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The Jinaris Empire is the official state of the neo-Germanic people founded by the Jinaris dynasty in the year 2100, reorganized their former nation, the martian empire. And that comprised approximately the territory of 310,500 colonized systems, located in the Mirus Galaxy, the empire also has some colonies in the Milky Way Galaxy

History Edit

the History of Jinaris Empire Started after the end of the Terran-Martian war years before the war broke out the Martian imperial government discovered an ancient gate in the solar system of unknown origin that was connected with a distant star system after the Martian defeat the war the Martian government decided to flee to this system disknownknown so as not to let the UN fleet enter the portal the last warships of the Martian imperial navy with the emperor's order the portal and destroyed and thus with this beginning bleeding the Jinaris empire was born

Arriving at the mirus galaxy

after the martian empire loses a martian-terran war and the small martian colonization fleet enters this portal of unknown origin a few years later, scientists discovered that the colonization fleet ended up arriving in another unknown galaxy, which was called the mirus galaxy after that, with the use of precursor technologies or jinaris empire it expanded rapidly, colonizing almost 310,500 star systems, Germanic humans who own a giant empire have not yet made contact with any civilization who have used the ability to accelerate faster than light

First reign (imperial year 1 - imperial year 34)

The First Reign is the name given to the period of imperial history when Rudolf Von Jinaris I founded the empire jinaris ruled as Emperor, between imperial year 1 to imperial year 34. This period was characterized by being of transition, marked by a major economic-financial, social and political crisis. The effective consolidation of the foundation of the empire, would occur from the imperial year 34 with the death of Rudolf I

The Civil War of year 127

After the death of Emperor Titus Von Jinaris III the republicans took advantage of a coup the army and the imperial navy that were in favor of the monarchy reacted quickly against the rebels after the end of the civil war the imperial year 146 after the end of the war and the imperial victory the government started a hunt for republicans that lasts until today imperial year 628

it was how the imperial civil war became known, the republican revolution or regional war against the imperial government in the then provinces of Castra and Cora resulted in the declaration of independence of the province as a republican state, giving rise to the Republic of Castra

Finally, on March 1, 146, he signed a peace treaty. Among its main conditions, there is the annexation of the republican state, the liberation of the Arzeans that fight alongside the imperial army

The Great Crusade

it was a crusade to exterminate all the insetrons that lasted 100 years, when the scientist discovered numerous systems infested by the insetrons to prevent the impetrons that the empire had to destroy several planets to prevent this plague from spreading. The origin of insetrons. are manufactured and controlled only by the IA Exterminator, you don't want an insectron ship to crash on your planet

first contact with the galactic giant

on the 16th of June of the imperial year 928, a gray-colored spacecraft enters the Taipazal 4546B system, he is received by a small imperial navy frigate, the frigate quickly tries to contact with spacecraft, on the apparent screen a species of insect. He is also affiliated with the United Lanat Empire a gigantic empire located in the center of the mirus galaxy, the captain of the ship Lanat was not very friendly, ordering the jinaris empire to stay out of the way of the United Lanat Empire.

Positioning of the empire during Great Xonexian Schism Edit

The Great Xonexian Schism was a great intergalactic conflict involving countless empires and civilizations. The Jinaris Empire maintained a neutral and isolationist stance during the conflict, the Emperor claimed that he would only enter the war if he were attacked by one side, at that time the empire felt the most fragile period in its history.
Screenshot 279

A French-Draconid fleet engaged with a fleet of an unknown civilization

the empire also received some commercial sanctions from The Civilization and threats of declaration of war, for maintaining its neutral stance. Among the main reasons why the empire did not enter the war

  • Was with the economy a little weak after the second insectron war
  • Does not maintain commercial relations with either side
  • did not want to lose more lives in another war
  • Would not benefit from anything

Second Insectron War Edit

A few years earlier the empire was involved in an armed conflict that would put an end to the great crusade against the insectrons by destroying the AI ​​Exterminator was opposed to the imperial invasion of its territory because it was contrary to its interests. The conflict started with the destruction of the Lunarus colony. In May 865 the insectrons also made several armed excursions in imperial territory with the objective of conquering the sector Lunarus. The defeat marked the extinction of the insectrons due to their bad strategy in the battlefield

