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The United Hegemony is an Andromeda based power that has spread its influence across the face of the Gigaquadrant. The strength of their military is their primary focus and has ensured that they will continue to expand their power base far into the future.


The United Hegemony of the Andromeda Galaxy (commonly referred to as The Hegemony) is a highly militarized, expansive empire that stretches across many galaxies within the First Gigaquadrant. It has only recently begun interacting within the Gigaquadrant, but its interactions has led to a Golden Age in terms of technology and Military power.

Even as other empires wither and die in the face of the violent upheavals that the Gigaquadrant is undergoing, The Hegemony thrives and grows ever stronger. To the men and women living within in it, this newly violent period is not the last gasp of civilization in the Gigaqudrant. To them, it is the birth pangs of a new era, an era that the Hegemony will be at the forefront of.

More on the history and races of the Hegemony can be found here.



For a detailed look at the supernatural power know as psionics that certain people in the Hegemony can wield, please go to Database PSI


"This is the true heart of the Hegemony. Our fleets are vast, our ground troops near unending. On this unyielding, uncompromising backbone lays the Golden Age of the Hegemony. We will rise to power on an unending steel wave."

-Commander Marius Philosophically reflecting on the Hegemony's military power.

The Military is the true heart of the Hegemony. Everything that has been accomplished in the last few decades was won through the determination of the men and women of the armed services. They are a highly disciplined, well equipped fighting force that will always do the Hegemony proud.

Other empires are marked by unique features (Unique culture,Diplomatically Friendly etc). The Hegemony will always be know for its highly advanced and incredibly powerful military force. Its just their nature. If your military is weak, what chance do you have at ever thriving in the Gigaquadrant?

Naval Database:


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The Hegemony government is divided up into several different departments which are in control of different facets of the Government. Below is a link to a page detailing the various departments.

As for the structure of the top levels of the government, the Hegemony is controlled by a council of sixteen officials (two for each race in the Hegemony, one male, one female). These officials are in turn given orders by the Supreme Commander of the Hegemony. All representatives of Government are voted in by the people, and while the majority of he leaders of the Hegemony are also military officials, anyone can run.

All politicians in the Hegemony must have some rudimentary knowledge of military tactics so they can understand what is going on in times of war (Which the Hegemony is in a lot due to their nature).



The average Hegemony citizen is not too different from the Average 20th/21st century Earth Citizen. They are artisans, athletes, craftsmen, warriors, and philosophers. They desire stability and order over everything else and look to the Hegemony's powerful military to keep there lives safe and stable. All kinds of cultures are accepted within the Hegemony's borders. Ancient religions are as varied and diverse as they were in pre space travel days and continue to be a motivating factor for many.

Even if individuals differ in their political or social perspectives, the single most common trait shared by every Hegemony citizen is their sense of brotherhood and community. Hegemony civilians really band together when times are tough. Positively contributing to society and personal improvement is a way of life for Hegemony citizens. For this reason, Hegemony communities very rarely contain vagabonds and homeless individuals.

The Hegemony are seen by other empires as aggressive, authoritative, and expansive. The Hegemony believes it is necessary to ensure order throughout there territory and the Gigaquadrant as a whole. The Hegemony preserves peace through strength, their powerful military is a massive deterrent to those who would try to mess with the Hegemony's goals.

The main focus of the Hegemony is their military might, and their prime virtue is order. This combinations of traits will lead them to their goal of being a Gigaquadrantal power house.

Life in the HegemonyEdit

The Hegemony had population issues before the First Age of Expansion, and the addition of multiple new races has exacerbated the problem. If it were not for several creation made by Hegemony scientists, the entire Hegemony would have fallen apart due to famine and overpopulation long ago. Despite these wonder foods, life in the Hegemony is still oftentimes cramped.

The staples of all Hegemony citizens diets are as follows, Nanowheat, Meat Beasts, Protein Algae, Nutri Lichen, Edible Vine Plants, Super Tubers, and Mana Fruit. Nanowheat is a hardy grain that is one hundred percent edible and grows in almost any soil. Meat Beasts are more akin to walking tumors than animals, also being a hundred percent edible. Protein Algae and Nutri Lichen can be grown in vast vats or out in the wild in any conditions (They can also be shaped and enhanced to look and taste differently.). Edible Vine plants grow on any surface and are a common sight in rooftop gardens. Super tubers can honeycomb through any cavern, provding vast amounts of sustenance. Finally, there is the Mana Fruit, a plant that grows almost anywhere, has huge fruit, and has unique flavors based on environment and genetic heritage (The fruit itself has a deep reservoir of delicious liquid in the middle, and the skins not half bad either.).

Each of these creations were designed to provide maximum food output per yard, as well as to be highly sustainable. While this means that food variety is somewhat lacking within the Hegemony, it also means that starvation is not a factor. Hegemony policy is to maximize agricultural efficiency to keep everyone fed, so that citizens can focus on other issues. A planet like Arcon Would never exist in the Hegemony, as it would be deemed a horrific waste of resources and space.

