society, from an external point of view, can be regarded as structured like a caste system, where Juvans are commonly seen filling roles of simple troopers and workers, the Andrudans as academic and scientific, and the Civatrons as leaders, sages and elitist-warriors. However, what many do not understand is how their society is an amalgam of social traditions and tendencies put together and ultimately cohered, not subjugative and oppressive strata. The Juvans are factually obsessed with architecture and strength in numbers to prevail throughout any obstacle, implementing their psionic might in the process and building massive structures and ships for the cause. The Andrudans have a deeply rooted love for astronomical and physical research, crediting them with many of the psionic technologies the Krassio collectively and loudly boast in. The Civatrons dominate the field of the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the Krassio, which in turn use to guide the collective set of species and lead them, influencing the Krassio with their honor and warrior-bound values.

Civilizations within the borders of Krassio controlled space evolve unscathed, some slightly influenced by the uneventful appearances of Krassio fleets bordering their territory while others have risen, flourished, and died down oblivious to the constant watch of the Krassio. One thing, and only one, would make a Krassio armada, ship, or even warrior to divert its path to a previously untouched civilization, and that is the detection of Chaos corruption. The Krassio spare no expense when dealing with the demonic influences of the Samut'angar or the Xi'Arazulha, as entire planets with their taint have been burned to a crisp, leaving but motes of cosmic dust.

The Krassio overall can be considered a meritocracy, where the strongest and most capable are sure to reach the top positions in their military, spiritual, and governmental fields. Their hierarchical order varies depending on the faction they belong to, but a strong sense of "fittest of the strongest" dominates most of the social structures in the Krassio echelons.


Currently, there are three species in the Krassio Genus. It is said that upon their creation, the Krass used a similar, if not identical, template for all three of them, building up different traits and characteristics in them as time passed until they completely diverged in social identity and some physical traits, albeit other species have remarked an uncanny similarity among them. For certain, their physical resemblance and DNA match promotes a tad of interbreeding, which is quite rare in Civatrons and Andrudans to engage in such practices, and pretty common in some Juvan clans.

Tigris Civatron

Male and Female Civatrons.

The Civatrons are the leaders of the Krassio Mandate, as well as the most known and the most respected (feared) of the Krassio-kind. Elevated in their status as warriors, an advanced form of tribalism permeates Civatron culture since their times as an earthbound race, something that has been embedded in the Krassio multifaceted culture. It is thanks to them that the Andrudans and Juvans also enjoy communing in social groups like family houses or clans, only translated to their own terms (Enclaves for the Andrudans, and the Sagduns for the Juvans). Likewise, the Civatron pursuit for spirituality and their concept of the delicate balance in the Universe has been rooted deep in every Krassio member.

Yet perhaps their greatest influence in the Krassio is their warmongering approach to the forces of Chaos. It is them who have plunged the Krassio time and time again into a war of attrition, of wits, and of the show of force with their eternal enemies. Yet none dares nor wants to dare question the motives of the Civatrons, given how the Andrudans and Juvans have accepted, over and over as if with renewed vigor, the leadership of their warrior brothers, seeing that it has brought protection, prosperity, and cohesion to their vast empire.

As mentioned earlier, the Civatrons are organized in tribes, with Chieftain Paramounts serving as their greatest authority, second only to the Psionic Trinity. There is no nepotism in the tribes, for if you show your worth as a warrior and as a member of your tribe (or Egismugal in Krassim) you will ascend in rank and status. Chieftains will designate their own heirs regardless of whether they are knowably related or not (something that is very rare given the Krassio laws for Population Controls) Civatrons see many things with their psionic powers, yet the one thing they see above all else is strength.

On a more relieving note, Civatrons are often mocked by their brother-members for being hotheaded and bellicose, always punching first, asking questions later. Although some Civatrons are the exception to such a stereotype, Andrudans and Juvans often comment or directly mention just how easy it is to provoke a Civatron into a fight.