During the first phase of the war (866-867), it started with the Insectrons, defined as three battle fronts, conquering the Lunarus sector, in December 867, and in the first months of 868 the first imperial invasion of the Tarsun sector (controlled by electrons) and then reconquer the Lunarus Sector

The invasion of the Lunarus system was carried out at the same time by twenty bodies of Insectron troops. The province was almost unmanned militarily, and the numerical superiority of the invaders allowed them to carry out a quick and successful campaign. A detachment of 10,000 insectrons attacked the Fort of New Horizons. The garrison of 1500 men held out for three days, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Von Falkenberg

The first imperial reaction

was to send an expedition to fight invaders in the Lunarus sector The column of 750,000 men commanded by Colonel Victor Von Lohengramm in April 867, thus starting the battle of the Lunarus sector that spanned 2 years

Naval battle of Gargantua prime

It was up to Grand Admiral Staden Von Augsburg to command the Naval Forces of the first imperial fleet composed of 560 warships (among dreadnoughts, battlecruisers, cruisers, destroyers). The Imperial Navy represented practically the totality of the Naval Power present in the theater of operations. The radars were not working because the Gargantua system was inside a nebula, for the imperial fleet to be able to spot the Insectron fleet, Grand Admiral had to use the tachyon telescope on board the flagship INS Ostfalen.

Grand Admirante Staden Von Augsburg makes the first signal Prepare for combat by sending the broadcast to all ships in the first imperial fleet. At 10:50 am - The imperial squadron begins to move quickly towards the INS Ostfalen insectron fleet repeats the signal Attack and destroy the enemy as close as possible. 2:00 pm. The battle is in the most critical and indecisive phase with both sides attempting heavy casualties but the victory was decisive for the first imperial fleet that, since then, controlled the strategic system of Gargantua guaranteeing all logistical support to ground forces and blocking any Insectron help.

Post Insectron-war

After the end of the war, the empire adopted new policies to symbolize the new strength and rise. Although the reconstruction of the imperial territory continued for 15 years after the war. Now a new enemy threatens the empire and the neo-Germanic people, they are called Deltas. Around January 27 of imperial year, 927, the former New Horizons military fortress was re-terraformed and recolonized.

Ail'karian-Imperial War Edit

In 928, the most important turning point in imperial history, marking the beginning of a huge technological advance, and the first contact with imperialist alien intelligences. The Ail'karians would furthermore cause the destruction of the Cora Sector, billions of deaths through orbital bombing on both sides. The most important war of the empire began with a disastrous first contact and signature of the Prince of the Ail'karians in the distant Zizerrya colony. The war only lasted a year, but it was a real bloodbath

The first contact between Jinaris Empire and Ail'karian Imperium involved two small diplomatic ships. A meeting between representatives of the two empires took place in the camps of Zizerrya Prime, but the attempt at diplomacy soon became a bloodbath. Someone ended up murdering the Prince of the Imperium. Since the Second Battle of Zizerrya, where a huge imperial fleet led by the Grand Admiral and veteran of the second war, Staden Von Augsburg, almost ended up losing the battle. Victories on both sides were slim. In October 928 they discovered the location of the imperial capital Eden and sent a preliminary task force, starting the Battle for Eden. They encountered a great resistance composed by Imperial Home Fleet I, Imperial Home Fleet II and Imperial Home Fleet III and had their attack repelled. After a peace treaty in November 928 the Ail'karians-Imperial War officially ended, but at a high price. Countless colonies were destroyed, and 23 billion civilians were killed on both sides in just 1 year of war. Yet the deltas still have a feeling of revenge against the Jinaris Empire.

Rise of Fascism-Humanocentrism Edit

The rise of Fascism happened in the post-war period, that is, a time of political crisis between the Jinaris Empire and the Delta Imperium. The Delta-Imperial War ended the belief in prosperity in the Jinaris Empire. The imperial year 928 was marked by euphoria over the Delta-Imperial war, even though it lasted only one year. At the end of the year 928 with the Zizerrya Conference the two empire signed the peace treaty ending the Delta-Imperial war.