Planets in the Hegemony are oftentimes crowded with cities, with each city having a large population. Cities within the Hegemony are oftentimes lively places, with multiple races and cultures all intermingling in one area. Most people in the Hegemony live in habitation towers, tall arcologies that house many people at a time. These towers have living space, shops, entertainment, and other facilities, but not everything is located in the habitation towers, leading to sprawling cityscapes that house buildings for every sort of service. The average citizen, in times of economic boom, can afford to travel between systems on vacation quite afford ably.

Holidays and celebrations can be seen throughout the Hegemony at various times of year, with people oftentimes exchanging gifts and spending times with loved ones. The largest celebrations are oftentimes after The Hegemony achieves victory in battle. The victory celebrations after the defeat of the Dominatus lasted an entire month.

Though life in the Hegemony is often times crowded, its a stable, honest place to live. Citizens are safe from outside aggression, crime rates are very low in most places, and if you are unsatisfied with your current situation, you always have the freedom to hop on a passing freighter and reinvent yourself out in the frontier zones of Mirus or elsewhere.


The Hegemony's territory stretches across the lengths of four galaxies and continues to spread to further areas of the Gigaquadrant. The following database is a general summary of Hegemony territorial holdings and the key systems within said territory.

More info:Astrography

Technologic DevelopmentsEdit

Teleportation: It was a long time coming, but the Hegemony has finally managed to create working teleporters. Do to the amount of power they consume, they will never replace dedicated dropships, but they work well for beaming important people around. Dropships are still the way to go though.

Micro Hyperdrives: Advanced hyperdrives now allow all dropships (not only quicksilver ones, but all, even Mantas) to warp into the atmosphere, drop troops quickly, and warp off. The downside is the larger the vessel, the bigger the shockwave from jumping in is.

New AI: Better artificial intelligences allow for far more coordination and tactical planning ability than ever before.

Vita Womb: Hegemony Scientists have created this piece of technology so that depleted armies can be swiftly reinforced. The Vita Womb is a large nutrient enriched tank where genetic material is stored and later combined to grow new people. Over the course of six months, the fetus grow to adult size, all the while being implanted with all the necessary information to be an intelligent citizen. In times of peace, the Vita womb is often times used to create large groups of colonists. In times of war, they are used to create huge amounts of soldiers to be sent out. Hegemony naval vessels have a few of these on board, with larger vessels having more of them. This allows fleets to replenish man power individually. Large space stations also have these.

Cyclops Rail:The Cyclops Rail is the new network of warpgates built in the Hegemony. These gates connect all major systems in the Hegemony together, allowing for incredibly fast travel. Trips that used to take days by conventional warp drive now take mere hours. This not only allows for more efficient commerce, but it also allows for the Hegemony to muster fleets much quicker, expediting military operations. Systems not connected by gate must be reached by conventional drives.

G.O.D Satellite:Built in orbit over the Hegemony capitol planet of Gratian, The G.O.D Satellite is a huge structure that serves as a very important tool of defense. It has incredibly heavy shielding and staggering amounts of firepower. It's most important asset, however, is the AI built into it. This AI serves as an administrator of the Hegemony, making sure that everything is running smoothly and performing maintenance on the warp gates, as well as keeping communication lines free of static. It is an important asset that helps keep the Hegemony running smoothly.


Sword&Shield Part of Edit

We will forever stand by your side.

Green face Allies Edit

The Hegemony stands ready to assist you.

Blue face Friendly Edit

We welcome you to the Hegemony.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

We welcome you to cross the lines of neutrality to our side.

Orange face Disliked Edit

You have crossed the wrong side, then.

Red face Hated Edit

You shall come to fear the might of our armaments.

  • Drakodominatus Tyranny - The cause of the mess known as the Great Deceiver, and a powerfull foe. However, we were victorious over them!
  • Imperium of War - Why we were are at war with them spoke for itself. It needs no further comment.
  • Void Eye Empire - Do not hide behind false pretences. The Void is a threat to all.
  • Khilai Empire - Once more you betray us.

Crossed Swords At War Edit

We have a simple message for you, vile xenos: die!



- Oji'b of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

We do not forgive, child butchers. We do not forget.

- Barda Clett

Murderous eh? I will show murderous when I drown you all in a sea of your own blood.

- Lord Dominator Domivere Des Sandis

While I hate the Hand of Retribution for everything he did, I'm glad partook in your murder. Blood onto blood. You're one less group of little deceitful scumbags I'll have to deal with diplomatically. May the Xhodocto eat your balls in hell.

- Kirta Clett


(In which Patriot868 provides insight into the making of the Hegemony and provide facts).

  • The Hegemony are my first fiction and my primary one as well. They were created during the summer of 2012 and where one of the last empires to be put on the waiting list (for those who don't know, there used to be a list where admins had to look over fictions before they were let in).
  • The Hegemony was originally called the Meta Hegemony. The Meta were also the main race (instead of the Zozer). In the modern day, the Zozer are the race that is mentioned the most both in universe and out of universe.
  • The Hegemony gets their name from the Chinese Hegemony from the Shattered Citadel universe. The word sounded cool and I thought it would make for a neat sounding faction.
  • The Hegemony was originally supposed to be from the Milky Way (I intended for them to be part of the Seven Star Alliance.). The location change to Andromeda happened at the last minute.

(more to come)

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