Tigris Andrudans

Male and Female Andrudans

The Andrudans are the object of myth and legend, mostly because they are rarely seen on the field, preferring the commodity and isolation of their Enclaves, where they direct their full attention and devotion to the development of technology, scientific research, and universal observation, something they do with little respite, for there is no rest for the constant flow of space and time, and so the Andrudans must observe and inscribe everything they can in their data disks for the glory of their vast legacy of knowledge, mostly transcribed in the metaphysical and abstract science of Neural Physics. Scholars debate about their existence, which proves to be a keystone fragment in the wondrous existence of the Krassio, for no Civatron or Juvan could possibly create and produce the way they do. Their existence is only known for a select few of the civilizations advanced enough to see their work behind the curtain.

Andrudans are isolationists at worst and reserved at best. They do not enforce their views on the dangers of the universe on their Civatron or Juvan brothers because they have witnessed their ability to thrive against impossible odds time and time again, so they selfishly use them as a shield and as protectors, whereas they provide an open trade of technologies and discoveries; such is the price to pay for a life left alone. Andrudans live in isolated habitats, normally protected by wings of Iluvii spirits they have summoned for their defense. Due to a devastating experience with the disease and parasitic lifeforms in their history, they show a deviant sense of germaphobia (even though they are immune to all diseases due to their P-DNA).

Andrudans are organized in a technocracy, their academic reputation being everything to them. Every Enclave (Baragal in Krassim) is led by a council of Speakers - eminences in their fields. Yet despite their exaggerated sense of control, the succession system among them is the most democratic among the societal structures of the three Krassio species, for the entirety of the enclave gets to select their next representatives. The head of the council is called "First Speaker", holding a higher status among their peers and veto power over decision-making, albeit their power is not absolute.

Among the Krassio, Andrudan females are counted as the most beautiful reptilians, even more so than Civatrons or Juvans, with legendary rumors going around stating that no Krassio can resist looking at their faces and not fall in love with them thus explaining their motives for concealing their faces. However, Andrudan females are also the hardest to get as a mate (in the case of inter-breeding) due to their seclusion from societies and their high status in their society, given that it is predominantly a matriarchy in its most primitive form.

Tigris Juvans

Male and Female Juvans

The Juvans are, without question, the most seen face and voice of the Krassio. While Civatrons retain the title of renowned warriors, every empire, demon or civilization overall knows for sure that the chances of meeting a Civatron specimen on the battlefield are extremely rare. Make no mistake, they are there for sure, but the host of Juvan soldiers is so vast and so dense, that enemies facing the Krassio armies will have better things to deal with, such as the endless waves of Juvans coming at them. Juvans are natural geneticists and reproducers, as the harsh climate of their homeworld, Juvax did not deter the species into a controlled population. The Juvans make sure no resource in a planet or land is left untouched, making sure it is exploited to the maximum output possible, and sometimes impossible. It is thanks to the Juvan machine that the Krassio expand rapidly, as the Juvans are the least agrarian and environmentalist of the three members, as their factories and extreme consumerism tend to end the life of entire worlds in a matter of half a decade (less by Andrudan estimates). Rest assured, Juvans were heavily restricted in their colonization efforts during their first contact with the Civatrons, as they saw their remarkable potential and the danger they posed to the balance of the Universe. While Juvans developed and influenced the aesthetic of Krassio architecture and industrial production in its entirety, they let their work be fueled by Andrudan science, and their morality be embraced by Civatron morality and lifestyle.

Therefore, it was not long before Juvans replicated Civatron societal structures, developing groups among the Juvans similar to clans (Sagdal in Krassim). Akin to Civatron models, the Sagduns hold the ultimate authority in Juvan society and compose thousands upon thousands of smaller Sagdal communities under a feudal hierarchical system based on loyalty and pheromonal parentage, effectively forming a Sagdunate (a broader version of Sagdal to compose all others under its authority), a term referred to the rule of a Great Sagdun. Unlike the Egismugals with the Civatrons or the Baragals for the Andrudans, Juvan titles are hereditary almost exclusively to the genetic and hyper-selective lineage of the Great Sagdun, for each Juvan leader has worked tirelessly to bring about the best genetic material for their own turf and thus they will never be prone to share or blend their blood with others.