During the period after the Delta-Imperial War, the economic power of the Jinaris Empire was diminished due to great exhaustion of war. The crises - social, political and economic - were present and again the Republicans started to gain strength. In this way, there were several left movements that emerged in this scenario, where the Republicans gained great strength. The Empire with its exhaustion of war, saw in the fascist-humanocentrism ideas created by the emperor Lucios IV and by his admirals and generals as a solution for his recovery. They managed to form extreme right groups made up of ex-soldiers, for whom nationalist ideas made sense.

Military leaders ended rallies and any kind of socialist demonstration through paramilitary organizations that fought - with the endorsement of the state - what they called the red threat. It can be seen that the construction of the fear of communism, and of another republican coup have been present throughout the years in the history of the empire.


The Imperial Supremacy Movement ideologically defends private property, the rescue of national culture, moralism, values ​​nationalism, moral values, Christian practice, the principle of authority (and therefore the hierarchical structure of society), the fight against communism and liberalism economic, they are also in favor of the imperial monarchy, believe that the Xenos are a threat to humanity. The Ideology fights both communism and economic liberalism. He argues that these two ideological positions are similar due to their unity of theoretical roots, units of values ​​and unity of ends, configuring themselves in two equally materialistic doctrines.

Early history Edit

the population of the empire called neo-germans are descendants of the ancient germans the majority descended from the prussians, who were a baltic people who in the area around the lagoons of Curland and the Vistula, in the Mazúrios lakes region. In the beginning of baltic history, the prussians stretched between the Vistula and Niemen rivers, going as far as Narew, to the south. The germans were to the west, the Poles to the south, the Sudóvians to the east, the Scalvians to the north, the Kurdish to the northeast and the lithuanians to the northwest. In the 13th century, Prussians, pagans, were gradually subjected to the Teutonic Order, invited by the Polish Duke Conrado of Mazovia to Christianize and pacify the region beyond the Vistula.

The knights were assured possession of the lands to be conquered, a guarantee obtained from Pope Gregory IX in 1234. The advance of the Teutonic knights in the territory occupied by the Prussians was followed by a process of colonization by Germans from the west of Germania. At the end of the 13th century, what was left of the prussians was subject to the germans.

Colonization of mars and Martian Empire

Mars began to be colonized in 2067 the first nation to colonize Mars was the federal kingdom of Germany that colonized much of the Martian surface. In 2097 (30 years later), a general named Frederick Von Jinaris proclaimed independence from Mars, he was related to the German king, then the independent republic of Mars was founded. The republic lasted only one year Frederick Von Jinaris proclaimed himself emperor of Mars and founded the house of jinaris, the Martian empire was very much focused on Prussian traditions and culture

Mars War of Independence

The Mars War of Independence was a series of events that took place between 2098 to 2103 in the context of the Mars Independence process. Formally ended in 2103, when independence was formally recognized by the UN in 2105, through the signing of the Loberação Treaty between the newly formed imperial Martian government, and the united nations of the earth

In this way, the newly formed Martian imperial government (not recognized by the UN government), which still considered Mars a colony of the earth and who saw Martian leaders as rebels and terrorists who had betrayed the UN government, through their Minister Ernest Mariendorf, adopted the spheres of influence from Mars to eliminate UN resistance. To that end, it provided for the purchase of weapons and ships, the recruitment of national troops and the contract of mercenaries, as well as repressive measures such as the confiscation of goods and the expulsion of those who did not accept the political emancipation of Mars.

The UN's influence on Mars was maintained by the garrisons at strategic points on the Martian surface. Part of the UN strategy to regain control of Mars and prevent the independence of its most important colony was to retreat troops in Nova Celestia and use them to reinforce the garrisons in zone 27. It was expected that these troops would regain zone 27, while the UN navy would block Martian influence zone 02 and consequently regain it. Frederick Von Jinaris' strategy was to isolate the UN garrisons and force them, one by one, to surrender.

In 2104, the inhabitants of Mars took sides in the political events that took place in New Celestia. There was a division in the Martian army that occupied area of ​​influence 07. UN regiments retreated to abandoned industrial zone 02 and were surrounded by ex-comrades, the Martian rebel army, led by former UN general Victor Falkenberg, Militias pro -UN have declared loyalty to the UN. some politicians and important people of the UN were in favor of independence, but in zone 27 there was no consensus among the population. 

