The Infectant Horde is known as one of the most mysterious, ancient, and dangerous factions of Tyris Major. It is made up of creatures known as Infectants, who ravage star systems to feed their insatiable appetites.



It is actually unknown where the Infectants came from. The earliest account of the Infectant Virus, the pathogen that turns living creatures into Infectants, appears sometime after 4.2 Million BC. This instance was recorded by the Nyarqaeshian Empire, which at the time had conquered the entire Tyris Cluster roughly 100,000 years beforehand. Even in these ancient records, The Nyarqaeshu did not know what the virus was or where it came from. What they did know is that the virus itself was far more sophisticated and specialized to be what they considered "natural" and was not native to any planet they knew of. Some even speculated that it was created by something "not of this reality" due to it's status as a virus but its behavior was very similar to that of an organism.

Instead of attempting to destroy it, Xizouyu Moa, leader of the Nyarqaeshian Empire, ordered his best scientists to try and weaponize it for his conquest into the Mirus Galaxy.

Xizouyu Moa's thirst for glory and conquest blinded him to the dangers of trying to weaponize the virus. He died during his battle against the Multus Esse, which left the Nyarqaeshian Empire in the hands of Xizothano Ada, who did not pay the virus any attention. This would cost their empire greatly in the long-run.

First Infectant Horde Edit

Tyris Rebellion Edit

During Ada's rule, the subjugated races of the Tyris Cluster began rebelling against their Nyarqaeshian overlords in a series of conflicts known as the Tyris Rebellion. Amidst the chaos, the Infectant Virus spread among the Nyarqaeshu and their former vassals. This went largely ignored by Ada, and by 3 Million BC, the First Infectant Horde had taken hold within the Nyarqaeshian Empire. The First Infectant Horde took no sides in the Tyris Rebellion. With a massive army and the element of surprise, the Horde struck hard and fast, ravaging the factions that were fighting in the Tyris Rebellion.

Xizothano Ada began focusing efforts on fighting the Horde, which caused the Horde to suffer heavy losses. Later on, for unknown reasons and despite nearly eradicating the First Infectant Horde, Xizothano Ada plunged what remained of his people into the Abyss, effectively removing the Nyarqaeshian species from known space. With the Nyarqaeshu gone, what remained of First Infectant Horde had an easy time annihilating the ancient factions that still opposed it.

Despite being one of the remaining forces from the Tyris Rebellion,

Nebulous Era Edit

The Nebulous Era, period of time between 700,000 BC and 9978 BC, saw a resurgence of the Infectant Horde's numbers.

Quotes Edit

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Quotes from Others Edit

You served us well. Too bad you failed.

- Biskin Empire

You creatures are discusting...I'm glad we wiped you out

- King Glynn

Similar....but who is....SUPERIOR...

- PAX-744

Despite our species' history, I am quite willing to help you rebuild.

- Iyoka Quista

My kind finds you disgusting, and yet...I can see that you may be useful...

- Anthrax
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