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The religion of the Holy Three, is a philosophy that are most Uzcar. This is based on the belief that all living things come from the same species, The First, that when spread throughout the Omniverse, began to suffer alterations in their DNA by creating three different species, the Archeopaladius, the Archeosapiens and the Archeobuilders.


An Archeopaladius

The three species were ordered from their employers, The Holy Three, to create new life in the omniverse, three different means. The Archeopaldent, the most impatient and passionate, used genetic engineering in themselves; the Archeobuilders, the most orderly and "lawfuly", decided to prepare all arise by natural means, and the Archeosapients, stored knowledge to share with them when necessary.

An Archeosapient

The chief god of this religion is The First, a creator deity who existed before all living things and that has within it the DNA of all living things. Do not confuse this with a creative deity of the laws of physics, this belief denies the creation of omniverse by an intelligent being, but agree that The First possess the ability to control the laws of physical mixing technology with his conscience.

An Archeobuilder

History of the three Edit

After billions of years, the paladin, demoted both his DNA ended up creating new species, destroying their own. The Grand Paladin, Ittotns, hid herself in a vacuum inter-branes, and could not influence such unequal beings.

The Archeosapient, meanwhile, waited in vain for the arrival of new species, thousands spent calculating and analyzing when and how to reach, but never arrived. They spent millions of years and lost hope when a small planet emerged from the Macraborg.

While Archeosapient founded the Tachyomorphs, a similar but less evolved species than they are. After various conflicts, Tachyomorphs and Archeosapient managed to live in peace, and Archeosapient met its goal: were helping to evolve to another form of life.

It is unclear how much time passed, but received a message Archeobuilders Oikodomu, the Great Builder, that great danger lay ahead, and that they should flee from that world where they were located. Builders did not want to leave her fate to Macraborg, who had been educated and made to evolve, so they built a huge jump since interdimensional so they could escape.

They left two of them in charge of sending Macarborg to the new universe, but one of these guards went mad and closed the gate presumably forever.

Devastated by the loss of their students in the school of evolution, the Builders built their own universe and erected giant walls of cosmic energy to prevent it being destroyed, and continued to build the omniverse more subtle.

Sacred Texts Edit

Yia Tou-TapanatEdit

The Yia Tou-Tapanat (about the observers) also known as the Codex Tapanat is one of the sacred books of the Holy Three religion. The Tou-Tapanat is the book that describes the Archeosapient, it is written the history of Archeosapient (is true that, the Archeosapient are better historians and have a more detailed information than this book), also contains genetic information about them and a complex code that, in theory, an observer would like Archeosapient. Unlike other holy books, this, like the other two of the Holy Three, does not have any ritual, as Uzcar, species that wrote these books, do not believe in anything supernatural.

Yia Tou-OikodomuEdit

The Yia Tou-Oikodomu (about the buldiers) also known as the Codex Oikodomu is the second sacred book of the Holy Three religion. On this book is written the only log of the Archeobuldier's history, also the saved in the Grand Monastery. As in the previous book it contains a set of rules, a code, which is supposed to follow the Builders, the code tends to be the largest of the three possibly by the inexplicable love of Builders by the rules and rigidity with which they apply.

Yia Tou-IttotnsEdit

The Yia Tou-Ittotns (about the paladins) also known as the Codex Ittotns is the last sacred book of The Holy Three. On these is written the history of the fall of the Archeopaladin, and the emergence of all species derived from them. This book does not contain the genetic information of the species concerned, and has a very short code of the paladin, making this book the shortest of the three.

Unlike other contien this book does a ritual of worship to Ittotns, the great paladin, being then the only religious book that can be considered not just a book of philosophy as the others. The ritual referenced, however, is not used since, Ittotns exile to the Dark Space, no one considered worthy of worship.

The lost bookEdit

Some texts refer to the Tou Yia-Topwta, a book that refers to the first and an alleged creator deity, but it is only speculation, and, being scientists very closed, Uzcar, it was descarted.

Philosophies derivedEdit

Several philosophies or religions were derived from this original belief, giving a more spiritual or aggressive character to this.

  • Returnism: religion based on the idea of ​​returning to the original state of the first altering the DNA of all species to reverse the degeneration process initiated by the Archeopaladin.
  • Essence returnism: philosophy similar to the returnism with the difference that tries to imitate the attitude of the First purifying it in the hope of his soul and get at least psiconics powers, lost by degeneration of the DNA.
  • Separtism: belief is based on the idea that it was the ideal that the species are separated and must continue to spread their DNA to continue its evolution.

Trivia Edit

  • The names of the three books is based on the Greek language
  • Although the Uzcar are the main believers in this religion many other species created his own philosophy from this.
  • The returnism is unfounded, since many species are not from the Holy Three so if your DNA is mixed with other not will result in the same DNA as the First.
  • Of the three, only Archeopaladius follow this religion, both as Archeobuilder Archeosapien not regard it as true religion

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