Territory Edit

the jinaris Empire is composed of 310.500 colonized systems and most of these planets are industrial miners and agro-worlds (for the production of food being the most important planet and the planet Eden the capital of the i Jinaris Empire.

Provincial government

For an annexed territory to become an Imperial province, it was necessary to carry out an inventory of the star systems of a population census and a topographic survey. The administration then kept several records, including births and deaths, property transactions and legal procedures. The provinces were administered by governors, elections are held by the people.

The Provinces

The provinces were subdivisions of the imperial territory, created after the first major expansion. They were instituted after the transformation of the sectors into provinces, by the Imperial Court. The territorial Constitution of 722 created the Provincial General Council the legislator of the provinces, which replaced the defunct Council of Prosecutors of the imperial sectors. This council consisted of 100 elected members, depending on the size of the province's population and the number of star systems. All "resolutions" (laws) created by the councils needed the Emperor's approval. Provincial Councils also lacked the authority to increase revenues and their budgets were debated and ratified by the Imperial Assembly of Eden. The boundaries of these provinces have not been fully defined and have been changed.

Religion, Culture and Society Edit

the official religion of the state is orthodox catholicism about 80% of the population of the jinaris empire follows the orthodox religion 10% follow roman catholicism and the other 10% do not follow any religion most of the population and decent of the germans who started the colonization of mars including the imperial family of the jinaris empire and 100% Aryan blood

Before Catholicism

A long time ago Germans loved the forces of nature (thunder, sun, lightning, moon). Among the main gods were: Odin, lord of the dead, of commerce, of war and of storms, Thor, protector of the peasants, whose arms threw lightning, and Tir, god who commanded the sky and directed the assemblies. The Germans' religious ceremony was quite simple. The cult was celebrated on the top of a sacred mountain, next to a tree or a fountain. The battlefields were taken by the Valkyries (goddesses of war) to a kind of paradise, called Valhalla. They also said that those who died of old age or from illness were destined for Hell. The women would go to the palace of the goddess Freia after they were killed. Another very important aspect of Germanic religiosity was the cults related to magic, including those of Shamanic-Finnish origin, especially important in Scandinavia of the Viking Age.

Neo-German conservative/nationalism Society

Conservative thinking developed alongside nationalism in Germany, culminating in Germany's victory over France in the Franco-Prussian War, the creation of the unified German Empire in 1871, and the simultaneous access to power of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Bismarck's "balance of power" foreign policy model maintained peace in Europe for decades in the late 19th century. His "revolutionary conservatism" was a conservative state-building strategy designed to make ordinary Germans not just their own Junker elite more loyal to the state and the emperor. He created the modern welfare state in Germany in the 1880s. Most of the empire's population is highly conservative and nationalist, most of them advocating maintaining traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization, marked by approximation and identification with a nation.


According to jurist Ernest, the main distinction between people in Endean law (neo-Germanic born in Eden) was between free citizens and Arzean slaves. The legal status of free citizens can still be specified according to their place of birth. During the beginning of the empire, only a limited number of men had full rights to citizenship, but this changed during the reign of the twelfth emperor Gustav von Jinaris I (Gustav the Great), which allowed them to vote, run for office, elections and be governors. Most citizens had only limited rights, but all were entitled to legal protection and other privileges that were prohibited for those who did not have citizenship. The free men who lived on the borders of the empire far from the nucleus, they were considered citizens but, they had the status of pilgrims and did not have as many luchos and rights. In 227 of the imperial era, through the Edict of the Imperial Citizen, Emperor Gustav I extended the right of citizenship to all inhabitants of the empire, revoking all laws that distinguished citizens from non-citizens

Government, emperor and laws Edit

The government of the empire is an absolute monarchy where the ruler reigns absolute until his death may seem like a totalitarian rigime, but the population has great freedom within the empire .The name jinaris was put into tribute to the first emperor who and considered a national hero. The jinaris empire is not entirely absolute, there are elections to choose the next governors. The territory of the empire is divided into sectors, each sector is governed by a governor every 5 years and an election is made to choose the next governor, if he is corrupt the emperor can remove him from office First Emperor: Kaiser Rudolf Von Jinaris I Current Emperor: Kaiser Lucius Von Jinaris IV. The large-sized, moralistic, well-organized government is dominated by the Department of Defense, with Law & Order and Industry also on the agenda. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital planet Eden. The average income tax rate is 47%.