Due to this incessant genetic proliferation of 'always getting the better code', some Juvan leaders have been known to pursue or court Civatron and Andrudan mates to improve their bloodline. If the Sagdunate in question is focused on filling the ranks of the Krassio Mandate's armies, they will pursue interbreeding with a strong Civatron military leader, and the same is due to happen if they seek proficiency to the sciences. However, the purest of the Juvan lineages know that when it comes to the development of economy and construction of infrastructure, there are none like the Juvan ingenious mind.

Still, their open courtship of other species in the Krassio genus, coupled with their impressive reproduction rate, earns them a reputation of being sexually promiscuity, as the gossips say: "No one simply walks into a Juvan community."


Krassio Factions

Krassio society has seen a harsh evolution tested by time and, most commonly, war. Taking into account that most of the Krassio species possess high adaptability to most of the environments presented in the universe, evolutionary steps on their psyche were to be expected. Krassio changed according to their location, their experiences, and likely isolation from their main cultural background after they were banished by the Xol'Etra. The following factions are those who hold an active presence in the Gigaquadrants.


Singularim Sigyl

  • Territory: Chandras Galaxy
  • Power Source: Iluvii Realm

The Singularim represent the oldest tradition of psionic practice within the Krassio, as well as its most numerous. From all the other cultural backgrounds the Krassio now possess, the Singularim stands as the original one, since it is primarily based on the species ability to access and withdraw power from the Iluvii Realm. The Trinity, the leading gods of the psionic pantheon are the main proponents of this faction, giving it power and influence over the others. Other factions often plead allegiance to the Singularim in search for support in wars.


Xolarum Sigyl

  • Territory: Chandras Galaxy
  • Power Source: Iluvii Realm

Restricted to the territories of the Xolarum Republic, the Xolarum are the youngest faction to have recently appeared. It normally defines all psionic users, as well as Krassio, who live under the protective shroud of the Pharia. All of the members of this faction collectively share the same power, therefore making them very powerful. However, the high distribution of power among its members also makes them unable to grow in power unless the Pharia whishes so.

Nigtrion Banner

Najiim Sigyl

  • Territory: Chandras & Tigris Galaxies
  • Power Source: Void

The Najiim have existed almost as much as the Singularim faction, representing all the Krassio who were disconnected from the Iluvii realm following the War of Ages. Alone and without an energy source to empower themselves, the Najiim resorted to the energy of the void, a vast relatable resource. For decades, the Najiim were the only remnant of the fallen Krassio, living in the Endless Space between the Cyrannian galaxy and the Quadrantia sector. During this time, the Najiim became allies with the Void Eye Empire due to their relationship with Void energy.

Lunaarim Order

Lunaarim Sygil

  • Territory: Tigris Galaxy
  • Power Source: Sacrificial rituals

The Lunaarim are, in the social chart of the Krassio, within the core foundations of Zazagui practice, which obtains psionic might through the sacrifice of minds or the storage of mental pathways. They are a xenophobic society limited only to their space, known as the Majaga Ridge, in the Tigris Galaxy. Despite their small numbers and strict code of minimum members, the Lunaarim Order holds a great deal of influence in their corner of the galaxy, manipulating lesser species to do their will.


Logriom Sygil

  • Territory: Tigris Galaxy
  • Power Source: Entropy

The Logriom faction is one of the most populous in Tigris, holding the most power over the galaxy in terms of Krassio influence. The Logriom are considered a cursed branch of the Krassio genus, albeit they are not disregarded by the others since their contributions to psionic knowledge is of the utmost importance. Since their disconnection from the Iluvii Realm, the Logriom Krassio found their new source of power in the power of Entropy, an endless metaphysical force from which they could equal their brethren in power.


Diachras Sygil

  • Territory: Chandras & Tigris Galaxies
  • Power Source: Entropy

The Diachras are of the youngest of factions, a splinter group of Krassio who separated from the entropic doctrines of the Logriom and formed their own teachings within the cosmovision of the Krassio about psionic energy. The Diachras are small in comparison to the large factions, but they have attained a status worthy of recognition, for in times of social unity such as the ones the Krassio are living, creating a new faction is not an easy task.