The Emperor

the jinaris emperor (jinaris Oberster Kaiser) was the official title of the head of state of the jinaris empire in which he was occupied by the king of eden The title was created in the imperial year 1 by the emperor Rudolf Von Jinaris I the emperor is the supreme and hereditary sovereign, his position and past from father to son a tradition is that imperial principle should be trained by the army must and how much he becomes the monarch receives the title of supreme marshal of the empire together with the title of emperor. In addition to the position of emperor the prince, receives the title of high king of Eden

Imperial house of jinaris

the imperial house of jinaris is descendant of the imperial house of Germany or Hohenzollern founded in 2105 is governed by its constituted traditions and by this Statute, promulgated by the hand of Kaiser Rudolf Von Jinaris I. The Imperial House of the Jinaris is an autonomous community of the family established and organized based on this Dynastic Statute. Your membership will consist of members by birth, members by adoption or members by marriage.

Central government

The emperor (kaiser) was the supreme political authority of the empire, reserving powers such as, for example, the right to declare war, ratify treaties and negotiate with foreign leaders. The emperor's authority was based on the concentration of his absolute powers, the authority over the army of the imperial guard and the authority of the executioners. Although the functions of the emperor were defined during the Grand Principality of Eden during the imperial year 5, over time the power of the emperor was moving away from the constitutional model and gradually approaching the model of despotism characteristic of the absolute monarchy. The death of an emperor sometimes caused a period of uncertainty and crisis. Most emperors nominated their successor, as the oldest firstborn son, so the new emperor should guarantee loyalty to the mother country to stabilize the political scene.


The imperial supreme court, called (Kaiserlicher Oberster Gerichtshof), is specialized. For civil and criminal cases, the supreme court of appeal is the Imperial Court of Justice, located in the capital Eden. Criminal law and private law are spelled out at the national level, the imperial penal system is designed to eliminate any criminal; its secondary objective is the protection of good citizens in general. To achieve the latter, a convicted criminal can be placed in life imprisonment or death sentence, depending on the crime committed by him, regulates the consequences of crimes against humanity, genocide, murder and so on. It gives imperial courts universal jurisdiction if prosecution by a court in the empire where the crime was committed, or by an international court, is not possible

Economy Edit

the economy of jinaris empire and very focused on the industrial sector, but there are also within the empire several independent companies the valkyrie industries and a good example even though the empire is an absolute monarchy the market is very open and the emperor will be happy to make trade agreements with other civilizations The frighteningly efficient imperial economy, worth 7,888 trillion imperial credits a year, is highly specialized and led by the information technology industry, with important contributions from tourism and mineral exports. The median income represents an impressive 188,805 imperial credits and distributed evenly, with the wealthiest citizens earning just 5.5 times more than the poorest. Currently the good part is focused on the military sector the empire also has trade treaties with its allies, which increase about 25% of its economy.

Trade and taxes

Although much of the trade took place between the various imperial provinces, the trade routes extended far beyond the borders of the empire, making trade with other civilizations such as Empire of Zarbania, and Federation of Free Empires, Although most provinces were able to produce various types of resources, and export to other provinces. The main goods exported to the other provinces were high-tech components and food, ore, metal alloys (for the manufacture of ships), gold and silver utensils, spices, precious stones, etc. were also traded.

The value of taxes charged in the empire corresponded to 5% of the gross domestic product. The individual income tax rate varied between 3 and 5%. Citizens paid taxes per capita and for their land, based on their production, but the taxes were minimum, corresponding to only 3% of the imperial economy

Current Reign

the present reign is being a period of great cultural progress and great economic growth, and as an important member among the nations of the mirus galaxy. At this moment, the great growth of the imperial armed forces, which culminated in the Delta-Imperial War in 925 and profound changes in the social sphere, such as the gradual liberation of the Arzean slaves and encouraging the formation of trade pacts with other galactic nations. The act marked or the end of the old imperial era and the beginning of the new imperial era.

The development of international trade based on the export of various resources was due to external and internal factors. Among the external factors, the growth in international demand for certain specific resources stands out, as a result of the increase in the standard of living of the neo-Germanic population, which stimulated the increase in consumption levels, the industrialization of several planets, and technical improvement, which benefited international trade.

Internally, what most favored economic growth was the solution to the problem of slavery and the expansion of commercial networks in various sectors of the empire, which reduced the cost of transportation for the owners of the new commercial zones. In addition, the development of the commercial network was part of one of the greatest consequences of the empire's economic growth, which was the diversification of economic activities. Diversification, in turn, stimulated the urbanization of newly colonized planets, since all commercial activity, the first induced by the expansion of Delterium fuel production, was concentrated in colonies in gas giants.


the home planet of the shindoray the imperial capital today and a giant metal ball a gigantic administrative complex and here where the emperor lives as it is an extremely large planet with the same size of neptune its population reaches 60 million of population Darsun is also called the golden throne.

Technology Edit

the technology of the jinaris empire is well advanced and derived from an ancient, highly advanced precursor civilization the jinaris empire was able to reverse engineer various technologies such as antimatter fusion reactors, positron beams turrets, and the powerful particle shield generators The armor used in the ships of the empire jinaris is .Duratiun armor is a strong, malleable metal. Duratiun is stronger than titanium and steel, found mainly on volcanic planets, asteroids and moons, sometimes found on continental worlds. Reached the Tier 1.9 level of technology, using the Technology reversal of an unknown precursor civilization.

The precursor technology was extremely advanced, classified as Tier 1 and is still being extensively studied by the empire. Some precursor artifacts were known to precede most mirus civilizations by several million years. The Precursors also left a small number of mysterious artifacts in deep space known. by the empire as pillars. They were usually energized hypermaterial and released radiation. They were generally considered unstable and dangerous. Imperial scientists recorded strange phenomena near the pillars, they released large pulses of energy, which would fry any machine that approached.

  • G7 MAC: NeroTech G7 MAC is the main armament of super dreadnought, dreadnoughts and battlecruiser of the imperial navy. It is the most powerful weapon available to the imperial navy, capable of crossing shields with a single shot. This weapon consists of a gigantic cannon that fires a metallic projectile at high speed. For this, it uses a linear system of magnetic fields
  • Armata plasma cannon:armata plasma guns set up they are very good for breaking shields generally are for medium and long distance combat
  • Onager Mass driver repeater: mass driver repeater if the enemy ship gets too close these mass drivers are the last line of defense of the warship used for short-range combat, It fires a 3 m projectile, having the ability to shoot down shields
  • RC-001 Darck Matter reactor: a old generation of reactors these Darck Matter reactors were used by the precursor civilization the same civilization that created the insectrons these reactors produce an unequaled amount of energy much better than cold fusion reactors unfortunately and just a prototype will soon be equipped in several ships imperial navy
  • R10C Darck Matter reactor: is a new generation of dark matter reactor intended for the use of dreadnoughts, and super dreadnoughts developed by Naruman Dinamics, RC-001 have been the main source of energy, for all ships of the imperial navy, they produce energy for the propellants of the dark matter and for all other ship systems and subsystems, but was criticized for its size. Its main advantage is a large energy production
  • Mirobueza particle shield generator: Mirobueza bubble shield generator is the standard imperial navy shield generator equipped on all ships (except for fighters) they can withstand a large amount of fire they are just not very good at defending against missiles and torpedoes
  • Armata 70mm point defence autocannon: it is a weapon system for the approximate defense against anti-ship missiles. It was designed and manufactured by Armata, composed of a 70mm G-160 rotary cannon guided by long-range tachyon radar and mounted on a rotating base


A MAC cannon mounted on any Imperial Navy warship is capable of firing 9.1 meter duratiun or depleted uranium projectiles at average speeds of 30 kilometers per second. Now, a MAC mounted on an orbital defense station can fire a 3,000-ton projectile at an absurd speed of 12,000 kilometers per second, approximately 4% of the speed of light, with the ability to destroy a cruiser with a single shot!

To achieve this, the MAC propels the projectile using powerful electromagnetic pulses along the barrel of the weapon.

Military Edit

the military sector of the jinaris empire is divided into 4 branches the imperial navy the imperial army the imperial guard and the imperial police already has 628 years of experience its recruits are highly well trained and free to give an opinion on how the armed forces should improve.