Lankrass Sygil

  • Territory: Chandras Galaxy
  • Power Source: Sacrificial rituals

One of the youngest factions, yet one that has gained traction due to its altruistic views, the Lankrass fall under the doctrines of Zazagui, albeit they interpret them in different ways, determining that instead of sacrificing others, they can simply sacrifice their own in order for their numbers to grow in power. They hold a sense of inward perfection and purity in that regard, seeing others as inferior. However, their methods of power acquisition have been so effective in recent years that their power has grown considerably, despite their young age as a proper faction.


Size comparison of the Krassio
Krassio species comparison

The Krassio genus, as it is called, is composed of reptilian species that look similar in a genetic template, probably the very one the Krass utilized in order to develop all three species. Their original purpose by the Krass is unknown, and the three of them grew on their own myths and theories over the centuries of social evolution. Regardless, the template is based on several things that all three agree upon genetically and physiologically.

Males are bigger than their female counterparts, a clear example of their sexual dimorphism. Each species have had their own changes and evolution due to their circumstances. The Civatrons are more muscular than the other two, possess more tendrils that ignite when using psionic fire, and are more aggressive. The Andrudans are stoic and replace parts of their bodies into energy limbs to better tap into the energies of the Iluvii Realm, and the claws and fangs of the juvans are imbued with gleaming psionic power. All of them are biologically compatible and crossbreeding is possible, although it is rarely attempted, and any offspring between any of the three races bears powerful individuals, prompting for some Krassio scholars (mostly Juvan) to speculate if their philosophical ascension called "Third Dream" will be a fusion of all three species, although this is highly disregarded by the higher echelons of their unified society.



Ever since their return into universal political affairs, the Krassio have done massive efforts to expand their sphere of influence in sectors previously out of their reach. Following the loose unification of the Krassio factions under the Galactic Commissariat of Chandras's military junta, their eyes were set in fulfilling their self-imposed purpose of protecting their own vision of balance. Such endeavor involves not the conquest of lesser species, but it sure does include the forced intervention of intergalactic conflicts, such as the ongoing insurgency of the Quadrantia cluster against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The Krassio have started efforts to liberate civilizations in the Cyrandia Cluster from the enormous shadow the Empire casts down upon the First Gigaquadrant. Their feats remaining legendary across the universe, their return was not overlooked, as powers such as the Rambo Loyalist Cadre and the Delpha Coalition of Planets greeted their return with relief in their own conflict with the Empire.

It is unknown if the Krassio will begin efforts against the Dominion of the Xhodocto, resuming their campaign against the forces of Chaos, such a mobilization is yet to be seen. However, as the highest form of Iluvii (psionic essentials), they are fundamentally opposed to the essentials founded on Demonic Energy, rivaling the Samut'angar from Inferno. It is said that the Krassio battle these demons constantly, however using other dimensions and means to do it.


The Krassio supported the Void Eye Empire, an essence-based empire, with armament and several ships in their own galactic struggle.

Additionally, they have begun to exert a patronizing philosophy upon younger races (young being technologically inferior or time-spanning to them). Despite their general views of universal balance, the existence of the Krassio has provoked the spark of numerous essence-based empires in the First Gigaquadrant that see them as a sign to expand their views of the universe. In some cases, the Krassio extends protection to these civilizations, all the while overlooking many others. One of the most notable species ever to be patronized by the Krassio has been Humanity, where they believe a universal core to the Multiverse lies on Earth for reasons unknown, prompting them to guarantee the safety of mankind.

Formal RelationsEdit

First GigaquadrantEdit

Through several factions and organizations, the Krassio spread their sphere of influence across the local universal cluster of galaxies. However, they have continuously referred to the Singularim Pact as their major political and military agency in the sector. Through there, their gods' Mandate is carried as per their goals and doctrine.


Krassio SigylThrough you, our manifold will and everlasting purpose evinces upon the universe.


1 Krassio FRL PatronizedWe have seen fit to stretch the wings of our power wide so that their shadow may protect you.

Green faceWe have shed blood for one another.

Red faceYou upset the balance we carefully maintain. Your demise has been decided. Await your destruction.


  • The Krassio are the Valader's main fiction.
  • In-game, the Krassio would fall under the archetype of Ecologist due to their views on protecting the Universe like one big ecosystem.
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