Imperial Armed Forces constituted by the Imperial Navy, the Imperial Army and the Imperial Guard are national, permanent and regular institutions whose mission is to watch over the defense of the Fatherland, to guarantee the Emperor's powers and, on their initiative, law and order. Imperial police and military and district fire departments are described as reserve and constitutional auxiliary forces in the Imperial Army. The armed forces are forces subordinate to the Emperor and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Mandatory military service between 18–45 years and with a service duration of 9 to 12 months is required. The age for voluntary service is between 17–45 years.

Kaiserliche Armee

Imperial Army and the ground force of the Jinaris Empire was formed after the foundation of the Jinaris Empire played an extremely important role in the great crusade against the insectrons the army is divided into three branches the army the imperial knights and the imperial marines. Under Articles 281 and 282 of the Constitution, the Imperial Armed Forces remained subordinate to the Emperor as commander in chief the exercise focused a lot on training soldiers seeking the best performance on the battlefield

Under Articles 75 and 76 the Imperial Armed Forces were subordinate to the Emperor as supreme commander. He was assisted by the Ministers of War and the Navy in matters relating to the Imperial Army and the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard is a small group of elite soldiers from the Imperial Army whose main function was to protect the emperor and the imperial family

Kaiserliche Marine

The naval branch of the imperial armed forces is undoubtedly the most important military sector in the empire played an extremely important role during the civil war of 127 the empire currently has 600 main fleets and 200 secondary fleets resulting in a gigantic navy.

The great expansion:

Emperor Arminus Von Jinaris III's fifty-nine year long reign was reorganized by the Ministry of the Navy, the Arsenal and the Naval Jail, and was also created the marine corps. In this period, antimatter propulsion was definitively adopted, with the empire modernizing the Squadron, acquiring more modern warships, also replacing the old particle cannons with new ones, with tachionic lances, with greater range and precision.Improvements were also made to arsenals and naval bases, and they were equipped with new workshops. Warships were built in the Imperial Navy arsenals.

Ship size

The size of the ships is relatively compared to the rest of the galaxy, some ships, being very large as super dreadnoughts, however, they are extremely expensive to build and their function and to be the flagship of a fleet, as they are true fortresses

Screenshot 197

an imperial battle group carrying out naval exercises, two years after the Delta-Imperial war

  • Super dreadnought 17.6km
  • Dreadnoughts 9km-9.6km
  • Fleet carriers 8km
  • Battlecruisers 6.5km-7km
  • Heavy cruiser 3km-3.9km
  • Cruiser 2km
  • Escort carriers 1.6km
  • Destroyers 1km
  • Frigates 500m
  • Corvettes 300m

Foreign Relations Edit

This empire is generally pragmatic and always trying to make contact with any ship that enters its space; usually the empire opens fire when a ship enters its space when it is in a state of war, especially if that ship enters its home system today the empire wishes to form an alliance with other civilizations, since it has been isolated from the rest of the galaxy for 800 years. The empire has always remained in its area of ​​influence, avoiding galactic theater, and where it has strengthened without any dispute, invading and conquering minor civilizations, In a first contact, it can be summarized that the empire tends to shoot first and ask questions later. But it depends on the occasion.

Imperialist policy

It was a policy adopted by the jinaris empire in the imperial year 816 with the aim of expanding the empire's borders to 200.000 star systems it is estimated that the outpost will be ready in approximately 60 years. The empire will expand at all costs, will crush any minor civilization that stands in its way. A monarchist / nationalist faction has been gaining power and prominence within the empire, they are called, the Imperial Vanguard.

Sword&Shield Allies Something you need?

  • None

Green face Close Partners You have our respect.

  • None

Blue face Commercial PartnersWelcome, comrade. Let's negotiate.

Yellow face Neutral RelationsCan you speak?

Orange face Hostile Stay out of the way of the Empire.

Red face EnemiesQuake in fear, alien.

Crossed Swords At warYou will be exterminated, despicable xeno!

  • None


We shall see what becomes of them.

- Gastus Graviatus of the Consulate of Paxis

Ad your own!

Notes Edit

The Jinaris Empire owes inspiration to the UNSC and German Empire

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